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Pinky Promises Are Golden

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" daaaaaaaaaad! come ooooon!" yelled out a tiny skeleton child as he tugged and pulled onto a brilliant white lab coat before losing his hold and falling backwards. A much taller, lanky skeleton looked up from some blueprints, putting down his coffee mug onto the countertop. The hollow eye sockets let two white pinpoint pupils look down behind his glasses.

" Sans, I'm sorry but I really need to talk with The King. I can't stay home and spend time with you and your brother. I will once I get home. I just need to tell The King about-"

" about the core thingy i knooooow." The small skeleton let out a dramatic groan. " but i didn't wanna ask you to spend time... erm-this time?"

The tall adult's curiosity was peaked, as he turned his head to view the small child., " Then what is it, Sans?"

" i wanna see the king, pleeeeeeease! you always talk about how he needs this and that, but we've never even seen him! puh-leeeeeease!" Sans hopped up and down as his hands were clasped together.

" Then 'who'... would look after your brother?" The parents raised a nonexistent eyebrow to his son who seemed to cease his bobbling.

" ..... miss lapine? she's like the best babysitter ever! well when she's not cleaning the inn. and besides, she's got a baby brother who could play with paps, i heard he's super nice." Sans gave a slight tilt of his skull, puppy dog eyes following right after a... well a trying puckered lip considering he didn't have lips....

The skeletal man was silent for a moment before sighing and smiling down to the child, " Alright, alright. Let me go call her and her sister." As he picked up and dialed the phone, the tiny skeleton did a tiny victory dance. His father suspected to hear a noise as he looked back to see Sans standing there with a strained smile he always had. Going back to the dialing Sans finished his dance-off before heading into the living room where a much smaller skeleton child played with some colorful blocks. The smaller skeleton sucked on his thumb as he tried making words which clearly spelled out nothing in real grammar.

" hey paps, you ready to go to the inn and play with nice?" The small toddler looking monster looked over to his brother smiling as he stood up, raising his arms in the air.


" well, no-but don't worry, don't worry! i'm gonna get to meet the king. and you know what that means~." Papyrus bundled himself up to look courageous or thoughtful before getting the biggest confused face a baby could muster. " it means i can tell the king to tell santa how good you've been this year!"

Papyrus gasped loudly, letting his thumb pop right out of his tiny mouth. His eyes brightened up and dazzled, " OHHHH! YEAH! YEAH! I FORGOT THE KINGY GUY KNOWS SANTA!"

San's perpetual smile went wider as he leaned over to his brother, putting a hand next to his own cheekbone to whisper, " i hear their best friends too."

This made the tiny toddler like monster squeal with excitement-but not too loud or else their dad would hear. It was a small silent noise of glee. They came back the puzzled little face, " WAIT... WHAT ABOUT YOU?! YOU'VE BEEN GOOD TOO!"

" ahhh, dun' worry about me paps, i can handle myself, and besides. i gotta get a good word in for the best bro of all time." Sans' eyes squinted into an impish but happy look as he chuckled, making Papyrus giggle out loudly. The thin skeleton walked over to the two, crouching down as he put his arms around them. Both brothers paused their laughter before being pelted with kisses on the sides of their cheekbones and being lifted up. Papyrus giggled out more while Sans flailed uselessly away from his father. " ahhhhh! daaaaaad-nooooooo! stooooop!" This only made the adult laugh with his younger son when getting up and carrying them out the house. Violet glowing hands materialized from the air and opened the door for the scientist.

At a nice toasty inn nearby their festive looking home, a young thin rabbit looked up from her zero bookings, waiting for customers. Honestly, she was just happy to see anyone, as her ears flew right up from the door opening, making a tiny dangling bell chime above it. She smiled brightly to the skeletons, " Mister Gaster! How are you?! Oooh, Sans and Papyrus! Look at how big you two cuties are~!" She rang out, hopping over the counter with ease, bouncing to the trio before pinching the two kids' cheekbones.

" ehhhh-miss lapine, you saw us last week!" Sans whined out while Papyrus braved through the pinch.

" Calm down boys. Anyways morning Nyreem, I'm just here to drop off Papyrus. We'll be back within a few hours... Hopefully, if my assistant and The King don't make me sit down for tea again." Gaster groaned very lightly, only enough for his children to hear it.

" Oh not to worry dear! Anything for the Royal Scientist! It's not a problem at all, sides, Nice has been looking forward to playing with someone around his age." The innkeeper twitched her nose in excitement as she was handed Papyrus who went back to sucking his thumb and waving to his family.

" And please don't give him any cinnamon-bunnies unless he's done something that deserves praising." The doctor mentioned as he headed out, putting down his elder son besides him.

" Oh I won't~!" She called out as the door closed, only to smirk mischievously, " Don't worry honey, you can have some nice-cream after your done playing." She nuzzled her twitchy nose to his forehead, making him giggle out. She walked behind the counter, carefully putting him down just as a small blue rabbit child walked off from the stairs. He was so excited to see the other child in a bundled up in a leather coat, puffball hat, and a red scarf that he tried running over, only to trip over his loose jeans. The older rabbit rolled her eyes as she shook her head, smiling, " We really need to get you something better to wear Nice." She hoped to her young brother and helped him up as he fiddled with his green shirt. Papyrus soon ran over, practically tackling the blue bunny from excitement, making them both fall back laughing. The older rabbit giggled, " Boys."

" Alright, pants, check. Coat, check. Shirt check. Shoes check. Scarf check-" Sans stood there with his arms splayed out as his father examined him. He let out a small groan.

" daaaaad come on! is it cold there too?!" The disgruntled skeleton looked over to Gaster with a serious look, or how serious he could get with the ever-lasting grin plastered on his face.

" No, I'm just making sure we don't lose anything before getting there."

" how are we going to lose anything, if we don't even walk there-" Before Sans could finish his statement, Gaster held onto his hand and the two vanished within a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, a small salamander with tiny arms and giant glasses gasped out from what he had just witnessed.

" YOOOOOOOOO!" He scurried off to go tell other kids.

Once Sans had blinked, he was standing right in front of a rather large but cozy looking house with bright grass trailing along as a path, leading to a nearby town. Sans threw his hands up to his mouth and dizzily stumbled about as Gaster checked that all of his things were still there... Except for his shoes. " Drat... Always with the shoes. I really need to fix that."

The tiny skeleton gagged as he finally snapped out of the nauseating trance, " wha-what was that?! h-how?! how did we get here?! where are we?!"

Gaster smirked as he crouched next to his son, " Don't worry Sans, it's just a little teleportation. I work on it on my own time. Saves quite a distance, I'm sure when your much older, you'll be able to pull it off even faster than me." A skeletal hand with a hole in the palm patted San's skull before the scientist got up. " Anyway, don't worry, we're at The King's home."

" teleportation? .... awesome! oh man, i can't wait to learn that and just pop in from place to plac-wait, the king's house? wait... 'house'? i thought he lived in a castle like in pap's books?" Sans asked as he looked up to his father who was preparing some notes.

" Humans more likely, but not this King. He rather likes a nice house than a large structure." Once the two got to a rather large sturdy door, Gaster rang the buzzer, to have the door swing open, with the largest monster Sans had ever laid his eyes on. It was taller than his dad and far more thicker than the thin noodle Gaster was. He stared up at the giant, mouth a gaped, speechless. The monster bared a tiny dinky crown on his blonde mane. He was wearing a pink and white polka dotted shirt and normal jeans. He seemed.... typical. Large, but typical. The towering monster looked down to the scientist and the small skeleton wrapped in an over-sized blue sweater and an overly long pale blue scarf. The giant's lips curled around his snout as he knelt down, still towering over the tiny skeleton. Sans had never imagined The King to be this big... or fluffy for that matter. The King chuckled out as two large fingers gently held San's hand, shaking it up and down.

The King soon looked over to the other skeleton, " Ohohoho, my. Gaster he's adorable. I don't know why you kept him a secret for such a long time." Sans was still flabbergasted and intimidated by the gentle giant that he didn't even realize what had been said about him. Gaster's eyes looked elsewhere as a slightly purple tint grew around his cheekbones, embarrassed in his pride of the tiny cute child. " Howdy, there lil' fella. I'm Asgore, it's so nice to meet you. What's your name?" The king tilted his head rather to the left, letting a floppy ear dangle more outward.

Sans gulped and hesitantly opened his mouth-well more of his now shocked looking teeth that replaced the grin. "" Gaster quietly placed his own hand over his forehead at how slow this was going, but waited patiently enough.

" Hahaha, what a wonderful name!" Asgore noticed the slight glance from Gaster that was made-considering he did have a hole in his hand. The King sighed softly as he stood back up smiling. " Right, right, come on in." On the inside, the house was filled with the smell of cinnamon.... or was it butterscotch? Snails maybe? Well, anyways besides the smell, it looked like a normal house. It seemed much bigger, maybe a three-storied house, but was still a normal house. Asgore sat down in a large chair where he had put down his tea. He carefully picked it up, sipping it. " So if it's not Sans that you brought, then what is it Gaster?" He asked, slightly disappointed since the scientist only came to tell good or bad news. He really wanted to know more about the child, but Gaster never budged, and now he was right here! Oh well... Business should be attended first, especially if it's bad news.

Gaster sat down across from the large goat-like monster and laid the blueprints onto the table. " Well, first of all, is my assistant here? I really would like her to know and study what I'm about to explain to you, sir." At the mention of an assistant a small yelped came from the other side of a wall nearby. A yellow dinosaur-type monster rushed out, slipping on the wood a bit. She clumsily pushed her round glasses back up her freckled face. She then rushed over to the table that sat the two tall monsters. She had rather large braces in her teeth, with a notably big buck tooth standing out from her mouth. Some scales were a shade of different color, which resembled freckles as a lab coat nearly engulfed her. The monster was a good foot and half from San's height as she stood over to the table wheezing. Poor girl had some chub to her. She cleared her throat as she looked up to her mentor, the very young teen was in quite a tizzy.

" sup alphys?" He said nonchalantly while the lizard prepared herself.

" R-R-Right here Doctor G-Gaster! A-a-and... Uhm S-Sans? Erm... Oh has S-Sans j-j-joined us?"

" Hm? Oh, no, no. Well not yet at least. No Sans wanted to meet the king. But unfortunately I really do need to discuss some things with hi-" Before the thin scientist could finish, the front door was severely kicked in by a boot. The boot and foot was owned by another teen who looked like they had been in a scuffle... or just a rough-housing type of kid. They slammed their foot down and charged straight to the giant of a king, jumping over the table to tackle the surprised monster. They were then caught by a purple hue that coursed around their body, making them stay still in the air. They wore a blank black tank top with dirty combat like pants. They puffed out their fins on the sides of their head and struggled in the grasp.

Sans looked over at the new monster, examining their long red ponytail, " sup undyne?" The teen was moved away and dropped onto the floor from an impatient Gaster.

Undyne sat up gasping out, " MISTER DREEMURR! YOUR LATE FOR TRAINING-Oh hey Sans. AND I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR-Wait... Sans? The hell you doing here?" The sapphire colored fish monster blurted out before slowing down her burly voice as she squinted her yellow piercing eyes to the small skeleton.

" Ohoho. Undyne, your off by an hour. Your an hour late hahaha. I will be out as soon as Doctor Gaster here tells me about his project." The jolly king bellowed out a hard laugh.

" Ergh... Right... Uhm your majesty, I really would like to talk to you and my young assistant. Miss Undyne maybe you could take Sans somewhere? Just for a little?" Gaster looked at the fish with a very broad face of irritation. She looked up with a small gulp before getting up and putting a webbed hand behind Sans, casually pushing him along the way as she walked out the door.

" Ye-yes sir! U-Uhm! I-I'll try to uh fix the door... Later... And uhm..." She tumbled over her words as the other girl watched her antics, making her stop and pause. She grabbed the young skeleton by the wrist and rushed out.

Once the two were away from the house she took a deep breath in and sighed. " ARG! I'M SO STUPID! I CAN'T FIX A DOOR! AND NOW YOUR DADS PISSED OFF AT ME! AND I MADE MYSELF LOOK LIKE A MORON INFRONT OF HER!" She let San's wrist go as she stomped around yelling at herself. Once free of the grip she slammed her fist into a log from frustration.

Sans patted himself, getting any dirt off of him during the running, " wow... you really cracked the ice in there."

Undyne's fit ceased as she looked over to him, " ... Don't start that shit." Then went to pulling her fist out from the log which wasn't working... " ... Little help?"

Sans puts his bony hands up as he simply smiled, " if that is your wish, fish." She snorted in response as a blue aura surrounded her arm, pulling her out, but also letting her fly back onto the dirt. " just keep your head cool, okay? my dad won't be angry for long, you know that. well unless you stayed in there, pretty sure you'd become fried fish. but besides that, you just showed how strong you were to Alphys. just warn me next time you drag me out."

Undyne let out a groan from the puns before sitting down on a log, letting the younger kid sit next to her, " I guess your right... So uh, why aren't you at home? Whose watching your bro if it's not me?

" the inn nearby is doing that. and i really wanted to meet the king, and thus here i am! cept... now i'm out of the house and wait for dad to be done, but considering how many blueprints he's got... it's gonna take a while... so you know this place much more than i do, anything to do around here?"

She started to scratch the scales on the back of her neck, frowning, " Not really. I normally just train until Dreemurr comes out and trains me. I don't really wanna watch over you, no offense."

" none taken... so i take it i just go wonder off? into maaaaybe something dangerous that might get you in trouble~?" he chuckled as he hopped up to his feet, walking along the log, verbally poking the grumpy guppy. She turned her shoulder to give a deathly glare making him chuckle again.

" I don't care if you do-But I rather not make your dad pissed off like that one time Papyrus got mud all over him."

" hey, those mud pies were awesome! i thought of you as the best babysitter for letting us play in it and you know it!" He pointed out making the older fish crack a wide smile of sharp teeth.

" Okay yeah, that's true... Hrm, lemme' think of somewhere you can go that I know of and won't make your dad flip his shit..." She put a leg over her other before putting an elbow on the knee as she rested her fin and cheek onto her hand. She closed her eyes, letting out another groan, " Urgh... The only place I know well enough is Mister Dreemurr's garden where his kid plays. Cept that kid is a total crybaby and too shy to hang around. Shoot! You ask him to spar and he panics and starts crying!" She extended her arms out in front of her as she exclaimed the king's son's behavior.

The skeleton furrowed an unseen brow before making up his mind, " The king's kid? I thought only certified monsters got to play with him cuz his mom doesn't want him to get hurt."

" Ehh... Heh... Thaaaat might have been my fault since I might have wrestled with him." She nervously laughed before quieting down looking away to avoid eye-contact. She was given a small stale steady clap from Sans. This made her give him a scowl in return.

" right... well i'm gonna try to waste my time there. and unlike you, i'm not rough, and.... i have a way with words if his mom starts to panic." He smiled as he put his hands in his coat's pocket and strolled off... Shortly coming back for directions to the garden...

After a while the skeleton finally made his way into the royal garden. Flowers and plants bloomed all around, different shapes, sizes, and varieties. The colors gleamed brilliantly under the cavern's sparkling gems in the ceiling far above. Sans slowly walked in, taking in the wondrous sight as he carefully traversed around some flowers, not wanting to accidentally step on one. He looked around in amazement, until he heard a startled gasp near him. Sans swiftly looked over his shoulder to see a flash of something or someone who hid behind a single central tree. He had only heard of the prince every now and then, not knowing if they were a kid or a young teen like Undyne and Alphys. Hell, he just met the king today, so he didn't even know what he had looked like or resembled until now. He lowered his voice to a gentle tone like he would for his brother when he started to cry, " hey buddy, hey. It's okay. I didn't mean to startle ya. i just wanted to look around and view the plants, sorry."

Sans lied, not wanting to give the prince any paranoia by stating he was looking for him. Just then, someone peeked out from behind the tree for a quick instance before whipping back to hide behind it. " hey, listen. i won't hurt you i promise. sorry, i'll just go. didn't mean to bother ya." Right as Sans turned around to carefully walk out a gentle child spoke out.

" W-Wait! D-Don't... Don't go..." He turned around to see a small mini version of the king, himself. Soft and short snow fur. Dangling ears, a tiny cowlick, large emerald eyes, two tiny fangs and no horns. The prince sported some jeans and wore a shirt with green and yellow striped. He was one of the few kids that were smaller than Sans... even it being by 3 inches, it was still a win for the skeleton. While Sans seemed around twelveish or thirteen, the prince seemed around eight or maybe nine or ten. The prince shyly rubbed one of his own arms, tugging at the sleeve lightly. The kid seemed like the gentle type, considering he was in a large garden and didn't like Undyne's normal playing style. " I-I'm sorry... I just... Got sc-scared... Please don't go. It's al-always nice to meet someone new. N-Not many kids like going to the garden..." He looked at Sans with gentle eyes and a faint worried smile.

" oh, it's okay dude. i should have thought this through more eheh. i take it, you're the prince? heh, you take after your dad fairly well."

The prince's smile grew slightly, " O-Oh, no-not really... People, s-say l-l-look more like my mom. I-I take it, she didn't pick you to come play with me huh?"

" ahhh, no... but don't worry i'm not like aherm... undyne. i've got a little bro at home, so i'm really good at being careful, sides i don't want to hurt anyone. and i'm not hot-headed as her anyways. nah just a chill skeleton other than a fish fry." He gave his casual smile making the prince giggle a bit. " nah, my dad brought me along to see the king, then had to discuss stuff with him. so i got bored and bam, here i am! haha, oh by the way, i'm sans. sans the skeleton." He chuckled lightly as he held out his arm to the goat-like monster.

The prince finally gave a calm and gentle smile, " That's a nice name... My name is Asriel." He shook the skeleton's hand only to jump back as soon as something loud was heard. Sans chuckled a bit before apologizing and showing off what had been wrapped around his palm. " hehe, sorry... old whoopee cushion in the hand trick. i always find it funny."

Asriel calmed down rather quickly and laughed at the childish prank. " S-So how do you know Undyne? An-and get here?"

" well undyne sometimes babysits me and my bro, though my dad normally doesn't like the idea, but my bro, papyrus thinks she's a blast. and, my dad works for your dad in a way. he's a scientist, really tall, skinny, lab coat. you might have seen him."

" O-Oh! Y-You me-m-mean Mister Gaster! Y-Yeah I've met him a few times. He-He seems really nice, except when he's working hard on something or has something big to say..."

Sans walked over to the younger child, stuffing his hands back into his pocket, looking at the twinkling gems. " heh, yeah... dad gets like that sometimes. he'll get wound up in something and has to finish it or explain it to someone. but he always means well an-" Sans paused as he heard a small crunching sound. Puzzled he looked over to find the young prince gnawing on his scarf. " .... you uh... hungry there buddy?"

Asriel instantly let go, thankfully the scarf wasn't ripped up or that wet from being in the prince's mouth, " Ahh! S-Sorry! G-Goat monster h-h-habit!" He blushed up, embarrassed as instinct came over him. Other than that, Sans thought it was kinda funny.

" nah, dude you okay really. now my brother papyrus. ohhhh man! he use to have this habit of playing tug of war with our clothes against some tiny annoying white puppy. man, those clothes got ripped to shreds!" The story made the goat giggle out.

" Well don't worry I don't eat stuff other than food, just nibble on it, haha. And it kinda sounds like how my mom gets when someone messes with me or bugs her, hehehe, she gets pretty grumpy like when my dad steals a piece of her pie when it's cooling!" Sans couldn't help but to laugh, the image of the mighty king running from his wife for taking some pie was rather funny.

" ohho man. so, uhm, do you just play by yourself?"

" Well... No, I-I'm just really shy, and then Undyne kinda spooked me. My mom gets really upset if someone makes me cry, and I don't blame her... But I cry alot... S-So it's hard to find someone to play with." He fiddled with his paws for a moment.

" aww man, that royally sucks." He received a tiny giggle from the royal pun, he was happy someone enjoyed his jokes. Well besides his brother... " well hey, since i'm here waiting for my dad to get done with his 'biiiiiig' long blueprints, mind if i play with ya azzy?"

Asriel's cheek brightened into a small pink shade from his fur, enjoying the nickname, " O-Oh! S-Sure. I-I really like pl-playing tag!" He bounced up, waggling his stubby tail, excited at the mention of playing with another monster.

" haha, sure no problem! i'll give ya a head start, okay?!" Asriel nodded as Sans looked up counting down from ten, his white pupils looked back down only to see Asriel standing in the same place, not budging an inch. He looked at the ground, his smile replaced with a frown. This made San's perpetual smile shrink down as well. He tilted his head before poking the prince lightly. " tag?" Asriel came into focus as, one floppy ear twitched as he slowly looked over to the other child monster.

" You... You tagged me?"

" well... yeah... that's how you play tag dude. you run around and-"

Asriel cut him off, but not aggressively or sadly, but more in a surprised and shocked way of disbelief, " No, no, I know the game. It-it's just... No one's ever tagged me before... Y-You see... Whenever I play with other kids. T-They always let me win, because they don't want me loose or feel bad, a-all because I'm the future king... But you actually tagged me... S-So... You actually don't care if I'm royalty or not? Yo-You actually want to play with me?"

" well yeah dude. it doesn't matter if you don't have a family, if you're a tiny spider, or royalty, your still a monster, and your still a kid. every kid should get the chance to play with other kids unless they don't want to." With a bright kind smile, Asriel smiled back, finally, someone understanding him and not fearing him just because he was the future's king. The goat monster sniffled a bit, tears devolving in the corner of his eyes. " o-oh no, dude you okay?"

" Ye-yeah. I'm just r-really happy someone doesn't treat me differently." He whipped the tears with his over-sized sleeves. It made Sans feel a bit bad, to see another kid get so happy that he began crying all because someone was going to play with him. Poor kid never really experienced losing or winning by himself. The smile from the prince's mouth turned into a smirk as he turned over tag Sans. Sans smiled wide as he hopped back a few inches.

" ah-ah, you're gonna hafta try harder than the azzy!" With the two started to dash around the garden, avoiding stepping or running into any larger plants or delicate flowers. Asriel eventually tripped on the tree's root, making him fly forward and into Sans. The two tumbled into the grass, both on their backs, but completely fine. neither had gotten hurt or else Asriel wouldn't have poked San's cheekbone. " Boop" The two start to laugh, finding it amusing while Sans poked the younger monster. They continued this for a bit, he felt great to make another kid happy like he would for his brother.

Suddenly a motherly but kind voice rang out into the garden, " Asriel~! I made us some pie-Oh!" A larger version of what looked like Asriel walked out into the garden with their paws holding two pieces of pie on white shinning plates. They donned a purple robe, the arms colored white and in the center bared the Delta Ruin Symbol of Monsterkind. They had small stubby horns coming out of their head as their eyes gazed upon the two children. With a gentle smile, they walked over to sit next to the two, crouching down onto the smooth soft grass.

" H-Hey, mom! T-T-This is Sans! H-He's Mister Gaster's kid! He-He came and started to play with me!"

The mother of the prince put on a soothing smile, " Oho, why thank you for spending time with Asriel, young one." With that, she held one pie out to the small skeleton, proudly.

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The wind blew some tiny snowflakes into the face of a lone golden flower that rested on top of a snowy hill. It was rare for something like that to be in such a cold and harsh environment. But it twitched, causing the small form of snow that clustered onto its stem to fall off. It's petals drooped over the center as it let out a deep sigh. The flower tilted it's head up, causing the remaining snowflakes to drift off. It took in a deep breath and exhaled, making the somehow a warm air collide with the cold breeze. The flower looked out upon a small time of brightly lit up lights and cozy little homes in the small town. The flower gave a small sad and pitiful look to the town he watched from afar. " ..... Sure is nice down there... Huh, Chara...?... Heh... Look at me... Talking to myself when no one's around and they're long gone... Hehehe... Ehe...." The flower giggled lightly before water streamed down his petals.

It shivered a bit as it sniffled, " I'm so bored... Chara... I miss how we use to run around and play... I'd always lose and you'd always win... Heh, all the other kids would just let me win anyways... They were such IDIOTS..." He growled out in a fit of anger, relished with hatred. He stopped as he thought about the other kids letting him win... Why? All because he was the damn prince? It seemed so... stupid... Eventually, his thoughts traced back to where he first lost... In those deep roots were memories of his sibling; his best friend... " Why... Why does my head hurt by remembering you?! Wait... Maybe it's not you... C-Could... Could there have been someone else I was friends wit-NO! NO! THAT'S STUPID! N-No one else was my friend....." he let out another frustrated growl, something was provoking him in the very back of his mind, trying to make him remember. He had the feeling of recalling someone else besides his sibling. It took a good while before it hit him since every reset he had made him forget about a certain someone until he tried thinking of them every time... Maybe his mind was in denial or maybe Chara was blocking the thoughts out... The realization flooded back as soon as he heard someone or something walk up to him rather carefully and slowly. He heard the snow being crunched under a boot or a shoe, making him quickly turn around, " CHA-Oh... He-H-Hey Paps... D-Did you get into the Royal Guard yet?!" His sadness waded over him as his favorite friend... or rather, his favorite toy came to sit next to him.

The tall skeleton who kept wearing a costume he and his brother made a while ago smiled brightly to the small flower, well after a small disappointed frown " NO NOT YET... BUT DO NOT FEAR! I WILL BECOME ONE! I SHALL NOT GIVE UP MY DREAM! I'LL BECOME ONE, AND THEN FLOWEY! THEN MORE PEOPLE BESIDES YOU, UNDYNE, AND MY LAZY BROTHER WILL FINALLY RESPECT MY DEDICATION!" He spoke loudly as he pointed heroically to the void like sky of the cavern. The flower giggled out a bit, honestly, the over-dramatic skeleton did cheer up Flowey, if only a little. Of course, Flowey just found it amusing to watch his crazy antics and his gullibility. That's what he really craved from Papyrus. His dedication and innocence... It was such fun watching it as it was stripped away from him slowly and painfully, and after every reset, he and no one else remembered, and best of all, he'd always make friends with Flowey somehow, some way. Even when times Flowey wasn't messing with him.

" Golly Papyrus! I'm sure someday you'll make them proud to finally have you on the team!" After the boost of encouragement, the proud self-proclaimed skeleton gently patted the flower's petals, being extremely careful. Flowey normally hated being touched but... Papyrus always seemed to be able to put the hate aside. Sure it was fun manipulating the tall skeleton time from time and tormenting him until his soul was snapped in half, but in all fairness, he was a really nice guy who cared too much even if one was bad. Flowey leaned into the pets, they were slightly comforting, making him bit his lower lip harshly as a quick flash of memories of being pet by his mother.

" YOU SEEM A BIT DOWN FLOWEY... I COULDN'T HELP BUT NOTICE YOU... WELL... ERM... CRYING?" Papyrus tilted his head down, worried about the tiny flower as if it had feelings! Flowey paused from the light brushing of his petals. Shit... He saw me crying... Way to go Flowey... A new low, letting this idiot seeing you like this and actually worrying about you. However, the pause was broken off from an idea that sprouted into the flower's head of madness.

" O-Oh... I was just ya know... Thinking. About how well, hehe, it's silly but. You know, you're my only friend. I wish I had others." He made an innocent smile, letting stray tears run down to make an even sadder look.


" Woah, woah! Slow down there Paps!" Flowey gave out a giggle, this is why he liked Papyrus, he jumped to conclusions... At least he was goofy enough to entertain Flowey for a while. " How about we start slow, okay? And you know whose slow right~?" He chimed to Papyrus in order to make the skeleton think he'd come up with the idea himself. Another steady boost of encouragement made the royal patroller do almost anything.

The skeleton put on his thinking face as his eye sockets managed to squint as he thought to himself. Another plus were the funny faces he made, it made Flowey feel like a kid again, laughing at small goofy things. Finally, the skeleton straitened his back to sit up more properly, " I KNOW THE PERFECT PERSON! MY BROTHER ISN'T SLOW... BUT HE IS LAZY AND TENDS TO BE HOW THE TEENS IN THE WOODS CALL, 'CHILL'. THAT'S GREAT BECAUSE TODAY IS HIS... 'DAY OFF'... THOUGH HE NORMALLY DOES THAT A LOT..."

" Yeah! What a wonderful idea~! So when you're not busy, do you think I could see him-Oh darn! Golly, I forgot you have to work! Duble darn! I really wanted to meet him too..." Flowey tilted his head down, petal drooping over him, while under them he hid a ghastly grin.

" NEVER FEAR! I CAN EASILY INTRODUCE YOU TWO QUICKLY AND THEN GO ON WITH MY PUZZLES AND TRAPS! SANS WOULDN'T KICK A FRIEND OF MINE OUT! AND IF HE WOULD, HE'S TO LAZY TO EVEN MOVE! JUST PLEASE BE NICE, AND HE'LL BE NICE BACK TO YOU!" Papyrus exclaimed to the flower who tilted his stem back to view the monster, smiling a sickly sweet innocent smile.

" Golly! Thanks, Papyrus! You're the best-Wait... How will I get there?" His cute voice lowered down to a semi-serious tone. He hadn't thought this out completely... Thankfully Papyrus patted him, telling him to wait there. Again as if a flower could move, but they both knew well aware that Flowey could. Papyrus went running off down the hill... only to trip and become engulfed in a snowball. But never the less he made it down and ran to his house as Flowey watched his crazy antics. Flowey stifled laughter as he watched the snowball roll down, gathering up a few other monsters until it crashed into the wall of a building. Sure no one was hurt, but it was still funny to see them yell and flail. After a while, the tall skeleton ran over to the flower with a medium sized pot and a trowel in his mitten-like gloves. He skidded next to the flower, putting them to the side. " Ohh! Smart idea-uhm be careful please, my roots are tender."

Papyrus nodded and was surprisingly very careful and gently as he dug up the roots and soil under the snow-crusted surface. He put soil and the tiny flower into the pot, gently patting the dirt around the roots. Thankfully there happen to be enough room for Flowey's roots to wriggle around their new surroundings. Flowey was pretty shocked that the process went rather smoothly. He congratulated his 'friend', but soon looked down the hill cautiously. Sure he wasn't as fragile like a normal flower was due to his determination but... that hill didn't seem so fun now. He shuddered a bit as Papyrus moved, except he walked down a path where he ran up. " DO NOT FRET FLOWEY! I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS WOULD NEVER RISK SLIDING DOWN SOMETHING DANGEROUS WITH YOU IN MY HANDS!" Flowey sighed in great relief, thank god Papyrus was careful about anyone he called a friend.


The skeleton eventually walked into his decorated house, carefully for once not slamming the door open with a kick or slamming for it to close from his energeticness. However, he could never truly be the quiet type... " SANS! I'M HOME FOR A QUICK BREAK AN-SERIOUSLY?! MUST YOU SLEEP?! YOU'RE NOT EVEN ON THE COUCH!"

A much shorter skeleton wrapped in a blue hoodie lay there on the floor snoring, before opening his tired eyes up at a snail's pace. He seemed a bit round for a skeleton, as he wore what seem to be track pants or something with pink fuzzy slippers draped over his feet. Or were they sneakers? It was hard to make out from the pot being placed on the side of the younger brother. He made a tiny yawn before closing his eyes, " sorry bro... but when i got home, i was too bone-tired to make it to my bed... or your bed since it's closer to the stairs... so i settled to get to the couch... but ehh, too far."

Papyrus let out a large annoyed sigh as he put the potted flower down to the side of his feet and picked up his older brother with ease, nearly throwing him, but it happen to be more of a drop onto the couch. With a small 'oomph!' Sans positioned himself to sit up, " SANS, I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU BEFORE I GO TO MY PUZZLES! I AM ONLY HERE FOR A QUICK BREAK TO INTRODUCE YOU TO A VERY GOOD FRIEND OF MINE! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF HIM WHILE I'M OUT! I'M SURE YOU TWO WILL GET ALONG LIKE UNDYNE AND HER FIXATION ON BURNING THINGS!"

The chubby skeleton rubbed his eye socket and yawned as he looked up to his younger brother with a calm smile plastered on his face, " a friend huh? sure thing paps." He sat up lazily as his brother knelt down to retrieve the potted flower. Once the flower came into Sans' view, the left eye socket sparked with blue for a split-second. He chuckled nervously, but remained at a calmed tone of voice along with the same lazy smile. " this the flower you keep talking about there paps?"

" WHY YES! I TOLD YOU HE WAS NOT AN ECHO FLOWER! THIS IS FLOWEY, HE IS A VERY GOOD LISTENER WHO DOESN'T FALL ASLEEP ON ME!" The taller brother gave a tiny glare to the one on the couch before setting the flower down on a cushion. " BUT ANYWAYS, FLOWEY THIS IS SANS. SANS, FLOWEY!"

" Howdy Sans! I've heard so much about you!" Flowey joyfully giggled and bobbed around like a happy cartoon flower.

" same to you bud-dy"

" Oh golly! Papyrus, your brother is quite funny!" The flower brightly looked up to the taller skeleton with a smile that seemed slightly painful.


" oh? where's he falling? cause clearly he's on the couch."

" OH, MY GOD! SANS! UGGGGH- LOOK, I UNFORTUNATELY HAVE TO GO IN A MOMENT, SO SANS, PLEASE DON'T MAKE A WEIRD FIRST IMPRESSION! UH-OH! LOOK AT THE TIME! I MUST GO CALIBRATE MY PUZZLES BEFORE A HUMAN COMES BY! YOU TWO HAVE FUN! NYEHA!" Papyrus yelled out as he ran, head first into the window, breaking it and running off outside, his boots crunching the snow below him. Flowey knew Papyrus was energetic, but he didn't really expect the skeleton to actually leap out of the window. His stem instinctively pulled back as his eyes watched the skeleton hop to his feet before running off.


" ..... Does he normally do th-"

"yes." Sans answered rather quickly for such a lazy bag of bone. Broken glass floated up and placed back into the part that was cracked, eventually sticking together like nothing had happened. Before Flowey could even question the sudden action, Sans was already giving a slight glare to him. " answered your question, now time for mine. who are you? why are you here? and what do you want? no bullshitting me either, we both know you know me somehow and that you're responsible for the time shifts. i can feel it. not sure if just nightmares or you're really restarting time itself. considering i keep seeing you in those nightmares."

Flowey perked up and gave his cheerful smile, " Straight to the point huh Sansy?"

" don't call me that bud-dy."

" Then stop putting me in your lame excuse for a pun then."

" can't promise that, pussywillow." Sans closed his eyes, only to open them again, black empty sockets stared at Flowey, " now if you could talk, that'd be reeeeal nice."

Flowey's happy shtick soon faltered into a devilish grin, " Ohoho, looks like you're not always laid back~."

" same could be said about you, happy go lucky flower. now please, enlighten me." Sans referred to the questions he had asked before as his two white pupils regained focus on the flower, sitting right across from him in a pot. The flower looked so fragile, but Sans could sense something... something very wrong and off about it.

" Hehehe, fine, fine. Since you asked so nicely." He made it sound as if he had poison dripping off his tongue when he said that. " I'm here because I wanted to say hi to an old friend."

" heh, really? whose your friend, my pet rock? or some daises that are dead in the snow out in the back?"

" Yes, yes, make all the jokes to feel better... Heh, it's a shame you've forgotten about me." Flowey's tone lowered down as his mad grinning faltered to a bittersweet smile. " I never forgot about you."

" sorry daisy, but i have no idea what you're talking about. next question then, 'friend'?"

" Fine... What I want, is to play with my old friend."

" yeeeeah, still not clearing things. maybe you can let me know, i mean, seriously, who are you? ya know, besides a weed."

Flowey's eyes started to stir with a bit of rage from all of this back-sass flying at him. He thought how he could possibly turn this around without fully telling the skeleton who he truly was. " Well... I AM Flowey. Flowey the flower~! But... If you reeeeally wanna know." His eyes rolled over as he head swerved along with them. " I'll tell you, if you win~!" His eyes fixated back to the skeleton whose lazy eyes seem to open slightly with interest.

" eh, i've got better things to do than really know who a weed is. like sleeping." As he slowly closed his eyes, Flowey said something that made his soul quiver.

" Play with me or you'll become an only child."

San's eyes opened up, his pupils on a deadlock to Flowey's, " ....."

" Think I'm lying? You said yourself that I'm in your 'nightmares'. Hehehe, What if I told you, those were real? Each time you see me, everyone dies. Can you deny that? See if reality does something unbearable like a dream. Is it worth the risk?" Flowey's face twisted into a sickening smile as his head twirled around the stem with every sentence he finished.

" ....." Sans took in a deep breath as he closed his eyes somehow. He reopened them to watch the mad plant, " ... okay, what do you want to play? also, what'll happen if you win?"

" Ohoho~! Then you'll be an only child until I decide to break you out of the endless cycle of mourning. Oh and, you'll be the only monster in the underground as well."

" mmm... that doesn't sound too fair bud-dy. how about you tell me who you really are and you leave everyone alone for a week. cuz' from what it sounds like, you get bored and then reset."

Flowey snarled a bit but, he would need something to bet on to get Sans to carry through, " Fine. The game is called racing. From the bridge to the ruin's door. First to touch it wins. No teleportation."


Sans shrugged as he got off the couch, " okay fine. but no vines. you look like the type who would be vine with that, right?" Flowey glared dangerously, but didn't say a peep. Sans walked over and picked up the pot before taking a shortcut to the end of the bridge. Flowey wasn't ready for the sudden trip over yonder as he dizzily bobbed his head around. " heh, hey i thought you were stronger than a little trip." Flowey gave out a small groan before the skeleton put down the pot and carefully dug a small spot in the snow. He then gently picked out the flower from the soil. He hadn't realized until he tried putting Flowey in the dug spot, that little roots were wrapped around his bones. They weren't tight to try to cause any damage, but more of a small child clinging to their parent's hand. " hey, uh... mind letting go?"

Flowey was thankful Sans couldn't see his face due to having his stem face the back of the skeleton. The flower gritted his teeth before letting go and moving into the soil. Sure he couldn't feel anything but memories stung the back of his mind before he whipped around with that joyful haunting smile, " Okay, ready~?!" Sans just rolled his eyes, sighing slightly as he nodded his skull.

" yeah, yeah. let's hurry this up, i've got a nap at home waiting for me."

" Okay, if ya say so Sansy! GO!" The flower yelled out, right as he was about to burrow under below the snow he felt himself unable to move. He struggled and twitched around as Sans lazily walked off to touch the door. " HE-HEY! NO FAIR!"

" hey, you're the one who said no teleporting, didn't say nothing about telekinesis." He chuckled to himself, leaving the flower behind who squirmed around. He made a mental note to himself to think the rules through before summoning white pellets in the air around him, firing them at the skeleton. When one flung passed by his skull, he quickly turned around to see the pellets in the air all around the flower. They spun around before they all flew at him like angry bees. Sans swiftly dodged most of them, but a couple got a lucky shot before he was out of range to be seen or hit.


Flowey floated there, still being held down by the neon blue magic. He had stopped firing after the skeleton had been hit. He was rather confused. He tried to figure out why the skeleton started out with 850 HP... The last time he remembered, Sans had 860, just like he always did... Did he get hurt beforehand? No, if he did, his sleeping would have healed him... Eventually, the flower was let go of, taking the chance to quickly burrow under the snow and dirt to pop up right next to the Ruin's doors. Sans looked to be sleeping as he rested his back against the door. " Hey... Hey!... HEY, WAKE UP YOU BONEHEAD!"

The other didn't even jump from the shrieking of the tiny flower and merely opened his eyes slowly, before stretching out and yawning, popping a bone or two in the process. " oh hey, you caught up. so, how was it being grounded?"

Flowey's eye twitch in a bit of anger, but decided not to answer the smug skeleton. As much as he hated to admit it, Sans did win... But the flower could still turn this around to his liking. Sans waited for a response, anything actually since the flower remained quiet. In fact, he was planning on falling back asleep until the plant spoke up. " Do you remember Asriel?"

Sans was taken aback slightly at the mention, his casual grin lowering down. His eye watched the flower suspiciously, rising an unseen brow. " yeeeah? who hasn't? he was the king's son who befriended a human child and died. everyone and their mom knows the story."

Flowey's gaze hardened a bit more, " No. Do you REMEMBER him?"

" again, i remember hearing about him. never knew the kid myself." Flowey's mouth was now agape, deep inside his determined ridden body was struck with pain coursing through his being. He knew well enough Sans knew his former self, but to straight up deny it left an aching feeling that could not be simply ignored like any other pains. He shifted back, lowering his head to think to himself. Sans tilted his head as he watched the small flower go into a small meltdown on itself. However, he got a response that shocked him straight back. Flowey lifted his head up to the skeleton, revealing his true face. Behind the golden petals formed an innocent and soft face. The same calm eyes of the young prince, to the very tiny fangs that stuck out. Flowey backed his stem as his face contorted into a bitter-sweet smile.

" H-Howdy Sans..."

Sans was completely baffled as millions of things raced through his head. He was about to kneel down and touch the once deadly flower but retracted with a scowl. His left eye shined a brilliant neon blue mixed with bright yellow. " hey, bud-dy. it's awfully rude to mock the dead." His mind was retreating the only knowledgeable place, to think that the small fragile looking plant was tricking him.

Again the flower felt another cut of pain deep within, " Wh-What? N-No, no! Sans, it's me, Azzy!" Sans quickly took immediate action, lifting the flower out of the ground again with a blue aura of magic, slowly squeezing the stem, making the roots wriggle about. Flowey never knew that a flower could feel like it was choking up until now.

" i don't like those who disrespect and mimic the ones before us. i know you're just working me up, but honestly, i'm feeling a little attacked right now."

Flowey gasped out a bit, his vision was fading in and out of darkness to the rattled skeleton, " W-We met in the garden! I recommended t-to play tag! W-We ate my mom's pie!" The grip was getting tighter every time the flower yelled out to him. " Gaster fell into the core!" The skeleton dropped him as he backed up to the ruin's door. Flowey gasped out as his roots slithered back into the warm ground, letting the chill on his roots disappear into the snug dirt. Both of them were catching their breath before conversing into another conversation. The skeleton was shocked, more than the time Flowey had killed his brother right before his eyes. He was now visibly shaken up, sliding down as his back rubbed down against the cold wall.

" no... that's not possible. no one knows him. how do you-"

" Sans. It's me, Asriel. I remember him, I remember you. I remember... It was my fault. If I wasn't so scared... I might not have become a flower. A-And he'd... Still be here." The flower hadn't wanted to startle the shit out of the monster-hell he never even did it before. It was amusing, but unfortunately, he was taking this pretty seriously himself. " Best friends no matter what, huh? Heh... Pinky promises are the worst."

Sans found himself hyperventilating back to reality as memories filled his mind. After a few moments of some much needed calming down the skeleton moved his position to kneel and lean over the small flower. His finger-bones quivered as they reached out to calmly stroke the flower's petals. Flowey smiled sadly, rubbing up against his hand like a cat would. Tears poured out from the hollow sockets, no one else remembered his father. The only other one who did was long dead... but this flower... He wasn't lying like he would in his dreams, or rather in the other resets when he got bored. " ... why do i keep seeing you then?"

The flower looked down, bitter at himself, he couldn't truly feel anything, but the conversation was straining none the less, " With Chara's determination in me, I reset everything. I can't help it-I-I don't want to die! I-I want to stay... But, I can't feel anything. I can't feel good anymore... Not even love. So I can't really apologize. I can't say I'm sorry, because I can't really mean it. I can't, not anymore. I'm a soulless amalgamate." The flower sighed like he had been defeated. Sans would have yelled at him, he could have, he really should have, but this was making sense. He remembered the smaller child full of hope and love, but if something like a soul was stripped away from his core, it would be pretty unbearable. Making the friend he use to know, have such an awful outlook on life. He felt stuck, he couldn't help his old friend who was a prisoner to his own body. With a loud sigh he weaved his bony fingers around the small flower and leaned forward, trying to imitate a hug as best he could, considering how hard and awkward it was to hug a plant.

