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You're blushing again, Hisoka!

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It was a typical day at the Shokan Division. The day went by normally with the usual; Watari trying to slip his ‘latest experiment’ into the coffee, Tatsumi threatening to dock Tsuzuki’s pay for going over the budget yet again, and Hisoka getting a headache over his childish partner’s whining of ‘how mean Tatsumi is’.

When things quieted down during the afternoon, Hisoka finally settled down to do the paperwork that was well overdue and should’ve been done weeks ago. He was determined to get the work done. But Tsuzuki didn’t want to have anything to do with the mountain of paperwork, which was stacked on Hisoka’s desk.

If there was one thing Tsuzuki hated, it was paperwork. And the fact that his stomach was making noises right now wasn’t helping.

“Hisoka... I'm hungry... Would you buy me dinner?” Tsuzuki said, grinning towards the direction of his partner.

“Tsuzuki... Didn't I buy you dinner yesterday?” Hisoka answered, not taking a rest from writing.

“Mou... But I don’t have enough for dessert! You can't be that mean, can you?” Tsuzuki countered, trying to hide a lollipop he’s been fiddling with for the past 5 minutes.

Hisoka stopped writing and glared in Tsuzuki’s direction. “Then you should learn some self control and stop spending your money on every sweet you see. And don't bother trying to hide the lollipop. I can read your thoughts, after all.” Satisfied that Tsuzuki would be quiet, he went back to the paperwork, wondering if he would ever finish it.

“You are mean...” Tsuzuki sulked. His attention went back to the lollipop in his hand. But the wrapper didn’t want to come off. “...Umm, Hisoka? This paper's stuck.”

Feeling very annoyed at being interrupted again, he murmured, “Try ripping it off...” He sighed to himself. How hard was it to get a simple wrapping off a lollipop?

Tsuzuki tried Hisoka’s suggestion, but the lollipop paper seemed to be against him today. “It won't come off! It's like glued!” He started to use his teeth to try to pry the plastic coating off.

Of course, this began to get on Hisoka’s nerves after a while. Throwing down his pen, Hisoka stalked over to Tsuzuki's desk and snatched the lollipop from Tsuzuki’s grasp. “Give me that!”

“Ouch! I bit my tongue!” Tsuzuki whined and grinned at his partner. “And hey, what are you doing with my lollipop? You should have asked if you wanted some.”

Paying no attention to his partner, Hisoka took off the wrapping and threw the lollipop back at Tsuzuki. “There. And I don't want the lollipop. Unlike a certain someone, some of us have work to do.” He answered coolly and walked back over to his desk, working diligently at the task that should’ve been done by now.

“But it's almost 5...” Tsuzuki remarked, swirling the lollipop in his mouth, making several ‘plopping’ noise. “You know those can wait until tomorrow, ne?” He walked over to Hisoka’s desk and put on his best puppy eyed expression. “Please?”

Knowing that he wasn’t going to get any work done unless he answered, Hisoka dropped his pen and sighed. “I know, but tomorrow never seems to come for you. If I don't finish now, more than likely, it'll never get done. Why don't you help me with some of this? The faster it gets done, the faster we can go to dinner.”

Tsuzuki sighed to himself, knowing that his partner wasn’t going to back down on this. “Okay, I'll write...” He grabbed the paper that sat on top of the pile and began scribbling on it at a fast pace, not really forming words. “Iceberg... puppy hater... ice...” He murmured under his breath, while writing, letting his frustration run its course. His thoughts started trailing off from insults to food. “Ice cream... vanilla ice cream... in chocolate sauce… with a Hisoka on top...” Tsuzuki shook his head and cursed himself for letting his random thoughts becoming vocal. He glanced towards Hisoka’s direction.

Hisoka managed to hear the whispered murmurs of his partner and tried to hide his blush reflex at Tsuzuki's last comment by burying himself in paperwork. Nothing was said between the two.

Tsuzuki wrote furiously onward. “I'm not thinking about ice cream...” He murmured to himself. He then took notice of the lollipop in his mouth.

“How did I forget that!?” He exclaimed and continued to make random ‘plopping’ noises. Feeling happy again, he hummed to himself and continued to write.

Meanwhile, Hisoka wondered how anyone could forget about a lollipop in his or her mouths for a second. Shaking his head and mentally kicking himself that Tsuzuki was in question, after all, he went back to work, trying to block out the humming from Tsuzuki’s direction.

Tsuzuki continued to write, hum and produce other interesting sucking noises from the lollipop in his mouth. After about five minutes of this routine, Tsuzuki threw down his pen and tossed the paper in front of Hisoka’s face.

“It's done! Look, Hisoka! I finished the summary!” He exclaimed with joy. “Heh, isn't that good? Ne, ne? It looks good, ne? Now can we go?” He didn’t wait for his partner’s reply, but bounced around the room, grabbing his trench coat and Hisoka’s jean jacket.

