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Codeword Clearance

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Stressed Out

„I could really use a cup of Joe.“

Will, sitting at his anchor desk, froze for a moment before his head slowly went up and he unbelievingly stared into the camera. Did Mac seriously just...?

They were half way through the commercial break after the B-block and he was sure he must have misunderstood. It wasn't by far the first time he was cursing that he couldn't look into the control room from his desk, but definitely one of the most important ones. Did he really just hear Mac asking for a cup of Joe?

Back during their previous relationship they had been using this phrase as a code, signaling the other when they needed to meet to unwind after a long, stressful day.
In the beginning, when they still had separate apartments it had meant that the one putting out the word was expecting the other to come by at night. Later, after they had moved in together, usage became rarer, usually to let the other know that a passionate night was in store. Or, if the word 'now' was included, that they really had to meet right now, during the workday, be it for an urgent matter to discuss or for a quickie in some corner of the building, the latter frankly becoming a lot easier once Will got his first office with an en-suite bathroom...

He remembered that they had spent hours trying to come up with the perfect catchphrase – A normal word or sentence that could be used unobtrusively around others, but nothing they would usually say to avoid any confusion.

After lots of snickering and chuckling they had finally decided on 'a cup of Joe', which Will couldn't recall having ever used before in his life and Mac definitely neither. Still, if someone overhearing them would wonder about their choice of words, they would probably just shrug it off, in Mac's case maybe suspecting that she'd finally picked up some real American slang.

But why the hell would Mac use their codeword now?
Did she just want to tease him, or didn't she even think about it and was asking one of the staffers to actually bring her a cup of coffee? Or did she really...? If he could only see her face!

„Thirty seconds back.“ Will startled and tried to concentrate on the upcoming block. Mac's voice in his ear sounded like always and there was no awkwardness or hesitation in anything she said during the segments. Finally the C-block was over and Will couldn't refrain from following up. „So, did you have your coffee yet?“

Mac stayed silent for a few seconds and swallowed hard before she answered. This was her chance to back out, to pretend she had never said the words, but then she heard herself say „Not yet... I'm hoping to get one after the show.“

Will looked up into the camera, but Mac couldn't quite read his expression. She was only hoping that he'd understood. Will on the other hand was sure now that Mac wanted him to come over after the show, and his mind started swirling.

He knew that Mac had been through a rough few weeks with the every day work for the show and the planning and execution of the election campaign coverage. Also there was this one story he hadn't been included in up to now, so that he could be an impartial member of the final Red Team later, but he knew that a number of staffers, including Mac, were working on it every spare minute they've got. All this was starting to take its toll on her, which could be an explanation for her need to simply relax, but he would never have expected her to use their well-tested catchphrase.

Now he just needed to figure out if he really should be getting into this. His first reaction had been 'What the hell...? We can't do that!', but the more he thought about it...

The physical part would definitely not be a problem. He had been attracted to Mac since the moment he'd first laid eyes on her, and during all this time that had never changed. He could actually already feel himself getting hard just thinking about the possibilitiy of being with her again.

But he had also broken up with Nina only a while ago, and ever since he had started seeing her his dealings with Mac had been... strained, to say the least. The tension between them had gone down after that desastruous morning show and the following break-up, but they certainly weren't back yet where they had already been before this unfortunate... well... episode. And they surely hadn't figured out any of the other shit that had been tainting their relationship for the last years.

Fuck! What should he do?


Mac had nervously gone home directly after the broadcast without going through the night's show for flaws and things that had gone well in preparation for tomorrow's first meeting as she usually did. She knew that Jerry and some of the others had stayed behind for more research on Operation Genoa and felt bad about herself leaving, but she just couldn't tonight.

She was exhausted, had been for weeks now. Her work load was heavy on normal days already, but with the upcoming presidential election in November and all the planning that was involved to cover the campaigns as well as the Genoa story they were researching, most mornings she had been coming in to work around six and didn't leave before midnight without a minute to spare in between.