Flowey would have stayed there for quite a while, but he wasn't happy with the position he was in, not to mention hating pity that was taken upon him. He regretted telling the skeleton anything, he didn't want pity, pity was for his old life he'd never get back. Pity was for crybabies-he wasn't a crybaby. With a small twitch of the lips, his teeth gritted against each other. Without warning, vines shot put and skewered the skeleton monster trying his best to comfort the shivering plant. Flowey shut his eyes in rage as he thought to himself. It was only then, he heard Sans gasp out before a weakly voice spoke out, " w-well... it was good spending thyme w-with ya azzy." Right as Flowey opened his eyes, his old friend turned into dust, the grains now falling into a pile with some of it on him. The lone flower's faces mixed as they tried to find an emotion that wasn't there. It didn't mean he couldn't cry though, his old rationale side bubbled up as tears poured out. He hadn't meant to kill Sans-well not at that moment, maybe if he had reset to rest himself from this conversation. But no, some repressed memories had to crawl into his mind, trying to make him feel. It just made him irritated and annoyed more than anything. With a deep apathetic sigh, he waited there, letting the dust flutter onto him by being picked up by the chilly wind.


After killing everyone else from sheer boredom, the flower sat on the king's throne. The only thing that was actually meant for him, only for it to be ripped away just like everything else he was promised. Wearing his father's dinky crown upon his head, he looked out upon a large number of gold like flowers that had been grown all around the throne. He cracked a smile, twitching a bit, " H-Heh... It's mine! A-All mine! Ehehe! S-SEE EVERYONE I'M KING! AHAHAHAHA! ... So-Sorry everyone, I'm just a-a bit nervous." He smiled down to the batches of flowers that spread wide and far as if they were his people, his subjects, his friends. " ..... Everyone will uhm... Get water every day! A-And we'll make s-some light and it'll be grand! Just for my loyal subjects! I-I am a kind king! See? I'll take care of all of you-What?" He lashed his head over to just an ordinary flower that didn't really stick out that much among the others.

" Human? Wha-PTH! Right, like a human will come down here-What? Will I protect you from any snails or spiders-DO YOU NOT TRUST ME?!" His eyes locked onto the single flower, that bloomed with the rest. " Wha-I DON'T NEED A JUDGE KIETH, SO SHUT THE FUCK UP! Ehh-I killed the judge-N-No! I DIDN'T! I-i didn't do anything-WELL! SOME SACRIFICES MUST BE MADE FOR THE GREATER GOOD KEITH!... DAMNIT KEITH! I DON'T MISS ANYONE WHEN I HAVE ALL OF THESE GUYS! GOD, YOUR LIKE JERRY!" He watched the fellow non-animated flower, his eyes burning at the single plant. " Okay fine! I'll prove it, okay Keith?! Will that make you happy?!" Another moment of silence. " FINE! I'll take your bet! If you win, I'll let you be the damn king next time! Oh? If I win? I'll think of something... Dammit Keith, change your name! That's not kingly. And I'm embarrassed to say it. Boris, try that! If I win, you're changing your name to Boris!" The small lively flower grumbled, turning the back of his stem to the other non-responsive flower. " Keith... Oh ya know, make way for your majesty, Keith~!"


With a sour grumble he activated some glowing text buttons in front of him. Several files looked somewhat like holograms as the flower searched for the one where he had been in the skeleton's house. He memorized all of his files, what he had done and not done, sometimes saving over them. The only one that remained untouched had been his very first save, which was him stuck in the garden, waking up. He didn't remember ever saving there, it must have happened automatically. Once the text prompt was found, his leaf slid onto it, pushing down to make a large bright white shining light pierce out of it. The light spread out, engulfing the entire underground. He found himself right in front of Sans, which honestly spooked him, considering after just being transferred to the file, only to have a skeleton look at you. " mmm... that doesn't sound too fair bud-dy. how about you tell me who you really are and you leave everyone alone for a week. cuz' from what it sounds like, you get bored and then reset-....." The skeleton blinked somehow-how the hell was he and Papyrus able to close their eyes anyways? He nervously looked around, straitening his sitting pose as if something was wrong with the air. His eyes trailed back to the gold flower, giving a very harsh and judgmental look. " did.... did you just reset?"

Flowey looked down to play an innocent facade, " Nnnnno." He said, you know, like a liar. This made the monster in front of him squint in disbelief. " Aherm. Anyways, fine. The game is called Tag. We keep tagging until one of us gets tired and calls it quits. No teleportation, no telekinesis."

The skeleton sighed lightly, " ooookay... no vines then"

" Wait, then how am I gonna tag you?!"

" mmmm, good point, you can't touch anything with those little stumpy leaves." Flowey's face went to his annoyed expression. " i mean... just no confining me to the ground. Flowey made a rather upset puffy face before agreeing. Though to be fair... The flower wasn't planning on playing fair. Though a thought had occurred to him.


Sans had taken Flowey into the snowy forest in a clearing, away from any passerby's so they wouldn't get hurt. If Sans knew one thing about the small flower, it was that he was dangerous to anyone, even himself. Once again Flowey had been put back into the ground, this time without any pesky in convince of trying to feel something in the hands of the skeleton.

" Alright so who star-" Right as he was asking the other, Sans quickly poked the flower's head, grinning lazily.

" boop."

" ......" The flower was rather upset and angered by this, especially since it reminded him of... Being friends, so many years ago. They had as Flowey liked to call it, 'Played' for quite a while. Some tags were gentle, as a simple push or poke, while the more used tags were used harshly. Not too rough, but they were health reducing. Flowey had to admit, Sans was rather good at dodging. Bones would shoot out hitting the flower in the face as a happy and lazy 'tag' was called out. Sans seemed to having a bit of fun... that being, pissing off Flowey to no extent. Flowey hadn't used any friendliness pellets to be somewhat fair, and his vines didn't try to skewer the skeleton. Truthfully he wasn't trying to harm Sans as much as he had planned out, one hit point here and now, but not like the hit points he himself had been taken. Whenever Sans was tagged, the tiny flower would cry out 'tag' viciously. All in all, the two kept it up for quite a while until Flowey's stem made him lean forward.

He panted rather harshly, unlike Sans, he never built a large amount of stamina for magic to use. Sans, on the other hand, had a high amount of stamina. He had to, and Flowey knew deep down why... The skeleton came out of hiding from behind a tree, walking over to the flower, backing up every now and then, thinking the other was going to use a cheap dirty trick. But it did sound like Flowey was breathing rather hard. He got close enough to the small flower, and hadn't been slapped by a vine yet. He knelt down as if to take some small pity on the flower before poking his head. " boop."

Flowey stopped, he hadn't even noticed Sans being right there, he was too busy catching his breath. He weakly looked up at the grinning skeleton who lowered his smile as he saw Flowey look like he had just been running for a mile or two... with stubby legs or with health problems. He felt kinda bad as the small smile went to a frown as he was about to say something. This was interrupted abruptly as many vines sprung forth out from the icy sheet of snow, wrapping around Sans. Vines squirmed and wormed around his wrists, pulling them above his skull as other snaked around his legs to this stomach-if he had one. Eventually, more slid around Sans' arms, holding and restraining him. The vines shuffled upwards to let the larger part mold themselves into somewhat of a platform, curving around for the skeleton's bones to be more comforting instead of letting him be pulled into the snow. Other than being restrained, it was actually kind of comfortable as each groove around his bones under him held him up.

He started to squirm, only to have more vines wrap around, or the ones on him gripping him got tighter, though oddly, not to tight giving his bones enough to breath. After trying to thrash out and even teleport-maybe these vines kept him from using magic since they were magic themselves, Sans wore himself out like the flower had. Thankfully in Flowey's favor, it didn't take much to keep hold of something. He slithered up onto the skeleton, his stem stretching out like a long arm holding a puppet. He still looked rather worn out as well. The skeleton's left eye loomed a bright blue and yellow mixture. Upon seeing that, a large shadow grew behind the flower who turned around to meet a large draconic skeletal head. Flowey quickly looked back to Sans who was ready to blast him to the beginning. He waved his small leaves, looking... worried. Not a normal scared for your life worried, but more of a child about to cry. " Pl-please! W-Wait!"

" sorry buddy but i've seen waaaay too much of alphy's books to know where this is going."

" But liste-wait you still talk to her?"

" ... well yeah, we've known each other for a while."

Flowey tilted his head curiously, " How is she?"

" ah she's doing okay. still shy and awkward, but really nice to hang out with every now and the-hey, hey, hey! don't start changing the subject!" As soon as the smile spread across his face, describing his fellow nerdy friend, came up the annoyed glare just as fast.

Flowey groaned, " I'm not going to do anything... Besides, you'd be blasting yourself to God knows where leaving Paps behind." After a moment the skeleton sighed, knowing this was true. The Gaster Blasters always did have a high attack power, they had too. The large dragon-like head vanished letting the flower sigh in relief. Flowey tiredly laid on San's chest, he actually wasn't doing a thing, just like he said, surprisingly. Though he was going to do three things to San's disliking, but it was violating or humiliating. One being that once Flowey looked over to him, he only saw a pissed off look, clearly given. Flowey let out an irritated groan as vines snaked over the skeleton's eye sockets.

" h-h-hey!" Sans yelled out. He was actually thankful they just slid across his eye sockets and not in them. The thought of that made him shiver, and Flowey felt the quiver under him.

" Just... Please be quiet. just let me have this."

" have wha-" He was cut off by vines now covering his mouth. Sans, however, could open his mouth, he just didn't like to because he was so damn lazy. But he was forced to open, making him bite at the plant, though that made the vine tighten up like a gag. Sans bit into the plant, making it bleed a bit of white gooey sap, making Flowey wince as well. After another somewhat tired and calm moment, Sans felt something he really didn't like. It wasn't being violated thankfully, but it felt horrible none the less. His soul was brought out, and he really didn't like the idea of his soul being in the hands-er... leaves of the other. He started to buck around, but surprisingly the flower didn't tighten the grip and just let him wear himself out again. Sans gulped instinctively, swearing in the back of his mind if the plant was going to slowly break it, bite it, lick it, or even pushing its own soul into it, Sans was going to have a fit... Now that he thought about it... Did the flower even have a soul? He had never seen a monster with so much hatred-well besides Burgerpants, but that cat didn't go around threatening to kill anyone.

The flower sighed calmly once Sans has settled down. He looked up at the upside-down heart that hummed out a light blue glow. A speck of yellow and possibly a bit of red swirled around in the middle. Flowey then scooted closer to it, nudging against it like a cat, rubbing its head on something. The skeleton shook lightly under him, but Flowey didn't do anything but nudge it gently and rest underneath its warmth. Flowey was trying to feel... He wanted to feel the warm glow it shined out. His stem curled up around him as he shut his eyes. It was really quiet, and San's paranoia was starting to kick in... until he heard sniffling. He heard the crying of a small scared and hurt lonely child. He had to get out of here to go help the kid before this damn flower hurt them. He started to squirm about again until he felt something wet drop onto his chest. He stopped, now knowing that Flowey was crying and whimpering. He sounded... He sounded like someone Sans tried so hard to forget about. Flowey was thankful the skeleton couldn't see him right now. He was so vulnerable and weak at the moment. His face had morphed back to its original form. The calm eyes of Asriel with those tiny fangs that stuck out, with tears running down his cheeks.

Flowey eventually started to hiccup like a small child who was all alone and scared of the world set before him. Sans calmed down as he heard the flower cry out. " I-I just want to feel something...Something nice... A-Anything... Please... I c-can say I would love to hear it when your breathing... B-Bu-But I can't. I can't love-I can't feel anything." Flowey was going into a meltdown. " Mommy, da-daddy... Sans... I-I'm so scared. I'm so sad. I-I'm so alone. Ple-please. I hope to God your never leaving... P-Please. I'm so sorry!" He continued to break down, trying and wanting to feel anything deep inside. Sans did feel bad now, trying to figure out why the flower couldn't feel. He knew he wasn't tricking him for once. he wanted to pat the scared flower but he couldn't. All until the flower let go, letting Sans hit the icy ground. The vines were gone, and so was Flowey.

Chapter Text

The tall slender skeleton sighed in relief, " Again thank you, my dear queen, for watching over the boys while I show the majesty my works."

The goat-like monster chuckled to herself to see the scientist be so shy about watching his two children. It was nothing to be worried about; yes she was the queen of The Underground, but it didn't mean she was all about royalty. " Oh Windings, I assure you it's not a problem, in fact, I have invested myself to try to become a teacher."

" ... That explains the homeschooling." Gaster said as he raised a non-visible brow, eyeing the smaller version that resembled his mother. Asriel seemed busy playing with the two other skeletons in the room, as the toddler merrily sat down watching his siblings antics. The prince had gotten on all fours while Sans held out Papyrus' bright red over-sized scarf. Sans held the scarf out, waving it around, letting it wriggle about in the air to taunt the other monster. The young prince grinned before hopping to gain momentum like a young goat would before headbutting what they played with. Asriel then charged at the scarf, only to have it move right out of the way making him headbutt into a pillow pile they had dragged out while the parents chatted. Asriel toppled over onto the soft mound that stopped his ramming, quietly letting out a small startled bleat, making the toddler laugh out happily. Papyrus clapped joyfully as Sans helped the prince up, then for both to bow at the small applause they received.

Toriel had managed to catch a glimpse of the kids playing, buttering up her heart to see no one was hurt, a small child laughing, and for her son to actually have been having fun with another child for once. It's not that she was overprotective, but after seeing Undyne try to play with her son, made her a bit more sensitive. She had tried to nudge him into the world of other children, but he was very shy at first, and not to mention the other children treated him differently due to royalty. She looked back over to the doctor, smiling gently, " I don't know why you kept them a secret for so long, they are absolutely well-behaved children. Courteous and nice, but still a tad goofy to have some fun."

The doctor halted his gawking from the children surprised that the young prince would even try to play slightly rough, from knowing how shy the child was. " O-Oh uhm, well it is a rather long story and I much rather not bore you with the details-Uhm..." His pupils watched Toriel smile slyly as she wanted to know more, giving him a confident look. Gaster had rather not wanted to tell anyone and keep it more of a secret, thankfully his pudgy lab assistant waddled over holding some blueprints.

" S-S-Sir, we're ready to show t-the king now." The doctor quickly snatched up the blueprints, making his way anywhere near Toriel. The small lizard sighed before looking over to the younger kids. Toriel's smile shifted to a frown, she knew Alphys was able to keep herself maintained somehow after her parents had fallen down and longed to be a kid again. The older monster felt bad for the lizard since she had known her parents fairly well, one shy and one outgoing and intelligent. She sighed to herself before patting the yellow monster's shoulder.

" Do not worry, I am planning on doing something rather exciting as a small break for you. For you to get to play with the others." Alphy's looked up to Toriel with a shy hopeful smile, making her heavy tail wag along the ground. After thanking the motherly goat she rushed off after the royal scientist. She enjoyed the teen's company considering the nerdy girl visited the royal family quite frequently, almost like sugarcoat family. However, she never stayed for too long, not wanting to burden the family or impose them. With that being said, Toriel would try her best to be a motherly figure to the young sufficient monster. She turned her attention back to the three children, smiling gently as she watched them make each other laugh. She, herself chuckled from them before walking along and picking up the smallest skeleton, " Alright, let's get going to today's field trip." Yes, she was simply watching over them, but her instinct for wanting to be a teacher overruled it a tad.


Once she and the two children followed her outside, she lead them around while talking to Papyrus. She was very gentle when talking to someone so small and young, motherly and nurturing to them, along with much patience. Papyrus curled himself up in her arms, spouting all sorts of things, as a small energetic child would. Lucky for him, she was all big floppy ears. her son and Papyrus' sibling trailed behind like little ducks as they discussed things to each other.
" What's it like having a sibling?" The small goat tilted his head to his new friend.

" well... he can be a pain sometimes, but he's a good kid. it's nice to have someone to talk to when dad is busy. it's like having a friend with you all the time, though it can be annoying, it's all worth it. it's a nice feeling, knowing that you're not the only one." Sans said rather bitter-sweetly. He had yet to tell Asriel, that for such an outgoing young teen, he hadn't really made many friends. Sure he had Alphy's and Undyne, but that was only because he got to know them from his father. Much like the soon to become a young adult, Grillby. It wasn't that he was shy around other kids, he just didn't know how to greet himself without making it awkward or accidentally pissing them off from his jokes. He found the company of rather older and more sophisticated monsters, who were shocked from his hidden intelligence. He kept it well hidden away, unlike Alphys, so that he wouldn't get picked on from the young monsters around his age, some of which going through puberty. Sans was happy to just be with Papyrus, since his small brother looked up to him, laughing at his shenanigans and shaking off his jokes constantly. Sure Paps was young, but he knew his taste in jokes. Sans was rather surprised that he had connected with Asriel so well and off the bat. He seemed to either act more sophisticated for the older monsters, and brotherly to younger ones; even if Asriel was only a few years younger than him and nowhere near Papyrus' age. He just had trouble with kids around his age... To say the least, it was odd.

Asriel brushed the fur on the back of his neck, smiling sadly, " That sounds nice. Heh, I wish I had a sibling." He hadn't wanted to go into detail or even bring up the subject that he was lonely. Yes, he had his parents, but no one near his age wanted to hang around him normally. Sans figured maybe if he wasn't so shy, he'd have many friends... But also being rather naive and heir to royalty didn't help much. The skeleton looked over rather shocked once he heard a small sniffle. Asriel was wiping his eyes with his sleeve. Yet another reason to add to the list; he was over-sensitive at times, and that would make other kids not know what to do. However with Sans, due to caring for his brother, knew how to react and handle the situation. He put a bony hand on the other's shoulder, smiling and apologizing for bringing it up. That's what Asriel liked about the skeleton. He knew exactly how to treat him, and not baby him or hesitate to help his small outbursts. Asriel's eyes shined brightly, turning off the waterworks. He found himself so happy and lucky to have a friend like Sans.

Eventually the small group made it to The Waterfalls, with Toriel making a quick left turn after passing by a string of echo flowers, and through some shallow waters. The boss monster walked to some long reeds, pulling them aside to show the true nature behind them. Behind the reeds was a rather good sized cavern with plants and flowers of all kinds, sprouting everywhere, glimmering against some crystal lights and reflecting off from an extremely tiny waterfall.

Toriel smiled gently as the two skeletons gasped from the sheer awe of what lay before them in the cavern. " This children is what I and King Asgore found one day while venturing The Waterfalls. Since then, we have made it a pleasant and peaceful garden for any monster to settle down into for a quick break. Think of it as another hidden spot like that bench further way in The Waterfalls."

" Ye-Yeah! Me and my parents w-worked pretty hard on this place! We picked all sorts of flowers and flowered trees to show off how pretty this place is!" Asriel exclaimed happily to the skeletal brothers, obviously quite proud of himself for pitching in to help with the flowers blooming all around.

Toriel knelt down to put Papyrus down, then moved a backpack out from behind her, setting it down next to the toddler. She pulled out various tools, seed packets, a water can, and some encased flower pots with flowers in them. " I thought I'd show you, children, this wondrous place while I help maintain it and put some new flowers in. If you would like, you can help too, but I will not force you into such labor."

The smaller of the skeletons picked up a large shovel, almost falling down from the weight as he tried to balance it up. Toriel chuckled lightly and took it from him before giving him a trowel that was much easier to pick up, though still fairly large for the toddler. He gave a small huff from the shovel that was taken away, but once given the trowel, his face brightened up with a big toothy smile with a tiny gap from a baby tooth falling out. " NYEH!" He squeaked out as he held the trowel up proudly, earning another chuckle from the older woman, along with the other two.

" so miss queen, what should us two fun-guys to do?" Asked the eldest of the children to Toriel with a big grin, easily achieving another chuckle from the royal monsters.

" Ohoho my. Ah, Sans deary, you don't need to call me that, just call me Miss Toriel, or Tori. But for you two, I was thinking of having a nice oriental lantern to be strewn around here. Maybe even a few so I can light them up with some nice everlasting blue fire."

" Oh! M-Mom, mom! What about some water lilies w-with the little flowers on them?" Asriel piped up for once. Sans noticed while in nature the prince was shy, he really did get along with his parents. A very healthy relationship. Sure he got along with his dad just fine, but his father always seemed so busy... Especially when he was trying to work, made Sans a bit nervous to ask for something.

" Oh, you know, that would look quite lovely in the water surrounding the edges. However, I do not have those items. So, I was wondering if the two of you could go down to Gerson and purchase them. You can take my backpack while you're at it." She smiled down to them as she handed it over, gold coins clattered together within the bottom for them to purchase the equipment.

" You've got it, mom!" Asriel saluted dorkily before putting on the backpack.

" sure thing miss tori." The older skeleton nodded, turning around to walk to their destination with the prince. Toriel, in all actuality, wanted them to spend some time along, making them bond more since again, Asriel didn't exactly have many friends. So if the skeleton had hit it off well enough, why not let the two of them grow side by side, letting them both get to know one another better. Then again there was the toddler getting his head stuck in a flower pot that she needed to attend too.


The two boys walked through the shallow glistening water, chatting about whatever when suddenly Sans stopped, making Asriel turn around and stop as well. " Something wrong?"

The skeleton gave off a calm grin, " heh, no, nothing's wrong. i was just wondering... since we don't have anything too heavy, if you wanted to play race. you do know where old man gerson is right?" The prince nodded as he himself grinned, accepting the challenge. Though he was wearing the backpack with gold coins, it didn't really make it too terribly heavy. Besides boss monsters were born to be rather stronger, so why not... Though Asriel seemed different.

" Ohoho man, you're gonna' eat my dirt." Asriel said, awaiting the sudden challenge.

The other snickered a tad, " how can i eat it if there's none before me." He smiled confidently as he walked to Asriel's side. " hehe, ready. set... go!" The two bolted off once they were past the water, not wanting to trip and slide into one another. Their feet were fairly soaked making it a bit difficult to run with, but neither of the two let down until both got to the turtle monster's shop. Both panted out, putting their hands on the entrance on opposite sides, not really who made it first. They were too busy catching their breath before getting the attention of the turtle monster, wearing a safari type of get up, holding up his magnifying glass. The turtle rubbed a small stubble under his chin, trying to make sense of the situation of why these two were running, but more importantly why they were together. He rarely saw Sans leave his brother's side, as well as for Asriel and his parents. " he-hey gerson. d-did you... oh man. did you see which of us got here first?"

" Wha ha ha! 'Fraid not Sans my boy! But I've got a question or two to ask you, boys. Now, why in The Underground we're you running for?" The old turtle smiled to them as he peeked through the lens as if to identify them better.

" ah, we we're just racing is all. but seriously i need to ask. was that an earthquake or we're we rocking that run azzy?" Asriel let out a huff before snickering from his friend. Gerson didn't seem to mind to painful joke. However, someone nearby in the back of the store seemed rather agitated.


The two quit their panting and laughing, while Gerson stood there calmly, still with a smile across his scaly face. Just then a figure lunged itself up on top of the counter and spread out her gills in rage. " OH MY GOD SANS! SERIOUSLY?! EVEN WHEN I'M ON BREAK, YOU HAVE TO GO ONTO TO MAKE A JO-ke..." She squeaked quietly when her eyes landed on Asriel. Undyne quickly hopped off the counter and to Gerson's side, nervously looking around. She let her tension let up after a moment, " Uhm... Where's Toriel?"

" she's over at this garden place with my bro." Sans chuckled lightly while Asriel was still tensed up from the yell.

Undyne sighed in relief, " Oh thank god, I thought I was going to get in trouble for scaring The Prince again. Whew! So why are you and him here then?"

Asriel perked up once he felt the calm that was now in the air, " O-Oh, my mom asked us to come over and s-see if Gerson's got any oriental glass lamps with those poles, a-and maybe some water lilies with the flowers on top of them."

" Aha! So that's why you two are here. Wha ha ha, what an odd pair! I'll go get them for you two!" Gerson laughed out as he went to the back of the store. " And Undyne behave yourself my dear, wha ha ha!"

" Yes Uncle Gerson!" Undyne called out as she rolled her eyes slightly." Asriel looked at the sides of the shop, looking at some seed packets while Sans went to the counter to bug the easily aggravated fish.

" wow, out of all the years i've known you, not once, have i known gerson was your uncle."

She gave a small glare as her cheek puffed up, " He's not, I just call him that cuz' he's like an uncle to me. I only help around here for being on a break from training. Though sometimes Gerson will train with me. He's so awesome!" She cried out proudly with a large toothy grin.

Asriel walked on over a smiled, " True that. My father said he and Mister Gerson go way back when monsters were on the surface. Along with two other monsters... I think they were both skeletons know that I think about it."

Sans looked over, surprisingly a bit taken back. He hadn't known any other skeletons than his own family. Maybe they were far out into the capital... But surely he would have noticed by now, right? " whoa hold up, skeletons? like me? i'm sorry dude, but, i've never seen any others."

Asriel's face went into a puzzled confusion, " Really? That ironic, I haven't seen any but your dad. And for the longest time, I thought he was the only one until I met you and your brother. What about you Undyne?"

The fish girl looked up to the cool colored blue ceiling thinking to herself, " Ya know... Know that I think about it, the only once I've seen is just you, Paps, and your dad. That is pretty friggin weird. The only other I've been told about are the two Prince Fluffy over here mentioned." Asriel quickly replied with a 'Hey!' but was quickly ignored once the older teen went on, " Gerson did talk about fighting by Asgore's side as a close family friend. While the other two who fight beside him we're monsters called, 'Judges'."

" Judges?" The two others asked, both confused and somehow mystified by the title and meaning.

" Aha, yes the judges!" Gerson claimed once he headed back to the small group. He put down a box onto the counter, as Undyne hopped up onto it once again, sitting at the end kicking her feet about slowly, looking at the items in the box and paying attention to her hero. " The Judges are monsters who judge others. Mainly humans to see if they are trustworthy or mean harm. It is the Judges who declare whether or not a human can meet with the king or are to be deemed dangerous and be put down no matter what."

" P-Put down?" Asriel worriedly asked.

" Well yes sadly, as in killing them. We couldn't have a human mucking about just killing whomever and finally killing off the king. They were judged by very powerful monsters, kind of like bodyguards in a way. The Kings have always had one or three judges. When the war started up, King Asgore had two. Both of which were even stronger than I could ever be. But only a selected few could become one. They would need to train harder than the royal guard, and trained to see good from bad, and beyond to make sure humans weren't falsely being good to fool monsters."

" so uhm... the two you knew were skeletons?"

" Well, I've been around since Asgore's great-grandfather. So yes I have known quite a few. But the most were indeed skeletons. Why, even your father Gaster was one before he became the royal scientist. As of now, he still is. But since no human can come down here, he has gone to using his mind like he always wanted too."

San's eyes widened in pure shock as his two normally glowing pupils vanished into the darkness of his sockets. He knew his father was stronger than most monsters, and a brilliant mind but... Being this so-called 'Judge'? This was the first time he's been told about this... Why hadn't his dad told him? why keep it a mystery? That was as if Gerson not telling Undyne he was Gerson, The Hammer Of Justice. Why keep something so great as that title be hidden?

" Sans? S-Sans? Sans?!" Reality took hold of the skeleton, making him gasp out, letting the two glowing pupils see Asriel had shaked him and was now clutching to his arm, almost to the point of tears.

" whoa, whoa. hey, hey, hey. calm down, heh, what's wrong dude?"

Asriel looked up to him, and well, to be honest, he was in tears. He was clearly worried about his new friend, " Y-You spaced out when Mister Gerson was talking. Y-Your eyes were gone-I-I thought something bad happen and-and-" Sans sighed lightly as he patted the prince's furry tuft head, giving a semi-reassuring smile.

" hey, it's okay. i'm fine, see? no need to cry, okay? c'mon we should get back to your mom, paps is probably starting to worry about us." Asriel let go and sniffled, wiping away any stray tears while Undyne helped them pack the things into the backpack. The prince took out the coins to give to Gerson who smiled gently to calm him down as well.

" You know what... You fellers need a snack. It's on the house, and I'll even give you two more for Madam Toriel and Papyrus." He winked to them as he handed them four apple looking fruits with spider or crab-like legs poking out of them. The two thanked him and went on their way out, getting a loud goodbye from Undyne.


On the walk back, the two were pretty silent as Sans didn't really talk along the way. Asriel wasn't known for starting conversations, so he patiently waited for the other to speak. But again, however, he was a bit worried as he noticed the skeleton looked down instead up. So the two remained quiet for a good chunk of the walk, until the glowing of the bright neon blue echo flowers caught the skeleton's attention. Thinking of something else, he smiled at a worried Asriel. " say, azzy?" The prince looked over, still with an upset face. " you know what the echo flowers do right?"

" W-Well, yeah, they repeat what you say and monsters tell them their wishes. What of it?" He tilted his furry white head, now with a confused look replacing the upset one.

" so? don't you have any wishes to make?"

Asriel paused as they continued to walk, " ...Hmm, just one... But it's kind of stupid."

San's gave a gentle smile like he did back at the store to reassure his friend, " don't say that! come on, i promise i won't laugh."

" ... Hmm... If I say my wish... You promise not to laugh at me?"

" of course i won't laugh!"

Asriel began to smile lightly, " Someday, I'd like to climb this mountain we're all buried under. Standing under the sky, looking at the world all around... That's my wish." Sans's smile grew into a grin and began laughing a storm, making Asriel glare over into a huff, " ... Hey, you said you wouldn't laugh at it!"

Sans' laughter turned down into a small quiet chuckle, his eyes going into a somber like state, " sorry, it's just funny... that's my wish too." He smiled over to the prince who in turn gave him one in return. His eyes almost going into tears at how sweet it was, but managed to hold them back. He noticed a small light bluish blush from the skeletons cheek, magic properties and such while Sans saw the same for Asriel, but it being light pink radiating from his fur; again from magic. They chatted for quite a while until Asriel spoke up.

" Uhm... D-Does it feel warm for you?"

" h-huh?! what?! n-no!" Sans surprisingly squeaked out as he quickly looked away, lowering his head into his oversized jacket.

" Huh? Really? Because I smell fire..."

Sans stopped being embarrassed and thought to himself about fire... Before realizing they took the wrong way and were now heading to The Hotlands. " oh crap! we took the wrong way!" Asriel stopped with him and looked around noticing the two were now on a bridge with lava below. Both of them turn around and ran back the path they had just walked to finally end up at the garden.


Both panted only slightly, while Toriel looked over as she placed a statue crossing its legs, looking up, with a large cloak around it, only having its muzzle and horns sticking out. Apparently, they had been walking that way for a while now considering Undyne was now there, helping Toriel setting the statue, with Papyrus on her back, being a small tiny coach, shouting, ' YOU CAN DO IT' GO! GO! GO!'

" Ah good you two are back! I take it, you took the wrong way? Undyne said she didn't see either of you on her way here." Toriel smiled to them as she patted the boy's shoulders.

Undyne put her boot on the statue's leg and flexed, " YEAH! Gerson told me to go put this statue he had here just for the queen's secret garden! I was wondering where you guys went. I thought I was just gettin' faster that I didn't even notice you guys!" Undyne gave her toothy grin with Papyrus happily standing on her shoulders and putting his tiny fists on both sides of his hip to stylize a pose with her.

" Hehe, we kinda got uhm side-tracked..." Sans started to laugh, because honestly, the path they took WAS indeed to the side. After a while of some work with Undyne tagging along, Toriel brought out some lunches, splitting some of hers with Undyne as they also enjoyed the crab apples. Asriel sat next to the statue happily crunching on one of the leg like appendages of the fruit. Sans walked over while Papyrus was distracted from Undyne's stories.

" hey, why ya sitting over here?"

" Oh, I just like it when it's quiet is all. W-Well, when I'm eating. Besides I want to enjoy the peace in this place without... The erm, yelling." He said lowering his voice, hearing the fish's booming voice nearby.

" ehh, it's fine, i know how you feel. specially since undyne is here, i know how she gets." He sat down on the other side of the statue enjoying his lunch. He looked to the prince then to the statue and grew a smile. " hey, i got an idea for this garden." The prince perked up to him. " how about once we're done with these crab apples, we plant them on each side of this statue. you know crabapple trees aren't real big and sprout pink leaves. it'll look really nice, and besides, we'll both remember one another when we come here alone. what do you say?"

Asriel thought this through and smiled brightly before nodding his head, " What a wonderful idea!"

Once the two were done with the fruit, they quickly took a break from their lunch and planted the fruit's seed on each side of the statue. It looked like the statue was now just waiting, about to look up at the two trees when they grew, with its hands curled out in front, waiting for a fruit to drop into its palms with the fingers to shield the-



'falls.'just have to get to the falls', thought Sans. Sans had walked through The Waterfall area to his one safe location to think to himself. All the resets were getting to him, he just needed a quiet place to rest... He walked by a flower, hearing a small whimper from it, " ...Somebody, anybody..." He paused to look at the flower, questioning who could have said that. The Waterfalls were not known to be a place of sadness, but for relaxation and joy. The only monsters who would do this would be either himself or Burgerpants. But this one sounded more like a cry of desperation then just an upset mutter.

He shrugged it off and kept on his way until he got to the last part, almost to the once peaceful garden he almost felt like was a second home. He sighed as he walked through the shallow waters, glancing over at the path that led to Hotland. Small memories buzzed in his mind about the long, long time ago he and the prince made a wish of the same thing. He shook off any slight tears that dared shed itself down his cheekbones and went along to the reeds. The one lone glowing flower said something that made his marrow grow cold, " It's so cold here... And so dark... Someone help me... Anyone... Please... Help me..." He took in a small gulp before moving aside the reeds and into the garden where many flowers had overgrown the place, and were mainly unkempt from all the years of being left alone. The skeleton shook off any small fond memory he found of the place and looked for the lone statue that was placed in front of the waterfall that trickled down the back of the wall. He would often sit behind it, putting his back against its own back and eating a crabapple from one of the two trees that grew beside it and stare off into the water. Once he was close enough for the statue to be in his view, he stopped right in his tracks and quickly hid behind a large rock.

He peeked out from behind, thankful that the monster who was in front of the statue hadn't noticed him. Or was it a monster? He only remembered the thing from horrible and painful flashbacks of scattered memories. Every time he saw that damn flower, it always meant trouble. He watched the small golden flower lean it's head down in front of the statue. It didn't take long for him to make out muttering, and soon the flower's voice. It sounded exhausted and beaten. " But nobody came... No one ever does... Why? W-Why... Chara... I'm so scared, I'm so sad. I-I'm so alone without you... I-I miss you so much! I miss you! I-I miss mom and-and dad... Alphys, Undyne, Papyrus... Sans... I miss everyone I knew! WHY DID I LISTEN TO YOU?!" The flower broke down into tears as it shuddered violently, yelling at the statue or at just the ceiling.

Sans raised a non-extant brow, how did this demon flower know him? Know his friends, his brother, and the fallen child so well to call out their names. The flower rocked itself on its stem shakily, " I'm so tired... I don't want to die... I don't want to be a flower anymore..." It eventually fell to its side in its mental broken state mumbling 'why' over and over to itself. Sans let out a frustrated sigh, looks like he wasn't going to get any peace... But maybe he could get some answers for once... The flower suddenly went stiff as a light blue glow surrounded it, making it stay on its side and not to let it up. The flower was easily pinned down to the grass and pink leaves below it. The skeleton walked out from his hiding place to walk over casually to it. He could sense the flower's LV, which wasn't too terribly high, but it still had killed a few monsters, which meant it was pretty dangerous. He'd have to keep his guard up. And since he came here for peace, he wasn't in one of his fake nonchalant moods.

" hey weed, i take it you're the one my brother talks to and about so much huh? and now i find this monster killer having a breakdown. never expected that, to be honest. so, what're you doing here yelling at a statue? this is supposed to be a peaceful garden, not one for murderers to finally have some actual guilt..."

The flower's whining turned into a harsh groan and small snarl as it tried to look at Sans, who probably had that stupid smile on his face. " My name is Flowey you piece of shit eating smiling trash bag. And this isn't just one monster's garden! So how about the great and mighty judge piss off for once?! I'm not in the mood!"

" heh, funny thing... i'm not in the mood either..." Sans said with a dangerous tone in his voice. He was mostly masking it to cover his unsteadiness of this flower knowing he was a judge. Only the king and Gerson knew that he was one. There was no way either of the two would tell such a thing to anyone, especially to a rude flower no less! " so, i'm going to ask you one more time. W H Y A R E Y O U H E R E...?"

This so-called, 'Flowey' stopped his rage and went back to sounding tired like he had before. He figured, why put up his innocent charade or threatening the other to back off. He was too tired emotionally at the moment. " Just... J-Just leave me alone..."

" and i should do that why? i can sense your lv man. and it's not terribly low either. why does a murderer need time to rest?"

" Because..." Flowey sighed and closed his eyes, not caring that the skeleton knelt down beside him to have a better look of the flower being pinned down. " That's all I'm use to by now is just being alone. You'd understand wouldn't you Sans?"

Sans was taken aback by this, again how did it know? Was it lying?! It sounded like it knew him specifically. Again, he kept a slightly irritated tone up to mask his uneasy feelings, " and how can you be so certain?"

" Heh, you know why. It's just you and your brother. Sure you have Alphys, but she doesn't talk much anymore. You constantly avoid monsters for most of the time, only talk to Grillby after everyone leaves, and keep thinking about your dad. Am I wrong?" Flowey was one known for being prideful when he knew things about monsters, to tell it in their face for a reaction. But this time he just said it so... casually like he had said it over and over for an hour long. He wasn't looking for a fight. Sans would have let up, but the flower still had some LOVE, and he didn't want to risk getting killed.

With the honesty and tiredness in the flower's voice, Sans gave up his tough act, sensing Flowey wasn't going to worm his way into his emotions. With a soft sigh he sat beside the pinned flower, rubbing the back of his neck's vertebrae. " okay bud-dy, how do you know me that well, huh?" He leaned over a tiny bit to get a better look at the flower's face, slightly irritated that the golden petals shrouded it.

Flowey took in a deep breath before exhaling and trembling. Then came a voice the skeleton blocked out for years, " Because you were my best friend..." Sans scooted away quickly in pure shock, his magic letting the flower up. Flowey groaned as he was let up and straightened out his stem, only for it to lean down again, showing he clearly didn't want to be high and mighty. The flower looked over to the skeleton, his beady eyes replaced by gentle ones, and a small sad smile across his face with those tiny fangs poking out. " Ho-H-Howdy... Sans..."

Sans' pupils vanished as he witnessed this. This is NOT AT ALL what he was expecting. He nervously pointed to Flowey, " y-y-you. but-but. your dead, that's impossible-you died-how-what?!"

" Shut up Sansy, you'll just hurt yourself." Flowey glared lightly, which made the other more uncomfortable, seeing an old friend's face glare at him. Asriel hardly ever glared, this wasn't him. Was it? " Long story short, I turned into a flower with some determination and my dust... There, happy? Now leave me alone..."

The white pupils came back as Sans' permanent smile turn upside-down, " w-what?! i-i finally see you and you want to be left alone?! d-dude, i've missed you for so long after what happened with the surfa-"

" I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!" Flowey snapped out at him, snarling to the other monster. " Y-You of all monsters should know when t-to leave someone alone! Hell, you did it to me when I said I was sorry! When I asked for forgiveness! When... When I really needed a friend the most...You locked me out of your pitiful life! Frustrated with me after what I did! How was I suppose to know that, that would happen, huh?! How was I to stop it?! I'm just a worthless crybaby! I'm as worthless as you are! NO! I'm more worthless than you! Yeah, I can reset, but it never fills me with any good feeling, while a depressed stubborn monster like you can feel some type of significance!" Flowey panted harshly after he yelled out, tears streaming down his cheeks and off his bottom petals.

Sans looked down, his left pupil glowing a hazy blue. He was speechless from the shock, and well... the truth that his old friend now as a dirty little weed yelled to him. " ... i... i didn't mean it like that azzy, i'm so sorry. please, can't we just you know... talk this out? we both know we're hurt, but please, w-we can maybe work this out-" Before he could finish, he flinched harshly as the flower bellowed out.

" SHUT UP! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" Flowey dug into the soft grass leaving the skeleton to recollect his already fragile mind. He would have if Flowey wasn't starting another reset, to be alone in silence of the garden to calm down, along with not worrying that Sans knew who he was now. Once back in the garden Flowey's face melted back to his innocent looking flower state and sighed in relief, " Finally... All alone again... Like always. All-"



Alone, Sans currently watched some type of human dribble on T.V while everyone else went shopping for the winter holidays that we're approaching them. He snuggled himself up in his old blue sweater, lazing himself on the old couch he moved from Snowdin. Hard to believe it was five months since the monsters were free. And now, his close-knit of family and friends now lived it a rather large mansion-like house together with them brought a real smile to his face for once. He had highly doubted Frisk was to keep this up... But after the third week, Frisk had shown him the broken reset button, broken in half. They told him that it could only reset the surface, and not all the way back into The Underground. It was only to be used if something devastating happened. Of course Sans didn't like the idea... But after a while and a long talk, Sans was starting to gain back some hope.

All that was left in the house was him, Frisk, Papyrus and some annoying flower Frisk insisted they bring. All he knew and remembered was that that damn flower was always bad news. Vision and nightmares would spread his mind when he saw it... Though strangely, somewhere deep inside his soul told him not to lock it out, even if it was an arrogant little shit. He didn't know why, maybe a seventh sense since a monster's sixth was magic. Maybe it was instinct? Or maybe intuition.

The small twelve-year-old child walked over to the table that lay before Sans, dropping to their knees and putting an arm at the end, then leaning their head to be placed on the hand that was raised. They sighed lightly, watching the T.V flicker whatever was on. Sans could sense something was bugging them and gave a small collective sigh in return. " hey there kiddo, i know something's up. so... what's up? ya know, besides the ceiling." He gave off a casual grin when Frisk turned to look at him, earning the skeleton a giggle when they saw his eyes look up. Frisk smiled lightly before looking down, or as well as they could... Sans could never tell if they always had their eyes closed, or were just squinting. " lemme' guess... flowey?"

" Flowey." They said quietly. Frisk wasn't one known for speaking. It's not that they were mute or didn't know how, they were just extremely shy and would rather talk with reactions and movement. But when they did talk, it was never for very long, and it was always pretty quiet.

Sans sighed loudly as he moved from his spot so his legs could reach the floor as he sat on the edge of the old green couch, " alright kiddo. what'd he do now? did he threaten you again? or did he eat a hamster or something? orrrr, is he in one of those fertile positions?" Frisk gave a puzzled look, " erm, i mean, fetal position." The child gained a slightly annoyed expression, puffing up their cheek. " okay, okay, sorry, bad joke, i shouldn't joke about it. i apologize."

Frisk's angry face went away quickly, they never could be angry at their favorite Dunkle as they like to refer to Sans as. A simple father figure who cared for their well being, but most of the time would act like a lazy uncle. Frisk got up, walked over to the skeleton, whispering something in his ear. Sans looked back, his grin growing as he couldn't help it, " tch, kid, you know we would have to drive there right? i can't just teleport you two there." Frisk nodded, giving him a pure smile of a 'please'. Sans stared at them, his grin and eyes dead set with the small heart-breaking smile. After a moment Sans broke away, " your killin' me kid, your killin' me! ugh.... okay fine, but tell paps, i don't think he and tori would approve if i rode you there on my motorcycle." Frisk's small smile turned into a rather large grin as they gave him a hug before running off to get Papyrus.

Sans shook his head, smiling to himself, it was hard to say no to the kid. Honestly, he would have taken them either way, he just wanted to win one playful stare down. He got up and slowly regretted his decision. He really shouldn't have promised Frisk to bring the flower along, but they would get upset. As he walked along upstairs and to a hall or two, he wondered why Frisk wanted to help the thing out so much. It was always so rude, stubborn, and threatening. It liked poking fun at people, talking about their insecurities, and making them crackdown... So why help it? Sans thought it was a lost cause, even if somewhere inside told him he was wrong for whatever strange reason.

He stood right outside Frisk's door and mentally cursed at himself before reaching the handle to turn it. He paused, hoping the thing was asleep. Then he wouldn't have to worry about hearing it bitch at him. However, when he opened the door, he expected the flower to start harassing him on the spot, or to be sleeping if he was lucky. He was half lucky and half not. The flower wasn't spitting curses at him, but it wasn't asleep. The flower's stem dropped down to the side, the petals covering its smug little face. Sans stepped in closely, trying not to make much noise, but the gold flower knew he was there. It turned its head to face him, giving a small glance, letting Sans see how tired it was. Flowey looked utterly exhausted, like recovering from a mental break-down, filled up with apathy. " hey."

Sans expected an immediate reaction of being almost hit by 'friendliness pellets' but they were never launched. A small shiver went up his spine, this was not normal behavior from the flower. He had gotten use to Frisk acting this way, but never the bitter flower. " what are you moping around for? one of your daisy friends pushing up outside?" Still no response, not even another glance or a slight glare. This was more creepy than Flowey tried to be, which had him worry for Frisk's sake. Sans steadied himself as he let a blue-hued aura pick up the flower's pot and bring it over to him as he walked out the room and down the hallways.

