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I was sitting on the shore of our little island shaving coconuts when I saw something on the water. It was far away, but we never saw anything on the water that wasn't driftwood or coconuts. I set my knife down hastily and got on my feet to run up to our little shack. "Mama!" I exclaimed as I swung the screen door open, "There's something big on the water!"
Mama stood still for a moment, then ran into her room. She came out with a pair of binoculars and continued out to the shore. The thing was closer now, appearing even bigger. It looked as if a person was floating on a large piece of driftwood.
Suddenly Mama cried out, dropping the binoculars into the sand. She quickly picked them back up and continued to stare out at whoever was on the waves, saying nothing.
"Anna, what's the matter?" I heard Charlie, my little sister, ask. I turned to see her behind me. I pointed to the person who floated ever closer to our island. The figure stood up and waved. Mama dropped her binoculars again and waved hysterically, along with jumping. Then she walked towards the water almost up to her neck and continued waving.
The person's floating device neared the shore, but Mama swam to it first. The person, who I could see was a man, helped her up into the boat. She cried, then kissed him. I gasped.
"What? Who's that?" Charlie asked persistently.
"I think that's our father," I answered quietly.