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until my eyes paint me pictures of you

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The dorm beds were not made to fit more than one person, but that never stopped Taehyung and Jimin from invading Jungkook’s bed.

Jungkook continuously scolded them that their giant butts were going to break his bed (he had the best mattress in the dorm and he was very protective of it). But Taehyung would complain that technically Jimin had the bigger butt out of the three of them; therefore, he was more likely to flatten the mattress. This would be followed by Jimin telling Taehyung off, but he could never be upset with Taehyung for long. Not when the boy would dance up to Jimin’s side and kiss his cheek with a loud muaw , before tackling him and Jungkook onto the bed.

Tonight, Jungkook was the last to come home from the studio, staying behind with Hoseok to practice some moves he was struggling with. The hot shower soothed his muscles enough that when he finally plopped down in bed, his muscles didn’t groan from the impact.

He blinked up wearily at the ceiling, feeling too large and yet too small for his bed. Jungkook stayed in his silent reverie for a moment, and then picked up his phone from the nightstand. He opened up the KakaoTalk group chat he had with Taehyung and Jimin, and sent a sticker of cat scowling in a corner. It took ten seconds before Taehyung replied.

TaeTae: Why isn’t the baby sleeping?

Jungkook: I’m not a baby

Jiminnie: You a baby

Jungkook screamed silently and wondered why he bothered messaging them. Pouting, he sent another sticker, this time animated with the cat rolling as it looked forlornly at nothing.

Jiminnie: Do you want company?

TaeTae: Your butt is gonna break his bed

Jiminnie: My butt will break your face.

TaeTae: Is that a promise? ;)

Jungkook: omg stop pls

That was the last message Jungkook sent before he heard a loud sneeze booming down the hallway, and then his door opened to reveal Taehyung and Jimin. Sleepy smiles were directed toward him and he had to look away to keep himself from blushing.

“I get the left!” Taehyung yelled, hopping onto the bed and throwing Jungkook in the air. His arm latched onto the younger’s waist, long legs stretching over Jungkook’s. Jimin yawned and claimed his spot on Jungkook’s right, shoving them over until he could lay down without falling out of the bed. Jimin didn’t always like being reminded of how the youngest boy was taller than him, but he still liked how he could tuck his head underneath Jungkook’s chin and breathe him in. It took a little more movement before all three boys could comfortably hold one another, no one being left unanchored.

Jungkook couldn’t describe the feeling of having an heartbeat on his back and another on his chest, almost beating in time with his own heart. It made things feel more real, made him more in touch with reality, but mostly it made him feel safe. It reassured him that Taehyung and Jimin were there, and that they would always be there for him.

He closed his eyes when Taehyung left a soft kiss on his neck, and Jimin yawned, kissing his collarbones and snuggling his chest.

“I love you two,” Jungkook said quietly.

“We love you,” Jimin and Taehyung said together. Jungkook finally closed his eyes, tightened his hold on them, and allowed himself to sleep.