Flowey perked up very lightly, " What are you doing?" He sounded tired, miserable, and weak.

" oh, look who's awake. morning sunflower, frisk wants to take you somewhere." Another long pause until Sans realized Flowey wasn't going to talk, " what? no angry banter? i'm not sure if i call that a win or not. or your just not giving me any type of satisfaction."

" Do you really want me to talk to you?"

" not really, i'm just use to you screaming and throwing shit at me." Sans eventually made it out the front door, walking over to his brother's car to meet up with Frisk and Papyrus. " hey kiddo, here's your pet plant. maybe i should bring my pet rock for him to talk to."

" SANS! STOP TEASING POOR FLOWEREY! HE'S HAVING A BAD DAY, FROM WHAT DEAR FRISK HAS TOLD ME." Sans shrugged as he caught a quick glance, noticing the flower shuddered from the mention of the rock. He would have asked, but would rather not want to upset the other two. Frisk held out their hands, Sans letting the pot covered in the words, 'best friends' scribbles to them. They all went into Papyrus' car, which looking back on it, it was hilarious that Papyrus was actually pretty decent at driving. Maybe all those years of being in a race-car bed and following the rules were a good thing in the long run. As the car took off, Papyrus set up some music from who other than Mettaton's newest album. Sans slouched himself in the passenger's seat, keeping a lazy eye on Frisk who sat in the back holding the flower pot.

Frisk leaned over to tug on their dunkle's sweater. Sans raised a non-extant eyebrow, giving them a soft smile, " sup kiddo?" They pointed to his sweater then to Flowey, then covered their eyes with their tiny hands before peeking out to him. Sans chuckled, rolling his eyes, " okay, okay, i just hope you know i haven't taken this thing off for a while."


" i'm a-costumed to it." Giving out a chuckle, mixed with Frisk's giggle made the younger brother glare with a deep frown.

" SANS!"

" you know you love it." Sans' lazy grin grew, receiving a defeated sigh.

" I DO... " Sans for once took off the sweater, handing it to Frisk who then draped it over Flowey.

" Wh-what? Frisk?"

" don't worry your petals off, frisk just wants this to be a surprise for you is all." Sans envied how the flower could lay under his favorite sweater. He'd love to do that and fall asleep under it.


" ehh, maybe, i lost track." He gave a lazy shrug, doing his best to avoid that topic.


Sans closed his eyes, preparing himself, this was going to be a bumpy ride... " course bro, but they all moved out into the capital." He leaned over to Frisk, shaking his head lightly to say, 'no he didn't'. Frisk gave Sans a half-hearted smile. Sad that it wasn't true but couldn't help but find it funny from San's expression.


" yeah, that sounds about right."

Papyrus' face went into thinking mode, which often worried his elder brother. It meant either he would recall something unpleasant, have a crazy idea, or hopefully, in Sans' case, just a dud thought. " I THINK... I THINK SANS HAD ANOTHER FRIEND... IT'S HARD TO REMEMBER, BUT I'M SURE OF IT! I CAN'T REMEMBER THEIR NAME EVER SINCE-WHAT HAPPEN? A ROCK HIT MY HEAD?"

" yup."


Frisk watched Sans somewhat sink into his chair, being even more uncomfortable as he couldn't hide under his sweater. " it's fine paps..."

" I WONDER WHAT EVER HAPPEN TO THEM..." Papyrus' general happy face was now shrouded by a slight worry.

Chapter Text

" RED DOVER, RED DOVER! LET PAPYRUS COME OVER!" Shouted five children who stood side-by-side, each holding out their arms and gripping each other's claws as tight as possible. Papyrus grinned and took off running across the white flaked field of snow that seem to come from nowhere. He surged through with his large red boots carrying him past small snow piles. He tucked in his arms against his brown leather coat and charged into two of the other children's arms, both giving way and letting go of one another, soon making them fall over along with Papyrus who fell into the soft snow with a loud crunch, face forward. The other kids shrieked fro being knocked back, but soon sat up laughing as Papyrus popped out from the thicket of snow. Papyrus gasped out and then hopped up cheering as the two kids he pummeled congratulated him. " Wowie! Papy you were soooo awesthwome!" A bright blue bunny cheered with a lisp.

" WELL SO WERE YOU NICE!" The blue bunny that was neighbors with the skeleton giggled. " AND SO DID YOU BURGY!" Papyrus smiled brightly over to a tan cat-like monster who still had some baby fat. He looked down shyly as his face was swaddled into a large orange scarf. The poor thing had large earmuffs, a large scarf, a pink coat, and blue rubber boots much like the skeletons.

" O-oh...uhm... Thanks." He said quietly, trying to remain like that, but with his tail fluffing up and swaying softly meant otherwise that he was pretty content and happy. Papyrus moved his arms over the two other toddler's shoulders with a big dorky smile.

" nice job bro, but now it's our turn to show you what we're made of!" Sans leaned over to peek his head from behind another child who was standing beside him.

" HMF! YOU'RE ON BROTHER! NYEH!" Papyrus confidently yelled out as he ran back to his team which consented of Undyne, Alphys, himself, and two toddlers Alpyhs had brought along. The two toddlers were apparently good friends with the nerdy lizard, a plump purple cat monster in an over-sized strip shirt of blue and black. The other was a lanky gator looking one with blonde hair, wearing an over-sized shirt as well, only with pink and yellow stripes. Meanwhile, Sans' small group was made of himself, Asriel, Nice, Burgy, and another new friend who was good friends with Sans and Undyne named Doggo. Doggo was the youngest brother of two of royal guards, he donned a pink hoody with cheetah print pants. The pup also came along with rounded black glasses and a cane with the tip being red, Sans explained that Doggo wasn't really blind, but his eyesight was horrible even with glasses. So he was given the two objects to get use to his surroundings until he would develop into an adult and grow a sharper sense of hearing and smelling.

Once Papyrus got back to his team, he proudly held onto Undyne's hand who in turn held Alphy's, which held the gator like Bratty, who in turn held the other, Catty. Undyne shined a large happy grin on her face as she glared playfully at the other team, easily making Asriel fidget. Sans, of course, knew Undyne was trying to play it off as being competitive, but she was probably just super happy to hold the yellow lizard's claw, seeing as how the Alphys was doing her best to hide her glowing cheeks under her white scarf. He swore, Alphys was a puffy marshmallow with an inside filling of lemon considering she wore a rather puffy white jacket, along with a round white fuzzy cap.

Sans felt Asriel fidget and calmed him down rather easily, " hey, it's okay. you know undyne's just like that cuz' she's holding claws with alphys right?" Asriel looked to him before looking back over noticing Alphys was hiding like a turtle from her red blush. Asriel smiled to her, feeling proud of her for actually having the courage to hold hands, even if it was under cover of being in a game. Asriel was a bit of a romanticist, and would often smile when he saw a couple get along so well, or hear sweet things.

Sans chuckled a bit as he held onto Asriel's paw, while holding onto Doggo's. Asriel's other paw held onto Nice who in turn held onto Burgy's. Undyne chatted to her teammates of who to pick next to try and break their line, and after some discussion, they all nodded and shouted out, " RED DOVER, RED DOVER! LET ASRIEL COME OVER!" Both Sans and Nice released the prince's paws, who jumped slightly as his name was called. He was busy thinking that it came as a surprise for them to actually call him over. But after a stunted second, he took off to the other group, aiming for Bratty and Catty. He was about to let up a bit, not wanting to hurt the two until he caught something glowing from the corner of his eye. He looked over, only to squint at the glowing, and hardly noticed something was thrown before him, making him trip and land face first into the crunchy snow.

The opposing team gasped and quickly split up, running over to him, Catty and Bratty both ran to his side, helping him up, reviling a new purple mark around his eye. He sat down in the snow sniffling, hiding his black eye with a white paw. His team noticed something wrong when Alphys ran over to Asriel, getting on her knees to get a better view of the goat kid. Sans dispersed his group, letting them all run over to the Prince's side. Sans got onto a knee next to Asriel's side, trying to find out what was wrong. " A-Asriel, move your p-paw, I ne-need to see i-if you're alright o-or not." Stuttered out Alphys who was also known for helping with minor injuries. Asriel shook his head as tears popped out, clutching his eye more.

Sans put his hand on Asriel's back, rubbing it calmly, " hey buddy, it's okay. we really need to see if it's serious or not. can you move it just a lil' itty bitty tiny bit? if we're lucky, we won't hafta' get some eye-odine." Undyne groaned slightly as for Papyrus to give his older brother a hard stare while the other snickered. Asriel soon smiled and giggled himself as he put away his paw to his side.

Undyne was first to speak of, " AW MAN! HE'S GOT A SHINER!"

" Wh-What's a-a shiner?" Asriel sniffled slightly as Alphys instructed Nice to find some clean snow who started to bounce around finding some, quickly clumping it up together.

" It means ya got a black eye punk. Almost like you've been in a fight, but it'll be okay. I've gotten plenty of them."

" yeah, just like that time you were so mad you threw a ball and it ricochets off something only to smack you in the eye?" Undyne glared in response, puffing up her gills and cheeks as for her to say, 'don't mention that to me again.' The reaction of her and Sans' calm demeanor gave the others and Asriel something to giggle about. Once Nice gave Alphys the ice, she put it over Asriel's bruised eye.

" I-I'm n-not good at-at healing magic, b-but hold this on it, i-it'll keep the swelling d-down unt-until we get to your mom."

Papyrus tugged his brother's arm and pointed over to Doggo who had been standing nearby with his ears twitching. " hey doggo, what's up?"

Doggo turned his head to the side and sniffed the air before his ears lowered back as he gave out a small growl, " This wasn't an accident. I smell cologne... Brand, Old Sweet."

"brand old sweet-ohhh no..." Sans' permanent smile went to a frown which was rarely ever seen. Undyne groaned as well.

" Not those friggin idiots.." She muttered, rubbing her temples. Asriel noticed that Nice and Burgy hid behind Papyrus and Undyne. Bratty and Catty sensed the tone and hid behind Alphys. All of this made Asriel confused while the other three glared up a snowy hill filled with trees.

" Wh-What's going on?" He quietly asked, only to have his answer walk down the small slope. A rather large green tinted bird with sunglasses led a group of a monster with one large eye, a swooping fish, a rather well toned seahorse, a faun with a rather ugly purple sweater Also among them was another fish with stunning hair, with a light poking from their head, a small hamster with over-sized sunglasses with green hair, an angry bug, and something that seemed to be a cross between a cat and dog. " W-Who are they?"

" The Forest Teen bullies. Frostdrake, Glyde, Baron, Faunly, Slyrin, Punky, Migossip, and Bob... There's more and seems like Chillydrake is leading for now instead of their normal leader whose more of a jerk than all of them combined..." Asriel gulped, what the heck was a bully? And why did they look so smug and mean? Certainly, a monster wouldn't try to harm or humiliate another... Right?

" Sup chumps?!" Said the green tinted bird-like monster who grinned over to them. " Don't you kiddies know you're near OUR neck of the woods?"

" We're near town too, dipshit!" Spat out Undyne who was in full tilt anger mode.

" Yeah but you're also near OUR WOODS."

" U-Uhm excuse m-me, but they're not 'Your Wood's'. They belong to every monster underground." Said a confused Asriel. Undyne and Sans looked over to the prince with widened eyes, had Asriel not known about bullies?!

" Is that so puff-ball? Well uh, I don't see anyone else saying that, not even adults!" Asriel questioned being called a puff-ball for a brief moment as Frostdrake's gang laughed.

" W-Well yeah... But you don't see The King running around saying that this is mine and not yours." Sans tried to interrupt, as well as Undyne and Alphys, but the bird spoke up first.

" Oh man! This kid's a narc! Sans what the hell man?! Where did you find this lousy empty-headed little bitch?! Why are you hanging around him?! Hell, why any of them?! You and Undyne are the only cool ones, so why drag these losers with you?!" Asriel started to shift into tears, he had never known a single monster who called him such names before. He noticed the toddlers started to sniffle as well as he did. Were they really not wanted there? Unfortunately Frostdrake caught the sight of the goat's tears, " HOLY SHIT! ARE YOU CRYING?! I expected that from the babies but not you, new kid! Crying is for babies, like those near you, not big kids!" He laughed out as the other young teens joined him, pointing out and calling him a crybaby.

Asriel curled up while Undyne, Doggo, and Sans stood up in front of their group. Doggo snarled to the group, making some of them flinch once he snapped the air. Undyne, however, snatched up the well-toned Baron over her head, making him suddenly grow still. " A-AH! GUYS! A GIRL IS PICKING ME UP! HELP! GUYS? G-GUYS-AHHHHHH!" Undyne chucked him a good 20 feet, making him land in a pile of snow. All that came out with a weak and shaky thumbs up.

" WHO ELSE WANTS SOME?!" Undyne challenged forth. The swooping fish who hovered in the air sprung to her only to be smacked with Doggo's cane. After being dizzy in the air, the husky smacked him in different angles until Glyde flopped over onto some of the other bullies. All the bullies carried him away and ran to receive Baron before fleeing to the forest. All that was left was Frostdrake who snarled at them and ruffled his feathers.

" FINE! Be that way y-you lesbian, nerd, baby bones, babies, a-and crybaby!" He shouted out only for Sans' pupils to vanish into his eye sockets. This made the bird freeze up rather quickly as Sans' had his grin back up.

" hey... chill out drake... but, if i catch you and your goonies messing with my friends, especially with my new one and paps. well, you've got my goat for sure. but i'm not talking about him... i'm talking about how you pissed me off. so lemme' ask you... do you really... really... W A N T A B A D T I M E?" Frostdrake's feathers smoothed down, even more than they normally were, making him appear as skinny. He gulped and ran away, letting the group hear a scared cluck. Once he left, Sans and Undyne had calmed down and escorted them back to Snowdin.

Sans put his hand on Asriel's shoulder as they walked, with Asriel still covering his eye with the ice, " guess you don't know what bullies are huh?" The goat nodded, making Sans sigh, " bullies are those who think their bigger and tougher, and act mean just because they can and get away with it. they mainly do it to feel better about themselves or just like watching others break down. just don't mind them and stick up for yourself dude. well, at best you can. and hey, if they ever bother you again, lemme' know." Asriel smiled gently to his new friend. " hehe, now let's go get you healed up before your mom has a conniption."


Sans fiddled with his hands, frowning a bit as his baby brother took his daily nap. He sat at the couch not really paying attention to whatever was on T.V and just thinking to himself. He was in such deep thought that he hadn't even noticed his father walking and locking the door up. A skeletal hand with a hole in the palm was put on Sans' shoulder, jolting him to jump up and fall onto his side on the emerald couch. He looked up without his pupils, only to find his father have a puzzled look behind his glasses. Sans soon calmed himself down, sitting back to where he was before, rubbing the back of his neck bones with a soft sigh, " aw jeez dad... y-you scared the crap outta' me. i see your home early, sup with that?" He went back into his default casual grin mode, not fooling the older skeleton.

Gaster put some papers onto a nearby table before taking a seat right next to his son, giving a somewhat stern look. " The king told me to take the day off since he is attending his son with the queen at his side... The prince came back with a black eye, you know of this right? The king specifically asked you, Undyne, and Alphys to watch over him."

Sans' smile faltered as his pupils went to the floor, ashamed of himself, " ... we didn't hurt him. it was an accident, he tripped and hurt his eye. we did the best we could dad."

Gaster's hardened stare soon broke down as his mouth spread into a small smile. He chuckled to himself patting the baby bones' head as if he was trying to ruffle unseen hair. " That's my boy. I just wanted to make sure the story checked out. The Prince told us he had tripped as well and that you three did try your best to attend to his black eye... AND while watching over five toddlers with the blind pup. I'm surprised you all handled each other so well, and for that, I am proud of you."

Sans giggled as he was patted and blushed up from parental embarrassment, " daaaad, you're embarrassing me!"

" Oh really? To who? The T.V?" Gaster grinned, making Sans flail lightly at his father's hand to get him away.

" to myseeeeelf! but seriously dad, hehehe, doggo isn't blind, he just can't see that well is all."

" Okay, I apologize for that. Ah, he'll make a find Royal Guard when he's older, I'm sure of it."

" well yeah, his family is in the royal guard, i'd think he would... and since azzy is the prince, he'll be king... and since i have a pretty good i.q. i'll be like you, then huh?"

" Only if you want to be Sans. I won't force you into it, though it would help me with my research-"

" so does that also let me be a 'judge'?" Gaster froze in silence. His soul skipped a beat when he heard his son say it sneakily. Sans managed to worm into the conversation of 'Judges'. Gaster didn't budge, yet his white pupils did, looking over to Sans who was now smirking to the scientist, as to say, ' gotcha'. The scientist closed his eyes and sighed deeply before opening them and turning to his child. Sans was now regretting doing this since his father's eyes glowed with a misty purple haze, covering the pupils. Sans only saw this when his father was super serious, extremely upset, or very angry. He hoped for the latter as he gulped. Gaster was a man of science, he would smoke, but that was the extent of doing anything. He wasn't physical but would, however, make his children sit in their room for hours on end, and talking to them in a tone that would make the strongest of monsters shiver.

Thankfully, he wasn't in the angered mood, but in serious. He still kept up the tone that scared the two from head to the toe bones. " Sans... Where did you acquire this information...?"

The small skeleton tried to make himself smaller by curling up a tad, " ... mister gerson... y-you're... you're not mad a-are you?"

With a long inhale and exhale, Gaster leaned over to hold onto Sans, hugging him gently, " No Sans. I am not... I just thought maybe... I would be able to tell you everything when you were a bit older. But you're curious as I was around your age. And just about as smart too." Gaster set the small skeleton on his lap, rubbing his back. " Sans... Do you know the reason you don't have a mother?"

" ... uhh, you got divorced? we're adopted? but personally, i thought we were just test tube babies."

Gaster gave him a look of 'What? Why would you think that?'. Gaster placed pinched where the top of his nose would be, shutting his eyes, making Sans giggle out.

" N-No... No Sans... Though, you are correct about some of it. Look, let me just start with, yes I was and still technically am a Judge. I wasn't the only one-"

" yeah he said there was another, so like you have a brother or a sister or something right?"

" Sans. Please... Anyways, the other was your mother. Neither of you would remember her. A human made her fall down, and well, let's just say... It didn't end well for them. After the humans won and drove us into The Underground, I worked day and night to save the only thing that might be able to live."

" m-me and paps?"

" Indeed. I had to take you both out and put you into large tubes of magic to let you both grow. You two were very weak. So I had to put in a bit more magic to keep the two of you alive." Gaster looked at his hands, clutching them both, letting his fingers slide through the hole on his palms."

" you... you did that to yourself?"

" Well, I had to give part of my magic to the both of you, so yes. I erm... Had to extract each hand for each of you. Hands are known for being a heavy area of concentrated magic-"

" whoa wait, what about monsters that don't have any?"

" Heh, Sans, all monster's magic work in many other ways, it's not just hands. Hands are just the most typically used. But there you go, I and your mother were Judges for the King Asgore, and that's how you two were made, by putting in more magic into your developing soul until you grew to have a body."

" .... theeeen why is paps younger than me?"

" His body needed more time, so technically you two WOULD have been born at the same time, but the world of magic works in mysterious ways. So, anything else?"

Sans tapped his chin with a bony white finger before looking to his dad for answers again, " ... what was mom like? did you two love each other? did she know the king, queen, and prince?"

Gaster's smile from remembering everything soon lowered a bit. " ... She was kind in her own way. She was lovely and strong, with a heart of gold. She was much like The Queen, except a bit more quick-tempered. But as sweet and gentle as Papyrus."

" so... she was like paps? does that mean she was-"

" Courageous, strong, and highly educated."

San's stared at his dad who was beaming before Sans raised a non extant brow with a small smirk, " you were the nerd that fell in love with her and she's the one who took you out on a date when you were too shy to ask her at that moment weren't you?" Gaster's expression went cold, his pupils gone, with a small pout on his face. His child, on the other hand, let his grin spread across his face, knowing he was right. After a small moment of silence, Gaster coughed and went on.

" Anyways... Yes, she was quite good friends with The Queen, Alphy's fruity dad along with her mom, Gerson, and Undyne's uncle. However, she never did get to meet the young prince..."

Sans waited for his father to speak up again, knowing he hadn't answered the love question. But from the way he stayed silent and frowned as his eyes were in the middle of recollection of his wife, he could easily tell what their relationship was. " you really miss her, don't you?" It had been the second time he ever saw the older skeleton cry, while the first was relief that Papyrus finally woke up, thinking he wasn't going to make it from the tubes. Sans pressed himself against his father and hugged him and patted his back like he had done to him. Gaster leaned down to hug his tiny son tightly. Sans now fully knew where he came from, his father's secrets, his mother, and how Gaster felt when she wouldn't wake back up. Gaster... The poor old-



Skeleton was at his typical booth or how Papyrus referred to it as his station. His head on the counter with his blue hood slung over his head, snoring ever so slightly under it. He hadn't any customers today, and for his brother's sake, no humans had shown themselves. All in all, it was a day for him to get some sleep from the constant night terrors he would have in the middle of the night, one time almost blowing open his whole room with his Gaster-Blaster... Sans hated for his younger energy bound brother to take care of him with such silly things, only because Sans was the older of the two. He was supposed to be the one to care for Papyrus, but the times had changed...

He lazily opened an eye and sat up, stretching out by popping some bones and yawning out, his breath showing from the icy air around him. He knew there was always one teen who forgot their lunch and would often sit with the skeleton as they purchased a hotdog or cat, or whichever was at this time. Sans took a glance at the clock that hung on the wall inside the booth, telling him it was 2 PM. Sans pulled his hood back, straitening up his to double check the clock. He squinted at the clock, thinking to himself. " what in the hell?" That kid always came around at twelve thirty at noon, and even if Sans was sleeping he'd poke the skeleton to wake up. Something was wrong, was the kid sick? No, he saw him and their friends a half hour before twelve. Even then monsters never got truly sick, only catching a cold instead. Sans started to worry, what if the kid fell down? What if he got lost with his friends? What if he got trapped and was calling for help?! What if-

Something then blew into Sans' eye sockets, making him rub at the substance. He turned over to see a trail of gray particles go by when some wind had caught it, making it swirl past the booth. He curiously poked his head out as the wind stopped for a moment so he could inspect the grains. Both eyes sunk into the blackness of his sockets and a blue hue formed in his left eye. He quickly got up from his chair, pushing it into the snow and vanishing within a second.


" AH N-NO-NONONO! NO PLEA-EAAAAAAAACK!" A snow cap had a long green and thick vine pierce through his eye and back out its head. Other forest teens shook as they witnessed their friend shattered into dust. A golden flower was above the ground, it's stem like a snake's body as it stood out from the frost covered ground.

" Okay~! Now, let's see, let's see... Whose turn is it next-Ah, ah, ah! I wouldn't run, remember what happen to your first friend?!" Flowey snapped out to another Ice Cap, who then froze and slowly turned to watch the flower. " That's what I thought... Hmm..." Flowey gazed around the group of teenagers before spotting a green and blue colored bird wearing sunglasses. Sure it was the younger brother of THAT one drake, but still looked almost the same. Flowey's grin turned into one made of malice, as his cold stare locked onto the drake. " You! What's your name friend~?" He giggled out while the drake stood in front of a smaller one, who was colored as light blue, and much younger than any of the other teens.

" C-Chilldrake!" The tougher teen shook in place, sunglasses covering the fear in his eyes.

" Golly! What a nice name! Say, Chilldrake? Do you LOVE your little brother?" He got an immediate nod as Flowey's gaze looked to the smaller bird. A vine shot out from the ground, making Chilldrake and the other split away from each other. " Now, now, don't worry, you'll be able to go back to protecting him in a moment. I just want to ask... That you do LOVE HIM?! DON'T YOU?!" He demanded an answer, which he got.


" Hmm, funny, let's see how much you." Flowey chuckled darkly as a vine near the stem shot out to the smaller bird. Chilldrake lunged in front of his brother, making the vine halt. Chilldrake sighed in relief as the vine didn't go through his body, but it did move around him and pushed him aside. " Amazing! A teenager who actually loves something other than himself! YOU ALL SHOULD LEARN FROM CHILL HERE, YOU COWARDS!" The other teens flinched as he yelled out. Flowey then smiled innocently to the younger bird, " Annnd, what's your name friend~?" He asked sweetly.

" S-S-Sn-Snowy... S-S-Sir."

" OOH! SIR?! I like you!" Flowey bowed his head to Snowy before locking his eyes onto him, " Now Snowy... I'm not a bad guy, you can trust me. I just want you all to learn something is all. The only reason your other friends died was because, well, they were rude. I mean why would someone throw a snowball with a rock in it at such a tiny little flower whose all alone in this cold world? And well, the other was rude by leaving when I was trying to explain things." Snowy gulped, his feathers puffing up and smoothing down, as he tried to control them. " Now, Snowy... Do YOU LOVE your brother?"

" Y-Y-Yes... Ye-Yes s-sir..."

" Let's see if that's true, okay?" Flowey gave him a wink as another vine sprung out to strike Chilldrake. It stopped and Chilldrake's breath hitched as it was dangerously close to skewering him. Snowy was frozen solid, he couldn't comprehend what was going on, he wasn't as brave as his brother, and stood there shaking like a leaf with tears flowing down his feathers. He was too scared to budge, he just couldn't, no matter what. All he could do was watch in horror. Flowey's vine withdrew as he frowned.

" You must really love him, huh? But... You weren't brave enough. You just stood there... Like a crybaby, and didn't do a thing... Even if your brother cried for help, you wouldn't have been able to do anything would you?" Snowy fell to his knees bawling his eyes out. A slender vine wrapped around his shoulder as the tip patted his head. Snow clung onto the thicker part of the vine as the tip wiped away his tears. The teens who were as scared as him could have sworn they heard Flowey's tone change. Or was it his voice? Something far different as he whispered, " ... It's okay, I understand... I couldn't save him either... I was always a crybaby..."

A vine shot out from behind Chilldrake, skewering him through the chest, making all the rest tense up, and Snowy stop his blubbering as he sat there traumatized. Chilldrake couldn't even talk as he put a wing up to the vine, slowly looking down before his soul split in half, making him turn to dust. Flowey sighed, " You HAVE TO BE STRONG! NOT A LITTLE CRYBABY! Otherwise, these THINGS WILL ALWAYS HAPPEN TO YOU!" Snowy was no longer there, he didn't react, even when a vine was waved across his face. Another sigh came from the flower, " Oh you'll get over it..." He waited for a response, only getting one as Snowy fell to his side in the snow still with that horrified expression, " Damn, broke another toy... Welp, guess I'll keep in mind that you break easily... OKAY, CLASS! NOW WHOSE TURN IS IT?!"

" M I N E."

" Wait, wh-" Spiked bones shot through his vines, making him gasp out and retreating to into the ground.

" go! now!" The teens ran as one grabbed Snowy, seeing as the others were too frightened. Sans stood there waiting for the flower to reemerge. He kept waiting while in the dirt Flowey was mentally preparing himself... Only to hear a soft hum... Oh, wait... A laser of pure energy shot through his tiny body, making a crater around him before he himself burned up into the energy into nothing.



Flowey woke up and looked around gasping, he was in the royal garden, " Sans, what the hell, I was teaching them a lesson like you taught me and-... Sans?... SANS?! ... Hello?! ... ASGORE?! .... Chara? ... Anyone...? ...." Flowey leaned forward, his petals drooping, waiting for someone to talk to him when he was in a bad mood... But no one came...


Flowey laid under Sans' blue tinted sweater, memories starting surfacing in the back of his mind, making him curl up into a ball as well as he could. He felt like crying, crying for help, but didn't want anyone to see him having a breakdown. He wasn't a crybaby, he had to not be! He... He wasn't Asriel anymore... Was he? Just as he was about to start crying and to change his facade face to normal, there was a small tug of the sweater. He stayed still as it was pulled away, letting his beady eyes look around to view tons of different types of plants and flowers, surrounding a large glass dome the group was in. Frisk had placed his pot on a stone bench, trees growing up above, butterflies hovering by with honey bees and hummingbirds. The dome seemed to have two or more dome to the side, opening up to more flowers and beekeeper hives, while the other side let people walk up a hill where a waterfall was gushing out. The water went down and went around the center dome and inside of it a bit, where water flowers, plants, and koi-filled the man-made river.

Frisk smiled to the teary-eyed flower who was trying his best not to cry. Frisk meanwhile tugged at Sans as they handed his sweater back as Flowey was entranced with the building. " heh thanks, kid. well, i'll be over at the waterfall if ya need me-" As Sans turned around to take a step, Frisk grabbed onto his coat. He looked over to them, he knew that look... That plain look with no expression... " kid, don't you try being determined to make me stay put with the weed. Frisk's expression didn't change as Sans stared at them, their hand gripped the sweater and tugged Sans over, almost making him fall over. Sans sighed as he watched Frisk point to the emotional emotionless flower... Wow, that was ironic.

Sans leaned over to Frisk's side, " kid, i'm not talking to the weed. sure he looks all nice and isn't being his normal self, but he'll snap out and lash like a snap-dragon, so-" Before Sans could continue his argument Frisk let go, walking up to the younger and taller skeleton, beckoning him to lean over to speak into where he would have ears. Sans immediately turned around, slowly sneaking away. Nope, he wasn't dealing with this! Nope! He was out! Out of sight and out of mi-

" SANS!" Well... Shit. The lazy skeleton turned around putting up his casual grin for his brother, while giving a small glance at the child, showing off a blue glowing eye for a split-second. Frisk didn't even flinch, and instead rather gave a smug smile. " SANS, ME AND FRISK ARE TO GO OUT TO THE THRIFT SHOP THEY HAVE HERE TO BUY SOME NEW PLANTS FOR ASGORE! CAN YOU PLEASE SPEND TIME WITH FLOWEY?"

" well, i-"


Sans put up a finger bone, while looking up at his baby bro who had the most happiest and gentle smile spread across his skull. He just couldn't deny a request from his brother after all they'd been through. The finger slowly lowered down with a defeated shrug. " oh okay bro... oh man, waterway to go..." He said, rubbing the back of his head, having Papyrus give a glare as Frisk bided their time.

" OH MY GOD! SANS?! REALLY?! WE ARE OUT IN PUBLIC?! NYEH! ARG! COME ALONG FRISK." Frisk snickered, every time Papyrus freaked out over a pun, was just too much for them. They held Papyrus' glove and before turning around, they gave a thumbs up to Sans. Sans looked rather irritated as he gave a solid glare before sighing to himself and muttering, " i can't be mad at you..."

With a click of his tongue that stayed inside his skull and could be conjured up whenever Sans walked over to the downed feeling flower. He poked the pot, making him and Flowey vanish without a trace, just to spontaneously pop up at the highest point of the water which had a nice bench and an oriental umbrella above it.

" Urgh... Why must you do that?!" Seemed Flowey was starting to feel like his old self again. Sans gave a small simple shrug, only for Flowey to go back to moping. Well, that didn't last long... Why did Frisk drag him into talking to the weed? Flowey hated him, and he wasn't quite fond of the fern himself.

" okay, what's up? the kid won't leave me alone until i talk to you. if you don't cooperate, frisk will make you talk somehow, some way."

The flower groaned, knowing this was true. Frisk was not only determined, but VERY persistent. " After being up here for who knows how long-"

" five months."

Flowey glared over at Sans who was still keeping count, even though he knew Frisk couldn't truly reset everything. " AS I WAS SAYING... I feel empty-and before you make a joke of how I'm empty-headed, all I can say is up yours, you hollow skulled bitch." "rude." " I feel more empty than I use to... Just asking myself, why...? I know you did the same but eventually stopped seeing as you've gained some hope. But why? Why did Frisk come and get me? Why not leave me down there where I'm supposed to rot?"

" eh, i couldn't tell ya, that's for sure. though, maybe they just pity you, or you make them feel guilty, or maybe they for some odd reason think of you as a friend. hell, maybe even a brothe-"

" DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT THEY THINK OF ME AS A BROTHER!" Flowey shrieked out as small vines popped out from the soil he was in, flailing like a pissed off cat's tail.

Sans leaned away ever so slightly, not really intimidated, just more of startled. " okay, note to self, don't bring up siblings... lemme' guess, it's cuz you miss your flower sibling that grew all over in the underground, huh?"

Flowey twitched before looking down, his vines relaxing, " No... I just miss them... But thinking about it, they were the worst. And I listened to them. Now I'm t-this...No good emotions, only negative. No one remembers me... Not even my best friend."

Sans' normal smile faded away, " whoa, hold up there weeping willow tree... you had friends? you had emotions? you had a sibling?"

Flowey sighed and laid down in the dirt of his pot again, " I already vented this to Frisk... And oddly, they want me to vent to you, not sure why, it's a waste of time."

" true that."

" But... I know you won't think anything about it if I told you since well, you don't care."

" true that."

" A long time ago, I had a sibling, but they weren't the right one for me... All I can express anymore is anger, apathy, sorrow, pride, and hatred... I want to contact my best friend, but they'll deny me no matter what, so I can't even tell them anything personal... All because I'm this..."

" true that" said Sans, half paying attention, but not full of it.

" Because I'm a crybaby..."

" true that." Sans was starting to drift to sleep.

" Because my friend won't get it through his skull that he's too much of a stubborn little bitch skeleton."

Sans sat up instead of slumping over more, " whoa, wait what?!" Sans watched flower look at the water, not saying a thing. " annnd, back to the silent treatment..."

Chapter Text

The young prince was currently making his way down The Waterfalls holding a small container of possibly the best pies ever, made by his mother. Half cinnamon, half butterscotch, all sugary and delicious pie. It was a true delicacy next to snail pie for Asriel. He waggled his stubby white puffball of a tail, thinking of how he was to enjoy this with his new friend and the younger brother, perhaps even the royal scientist if he wasn't strapped down to work. He passed by Gerson's store, giving a wave, and to get one back from the old monster. Undyne poked her head from behind the counter and quickly ran into the back of the room before vaulting herself over the counter and dashing out the store. She soon caught up with the younger monster and grinned.

" Hey Prince Fluff! What's goin' on?!" Asriel gave her a tiny glare, but soon snickered, knowing she was only playing around. As for monsters calling him names, Undyne was an acceptance since she never truly meant it to be hurtful. And besides, he had seen how Sans and the fish girl called each other things, poking fun at one another. It made him happy that they never meant it and we're great friends.

" Morning Miss Pufferfish~! I'm off to deliver this pie to Sans and Papyrus!" He said with a large happy smile across his furry face. Undyne grabbed a hold of his shoulder, giving him a dangerous and threatening glare. He squeaked lightly, cowering from her grip.

Undyne bared her sharp teeth, staring directly into his eyes until the snarl turned into her famous grin. She let go, only to pull him over and give him a fierce noogie on his head, " OHOHO MAN! YOU'RE LEARNING TO BE A REAL KID!"

Asriel winced from the noogie of death as Sans called it, " I-I wasn't before?" Sure the noogie hurt, but not health damaging, more of a minor annoyance and burn considering the girl was always rough, no matter what. Undyne laughed as she unhanded him, making sure the pie didn't fall.

" Well yeah, but ya never had the guts to call me anything! You're learning well punk, you're learning well. I see that black eye got healed up nicely!" She gave a toothy smile as she walked along with Asriel who nodded cheerfully as she noticed the bruise was gone, snatching up an umbrella from the umbrella holder once they got near the hall that always seemed to leak, making it rain. She was very proud the young emotional prince was starting to come out more and more as an individual instead of being cooped up at his house without anyone to play with. She would have to thank the short pun-spewing skeleton later since she couldn't really get through to Asriel as much. She opened the umbrella up, letting the two hide under it from the water dropping down in the hallway.

" Hehe, thanks Undyne." She nodded to him as a response. " Say Undyne. How did you meet Sans and Paps?"

" Oh boy, that's a story! I was training with Gerson one day and the skeleton family came in to purchase something. I knew I saw Gaster's face around before when training with Asgore, so the both of us finally met. Papyrus was trying to pick up some lawn ornaments but fell flat on his butt. Sans helped him up and kept him from crying while I hopped over and picked it up with no sweat! Papyrus became hyped when he saw me lift it with ease and cheered me on. So, Gaster saw me deal with Paps so well that eventually, he let me babysit him and his bro. All I had to do was show off to Papyrus and coach him into doing stuff with his brother there to help the little guy. So eventually me and Sans started to talk while I was over at their house, and voila~! Here we are today!"

Asriel smiled softly, " That's sweet of you Undyne."

Undyne gave a cocky glance to Asriel, " Hey, hey, hey, don't get all mushy on me, Fluffy!" The both snickered as she patted him on the shoulder. She would have done the playful punch, but she knew that was too much for the younger monster. Once they got to The Waterfall's entrance Undyne give him a thumbs up and grin, " Make sure you said I said 'Sup chumps?!' See ya later Asriel!"

" Goodbye Undyne! Tell Mister Gerson hi for me!"

Undyne turned around, running off as she shouted, " GOT IT!" Asriel watched her speed off into the other parts of The Waterfall and chuckled, thinking to himself how Undyne really wasn't that bad after all. She was always just rough, but always meant well in the end. He began his march to Snowdin, his paws feeling the cold snow underneath. He liked the cold while Undyne and Alphys hated it, but it made sense since they had no fur. And the skeletons technically had no flesh, so it worked out for them. Asriel began to hum as he walked to the town, only to be stopped as he heard humming from elsewhere.


He searched around, his floppy ears perking up ever so slightly, " He-Hello?" He asked as more hums came around, eventually, two more distinct humming were heard. He clutched the pie's container and looked around fearfully, turning around and around almost tripping over himself. He paused as the hums from all around sounded closer, this made him sprint off to the town only to stumble into a scaled belly, making him flop back into the snow. " O-O-Oh golly! I-I'm so sorry-" Once he looked up to see who he ran into he stopped, his breath hitching while clutching the container even tighter.

" Sup crybaby?!" Frostdrake looked down upon him examining his new prey. Asriel heard three other monsters walk over to him, being surrounded by the large bird, the swooping fish-like monster with a huge grin and white sunglasses, the muscular seahorse... or was it an eel? And the small round monster with the huge eye that looked straight into someone's immortal soul. Asriel gulped, trying his best not to shiver nor cry.

" H-H-Ho-Howdy... U-Uhm, n-nice to meet you a-all... My-My names Asr-" Before he could finish his introduction the horse monster snatched up the pie container and held it, looking at the contents inside.

" Hey! This kid has pie!"

Frostdrake smacked the back of Baron's head, glaring behind his sunglasses, " Who cares about the damn pie-Wait... Were you taking that pie somewhere?"

Asriel being the small naive goat he was nodded and smiled faintly, " W-Well yes a-actually. My m-mom made it so I could give to-"

Frostdrake busted out laughing, soon the other joined in, " HOLY SHIT! He's a little goody-two-shoes! Ahahaha! Mama's boy does what he's toooold~! Oooh~! That's adorable!" The other snickered being the 'rebellious' teenagers they were. Asriel fiddled with his fingers, looking down, feeling hot in his cheeks from embarrassment. But he loved his mom, why was he feeling bad about it...? " Okay, since you're such a good little boy, how about we play a game?! All you need to do is catch the pie before it falls all over the ground and you run to your mama crying!" Asriel was smiling lightly once the word game came to his head, only to then stare horrified, his mouth a gap as the bird told him what they'd do to the pie. The four spread around and away from the goat who got up and gasped.

" B-But! But that pie is for someone!"

" Well then, come and get it~!" Snickered out Frostdrake. Asriel ran over to the older bird who had it out for him to snatch, but at the last moment, the bird tossed it to Glyde who caught it with his tail. " Keep away!" The goat skidded to a halt, turning around to run to the fish, for it to be tossed to the Loox.

" Keeeeep away~!" Glyde called out, Asriel turning his attention and direction to the small monster who threw it above him.

The Loox giggled out, chiming as Asriel jumped to catch it, but was too short. It landed in Baron's hand easily, he looked at the pie and licked his lips.

" BARON! DON'T EAT IT!" Frostdrake puffed his feathers up, making him look bigger. Baron chuckled nervously a small bit before throwing it to Frostdrake.

" Sorry bro! Keep away!" This went on for a while before Asriel stopped in the middle of the bullies, putting his hands on his legs and panting. The pie was now in Frostdrake's wings.

" St-Stop it! Th-That pie! I-Is for someone special!" Asriel glared, baring his teeth ever so slightly. Asriel did get annoyed, but he had never found himself angry before. " A-And b-by the name o-of Prince Asriel! I-I DEMAND YOU HAND IT OVER!" Screw being equal like Sans treated him for now, this was personal. The bullies looked at him, gasping.

" Y-Y-You're T-The Prince?!" Baron nervously yelped out.

The other looked back and forth at one another before Frostdrake raised a feathered brow. " You? YOU'RE THE PRINCE?! Holy shit... Our future king is going to be this wuss?! You can't even get this shitty pie back from us! And we're just normal monsters! Some prince you are!" Asriel was shocked, these guys... They didn't care... Sans didn't, but that was different, very different. Asriel growled to himself before charging at Frostdrake, ramming his head into his scaled gut... Only to fall back on his ass. Chillydrake blinked, as well as the others. The bird hadn't even moved, he stood there shocked.

" O-O-Oh jeez! O-Oh g-g-golly! I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean that-a-are you hurt?!" Asriel asked as he got up, trying to inspect the bird.

" ... PTH! AHAHAHA! Did you see that, guys?! The 'priiiince', our future king tried to attack me! A-A-And he didn't do a thing!" The other joined in laughing. " Our future king is so high and mighty, but can't harm a slime! Let's knock him down a peg?" The bird grinned to the other three who nodded, smirking as well. Frostdrake tossed the pie behind him, Asriel tried to get a look if it had opened or not, but was soon swarmed by the four, getting smacked, pecked, punched, and clawed.

- 20/440

- 20/420

- 20/400

The attacks didn't let down, but the teens weren't aiming to kill, only to get him down to half health considering his defense was pretty good than his attack. Asriel curled up, thinking he was going to die, he didn't want to die! He was scared, so scared! He cried, tears streaming down into the frozen water below. Asriel cried out for help...



A bone smacked Glyde, making it bounce around, smacking all of the teens. All of them backed away and rubbed their bruised foreheads. " AW MAN, WHAT THE HELL?!" Before they could look up from the stinging pain, the Loox tripped over, falling on it's back.

" He-Hey! G-Guys?! Help! Help me up! I can't get u-" He flailed wildly before noticing Doggo staring at him as he chewed a pupipop in his mouth before grinning. Doggo gently kicked the Loox, making the monster spin around and around on the slippery ice. " Wha-what the hell are you doing? Stop it! Stop it, I'm getting dizzy! Ahhh! GUYS!"

The horse shook his head, snorting a bit before charging at Doggo who simply opened a cell-phone, revealing Baron's mom on speed-dial.

Baron skidded to a halt, falling down, " AHHH NO! I DON'T WANNA BE GROUNDED DUDE!"

Frostdrake ruffled up his feathers, " For the love of-GLYDE!" Glyde nodded, gliding to Doggo only to crash into a pile of bones that shot out from the snow, making him spin around and sputter into a pile of snow... Afterwards a small explosion was seen from the pile.

" I-I'm okay!" Yelled Glyde as his friend stared blankly.

" ... How did he explode?" Frostdrake then felt a shiver go up his spine, or... rather a hot shudder since he was kinda made out of ice... Right? Well anyways he soon felt his sins crawling up his back.

" H E Y B U D D Y..." Frostdrake gulped nervously.

" Aw man, he's right behind me isn't he?" Asked the bird as he looked over his shoulder.

" nah, i'm in front of you." The bird looked forward to see Sans grinning at him with half-lidded eye sockets.

" BAKAW!" The drake fell back and nervously laughed, " He-Hey! S-Saaans! My m-man Sans! Sansy-boy-ehehehe... We were uhh just..." He slowed his talking before dashing off leaving his group behind. Sans chuckled and conjured up a bone, flicking it, with it catching up to Frostdrake and bopping him over the head, making the foul fowl fall face first into the snow.


