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Small Moments in Times

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-Adventures in Bitty Land Master Post-

~What the Bitties call Ambrose:

Sansy: Rose

Tea: Ambrose (Momma occasionally- usually when she is being threatened/in danger)

Cherry: Momma 

Sui: Ambrose at first then Momma

Hoshi: Am


*Information: Chapter 12 in Adventures in Bitty Land (General World building)

**Before the Bitties are with Ambrose:

-A Trip Down Memory Lane (Elaborates on Hesitation and Discussion)

-Smoke, Oranges, and Pain (Insight into Tea's past, started in Heart and Soul)

-You Found Me

-Into Battle (Sui's past)


-Chaos and S'mores (I placing this here because it has Hoshi in it and it is before he is taken to Ambrose. It is more Lyla and Kuro centric.)

-Drowning in the Stream of Time (Goes into Sansy's past...just a bit.)

***Main Storyline:

1.You've Stolen my Heart

2.What's in a name?


4.Heart and Soul

5.Crime and Punishment





10.Can you resist the Flame?




14.Kindness vs. Integrity

(scene 5 in A Trip Down Memory Lane occurs here)

15. Peace and Calm (Kind Of)

16.Smoke, Oranges, and Pain


18.Fated Serendipity

19.Quiet Moment

20.Dancing Twirling Stars

21.Just a Bit More

(Sansy's dream in Drowning in a Stream of Time occurs here)


23.A Good Friend

24/25.A Warning (Really this and the next could be flipped if you wish. They occur simultaneously.)

24/25.I'll do what I Have To

26.Discussion START

27.Discussion: Judgement is not Justice

28. Discussion: Interlude

29. Discussion: Stupidity vs. Bravery? Bravery or Perseverance? 

(scene 6 in A Trip Down Memory Lane occurs here)

30. Tease

31. Boss-Man, His Pet, and Her Friend


****Side Stories/AUs- (Note: These are "What-ifs" and are not apart of the Main Storyline "canon")

PlaybackTale: Topsy Turvy (What if Ambrose met Playback Papyrus?)