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[Podfic] ANBU Legacy Prologue

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Chapter Stream Size Length Summary
01. Mama Come Home [link to stream] 8 MB 0:09:13 Two year-old Genma wants the one thing his father can’t give him. Chrysanthemums and incense comfort no one.
02. Don't Fear the Dark [link to stream] 20 MB 0:22:01 Against the backdrop of a gathering war, Kakashi’s parents try to teach their young son a lesson about masks, demons, and the thin line that separates ninja from wolves.
03. Ashes in My Wake [link to stream] 8MB 0:08:58 Sakumo’s funeral draws a crowd. Only a few are there to mourn.
04. We Were Giants Once [link to stream] 6 MB 0:06:47 Ryouma graduates from the Academy. There are no special privileges for cannon fodder.
05. No Old Heroes [link to stream] 8 MB 0:08:24 Rin brings Kakashi back from Kannabi Bridge, but part of them both burns with Obito.
06. Burning on the Western Front [link to stream] 11 MB 0:12:17 In the final days of the war, a nineteen-year-old chuunin Raidou tries his best to not die.
07. Suffer the Children [link to stream] 15 MB 0:16:18 One year after the war’s end, Genma rescues a little girl and unearths a monster in Konoha’s midst.
08. After the Ending [link to stream] 3 MB 0:03:44 Three days after Kushina's death, Naruto's still crying, and all Minato can breathe is smoke.
09. Secrets That We Keep [link to stream] 5 MB 0:05:53 Katsuko attends Sandaime's funeral, and fails to forgive.