As Doggo and Papyrus patched up Asriel in the skeleton's home, along with being treated to some pie, Sans snuck outside to the back door. Only he and Papyrus knew about this door, even if the neighbors lived there all their life in Snowdin. Sans pulled out a small key and opened it up, walking inside and shutting the door behind him. Gaster stopped his work, pulling up some goggles and looking over wondering why he felt the wind. " GAH! Sans?! How did you-"

Sans grinned as he held up an extra key, " you should really hide this better dad."

Gaster's expression turned to an irritated one, " ... Clever boy... Anyways, what is it?"

" uhm... azzy kinda got beat up-"


Sans threw out his hands to his dad, " whoa, whoa! wait, wait! doggo and paps are with him at the moment, just hold on before you heal him up! i wanted to tell you something."

" O-Oh dear... Erm, yes Sans?"

" ... dad... i wanna' be a judge." His father gawked in-



Silence... That was all Sans could hear besides the wind blowing and the drips of water from The Waterfall. The magma at Hotlands popped and boiled to make some noise, but other than that was silence. He headed his way down The New Home's long hallway that viewed over the capital. Everyone was gone, including his brother, or well he thought. He stopped, eyes looking up to The Judgment Hall that lay before him in the next room over. He gripped hold of his brother's lucky red scarf and gritted his teeth together. With a long silent moment, he concentrated before opening his eyes with the one single glowing blue pupil. He walked into the hall, seeing his brother down the end of the hall passed out, passed out, wrapped around in vines. Sans inhaled to ready himself for the fight for his brother's soul.

Is it was quiet along the hall that the only sound was from his sneakers tapping on the golden tile. As he predicted the golden flower reared its face, it's stem slinking down from above like a snake. The flower gave a friendly smile to the skeleton, " Howdy there~! You know, I didn't think you'd show up considering you LET EVERYONE ELSE DIE..." Flowey's face twisted into a ghastly distorted monster face with jutting teeth before returning to his innocent smile and beady eyes. " Golly, you sure are a great judge... You know the others would have stopped me, I'm sure of it... But you. YOU! You don't care~! That's what I like about you. You don't CARE about ANYONE but your lousy brother. Not even Alphys, Undyne, Grillby, The King... Golly, that's low..."

Sans shook with some anger, trying his best not to snap at the flower who had pushed his buttons for the past week. He really did miss everyone, and he had to endure a full week of the killings, making his brother distressed and fearful of everything. San's finally looked a the flower's eyes and smiled, " heh, the only thing that's lower is the dirt. which is where you belong weed." Flowey gave him an unamused expression before a vine struck the skeleton swiftly and violently.


Sans took a step back, rubbing his cheekbone, the flower looked... Concerned, " Wh-what... Wh-Why is your HP 780?! I-It's suppose to be 860!"

The skeleton chuckled, wiping the after-effects of the hit off with his sleeved arm, " aww, does the flower care about me all the sudden? that's adorable." Flowey growled as more vines shot to Sans, this time with the skeleton dodging them fairly well, hell with some, he was keeping his eyes closed. With a flick of his wrist bones appeared from thin air, shooting at his enemy. Vines curled up around to shield their owner, being cut down by the sharpened ends of bone. Each one zooming by, slicing up the vines easily before the Flower's stem slithered out of the way once the bones broke through.


Flowey snuck behind a pillar summoning up pellets, shooting them at Sans who casually jumped back away as they popped when they thought they had hit their target. Flowey summoned more upon more pellets shooting in all angles and directions. The skeleton gave a short chuckle, vanishing right when the pellets drew near, popping up on another side of the hallway. He did these for a few times before not appearing back up, making Flowey poke his head out from hiding. Flowey took this time to catch his breath only to feel stiff and thrashed around from pillar to pillar, to the ceiling and slamming into the hard tile below.





The flower groaned weakly as some dust a debris cleared him. Sans stood in front of him, looking down upon him with the damn smile and flashing blue and yellow mixed glow in his eye while the other pupil was gone, only for an empty eye socket to look at him. " say, bud-dy, you look a bit down..."

" S-Shh-Shut up!"

" nah, i'm handling this pretty well, you know, like a moss" Flowey quivered in rage before vines shot up from the floor, almost smacking the bag of bones away, only for him to teleport behind the flower. " missed~!" Sans called out, though Flowey began chuckling under his breath. Sans couldn't see it before it happened, but somehow the flower managed to create some pellets on the floor behind himself, all shooting off to hit Sans.



It would have continued if the skeleton didn't teleport to the side, making it rain spiked bones at the downed flower. Flowey quickly trusted pellets up from the ground, shooting up to the bones. Each bone and pellet shattering into one another, until bits of cracked bones littered the ground by raining on Flowey. Flowey tucked under the flooring to pop out away from Sans. " hehe, not bad for a pussy-willow..."

" Not bad for a smiling trashbag!" Sans grinned before stepping back, he was now on the right side to run over to his brother, snatch him up and teleport the fuck out. Thick vines flew up from the ground, blocking off the area Papyrus lay, making Sans a bit startled as he turned a heel to see the vines keeping him away from his brother. Sans teleported right over, but spiked thorns waited his arrival. There were so many vines it was hard to tell how many there were. They all stopped wriggling around any room they had in the area, then pointed over to the skeleton. Sans teleported back to the rest of the hallway before any of the piercing vines reached him. He saw glad that they didn't go anywhere near his brother though. Once teleporting back to the main area where he and Flowey fought, he was quickly greeted by two stray vines skewering him. He was then thankful for being a skeleton since the vines went through the gaps of his ribs, but it did hurt a bit.


Sans gripped onto both of the vines' ends, pulling them hard making the flower wince. Sans smirked as he summoned up his Gaster Blaster. The humming buzzed around Flowey's head as he watched it charge up. Flowey tried burrowing under the cracked tile into the dirt by couldn't while Sans was holding onto his two main vines which sort of acted like legs or arms in a weird way. Flowey twitched, recollections of old scattered memories popped up, knowing how bad those things could be. Flowey for once stopped and curled up into a ball and sobbed out. Flowey cried out for help...

... Why wasn't he torn into oblivion yet? He shakily moved his petals away from his face to see Sans halting the process of his Gaster Blaster. The hum faded as it looked at its owner before whining and vanishing into code and magic. Sans carefully let go of the vines which weren't holding him up anymore, making them along with Sans crash into the tile. Sans groaned, rubbing his head, as the two vines slid back into the ground, along with any stray ones excluding the one blocking the way to Papyrus. Any leftover pellets Flowey was going to snipe at the skeleton either faded or dropped it the floor as normal flower seed harvested from any flower in The Underground.

Sans got up, cracking his neck before walking over to the flower, " d-did.... did you just cry out for help?" Sans got a nod from the small flower who was crying like a small child at the moment. He didn't know if this was a trap or not, but any petals that would have sprung to action hadn't touched him. " can i ask why?" He lazily raised a non-extant brow, eyeing the plant with his normal white pupils. He stayed away from the flower as much as he could without getting too close.

" ..... B-because I-I was scared... I'm... I'm so scared Sans!" Flowey looked up at him with his normal face, tears running down his cheeks and small fangs. Sans took a step back, raising an arm in front of him, not really expecting the flower to change its face to his old friend.

" wh-what the-?! ... h-heh.. nice try, neat trick you can do, almost had me-"

Flowey spoke gently to him, " I'm so sorry Sans. I guess I'll always be a crybaby. I'll always be alone ever since you left me... Since Chara left me... Since everyone left me... I-I do have to say... Gaster would be proud of you."

Sans froze in place before slowly walking up to the weeping flower, crouching down for a better view, " how did you... no one remembers him...n-not even paps..."

" I'm so sorry Sans... I never wanted it to be like this..."

" azzy...?" San's pupils vanished before a bright blue and yellow pupil showed itself in his left eye, " why?! w-why?! why did you kill everyone?!"

" Because, they all forget when I reset... Except you. You remember small parts-but... You only remember the bad parts. Sans, I can't feel compassion, joy, satisfaction, pleasure... I-I can't feel love. I can't love... D-Do you have any idea how that feels?! Not being able to care for anyone but yourself?! Not even for your own sibling?!" Sans gritted his teeth, thinking of him in Asriel's place, not being able to care or love his brother... That'd be Hell on Earth..." I miss you! I miss everyone! Sure they'll love me, b-but-I FEEL NOTHING BACK!" Sans gulped as Asriel tipped his steam down, cowering and crying to himself.

Sans took in a deep breather before petting Asriel who stop his shaking and nuzzled into the touch. " shh, shh... calm down azzy." Sans bit his... lower jaw? Can't say considering skeletons don't have lips. He sighed while petting Asriel's stem, soothing him down. " it's okay... it must be stressful-a living hell... sorry buddy." He tries his best to keep the ears away from showing up. " but... it's not fair to everyone. you said there's a way to reset right?

Asriel nodded quietly, " B-But... I don't want to reset y-yet... I don't want to say goodbye yet... I want you to have a good memory for once. The-there is another way for me to reset but I'd have to-"

" shhh, calm down. it'll only hurt for a moment, i promise-"

" Wa-Wait! Sans, please! I don't want to die! I'm scared! I-I just want to spend some time with y-you... Please. After every reset, I'll wake up in the garden all... alone again. Please..." Asriel begged, having the most pitiful look that tugged at Sans' very soul. He went into instinctive friend/older brother mode for his old friend and sighed thinking of something.

" ... do you want me to tell you a story then?" Asriel nodded sadly as Sans pulled the long stem, placing the flower into his lap as he decided to sit down, petting him. Man, that stem seemed impossibly long, but oh well, no time to think of that now. He had a friend to sort of cheer up and a brother to save. " a long time ago, a fluffy bunny fell into a-


Hole with no escape. He couldn't get out, no one could help him. Why had he insisted on listening to his sibling?! Flowey woke up gasping for air, staining his stem by looking around frantically, before noticing it was pitch black around him. The flower started hyperventilating, " S-Sans?...C-C-Chara? Fr-FRISK?! An-Anyone?! Somebody! Anybody...? PLEASE HELP M-" A soft click was heard right next to his pot, a lamp illuminating the room, showing he was on The Surface, on Frisk's drawer in their room, or rather both of their room since Frisk considered sharing their room with him. A very tired looking Frisk looked over to them, tilting their head in confusion. They rubbed their eyes and yawned out before inspecting the teary-eyed flower again who shook in his pot. " Oh... Uhm... H-Hi Frisk..." They raised a finger to make a point in a statement they were about to say, " Yeah I know... This has been the third time this week... And it's JUST the start of summer..." Frisk's open mouth closed as Flowey self-explained himself. They rubbed their head before checking the clock, seeing it was six in the morning. Frisk groaned slightly, turning around to flop their head into their soft quilted pillow. " ... Wish I could say s-sorry." Flowey curled up, looking away from them. The flower never told them sorry before-well... one time, but that wasn't really Flowey-or was Flowey and Asriel one in the same? Frisk peeked overseeing the upset flower curl up tighter.

The child sat back up and grabbed hold of the 'Best Friend'flower pot, pulling it over in-between their legs, slowly and calmly petting his stem. " ... Dream?" Frisk asked groggily and tired. Flowey rubbed his head in his soil so only a muffled 'uhuh' could be heard. " Why-"

" Why do I keep asking for you, Sans, and Chara? Easy. You three are the only ones I think about. I mean, you've done so much, and kept trying to save me... I can never erase memories of Chara, they were my friend when I had none." Frisk leaned their face close to the flower, giving a concerned smile. " Oh, r-right the trash bag. Uhm... K-Kept killing me." He said rather quickly and bluntly, making the child puff their cheek up, knowing more than well that he was lying, but he'd never admit it. Frisk wondered if he ever would in time, same for Sans knowing Flowey or even Asriel. Their dunkle kept avoiding the topic as Flowey did, but not as much as the lazy cheeky skeleton. With a soft sigh, Frisk pushed the pot to the side, letting them look under the small bed, pulling a box from under it.

Frisk settled the box on their lap and pulled the lid off. Once done, they put the lid aside and took out a notebook, a childish one that looked like a therapist's notebook, being able to flip the pages up to keep jotting down things. Frisk reached in grabbing a crayon and several pictures on one side of the box labeled, 'Bro's Nightmares', while the other side had another stack labeled, ' My Nightmares'. And in the middle under the two stacks was labeled, ' Dunkle's Nightmares.'

Frisk sorted out the stack's top paper, moving it away, reviling underneath a drawn picture of Flowey in dirt with a blast shooting down at him. Frisk looked to Flowey, nodding as he laid back in his dirt, only telling them that he died by Sans, after telling him a story the skeleton memorized from reading it constantly to his younger dorky but good-natured brother. Frisk tore the page and was about to put it on top of the other picture but paused, lifting the picture up to study. Under that was another childish drawing of Flowey yelling at Sans. Frisk pushed the paper away, studying the one under it. Another picture reveling Flowey wrapping Sans in vines, crying. Under that, Flowey in front of The Ruins' exit/entrance staring at a pile of dust.

Frisk showed Flowey the pictures, quite worried. The flower gave a hard stare before growling, " I'm not thinking about him! Y-You just think I am!" Frisk stared back with a 'yeeeah' expression on their face, making the Flower ruffle his petals, " DON'T GIVE ME THAT LOOK!" Just then, the two heard a creak outside the door. Frisk hastily but neatly put the papers back, shoving them back into the box, closing it and shoving it deep under the bed. Frisk snatched up the pot, putting it on their lap right as the door opened up with small creaks. Sans poked his skull in to get a glance of Frisk awake with the flower.

Sans smiled as Frisk waved, and getting the normal hiss from Flowey. He opened the door, moving in and shutting the door quietly behind him. Sans only wore a plain white T-Shirt and black pajama pants, with fuzzy pink slippers. He yawned, making the child yawn from the contagion. Sans walked over as Frisk put Flowey to back to their side, Flowey's pot now between Frisk and the mild purple colored wall. The skeleton sat on the side of the bed, lifting a leg up onto it. He smiled at the child and ruffled their chocolate textured hair, earning a small giggle.

" the flower bloom before morning again?"

" Up yours."

" wow, rude much, huh kiddo?" Frisk rubbed the back of their neck giving a nervous smile. " ah it's fine kiddo. now... you tired?" Frisk nodded slowly as they felt as if they were about to pass out.

" how 'bout a story?" Frisk smiled, nodding and tucking themselves back into a comfortable spot. Afterwards Frisk put the small pot on their chest, both hands holding Flowey tightly. The gold flower huffed angrily and curled up, not arguing for once. " heh, you gonna' sleep?" No response from the stubborn flower, only making the tired skeleton grin. " hey... what kind of flower doesn't sleep?" Frisk gave a bored look, knowing what was going to happen. " a day-zzzzzz." Frisk smiled, trying not to laugh, only making a muffled snicker while Flowey glared up at him.

"Fuck off."

" well... anyways..." The two let their eyes close so both could fall back to sleep easier. " a long time ago, a fluffy bunny fell into a hole. injured by its fall, the fluffy bunny called out for help. a young snake, the king's son, heard the fluffy bunny's call....."

Chapter Text

A brand new morning-or well, that's what the clocks said anyways, it was always hard to be sure if it was actually day or night in The Underground, considering the only places to check were the barrier and that one big hole in The Ruins. Asriel practically bounced in place, excited about what he and his small group of friends were going to do today, especially since Gerson had let Undyne know about a game Undyne found at the dump site. Toriel placed her larger paws on his shoulder and readied him up properly for the watery area. Making him put on a yellow rubber-like cap, coat, and boots, which in truth the young prince didn't like, and wanted to keep his feet bare, but it would help from keeping him from slipping up. " There we go-Oh wait! I forgot one special thing, my child!"

Asriel stopped his excited bouncing, looking behind his back up to his mother, tilting his furry head as to question her. Toriel held the small rubber yellow cap in her paws, Asriel thinking she was just going to hand it over to him, only instead for Toriel to lean down and lick her child's head, smoothing down some small tuft of fur. " Aww, mom! You're ruining my fur!" Toriel couldn't help but laugh as she put the cap on her son, before giving him a large kiss on the cheek.

" There, there. You are ready now, now please do be careful..." She smiled half-heartedly, fearing the young goat monster would again get harmed... He looked up at her with a warm confident smile on his fuzzy face. She and Gaster had been able to heal him back up, but couldn't seem to get rid of a black, the same one that had originally been bruised by tripping. Sure it would heal on its own, but she still worried about the bruise.

" D-Don't worry mom, I'll be safe. I'll be okay! I-I promise, I'll always be here." He gave her a pure happy smile before being swaddled up in his mother's arms, giving him a larger hug only to let him go a moment after. As she waved a farewell to Asriel, she closed the door and sighed, watching him run off from the nearby window. Toriel nervously placed the tip of her small claws to her fanged mouth, still not getting over the worrisome emotion that fluttered in her.

" He'll be fine Tori. Do not stress yourself out, or you'll never relax again." Asgore walked over, soothing her as he put his paws on her shoulders, comforting his queen who merely sighed, turning around to give a small kiss on the king's snootle.
" I can only hope."


Undyne twirled her small blue glowing spear in her fingers, showing off to the young skeleton who looked up to her so much as she did to Gerson and Asgore. She twirled and swirled it even faster before tossing it up into the air, snatching it up right as it was about to plunge into the moist ground. Papyrus clapped his bony hands, giggling, " YAAAY UNDYNE! THAT WAS SO COOL!"

" yeah it was so cool it was hot, right alphys?" Sans sat nearby on the bench in the small store, playfully nudging the nerdy lizard who wore a tank top and jeans rather than her normal white coat. The chubby girl's face flushed up as her eyes stared widely at Sans like a fish.

" WH-WH-WHA-WHAT?! N-NNN-NO! I-I MEAN! YES! I MEAN-SAAAAANS!" She shrieked out, pushing the skeleton roughly as she could, which was actually just a gentle shove.

" HEY BROTHER, WHY IS ALPHYS FACE ALL RED-DID SHE GET A BURN ON HER FACE?!" Papyrus gasped out, worried about the lizard's condition as she continued to be flustered, making Sans burst out laughing until he fell on his side holding his gut if he had one. Alphys puffed up her cheeks as she glared down at the skeleton who was continuously laughing.

" SANS SHUT UP!" Undyne spat out, watching the older brother fall off the bench, laughing still while the younger of them all sat next to Alphys, patting her arm while she looked down, utterly embarrassed.

" W-What did Sans do this time?!" Yelled out a meek voice from the store's entrance right as Undyne was about to either kick the downed giggling skeleton or pick him up and shake him... or chuck him across the room, it was always hard to tell with the aquatic finned girl. Undyne swerved her head to find the young prince removing his rain suit and cap, to which Papyrus ran over to hug him.

" AZZY AZZY AZZY!" The toddler shouted as he almost knocked Asriel down, but managed to stand his ground laughing with the small skeleton. He took off his cap and placed it over Papyrus' skull, only for it to flop over from how big it was. Papyrus grinned with a big smile and tooth gap as he wandered off with his arms stretched out, making sure he didn't bump into anything along the way.

" Er... N-Nothing." Undyne's fins flattened as she glared at Sans who finally stopped as he was pulled up by the goat monster.

" hehehe, yeah, nothings goin' on. just watching alphys have cold beet." As he got a small chuckle from the prince, the other three groaned. Normally Alphys would join with Asriel, but with her face still red as well, Sans just said a beet, she joined the other two on this one.

" S-So, what did Mister Gerson find?" Asriel asked as he put down a hefty backpack, making the other three wonder what could be in there since it seemed rather bulky.

" He found this!" Undyne exclaimed as she ran to the counter, hopping onto it, leaning over to grab something from behind. This only made Sans nudge Alphys and point to the fish monster's rump, making the lizard cover her face with her claws since she didn't have a coat to sneak under at the time. Asriel watched and tilted his head, not really understanding what Sans was going on about.

Undyne quickly snapped back up, done hunching over the counter and standing proudly before the three while Papyrus kept walking around with the cap happily. She then pulled out from behind her back a rope with handles on each end. Sans raised a nonvisible brow, " uhhh... he found a rope for you to chuck at people?" Undyne's cheek fins flared up as she gave a glare.

" No idiot! It's a toy from The Surface! Apparently, it's like Sticky-Rope but better since it's not made out of spider silk!"

" What's wrong wit-with spider silk?" Asriel asked, fully interested in now. He had watched other monsters play with their own version, but he never got to play it with anyone himself, so he just left the idea of the toy behind.

" Spider silk is too sticky! If it catches you by the foot, it's hard to peel off! With this, all that happens is that you stumble! See?! So much better! And the only thing better than Sticky-Jump with people, is this with people! Gerson said they called it a 'jump-rope'."

" Why did we not use rope before?" Asriel shrugged, making the shy lizard speak up.

The shy lizard pipped up, " We-Well, rope i-is a bit harder to make since we don't have much of the supplies to make it, w-while we have tons o-of spi-spider webs a-and cobwebs."

" Exactly! Like Alphys said!" Undyne grinned to her yellow friend.

Sans sat on the bench next to Alphys and scoffed lightly, " so, is this all we're going to do today?"

" Wha-NO! We're waiting for Gerson to come back so he can tell us stories!" The other three soon went, 'Ohhh', now realizing why they were here. The elderly turtle could tell some amazing stories, even if they were long and dragged on a bit. " But why not play with this thing until he comes back? Or are ya scared~?" She grinned manically.

Sans seemed to shrug off her words easily, " i would but well paps's timing is always kinda off, and i rather not have him loose and cry a bit, and sides he's having a ball with that cap."

" Well what about you and Asriel?"

" mmm... then that means you'll be paired up with alphys..." He looked over to her who made a face that clearly read, 'Don't you dare.' His perpetual smile widened as he winked to her.

" Yeah! C'mon Alphys let's stick it to Sans!" Before Alphys could interject Undyne ran over, grabbing her wrist and pulling her off from her seat.
While that excitement happened Asriel scooted to his skeletal friend, "Uhm, why do you keep harassing Alphys?" he whispered, only to have a snicker retort back to him.

" 'cuz i know she likes undyne and is too shy to do anything about showing her affection."

Asriel's face fell into a puzzled look, " but they're already friends aren't they?"

Sans' grin started to downgrade, perhaps his mother didn't tell him this type of stuff yet. He was only a few years younger than Sans, but still, you'd think he'd know by now... Then again the shy kid barely hung out with monsters his own age who didn't really want to play with him, expecting to get into trouble by accidentally hurting the prince's feelings. " well yeah... but there's another feeling than being friends. it's like... like 'liking' someone. kind of how... oh geez, how do i explain this-like how your mom and dad like each other."

" So... You mean love?"

" well there's love of friends, family, and then really real love you have for someone you like."

" Ohh, I think I understand-but wait, they're both girls."

Sans chuckled at Asriel's naïveté's, " doesn't mean anything. girls can like guys, and guys can like girls. girls can like other girls, and boys can sometimes like boys. has your mom not told you anything about this?"

" Oh! N-No, no, she has. That's what she says so when I'm king I-I can have a queen, but I didn't know... You could choose either one. Unless she was about to get to that since she did get called away and said she had more to tell me, but she got caught up." Asriel pondered to himself before Undyne nearly screamed at them.

" HEY ARE YOU TWO READY OR NOT?! C'MON! LET'S DO THIS! BOYS V GIRLS!" Undyne made herself hyped up by picking up Alphys, letting the other two know how ready she was, all while the lizard curled her tail up and squeaked out, trying her best not to move. The two boys smiled before snickering at the spectacle.


After playing with the jump rope, Undyne and Sans were at a tie of twenty-seven jumps while Asriel and Alphys had only managed about seven consecutive jumps. While Undyne and Alphys swung the rope, Asriel started to hop, and then afterwards Sans. The same happened with Alphys and Undyne, only for them to switch positions.

" NGAAAAAAAAAAAH A TIE?!" She asked out loudly as Papyrus kept score by keeping track with the numbers. If he had messed up, Alphys and or Sans would let him know what the numbers really were. " Okay, that does it! SANS I CHALLENGE YOU TO A HOP OFF!" Undyne paced herself to the rope before pointing to the other two monsters. " You guys swing it with both me and Sans in it, whoever flops first loses and the other wins!"

" wow, you really don't know when to give it up do ya?" Sans smiled casually as he walked over to join her as the other two held the ends of the rope.

" I NEVER GIVE UP PUNK!" She showed off a toothy grin. Once the rope started to swing, the two took off to hopping over it. Sans kept a pace of hopping on one foot, then the other somehow while Undyne kept up the pace. Just then Gerson walked into his store speaking over to them.

" I see you all find the jump-rope might fun, eh?!"

This had made all of the children stop, catching them off by surprise except for Papyrus who was focusing on the rope. Undyne looked down, noticing she and Sans had stopped, " AWWW MAN! Now we don't know who won!"

" OH! OH! I KNOW WHO WON!" Papyrus shouted as he jumped up and down, waving an arm in the air. " IT WAS-" He took a glance at the two, seeing his brother give him a wink which Asriel seemed to catch. " ... IT WAS UNDYNE!"

" YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Undyne whooped out as she picked up her other scaly friend again.


As Gerson put down some bags on the counter and congratulating Undyne, Asriel went to Sans to whisper again, " Why'd you do that? You won didn't you?"

" hehehe, yeah. But sometimes ya just gotta' be a good sport and make your friend feel better about themselves. besides paps looks up to her as a heroic figure, while i'm just a brotherly figure. i know he thinks i'm great too, but undyne does need the confidence in herself even if she says she is. sides, do you really want her throwing stuff around and yelling?" He said with a smug smirk.

" Pthehe, yeah you're right about that part." Asriel quickly went to his backpack, dragging it over to the group, opening it up to reveal all sorts of foods and snacks. " Here we go! My mom packed these up before I left home for us to enjoy! Including your favorite green tea packs Mister Gerson."

" Wha ha ha! Why thank you, little prince! This will do well to smooth my old voice for a long story! Now little ones, go grab yourself a pillow, blanket, and some snacks!" They all nodded and took out some pillow Undyne ran to who tossed them over to each of the other children while Gerson got a pile of blankets to give to each. Once they were settled on the blankets, munching on their snacks, the elderly turtle made up his tea as the rest made a small semi-circle around a stool. Alpyhs put herself at the end, sitting next to Undyne and away from Sans' comments to embarrass her. Undyne placed herself next to her yellow friend and the toddler who loved being around her. Papyrus sat in the middle, between the fish and his brother, while Sans sat next to his younger brother to keep an eye, and next to his new friend who seemed to be clutching his pillow, trying to look away from everyone like Alphys. Gerson then walked over placing himself on the old pillowed stool, and leading them into the tales of his time.


The doctor sighed in relief as he was finally done with his plans for the day. He was glad Gerson took over to babysit his sons. Sure Gaster loved them, but it was always hard when they were around for him to finish his work. But after he was done, he felt much better... However, the feeling passed when something sprung up in the back of his mind. What his eldest son had requested... Gaster took his glasses off, rubbing his skull, not quite sure if he would let his son become a Judge or not...

The front door opened, letting in Sans who carried his baby brother in her sleeved arm as he closed the chilly door. The small skeleton nodded to his dad who nodded back, signally a 'hi' so Papyrus wouldn't wake up. Once after Papyrus was set upstairs in his and San's room, the skeleton walked down to talk to his father. " So how was it?"

" it was long, relaxing but long."

" Well that's good to know." Gaster smiled brightly, swerving his stool back to his work which lay all over the table next to the wall. Sans' smile faltered a tad as he got a small serious look in his hollowed eyes.

" ... dad, you can't keep avoiding me like this."

The scientists' soul quivered as he let out a hard sigh, turning over to face his son with a worried but serious expression. " Sans, I know. I just don't know if... If it's right for you. Especially at his age."

" but dad, w-what if something does happen? what if a human falls down here? you're always so busy with your machines, we both know you need to hand down this to someone, and a lot of monsters have grown too sensitive being down here. i want to help. i want to help more than just watching over paps. i want to help you and our future king. i-i don't know what'd i do if i let azzy get hurt without me being there to protect him. you know how emotional he gets." Gaster's took in a deep breath as his holed palm rubbed his forehead.

" I know. And you do bring up some fair points. I just don't know if I'll have time to train you so much as I had to go through. It took many years Sans, and I need to work on The Core and other things."

" there isn't something that will help it go by faster?" Sans looked down, fairly disappointed, but his dad was right. Someone had to maintain The Core. And he rather not waste Gaster's free time to training him for such a long period of time.

" Well... I do, but... Hypothetically... But it might be a bit risky." Sans looked up, hopeful and curious. " Come, follow me." His father requested, leading Sans to the rather large shack where Gaster did most of his study away from work, the other being in the back of the house. Gaster shut the door behind them and made his way to one table that had a glass jar with what seemed like millions of small red liquid-like pills. He took one out and showed Sans, placing it into his hand. " This Sans... Is something I made a while back. You see, when your mother fell down. I-I... I took a soul." Sans' eyes widened as he looked up to the scientist shocked, it was highly illegal to do such a thing when on The Surface, treating the bond of human and monster.

" We were already in war, your mother had just fallen down, I was wracked with grief... I didn't kill anyone else, since I knew it was un-monster like and just uncivilized if I used it for destruction. I kept a hold of it once we went underground. That way I could at the very least study it. And Study it, I did. You see humans have something I call 'Determination', something that makes the soul still be around for a small while before vanishing away down below or up above. I kept it in until I was able to put it into a holding container so it wouldn't fade away. I began inspecting it, breaking down some components and tinkering with it. Of course, that took some 'Determination' away. I knew I had to make it stay so I could do more works. So, I was finally able to extract a small percentage and finally make it into many pills that could be taken and indigested by monsters. The reason why, is so I could have more supply to test 'Determination' on, and to make us stronger, encase humans found a way to make their way down here to finish us all off once and for all. The good news is that there are many, many pills that contain .050% of 'Determination'. The bad news is that the entire soul itself faded away once all the 'Determination' was extracted."

" and...i-it worked?"

" Indeed so." Gaster smiled proudly from his hard work.

" wait, then how... how do you know if it makes a monster stronger?" Sans asked, skeptically question his father's invention.

Gaster's smile quickly vanished into a thin line while his pupils looked away. " Sans... You're a smart boy, you figure it out. I mean how else did you think I got the scars?"

Sans' pupils vanished, he had always thought his father had those cracks down and up his skull near his eye sockets from the war... " y-you... you tested it on yourself?"

" One too many times, trying to figure out the right amount for the pills to give enough 'Determination' but not too much, and not too little. I would never test it on anyone else. That is the risk of being a scientist. Either you take the blame, or others blame you for endangering their loved ones or their own lives. And-"



" So, what do you make of it?"

" Dunno', I think it's a statue."

" No shit it's a statue-oh, my god, Aaron really?!" The horse-faced monster shrugged to the small group of monster that was made up of an astigmatism, Chilldrake, madjick, a seal-like fish headed monster, and a camel-like monster who seemed to be puffing a cigarette. The small monster child with no visible hands peeked out from the back to get a better look at the gray toned statue that sat under the cave's rainwater, constantly dripping onto its umbrella, letting the music box hum along in its hands.

" I'm just shocked you never saw this thing dude." Aaron pointed out to Chilldrake who left Snowy home or in the forest with other kids and younger teenagers.

" Dude! Come on, I live near Snowdin! You expect me to walk to Hotland that often?! Anyways... Any of you guys know what it's for besides some crappy old music box playing a lullaby?"

" Hoho, I heard it symbolizes the dead prince I did! According to rumor, this was his music box and this is a statue to represent how lonely he was with no one to play with, quite sad is it not?!" Piped up the magician, moving a brow under his hat.

" ... That's stupid! If they had a statue of the prince, why not put it near New Home or something?!" Chilldrake fluffed his feathers up, always quick to turn to his temper.

" Maybe, maybe, because The King would be upset if he walked by it every day." The small monster with the biggest grin suggested, while Chilldrake didn't seem to be moved much by the theory.

" Well ya know what? This music box would be much better at that little cave Glyde lives near! Anyone who walks into to take a break from the snow could rest and listen, and the Gyftrot wouldn't be so pissed off man. Sides, we got a piano nearby here anyways, so why not? It's not like the guard captain plays it with anyone anymore ever since Shyren hid away." Aaron proclaimed, making absolutely everyone look at him shocked that, that much thought had occurred to him. The astigmatism nervously looked side to side before stepping back. " ... Uhh... I mean... We could do that and uhh maybe fool Onion-San with that umbrella by throwing it into the water and making them believe it's another monster?"

" Both of those ideas seem wonderful for once Aaron." Chilldrake praised the buff monster who chuckled nervously from embarrassment.

" Yo! But wait yo! Wha-What about the statue?! Won't it get like wet and cold and like lonely and stuff?!" The older monsters gave the small lizard a look.

" Kidd... It's a friggin' statue. STATUES DON'T HAVE FEELINGS! If you like it so much, how about you stay with it then?" Chilldrake asked making the small yellow lizard hunch over a bit defensively.

" Well-well... Maybe I will yo!"

Chilldrake groaned, he knew he'd get into trouble if the Guard's captain happens to walk by and ask why he sat in the rain with a statue. Kidd would talk, he always did, for better or for worse." No-that's not what a meant-Ugh!"

" Well... Aaron, how many people sit here at this statue?" astigmatism asked, making Aaron raise a brow.

" Pth, like no one dude. They just grab an umbrella and walk off."

" There you have it Chill! We just take the back the box, destroy this thing and go tease Onion-San. No one ever mentions this thing, and no one cares about it! Might just put it out of its misery if no one cares!" The small bulbous monster waved his stubby arms out explaining it to the others.

" Hrmmm... Good idea! All in favor?!" The monsters agreed, raising hand, fin, claw, or whatever else. All leaving the young monster child who gulped, semi-worried about this deal. Sure he didn't stay with the statue, but he felt it had some deeper meaning.

Right as the seal headed fish monster was about to scoop up the small rusty music box, surprised that it still kept going, was stopped when someone spoke up.

" HEY!" The fish thing nearly dropped it from its fins, only to clutch it to its chest. The group looked around seeing where the voice spoke up from before they noticed a small talking flower, who looked concerned. " Stop that! Put that back, you idiots!"

The chilly bird cocked his head, turning his attention to the buttercup, " What the-Why not? You gonna' tell the Royal Guard?"

" Huh? Wha-NO! JUST-JUST LEAVE IT THERE! Madjick is right, it's supposed to be the prince!"

The cloaked monster gasped out, " HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME FLORAL PLANT?!"

Flowey glared, his patience was getting the better of him, " JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME! I-It mean a lot to me. So... Just put it back and leave it alone."

The monsters looked at one another, the small lizard popping out from behind the group, walking to him, " Yo! I wanted them like leave it too yo! See guys?! It means like ya know... Something to someone!" The small lizard turned around, bouncing up and down while the gold flower nodded in agreement.

" ... So... We listen to a flower? Something that can't do anything but grow an inch a month?" The astigmatism responded before walking up to the statue and flicking the snout of the statue with its small claw, making Flowey squirm. Flowey's stem twitched from under him, eyes snapping attention at the disrespect.

" I told you... LEAVE. IT. ALONE." Flowey practically snarled out.

The other monsters except the kid looked from him to the statue before all of them started to poke it. This made Chilldrake snicker, " Ohh, look out guys, he may bust a root~!" That got the others to playfully poke and flick the statue as well as earning some chuckling.

" LEAVE IT ALONE!" Flowey screamed out, vines sprouting from the ground at a high speed, knocking the others flat on their asses except for the child who froze from the pure power. Shocked in such power by something so small that could sound so dangerous, made him tremble in place. The other monsters quickly got up and ran away quickly leaving the lizard with the yellow and striped shirt alone with the psychotic flower. Flowey muttered to himself, vines catching the music box and gently placing it into the statue's hands. He sighed before noticing the monster kid was still there.

" Hey, piss off, go home." He demanded at the kid who backed up, tripping over a vine clumsily.

" Y-Y-Y-Yo! D-Don't hurt me!" The kid curled up since he saw the small flower lower the other's HP.

" Wha-No! Look, kid! Just fuck off and I won't kill you!" Flowey was losing his patience, he didn't want to deal with the child.

" Ki-Kill?!" Yelped out the monster kid, only making Flowey show his sharpened teeth, trying to scare him away. However, the small monster was too scared to move. A vine slithered near him, ready to grab and throw him elsewhere until a neo blue spear skewered the vine, making the now torn half retreat to Flowey.


A monster wearing the Royal Guard's armor leaped out, landing in front of the lizard kid, slowly standing up and summoning another spear, twirling it within their fingers. " Back away from the kid!" A loud muffled aggressive voice echoed from the suit. Flowey groaned thinking to himself.
'Great she watched the anime again...'

" I wasn't doing shit you damn fish! So piss off or I WILL START SHIT AND END YOU!" Flowey snapped out at the guard who removed her helmet, revealing a grown Undyne with an eye-patch over her left eye.

" Look, just beat it okay?! You scared this poor little guy!"

" FUCK YOU WOMAN! I CAN BE ANYWHERE I DAMN WELL PLEASE!" Flowey's rage was starting to crack out now. Vines with thorns were held up from the ground while Undyne readied to summon more spears, putting herself in front of the kid. Both glared viciously at one another before...

" hey plant, can't you just lettuce go? and undyne, don't make this even more orcward." Both Flowey and Undyne internally groaned as they both looked, glaring at the smiling skeleton who walked over calmly. " look that kid just wants to go home. there's no reason to fight, now is there?" His left eye flashed a spark of blue for a split second, making Undyne lower her guard and Flowey to retreat back into the dirt. Flowey really didn't want to deal with anyone today.< /p>

After Undyne took the small monster back home, Sans looked back to the cold statue and frowned. He walked over to it, sitting down listening to the music. He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck bones, looking disappointed as his eyes scanned the music box. Underneath the box was a very old worn out aqua blue scarf that looked like it had been nibbled on but was now cold, wet, and ragged from being there for so many years. He wished he could apologize to him like he had with-



Alphys carefully adjusted herself in her stool, carefully pouring some pink liquid from a beaker into a small tube. She stuck out her tongue, her buck teeth digging into it slightly, her eyes full of concentration. " A-Almost... There... Annnd-"

" sup alphys?"

The lizard jumped in her seat, making both glass containers fling into the air, thankfully not spilling them. Both of them stopped halfway in the air, having a blue glowing hue surround them both. The levitated beaker quickly filled up the test tube up as it floated over to a stand with other test tubes. The beaker was simply put on Alphys' head once she turned around to view the skeleton. She twitched in irritation from the beaker being placed on her scaly head as Sans cheerfully looked over to her chuckling.

" Dam-Damnit Sans! I told you not to-to just teleport in here unannounced! You could have called me or knocked-no wait... With th-that chemical, it could have gone very bad if only a small amount dropped ont-"

" woah, alphys calm down. hehehe, and here i thought you got over the stutter. you keeping it because undyne likes it?" He asked in a cheeky manner as the scientist sat the beaker down, who then folded her plump arms, huffing.

" No, I've gotten much better, thank y-you very much!" She gave a glare as Sans stared at her, still with the cheeky grin before making her break down into a face of red. " ARGH! O-Okay! Not all of i-it! And yes Undyne likes it! But I'm still improving either way!"

" ahh, so you're just trying to... blend in?" The grin grew, as Alphys glared more intensely.

" Sans..."

" won't worry, i've been monitoring you."

" Sans."

" what? is it newt a good idea?"

" SANS!"

" yo."

" HRRRRNG!" Alphys looked like she was about to claw up her face when she ran her claws down it in anger. " Why... Are you here?!" She sat there, shaking with anger, how did Papyrus put up with it?! How had Undyne not accidentally killed him?! How did Mettaton do his best to ignore it?! It was so frustrating at times!

" ....." Sans closed his eyes, his grin going to his casual smile. He opened his eyes, to give her the cold chilling stare of his hollowed eyes. " i wanna' talk about that flower..." He hated doing the look to Alphys, but he couldn't help it when he was serious about something. He tried never being serious at all, much how he learned to shrug off anything as he grew up, hiding any emotion and having a happy glance plaster everything.

Alphys' blood ran cold-er... colder as she quickly left her temperament behind. She fiddled with her claws and gulped, " W-W-Wh-Why? Uhm-AHERM! W-Why would y-y-y-you bring that up Sa-Sans? Ehehe?" He tail curled up and she began sweating profusely. Apparently, her main stutter stayed when she panicked still.

" just some things it said the other day. the kid tricked me into talking with it while looking at some flower packets for sale with paps. it was talking about how it has no emotions, and i could have sworn for a moment, it was talking about me. and considering you're the only monster other than asgore who worked on these golden flowers, perhaps you may know something since the big guy only just gardens them." His pupils came back as he began talking again.

" S-Sans... I-I. I-It's not so-so simple to e-e-explain. I-I promised F-Frisk, that I'd keep th-that information confidential. I-I'm sorry, b-but... But I can't just tell you. A-A-All I can tell y-you is that I-I accidentally made i-it live. W-Well... Sentient t-that is since w-well flowers a-are living things unlike r-rocks and-and such..."

" i see...". The pin-point glowing irises lowered down to the tiled floor. " so... you won't tell me-"

" It's n-not that I don't want t-t-to. But... B-But I-I kept a promise to Frisk. I-I'm sorry. Y-You'll have to find some ground an-and ask them, s-so that they can tell me they g-give permission for yo-you to know many things ab-about that one flower. I'm s-sorry... Y-Y-You know monsters... D-D-Do the best to keep their promise."

" it's fine, i understand privacy. i understand promises. sorry to bug ya alph." He walked over to the wall, leaning his back against it and raising his leg bones up to put a sneaker on it. Why did Frisk keep a secret from him? He was their dunkle, right? They could tell him anything-then again... Thinking back on it now, he had and still did keep secrets from the persuasive child. Maybe it was getting back at him for that, or maybe the promise made with them and the nerdy lizard was genuine. He rather not believe promises anymore, and only sided with the kid for living n the surface as he was given proof of the half shattered reset button. " it just irks me is all. i mean, don't you remember when the kid took that thing in?"

Alphys adjusted her glasses, he nervousness calming down as she wasn't fiddling with her claws again. " Uhm, clearly I don't consider I wasn't there at the time. You and Frisk w-went to pick it up when everyone else was gone."

Sans stared off into space blankly before realizing Frisk had bribed him with ketchup that one day they were by them lonesome selves. " ... ohhh... yeah, okay that clears some things up." His skeletal hand was raised up, smacking his skull lightly, now remembering he hadn't told 'HOW' the flower reacted when brought up from The cold Underground before being pacified by Frisk. He lowered his hand as he heard the chubby lizard's seat creak from under her. He saw Alphys give him a small smile with a semi-worried expression.

" C-Care to elaborate ho-how he was when you guys brought hi-him in? I-I mean I don't mean to pry! B-But, t-this might prove something that I-I can look into later."

Her skeleton friend's pupils visibly shifted away, his small frown showing the questioning face of, 'how do I explain this?' After a brief silent moment, the smirk replaced that small frown as he shrugged his shoulder bones, " ehh, sure. the trip back up here was uhm... how would you say? irritable."

A month or two ago...


On the way back to their home, Frisk sat in the very back of the bus as Sans placed himself nearby them, but at the very least one seat away so that the newly potted plant wouldn't snap at him. " kid, are you sure you're not having any second thoughts?" The child looked over to their dunkle with a bright smile, showing off their teeth. The skeleton rubbed his temples gently, now in full regret of that bribe. As the bus stopped, Frisk got up, hopping off the boss as they held the flower pot, making Flowey yell and hiss at them to be more careful. Sans diligently walked off the bus, following the child's lead, slowly thinking to himself as he watched Frisk merrily skip to the house. All the while Flowey spat insult and threats after one another. " good god, what have i done?"

As the two reached the door, the skeletal monster opened up the door allowing Frisk to enter due to them holding the medium-sized pot. As they walked in, Sans flicked on the light, Frisk smiling proudly, holding up the pot for the pissed flower to get a better look around the entrance of their home, " New, New Home~!" They chimed out, only to have Flowey hunch his stem back, looking around his new surrounding and hissing under his breath at the sight.

" uhh, kiddo?" Sans interjected, but too late as Frisk placed the angered flower on a small table, before running over to the couch, nabbing a small toy sized pillow from a playset. The monsters still didn't make heads or tails of what gender the kid was, but apparently, they played with any type of children's toy, making everyone question even further. They ran right back up to the flower, holding out the pillow for him.

" See? Comfy." They held out the tiny toy pillow that was amazingly soft to the flower, only for a vine to slip out, slapping it out from under their hands and then shoving the cheerful kid down to the wooden floor. Sans reacted instantly, running over once he shut the door.