She was literally on her last legs and she desperately needed to come down, get her head away from graphics and statistics and political crises and economic crises and sarin gas and presidential campaigns and whatever the fuck else was going on, at least for a few hours. She finally needed to get a good night's rest for a change, but recently she had been so agitated, going over everything that still needed to be done in her head, that she mostly hadn't gotten more than a couple hours of sleep at night during the last weeks.
If she could only drive all work-related thoughts from her head for a change and get rid of all the tension in her body, she might be able to relax enough to get some rest.

That was why she had thought of the tactic Will and she had used in the past.
She knew it was a stupid idea, but she had tried all other methods to relax that came to her mind, from taking a hot bath with essential oils supposed to calm a person down to yoga, herbal teas or simply a couple glasses of wine or hot chocolate. Hell, desperate as she was she had even tried counting sheep, but nothing had helped.
She definitely didn't want to start on pills, being too afraid of losing control, and by now the only other method that she could think of was mind-blowing sex. Not being into one night stands though, Will, finally having dumped Nina, seemed to be her only option...

It had taken her several days to get her courage up to use their catchphrase, but only tonight, feeling like she was walking on an edge and about to fall down, she had finally had the nerve to do it, encouraged by the fact that Will didn't seem to be too heart-broken about ending it with Nina.

She had seen that Will had immediately understood, even if he double-checked with her during the next break, but she had no idea if he would comply. She had almost heard the little wheels turning in his head during every break that followed and every news package that aired, but he hadn't given her any hint as to what he would do.

Mac sighed. It was only Wednesday and she didn't know how she should survive the rest of the week if she didn't get her mind away from it all for at least a little while. She had taken a shower after coming home and gotten out a bottle of red wine afterwards, but all she could do now was to sit and wait.

She idly zipped through the news channels on TV but couldn't concentrate, so she turned it off again and flipped through a magazine instead. It was almost two hours after the show had ended, and she was beginning to believe that Will wouldn't show up after all, the thought winding her up even more, when she heard her doorbell ring.

Mac almost jumped in her seat, but quickly put down her glass of wine, went to the door and spoke through the intercom.


„... It's me, Mac...“

Will! He did come!
With a faint sigh of relief she buzzed him in and then anxiously waited until the elevator doors on her floor opened. Leaving the door open she retreated back into the apartment and got a second glass from the kitchen. The moment she started filling it Will walked in. „Hey...“

„Hey...“ Mac nervously answered and held out the glass. „Would you like some wine?“

„Thanks.“ Will accepted the offer, took a sip and then grinned. „I would have expected coffee, though...“

„I can make you coffee, no problem, I'm just strung too tight to drink it. I really need to sleep tonight and I...“ She was already on the way to the kitchen when Will interrupted her.

„Mac... MacKenzie! It's okay, I was only kidding. Wine is fine.“

„Sorry...“ she blushed. „I'm just... nervous, I guess... Thank you for coming, I wasn't sure you would...“

Will turned the stem of the glass between his fingers and watched her thoughfullly. „Are you... Do you really feel comfortable with this?“

Mac bit her lower lip for a moment, but then she looked down at her hands and nodded slowly. „I need this. I... I haven't s...“

Will raised his hands. „It's okay, you don't have to explain, I just don't want you to regret this tomorrow.“

She knew that they both had to be on the same page for this and raised her head to show him that she was sincere. „I won't regret it, I promise... And no strings attached.“

„Okay, then...“ Taking a step towards her he abruptly stopped again when the significance of what they were about to do hit him. He looked into Mac's eyes and could see the same nervous flitter in there that he felt in his whole body. For a moment neither of them moved, but finally he took a deep breath. „This is crazy... It's not like we haven't done it before...“

„Yeah...“ She nervously laughed.

„And we're friends, right?“ He suddenly needed to make sure of that.

„Right.“ Mac answered, her voice a little firmer this time.

„Okay...“ Will took the glass out of her hand and put both his and hers down onto the table. Straightening up again he looked into her eyes, closed in a little further and loosely placed his hands on Mac's shoulders, at which she involuntarily startled.

