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Oh Merlin!

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She sensed it instinctively before she felt it. He’d found them. The warlock rushed to the crystal and looked into it to see the events. Damn. She thought. James Potter was already dead and Voldemort was blasting in the door to the nursery.

“Not Harry! Please not Harry” Lily Evans was pleading with Voldemort. It wouldn’t be any use. But as she died, the warlock saw a spark of opportunity. She’d sacrificed herself. That was old magic and with just the right nudge…

Harry was protected. Voldemort was powerless. And Harry was an orphan. It was always the innocent who were the casualties in war. She shut her eyes in grief but allowed a small, sad smile to grace her features. There would be peace for now. Only for a while, but long enough that this time, they could prepare. Merlin smirked. The Old Religion was calling her and her magic was humming. She was being allowed to get directly involved. Now all she had to do was watch and wait, and when the time was right, she’d become a student and finally be able to interfere to the best of her ability. She watched long enough to ensure that Harry would be safe and cursed under her breath when she saw what would happen to Sirius. She laid one final enchantment before releasing the crystal and scrying for the recently reborn Round Table. She saw them all as children and smiled at Morgana’s antics in attracting Arthur’s attention and sighed when she saw that Mordred would soon be without parents. With a final glance at the crystal and her old friends who were now children, she put away the crystal and prepared to sneak into Hogwarts in order to ensure she received her letter. As she left she failed to notice the crystal glow slightly as it zoomed in on a young girl, barely a toddler, with dark hair and blue eyes who woke from her troubled sleep with a cry as her eyes glowed gold and a glass of water smashed on her bedside table.