He quickly helped up Frisk, enraged by the flower's actions but didn't show how mad he truly was since Frisk asked him to give Flowey a chance. " hey! what is the matter with you?!" The only response he had gotten from the buttercup was an audible hiss with teeth poking out of the once was an innocent looking face. Sans was trying his damnedest to hold back, this thing had just shoved their friend down without saying a single thing!

Frisk frowned, looking over to their friend, slightly shaking Sans' arm to snap his attention away from the flower. " Please be careful with my little brother!"

Sans' head swerved to the child who surprisingly was shorter than even him, leaving the flower to slither into another room, growing out it's stem in order to do so while their attention was distracted. " that thing is not your brother frisk, i don't even think it's a flower! look, clearly this was a mistake, we should really take him back!" Flowey ignored them as he slithered up to a cozy fireplace whose flames were long extinguished. The flower was able to point out some pictures of the monsters and Frisk, brand new pictures that made his determined and non-soulful self, quiver in envy. With a quick slither of the long grown out stem, he reached the top shelf of the fireplace, glaring hard at the pictures... Everyone looked so... Happy. It made him sick.

" He's just cranky because he's new here!" Frisk pleaded out to cover the flower's hasty and irrational actions.

" he's creepy kid, i won't be able to sleep knowing he's loose in the house!"

" Undyne's loose in the house all the time and you sleep just fine!" Frisk called out as they wandered into the room, following the slim grown out stem which seemed more like a vine at the moment. They gasped out as Flowey nudged the picture off. Thankfully dodging those monsters a month or so ago, aided Frisk's movement. They quickly jumped over, letting their back hit the wooden floor in order to slide over and catch the pictures one by one right after putting any down so that they didn't clutter up in their arms.

Sans peeked into the living room to catch the sight. The flower was getting on his nerves, ever since the walk to the bus that thing had cursed, swore, and threatened the two of them. " hey, whoa!" He quickly flicked his wrist, making the upper part of Flowey glow in a hazy blue, forcefully reeling him back to the other room. Flowey's tiny leaves snagged the edge of the doorway somehow, pulling himself to stay in the living room. With a bit more force Flowey slipped away from his grip. " look at him frisk! he's obviously mutated from something else-we have to take him back!" Frisk quickly managed the pictures onto the floor before dashing out the room to the other two to keep Sans from teleporting away with their new family member.

" He has no one else and I care about him! What about being a family?!"

Once Flowey was forcefully retracted into his pot, the blue aura glowed out, making the pot levitate to Sans who was about to grab it, only for Frisk to burst over in between his action. " he hasn't even been here that long to actually be in a family!"

Frisk spread out their arms, sadly looking to their friend, " Neither have I! Mom said if we take in someone, they're family!" Sans nearly dropped the pot by accident, letting it sway slightly all while Flowey glared before being shocked a bit. Sans' pupils faded away into the black eye sockets. Frisk hadn't told many of the new family members, but they had told Toriel and Sans for the most part. Apparently, they never had a real family to begin with and had only stumbled into The Undergrounds from the Orphanage's field trip. The adults were quick to think they had just run off like some did in the past. Hearing this made Sans' soul break... Well figuratively.

" Huh?" Flowey questioned mainly to himself.

" He's family now... And family means no one-"

Sans joined with them, his pupils returning showing how sad he was for being so hasty to actions, " means no one gets left behind..."

" Oooor?"

" or forgotten..." He looked over to Frisk, the smile growing on his face again, giving off a smug look, " i hate it when you use family against me kiddo."

Chapter Text

The small skeleton suited up on his normal attire held up a rather large bag as he waved to his younger brother who paused himself from watching T.V to wave the sibling off. The tall slender skeleton took Sans by the hand and teleported them in front of the King's cozy home. Sans groaned dizzily, thinking the world around him was spinning, just to make him vomit. " ugh, it feels like i'm having a party inside my soul, but everyone's throwing up!"

Gaster rolled his glowing pupils, scoffing it off. For such a smart witty kid, he sure knew how to be a drama queen... " Right, are you ready Sans?" Sans shook off the feeling, quickly giving a large happy smile, chuckling as he always did which annoyed his father to no end. Gaster furrowed his non visible brows, raising a hand to his face, " Why did I agree to this?"

" 'cause you know you love me."

" I do and I hate it." Sans snickered to himself, holding his skeletal hands up to the wide smirk. Ah, he had fun teasing the shit out of his dad. Gaster couldn't blame him, he brought humor into his life once his wife had fallen. It was a shame, most other monsters didn't appreciate his personality more, and instead just pissed them off. Gaster shook his head, cracking a small smile, chuckling lightly to himself before ringing the home's doorbell.

The door opened, wonderful smells of Toriel's cooking flowed out from behind it, making the house seem much cozier inside. " Ah Doctor Gaster! It's wonderful that you're letting little Sans spend the night. My child will be so grateful, in fact he's actually rather nervous. Excited but nervous, the poor dear. And as a thanks, have these to share amongst you and young Papyrus as well." Toriel smiled brightly as she hand over a plate of cookies which the scientist took grateful for her consideration.

" Ahh, thank you Madam Tori, mmm, they smell wonderful as always. I best drop these off before I go work-"

" Gaster dear, please. Me and Asgore would rather you have the day off. You overwork yourself to much. Please, go spend time with your youngest son." Toriel tilted her head, looking a bit sad mixed with some worry.

Gaster watched Toriel give him the saddened and soft expression, but his stubbornness was getting the better of him for the moment, " N-No, no, Tori. It's quite fine, I enjoy what I do an-"

" Is he still going to work?!" Called out the king's joyous yet booming voice from deeper inside the house. Gaster clutched the plate he was given, shutting his mouth before he could say anything to further upset the queen. Toriel turned her head when Asgore had called out before slowly shifting her eyes to Gaster as an evil grin spread across under her muzzle.

" Tori... T-Tori, don't-"

Toriel raised her white paw to her mouth to shout out to her hubby, " WELL I THINK HE'S GOING TO-"

Gaster nearly dropped the plate of freshly baked cookies, almost jumping up as well in panic. " Ah! Blast it woman! Okay, okay! I'll take the day off!" He really rather not have the king and his boss to come over and tell him to enjoy the day. It was embarrassing... and Asgore could be a bit persuasive for such a big fuzzy pushover when it came to his friends.

" TAKE THE DAY OFF~!" Toriel called out almost in a sing-song like tone before smirking to the adult skeleton who was trying to hide under his grey scarf that was strewn around his neck, enough to hide his mouth and slightly flushed purple cheeks. " I only do this because we care about you."

" ... I know... Thank you." He stopped his hiding, poking his head back out from being in the scarf, making his attention to Sans who was pretending not to pay attention. " Now Sans." He began, kneeling down to the short sweater bundled skeleton who glanced over to his father. " Be respectful, and don't forget to take your medication at nine, got it?" The smaller one nodded to the instructions. " Have fun. Be good and don't get into trouble."

" geez dad which do you want me to do? get have fun or be nice?" Gaster gave away a hardened stare while Sans chuckled, hugging his dad before heading inside the home. Gaster got up and sighed to himself.

" That boy is too smart for his own good." Toriel laughed a bit before her and the scientist parted ways. Once Toriel had closed the door, she put a gentle hand onto Sans' shoulder, " Sans dear, Asriel is out in the garden to help out Asgore today, if you want, you are free to go talk with him. Or you can rather wait for him to be done."


" aww, now why would i not? except i would need something to wear to go gardening..."

" Oh, and what would that be my child? Do you need gloves?"

" nah... just garden hose." He smiled brightly as the queen held her fingers to her mouth covering the laughter to a muffled giggle. She took him by the hand, showing him where the garden was located. He blushed a small bit of blue on his cheekbones, embarrassed to a small point of the queen of the entire Underground was leading him along like she was just a normal adult. As the two reached the sliding doors that revealed the royal garden through the clear glass Sans kept his grip on the larger monster's hand.

" Hmm? Are you alright?" She asked, kneeling down to try and get to his level, though she was still much taller than the other monster. He finally let go, taking a step back.

" ye-yeah! yeah! s-sorry miss tori! i-i just...uh..." The small skeleton looked down. He never got this way with his father. It was always when it was an older woman. Toriel's face grew soft as she gave a sad smile, hugging the skeleton.

" I understand... Alphys gets this was with both of us. Ever since her parents had fallen down. It must be hard to not have a caring mother." Sans' body jolted ever so slightly before he found himself clinging to the queen. True he had his father and brother, but he really had longed for a motherly figure who didn't treat him like the teen he was, and instead being treated more of a child. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, it was just a nice warm feeling that he and his brother would never experience. Sans stayed, holding onto Toriel, a small part envied his friend for having a mom, but seeing as the kid didn't have many monsters to play with or even a sibling, made him feel bad in the long run. He nuzzled his face into Toriel's shoulder before taking a deep breath as he let her go. Toriel pulled away to give a sweet smile and a small kiss on his forehead, " It's okay my child. Now go have some fun, alright?"

Sans thought he was going to burst into tears at any moment and only nodded, trying to put up the charade of not wanting a mother figure, only nodding slowly before going into the garden. The skeleton inhaled deeply, exhaling the new breath, shaking any of the emotion off. He began looking around the garden, treading lightly to not step on a precious flower or scaring his friend. Once his eyes caught hold of the prince, the whole mother feeling drifted away, letting his small frown spread into a smile. He decided to start walking over, his sneakers crunching the fallen leaves from under him, gaining the prince's attention without spooking him. Asriel hopped up from whatever yard work he had begun on and ran over to his friend, almost toppling him over. Sans caught him into the hard hit hug and laughed, standing his ground, nearly falling over. " whoa! hey, where's the fire?!" He laughed out as he embraced his friend's hug.

Asriel stepped back giggling joyfully, wagging the small poofy white tail that stuck out his pants, " Sorry Sans! I-I'm just excited is all-I-I've never had anyone sleep over here before! Le-Let alone someone I actually know!" He balled up his fingers to a fist, telling the skeleton how excited he was. Sure his parents had a monster or so sleep over since they needed help, like if one got lost or got too drunk, but no one he ever knew. " O-Oh! Ri-right, I need to finish the garden. Y-You can wait inside or-or just talk while I'm finishing up."

" tch, what kinda friend would i be if i didn't help, sides four hands are better than two right?" He held up his skeletal hands putting them over the furry knuckles of Asriel who felt like he was teeming with hyperness at all of this happening. " so, what do we need to do?" He took his hands off the others, Asriel leading him to what he had been working on. The two knelt down, Asriel handing him a small trowel.

" Not much, just digging the soft soil to plant these little guys." He said, picking up a flower that bloomed from a clump of dirt, small bits of root poking out from the rubble. Sans nodded and took to digging holes out for Asriel to fill in with the plants. They had just been chatting of how each others day was so far until Asriel paused, almost dropping the flower, quickly Sans caught it rather quickly. Thankfully Asriel's attention was turned to something else as he looked away from Sans. Sans gasped lightly as the plant in the dirt pile hung there in the air with a blue aura. Sans quickly snatched it up with his hands, thankful Asriel didn't see. Sans held the pile and watched his friend in pure curiosity.

" uhm... a-azzy? you okay there? something got your goat?" Before he could anything else the prince hunched over, lowering himself into the grass on all fours. He raised his lower back up like a cat and remained quiet until leaping away and nabbing something nearby from the grass. Sans leaned away as the prince pounced out, his pupils shrinking down in shock. What the hell was going on?!

Asriel soon sat up after he was done wrestling with something in the grass, turning his head to his startled friend, munching on something, " Hmm?" He saw the worried concern on his friend's face and swallowed up whatever he had been chewing up. " O-Oh! S-Sorry! I saw a slug." He laughed nervously before heading over back to Sans' side who was still staring at him. " ... What?"

" you... eat slugs?

" Well... It's a real close second to snails. But uhh, ye-yeah. I got the taste of them from my mom." He rubbed the back of his head bashfully as Sans went to fill in the newest empty hole with the flower he had just held up.

" it's fine dude. undyne eats things that are hot, when you'd think a fish would like cold damp stuff. i take it snails are your favorite?"

" I-In a way, I guess they would be e-ehehe... Uhm, what's your favorite food then if you don't mind me asking?"

" ahh, that's easy. ketchup!"

" Like as a condiment?" Asriel asked, tilting his head, letting his floppy ears dangle about.
" nah, just ketchup. it's weird, but ehh, everyone's got an odd taste for something. so like, how do they taste?"

Asriel pondered for a moment of how to explain the taste, " Hrm... Slimy yet satisfying." Sans chuckled quietly while Asriel continued to ponder to himself. " ... I wonder what they would taste like with ketchup..." The thought went through Sans' mind, making him laugh out. Wiping away a tear of laughter from the thought he looked over to the prince teasing him.

" pthhehehe, you're such a dork dude!" Sans laughed, nudging the goat monster's arm with his own. The prince stared back, scrunching up his face before a smile slid onto his mouth as well.

" Takes one to know one!"

The skeleton stared at him, his permanent smile halted, " ... holy crap, me and undyne are rubbing off on you!"

" Rubbing what off me?"

" rubbing this!" He snatched Asriel into a headlock, giving him a soft solid noogie, brushing his knuckle bones against the winter white fur. Making the smaller monster giggle out. Toriel watched from the glass doors, her face plastered into a gentle expression. She was so happy someone was helping her son out of his shy shell that he constantly hid in. He was only this way to other monsters, but not to her and Asgore. So for this to happen, made her soul swell up in joy, knowing that her son was truly happy with someone else for a change. She noticed that the two boys had been done with their gardening and slide the door open to call out to them.

" Boys~! If you are both done, we can order some nice pizza! So come along inside!" Sans and Asriel both stopped, the skeleton unhanding the goat so both could run over and into the nice warm house. Asriel hopped up and down to his mother.

" Oh-oh can we get pepperoni plant and mushrooms?!"

" Of course my child, Sans sweet what would you like?"

" i'm good with anything, but i do need to know if you have ketchup here."

" Hmm? Yes we do."

" then i've got everything i need." He smiled brightly as Toriel gave him a pat. She walked along into the kitchen to make the call. Asriel insisted that he wanted to help call the order for his new found friend, so with that being said he followed his mother into the nice orange tiled kitchen. This gave Sans a moment to snoop around the living room which had a large couch, chairs, a soft velvet like rug, a T.V, desk, table, the normal things you'd find in a home. Photos of the family were placed above the fireplace's shelf. Photos of the queen and king getting married, dressing out in their royal attire, Toriel holding the small swaddled up Asriel in a white cloth, another of the baby goat blowing out birthday candles, and then... One that made Sans focus deeply into it. The photo was much grainier and old, a bit of the edges singed from fire. The picture contained that of his father and a plump skeleton standing next to him in smooth silk robes. The robes stood out the most, almost like The Riverperson's clothing in a strange way. The other skeleton was just a tad shorter than his father, smiling proudly to the camera as Gaster had his arm around her waist, as the other had their arm slung over Gaster's shoulder, giving the cameraman a victory symbol with their skeletal hand.

" You can keep that one if you want." Sans jumped up, he swore if he had skin, he'd have jumped out from it. With a quick turn of the heel his eyes focused onto the large king of monsters, lowering down to the table, calmly blowing steam from his cup of tea. He sat down, giving Sans a gentle smile, reminiscing the past within his eyes, before they looked down to his cup. " We were good friends with your parents... Losing her was hard for us, but much harder on your father. He loved her so much... If we had known she was bearing two other souls in her, we would have helped. Your father must have kept you two a secret, possibly thinking you both weren't going to make it. He probably didn't want to let us know, not wanting us to go through more pain, knowing I had just failed my people. We were all upset and wanted time to ourselves. Or maybe it was for other reasons, that I am not sure. Perhaps he wanted to keep himself and his family isolated... It is hard to keep your work and your loved ones apart from each other. When you mix the two, things happen... Like little Alphy's parents and Undyne's family."

He took a small sip, reaching his large paw out, patting the floor next to him, as to call Sans over. Sans walked over, sitting next to the colossal sized king. " If we had known of you and your brother sooner, we would have given that photo to you long ago. We had one of Alphy's and Undyne's families and handed them over to them to keep. We only had them to keep our memory strong and protected, knowing them in the past, knowing how much they meant to us." He raised the large white paw onto Sans' small shoulder bone. " I am thankful that you and your brother are here. You two must help Gaster to keep in line, that he has something to live for. Since your mother had fallen down, he had not been the same, living as a shell of his former self, but with you two, he broke out of most of it. And I'm glad for that, as I am for you helping with my family. Asriel is... A fragile child, knowing he has a friend in this world he can depend on, make me at ease. Like your father he has a shell of his own, but with you and the others, he's coming out of hiding."

" ... w-wow... that means a lot sir... i'm happy that i can help you and dad. a-and... thank you for the picture." Sans was shocked, for all the years about hearing this big mighty king and how he was on The Surface during the war, washed away once he had shared his feelings. He was a kind king, and a friend to all at heart. The large king got up, grabbing the frame, opening it gently and handing it to Sans who folded it neatly into his pocket.

" Just... Do not show your father, it might bring up painful memories."

" that explains why there's no pictures of her at my house..." Sans mumbled quietly so that Asgore couldn't hear him.

Asriel came running out from the kitchen to wave over to his dad then to Sans, " Pizza is on its way!"

" sweet! so what do you normally do when you wait for something?" Asriel fiddled with one of his floppy ears thinking, but more of just being quiet...


As Asriel lead Sans into his room, the skeleton gazed over, seeing drawings hung up with tape over some of the wall, a wardrobe with drawers, a nice tucked in bed, large salmon colored rug, and many stuffed monsters in a pile in the corner, neatly organized. He whistled out viewing over the room, especially when his eyes caught hold of fake star like gems over the ceiling. His eyes also stumbled onto a small table with child sized chairs around it, most of them being occupied by the stuffed monsters, while fake food, plates, and cups were placed n front of them. Asriel stood near the door, putting his hands behind his back, his foot nervously sliding around on the floor. Sans took a look back to the prince who tucked his head down. " It's girly I know....."

" ... nah, i understand dude. your pretty sensitive, and i'm not saying that in a rude way. it's fine, alphys does the same and heck, me and paps join her, even undyne... though she normally gets up and flips the table..." Asriel's cheeks blushed slightly as his new friend told him this. He giggled, imagining a very unhappy Undyne sitting at a table like his.

After a while Toriel knocked on the door to let the two know the pizza was here, " Come in!" Asriel called out politely, letting Toriel open the up to view Asriel dressed with a black tailcoat, black bowtie, fake monocle, and a tiny toy top hat. Meanwhile Sans had tied his sweater onto his waist, turned around to simulate as an apron, a floral looking unbuttoned shirt, and light blue cap with a fake white flower on the top of his skull.

Toriel help her mouth, trying not to giggle and instead remained calm to smile, " Pizza is here, do you two boys want to get it?"

Asriel nodded and got up, stretching out his tiny bow, trying to suave, " Of course madam."
Sans got out of the chair before placing a hand onto his chest, " ma'am, do you not see the hat? I am mrs. nesbitt, thank you very much. but as one lady to another... heck yeah." The two got to their normal attire, walking to the front door with Toriel.

Toriel opened the door for them, unveiling a tall lanky brownish cat like monster who donned a diner type of clothing, complete with the little white folded hat, holding three boxes of pizza. He wore a happy smile, as his other paw was on top that of a smaller cat, bundled into a blue baby carried. The toddler looked down, waving to the two. " hey burgy."

Burgy shyly responded with a simple nod, while the older cat handed the pizzas to the two boys. " 'Eyyy! Sansay boy, sup my amigo?!"

" not much zack, the baby carrier, loving it, pretty paw-some honestly."

The older cat laughed out, " Ohoho yeah! I get all the ladies with this baby~!" He smirked, putting his thumbs on the straps, " Chicks dig a man who can handle a kid! Am I right misses T?" He winked to Toriel who gave out a chuckle.

" Ohoho Zack, you cheeky monster you."

" And wanna' know what's even better than one baby? BAM!" He swerved around, arms raised out, thumb-upping to revel the carrier was one with the double carrying capabilities. There sat a much older looking version of Burgy who was in his early teens. His arms folded with a very unpleasant look on his face.

" Put me down you asshole, I can walk on my own!" he hissed out, only to be turned around as Toriel paid the older cat.

" Thank you~! See you around, miaou~!"


Flowey quietly snarled as his pot was placed on the living room's table in front of the T.V and the soft lumpy green couch. Sans was relaxing on one end, flipping through channels mindlessly as Frisk knelt on the floor, watching the channels sip one another. Suddenly the doorbell rang, making Frisk gasp out in joy, jumping up to the front door as Toriel aided them. " Fucking bullshit... Why does Frisk insist that, that obnoxious little brat spend the night?" Flowey growled out, seething with pure anger and hate.

" tch, you act like you've never had a sleep over. i'm sure you of all people would have a had a sleep over, considering you popped up to bundles of flower beds all over the underground, then slept there." Sans merely said, his half lidded eyes glancing to the angered flower.

" That's not what I meant you! YOU!... Hrnnnng!" Flowey quivered in a fit of rage, being reduced to nothing but sticking out of a damn clay pot with childish scribbling on it. It was a new low for him.

" don't pop a kernel there pal."

The golden flower soon calmed down as a thought twisted and wormed it's way into his head. He lowered himself from being stiffened from anger to a smug smile, " Well... Have you ever had a sleep over?"

" mmm... nah, not my style... but i did crash at alphys every now and then. but the reason for that is none of your business."

Flowey nodded silently, " Mmm-hm... No one else?"

" nada."

" Really?"

" yup." Flowey raised a brow, staring at Sans intently. The skeleton's gaze looked over to him before his normal smile shrunk slightly, " ... what's with the look?"
" Oh, nothing. Nothing at all... Mrs. Nesbitt." Sans' left eye flared up for a split second, before going back to normal. Sans' expression hadn't changed, making the flower upset. Sans was getting to good at covering up any type of shock or reaction. He hated how Sans stoop to the level of not reacting anymore, but Flowey had been the one to blame, making him feel rather ironically dead inside over the past years with all the resets. Deep down it had effected the flower's core... That and the fact that Sans denied personal matters, and lying about many things. Flowey's gaze turned its attention to Frisk chatting with the lizard like monsters with no arms, or maybe they had tiny T-Rex ones... Maybe wings hiding under their over-sized striped shirt. Frisk smiled brightly and hugged onto the monster child, which was a touching scene for Toriel who gave an affectionate smile.

Flowey gritted his teeth harshly, quivering in... was it rage? Or that of longing for a good feeling, maybe even reminiscing the past of his former life. It just wasn't fair... Everyone got to be with their friends except for him. Sure there was Frisk, but they didn't really count since they treated Flowey as a brother most of the time, not to mention Flowey denied them so much. Same with Papyrus who would always become friends with him, no matter what time-line. But it wasn't the same as it was in the past. Undyne, Alphys... The others moved on without remembering him at all... Chara was long gone, nowhere to be seen anymore, probably more than likely faded away at this point, not even lingering to Frisk anymore. And all the while Sans denied knowing Asriel... After all Flowey put him through, he couldn't blame him for trying to become friends again.

In Flowey's own little world, his friends forgotten him, his sibling dead, and his best friend had abandoned him. Flowey shook as Frisk and the monster kid ran up the stairs to go play and spend precious time together. Flowey's stem went limp while his petal drooped down. " what's up there buttercup?" And now his old friend was there to pour salt in the scarred wound.

" S-Shut u-up... Just... J-Just leave me alone..." He had done his best to never break down in front of anyone besides Frisk. If he cried like the crybaby he really was, it would know that he was actually rather vulnerable. No could know! No one could understand, no one could help...

" aww, the hard jerk flower is turning into a worry wort." Sans said smugly, knowing Flowey was vulnerable. Sure it was cruel, but he didn't care anymore since the plant made his life a living hell. Getting back at the flower wasn't all that bad... was it?

" I-I said... Shut up... J-J-Just-Just leave me alone dammit!" Flowey spoke up louder this time for Sans to get the message.

" say is that dew running down your petals or tears? 'cause honestly, hehehe, it looks like your crying."

Flowey jerked his head to the skeleton, not noticing Toriel was walking over, hearing the upset flower. " I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU BONEHEAD! JUST LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" He shrieked out, managing to make Toriel spooked as she jumped back. Even Sans leaned further to the couch's arm, with a small shocked look in his eyes. " YOU THINK I WANTED TO BE BROUGHT UP HERE?! HUH?! I JUST WANTED TO STAY DOWN BELOW AND ROT THERE JUST LIKE HOW I WAS MEANT TO! T-TO STAY THERE... BEING-B-Being... being left alone... Like always... Abandoned by everyone I knew... Being alone, scared... And forgotten..." Angry burning tears turning into bubbly sad ones, streaking down his face. He panted lightly to himself, trying to calm himself. His stem bent back as if to step back, seeing the skeleton in more shock now, while Toriel having her fingers over her mouth, equally shocked, possibly even worried and scared.

The three stayed in silence for a while before the pot was taken away. Frisk had gone downstairs after hearing the yelling. They quickly rushed off before either of the two monsters could say anything, let alone react at all. Flowey was still in his position, locked there, not being able to think or move. As soon as Frisk got up the stairs they sighed heavily, holding the pot up, giving a worried look. Flowey's blurred vision came back as he saw Frisk's face. He broke his stiffened stem and sniffled, calming down. Frisk gave a concerned smile, giving the flower a small kiss on the forehead. " ... Thanks Frisk..."

" Come on... I wanted to show my little brother to Kidd. My brother shouldn't be all by himself while I'm with a friend. Maybe... Maybe we could have a tea party?" Flowey sniffled again, looking to Frisk with watery eyes. He needed to think about something else for the moment.

Flowey nodded silently and sadly, keeping quiet, " That... That sounds nice..."

Chapter Text

The smaller skeleton chased, or well... slowly chased after the group of snails who were fleeing away from the toddler who was a giant compared to them. The snails slithered away from Papyrus, leaving a slimy gooey trail behind them. Toriel had been in charge of babysitting the two today, and brought them along with her to one of her favorite shops, The Snail Farm. It was run by about five ghosts, a married couple, and the husband's brother and sister who were currently divorced. Then the brother's new girlfriend who had a child of her own. It was a rather large family to say the least. Though monsters were made of magic and love, some did still break away from their soul mates oddly enough. They weren't perfect, no one was perfect in the world. The two ghastly parents had a small ghostly child who was around toddler age, and probably more than likely would have been friends with Undyne and Sans' group, but he was too shy. The small light green colored glob of a ghost watched as Sans and Asriel talked to each other, peeking his head from around the fencing. They poor thing was more shy than Asriel and would vanish once anyone outside his family said a single word to him. Sans's eyes caught the blob out from the corner, as he turned to smile to the ghost their white eyes grew bigger. The scrunched up and faded away into the air.

" man... that guys more spooked than you ever were Azzy."

" We-Well... I could understand, but I guess it's hard when you can disappear like that. I would have done that if I had that ability."

" well, i'm still glad that you didn't or else we wouldn't be here no, now would we?" Sans asked in a smug tone, receiving a small glare from the prince, making his ever constant smile widen. Just then a slightly bigger sheet looking ghost colored in a translucent light color of orange appeared before the two children all the while Toriel was busy talking to the parents who had invited her into the home for some tea while the kids played in the farming area.

The orange one snarled out to the two friends, glaring deeply at them, flailing and contorting his flabby body all around, " ARRRRRRGH! DON'T PICK ON MY LITTLE COUSINS YOU BIG BULLIES!" Asriel bleated out in horror, jumping behind Sans, placing his paws on his shoulder bones, cowering behind him as his eyes kept shut to avoid eye contact of the angered spirit. " YEAH YOU HAD BETTER STAY BEHIND THE BIGGER MONSTER! Then again... YOUR SHORT TOO! YOUR MADE OUTTA BONES-YOUR PROBABLY AS BRITTLE AS WE GET!" He kept up yelling at Sans who was startled at first by how loud it was, but suddenly went into his collective, calm, and cool mode when normally facing the forest bullies. It was best not to let anyone ever get to him, otherwise how would he stand up for his little brother? And now that he was training to become a judge, he had to be even stronger and braver than he was before. Before training, he could swing a punch, but was more on the defense and just talk... Now with his 'medication' he had become stronger and had more of a bite.

Sans gave out a tired sigh, " look buddy we were just trying to say hi, we didn't hurt him or his feelings-"

The ghost snapped out at him, still aggressive to the older child, " YOU SPOOKED HIM! NO ONE SCARES MY COUSIN AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!" Sans lifted a non-visible brow, tilting his head before grinning to the specter, raising his small shoulders up with his arms and shaking his head, chuckling.

" I'd calm down if I were you buddy, or you might get a booboo." Asriel shakily lifted open an eyes to watch Sans talk back the ghoul with the best way he knew how when messing with someone younger than him... With puns. If the ghost had been any older, Sans would have threatened him like the forest teens, but would never harm someone younger.

The already more than angered ghost child got riled up more, " OH YEAH?! I CAN TAKE YOU ON! COME ON! LET'S GO! FIGHT ME!"

Sans snickered to himself, letting Asriel overhear how confident he really was, " what? you're gonna' kick my pelvis around? what happens if i do it to you? do you even have a butt? or do you you have a boo-ty?" The slightly smaller monster behind Sans held his muzzle with his snow white paws, not to laugh out. Ever little kid loved the butt jokes, considering Papyrus overheard and giggled out, trying to make himself be quiet. The mad ghost glared over at the younger skeleton before his attention went back to Sans.

The ghost's cheeks were slowly growing into a red color, " ST-STOP SAYING THOSE HORRIBLE BOO JOKES!"

Sans' pupils glimmered as he saw the opportunity the ghost had just given him without even knowing it, " boo jokes? ohhh! you mean like knock, knock?"


" ... knock-knock."

" knock-knock."

The spirit thrashed it's sheet like boy around, stubby hands pulling the sides of its cheeks, " WHOSE THERE?!"

" boo."


" just me, but i'm not sure why your crying." The mad ghost slowly looked over to him, seeing Sans having the biggest smile spread across his face. The prince giggling from behind him, making the ghost wonder how someone could find this funny? The ghost's orange color soon degraded into that of a dark red before brightening itself until he was a full shade of bright crimson. He shook their uncontrollably as he seethed in pure hate. Both Papyrus and Asriel ducked, thinking he'd literally explode from being so pissed off, all while Sans stood his ground, watching the event unfold. Before the red coated ghost could do anything more, a high pitched voice spoke out from nearby them all.

" Oh my gosh! Madstablook, stop that! Your upsetting Blooky!" A pink shaded ghost roughly an inch or two shorter floated over to them all, nodding his head over so that a small strand of pink like hair flipped over one of their eyes. Behind him was a another ghost, about three inches smaller, hovered right behind him, cowering as Asriel did. The smaller light blue ghost's eyes wobbled about, ectoplasmic tears growing in the corners of his large eyes. The now reddened ghost slowly went back to his normal orange color, exhaling a large amount of air for making himself puff up so much. " Their just here to while the grown-ups are talking, jeez! You're such a drama queen! What if they just wanna' be your friends?"

The orange floating blob of ectoplasm huffed angrily, puffing up his cheeks, " I don't need friends! I've got knives! AHAHAHAHAHA!" He cackled out madly, making him sound even crazier than before as a floating spoon hovered over to him.

Asriel squinted his eyes before perking up from behind his friend. " That's not a knife, that's a spoon..."

" Eh....." Madstablooks eyes darted to the silverware floating with his magic, nervously darting the now worried panicked eyes around, " Uhm...Er... I'M OUT!" The small ghost dropped the spoon before floating away quickly into The Waterfall's wall, vanishing from sight. The pink ghost sighed loudly, hovering to the two monsters.

" Sorry about that. Madstablook is... Hard to deal with."

Sans scoffed, rolling the white glowing pupils, " tch, no kidding... anyways, he must know that this kid here is the prince right?"

" Yeah, but he doesn't really care."

" wow, rude."

The pink spirit flipped his strand of hair again, nodding in agreement, " He's mostly just talk, don't worry. Anyways, I'm Happstablook~! This is my younger cousin Napstablook! Say Hi Blooky~!"

" O-Oh...uhm...h-hi..." Napstablook spoke out before vanishing away... then reappearing behind the fencing only to unknowingly bet hugged by the skeleton toddler, who phases right through him. " O-OH! O-Ohhh! Uhm..I-I! Oh no, ehhh I'm so sorry...I...Ehhh..." The light blue blob faded away before Papyrus could tell him it was fine, leaving the toddler slightly disappointed.

" ... He'll come back don't worry." Happstablook reassured. Sans tried to poke the mellowed pink ghost, only for his hand to go right through him, " huh... cool, never seen a ghost before. let alone a sophisticated kid."

Happstablook twirled in place, winking his eye, " Got that right~! My mom has taught me many things, such as manners and style. Sides, never seen a skeleton before-and which I must say, your baby brother is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen!" He waved a stubby nub to Papyrus who waved back, slightly confused.

Sans soon sat down next, leaning his back to the fencing while his friend hopped on top of the wood, dangling his feet off to watch Papyrus try his best to look for the shy blue ghost. " so what do you ghosts normally do? besides ya know... boombling about?"

The pink ghost rolled his one visibly bright eye, just ignoring the pun instead of engaging it like his angry cousin had. " Most of what other kids do... Except we have the best sport ever!"

Asriel looked over to his side, " Like Nose-Nuzzle?"

" Hehehe! Noooo, silly~! Snail racing!" Asriel's eyes grew into amazement, as if thinking it was the best thing ever, gasping out a bit, making the skeleton laugh at what a dork the prince was.

" hehehe, really? snail racing? is it that extreme?"

" Ohoho... You have no... Idea." Happstablook grinned evilly.


" oh, man! he's never gonna' make it over that next pebble!" Yelled out Sans. The skeletons brothers watched several snails speed their way to some lettuce that the ghosts used to feed the snails daily. They only placed it a little bit away from a large group, making the snails crawl to it without tiring them out. Asriel seemed invested as he leaned his upper torso through the gap of the fence, as two of the four child ghosts cheered on the snails. The shy green one was busy helping Napstablook gather up snails that were too far away from the food, by gently scooping them up somehow, then placing them onto the damp blue ground. Sans finally gasped as Papyrus cheered the little snail on, " wait, wait! oh my god! he made it!"

The children cheered, waving their arms or in the case of the ghost, their stubby nubs up, waving them in excitement. Even the angered ghost seemed to have calm down by the 'sport', while the two shy ones were getting a bit closer, but still keeping their distance.

" SUP PUNKS?!" Screamed out a familiar voice that made the entire group look over, making the small green ghost vanish quickly as stomping of boots came towards them. Undyne ran over, her boots splashing against the water of small puddles, jumping onto the fencing, making Asriel bleat out and falling over into the small area of the farm where the snails resided in.

" UNDYNE!" Papyrus then started to bounce up and down, happy to see her.

" Thought I smelled fish..." Mumbled the angry orange spirit, avoiding her eye contact.

" Hey, screw you too Mads! You're just jealous 'cuz I'm stronger than you!" She folded her arms, grinning her sharp teeth proudly.

Papyrus conjured up a bright orange colored tongue, sticking it out at her to blow a raspberry, " NU-UH! SANS IS! RIGHT BROTHER?! YOU GOT REALLY STRONG!" As much as the toddler looked up to his fishy friend, he always had his brother first at heart. But it was actually true... Papyrus just didn't know how exactly, but he had overheard from Gaster that he had gotten stronger.

" Hmm? Is that so Sansy boy?!" Undyne questioned, making the other skeleton rub the back of his neck embarrassingly from the praise his brother had given him.
" we-well... i have been training with my dad ever since those bullies hurt azzy." Asriel noticed his name being said, looking over to the sweater bundled skeleton. A small blush growing on his cheeks, thinking that it that was pretty sweet of him to worry so much to start training.

" All right then... YOU AND ME! Right here... RIGHT NOW! Let's spar!"

" NNNO! YOU MIGHT HURT THE SNAILS!" The three remaining ghosts, Papyrus, and Asriel yelled out, all looking extremely worried... Well except Madstablook who just looked to be in a fury of anger.

" UGH! Alright fine! ... You, me, over to that space where the path splits ways near the dump!"

" jeez undyne i don't... i mean we are waiting for azzy's mo-ahhhhh!" He was suddenly pulled away, being dragged by his older friend. He sighed to himself, thinking of who to blame. Probably Undyne since she was always such an adrenaline junkie. Papyrus might have been one to blame, but he was just a small toddler who believed in his big brother too much. Was that so wrong? Undyne let him go as she had dragged the skeleton along by his hoodie, running over to some free space to face her opponent. Asriel stayed close by with the others, making sure they stayed behind him and to the side. He knew how rough Undyne could be at sparring, even if she had never hit his dad. But had seen a bruise or two from Gerson. The only reason she never fought off against Asriel was because he would fall over and start crying.

Undyne hopped around her spot as Sans stood up, dusting the back of his pants. The gilled girl bounced up and down, side to side, throwing punches at the air, psyching herself up. " Let's go! Let's go! Come on!"

" undyne just calm down, i mean it's not like we're in a real battle or anythi-" A blue neon spear sprung by Sans' face from just a few inches away before plunging into the ground, cracking the rubble. The skeleton didn't get a second chance before Undyne swung a glowing spear in her hands, making a small cut on his cheek bone.


Sans quickly jumped back as his friend grinned, taking a step forward, using another hard swing. He quickly turned around, high tailing it away from the aggressive fish who chased him. " NRG! STOP RUNNING!" Undyne skidded to a halt, summoning several glowing spears, shooting them to the fleeing skeleton who either managed to out run them, dodge them, or with them just missing him completely. Either way it was making Sans' bones rattle for sure. He ran up to a wall of The Waterfalls, looking over his shoulder, white snowy pupils snapping to her attention. His sight catching just enough that she was about to throw more spears to his direction. Undyne never knew when to take a spar lightly... One of the main reasons the forest teens ran away from her. Sans' felt his soul tingle, magic surging through his bones, making both of his pupils brighten up. Both pupils had a blue tinted aura around them, with a mix of yellow sparking in the mist flowing out from his eye sockets. Sans' mind nagged him that he was cornered, and how bad Gaster's training was, making him more defensive and scared. The skeleton summoned up a bone from his own magic, and commanded it to be flung to Undyne. The glow in his eyes became a large mist seeping from magic, while something deep in his soul stung him painfully.

All Sans could remember was white... Pure white like his bones or Asriel's soft fur... That was funny, he felt like his bones were being brushed up against fur... It was nice... It was so soft and warm. He didn't see anything but white, not even his hands were inside as they held onto the fluffy thing. A ringing buzzed in his skull, a constant tone humming the same note. This felt nice... why did he feel tired? " NSS!" What was that? " HNSHS!" There it was again.. Some muffled voice being blocked away from the loud hum... That hum was getting a lot louder... Really loud! It got so loud to where Sans had to shut his eyes as it got louder, and louder. The ringing suddenly stopped at the sound of a loud pop. The muffled voices were starting to get clearer. " ANS!" ...... " SANS!" Who was calling him? He opened his eyes slowly, a white and green blue melding into shapes until everything came to him. " SANS!" Asriel was sobbing, looking down at his friend who was on the ground for some reason. His hands were clinging to Asriel's shirt like he was hanging onto dear life.

" wuh..." Sans mumbled out, finally letting go of the prince's shirt and sitting up. Asriel looked terrified, more terrified than he had been with the bullies. It took a moment to notice his paws were stained with a blue liquid. " azzy?"


" wait wha-what happen? where's paps?" He peeked out from the side of his friend who was obscuring his vision. Nearby was Toriel hovering her hands over a passed out Undyne. Her large paws glowed brightly as they stayed above her left eye. She looked panicked. Sans couldn't tell why until he noticed a blue liquid was splattered all around Undyne's head, dripping from her left eye. " u-undyne!" Sans reached out, only to have Asriel grab his arm to keep him put. He was so confused and wanted answers. But two the goats were busy healing or crying. That was until Asriel froze up, staring behind Sans. Sans felt an uneasy feeling behind him, looking over to see his father.


Sans sat there in the lab's lobby, feet dangling from the chair as he felt terribly disappointed in himself. He couldn't believe that he had nearly skewered out his friends eye with a sharpened end of a bone. He could have sworn the bone was just a normal one-not having a sharpened tip... He must have terrified everyone there... Poor Papyrus just witnessed this, along with his new friend. Thankfully Undyne had her back to them, so for the very least they didn't see it go into her eye. From what he could make out, he had slightly snapped and shot it at Undyne. Madstablook went to the farm to tell the ghosts and Toriel. Asriel had tried to help Undyne until his mother got there. Once the adults arrive the ghosts took their children and Papyrus to the farm. Asriel had stayed by Sans' side since he couldn't help with Undyne's injury. Apparently Sans went into shock and collapsed, making Asriel trying to wake him up, snatching up his cell phone and calling Gaster.
Gaster walked out with another lanky monster. A dark brown furred cat, whose whiskers were just a mess. Sans could tell it was Burgy's and Zack's uncle, almost as intelligent as his own father, but more nervous and cowardly, quite the opposite of Gaster. The two walked over to Sans who was in a stupor, crying his sockets out. Gaster sighed, " Undyne is fine. Tori managed to heal her up quite nicely. Except... She may be blind in that eye and not have much focus on her magic anymore. And that could make here pretty dangerous when it comes to training. Considering the bone pierced a nerve that controls her flow of magic to target things..."

" bu-but she...she loves training-s-saying that she can't do it will make the world end for her! is there nothing you can do?!"

" No, I'm sorry son... It's not like we have any donors who'd be willing to give up their control of directing their magic."

Both scientists looked down in shame, out of all the knowledge, they couldn't fix her up. That was until the cat monster told the head scientist he'd be right back, leaving the two alone. Sans held his father's hand, slipping his finger through the hole, making the older monster look over. " i'll do it."

" What?! Blast it boy, how will you become a judge if you can't-"

" determination." Gaster paused as he thought quietly to himself. " if what you've been saying is right. over time that nerve won't be needed if given enough determination. that amount of determination can easily make my remaining eye better, and be able to direct my attacks with no problem. we just... we just need to hope that i don't lose it all and become blind in my eye."

Gaster took a deep breath, " Sans, I can't have you do tha-"

" what good am i as a judge if i can't help anyone lower than the future king?!" Gaster gritted his teeth, not sure of the idea. But Sans had a point... And it would technically be in the name of friendship, and not to mention science.

" ... Very well."


Each of the eyes glared at each other. All until the pale black eye with a blue dot hid behind blue scaly lids. A clamor was heard as the Royal Guards cursed under their doggy breaths. Undyne leaned back into her chair, taking a quick snap at some fries Grillby had just served her. She chuckled, " Guys, I only stopped 'cuz I smelt those fries! I'm starved!" She explained, clasping his hands together, eagerly rubbing them as her one good eye looked at her fries. She licked her lips as the dogs went to eat their food as well. Undyne strapped her eye-patch over the oddly placed eye, grinning to her enemy of the staring contest. Sans chuckled as he was about to take a sip from his ketchup bottle. The two had made their odd eyes go into a staring duel, only that Undyne's was much worse. Sans' right eye wasn't badly damaged as Undyne's, it was hard to tell that something was wrong with it. He could see just fine, so the only time anyone could see it didn't glow in magic was from him being mad. But that hardly ever happened. " Hehe, that was a good stare Sans!" Undyne cheered her friend who winked to her.

" hey what can i say? i've always got an eye on you." Unknown to the monsters in the restaurant, a small flower had been peeking in from the window. Flowey huffed in the chilly air, only he, Sans, and Alphys knew the true hidden power behind the fish's eyes. She didn't even know that it held a small bit of determination. It slipped into her ever since Sans had his father extract the magic from his right eye and into Undyne's left.

The flower sighed and shivered from the cold breeze. He soon dug into the dirt, popping up at The Waterfalls, looking over the area, remembering clearly of what had transpired there long ago. The only thing that would wonder in this area was Shyren hiding or singing to herself. He shook himself of the old far out memory, trying to cover it with recent ones, like how that orange ghost had moved into that stupid training dummy. Speaking of the ghosts... He started to recall the shy one had hid in the ruins somewhere. The pink had become the star; Mettaton. While the parents of them all had moved out and into the capital, leaving the four behind once old enough. Now the three had left poor Napstablook alone. The worrisome ghost probably felt like him... When Flowey needed to mellow out from being constantly pissed off or sad, he would visit Napstablook... Every time line had him pop in by the ghost, and he was quite welcome. The ghost hadn't felt joy in a long time, while Flowey couldn't. It was perfect. Flowey needed his mind to go elsewhere for the moment, so he dug into the earth, popping up in front the droopy house. A vine sprawled out, wrapping around itself to finally knock the door. The door opened slowly as Nasptablook looked around wearing his headphones around his... neck? " Down here."