Hisoka shook his head and glanced down at the report. He choked back his surprise and sighed to himself. He couldn’t read a single letter on the page; it looked like Tsuzuki wrote the report in a different language. Knowing that no more work was going to be done today, he nodded his head in Tsuzuki’s direction, trying his hardest to hide the fact that he wasn’t in the best of moods. “Aa, it's good enough. Let's go.”

Tsuzuki grinned from ear to ear and handed Hisoka his jacket. “Waii~! Dinner!” He looked at his younger partner and started to fidget. “Umm... you're not going to pay now aren't you?” He put on a smile, trying to hide the fact that he was low on money again. “I mean that's okay and all don't worry, I just... I'm just a teeny-weeny bit low on cash... Oh, but I have some Chinese leftovers at home! Yay!”

Hisoka looked at his partner, wondering how he could babble on so much. “Don't worry about it. I'll pay tonight, but you owe me big time after this. Like maybe helping me with more paperwork tomorrow?”

A cheeky grin came from the older man. “You love me after all...!” He glomped onto Hisoka, nodding enthusiastically. “Sure I'll do paperwork! Anything! For my partner!! I've got the best partner ever!” He pinched Hisoka’s cheek, the grin never leaving his face.

Hisoka felt the heat rise to his cheeks at the position they were in and at the comment Tsuzuki made so freely. He pushed away from his partner. “It... it's not like that, you idiot!” He straightened himself out and put on his coat. “Let's just go to dinner. Remember your promise.”

“I'll remember.” Tsuzuki promised and walked out, Hisoka bringing up the rear. It was fairly dark outside their office and he figured everyone had gone home already (‘Except for perhaps Tatsumi, who would work all day if he could,’ Tsuzuki mused). Both walked out of the office and into the night, not really having a destination in mind.

“Sure is quiet here now...” Tsuzuki remarked and looked at Hisoka. “So, what did you have in mind?”

“I don't mind where we eat. You pick a place. As long as it's not too expensive, I'll manage to find something to eat.”

“Hmm... I have this craving for ice cream... How about that one with the noodles and... you know, the small and cheap place? They have good ice cream too...” He suggested, gazing dreamily off into space at the thought of the words ‘ice cream’.

“Um... Tsuzuki... Ice cream isn't exactly dinner...” Hisoka pointed out. “I hope you get some REAL food if we go there.”

Rolling his tongue back into mouth, Tsuzuki nodded his head. “Hai hai, I will eat properly. Gee, which one of us is the skinny I-don't need-breakfast person? I should be the one who worries about your eating habits, Hisoka.”

The response to this comment was an eye roll. “I eat perfectly fine, Mr. I-only-need-sweets-to-survive. If it was up to you, a meal would consist of apple pie and chocolate cake.”

Tsuzuki only smiled at the eye roll. “But that's a whole meal! There's fruit, there's wheat, and fat, and…” Here, he paused to think. “... okay, maybe it’s a meal if there's onigiri too. Anyway, apple pie is good! It mixes very well with vanilla sauce, or ice cream, which reminds me... You'll have some dessert with me too? It's not healthy for a young person to live without sugar.”

“You know I don't like sweets. And I've had some of the desserts you were so willing to share with me and I was thankful my teeth didn't fall out after I took one bite.”

“Awww, but it was so~o cute when you got that frosting on your nose!” Tsuzuki remarked and led the way.

Hisoka felt his cheeks flare up and looked at the ground while walking forward while mentally cursing to himself that he couldn’t think of a suitable comeback. He hated how much of an effect his partner’s constant flirtatious actions had on him. What scared him the most is that he didn’t mind them at all, deep down…

There was silence between them as they continued to walk down the street. It was silent, yes, but it lacked the tension that sometimes existed between the two. A comfortable type of silence, where no words were needed.

“... Here we are!” Tsuzuki remarked and turned to his partner. “So, can I play your noble knight and open the door?” He opened the door without waiting for answer and bowed. “Step right inside milord, your humble servant waits for your next command.”

The response from his partner was the usual death glare. Hisoka felt his cheeks growing hot again for the umpteenth time, as people in the small restaurant turned their heads toward the door. “Stop that, it's embarrassing!”

Of course, Tsuzuki was oblivious to it all. “What's embarrassing?” He flashed a smile at a waitress. The waitress ushered them to a small table in the corner of the restaurant and placed two menus on the table. Hisoka sat down, burying his face into the menu

Tsuzuki’s grin started to fade and he reached over to place the menu down on the table, looking at his partner. “Relax, I'm just trying to make you feel better. You looked a bit cranky earlier...”

“I'm fine, Tsuzuki. I'm just... tired, that's all. It's been a long day and all...” He answered, hiding his face again with the menu.

A soft smile graced Tsuzuki’s features “That's okay, you know, to be tired...” Hisoka nodded and continued to look at the menu, like it was the most important thing in the world right now.

Tsuzuki slowly turned away from him and grinned as the waitress came over to take their order. “So, let's eat!” He decided on a big portion of soup, along with some noodles, wanting to save room for dessert while Hisoka order a small side dish of noodles. The waitress took the menus away and told them that the order would be out soon and hopped over to the next table.