„Hey...“ Will said softly while tightening his grip a little. „It's alright. Do you trust me?“

Mac nodded and gave him a slight smile. „There is nobody I trust more.“

He smiled back at that. „Good... Do we need protection?“

This time she shook her head. „I'm still on the IUD. And I'm clean.“

„Me, too. So then...“ Will let his hands slowly run down her arms and felt the goosebumps that had spread out all over her skin. Reaching for her hands he entangled his fingers with hers and carefully pulled her closer until their bodies were touching, extracting a first whimper from Mac's throat.

„What do you want, MacKenzie? I'm here for you.“

She swallowed and closed her eyes, her cheeks blushing. „I... I'm... God, I need to get rid of all this tension inside me, get my mind away from it all. Just fuck me, Will, please?“

Hearing her say it out loud so blatantly, arousal shot through his body like lightning, and he felt the beginning of an erection. Nevertheless, like he'd said he was here for Mac and would let her set the pace, so he slowly moved in and softly touched her lips once, only to withdraw again immediately, although a spark seemed to light his body on fire and his breath quickened. Looking at her with her eyes still closed and her head tilted upwards, expecting him to continue, he buried his hands in her hair and leaned in for another kiss, this time lingering in place and starting to nibble on her lower lip.

When she willingly opened her mouth with a deep moan, he let his tongue slide inside and couldn't help but groan as past reminders came rushing back: the feel of her mouth, the little sounds coming from the back of her throat, the taste of wine mixed with something that was uniquely Mac. How the hell had he managed to go without this for so long?

He felt his blood rushing south and, not being able to withstand any longer, he deepened the kiss while letting his hands roam down her back to cup her glorious ass, grinding into her. „God, Mac...“

The feeling of Will hard against her and the evidence of her own desire starting to pool between her legs let any doubts that might have been hiding far back in her mind vanish, and Mac now moved her own hands to his back. Powerful memories of the past started to surface, and she already felt her mind starting to let go off all the stress that had been piling up over the last weeks.
Pressing herself into Will she pulled his shirt from his pants and let her fingers slide over his back, revelling in the feel of his firm muscles and the heat radiating from his skin. Raking her nails along his spine she felt him shiver, and with a sudden urge she pushed his tongue back with her own to now explore his mouth instead.

With this Will couldn't help but let himself go. He feverishly grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, only interrupting the kiss for a millisecond. Pleasantly surprised that she wasn't wearing a bra, his hands went up to cup her breasts, stroking her already hardened nipples which caused Mac to arch her back to press them further into him, breaking the kiss at the same time. Moaning loudly she raised her arms to slide her fingers into Will's hair. „Fuck, Will, that feels so good!“

Placing a row of hot kisses along her jawline down to her neck, he doubled his efforts and started rolling her nipples between his fingers while sucking on the sensitive skin at her pulse point, causing her to whimper and tug his hair. Trailing his lips further down he had them replace his fingers on her left breast, his tongue circling the pink peak before starting to suck, while his right hand kept massaging the other.

Mac gasped, and when he shortly lifted his eyes to look at her, the lust she saw in them made her go weak at her knees. „“Will...“ she breathed and pulled him up for a searing kiss. „I need you...“
Groaning he covered her lips again and let his hands glide down to flick open the button of her jeans. Pushing it to the floor he followed his hands until he knelt in front of her, helping her step out of them before turning his attention to her body again.

Seeing her scar for the first time gave him a sharp sting, and he paused for a second, but he knew this wasn't the right time to address it, so he only acknowledged it with a reverent kiss, causing Mac to inhale sharply, before he quickly pulled down her panties.
Smelling her arousal he closed his eyes and was painfully aware of his now fully erect cock straining against his pants. His hands massaged her ass cheeks while pressing his mouth to her hips and then flicking his tongue through her folds. „Jesus, you taste so good, Mac...“

Feeling him move his lips to her clit, a sharp hiss escaped Mac's lips and she arched into him, clenching her fingers in his hair. But the pressure in his pants became unbearable, so with a last flick to her nub he got back on his feet. Mac whimpered in protest but quickly caught on to his intentions to undress and helped him to get rid of his shirt. Using her chance she leaned in and teased his nipples with her tongue, causing an appreciative groan of his.