The ghost looked down and shyly hovered away to let Flowey in who only rolled his eyes, digging into the ground. As the door closed, Flowey had managed to pop up through a cracked part of the floor. It had been there for a while from being an old home, and would go back to looking like normal flooring once the flower slid into the ground. " He-Hey Flowey... How's... How's it going?"

" Mmm, bout the same as you." The ghost nodded silently as he floated over to his computer. His nubby hand clicking the mouse's button, turning on calm music. He went back to his guest who already had his stem laying on the floor. Napstablook then laid on his back beside the plant, both staring at the ceiling, feeling the universe pass by them as they felt like garbage. " ..... Do you ever wish you could rewind time? Like... Before your cousins left?"

" All the time... What about you? if you could rewind to anywhere, where would it be?"

Flowey squirmed his stem a bit, " I think... I think before anything really bad happened."

" What do you mean?"

" Just... Something that happen in the past. I would change things. Then my friend wouldn't have left me. Then I'd have someone to listen to clearly to tell me what I was planning was a bad idea. Then maybe people would remember my friend. And I wouldn't have gotten hurt."

Napstablook sighed softly, " That sounds like a lot... I understand. No one wants to be alone. Not even me or a tiny spider in the ruins. I know that old lady feels lonely, but... I'm too scared to talk to her. Even as a kid when I'd see her. All I remember is that she was some lady who bought snails."

" Yeah... She's a sweet lady."

" You've talk to her?"

" Yeah... I'm just not good at making friends I guess you could say." The flower lied to his neutral friend. Best to lie than to tell him he can't feel any good emotion.

" O-Oh... Oh... I'm sorry to hear that... Maybe... Maybe we could be friends?"

" It wouldn't work. I get upset easy and then angry-"

" My cousin did too." Napstablook butted in for once. He was only hopeful of finally having a friend.

" Yeah but. I-I'm. I'm worse... I hurt people when I don't mean it. And what monster hurts their friend?"

" Oh... Y-yeah, that would be difficult... Sorry."

The flower sighed as he closed his eyes, " It's fine... Let's just be mutuals and listen to the music."

" S-Sure..." Napstablook continued to watch the ceiling, he was never one to press a subject for long. That's something Flowey liked besides his apathetic attitude. He could have someone he could relate too, if only slightly.


Toriel knelt down to Frisk's level and embraced them into w large warm hug, kissing their forehead before letting go and standing back up. " Now Frisk dear, please be good for the ghosts while the skeletons go shopping and while me and..." Her face seemed irked, " Asgore... Have to go to a meeting. Okay?" Frisk nodded as a semi-sleep monster child yawned, waiting for his friend near Flowey. Toriel then patted their brown hair and hollered, " DREEMURR HURRY UP!"

" THE SUIT IS STUCK!" Asgore miserably cried out from another room, making the female like clone as Papyrus would call her, rather upset. She grumbled to herself as she stomped off to help the large kind ex-king. Frisk sighed with a small smile, they were sad Toriel wasn't going to give the big guy another chance, and in his case he wasn't exactly innocent... But he only did it for the best of his kingdom. Frisk knew deep down when the two fought, they could see a glimpse of a tear or two dripping out his hardened eyes.

All the while that was going on a large pink tinted ghost around Frisk's size chatted to the taller of the skeleton brothers, " Papy, don't worry~! Me, Blooky, and Mads will take care of them just fine! We got the okay from deary Tori you goofy skeleton you~!" The ghost giggled into his tiny nubs of hands before flipping his strand of hair.

" I KNOW, BUT... BUT ARE YOU QUITE SURE YOU CAN DO THIS WITHOUT ERM... WELL, WHILE YOUR BODY IS BEING UPGRADED? I MEAN, I WOULD FIND IT CERTAINLY HARD TO DO THINGS WITHOUT A BODY MYSELF. LET ALONE HAVING IT ON HOLD WHILE UNDYNE QUITE FORCEFULLY TOOK ALPHYS ON A DATE." Papyrus fiddled with his gloves, trying his best to smile to the joyful ghost. Frisk over-heard this as they walked into another room, leaving their family to go talk to someone in particular. All they could think of was Papyrus saying 'Undyne forcefully taking Alphys on a date'. The poor nerdy lizard was caught up on working on Happstablook's, or rather Mettaton's body that she hadn't noticed her and the fish had arranged a date. That being said, Undyne nearly tore the hinges of the door with a kick, stomping over to pick up Alphys over her red head and shouting, ' YOU! ME! DATE! NOW!' and then carrying Alphys out all the while the chubby lizard flailed about. Frisk giggled to themselves, they always loved how Undyne would get riled up and take Alphys out somewhere by just picking her up and running off.

Frisk finally made it to the one person they sought out, their dunkle. Sans was busy on messing with his magic of levitation or telekinesis, which was a first to the child's surprise. Normally he'd be sleeping, run off somewhere or just kinda sit there and think. Perhaps he was starting to finally gain back some hope, knowing the small twelve year old wasn't going to reset again, letting them live peacefully and happily. Sans suddenly stopped, a bone floating in mid air that had been twirling away, stopped. With a look over the shoulder, he saw the small savior of monster-kind walk over to him, " heh, sup kiddo?"

Frisk gave a worried smile, reaching into their back pocket of their jeans and pulling out a folded up paper. Unfolding the small paper reviled a child like drawing of the laid back yet stubborn skeleton saying sorry to a flower. Frisk held it in front of their face, hiding their nervousness, before lowering it to where their eyes met Sans. Sans sighed, rubbing the back of his neck bones, " ah jeez kid... i know, i shouldn't have pushed the daisy up like that-trust me tori kinda got onto me about it. everyone's giving him a chance-but kid... just try and understand okay? i just can't do it, he's rude, selfish, and stubborn like a little snot nosed brat. i know he's made my life a living hell until you showed up, even if i only catch the past timelines as nightmare snippets, but seriously kid. i can't forgive him-" Sans immediately stopped as he saw water leak from the small child's eyes. " oh no-nononono! ki-kid, no stop crying! tori will kill me! oh jeez-uhm...uh... okay, fine i'll try it! but keep in mind, i said 'try', got it? no promises." Frisk sniffled, wiping their tears away with their sleeve and nodding. " your killing me kid, your killing."

Frisk looked over from the corner to see their tiny flower sibling talk casually to their orange friend. Even when Sans poked his head out above Frisk's, he was taken back from the conversation. Flowey was actually just talking with the monster kid. He wasn't swearing, insulting, or spitting out threats... Okay that wasn't true he was cursing, but not at the child, but casually as friends would do once older. Frisk moved from below their dunkle and pushed the skeleton over, which made Sans' body nearly jump since he was invested in the conversation. The small child managed to shove him over to the table, letting the other two look up at him. Sans was greeted by a friendly smile from the other child, and of course a glare from the plant.

" uhm hey... look, uh, buttercup-" This only made the flower watch him more pissed off, receiving a hateful glare instead of an annoyed one. " i just. uhm. i just wanted to say that i'm...i'm.i'm...i can't do it kid! i just can't do it!" Sans swerved around letting Frisk know the short lived gig was up, as he flung out his arms in the air in front of him.

" You... You wanted to apologize?" Flowey spoke up, Frisk and Kidd noticing he had a small hopeful look on his face. Sans on the other hand folded his arms, shutting his eyes, avoiding eye contact at the plant.

" no. no i don't." Frisk's mouth popped open as they noticed Sans didn't even look at the flower's gentle face as he said it. Flowey's hopeful face was soon replaced with one of pure scorn.


Sans snapped over to the flower, normally he didn't let the anger get to him, but finally being free, finally not worrying about the resets, he could finally give up most of his laid back charade, " listen flower, if it wasn't for the kid, you'd be in the worst time of your life." He said lowly, a blue flame covering his left eye as the other pupil faded away. The two glared at the other before Sans walked off, grabbing Papyrus by the red scarf, " c'mon paps, let's get going before traffic hits."

" NYEH! OH-OK THEN SANS! UHM! I'LL SEE LATER TONIGHT FRIENDS!" Right after Papyrus was dragged out of the entrance, an equally frustrated Toriel exited much like Sans, only to be pulling Asgore out by his big dangling ear. And with that the door was closed, making Frisk sigh and sit down disappointed in themselves. They just wanted everyone to be happy...

" Frisk... Look, Sans will always be stubborn in his own way. And well... So will I. I'd wish I could help, but ya know eheh... No soul." Flowey looked over to them as Kidd tried his best to hug them despite having no arms. Frisk nodded silently before wrapping their arms around Kidd and nuzzling up to them. The small monster's tail moved around the back of Frisk like an arm, calming them.

The pink ghostly blob hovered over them, unsure what they were upset about, made him frown before a light bulb went off in his head, " Hey, hey! Cheer up guys~! How about we make some muffins and popcorn, and then watch a loooovely movie, your pick~!" He winked his single visible eye, making the two children move out of their saddened funk. " Erm, Flowey right? Mind staying here while we make the muffins?"
The apathetic flower avoided eye contact as his beady eye shifted away, " Sure why not..."


With that the children followed Happstablook into the kitchen. While the two helped with the mix, the shy Napstablook came out of hiding, getting a happy hug from Frisk. Ever since he was reunited with his family, Napstablook started to make himself solid like Happstablook, being able to pick up various things, press buttons, type, or anything else. He squeaked as he was suddenly hugged before blushing up a tinge of soft blue and smiling to Frisk. " O-oh, rig-right we're watching the kids. He-Hey uhm Frisk?" The child tilted their head. " W-When we're waiting for the muffins to bake... Maybe before... uhm... Any movies we could... Feel like trash, i-if you want that is."

" Lay like trash?" Kidd asked as he watched Happstablook pour the batter into sections of the bumped flimsy tray used for cupcakes and such.

Happstablook giggled, " It's a family tradition~! So what say you darling?" Frisk nodded as they smiled brightly. They strolled over to the oven, opening it for the ghost.

" You'll like it." They said quietly to their lizard friend who wagged his long tail happily. Ever since he and Frisk became friends, he'd try anything they did, while Frisk would for him.

" Yo! Okay! Sure thing! Just don't tell me parents that I made myself feel like trash." He chuckled out as the pink ghost pushed in the tray, Frisk then closing up the oven and setting the timer.

" It's a wonderful idea Blooky~!"

" O-Oh... I-It's... It's nothing...." Nasptablook said shyly, looking to the tiled floor with a small smile.

" Wait a moment... If your here and I'm here... Where's Mads?" Both Napstablook and Frisk looked up and over the pink ghost, eyes grown wide. As if on cue they all heard loud angered yelling, making Frisk dash out and to the living room.

In the room was Flowey, glaring coldly at a training dummy that looked more like an alligator with that type of snout, or something with a large snout. Stitches placed all around it's torso, concealing sharp teeth underneath it, as it was placed on a type of pole, letting it stand up. It's hard scowl rivaled that of Flowey's, showing how upset and angry it was. Nobody was happy with happy with this... Frisk gulped, before slowly stepping over to the two angry, non-armed entities who were in a death stare of a contest. Once Frisk was close enough to the table that held the pot they opened their mouth to saying something, only to be rudely interrupted by the Mad Dummy, " OH DON'T YOU START KID! THIS LITTLE PUNK-ASS FLOWER HAS ALREADY GOTTEN ME RILED UP!"

Flowey gasped out before his sharp fangs stuck out, threatening the dummy who was lifting up his upper torso to show off his own teeth. Flowey's eyes sunk in, letting the two only make out white pupils in the hollow blackness of his eyes. He snapped out at the dummy, his stem leaning all the way foreword as he hissed, " DON'T TALK TO THEM LIKE THAT YOU SON OF A BITCH! ONLY I CAN YELL AT THEM LIKE THAT! THEIR MINE TO YELL AT! NOT YOURS!" Frisk didn't know whether to feel glad that Flowey kinda cared... Or disgruntled considering they were his to yell out at.

Just then the other three came in, the pink ghost holding a spoon full of the mix while puffing up his cheeks, glaring at the two who yelled, " Girls! Girls! ... Your both pretty." He flailed his stubby hands, getting their attention.

" WHAT?! I AM NOT A GIRL, YOU GIRLY DUMMY!" Spat out the increasingly pissed off dummy while Flowey's face reverted to his innocent look, winking to them.

" Bitch, you know it~!" The dummy stopped his irate ranting, turning to the flower.

" NO YOU AREN'T! YOU JUST A STUPID PANSY! ARRRRRRRRRRGH!" Happstablook sighed as Frisk nabbed the spoon away, walking to the Mad Dummy and staring at him. " THE HELL YOU LOOKIN' A-" As his mouth opened up, Frisk quickly shoved the spoon filled with batter into his mouth, then wrapping their arm around the muzzle as he flailed his detached head wildly, just until Frisk heard a gulp. The child let go, backing away as the dummy made horrid faces of hacking and coughing, " OH GOD! AURGH! ACK! BLEH! ACCCCK! AHHHH-Actually that tastes pretty good." The dummy calmed down extremely quickly, licking it's clothed lips.
Frisk giggled along with Kidd, while Napstablook came back to them with a radio, hooking up a wire and an iPod to it. Happstablook sighed in relief and twirled in place, " Good, now that your calmed down, we're going to feel like garbage to wait for the muffins, and then movie time~." He winked to his angry cousin who nodded. Despite all their rage, he'd never pass up 'Garbage Time'. Frisk explained what the ghosts did, helping him onto his back to lay on the ground while the two ghosts did do already. The dummy levitated himself with his own magic, slowly placing his back onto the fuzzy shag rug. Once everyone had laid down to look at the ceiling above them, Flowey grew out his stem, slithering next to Frisk, joining the group.

Since this was Kidd's first time, his eyes were glued to the ceiling all while calming music played for them. It felt like an out of body experience with the galaxy swirling around them at a gentle pace, " Yooooo...." Each of them had their own experience of being in the peaceful trance. For Flowey it was him closing his eyes and remembering the better times. The times he had spent with his deceased sibling... Laughing, playing, being happy... Then came the memories that were so far behind Chara's... Being with his first friend, and possibly his best, spending time together. Flowey curled himself up, shaking, wanting the past to override the future. To still be friends, to live happily, to finally feel again. As the others were entranced Frisk could feel something bad. They turned their head to watch their tiny flower friend shudder in emotional pain. Frisk turned their head to look above again, feeling hopeless to help the poor plant. They had to do something...

Chapter Text

Snow angels littered the open space of a snowy yard, several children making their very own special ones, like each snowflake being different in their own way. Each seemed to be in pairs, almost holding their wings out to each other, connecting just barely. One pair were of two small toddler like figures, one with triangular points sticking from the head, as the other had long bunny type ears, molded into the ice below. Another pair was much larger with fins indented into the plush snow next to a short chubbier version with a long dangling tail, almost making the snow angel, fish like... or that of a messed up jellyfish. Nearby lay another couple, again two triangular ears popping out parked right next to an incredibly small angel whose head looked more like a then skull. Asriel gazed at all of the angels the children had done for today's field trip. His mother had talked to each parental guardian, receiving an okay to take the kids off to have some fun. Others were busy, but deep down she was content with the group she was keeping eye over.

The small goat like monster leaned over, pulling on something to help gain it's ground back. With a small grunt he managed to pull up the very slightly taller skeleton. Sans' hand gripped tightly to Asriel's arm as Asriel did the same to the skeleton's blue sleeve. Without too much effort the two managed to pull up the skeleton to stand right next to the fluffy prince. After departing each other's arms, Sans whisked his head down to see his own snow angel imprinted into the equally bone white snow. A grin spread across his face, playfully pushing down the prince into the snow. Asriel let out a small startled bleat as he crashed into the soft ice. With all that warm fur, Asriel hadn't minded the cold tempter at all. " okay azzy, now just do what i showed ya." Sans instructed his younger friend who stuck his tongue out at him, a small bitter payback for pushing him down unaware. The prince of monsters swayed his arms up and down, while his jeaned legs went side to side. After a good minute Sans leant down, Asriel then taking his hand. With another pull from the two, Asriel looked over at his former self that laid in the snow. The shape was like the others, except for two floppy ear printed into the snow, poking out of the head. Sans snickered quietly, " aww, that's adorable."

" Oh hush." Asriel teased him, shaking his body off from the ice that had latched onto him. " Sides, I like your angel way better."

" no way dude, yours has floppy ears! floppy ears! i can't compete with that!" The two laughed as they headed over to the group of children who sat in a circle, Toriel being at one end of it, having two empty spots from the other end. Each child sat on a small colored mat, to save them from sitting in the cold snow. Each had their own small meal to eat up before their next activity started. Toriel had already placed the lunch bags onto the mats for the two who came over. Sans and Asriel each sat on their own private mat, opening up their crumpled up bag and taking out the foods that were packed deeply inside.

The children had wanted to make snow angels when they first met up, not letting Toriel have a moment to actually meet them. So now since they had been settled down, she could evaluate the three kids she hadn't met. " So, my children. Who are these three new little ones?" Her furry head tilting to the older ones who knew about the other three.

Sans chuckled, leaning over slowly as the husky child nibbled his food. Doggo hadn't said anything since he was too busy eating his food, while the other toddler kept quiet, being fairly shy, letting the older ones speak up for them. Sans slapped the back of Doggo, making the canine yelp, clutching his cane and swinging it at Sans. The skeleton swiftly moved away, not being hit with the small blow, making Doggo swing it around, " AHHHH! SOMETHING MOVED I KNOW IT!
" hehehe... this is doggo, me and him have been pretty good friends. 'cept first day we met he tried to gnaw on my arm."

Doggo growled, ears folding back, " Dang-it Sans! You know I hate when people do that!"

Undyne then spoke up, her booming voice yelled out as normal, " Yeah! He's also being trained to be a Royal Guard to become like Lesser, Greater, Miss Dogeressa, and Mister Dogamy! He's gonna' be so awesome once he's in!" The gilled girl gave her usual grin. Toriel thanked the fish, still feeling bad that her she had to wear a white gauze bandage over her eye. She tried to help the girl so much... Thankfully Gaster had let her know Undyne would be fine. Alphys nervously shifted her eyes to the snow to Undyne's patched eye. Only she and Sans knew Sans' proceeded to help her. She had been unconscious when it was done. The only other one who knew was Asriel, but that was only between Sans and him.

Toriel then pondered, before looking at the husky who was still trying to swing at the cheeky skeleton. Sans noticed the thoughtful look and smiled, rubbing his knuckle bones to his sweater, " heh, don't worry about him miss tori, he's not blind. he just has trouble seeing, but man when he sees something move or hears something, he can pull off some neat tricks." Toriel got a small giggle from the subtle joke, only making Doggo stop flinging his cane and finally hearing where Sans exactly was. He twirled it in his fingers of his white snow paw, then nudging it against the skeleton's cheek bone. With that he kept poking him until Sans gave out a loud groan., " urrrrrgh! dude stop it!" He started to flail at the cane, right as the cane starting to flail lightly back at him simulating a sissy slap fight.

" You started it."

" aw c'mon, you know i can't help myself with jokes!"

" And that's why I'm going to teach you a trick or two." Doggo said as he nibbled on his packed food.

Toriel chuckled from the polite bickering before turning her head to the cat and rabbit, " And these two little ones?"

Papyrus gave her a huge smile before pointing to the light blue creamed color bunny, " THAT'S NICE! HE LIVES WITH HIS SISTER AT THE LOCAL INN! THEY MAKE THE BEST NICECREAM EVER!" The blue bunny nodded before waving over to Toriel excitedly.

" Hi thewe miss queeny!"

" Why hello yourself young one! It is certainly nice to meet you. And whose your little friend?" The queen asked softly. The small bundled up brown cat shuddered and quickly hid behind the rabbit who tried looking over his shoulder. The small cat peeked his head out with his ears folded down showing how nervous he was.

" A-Ah, t-that would be Burgy-He's Zachery's ba-baby brother." Alphys informed Toriel who nodded, smiling to the shy child hiding behind his friend.

" Ah yes, now I remember. I saw you last time we ordered some pizza. There's no reason to be shy little one, it's quite okay."

The small cat stepped out from behind the bunny, receiving an encouraged hug of the arm from Nice. Burgy gulped and withdrew his arm from the hugs so his paws fumbled with one another, " H-Hi... My... My uncle works with... Mister... Mister Gaster..." He looked down, his ears still folded down, making the adult question in a kind manner.

" Oh yes, I've seen him around-uhm is something wrong young one?"

" ... N-No... Maybe... Mister Gaster is scary..."

Sans let out a chuckle, " burgy dude, my dad is just another dad like anyone else's, hehehe. sure he can be scary, but he's never scared me too badly before." He reassured the tanned cat before finishing up his small meal.

Toriel clasped her large white paws, smiling, " Okay my children. Go play while I clean up and prepare our next activity for the day." The children handed over their empty bags to her as she started to clean up the picnic like area she had created for them all. Afterwards the small monsters ran off, still within sight of the queen and started yammering to themselves of what to do next. Alphys decreed them building a gigantic snow-monster, with the others following along letting the shy girl kow that was a great idea that everyone could pitch in together. Doggo went on all fours, digging viciously at the snow underneath him, letting Undyne and Alphys collect it up, packing it into an extremely oversized ball. Papyrus and the other two toddlers were already teaming up to make the torso for the snowman, and soon the smaller head. That left Asriel and Sans to scavenge anything they thought could be used to make the snow-monster.


The pair had wandered off, but not to terribly far away just encase something happened. As the two looked around for anything of use the prince kept close to Sans, nervously chewing on the scarf Sans had worn the first day they met. Sans stopped, Asriel almost falling into the white snow from not paying attention since his mouth was still latched to the scarf, " Baa!"

Sans giggled as his friend bleated, getting his balance back, " azzy you seem kinda tense, loosen up a bit. you only nibble on my scarf when you're hungry or nervous. i mean yeah bad things happened, but it's all good now, ya' know?"

" Hehe... Yeah I-I know. Sorry it's just... the bullies and then Undyne's eye... I never seen your eye glow before. I-It was kinda... Kinda scary." Asriel managed to say, finally getting it off his chest. His legs moving once again, almost leaving the skeleton behind.

Sans usual smile fell as he caught up with him, " scary? ohh... i'm sorry man, i didn't mean it."

" I know, it's just, heh... You could have warned me you could do that."

" it's uhm... hard to explain. let's just say i'm training with my dad."

" But w-why all of the sudden?" Asriel watched his friend who wasn't smiling anymore. Only for that frown to turn upside-down quickly.

" weeeell... i waaaas gonna' save it to tell you later buuuut. hehe, since you asked and your worried, it's because i'm working on being your judge dude~!"

Asriel halted his progress of walking, making Sans the one to almost stumble away from his friend. Asriel bit his lip, his tiny fangs digging into his smooth fur and skin. " Y-You... Your tr-trying to become a judge? f-for me? but... why? isn't that a-a large responsibility? Your still a ki-kid, you shouldn't worry about it like I am to royalty." He asked, growing more afraid.

Sans' grin lowered to a gentle smile, his eyes looking sincere, " azzy, i chose to become myself. i chose it for you. after i saw those bullies beat you up, i felt guilty knowing i couldn't protect you. but now, i can protect you just like my dad does for yours. your my friend dude, and what's a friend for if they can't help another out?"
" You'd still be my friend even if you didn't do anything..." The goat monster's foot fumbled about in the white frosted ice below, holding his paws behind his back almost shamefully. " I don't want you risking yourself for me..."

Sans sighed lightly, walking to the side of the upset prince. He put his hand onto his shoulder, letting the other looking him in the eyes, " azzy, your my friend. you deserve someone that you can rely on. i have believe that you'll be an amazing king. so, please, believe in me. i just want to be there for you, so you're not lonely anymore. we can help each other out, no matter what."

Asriel's lips were tugged slightly, a small frown growing under his muzzle, " Hehe... I'd like not being alone anymore... No matter what?" Sans nodded, making the prince sniffle, drying some tears away with his sleeve. After that he gave a large smile, hugging the skeleton who chuckled, patting the younger monster's back. " Oh! Those twigs look perfect!" Asriel spoke out, pointing behind Sans who at the moment couldn't see them.


After a few ore minutes the two came back with several sticks, small black rocks, a pine-cone or two, and some other trinkets. With the others being done with the large icy monster, they all decorated it and cheered at their marvelous, monstrous, masterpiece. Sure it was a bit lopsided and some parts didn't fit, but all of them were proud at their shoddy craftsmanship. After that, Toriel had gotten them ready to walk out from the cold air of Snowdin and into the mild tempter of The Waterfall, walking them down the narrow paths until finally reaching their main destination. The kids were finally at a nice medium sized area which was near the dump, yet the waterfall flowing down the cave's wall was clean. There were a water lodged path that stuck out every now and then from the pond overflowing with water, making the room fill up with shallow water. In the pound were small rocks, glowing plants, and bright neon blue echo flowers sprung all around.

Several adult Woshuas greeted the queen and the children, as they shuffled by to try and tidy up the dump like normal. Passing by each child, reassuring that the pond and waterfall's water were sanitized, and that none of the dump's trash would ever float into that room. Toriel had taken towels which were place on a large beach type chair which sat near the pond. " Alright class, here we are~!" She said proudly, letting the children get wide smiles, knowing they'd be able to play in the water. " This is why I asked for you to get any type of bathing suit or clothes you were okay with getting wet, and to wear them under your snow clothes."

" I thought that sounded weird... Now I know... AND THAT'S AWESOME! THANKS TORIEL!" Yelled out Undyne who was skeptical at first, while the rest had followed her instructions. Sure the girl didn't like the cold, but when with her friends and a nice coat, she was A okay with being there. And now, they were on her turf, which made her grin showing almost all of her pointed teeth.

" Ohoho, your welcome my child. Now, I will be keeping eye right here. I brought along some of these tubey things to float on, floaties for the little ones, and balloons in case any of you want to throw water at one another." She smiled as she put down a huge bag that contained all that she said. Once the kids took off the winter gear and set it down on the chair, they sprung off to run to the pond to swim around. The toddlers on the other hand were helped into their small floaties. Burgy being of cat nature was reluctant to go in the water, but that didn't stop his bunny friend from playing in the shallow water with him, poking at small things with the plastic shovels. Doggo went with them, not really wanting to get wet and smelling, so his cane would often poke some things the two hadn't seen. Toriel even joined them, explaining anything they found, further gaining them some knowledge about the wildlife.

Papyrus had grabbed a large pink noodle of Styrofoam and took off running to the pond, jumping at the very last bit of water filled land and into the small pool of water. The splash got Undyne and Alphys wet, making them laugh along with the tiny skeleton who was clinging to the noodle. " IT'S LIKE WERE IN A BIG TUB OF SPAGHETTI!" He squealed out in joy, making the rest laugh at how adorable he was.

While Undyne had just a normal black tank top and swim trunks, Alphys had put on a large one piece white bathing suit, too embarrassed to show off her gut. She lounged near the rocks watching the fair toned Undyne swim around Papyrus who sported red swim trunks, giggling as the fish circled him around on the noodle like a shark. Sans lounged next to his nerdy friend, wearing blue trunks and a plain white undershirt, his smile growing as his eyes scanned Alphys blushing up from the sigh of the fish. After a small chuckle, the yellow lizard gave him a stern glare, " D-D-Don't ev-even..." Sans of course didn't head her warning and simply nudged her with his foot, making her slip away from the rocks and float to the other two. Which Undyne took the opportunity to pop out of the water and attack... Well, just splashing her and hugging her, but it still counted since she was moving around like a damn shark. Papyrus yelled out for the frazzled lizard to swim to the pink noodle as if he was on a boat, getting someone out of dangerous waters.

Sans chuckled at the flustered lizard, lounging there before finally stopping and looking around. He could have sworn the prince swam over to the soft spongy like rocks with him. He sat up more, peering around, glancing over everyone, getting slightly worried. However that went away quickly as Asriel had only the upper part of his head sticking out from the clear wavy water like a crocodile, getting closer to his prey. With an underwater smile, he popped out from behind Sans, making the skeleton yell, before getting pounced as the prince jumped him and into the water together. Sans and Asriel both quickly surfaced, thankfully the pond wasn't to deep, and the two knew how to swim. Sans coughed lightly as water leaked from the holes in his skull and gave a cheeky smile to Asriel whose fur was completely matted down from the water. His fur covering his eyes like a shaggy dog, as he smiled brightly, " hehehe, dang you got me good!"

" Sure did!" The prince laughed, shaking his head to see again, only to make some of his fur poof up, letting the other have a laugh at how funny he looked.
" Yeah Sans! I didn't know you could scream like a little girl!" Undyne hollered out receiving a smirk from the skeleton. Her proud grin shrunk, " What? No witty smart-ass come back? That's a fir-" Before she could finish her sentence, her face came into contact of a water balloon Sans had been secretly filling while with Alphys. " NGAAAAAAAAH!"

" ohh crap! take care of my brother azzy!" Sans said dramatically before swimming away as Undyne swam after him. All in all, it was a wonderful day full of laughter.
As the group swaddled themselves up into towels Toriel lead them near Gerson's store to the mysterious Riverperson. " Now class, We're going to divide into two groups. Older children take the ride to Hotland first, there we can all dry off and set for home. And then tomorrow we can all get ready for more fun filled activities including as special treat at home." The children eagerly cheered, thanking her once again. " Now, Undyne, Alphys, Sans, Doggo, and Asriel go first. That way I can keep an eye on the little ones." They nodded in agreement before getting onto the large dog carved boat. The Riverperson gave Toriel a quick nod as they set off, letting the dog like canoe boat run on the water.

Undyne who recently saw the Riverperson casually talked to them while Alphys held her mouth, trying not to throw up from the speed. Doggo just stuck his head out from the boat panting, letting his tongue dangle out catching the wind go past his fur. . Asriel was clinging to the end of the boat, never riding it without one of his parents. Sans had noticed the poor goat and put his skeletal hand over his paw, slowly moving it away from the edge of the boat, " azzy, calm down, it's okay. if your that scared you can hold onto me."

Asriel tensed up, he was so damn shy to take his friends advice and shook his head harshly, declining him. With the speed of the boat, not being with either parents on here, and conflicting feelings were starting to make him dizzy. Sans gave a worried look before a surprised one as the boat accidentally hit a stray rock, or some type of garbage that had somehow drifted away from the dump. Either way, it made the monsters go into the air for a moment, and making Asriel loose his grip. Before he knew what had happened, the prince was digging his claws into the back of the boat, dangling on for dear life. With the tiny claws piercing into the boat, the boat yelped, making it go faster. The Riverperson tried to handle the boat but just couldn't seem to control it. Sans yelled out as he saw his friend slipping away off the back, " oh shit, azzy!" This made the others turn their heads to catch a glimpse of Sans trying to grab hold of the prince's paw, only for him to slip away off the boat and crashing into the water below.

" SHIT!" Undyne quickly got up and jumped off the side of the boat, diving into the murky water below, all while the Riverperson forcefully made the boat stop by spouting out a chant. Alphys and Doggo crashed into the Riverperson at the sudden stop, while Sans had stayed in place, grasping the boat.

Alphys waddled to Sans to look over the side, " O-OH-OH MY GOD! SA-SANS?! CAN YOU SEE THEM?!" She was the only one who really knew about Sans' new ability of telekinesis. Unfortunately the skeleton looked mortified as he shook his head. In order to lift up something with magic, it had to be in his view.

The Riverperson was freaking out for once, and was about to dive in after the two, until Undyne popped her head out from the surface, gasping in air and swimming to the boat carrying a passed out Asriel. With some help she got into the boat, letting Asriel lay down. She was busy getting air back into her lungs and coughing up water, sure she was aquatic, but that didn't mean she could breath underwater. And with the force of hitting the water and carrying the child, only made her more out of breath. Alphys patted her back, grimfully looking to the prince. Sans quickly scooted over to the drowned goat monster and pushed on his chest before giving him CPR. He was glad his father had taught him how to perform this just in case something happened to Papyrus, or if something happened in the lab to either Gaster himself, or a lab assistant if Gaster wasn't there.

It a took a moment but Asriel sprung up, coughing up water, panting in air harshly. The rest sighed in relief, The Riverperson's sleeves glowed with magic, removing any left over water from Undyne and Asriel's lungs. Once things had settled down The Riverperson ordered the boat to go back to a normal boat, leading them to Hotland safely this time, " I am so sorry children."

" I-It's okay. I should have listened to my friend is all." Asriel said shyly and quietly as he clung onto Sans. The prince was going to have to thank Undyne and Sans for this later, but for now... He needed some time to relax.


The snow crackled underneath the seemingly heavy footsteps. This was the absolute worst... Sans was finally able to collapse into the soft snow below him, the ice cradling his bones as thin vines tightened around them. Sans just wanted to sleep, to wish for the flower just to reset already... He just wiped out the entirety of Snowdin. All of the population turned to dust gathering up in the wind. Men, women, children, it hadn't mattered, they were all gone. All because he let up his guard to the seemingly weak flower. If only he had used his gaster blaster to tear the thing into the void. Then maybe... Everyone wouldn't have been killed by his boney hands. Sans' glowing pupils had long faded once he fell into the ice, he felt like he was trapped. And the sad truth is that he was... He was trapped in this ongoing nightmare, he was trapped in his own body, being a slave to the gold flower. He just wanted it to reset... That's all... Flowey's vines slithered about, losing some of the grip on the skeleton's bones, but not fully, letting the shaky body rest.

Flowey poked his head out from right eye socket of Sans, shaking his petals around in the cool crisp wind before looking over at his puppet that was controlled by him. All of Sans was being controlled by the vines like a marionette, along with a tight grip on his soul, just for extra precaution. Flowey grinned madly, his stem stretching out to slide out of the empty hollow eye socket. He rose up to get a good look at the exhausted and terrified skeleton who asked for mercy every time he killed someone. He eventually stopped after more than a quarter way through of all the Snowdin villagers. Flowey's evil grin opened, reviling the sharp needle like teeth he formed, giggling to himself. " Aww, do you think we're done yet~?" He whispered darkly as if the words were venom. " Come on, put a smile on your face~! You always seems so happy, why should this be any different? I'm doing you a huge favor! I'm making you move around just like your brother wants you to instead of slouching there and moping about in one spot. How boring... You really needed to get around, moves your bones, he'll be happy. Say... How about we visit him next huh?"

Sans' marrow went cold as soon as the flower spoke of his brother. Sure Sans had hated what he had done, but he could move past it for the most part. Sure it was fucked up, but he had only stayed around instead of tossing himself into the hot lava of Hotland because he had someone to protect. He had one thing to live for, one thing to hold dear too after everything that happened. Flowey could hear a small whimper let out from the skeleton, the vines feeling him shake once again in fear. " Oh now calm down, calm down. I promise it won't last too long... Maybe~" Flowey snickered evilly, watching tears pour from the empty sockets. " Aww, don't be like that Sansy, you should know big kids don't cry, riiight~?" A tip of a vine slithered to Sans' eye socket, gently whipping away the ever flowing tears that just wouldn't stop. The vines in Sans jaw bones pulled and tugged, making Sans smile painfully. " Come on, smile a bit. Cheer up. At least look at me." Flowey cooed to the skeleton whose left pupil appeared slowly staring up to the flower. The pupil shined with a mixture of blue and yellow as Sans had a pleading looking upon his face, mismatched with the forced smile the vines made. " Shhh, it'll be okay... It'll be just our little secret that you couldn't protect anyone you cared about AGAIN. I won't tell anyone, I promise-In fact! I pinky promise~! I won't tell annnnyone ehehehe. Hell, I won't even tell anyone you cried."

The skeleton quivered under the vines, Sans chokingly let out his hoarse voice, " w-why...why are you doing this...? what did i-i ever do to you? what did paps ever d-" He was coon cut off by vines squeezing his soul as a warning, making him pause on his words.

" You've done A LOT... That's all you need to know. Papyrus-though I do enjoy him at times, is the only connection I can get to... YOU. As for why I'm doing all this, list it under motive, revenge, frustration, loneliness, orrrr~" He said in a sing-song like tone, " Because maybe I just want to play with you. Like we use to..." Flowey's evil grin faltered a moment, his eyes going soft. Sans was so confused by the rambling of the flower, but quickly changed his mind to pure fear as the flower cackled out, the vines tightening their grip around his bones in a harsh manner. They made the skeleton stagger up, soon making him walk off near the river. " You know... It's a good thing your brother is always out patrolling, heh, like anything interesting would happen around here. Oh! I think I spot him~!" Flowey smiled brightly, making Sans try his best to stop himself from moving any closer to the taller skeleton who wasn't too far away now.

Papyrus was actually working on yet another puzzle to fool a human if they came by. He heard the soft crunching, turning around he smiled to greet whoever had walked over to him while at work, " WHY HELLO THERE-.... S-SANS?" The tall lanky skeleton took a step back seeing his tiny flower friend wrapped snugly around Sans' while his brother struggled underneath the vines. Sans was forced to have a large smile spread across his face, moving stiffly like a zombie, pleading eye pouring tears out down his cheekbones, and with Flowey poking his head out from the right eye.

"!" Sans managed to say from all his crying and forced jittery movements.

" It's okay Papyrus~! It's just me your friend... Flowey~! And with my new friend Sans. I'll leave you two alone for a moment." The flower winked to the scared skeleton who was horrified to see his brother in such a state. Flowey slid back into the empty eye socket, making Sans reach out to him.

" paps-please... please just run! h-he's going to make-make me kill you!"

The taller skeleton couldn't make up his mind, his brother needed him! Even if Flowey had turned evil. He couldn't leave Sans alone. Papyrus started to sniffle a bit, reaching out to his older brother, " SANS I-I CAN'T... I CAN'T JUST LET YOU SUFFER HERE."

"papyrus i ordered you to run! N O W-"

The tall skeleton knelt down, hugging the wrapped up body of his brother, " BROTHER PLEASE... IT'S JUST A BAD DREAM. L-LIKE YOU ALWAYS SAID WHEN I GOT NIGHTMARES. I CAN'T LEAVE YOU... YOU NEVER LEFT ME." Papyrus soon head tears flowing down his own cheekbones as Sans stood there, stiff from the hug.

" paps...plea-"

" YOUR MY BROTHER! I CAN'T RUN AWAY FROM YOU! NO MATTER WHAT!" Papyrus loosened his grip, watching Sans look back to him, so broken like. Papyrus gave a stern look, his eyes glowing a bright orange, showing how serious he was. It didn't matter what timeline, Flowey always saw Papyrus to never leave his brothers side... Why did Chara have to leave him... Why couldn't he have the bond of what Sans and Papyrus had. Here was Papyrus knowing he'd be killed, yet he stayed... It didn't make any sense... Why couldn't Flowey understand. Papyrus tearfully smiled, his gaze softening, " I... I GUESS THIS MAKES YOU A-S... A SANSFLOWER?" Sans' force smile relaxed into his own, making the shorter skeleton chuckle silently.

" h-hehehe... g-good one bro..." As much as this was a tender moment, Flowey's gaze grew to a frown of him trying to figure out why his life had to become to this... Why did his life come to forcing his old friend to kill his own brother? Just for fun? He really was a monster with no soul... The flower then sprung his small petal covered head out of the socket suddenly, making vines grab hold of the taller skeleton, dragging him away from his host and wrapping around, making Papyrus forcefully stand on his knee bones. The vines tightened their grip, pulling his arms behind him while others made Papyrus stay still like he was hoisted down by rope. " P A P S! b-break yourself loose! please, you still have time!"

" QUIET YOU! I GAVE THIS IDIOT ENOUGH TIME TO RUN BUT HE JUST SQUANDERED IT JUST TO HUG A LOW LIFE SUCH AS YOU!" Flowey shrieked out to Sans, making his host flinch. Vines soon wrapped around Papyrus' jawbones keeping a tight grip to keep him from speaking. The younger skeleton quivered, trying to shut his eyes, only for thinner vines to slide into his eye sockets, forcing them open to watch his brother reach out.

" please-please stop-stop! if we were friend like you said-y-you'd stop!" Sans cried out.

Flowey paused for a moment, the vines tingled up against the bones. " If we WERE FRIENDS... You wouldn't have left me..." Flowey made Sans summon up one single sharp ended bones while his vines around Papyrus slowly snapped the bones under them. Papyrus screamed out, muffled by the vines over his mouth, all while sans pleaded against Flowey.

The flower ignored his skeletal host, soon making a vines pull out Papyrus' orange glowing soul. It felt so warm to him... Flowey shook off the need to rub against the warmth and steadily made the sharp ended bone dig into the soul. Papyrus' health that had already been cut down significantly from his bone cracking, was now fading in a constant manner from the piercing tip of the conjured bone. Until all 680 health was drained, making the soul's color fade to white. The heart shaped upside-down soul cracked into two segments. This made Papyrus' skull actually fall off from his neck, the thin vines letting him slip out and into the snow. Papyrus looked up to his frightened brother who was blubbering sorry over and over in a rhythm to himself. " ... SANS... JUST... JUST KEEP SMILING O-OKAY? ... I LOVE YOU." The decapitated skull smiled gently up to the other before all of the skeleton turned to dust.

All the vines shuffled back into the ground, Flowey looking quite pleased, loosening the grip again, letting Sans plummet to his knees and crash into the snow yet again, not budging a single inch. He had long since stopped his violent shaking, empty tears slowing their pace. He was broken... And Flowey knew it. Flowey hated when his toys broke... He couldn't talk to them anymore, they would never respond back to him. And here he was, vines filled with another broken toy like before. While Flowey hummed happily, poking the pile of dust and even wearing the bright red scarf, he soon stopped, sensing something. He was shocked and appalled! He saw Sans health decrease... 780 HP, lowering down to 720. Not from being hurt, but actually going down! It finally dawned onto Flowey that Sans was losing HOPE... That being an acronym, which stood for, Holding On Painful Ends. Flowey was going to have to be careful with Sans... But he knew deep down, the skeleton wouldn't lose all of his HOPE. Because again... e had Papyrus, and a monster could only have a limit on 1, according to the late Doctor Gaster.

Flowey frowned and slithered over, nudging against Sans' skull. This was starting to get to him, and he hated when he got emotional since memories of the two having fun still lingered inside him. " ... S-Sans?" His normal face morphed from his innocent tricky flower facade. " ... Sans?" He nudged the skeleton again, not getting any response. " ... Please... Please don't leave me alone..." Flowey didn't exactly feel guilty for what he just did, or to see Sans lay there broken down. He just hated being alone with no one to respond to him. Florey hung his head and summoned the reset button, " ... I wish I could say I was sorry..."A vine then pushed it gently almost in shame.


The car sped up as it was seemingly alone on the highway, wind brushing through scales, fins, bones, hair, and petals as it made its bumper click and shine with color, letting anyone know it was about to turn into the exit. Alphys sat on a phone book or two as she managed the vehicle. Papyrus had leant them his car since it was hell trying to go to the town's lake by bus, and Sans was far too lazy to teleport them one by one there. Thankfully the overzealous skeleton hadn't been in need for the car since he was spending his day at home, cooking with Toriel who was teaching him how to make the legendary cinnamon-butterscotch pie. Alpyhs would have let Undyne drive, but feared for the worst, and the fish would rather not make her girlfriend panic. They all just wanted a nice relaxing day after Kidd had gone home to his grandparents.

Frisk had suggested going to the town's large peaceful and tranquil lake to swim around and relax, celebrating the first days of their summer break. They had also bribed Sans into going with them with bottles of ketchup, and having Toriel back them up, saying as their official dunkle, that they should keep an eye on frisk. Sure Toriel respected the fish and lizard, but she knew how the two of them could get, so she relied on the short skeleton to tag along. Frisk sat in the back, between Sans on one side, and Flowey's pot on the other. Both seemed to look to the side, rather than each other or Frisk. Frisk calmly held San's bony hand as well as Flowey's tiny leaf. They still wanted the two to make up, but of course both were rather stubborn. Sans always shrugging it off and whisking himself away while FLowey just seemed to flail about and make ungodly screeching fits of rage.

