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He Doesn't Bite. Much.

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Stiles wasn't an idiot. He knew that his father and Scott and Lydia were worried about something. Something involving him and the parasite growing in his stomach. He probably shouldn't be calling the baby parasite since now he's chosen to accept the baby. There's no need to traumatize the child early on.

He's chosen to be a single father. Granted he won't be able to dance for months. But Lydia stated that he'll still have a job as he did previously. He'd be able to coordinate performances just that he won't be able to perform.

Without the exercise he's going to get so fat. He groaned staring at the mirror. So fat. He can already see himself as big as a beluga whale.

Besides that he knew the people he loved were up to something.

He had tried to confront Scott first.




"Scott, what are you stressing out about?" He asked as stretched out on the sofa. The other boy just stared at him for a little before stammering.

"Nothing dude. There's nothing I'm worried about." The lie was obvious to anyone who could hear.

"That’s  a lie. I thought we never lied to each other." The other boy at least had the modesty to be look sheepish.

"Sorry dude…it's just that…with you pregnant…and Der-the alpha I mean-not being here…I don't know." He paused in his rambling and took a deep breath. "Kira wants to take things to the next level."

Stiles stared at his friend.

"How long have you guys been dating."

"Over a year now."

"So why are you nervous? She just wants to move a few of her things in right?"

"That and she wants to get a puppy. She already stated that it would be like having a kid with me."

"Oh she brought up kids…that’s way too soon."

"Yeah…she knows it too but she wants to baby something…so a puppy."

"That's not too bad…it'll be like how Loki is our child!" Stiles joked, poking the other boy in the neck.

"Ewwww! I did not need that analogy. I don't think I can look at Loki the same again."





So Scott was worried about something related to him but not directly. Still it was flimsy. But he couldn't press much further. Little cinnamon roll require sustenance  that was not readily available. The kid wanted zeppoles with cranberry sauce. And then they wanted samosas.  So he and Scott had gone out to eat; the discussion forgotten.


He tried Lydia next.




"So what's got that pretty face scrunched up in worry?" He asked as they sat at the local coffee shop. He himself nursing a hot chocolate made with organic cacao beans and fresh local 2% milk. Lydia was very thorough with his diet these days.

 "Finding a new replacement now that Matt has resigned…"

"Matt resigned?" Stiles asked, interest peaked.

"Yeah the kid moved back to New York and  got a gig working with Broadway again." Lydia sighed. "With him gone and you out of commission I'm thinking of hiring at least one new dancer."

"Oh any idea who?"

"I'm thinking of maybe a kid this time. I want to incorporate younger generation so that we can explore a new plethora of ideas."

"From here or other places?"

"I'm thinking of holding auditions but I don't want to spend days seeing thousands of ballerina's I'm thinking of getting teachers to email their nomination's best and then hold auditions with the few selected."

"That'll take a while." Stiles noted, taking a sip and a small bite of his organic gluten free blueberry muffin. Kira's been adamant on him eating healthier now too. The women in his life. But they're wonderful so he'll keep the,.

"A few months but I think it's be for the best. Maybe even more than one minor. I'm not entirely sure." She pursed her lips looking up from her phone. She has been on her phone lately.

"That's stressful." He murmurs.

"I know but at least I get to delegate. Guess who will get to watch audition tapes with me?"

"Lydia! No! I refuse."

"It'll be fun!"


"I'll let you binge snack during the tapes, with certain conditions of course."

"Tempting…" He glanced at her smug smirk and sighed. "Fine but the conditions better let me have my Pringles."




Ok so she tactfully and sneakily talked around the subject and made him forget. But it's not his fault! He had baby brain. It's a real thing. His hormones allow him to be more forgetful and easier to be distracted. Plus the muffin was intensely delicious. And the topic was truly interesting. They never really had a children's' part to their plays but Lydia was right it would open them up to new ideas.

Still she had avoided the topic. So he tried his father.




"What are you up to?" He asked sitting across his father in his father's office at the station.

"Finishing up Dukes case." The older man said without looking up.

"That's stressful."


"Are you stressed about anything else?" The sheriff glanced at him and snorted.

"You're bored aren't you?"


"Go help Deputy Parrish with whatever he's doing."'

"But dad! I want to spend time with you! Jellybean worries about your stress levels and wants to know!"  The sheriff only chuckled.

"Go help Parrish kid. I think he might be going to the fireman carwash thing later today."

"Fireman…Carwash…" Stiles repeated softly.

"Yeah now go bother him."

He didn't hesitate getting out of his chair.




Alright so that was not his finest moment. He wasn't tactful nor mature. But hot guys washing cars. Like naked calendar worthy hot. While he was still hurting, there was nothing wrong with taking Lydia and Kira with him to gaze and drool over aesthetically pleasing men.


So he never truly got the answer as to why his favorite three alphas were constantly in his space, hovering. Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones? Their alpha instincts kicking in?


 He wasn't sure but he was going to find out.