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french bread is a pain

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Namjoon looks at the pot simmering on the stove, poking at the surface of the soup with a wooden spoon skeptically. "I'm not so sure about this, Yoongi."

Yoongi gives him a bitter look and  dumps in the onions he'd just cut up. Of course, because he wasn't really human, his eyes were dry.

"I'm serious. I don't have life insurance. What about my childre-"

"Just suck it up. A man's gotta eat," Yoongi sniped, stirring the mixture and sulking. "I didn't want to cook in the first place, don't insult me."

"So this is about revenge? Don't do it, Yoongi, my kids need me!"

"Shut up about your damn kids, they're not kids and they're not yours!"

If possible, Namjoon looks more offended at that than the thought that he'll have to eat whatever Yoongi has put together.


Jin chokes on the first tentative sip when they sit down to eat, and goes to the kitchen to chug a glass of water. Namjoon goes white and puts his spoon back down from where he had it an inch from his lips. From the head of the table, Yoongi glowers at everybody above his own untouched bowl. "Eat."

With a laugh that's slightly too high to be real, Hoseok stands up and makes to pick up his bowl. "Oh my, silly me, hahaha. I forgot that I was going to get dinner with friends toda-"

"Sit down."

Sullen, the boy gets back in his seat.

"Hyung, I'm not eating this. No way. I'm too young to go, there are so many things I haven't done! I REFUSE." Jungkook flees from the room too quickly for Yoongi to do anything about it, so he turns expectant eyes to Jimin.

The younger boy swallows, then turns his eyes down to the soup in front of him. It doesn't LOOK bad. He takes a mouthful, and the table is quiet as he puts his spoon down. Suga raises an inquisitive eyebrow.

"It''s interesting, hyung," he says, giving him a watery smile.

Yoongi beams.


(An hour later, Taehyung's bowl is the only one that is empty. Jungkook gapes at him.


"It wasn't so bad, really. Just different. I really liked the...what was that edge it had, hyung?"

"It was bitter melon," Yoongi grumbles as he pours the rest down the sink.)