But Frisk wouldn't let up, and they both knew it. Frisk was too DETERMINED to give up. Hopefully while swimming with Undyne or lounging with Alphys, the two would talk to each other for better or worse... Hopefully for better Frisk thought to themselves. Besides they needed some time to the two girls and finally relax a bit. Once the car was parked, Undyne unbuckled herself and hopped out onto the sandy grass. The lake was just a large body of water that stretched out from the town to another town in the horizon, letting the two town seem connected in an odd way. Piers and boats filled up nearby as the ground underneath was full of vegetation before slowly morphing into a sandy bay. Turns out aquatic monsters didn't really enjoy the sea, too much salt in the ocean or something. They had been living in fresh water all their lives, so a lake was their second pick to live. Frisk unbuckled themselves and Flowey's pot, scooping it up into their arms and getting out of the car with the other two while Undyne pulled open the trunk to fetch several things, such as noodles, shovels, buckets, lounge chairs, towels, and sun tan. Frisk popped their sandals off and let their feet nestle into the warm sand, letting out a sigh of relief.

Flowey looked... Bored today. It was better than being depressed, miserable, evilly proud, or tired so it was a plus for the child who sported a tank top like Undyne and swim trunks. Again, the child was rather ambiguous when it came to their gender, so the monsters just got them whatever they preferred. While Alphys set up the chairs and umbrellas, Undyne dashed by holding up a surfboard and zooming into the water with it. " YEEEEEEEEEAH!"

The lake was a bit odd now that Frisk thought more about it. It seemed to actually produce waves, their thought was that the magic from the underground vibrated so subtly that waves could be made. It was like a self-contained fresh water sea, which again was a bit odd, but Frisk had braved harsh winter deep below the ground, which was equally as odd, so it didn't really bother them much.

Frisk placed the clay pot in the water soaked sand, making sure to keep it away from any small tide, and enough that Alphys and Sans could keep an eye on the grumpy flower. Frisk ran off to retrieve their own surfboard, running over to the flower, leaning down and giving it a small kiss on the head. Flowey snarled and hissed, making the child giggle and running into the water following after Undyne.

Flowey sat there, his vines peeking out from the pot and digging into the soggy and soft sand below. Flowey eventually start chucking the wet dirt clumps at crabs, birds, and anyone who was nearby enjoying the lake, laughing once they were hit. As Alphys tanned her back watching the two in the water, she glanced at a sandpiper waddling by, fluffing out his feathers to get sand off. " Erm... S-Sans?"

" i got it, don't worry alph." Sans chuckled as he lazily walked over to the flower who heard his sneakers move into the sand. Flowey made a sharp turn, throwing the sand ball at him, only for it to splat right into a conjured up bone floating in front of Sans' face. It materialized into nothingness, showing the flower Sans was smiling to him. For once Sans had his damn coat off, in his casual get up of sneakers, white undershirt, and black white lined pants. " nice try algae. boy, your just a stream of emotions recently huh? why so crabby today?" His response was the typical glare of death and hiss.


Sans let out a hollow chuckle as his eyes skimmed where some litter had been collecting, which was being cleaned by some humans and woshuas, " nice joke kid, you actually reeled that one in pretty well, i'll admit."

" GO AWAY!" Another sand-ball was thrown, only for the skeleton to set aside easily.

Sans winked to the small angry flower, " don't play koi with me pal. look around you. it's a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, other flowers are blooming... hehehe, on days like these-" His glance of Flowey caught the plant shudder a bit from the saying, making the flower shrunk down into the pot, avoiding eye contact.
" Monsters like me should be burning in Hell..." Flowey muttered quietly, making Sans flinch. The skeleton gritted his teeth roughly as silence fell upon the two.

" ... look, that's not what i meant-i was just going to-"

" Apologize?" Flowey kept his eyes away from Sans who sighed.

" ... nah."

" Figures. So what do you want?"

" i was gonna' say, unless you interrupt me again... that ya know. you always want to wreck everything you touch. why not i don't know... make something for a change. i mean we got sand right here." Flowey made his stem set him straight, his leaf rubbing against his petal covered chin.

" Hmmm..." Flowey's vines quickly settled into the sand under him and spouted up, each one doing something different. Sans watched the ingenuity of the flower as it made a small area that resembled a city. Once done, Flowey smiled proudly examining the fine work he made with the sand. " Ah~!"

Sans blinked, staring at it blankly, just flabbergasted how quickly the flower made up the city of sand, rocks, twigs and shells. " wow... san fransokyo." The flower hummed merrily a bit before some vines dragged the pot closer to his sandy city. The vines rubbed against each other before shooting into the ground, only to come back up, tearing through the sand, snapping the twigs, and grabbing hold of the small rocks, crushing them against several things as he cackled out manically.
He brought up a shell that thankfully was hollow and made an even higher pitched voice to simulate it was someone in a car, " Ehhh! Save me!" With a small hiss at it, he continued to act the car out, " Ehhh!" Soon the vines holding the shell crushed it easily making Sans back away slowly until he got to Alphys.

" ... yeaaah, no more giving him any caffeine or chocolate..."


Eventually the flower stopped his rampage and decided to make The Underground, but couldn't help himself to finish it when he got to Asgore's garden. His vines twitched and curled up into a ball. He wanted to complete it, but at the same time he didn't, he was conflicted on what to do... So he did what his sibling would have wanted, and swept away the sand with a single swipe of a vine. Lowering his stem he became saddened. A vine strayed itself to make a several faces in the sand. All of which were happy, and of faces of those he knew. However it was soon short lived as the small inches of tide washed over the faces, reducing them back to sand. Flowey sighed and leaned over so his petals could seal up his face.

He was nudged by something gently, making him look up to see the human child smile to him with a sad expression. Frisk then sat down and started to build up the sand into a castle, the castle they saw so long ago, Asgore's castle... The exact one that was built near Flowey's original house, where the garden was. The one that could be seen from The Waterfalls. He remembered how he'd look at the distant castle with his parents, his friends, his sibling, then finally by himself. Flowey bite his lip harshly before thin vines helped Frisk make it. Even making a small moat around it, Flowey pretending small vines to be large ones that lashed out a tiny blobs of sand that Frisk made for him.

Sans watched them closely as he lounged with Alphys, pretending to read a book, " ... that flower is one odd monster. ya know? i mean why'd the kid go back for it? it's always crude, yet it plays with them like it's a kid itself."

Alphys looked over to her skeletal friend, shifting her eyes away, " M-Maybe if it grew up properly it wouldn't behave like this..." She muttered, making Sans' attention turn to the yellow lizard.

" what do you mean?"

" I-It's nothing. I-I'm just talking to m-my-myself is all-"

" alllll... heh, are you keeping secrets from me again?" he leaned over, smiling smugly.

" n-n-n-nnnnn-nooooo?"

" al, c'mon it's me, sans. you can trust me. just let me know and i'll stop bugging you." He chuckled to his friend, not knowing how serious this matter was to her.
" M-Maybe I-I would if-if you told us some of your secrets." She said rather bluntly, catching her friend quite off-guard.

" hehe... what're you going on about al-"

" Sans... I know. Frisk knows. We both know your hiding things. I-I just never found out until we came up here. S-Since I haven't been stressing out as much and c-constantly hiding in the shadows, I've started to notice how much you separate yourself from almost everyone. Always saying you were sleeping or got lost, when actuality you keep sneaking out, or stay outside and look at the sky for hours."

Sans' normal perpetual smile lowered slightly, " ... how much did the kid tell you?"

" Enough to figure some things out..."

" did they tell anyone else? did they tell you about t-the re-"

" No Sans... They've only told me. The only ones who know about the resets is you, me, and Flowey. They had to. I was the only other person who could look at it in a scientific way. I-I'm sorry I didn't tell you any of this." She slumped her head into her flabby arms, looking away from him.

Sans sighed, rubbing his neck bones, unsure what to make of the awkward situation. He couldn't stay mad at her. She had beat herself up so much before coming to The Surface. She locked herself away for such a long time, much like he had. And the last time he snapped at a friend was years ago, and that ended horribly. " ... it's okay al... i'm just glad it was you they told. sorry."

" It's understandable Sans. Frisk forgave me after knowing so much about me... If you want, I could help talk to you about anything."

" s-sorry alphys, but... not yet. i'll wait for the right time to come, but thanks for having my back... sides, i’ve been longfin for some nice company." He grinned, seeing his friends face that had grown gentle to let him know she meant her word into a sour expression from the pun.


Undyne lifted Frisk up as the child grabbed hold of her bicep, smiling and swinging. " Y-You guys almost r-r-ready to go?" Alphys asked as she carefully held Flowey's pot close.

The redhead and brunette looked at each other before grinning, " AWWW C'MON ALPHYS! JUST ONE MORE WAVE?!"

" Pleeeeease?!" Frisk cried out to the other three.

" ehh, i'm shore one last wave is good enough." Sans shrugged, getting the casual Undyne angry look as she pointed to herself and then to him, only making him chuckle more.

Flowey watched the two run off into the water, Frisk sitting up behind Undyne as she rowed them out further away. The flower watched the two encounter a rather large wave, both on the same board, steadying and balancing themselves, cruising the wave. Flowey's leaves patted the sides of his pot, excited as he watched them surf it gracefully. Sans noticed the flower and snickered quietly. He unfortunately thought the sigh was rather cute. Everyone seemed happy...

Well that was until another surfer, a blond human who had been showing off for his friends on shore crashed into the two. " F R I S K!" Sans let out a yell, Alphys gasped, almost dropping hold of the clay pot into the sand. The lizard quickly tossed the pot to Sans as she ran to the car, pulling out a first aid kit from the back, and running to the water. Both Sans and Flowey stood there frozen, the way the boards collided with one another, sent all three into the water, plummeting harshly as it swallowed them up. The other group nearby made up of both monsters and humans rushed out to the waters, several jumping in to fetch the three who were submerged at the moment.

Something kept replaying in their heads. Sans scared stiff to go over and help, again he felt helpless. Just like last time... He couldn't see Frisk or the other two, to lift them out from the water. Just like when Asriel fell off the Riverperson's boat that one time. He ran to the water, only to stop where the waters met with the sand, crashing against them softly. His body quivered, memories going through his mind a mile per second. Deep inside of his mind and soul, replaying his emotions out when he couldn't help his old friend, and then it finally being too late in the long run.

Flowey was more shaken up, remembering his previous life. When he hit the water hard, sinking down from all the dizziness and sudden movements, keeping him stunned. When he was in the water, he just couldn't move his body. Everything was rushing past him in his mind, he thought he was going to die that die. After witnessing a large tentacle emerging from the water, he cowardly tilted his stem away. Three long and large light mellowed colored yellow tentacles went to the shore, setting the three down gently into the sand. A large round orb moved out from under the lake's water. Two large eyes looked over worriedly as a the gathering of humans and monsters ran over giving them CPR. Onion-San's tentacles were pulled back into the water, the large monster holding their breath, hoping the three were okay.

Undyne shoved the monster who was aiding her and sat up, hacking up water and then summoning spears to be thrown about. Alphys tackled her into the sand, thankful she was okay, making the spears fade away so she didn't cause anyone to accidentally get skewered. The blond surfer sputtered out some water, sitting up. Both seemed fine, while one human seemed to still be working on Frisk. Sans put the pot into the sand, running to Frisk, trying to view their soul to see how hurt they were or if their HP was going down. " c'mon kid, c'mon! don't do this-please, pleas-please! you've got so many people who care about you!"

Sans hadn't paid attention to the pot, letting it fall over onto its side. Now was Flowey's chance... To slid underground with no one to watch him. He could go back to The Underground. He could go back and rot there forever. He could finally be all alone again like he always had been... Why hadn't he dug into the Earth yet? His vines curled up while he watched the other worry about Frisk. He couldn't. He just couldn't. Instead he dug into the sand to pop up next to the only person who truly cared about him like a real sibling. " FRISK! FRISK GET UP! PLEASE! D-DON'T LEAVE ME! Please-Please, I don't wanna' be alone again! Please wake up... I don't like this plan anymore-" Frisk soon sat up coughing up and puking a bit of water, Sans patted their back, making Frisk hack up more efficiently. Everyone sighed in relief, Frisk smiling weakly before noticing Flowey's sniffling under everyone's cheering. Frisk reached out and pulled the flower over, before smiling to their family.

Chapter Text

The crisp winter like air shifted by Asriel's cheeks, while he stared off, fear crawling up into his mind. Voices came round, muffled and faintly distant, until one snapped him out of his gaze of nothingness. The voice came with a touch on his shoulder, making him flinch, swerving his head to left in a harsh manner. His friend noticed he seemed rather tense and frowned from the sudden movement from the goat monster. The hand on Asriel's shoulder tightened its grip, " asriel." The prince blinked a few times then shook his white coated head.

" Huh? Sorry, I-I kinda blanked out there..."

" it's cool dude. i said are you gonna' be okay with this? i mean it's kinda scary in perspective, but it's really fun when you're on it!" The skeleton remarked with a grin as he held up a medium sized sled made of one of the many snowy trees in The Underground, with fabricated metal from some metal found near The Core and Hotland. Asriel looked down from the large and steep snowy hill the two were on, their friends waiting at the very bottom.

The two could easily hear Undyne's angry yelling, " WOULD YOU TWO LOVEBIRDS HURRY IT UP?!"

The skeleton hollered back down from the hill to her, " takes one to know one!" With this, they could hear Undyne's usual angry fish noises, making the two giggle. That's what Asriel liked about the skeleton and fish's interaction. It was a nice relationship, though it was full of shouting and insults, but not the bad kind. The two were always teasing each other constantly, while the shy ones, being Asriel himself and Alphys stood back behind their friends. Asriel and Alphys might have not been as forward but they could get pretty sassy at times. With the four of them and Papyrus, along with a few others made the goat cherish them more. Especially if it had not been for the cheeky skeleton, he wouldn't be in such a good environment... Speaking of environments, the prince had forgotten where he was as he dwelled on the others friendship.

Sans put the sled down and hopped onto the front part, his bony hand patting behind him, making the wood and bone make a crackle like sound. " c'mon azzy, let's do this!" Asriel nervously gulped before sitting on the lower half of the sled, pulling his up and clinging to Sans' sweater fearfully. With a small reassuring pat on the prince's tuft of fur on the head the skeletal monster shook the sled underneath them, letting it move a few inches until it hit the dropping point. The sled then started to take a faster plunge until the two were speeding down the icy hill, the sled's skies slicing through the snow. While Sans laughed out from the exhilarating ride, Asriel was screaming mixed with bleating. It stayed that way until the two were about half way down the slope, calming Asriel down since the ride wasn't going any faster. Before either of them knew it Asriel was joining Sans in the yips of excitement. The sled eventually let up the speed, slowing down to a semi-fast pace, bumping into a rock the kids had set up, letting the two passengers flinging off and head first into a soft pile of snow they had prepared for a safe landing.

Asriel poked his equally white furred head from the snow and giggled, " Okay, I take it back! That was awesome!"

" told you so!" Sans exclaimed back as he poked his own skull out from the pile, both of them having a small amount of snow on their heads. Papyrus and Alphys ran over, helping the two out from the pile and cheering them for such a sight. Sans bowed down to the others with a constant, 'thank you, thank you'. It didn't take long for the queen to walk over to them holding a large brown paper bag. She wore a genuine smile as she reached the children, Undyne's fins perking up as her one eye well... eyed the bag.

" There ya are Miss T! Sup with the bag?"

" Ohhh, this? Why this is a surprise I have for you all after I take you somewhere I can watch over you, without... Anything bad happening." Toriel's smile turned into a worried one. Ever since Asriel fell off the boat, she began to panic about the children's safety. But not as she use to considering her son had finally had a group of friends that she could rely on, especially since they did their best and saved her little boy.

Undyne nodded, " Fair enough. So where we headed to exactly?" Toriel didn't even say a word, and instead gave a sly smirk with her two fangs poking out from her upper lip.

" Tada~!" Toriel moved a branch out of the way, scattering some of the snow that had been sprinkled onto it. Once it was moved, it revealed a large open area with other monsters and families enjoying themselves, having picnics or sitting on benches around the main event that was in the center. A wide shallow lake frozen up with a thick amount of hard and sturdy ice kept hold of anyone monster who skated onto it. Along with a small tackle shop with what appeared to be like Frostdrake, only taller, a plump scaled belly, and a much smoother and feminine look to it, handing out skates to those who wanted to go into the ice rink. The kids all let out an audible, 'whooooa' before following their queen and teacher.


Toriel walked to the wooden booth, getting a cheerful gasp from the bird like monster, " Ohhh! Queen Toriel! Oh, how do you do deary?!"

" I'm quite fine, just taking my class to skate around is all, how are you Miss Snow?"

The bird chuckled, giving a wave of her blue frosted wing, " Oh, I'm doing well, don't cha know. Hubby's been trying his best to make a comedians' show, bless his heart. While Frosty keeps bein' a lil' hooligan with his little friends. Honestly that one kid is just a bad influence on 'em."

" Right, right, they did push around my son a bit, but well, that's what teenagers do I guess." Toriel sighed lightly, petting Asriel's fuzzy head soothingly.

" Oh tell me about it sister, and I'm so sorry lil' Prince. We took away his cell phone after hearing that, then he just yelled at us, ruffled his feathers and stormed off. We told him he can come back when he apologizes or helps his dad. I don't like leavin' him in that forest, but we can't worry too much, ya know? No humans and such."

" That is understandable. If a monster is going to be stubborn, they'll need to learn their faults by themselves I suppose. But anyway, may I have some skates?"

" Oh, but of course! Here we go~!" The drake fetched an amount of shoes with small metal blades on the bottom of them for each individual of the rather large group made up of children monsters. After doing so as Toriel helped the smaller ones with their skates, the hen put a sign of, 'Be Back In 10' onto the upper part of the small shack's roof. The motherly drake then put on her own special made pairs of ice skates and followed the group, still talking to Toriel.

Toriel helped the drake as the other mother seemed to wobble slightly from the round lump of her scaly belly, " So where is Huey anyways?"

" Oh, he's at home taking care of the egg, ya know, makin' sure the soul is still there and keepin' it warm."

" What a wonderful man, Gorey did the same when I had little Asriel's soul, hehe. So what are you two going to name it?"

" Ah, Hubby wanted to go with 'Chill', and if we ever have another one, I'm going to be naming him 'Snowey'."

" Awww, that's a wonderful tradition of icy names Miss Drake." The pudgy bird giggled as they both took Burgy's paws, helping him onto the ice shrouded lake. Toriel mentioning beforehand that the cat was from Hotland, not being use to anything that had to do with ice. As the two mothers did, the small blue bunny hopped next to his frightened feline friend, helping him along since he was well accustomed to skating and the cold. Undyne requested that her and Papyrus would be helping Alphys while Sans and Doggo handled Asriel. With an okay from her the others started their way to teach their friends.


" C'mon Alphys! You got this! SHOW THAT ICE WHOSE BOSS!" Undyne yelled out, only further scaring her yellow dinosaur friend instead of encouraging her. Papyrus cheered Alphys on as Undyne pushed her lightly onto the ice, skating right next to her, holding a firm grip on the lizard's puffy white marshmallow of a coat. Papyrus smiled brightly, amazingly skating backwards to view the older girls as Undyne gave out instructions" Okay, squirt! Tell Alphys the rundown of proper skating technique!"

Papyrus saluted, chalk filled with glee." GOOD AFTERNOON! WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A GREAT TIME TODAY! OKAY, FIRST YOU CRANK A HARD CUTBACK AS YOU SLIDE ON THE ICE! THERE'S A SCREAMING BOTTOM CURVE, SO WATCH OUT! REMEMBER: RIP IT, ROLL IT, AND KICK IT!" The young skeleton shouted in a rapid manner, getting a baffled expression from the nerd.

Alphys blinked for just a moment, shifting her eyes to Undyne, " It's like he's trying to speak to me, I know it!" Her eyes turned back to papyrus, " Look, you're really cute, but I can't understand what you're saying! Say the first thing again-"

" No time! GO, GO, GO!" Undyne cut in as she pushed Alphys away from herself, making the poor lizard go straight forward. Alphys froze up, not moving an inch with putting her arms out to keep what little balance she had. She shut her eyes tightly as she felt herself slide slowly. With a moment, she opened an eyes, cringing for the worst before noticing she hadn't fallen over. With both eyes opened, she smiled in amazement.

" G-G-GUYS! GUYS! I'm doing it! I'm doing i-" She was quickly cut off as her skate's blades bumped into the edge of the pond, sending her to slowly fall over and into the snow. She groaned as she lay flat in the thick but soft pile of ice. Both skating over to help her.

Sans watched from afar before his attention focused on the other two, " looks like alphys is cracking the ice over there."

Doggo huffed, his breath clashing with the coldness in the air, making a small mist, " Must you?"

" yes... yes i do." Sans proudly smiled to the two as Doggo was holding up the prince.

Sans skated over to hold Asriel up, " go on and skate doggo, i've got him." The husky shrugged before sliding off into the center of the frozen lake. " okay azzy, just put one foot in front of the other. there ya go, just remain calm." Sans gently guided the goat until he was managing to skate besides Sans without slipping up or going askew. The skeleton held Asriel's hand, skating and chatting casually.


The kids bundled themselves into blankets, sitting on the large couch, armchair and floor, looking at the television laid before them into The Dreemurr's den. Toriel came over, sitting down to the wide coffee table, setting down a tray of hot cocoa and small bowls of popcorn. She took out the last thing that remained in the bag, " Gaster found this a while back at the dump, it had gotten washed down here somehow but it still works. He let me borrow it to show you children." She smiled as she put the cartridge into some type of VCR looking device, letting the film flicker to life on the screen.

Undyne sat on the couch between Papyrus and Alphys, smiling brightly as she kicked her crimson boots off to enjoy herself with her group of friends. Burgy and Nice swaddled up together in a large blanket on Asgore's arm chair, awaiting the next bit of movement on the screen. All while Toriel sat next to her son and Sans, the two kneeling in front of the table's mahogany edge, watching as the movie played. The movie drew in their attention and focus, while the beginning was fairly sad, they soon enjoyed the small antics that followed up later on. Well until the major conflict happened making the sugarcoated mother having to leave their child in the forest since he had angered their neighbor. Undyne did her best to not tear up as both Alphys and Papyrus were blubbering next to her. Undyne sniffed hard and puckered her lips, " Must... Not... Cry!". The two toddlers on the arm chair were just confused of why this poor character had to be let loose because of some jerk's dogs getting hurt. The two didn't like the owner and one of the dogs, so why pay him any mind? Doggo more of just listened than watched, his ears twisting and turning all over the place, and from what he could gather made him irritated as well. If these fellow canines were intelligent why did they put up with this old coot? And since when were fox monsters so bad? He knew quite a few of them.

Thankfully everything broke when the main character met up with a girl, making everyone but Undyne and Alphys go into a panic of YUCK! Then came more conflict as two friends fought each other, making the children and Toriel even gasp out. Thankfully, the two had teamed up against a large crazy bear monster but everyone ultimately lived happily ever after, though the two friends were still apart. After that Toriel was slightly unsure about the movies the scientist would find, and started to lead the children out to take them home. As Sans being the last to get up, Asriel quickly hugged him, nearly tackling him over as he buried his face into his blue sweater. " whoa, hey, what's up buddy?" The skeleton patted his very slightly smaller friend.

Asriel's face moved from the sapphire sweater to look to his friend, sniffling a bit, " D-Do y-you think, we-we'll ever be like that?"

Sans' normal smile grew to a smaller version with worried eyes, " aww what? what do you mean? that's just a movie that stuff won't happen to us. because dude, there is no way i'm leaving just because of a girl or because we can't see each other anymore. in fact, we can always see each other, our parents don't mind, hehehe. i mean seriously... even if my pops didn't want me to, i'd sneak out. and your parents aren't like that. they want you to be happy, so i'm not splitting ways with you even if were older."

Asriel's small sniffled stopped until his eyes shifted around, a puzzling and sad expression growing, " B-But... D-Do you think... W-We'd ever have to f-fight each other?"

" heh azzy... everyone has a disagreement once and while, but there's no way we HAVE to fight each other, okay?" Asriel nodded as he started calming down, he was glad he had such a good friend. As Sans was happy he could cheer a friend up.


Sans let out a sigh as he traveled through The Core and Mettaton's lavish hotel. He hated coming here... After all that had transpired with his friends, his family, the long departed prince. It made his soul ache in sorrow, but he had to give this package to the king. He would have teleported if he'd remember the area, but ever since then, he stayed away and avoided the lonely castle and home of the king. He would often have to ask some monsters to help find his way past everything, even calling up his old friend Alphys who rarely talked to him anymore. Let alone, anyone... He didn't know what had happen to her since she became the Royal Scientist, and neither did Undyne. Sure she was a shy monster, but now she spent most of her time locked away in her lab rather than visiting anyone... It was depressing to say the least, and it hurt Sans a bit. But then again, he had done the same for quite a while, so he wasn't exactly innocent either. With a heavy breath he made it to the castle's small cottage built into the colossal monument. Memories flashed over his mind as he pressed the old jingling doorbell. He remembered the king, a small bit of his wife who left long ago. The warm home, the garden where he had befriended the prince... All of it came surging through his mind, making him shake his head. The door opened up, showing Sans a slightly unkempt Asgore who smiled down to the skeleton.

" package from undyne buddy." He said as he tossed it into the large paws of the king who nodded lightly in return. Sans turned away to start his walk back home, only to have the large paw rest on his sweater's shoulder.

" Sans... Would you like some tea?" Sans gritted his teeth. He felt bad for the poor guy. He was all alone, his wife leaving into wherever she was, his adopted child dying from sickness, and his gentle flower of a son dead... Sans did wish that the king would remember his father, but... Well that wasn't going to happen anytime soon or ever. Sans looked over his shoulder and smirked.

" sure thing big guy, sure thing." Besides that, Sans WAS his judge. Sure he was never called on to often, so why not relax with the big guy who was in a constant rut. Sans was in one too, but it was much more different than the kings to a degree. The small skeleton followed behind the shambling and massive king, where the two chatted and collectively drank their tea. Before Asgore was going for his monthly visit of the snail farms for any small reminder of his family, Sans couldn't help but stare at the garden which had been taken care of to an almost creepy degree, since the fallen king had much less to do anymore.

" Did you want to go out into the garden?"

" huh-wha-oh, n-no, no, no. it's fine, i just needed to...uhm..." Sans looked up to king, Asgore's gentle smile and expression melting down his facade quickly.

" Go on Sans."

Sans looked out from the clear window of the sliding door, cradling the cup of tea closely, " ... i never got to say goodbye..."

" It is understandable my judge... No one knew he would do such a thing... Go on while I prepare my bag and coins." He patted the skeleton lightly before walking into another room, leaving Sans to himself. Sans sighed and looked into his tea, his normal smile turned down as his reflection looked back equally as unhappy. He put it onto the overly large table and hopped off the comfy and plush chair. He opened up the sliding door, closing it quietly, before walking into the garden, looking at all the plants, trees, and flowers blooming all around. It was just as beautiful as the time he met the shy prince who was so lonely. He soon stopped as he heard whimpering.

He looked around hearing the cry of a child, his eyes scanning the garden toughly until they landed on a golden flower hiding behind a large root of a tree that sunk into the ground. His left pupil flared up into a blue fire as he quietly walked to it. All he knew is that that sentient flower was responsible for his nightmares and the resets. With an accidental crackle of a fallen and dried leaf the flower turned around quickly before it's steam curled back, cowering before the judge, " PLEASE N-NO! PLEASE DON'T KI-KILL ME! NOT YET! NOT YET! PL-PLEASE!" Sans was stuck in place, finding the flower disturbing. Not because of it being a troublemaker that he could slightly remember, but seeing it in a meltdown begging for its life, though Sans hadn't done anything yet. The blue glow slowly faded away, Sans' scowl shrinking down. He hadn't even noticed that seeing the flower made him bare his teeth in anger. " Please just not now... Please... Just-Just let me get over this... Don't kill me, I don't want to die." The flower weaved side to side unsteadily as it kept crying.

Sans exhaled lightly, taking the chance to sit down next to the shaky flower. " ... you're lucky i'm not judging you at the moment... so... you're the one resetting huh?"
" Ye-Y-Yeah..."

" and might i ask... whhhy?"

" ... Because I don't want to die. I don't want to be alone anymore."

" and that's why i have bad memories about you?"

" I-I'M NOT ALWAYS BAD!" The flower shouted out like a kid throwing a hissy fit, before cowering back down, " I-I can't control it... I can't feel positive things... I can't even say sorry without meaning it...I try to be good, but... It never works out."

Sans rubbed the back of his neck bones, thinking this situation over. If he put himself into the flower's position... It would sound like a living hell. More of a living hell than he was in. He wouldn't be able to enjoy his brother's company, and that was the only thing left that gave Sans hope. " i... yeah that sounds... pretty bad... i probably won't remember, but you got a name?"

" A-Flllower...Fl-Flowey... Flowey the flower..." Flowey's stem leaned forward making it's owner slump depressingly.

" not real imaginative, huh?"

" Whatever, just kill me and get it over with so I can reset. It's best if I don't talk with you, it just hurts."

" hurts what? and who said i came to kill you? why can't we just talk?"

Flower bit his lip sharply before looking over to the judge. " St-Stop that."

" what? talking?" Sans' usual smile grew back just a bit.

" Ye-Yes!"

" well why should i? i just want to be friendly. i mean yeah i'm kinda pissed at the resets but... i'm on break."

" J-Just stop being nice to me!" Flowey snarled out, only to receive a small pat on the head, making his tough act break as quickly as it was thrown up. Flowey quickly broke down and wept under the gentle pet.

" shhh calm down kid... here how bout i tell ya story?" Flowey sniffled, nodding slowly as he then laid on his side, being pet. " a long time ago, a fluffy bunny fell into a hole. injured by its fall, the fluffy bunny called out for help. a young snake, the king's son, heard the fluffy bunny's call. the snake prince brought the fluffy bunny back to the castle. over time, the snake prince and the fluffy bunny became like siblings-" The skeleton was cut off from the sliding door opening, making the two look up to see the large king quietly walk into the garden. Sans smiled and waved to Asgore, then motioned to FLowey, only to see it was gone. " i-but....wha..."

" Are you alright Sans?" Asgore knelt down beside the skeleton who seemed a bit shaken from the crying flower vanishing.

" i....." Sans went back into his stupor of glumness before standing up, getting ready to leave. " yeah. yeah i'm fine." Sans looked up with a sad smile.


Not far away Flowey sprouted himself up from the ground and laid down, looking at the twinkling gems above, glittering various colors, making him long for the peaceful days. With a soft sigh, his gaze fell to his surroundings, noticing something in the distance. He squinted, thinking it was Sans who had teleported and was making his way over. But upon the figure emerging from the shadow... It jittered around as a black mass slide forward. Flowey quickly set out the reset button, slamming a vine into it before the figures got any closer to him at such a vulnerable state. This thing ALWAYS came after Flowey when he was broken down and alone... Resetting was the best option to make distance for a few days.


This only meant trouble... Flowey could tell, he knew it... As soon as his eyes laid onto the large car, Papyrus' sporty car, and Undyne's beaten up truck meant hell was coming to him. Everyone was all bundled up, except the two skeleton brothers, making the flower snap a glare at everyone. " WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ALL DRESSED LIKE THAT?! IT'S SUMMER! ARE YOU TRYING TO OVERHEAT?!"

Sans casually walked over to the pot that was being held by the young hero, who was more of just giggling under their scarf. It was made apparent they hadn't told the more than angered flower where they'd be going too today. " aww, would you look at that? the gay angry baby is worried about us for once."


" then why does the little toddler pen say gay baby jail on it?"


The child only giggled more, making the gold flower quiver in pure rage. Toriel then came out along with the rest of what Frisk called family. The motherly goat monster walked over to their newly adopted child, giving them a kiss on the head, " Okay everyone to your engines! Ohoho, or that's what they say on T.V. Come along now Frisk."

Frisk didn't budge, only to look up at Toriel then to Sans, tilting their head afterwards. " Oh okay sweety. Sans, Frisk wishes to join you Papyrus and Mettaton."

" oh geez, i don't know tori... i mean the kid we can handle, but the flo-"

" OF COURSE QUEEN ASGORE! RAZZLE FRAZZLE! NYEH!" Papyrus abruptly shouted as he soon ran over, snatching up the twelve year old and dashing to his car. Frisk let out a loud laugh all the while they held onto Flowey's pot tightly, saying the quote from that show was wrong, but Papyrus could care less when the two were having fun.

All while Flowey screamed out, flailing his tiny leaves, " AHH SOMEBODY HELP ME!" Flowey himself enjoyed the show's twisted humor so he played in while also not wanting to go.

Toriel folded her arms, chuckling by the younger brother's antics with their child. She shook her head, slightly irritated that Papyrus still called her Asgore or Asgore's clone every once in a while, but she never held it against him. Sans sighed lightly as he made his way to the car. Toriel went into her own once everyone was ready, making poor Asgore ride in the back of the fish's pickup truck, since Papyrus' car was full and Toriel wouldn't let him in hers. Sure they all lived together, but Toriel still held a grudge, making the others help the big oaf.

As Papyrus drove, following behind Toriel's van, Flowey looked more pissed than normal. And since Mettaton was there, Sans politely gave up the front seat, for him and his brother to chat, thus making the hyper skeleton happy. Papyrus would acknowledge this, and would often thank Sans later, sometimes with a ketchup bottle. Sans sat in the back with the child and plant. As long as Frisk was with Flowey, he could feel at ease. It was only left with the flower that made him worried and uncomfortable. " Ugh so where are we going...?"

" what? frisk didn't tell you?"

Flowey shot him a dirty glare before the put was held closer to Frisk, who was trying to hug it. Flowey's gaze then looked upon the child, " Hey, hey, hey! Don't you start playing the innocent card on me!"

" heh, don't twist your roots around too much there. just dew us a favor and wait."


" later..." Frisk quickly swerved their head to the dunkle and put up a semi-serious angered face with a small mix of fear or shock. " i'm kidding, i'm kidding! geeze kiddo calm down, i was just trying to poke his funny bone... or... root?"


" no!"

" Good, because if you are, then I'll come back there and sit riiiight beside you darling~" The effeminate robot looked over practically purring, winking to the three of them. Sans held a nervous smile, Frisk could see him internally screaming however, while the flower shut up. That's what they liked about Mettaton, he and Toriel could always make these two be quiet and behave for a small amount of time. Eventually the cars parked and the side doors soon opened up letting out the excited monsters and human. Frisk quickly brought out a spare scarf and put it around Flowey who struggled and insulted them before finally noticing they were on Mount Ebott. After the monsters were freed, some of the Snowdin folk founded an icy spot on the mountain, turning it into a ski resort and ice rink. What better place to go in the summer than an ice rink during the blistering heat anyway?


The mismatched family went to the small shop as an old friend of Sans and Undyne's handed out the ice skates for people and monsters alike. The husky peeked over and let out a howl of excitement, " Captain Undyne! Sans! Squirrel!" He pointed to the three... Frisk being the alleged squirrel that made it past him and kept ringing his station's bell in The Underground.

Undyne gave her famous toothy grin as Doggo hopped out from the booth's opening while no one was getting ice skates and ran over, halting before them and saluting. " Ahahaha! Stand down, I'm not captain anymore, ya big goober. Be at ease, and sides you're a civilian now right?"

" Oh right sorry sir-I mean ma'am-I mean fellow citizen-I mean... I don't know. So what brings you to my neck of the woods?"

Sans strolled over to the husky who know thinking about it, never got rid of the fashion of pink... " ah we're just here to skate around as a family ya know? it being summer and all."

" Ugh tell me about it! Me and my kin have been panting in the crack of down until night falls, it's unbearable!"

" if only you were a bear."

" Wha-What does being a bear have to do with anything?"

" because... then you could bear it." The skeleton grinned as his old companion's ears fell flat with an irritated look in his now twitching eye. Toriel and Frisk held themselves back from a giggle or snort, all while Papyrus rambled out in the back.

" OH MY GOD! SANS! WE'RE IN PUBLIC!" After that fiasco and getting their gear the family parted ways. Undyne with Alphys, who was still trying to teach the poor lizard how to skate after all these years. Asgore skating by himself... Well until Alphys crashed into the big gentle brute, making Undyne skate with the two of them. Papyrus skating near Sans but mainly off by himself, leaving Mettaton to do the same. Toriel and Sans hung around Frisk who carried Flowey's pot closely before the three stopped, seeing a large bulky and jittering figure stop nearby them.

The thing looked like a shambling corpse but was still full of life somehow, it's two eyes that were melted faces looked to the family, it's drooping beak smiling, " Sn-Snowy... Lo-look... Hueby... Fr-f-friends, Friiiiisk..." Flowey scrunched back trying to hide in the scarf Frisk wrapped around him while the small child waved happily.

Just then a frosted looking monster bird fluttered over with his skates, sporting large glasses and a tie, " Ahh, hello there! Boys come over here!" Soon a bird like monster skated over, as tall as his father, while two more slide by. One was slightly shorter than the other two while one was still fairly small, though still taller than Sans.

Toriel nodded to the other family, " Ahh, the Drakes, it is wonderful to see you. Miss Drake, you're looking lovely this afternoon, and getting better at the voices I see."
The amalgamation of the Drake's mother and wife chuckled to the other mother, " Thaaaank... Thank you Tori..."

As The parents chatted to the former queen the three kids looked to Sans and Frisk... And trying to avoid eye contact with Flowey as best they could. Chilldrake smiled and held out his wing, curling the sea foam green feathers, letting the small child fist bump him. Chilldrake lowered his sunglasses, giving an affirmative wink to the skeleton who gave one back before the two talked.

Snowy fluffed up his feather and shyly went to Frisk, giving them a hug as a thanks for everything they did for his family. As he let go he smiled brightly, " O-Oh! Right I've been working on some jokes!" This made Frisk hop as best they could being in ice skates. Flowey groaned, preparing himself for the worst to come from someone who was worse than Sans. " Okay, okay here we go!" He cleared out his throat before performing a voice that sounded professional, " Words freeze in the air. If you want to hear what someone said, you have to grab a handful of sentences and take them in by the fire!" Frisk almost on command started to giggle while Sans overheard this and looked over.

" hehehe... that's pretty good kid. but i also see you've been practicing your skating, and have to say it suits ya pretty well. how about you and the kiddo here go skate about? cause, i'm getting kinda snow board of some of these mediocre skaters." Sans received a small non-damaging punch to the arm from Frisk. " i'm kidding, i'm kidding!" He chuckled out as Frisk handed her dunkle the flower pot with a worried face. " don't worry kiddo, i've got him, i'm not going to leaf him alone. now go on and play with snowy and the other kids. yo chill, think you can watch these two?"

" Sure thing my main man, Sans." He nodded to the skeleton, skating away with the two children. Sans held onto the clay pot, regretting to be the one to watch Flowey, but the kid did deserve some time away from the pissy plant. He was about to skate over to the outskirts and sit on a bench like he'd normally do, but couldn't help to notice Frostdrake had not said a peep.

" hmm? couldn't help but notice your still here buddy."

Frostdrake was entirely different now than he was when he was a little snot nosed bratty teenager. He wore what seemed to be a business suit and small glasses. It was hard to tell if the glasses were for looks or reading. He cleared his throat, following his youngest brother and sighed, letting the cold air hit any glimpse of warmth. " Sans... It's been a while... I just wanted to say for all the lousy things I did to you and your friends. I am deeply sorry for everything. We had no right to do what we did, and as I've grown older, I sincerely apologize for my crude behavior."

" wow... was not expecting that... but ya know? it's all in the past, let bygones be bygones and such. i forgive ya man, and i appreciate you admitting your faults." His gaze shifted to Flowey for a split second before going back to the frosted bird monster. " so how bout just the two of us keep cool?" He smiled lazily, reaching out, soon getting an affirmative shake from the bird who soon departed. " see bud-dy, it's not so hard to ask for forgiveness as ya know... as long as you, what's the word? A D M I T I T..." Flowey gave a small snarl as the skeleton skated to the outside of the permanent frozen lake. He crunched his feet into the snow, finally making way to the bench where he placed Flowey, upon sitting beside him and resting his eyes.

Flowey watched as his so called 'family' skated around before him, laughing and smiling... It made him feel like he was watching a overly happy PSA... That was until a while passed, his eyes following as Alphys failing to skate, but slightly getting use to it with the help of her girlfriend and Asgore. So Flowey's small chuckles when she fell down ceased. He turned attention to Papyrus who skated beside to the glittery robot... Boring. He tried to seek out anyone who fell so he could laugh at them, but nobody was! Finally Toriel was back with Frisk, holding hands, skating around, twirling about in a happy manner. Flowey's non existing soul and heart ached...
There he was just sitting there while his mother joyfully spent time with their adopted child. She looked as happy as she did when Flowey wasn't a flower. He truly missed and longed for the old days when she would teach him, even when he didn't want to be taught. The days when his mother would tuck him into bed... Sing his favorite lullaby... Read stories... Keep his nightmares away, which were now a constant thing in his life. He didn't have anyone to keep them away anymore, only for him to talk about them with Frisk. Frisk was the only ones that would hold him from the nightmares while he cried out... No one else would, besides Papyrus but Flowey would push him away. Papyrus was just a different story... Not even his own mother would hold him anymore. She wouldn't try and dare make him feel better anymore. She no longer promised she'd watch and protect him when he was frightened... She couldn't say she loved him anymore.

Flowey's stem drooped forward as he watched the two be happy. He didn't feel envy or hatred to Frisk... Deep down he knew they deserved a good mother, he just wished he could enjoy it with Frisk... To be like siblings... To be loved again. He hadn't noticed he was gritting his teeth and panting rather hard at the point... " you miss them don't you?" The golden flower shot up and snapped his direction around till he noticed Sans having a half lidded eye open watching him. " your parents, right? i mean you had to have had to come from somewhere. or were you like just made?"

" Depends... Do you miss your father?"

Sans' normal smile grew, his left eye now flaring up with magic before going away, " heh... point taken..."

Flowey sighed and slumped over in his pot, " Imagine if you will... That you see your dad every day, except you can't tell him anything about yourself. You have to constantly lie because you're not his child anymore. He doesn't even really know it's you... Would you miss him and hurt all the time?"

Sans sat there in silence before sucking in a deep breath. That seemed to hit home since his pupil had faded into the eye socket of darkness. " ... i-oh crap! paps, watch out!" His and Flowey's attention shifted to Papyrus who stopped skating, and stood there, looking over to his brother confused. " boyfriend at 12 o clock!"
" WHAT?! BUT IT'S ONLY 10 O FIIIIIIIII-!" Papyrus soon got run into by Mettaton, who was busy focusing on a chipped nail. Both of them watched the two slide into a pile of snow before cracking up, avoiding the serious talking... Well for now...

Chapter Text

It seemed like just a normal regular old day, Snowdin was full of the hustle and bustle of life with the ever constant frost drizzling down to shower the monsters that dwelled there. The lone pine tree in the town’s center shined brightly as it was decorated in marvelous colors tat varied from the palette. Kids laughed out and ran around frolicking in the soft and cold snow while older monsters either made their stand chatting about keeping and an eye on their children, going into dine to the town’s special little restaurant, or sitting in the calm and snug library. In one part of the small cheerful town sat a festive looking cabin home. In front of the humble abode, were two snow walls built on each side. Children laughing from behind them. The fish like warrior in training quickly stood up to view over their own wall of white and light blue to scour her enemies’ wall. The prince peeked his furry head out, almost blending into to the ice an white stunning background. “ AHA!” shouted Undyne as her single eye targeted onto the younger child. With a frightened squeak, Asriel did his best t lower down behind the wall of safety. He managed t make his escape, Undyne’s snowball whizzing right above and over is small tuft of fur. “ DANG-IT!” Unyne filled into her small fit of rage as she barely missed her prey. She quickly was taken own by a snowball that caught her off guard. She helped out with shock that someone managed to it her with a soft, tiny, and slightly chilly ball, which broke when it had made contact on her red pigmented gills.

Sans who had popped out from behind the enemy wall chuckled smugly as his fishy friend spat everywhere, overreacting from the harmless clump of ice. That was until presumably his prince friend tugged is sleeve slightly, “ dude, id you see that?!” He asked his friend, turning round… only to have a snowball hit him right in the face, making him fall to the side, “ bwah! monster down! monster down!” He called out, wiping the snow off from is eye sockets to see his little brother all wrapped up in orange giggling, holding a batch of snowballs in his arms. “ azzy! he made the past the borders with a snowy vengeance!”