Tsuzuki fiddled with his napkin. “...So...” He said, looking at Hisoka, hoping to start a conversation. But Hisoka was silent.

After a few minutes, Hisoka knew Tsuzuki was still staring at him. He looked up and asked, “What?”

“...Nothing…” Tsuzuki answered, fiddling with his napkin some more. Hisoka turned his look away and put his napkin on his lap.

“...Except that you look pretty.”

Hisoka managed to hear that part, even though it was mumbled. He knew he was blushing again and looked at his partner, mustering out a “W...what?”

Tsuzuki let out a ‘meep’ at being caught. “Don't get mad!” He covered himself with his napkin and continued to babble. “It's just that... well, your eyes... green is really an unusual color ne? And... and... green just happens to be my favorite color!”

Green eyes blinked and Hisoka wondered how Tsuzuki could manage to talk so fast. “I'm not mad, Tsuzuki... Just don't worry about it...” He answered, turning his head toward the window, wanting to avoid the subject, and wanting time to think.

Tsuzuki sighed and wiped his brow. “That's a relief... So you believe me?”

An answer didn’t come from his partner as he continued to gaze out the window. Tsuzuki gazed at his partner thoughtfully. ‘...I think you have finally accepted me, haven't you? I'm glad. If I can only make you feel better, then I'm glad.’

The waitress was approaching their table, with their order on her tray. Tsuzuki squealed and brushed his hand over Hisoka’s. “Hey, our order is coming there! Wakie wakie, rise and shine Hisoka!”

Hisoka looked startled and pulled his hand away from Tsuzuki’s. “Sorry...” He murmured and looked at the plate of food that was sitting in front of him. He picked up his chopsticks and began to eat the small cup of noodles.

Meanwhile, Tsuzuki began stuffing his face at a face speed. “This ish good!” He remarked with the noodles still in his mouth, slurping them down. “Really good!” He continued to shove random food down. He picked out a dumpling and put it in front of Hisoka’s face. “Thry shome!”

However, Hisoka wasn’t interested in Tsuzuki’s food and continued to eat his own. “You're going to choke if you keep eating like that.”

“Oh no, you're not going to keep ignoring me...” He murmured and leaned over the table and grabbed Hisoka’s chin. “Open up!” He demanded, the dumpling dangling and aiming for the lips.

“Tsuzuki, stop it!” Growled the young teen as he turned his head away from the chopsticks.

“Not until you taste it!” He twisted wrists, trying to get a better aim at Hisoka’s mouth. “Why the youth these days, no respect for their elders...” He grumbled and kept aiming for Hisoka's mouth. Hisoka continued to twist away, but Tsuzuki was not going to back down. Sadly, the purple-eyed man eventually lost his balance and fell face first into his soup and a plate of noodles.

“...Oh damn!” He cursed, looking rather sheepish, soup dripping from his brown bangs.

Hisoka shook his head. “See what happens?” He took his napkin from his lap, trying to hide the smile from his face of how silly Tsuzuki looked with soup and noodles on him, and offered it to him. “Here.”

“Sankyuu!” He replied in broken English and began wiping his face. Looking down at his tie, he let out a low moan. “Wah! My tie is ruined! It's a catastrophe!” Raising his eyebrow, he squirmed in his chair as he felt something slippery and wet slide down his neck. “Yack, I need a shower...”

“If you weren't so stubborn, you wouldn't have fell face flat in your soup.”

“Mouu...” Tsuzuki cooed and started to pet his tie. “It's my favorite...”

‘It's just clothes…’ Hisoka thought to himself as he watched Tsuzuki pick off a noodle from his lap.

“Do you think this is edible?”

“I hope you're not going to eat the food that fell on you...” Hisoka said, his eyes wide with disbelief. “Why don't we just skip dessert? You should get cleaned up.”

“Heh, but I got you to smile, didn't I?” Grinned the older man and pushed him away from the table. “Dessert! Dessert sounds great! But they better have it as take out...”

Green eyes blinked in startlement. ‘When did he catch me smile…?’ He handed Tsuzuki some extra money. “I guess you can get some ice cream at the front freezer to take home.”

“Great!” Tsuzuki said and trotted off to the freezer in the front, as Hisoka paid for the bill. He walked to the door and waited for his partner. In less than a minute, Tsuzuki came back, holding a box of ice cream.

“They had pecan! I'm just nuts for it!” He laughed at his own joke and turned to smile warmly at Hisoka. “...Thank you, Hisoka. For the dinner and all.”

“Aa, you're welcome...”

Tsuzuki handed Hisoka his coat and helped him put it back on. Normally, Hisoka would’ve argued, but right now, he didn’t want to.

“Are you coming over for some tea? I can make drinkable tea.”

Hisoka looked at his partner. “Well, I guess so. It's not like I have anything else to do at home. But you should really take a shower. I'll make the tea.”

Tsuzuki nodded enthusiastically. “Let’s go!” He said and opened the door. Hisoka shook his head and walked out, keeping his head low and wondering what he was getting into tonight.