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Beauty and the Breast

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Once upon a time, in the faraway school of Ohtori, a would-be prince lived in a glorious mansion. Although he had a loving family and was charming and handsome, he was also shallow, pretentious, and vain. His heart was hollow, his soul a barren wasteland, and his only delight came from shattering the dreams of those who still had them, for his own dreams had been shattered long ago.

One sultry evening, an older man approached him and offered him a single black rose if he would help the older man in his quest for eternity. The false prince laughed at the older man's dream and rejected his black rose, but the man begged him not to turn away and confessed his love. At that, the false prince seemed to change his tune and took the older man to bed – only to spurn him the next day and deride both dreams and love. Angered and broken-hearted, the older man's age melted away to reveal a handsome young man with soft pink hair. The would-be prince was intrigued by the pink-haired man and tried to lay on the charm, but it was too late, for he had seen that here was no love in the false prince's heart, and no dreams flourished there.

As vengeance, the pink-haired man stabbed the false prince with the black rose and cast a spell upon him. The bespelled prince stole the Rose Bride and sealed her within a glass coffin in the Castle Where Eternity Dwells. Once the Rose Bride was sealed away, the rest of the curse bloomed. "You will forever be bound to this castle," the pink-haired man said, "with only the company of those whom you have seduced but felt no love for." The false prince smirked, not seeing this as a punishment. "You will remain here, a heartless bastard of a playboy, until-"

"-I find a girl who loves me despite all this?"

"No," the pink-haired man said with a scowl. "Until you find a girl who doesn't fall for your act. A girl who you cannot seduce. And then my true vengeance will begin, for you will fall in love with her, but she will not return your affection until you learn the value of dreams."

The months passed, and the acting chairman of Ohtori sent girls – and guys – to the Castle Where Eternity Dwells in attempts to free the Playboy (and retrieve the Rose Bride), but each and every one of them fell to the Playboy's charms and joined the castle staff. And the Playboy was content with his castle and his captive harem, until one day someone new came to the castle…