Feeling her hands slide down over his stomach to his pants, Will knew that if she touched him now, it would all be over too quickly, so he grabbed her wrists and shook his head, panting for air. „Where?“

„Couch.“ Mac couldn't hide the impatience in her voice but started to moan contently when he pulled her in for a deep kiss while simultaneously moving them over to the nearby sofa.
Both of them were starting to lose control now, and Will all but shoved her down into the cushions before getting rid of his trousers. Finally released from his confinement his throbbing cock jumped up and twitched at the sight of Mac splayed out naked in front of him. Stroking it slowly he knelt down between her open legs. „God, you are so fucking sexy, Mac...“

„Will... Please...“ She had entirely stopped thinking by now and was merely acting on instinct. When she lifted her hands to massage her breasts the sight of this alone almost made him come, but he managed to hold on and quickly dove in between her legs again. Sliding a finger through her folds he couldn't help but notice that she was even wetter than before, letting out a feral groan at this discovery.

Keeping his eyes on her writhing body he closed his lips over her clit again and drove his finger inside her opening, eliciting a sharp cry from her. Mac was so wet that he quickly added a second finger and then even a third, moving them in and out in the same rhythm in which he teased her bundle of nerves with his tongue. When he started to feel her walls clamping down on him, he combined a clever twist of his fingers with his teeth scraping over her nub and was rewarded with the sight of her ecstasy. Bucking her hips into him she wildly threw her head around while her hands kept pushing his head further against her center. „Yes, fuck yes... Don't stop...“

Curling his fingers against the spot he clearly remembered always made her go insane, he sucked her clit into his mouth and Mac completely fell apart. Her inner walls convulsed erratically and she screamed in pleasure, too far out of it to care about what her neighbours would think. Finally Will let his fingers slide out of her to move his hands soothingly over her endless thighs, feeling the tremours still running through them, before climbing onto the couch to cover her.

„You want to be on top?“ Will panted. He wanted her so badly, but still he tried to make it all about her and remembered that sometimes she liked to be in control.

„No... Just... I just want to let go, I need to feel.“ Mac moaned breathlessly and pulled him down for a hard kiss. „Oh God, I need you inside me... now!“

Not needing another invitation he deepened the kiss for a second before lining himself up and slowly entering her. They both gasped at the sensation of him filling her completely, his length sliding along her slick walls. Mac felt like she was falling, falling into a world that only consisted of Will and herself and him finally being inside her again.

Her legs wrapped tightly around his hips, Will started to thrust with a fervent groan and easily slipped into the same steady rhythm that had served them both so well all those years ago. Feverishly cupping her face he leaned down for another kiss before trailing his lips down to her breasts to suck on her nipples. Mewling Mac lifted her hands to his shoulders and let them run down his back to grip his ass. „Harder, Will. Faster!“

Immediately Will sped up, hitting that spot every time and quickly turning her into a writhing mess. Hearing her moans and the sound of their hips slapping together, he knew he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer, so he braced himself on one elbow, drove into her even harder and used the other hand to rub her clit.
Mac desperately met his every thrust, and feeling the spasms of her second orgasm begin, he gave one last flick to her nub. With a guttural groan he followed her over the edge while she shattered around him, a string of incoherent words flowing from her mouth.

Completely spent Will lowered himself onto Mac's chest, barely remembering to put most of his weight on his arms to not crush her, and felt her pliant body beneath him. After a couple of minutes of trying to catch his breath and finally being capable of a clear thought again, he moved his body sideways to come to lie between Mac and the back of the couch, sighing when sliding out of her. Holding her to his body he turned further on his back and pulled her onto his chest, so that they could both rest comfortably.

Moving his hands up and down her back, he suddenly felt a couple of warm, wet tears falling onto his skin and worringly lifted his head. „Mac? Are you alright? Did I hurt you?“

For a second Mac pressed her head into his chest before looking up and blinking the tears from her eyes. „I'm fine, it's just... relief, I guess.“ Suddenly she gave him a genuine smile. „That was exactly what I needed.“
Lifting her hand she tenderly cupped his face and met his eyes. „Thank you, Will.“

With a last, grateful kiss to his cheek Mac got up and slowly went to her bedroom, turning around once more before she walked through the door. „I mean it, Will... Thank you. If you ever need anything...“