Asriel who was busy making an arsenal of snowy projectiles, swerved his head to see the small infiltrator from the other team. He bleated out and fearfully threw some of the freshly made snowballs at the toddler. Damn was this kid fast! Papyrus dodged them easily, considering Asriel wasn’t the best with physical games, especially when startled. He became so scared so easily. It was just in his nature of his personality, letting the sweet little flower he was. Papyrus ran side to side, hopping up and ducking down until Asriel was vulnerable. Once at tat state, Papyrus pelted the goat prince with such tiny harmless little snowballs, but enough to make the older child make a squeak before falling down next to Sans. “ NYEHA! GOT YOU BOTH!”

“ Ahhh! We surrender! Asriel cried out flailing his sleeved striped arms. Sans however got up with a cocky grin.

“ i don’t! and sides! now you're on our side paps!”

“ Not on my watch punk! GEEEEEEEEEEET DUNKED ON!” Just ten Sans was hurled face front into the crisp and cool ground as a massive snowball hit him and pinned him down. A muffled Sans spoke underneath the large ball. “ … WHAT?!”

Sans shifted is head up and shook off the little remaining bits of snow from his skull, “ i said… that was so col… also, yep, ice-give in too.” He snickered a bit, making the butch fish girl groan from his horrendous pun. Much like his smaller brother who groaned out louder, while the goat monster giggled to himself.
The children laughed and talked as they shoved the monumental snowball off of their friend’s back, before the skeleton brother's scientific father walked out from the house and made his way over. He wasn’t in is casual lab attire, or his normal coat with a soft gray sweater hiding underneath it. And for that matter, he didn’t even have his regular scarf that dangled about whenever he made movement. He was dressed in a sleek leather black coat that seemed to go down to his ankles, concealing his lower torso and legs. The children looked up to the royal scientist who calmly knelt down to their level. “ Children, I must ask for you to take Papyrus to the inn to rest, and for you both to leave. I have to train with Sans for the moment, so please understand.”

Undyne seemed to lightly roll her single eye while the other was still bandaged up from the accident and surgery. “ Why can't he just train with me and Asgore?” She loosely said, a bit hurt in her over-zealous pride. Mostly because all she did remember was that Sans managed to beat her… Even if that meant passing out from a critical blow. Mostly she was just a bit jealous at how strong the skeleton had gotten in such a short amount of time.

“ Because, we have a special training program, and before you ask, no you cannot join. Second it is not because you are a girl, it is because it’s a family bond and code. You wouldn’t want Sans to disrespect his families honor, would you? Or your own for that matter,” Undyne’s pointer finger stood up in the air as her mouth gaped open, about to say things, but immediately closed up once Gaster spoke up. Though Undyne was stubborn, she did respect honor and family. She gently huffed nodding, taking Papyru’s mittened up hand and sighed.

“ Fffffffffiiiiiine.” She exaggerated.

Asriel meanwhile was hugging Sans tightly. Asriel didn’t train too much, and if he did it was normally magic and not movement. He also didn’t spar, instead he used training dummies… But even then he always felt bad for them ad would even fix them up afterwards once he rested. He only ever saw Undne train with his father an even then it could get fairly brutal, even if the king didn’t even hit Undyne. Sans smiled calmly to his baby brother an friend, patting him on the head, “ tch, don’t worry. it’ll be fine. i’ll catch up with you guys later, okay?”

“ O-Okay…” Asriel mumbled out, along with what seemed like a nervous whimper from his brother who said the same thing in a similar fashion. An just a simple nod from the fish. Gaster took Sans’ bonny hand and walked to their shed, Sans looking back waving to the group nervously smiling, opening to let them know it was going to be okay.

Undyne stomped her boots trough the softened ground as she held onto Papyrus’ hand which hid in an orange red mitten. Asriel walked along with them as is warm furry paw held onto the toddler’s other mittened and. Asiel managed to notice the younger skeleton looked concerned… Unsteady… Scared even. “ Uhm… Hey Undyne just a moment.” He said in a soothing voice, trying to seem collective so Papyrus wouldn't freak out

“ Huh? What gives now?” She asked, seeing the toddler stop with the goat monster. She watched Asriel kneel down to the toddler, who she saw looked fearful and sad. A few blinks and she was taken aback. Se hardly ever saw her small friend grow upset, let alone frightened. She frowned slightly an knelt beside the nervous toddler, her gilled fins lowering down. She wasn't good at being motherly, only protective and tough. She was glad that the sensitive prince was along with her, “ Whoa, hey, hey. What's wrong Paps?”

Papryrus sounded as if he was going to burst into tears at any given moment, “ I-I’M SCARED.”

“ Of what? The inn? Are Nice’s sisters picking on you two again?”


While Asriel calmed and soothed the toddler down with gentle words and hugs, Undyne pondered to herself. With a victorious smile she looked over to the younger monster. “ Hey! I got an idea! How about me and Azzy go check on him?!” Papyrus remained quiet for a moment before nodding lightly.


Asriel gave a small sly smile, which was rare seeing as it came from an equally innocent spirit as Papyrus. “ I wouldn’t get in trouble as much… I AM TE PRINCE after all!” He proudly put his paws to is hips and heroically posed, full of self pride for once.

“ Hey yeah! Nobody can say no to the prince! Well except for his parents… And those bullies-but those guys don’t listen to anyone!” She smiled brightly to the younger prince and gave him a high-five which let Asriel cringe, clutching his is paw once Undyne and Papyrus went inside the building.


Asriel made his way back to the skeleton’s house. The two had agreed that Undyne would hang with Papyrus for a while before hiding finally going out and waiting behind the home’s small stairs that led up to the front door. The prince walked slowly to the shed where he could hear a very muffled and hard to hear scuffle. He made out yelling, thumping, and feel a treat lingering in the air. It wasn't angry yelling... It was more informative in a way. He was just glad he had such good ears. Otherwise he’d have her nothing like a common monster. Along with his mother teaching him magical properties and-wait… As he approached the door, he saw the small knob click ad jiggle a bit. He quickly searched for a hiding place as the handle jiggled around more and more before it finally opened.

Gaster stepped out and sighed, closing the door behind him. E stopped and looked about, seeing small foot prints in the snowy ground. They seemed to vanish, so he just shrugged and noted it as a flying monster must have taken off nearby. Along the way the stairs heading up the house, a small shuffle was heard. With his paranoia getting the better of him he quickly glanced where the noise came from, only to see a rather large pile of snow leaning onto the shed’s side wall which faced the home. The lump of snow seemed to have a small pile sticking out from the side, making him shake his head. “ Just a snow poff…” With that he went into is home, leaving the snow poff to itself.

The snow poff’s small clump that stuck out wriggled. Asriel rose up on all fours from behind the snowy shield that blocked the doctor’s vision and soon stood up. He then hopped over to the shed’s door, cracking it open enough for him to see it be completely barren of any furniture or tools. All that was in there was a rouged up and tired looking Sans on his knees panting weakly. The skeleton looked like he was going to collapse from exhaustion, making Asriel’s soul tug in pain to see his friend like this. Asriel quickly ran in and scampered to his friend, dropping to his knees, sliding over on the wooden floor to his friend, putting his arms out, catching him just in time.

“ Oh m-my-my goodness! S-Sans! Sans are you okay?!” He sifted a bit so that Sans was leaning on him.

Sans’ eyes cracked open for a moment before falling back down. He gave a weak smile and spoke calmly, “ course i am… just… laying around, hehehe…” Just as Asriel was about to talk again and try his best to heal Sans up, the door creaked open from behind them. Asriel looked over to see Gaster had fetched a glass of water for his son, only to find the prince holding him up.

“ Oh… Oh my. I’m so sorry young prince, forgive me. But I must ask of you to leave.” Asriel’s mind was blank... Did Gaster do this to his own son? Was Sans really hurt?

“ h-he’ll be gone in a minute dad… just… give him a minute.” Sans gently pushed Asriel away who was currently a deer in headlights. Sans got up and smiled to his dad, upon receiving the glass of water from a pair of magical disembodied hands, surrounded by a whisking purple aura. Sans drank the water and went to pull his friend up to guide him out. Except… He heard the door close, making him look over to his father. “ uh… dad?” Once his vision gazed over, he could see that Gaster’s hands were pressed against the door and a small sliver of a smirk grew. His eyes flowed with purple energy as they contacted his son’s pupils. Sans knew Asriel might be in danger… More or less. Gaster was in one of his ‘moods’ again. Sans only ever saw them when training. It wasn’t too bad… His father would just get carried away is all. But he had never taken Sans lower than half of his HP. Afterwards he would apologize deeply and constantly. But now with is friend here, he didn’t know how well this was going to lay out. “ d-dad… dad just calm down o-okay?” Sans held out a hand, stuttering bit. When in this type of mood, Gaster always seemed… Much more intimidating and actually frightening.

“ Huh? Wait, what’s going on?” Asriel seemed to finally come back to Earth. Which Sans was grateful for… But was still very worried. He really wished he could teleport with two people, but Gaster hadn’t taught him just yet.

A dark chuckle seeped out from the scientist, “ Ohoho well then… Maybe this will finally allow you to try and fight back against me Sans. All you ever do is block and dodge… Remember, humans aren’t merciful. If given the chance, they will strike you down. But now that we have a volunteer, maybe you will finally use those powers for something rather than using them to throw me off guard or as a distraction.”

“ d-dad! azzy didn’t volunteer! just-just calm down! y-you know we don’t have to fight humans e-even if one manages to fall down here-”

Gaster waggled a skeletal finger slowly, “ Ah, ah, ah Sans. It is YOUR duty as a Judge to protect the future king. NO MATTER WHAT. Now pretend if you will… That I am a HUMAN… Defend the king.”

And with that, Gaster summoned dozens of sharp-ended tipped bones, launching them to Sans and Asriel. Sans quickly tackled Asriel down to the wooden floor, letting the first dozen fly by above them. More came at such a remarkable speed that Asriel couldn’t even say a or let out a word. Sans quickly flung is arm up, making thick and sturdy bones appear in front of them, shielding Gaster’s attack. The attack stopped once the shield of bones caved in and Sans grabbed hold of Asriel, standing up and putting himself before him, readying for another onslaught of bones.

Sans clutched is hands tightly, extending his arms out to block anything from Gaster. Asriel was too much in shock, confusion and panic, that all he did was hold onto Sans’ back shaking and tearing up. “ D A D! S T O P I T!” Sans called out angrily, his left eye socket flashing a warning signal of a fiery blue. He didn’t want to attack… He told himself he was better than humans. He wouldn’t attack. Gaster sighed and summoned a horde of normal bones hovering and surrounding the two. The tips weren’t sharpened but could still leave a bruise.

“ So be it…” Gaster flicked his wrist, making the bones be hurled at the two children. Sans summoned is own massive amount of bones to shield them off, but some of Gaster’s would slip by or would shatter some of the protective ones. Each one that managed to squeeze by Sans’ defense promptly struck him and Asriel, then vanishing away once they had hit against them. Just until all that was left were broken fragments of the shielded bones and dust from the ever cracking bones. Sans stood there gasping and panting from using so much magic along with being weakened from the hits. He still stood his ground while Asriel scrunched up behind him, clinging to the sapphire sweater. Asriel’s paws grabbed hold of the fabric, his small claws digging into it, while he tucked his head into a small ball of himself. His knees curled up to cover his face. In fact if it wasn’t for him clinging to his protector, he’d have been laying in a defensive ball on the floor.

All that could be heard from the two were Sans’ heavy panting and the whimpers of the prince. Sans felt a smile grow on his face, as if to say, ‘ told ya.' However that was short lived as Gaster’s thin frown was still upon his face. He looked disappointed in his son. He sighed, shaking his head lightly “ Oh Sans… You’re soul is too good for this world. As is yours my prince… It is time you both learned the meaning of this cruel, dark, an festering world we call home… It is kill. Or be killed.” With a fluid motion of the wrist, Asriel was picked up off from the ground, the unseeable force constricting his entire body, making him let go of his friend.

“ A-AHHH S-SANS!” Sans turned around to find his friend floating above him, wrapped in a mist of purple. Before the shocked skeleton could react the prince as flung to a wall which was furthest away from Gaster. He let out a small scream of pain once his back collided to the wall. The magical aura pining him up there. Sans ran over to his friend in need, trying to get a good grip on him to make to the force lower him. But even with the air of his blue aura he conjured up just dissolved into the purple magic.

“ A Z Z Y!” Sans screamed out. As soon as he was close enough to grab hold of the prince with his own skeletal hands… He heard a wiring sound. Turning around his eyes were met with those of one of Gaster’s many and horrifying ally, The Gaster Blaster… Asriel watched in horror along with Sans, slowly thinking to himself he was going to die here and now. The blaster glowed brightly and shot out a large single beam of light straight at the two… As dust from the shed and blast had cleared away, Sans stood there. In front of him hovered a large gaster baster which was now cracked, with the jawbone dangling to the side.

Gaster looked surprised, “ You… You used it as a shield… That’s. Brilliant… Now let’s see if you can keep it up!” Gaster exclaimed eagerly to test his son to the edge. Sans panted harshly, turning around to retrieve Asriel, only to collapse from over-exerting himself. The crack and fractured blaster broke apart and shattered onto the shed’s flooring as its owner dropped.

Gaster sighed lightly, “ Such lazy bones. Well I suppose if you're not going to attack. You’ll just see what happens when you let down to a human. Remember my boy… They are merciless, relentless, bloodthirsty creatures. Here’s an example..” He said as he walked on over to examine the quiet crying prince. He summoned a single sharpened bone, while his other magic lifted the exhausted Sans up for him to get a better look. The sharpened bone hovered in front of the frightened goat monster who began to hyperventilate as he saw his own soul be pulled out to be seen. Sans’ eyes snapped open as he looked at Asriel’s soul… It was vibrant and colorful, but mellowed soft. It looked like that of the smallest and delicate rainbow… So that's what a boss monster's soul looked like.. No wonder Asriel was royalty. Sans had the urge to reach out and hold the beautiful soul that was just stunning to look at. Seeing it almost made him calm own in a way. The sharpened bone then floated above it and slowly sunk into the fragile looking soul. Asriel gritted his teeth, not wanting to scream out as the bone pierced his very being. Numbers slowly drained from his HP.

It kept lowering and lowering, making Sans struggle against the invisible force that bound him, keeping him in air.

Sans snapped, his father just went below the halfway mark… Sans felt something bubble up and expose itself fully. It was there when Asriel or his brother were hurt or picked on, but now it felt much stronger. Sans snarled as his left eye was fully engulfed in the flame of blue, splitting with yellow. Before Gaster knew it, something whirred behind him, making him pull the bone out. As he turned round, his eyes met with that of two Gaster Blasters, “… Clever boy…”


The normally calm scientist groaned as he held a bag of clear and watery ice up to his skull as he sunk into the old green sofa, while his eldest son leaned on the couch’s other side, physically and mentally drained. Sans had a bruise here and there on his bones like a normal person would on their skin, stained with a purple blemish that spread around the stinging area. Gaster ached in pain from the side of his head and grumbled out, “ Bloody hell Undyne has one hell of a swing…”
“ you started it…” His son simply replied smiling to his father. He didn't hold it against his dad, he knew he got that way sometimes and was like a different person he couldn't control. But that didn't mean he couldn't call him out on it.

“ Oh hush.” Gaster winced as Sans was sassing him currently. What had happen was that Gaster managed to deflect the two large beams of magical energy, finally snapping back to focus of what he had been doing to his son and the prince. But before he could apologize, Undyne had gotten fed up with waiting and sneaked in from all of the commotion… Ending up to summon a spear and sharply smack the shit out of Gaster’s skull once with the blunt end of the weapon. Before the scientist could even explain, she grabbed hold of Asriel and booked it like she had just stolen a television.“ You do realize the only reason I get like that is beca-“ Just then the doorbell was rung, which made the worried scientist nearly fall from his seat. He looked over to his son and begged with a look. “ S-Sans? Sans? Sans don’t you dare-don’t you dare open that door!” Gaster squeaked out in fear.

Sans approached the door slowly and raised himself with the aid of his levitating magic. Peeking out the small windowed hole, he sighed in relief and went back to be on the floor. “ it’s just zack.” Gaster relaxed along with Sans as the door opened up to reveal the tall and lanky teenage cat monster. “ sup zack?”

“ Uhm uh… Heh… Just wanted to uhm say… I am so sorry but she bribed me with goldfish!” Sans tilted his head watching the normally suave and collective cat monster breakdown into a fit of sweats. The reason why was because a furious queen ran out from behind a tree, shoving Zack off from the porch and into the snow. “ MIAU!” He yelled out before he fell flat on his face. Toriel moved Sans aside with one gentle but forcible push.

As she made her way in, Undyne and Asriel followed in after her and into the humble house. The larger goat monster stomped into the room and shouted out boastfully, “ WING-DINGS!”

“ EEEEEEEEEE!” Gaster cried out like a small little girl.

" OH NO YOU DON’T!” Toriel screamed out before jumping and tackling the thin skeleton who was close to teleporting away. She restrained him and put him in a headlock, surprising both Sans and Asriel. Undyne however cheered the angered queen on, pumping her soft scaled fist into the air. “ WHAT IN THE HELL WERE YOU DOING TO MY CHILD!”

Gaster choked out as is limber fingers snagged onto Toriel’s sleeves, squirming underneath her grip. “ Mom! Stop! I forgive him! I know he’s sorry! Really!” Asriel called out, letting everyone shut their mouth to look at the teary eyed prince. “ He’s really sorry. H-He didn’t mean it…”

“ … Is this true?” Toriel asked, glaring dangerously to the skeleton who nodded slowly. She sighed and let him go, letting him gasp out a bit.

“ I-I am dreadfully sorry my good lady and y-young prince.”

Toriel snarled, baring her sharpened teeth that hid behind her normal smile, “ And WHHHHY did you hurt my baby?”

“ Mom it’s okay… H-He was just… He was training Sans to become a Judge.” Asriel had managed to figure the puzzle out, from all that he heard and witnessed.

Toriel fell silent along with Undyne. Her attention was peeked now as she looked to the lone scientist, “ W-Wait… Is this true?”

Gaster sighed, nodding, “ Yes my queen… Sans chose to become your son’s protector. We have been working very hard and sometimes we both get carried away. I-I… Used the young prince as… A target so Sans wouldn't mess up like he normally does."

Sans quietly mumbled something bout how he himself didn’t go overboard. Undyne’s eye paced to and back from everyone, “ Say what?”

Toriel sighed and stood up, “ That is fine… But please go easy on Sans. None of these children know how humans behave. And they are not all evil as you think they are. You have just had bad experiences. BUT! I would like an apology and a promise to not use my child as a training dummy, understood?!” She snapped back to Gaster who leaned as far away from the mother as possible.

“ Ye-Yes my queen! Again I-I am so sorry!”

“ Don’t apologize to me… Apologize to my child.”

“ Erm-Right. S-Sorry Lady Tori,”

“ Don’t you Tori me, Wing-Dings…”

Gaster gulped and nodded before looking over to Asriel, seeming broken and the verge of tears himself, “ Young Prince I am so deeply so-“ H was quickly cut off by the young monster running over to him and embracing him in a hug, which made Gaster freeze in position.

Asriel patted the skeleton’s back and held onto him, “ I already forgive you Mister Gaster.” Toriel smiled at the sweet moment while Undyne scooted over to the younger skeleton who watched, entranced.

“ … Damn, I thought she was gonna’ beat the shit outta’ him.”

“ ehh… maybe next time. But next time ya might wanna' check out what happens before telling azzy’s mom.” Unyne glared and stuck her tongue out at him, only for Sans too the same right back at her. Eventfully Toriel grabbed hold of Undyne’s finned hand and led her and Asriel out.

“ We will discuss this later on the phone Wing-Dings.” Toriel said before making her leave, slamming the door in the process. Sans walked over to his father’s side, who was currently laying on his back on the floor like he would do sometimes and then sleep there.

“ … so uhm… you’re not like fired or banished right?”

“ No… Thankfully not.”

“ … should I go put on a movie?”

“ That would be nice, yes… pick one of yours… Oh and Sans?” The younger of the two looked over, “ You’re a good kid… Also never make a woman angry. Hell hast no fury like an angry woman…”


His father’s words echoed in his seemingly empty skull, bouncing around in his mind, making his marrow feel cold and his soul tense. And now here he was… Walking down past his old guard station. The one where he first met the openly kind-hearted and optimistic twelve year old. He walked along side with them nervously, but still wearing that large plastered grin across his face to conceal his feelings. He was very worried about this plan… It had only been a few weeks since the barrier was destroyed and Fisk’s new family setting up a large home, with Sans included. Though they had bribed their dunkle into returning to Mount Everett for whatever reason, Sans still felt a fraction of dread.

Frisk had told him they HAD to come back for something… But it sounded more like they had to find and bring back someone to their happy and new life. Seeing as no one else would tag along and Toriel would forbid the kid going alone, worrying about the previous events in The Underground. So Sans was the one to aid them. And Sans knew better than to anger a woman or upset a girl… If Frisk was one anyways… If not, then it’d be best not to disappoint a boy. Eventually Frisk stopped at the purple shaded doors that led into The Ruins. They turned around to their friend and smiled. “ Sans. Stay here.”

“ whoa, wait, why? Tori will chew my head off and force me to pick up my socks.”

“ We don’t hafta' tell her…” risk looked down, pushing the snow against their boot, shyly.

“ frisk…”

“ If you don’t tell, I won’t…”

“ frisk…” He cocked an invisible brow to the child who looked up to him, upset.

“ Sans please. If you go with me. You’ll upset him.”

“ pth, upset who? the bricks?”He chuckled before his eyes widened, “ oh crap that one rock monster is still here isn’t he? aww man, or it’s that ant sized froggit. Yeah, they don’t like my jokes.” Frisk giggled into their hands, not daring to tell Sans who it really was. “ well… okay fine. but you come back here in ten minutes or I’m coming in after you.”

“ Got it Sans.” Frisk smiled brightly to him, turning round and vanishing into the ongoing corridor.

“ and just so you know, i will be keeping a close eye on the clock kiddo!” Sans called out before sitting down at his usual spot back when he was trapped along the other monsters. He quietly knocked on the large symbol embroided doors, “ ahh, still got the hollow sound.” He soon found himself bored as no one would answer him so he let his tired eyes close down.


Frisk had finally managed to make it to the very first room that started it all… That started their adventure. That started their longing for their sugarcoated goat mother. That started their resets to finally free that last monster who dwelled here. They quietly walked down the black and darkened hallway to a single small room with light pouring in from above a hole, making the golden flowers below bloom and glisten.

As they grew closer to the patch of grass and flowers, one single flower stood out from the rest. It drooped down as if it wasn’t being taken care of in ages. But once close enough for the boot to click against the tiled flooring, the flower moved, showing a worn out face. The flower looked over to Frisk and glared, “ Back so soon? Hehehe… I didn't know you wanted to die that badly. Or maybe you were hoping HE was here… Hehehe, don’t you know there’s no such things as a ‘happy ending’… Or did you come back here to gloat and mock me?!”

Frisk shook their head, walking closer to the patch of floral life. Flowey snapped out at them, snarling and drooling like a feral beast, his eye locking onto them. Vines slid out from under the dirt around him, weaving around to show off their skin piercing thorns. “ FUCK OFF! I’LL KILL YOU WERE YOU STAND!” Flowey screamed out. Frisk shook their head sadly before walking closer to him.

The vines wipe around furiously in the air, but none of them even dare touch a hair on Frisk. Flowey’s steam pulled back, his maddening grin and ravenous eyes growing more and more wild, “I-I SAID GO AWAY! I-I’LL HURT YOU! I’LL FUCKING DO IT!” Flowey tried to roar out, but Frisk could tell he was more worried and frightened than he led onto be.

“ No you won’t.” Frisk said before sitting next to the sentient flower who made the vines slink back into the Earth below.

Flowey drooped back down again, his petals hiding and concealing his pained face, “ … Frisk… Why are you here…?” The child smiled gently and took off their backpack. Flowey was so busy trying to scare them off that he hadn’t noticed it. In a silent moment, a rubber ball of a rainbow color bumped against him. “ Wh-What is this…T-Take it away!” is leaf curled up slightly before smacking it back the way it rolled. Only for it to roll back to him. “ I said TAKE IT AWAY! JUST STOP IT!” Flowey turned around, slapping the ball with a thin vine. Frisk caught it and smiled to him, rolling it back to him. Flowey’s snarls grew quiet as he nudged the ball away with his head. Again it was rolled back to him. Flowey stared at it and eventually rested his forehead against it, “ … Don’t you have anything better to do…?”

“ Yeah, But I can’t do it without you.” Flowey heard a quiet rustle as Frisk fussed with the backpack. He looked over to see them pulling out a pot with the words ‘best friends’ painted on. Next to it lay a small trowel, Fowey eyed both of the tools before looking back to the child.

“ … Frisk… You know you can’t help me, right? I can’t be fixed. I can’t be up there…”

“ But we can try… Together. As a team. We can help each other Asriel.”

“ I’m not Asriel!” Flowey tearfully yelled out.

“ Yes you are. See, your crying just like him.”

Flowey shook his head, trying to deny the logic, but Frisk was right… He was the late prince of monsters… He sniffled a bit, “ Frisk… P-Please… Ju-Just leave me alone. I was always meant to be alone. Just leave me. I’ve already been left behind tree times already-hehe… I’m use to it.”

“ You don’t deserve that… You’ve been through so much. I want you to have a second chance.”

“ D-Don’t you get it?! THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES! Honestly I’m just waiting for you to grow bored an reset-“

“ Flowey, don’t you remember?” Frisk asked, pulling out from seemingly nowhere, a half cracked piece of the RESET button before sending it back to wherever it belonged.

Flowey sighed deeply and quivered, “ Frisk. If we’re really friends, you’ll never return. Now just please…Please just go home… Be free. Be happy. B-Be… Be with your family.” Flowey had just said ‘please’ three times… This was unexpected, but the child stayed determined.

“ Well... If we can't be friends, then we can be family, can’t we? And can’t be with my family, knowing one of them is stuck down here. You’re part of my family. And family doesn’t get left behind. Or forgotten.”

Flowey looked at them, a mix of hope and a mix of dumbfoundedness, “ Frisk. All I’ll do is hurt them-“

“ Not if I'm with you… Please Flowey. Give me a chance… You could be my little brother. I could care for you, and help you… I'll protect you.” Frisk started crying along with the flower with a heart wrenching look on their face that could put the gold flower to shame.

“ … Hehehe… You sound just like Chara…” Flowey smiled, remembering the better times of his past. “ You really are an idiot Frisk…”



Frisk thought about the time they convinced the stubborn golden flower to actually go above to the surface with them as Toriel held their hand. They eventually tore away from her grasp and skated over to the potted plant and skeleton who sat there along a bench. Frisk carefully stepped into the cold ground below and picked up the flower pot, bringing it over and hugging onto it. Sans watched the child hop back onto the frozen lake and skate off holding the pot firmly, even if Flowey was insulting them as well as spitting out threats of wanting to be put back down. Their new mother skated over to the baffled skeleton and sighed lightly, her breath showing in the cold cool air, “ They are quite a strange but sweet child aren’t they?”

“ y-yeah… they sure are. Tori, you’ve got one hell of a kiddo there.” He smiled faintly to her while she continued to watch the child skate about and hold out the pot for Flowey to enjoy… only to get more yelling as a reward. Thankfully not too much longer, the mismatched family made their way to the lodge that had been built by some fuzzy monster folk to rest before going back to their own home. The lodge was considerably massive to old guests and tourists, but was also planted firmly near a few cottages of smaller houses of the monsters that lived around.


While Alphys, Undyne, and Asgore rested inside for some cocoa, Toriel was busy chatting with the drake family as they met up again. This left the two boney brothers with Frisk and Flowey, much to their delight and bit of dismay. Frisk tugged onto Papyrus’ long slender and vibrant colored red scarf, making the skeleton gain attention, “ EH? MY, MY, WHAT IS IT FRISK?!” He asked out loudly and joyfully. He was never one to not be excited, so any response was normally in yelling distance, but never in a harsh manner. He knelt down so Frisk could put their small hand over where Papyrus would have an ear if he were human and whispered to him. “ OHHH! BROTHER!”

Sans lazily looked behind his shoulder giving him is trademark grin, “ yeah paps?”


“ sure, lemme’ ask.” He snickered to himself, receiving a confused look from Frisk and an annoyed glare from his younger brother. Frisk didn’t know how, but Sans managed to whistle out, making the pink clad husky bound over and pant with is tail waging hyperllly. “ whoa, calm down there poochy. Got any shovels for the kiddo to play with the snow?”

Doggo cleared his throat and shook himself to get out of his canine instinct to give a glare, “ Sans. How many times have I told you not to call me that… Anyways yeah, got some small ones out over in the shed. Come on, I’ll show ya.” Doggo turned round as he moved his arm, signaling them to follow.

The two brothers followed him with no problem, as did Frisk. But… Soon enough Frisk felt a sudden shift in the air, mainly the atmosphere coming off from the flower. Flowey had stopped his constant bitching as soon as the dog spoke his last sentence. The flower curled up, hiding themselves in the scarf Frisk had put around him. As they got near the newly built shed, Flowey had sunk himself into the soil of the pot with just his head poking out, covered by his gold petals. And even then, the petals were surrounded by the cloth of the scarf. Frisk had stopped to look at the flower who normally didn’t hide quit like this. As Papyrus chatted with the husky and helped him open the shed, moving some things away, Sans decided to stay back. One, because he wouldn’t leave the kid alone with that flower, and two, he was too lazy to move anything around. However Frisk’s concern caught his appeal, making him walk over to them ad look at the hiding flower.

To him… Flowey was always angry, rude, and aggressive. The flower had sowed hatred for most things, prideful in committing hardships on the rest, and even boredom when nothing horrible was happening to bring him amusement. He saw the flower break down several times which was always interesting but not new, but never had he seen him curl up in fear. Not even when threatened with a gaster blaster or receiving punishment from Toriel. “ uhm… so… know why he’s hiding and cowering like that?” Frisk shrugged their shoulders, being equally as confused. Sans looked at the shed then back to Flowey who didn’t say a peep. “ wow… he’s acting as if he’s just seen some blood-shed.” Frisk’s eyes traced themselves to Sans who was just smiling and chuckling from his pun. Frisk couldn't be angry at their dunkle, but couldn’t find themselves laughing, so they just shook their head and smiled. “ aww, come on, you’ve got to be shedding me, it wasn’t that bad.”

Frisk cracked a small toothy smile, trying to keep any laughter in while Flowey popped up out from his hiding spot. “ C-Can w-we just shut the fuck up and-and get away from here…” Flowey for once wasn’t yelling or sounded angry. He more of sounded frightened like a child who was around adults who were discussing something unsavory like a shot.

“ ah, figures why sheds scare you. all that weed killer and lawnmowers. must be pretty spooky huh?” Flowey didn’t even reply which made the skeleton and child feel more uncomfortable. It was odd how Flowey’s yelling and bitching was normal, but never when he was quiet… It was almost eerie in a way.


Later the two brothers sat at the lodge’s porch, sipping their own cocoa, chatting about who knows what while keeping an eye on Frisk who was building something. Sans would look over time from time to catch a glimpse of Frisk building what seemed to be a snowman while the irritated flower’s vines built up a mound of snow next to them. He pondered how and why Flowey would join in on whatever Frisk did, considering he constantly bickered about every little thing. It wasn’t until too long that Sans snapped back into reality, overhearing the motherly monster say, “ They remind me of my children…”

Sans quickly turned his skull over to Torel. He saw her eyes, reminiscing on the past wile Papyrus ad excused himself to go get something. No doubt, trying to ask if there was spaghetti, seeing how the couple ad former king were doing, or fetching something for Frisk, Sans, or Toriel without them even asking. Sans nervously sipped his cup, trying to avoid the clatter against his teeth, “ Which one?”

“ Both... Frisk looks so much like my adopted child but is as sweet as my son. And Flowey… Something about him… Reminds me of my adopted child with a mix of my son as well… It’s so strange…” She sighed before leaning back in her chair to think to herself. “ If only I could remember the older days better… All I can recall is when we brought in the fallen child. I can't remember if dear Asriel had any other friends or not.”

“ heh… i-I don’t know, why he wouldn’t? i-I mean he was the uhm… prince right? look tori… uhm, i’m not sure how to say this, but… how could you not remember?”
“ Ohh Sans… After all that had happen, I blocked away all of those memories so that they would never come back to me. In doing so, I almost forgot my children in the processes. So many years went by that even Undyne and Alphys didn’t recognize me, nor I to them.”

Sans held the mug to his teeth again mumbling quietly to himself, “ i wish I could do that…”

“ Hmm? I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that”

Sans’ pupils quickly shifted around in a small fit of fear before moving the cup away, “ i uh said.. i wish you wouldn’t do that. hehehe, hiding our memories only makes it tougher on us.” He chuckled nervously before leaning into his chair as to hide away.

“ Ohoho Sans… Thank you.”

“ wha-f-for what?” Sans held the cup tightly in his grip, bushing the slightest of a blue tint on his cheek bones.

“ For listening to an old lady ramble.” She leaned over giving him a small peck on the forehead while her paw patted his free skeletal hand. “ For helping Frisk, and making me feel secure.” She smiled sweetly to him. It was more of a friendly nod than an ‘I love you’, but either way it made Sans squeak then tuck in his head into his sweater, his hood flopping over him. Toriel did this to many friend like family members. It was always just a peck with a thank you… Except Asgore. Papyrus would always say, ‘WOWIE.’, while Undyne would just rub the back of her neck and look away, slightly kicking her boot saying it was nothing. Mettaton would just giggle and wave his fabulous metal hand while Alphys looked like she would keel over. Frisk was just grateful and Sans would only go into hiding, internally screaming to himself. That only left Flowey… And she would never go near him.

Toril snickered at Sans who was in ‘sweater town’ as Frisk liked to it. When Sans got embarrassed and flustered which never happen too terribly often, Toriel found it amusing and adorable, much to Sans’ reference. However a thought crossed Toriel afterwards which made the situation even more uncomforting for the poor skeleton. “ Hm, you know what… You’ve told me that Aphys knew you as a child… Same for Unyne. Is it possible that you knew my son?” She curiously asked, making Sans choke on his cocoa. He quickly put the mug onto the small wooden cut out table and coughed, gasping for air as the goat monster patted his back.


Meanwhile, the flower watched the two from a distance and made a scowl on his face, “ Eugh… Look at those two… DISGUSTING…”

Frisk poked their head out from behind the pile of snow Flowey had gathered and perched himself on. “ Your only saying that ‘cuz it’s your mom.”


“ I don’t know, I think its kinda cute.” There came the flirty Frisk the monsters came to know after the first thirteen tries. Frisk smiled cheekily to the flower whose face had grown to be more upset.

“ Mehmehmehmehme!” Flowey mimicked their sentence in a stubborn little kid voice to antagonize them with.

“ I think your just jealous… Maybe you have a crush on him.”

The flower gasped and looked at sheer horror at his… friend/sibling/acquaintance/word not found? “ HOW DARE YOU ASSUME THAT! I HATE HIS NON-EXTANT GUTS!"

" You don't have to like somebody to have a crush on them. It could be like an obsession. You know, kinda like a creepy serial killer or stalker in a way, mister Serial Murderer."

Flower glared at the smirking child, " Don't you fucking sass me. And you need to stop watching that Identity channel with Undyne. While you're at it, stop watching anime with Alphys! It's poisoning your mind!"

Frisk puffed up their cheek slightly angered, but more of just annoyed, " Then I'll stop watching horror movies with you."

" BUT THEIR THE ONLY THINGS THAT ARE ENTERTAINING! Look, I just want him away from her! And away from you, you-you… YOU FLIRT!” Flowey shook in pure rage, only to get a smirk from Frisk.

“ Maybe that’s why you dream about him? Maybe I should tell him.”

“ Don’t you fucking dare you little shit! I will fucking end you!” Flowey spat out, whispering in a deeply hushed breath of demonic fury. His vines slithering out from the soul, curling up and lashing around like a pissed cat.

“ I’m a do it.” Frisk teasingly pushed near his button, but they knew Flowey wouldn’t actually harm them.

“ Don’t!”

“ Gonna’ do it.”

“ DON’T!”

“ HEY DUNKL-MRFM!” As Frisk called but, Flowey’s vines swiftly latched to Frisk’s mouth. Not horribly hard like to squeeze a grape, but clamped on enough for them not t say anything. Flowey grinned gleefully, his stem swerving around like he was putting on a tiny victory dance. To make matters worse he stuck out his tongue at the child who groaned in annoyance. They simply waited before pointing, making the pride filled flower stop and lean over, “ Aww, what’s that? Flowey got your tongue? Ehehe, sure do~!” He giggled to himself as Frisk rolled their eyes… Or seem to have rolled them anyways and tugged on a vine, only to point again. Flowey’s cheerfulness grew dull and into a furrowed brow, “ What?!”

He let the vines go and turned around to where Frisk pointed. Standing there was the humble lazy skeleton who was still in hiding mode… Only not blushing anymore, but looking nervous. “ Ah, the trash bag has graced us with his presence… The fuck you want?”

“ so happy to see you too weed. Anyways, I came over to see how you two are doing.”

“ Oh! That’s new! The mighty Judge checking in on me?!”

“ not even in your dreams sunshine.”

Flowey gave him a non impressed glare, clearly not trying his best. “ so what cha’ make there kidd-O H…” Sans’ eyes went wide as his pupils left him. Right behind the pile mound of Flowey’s shotty craftsmanship was a snowman that looked an awful lot like Frisk. Except their eyes were replaced with large red berries or seeds that had fallen from a tree nearby, while containing a large uncanny smile splayed out from a finger in the snow in one fluid swoop. Sans brought his hands together ad brought them both up to his bare teeth. The fingers cure around until his thumbs were all that were left, along with his pointer fingers. He took in a good deep breath before he pointed to the Snow-Chara, “ kiddo… love ya and all, but... W H Y did you make that…?”

Frisk smiled calmly to Sans, walking to his side and pulling him along to where both the Snow-Chara and Flowey’s mound could be seen. They quickly dug into their trusty pocket, pulling out their cell phone. They clicked a few things and gave it t Sans to hold. As the skeleton was now questioning why he had been given their phone, he could see it was on record as he saw the screen and the situation being played out before him in first person.

Flowey soon spoke up, " I am the Snow Guardian! Guardian of the Snow!"

All of the sudden Fisk slammed themselves onto the icy cold mound and spread out their fingers onto the snow, “ Snow Giants quiver before him!”

Flowey then turned to the Snow-Chara dramatically, his tiny head popping up slightly, FUCK OFF!” After that played through Frisk and Flowey both laughed out, leaving Sans more confused. Frisk walked over to grab the phone back and messed with some buttons before handing it over to a small slim vine strand for Fowey to see.
Sans looked to and back from them both and shook his skull, “ you need to get off the internet kiddo.” He chuckled to himself, turning around, taking is leave. However he could hear them fairly well with his short distance. Flowey had said the same except the snow was now changed to The Underground. And snow giants were clearly called Chara. This made the skeleton stop dead in his tracks, looking over to catch Flowey’s line and catching their act while the Snow-Chara broke apart once vines sprouted out of the snowman. Flowey high-fived the young child with a vine, actually thanking them for something. Sans stood there puzzled. Did Frisk know Chara like he did in the past? For some reason fighting them as Frisk was one of the only things he remembered after the resets, much like how seeing Flowey was normally bad news. And how did the flower know? Did he too fight the determined killer? As soon as Sans thought, came a snowball all too soon crashing into his skull with a gentle powdery splash of ice. He looked over to who had targeted him and spotted the masculine fish lady laughing.

Eventually Sans took action and before he knew it, the entire family was back outside chucking snowballs at one another making the last few hours zoom on by happily.

Chapter Text

“ ooh! ooh! there’s one azzy!” Asriel quickly dropped to the ground, the small tufts of grass concealing him rather slightly. Sure he stuck out like a sore thumb in the mossy green texture, but that hadn't kept him from trying to be remotely stealthy in the long run.

“ Target sighted…” e whispered out to his skeletal friend who perched himself on a large and old broken down violet pillar that had long ago given way. Sans held a pair of binoculars, watching the young prince shuffle closer in the grass, eventually wiggling is rump and tail as a cat would in preparing an attack. Te goat monster then leap out from his very poor place of a hiding spot and swung down a small butterfly net to the grass that lay before him. He quickly withdrew himself from being in the grass and flopped onto his butt to see what h had caught in the net. Inside was a large and slender slug who wriggled around slowly, slime leaking out from the small holes of the net. “ Got it!”

Sans felt a smile grow on is skull, jumping down from his position ad jogging over to the caught prize. “ aw sweet! so… you gonna’ eat it or what?” Sans joked around, bumping is elbow to Asriel’s shoulder.

“ Haha, I wish! It’s really slimy too! Slugs are a close second and then comes grubs, but no can do. Mom knows which ones are sentient and which ones aren’t. It’d be like eating your fellow monster.”

“ aww man, ewwwhehe!” Sans laughed out, shutting his eyes and waving his hands down from the thought. “ can't you just ask them?”

“ Mmm, no, some are just too shy… And some aren’t to bright.” Asriel smirked slightly as he carefully reached in receiving the slug. Just then a deep hardy voice spoke out.

“ HEY! I DON’T MAE FUN OF YOU GUYS!” Both Sans and Asriel backed away startled. The slug who was currently being held up firmly by the tail of Asriel’s paw slinked it’s head upwards to them. “ Now put me down! I got a ride from a sweet lil’ girl and her spiders who will pick me and the boys up to go see the gaaames!”

“ O-Oh! M-My apologizes sir!” Asriel bashfully watched the older yet smaller monster talk to him.

“ But hey if you wanna’ eat someone, you can eat Mikey over there. He’s always leavin’ stuff in my traaash!”

“ Uhm… S-Sorry sir but I don't really uhm do that…”

Sans leaned over, smiling to the annoyed slug, “ we’re minors.”

“ The hell you goin’ on about Smiley?” The slug turned his attention to the skeleton.

“ we dig up stuff around here… oh but we’re also too young to be hit men.” Asriel softly brought his free paw to his head, holding in any laughter. All while the slug quirked an eye stalk.

“ Don’t be a smart ass to me kid.”

“ what if i told you, your handsome?” Sans’ grin grew as he could see Asriel holding back.

“ No need for a kiss ass too!” At that the poor prince burst out laughing, making the slug groan, his eye stalks moving in a circle. “ So what’d ya need?! I can’t be late!”
Once Asriel cooled off from his giggle fit he smiled to the grumpy slug, “ We just wanted to get a few pictures s all. My mom wouldn’t believe how big you are sir!”

“ Hmmm… You ain’t calling me fat right?”

“ No sir!”

“ Impressing a lady… Heh, ehh sure why not. Just make it snappy" And with that Asriel went off to the pillar Sans had sat on, fetching a camera from the side then handing it to his bony friend. The prince gave a wide fang toothed smile as he held up the large slug monster as the catch of the day.

Sans couldn't help but chuckle, " work it guys, work it." The goat glared lightly, but in an joking fashion since he couldn't help but smile, trying his best not to laugh from the stupid comment. Soon, Asriel started taking pictures. The furry prince loved taking photos or recording videos so that he could always smile back on the times of the past, sharing them with friends and family. Each picture was different and special in his soul and mind. Especially since the slightly older monster kept up the funny business with pretending the snail was a giant booger. Making the slug look much bigger than it was by putting it close to the camera and having Sans look further away as he held it up, screaming like it was some type of larger monster. And finally one of Sans covering the lower part of his skull with his sweatered arm, shifting his eyes side to side before unveiling the slug underneath his piriform aperture (That big hole thing where your nose use to be) mimicking the slug as a large mustache. After the pictures of making both of the children giggle, a slight skittering sound was heard from one of the halls nearby.


When they both looked up, the two were met with a horde of fuzzy black spiders weaving and bobbing around on the floor. " huh, look at that... ya know i thought the monster web was made out of code and numbers, but apparently it walks around on eight hundred pairs of legs." Just then all of the spiders stopped and stared up to him. Asriel being the timid monster he was slowly backed away to properly hide behind the skeleton. There were so many spiders that it looked as if a small patch of the purple tiled flooring had been sucked out from existence, leaving a black void. As a minute passed, Sans was starting to feel some tension, his normal grin lowering down. " uhm... can we help you?" The spiders just sat there staring up at him, making him gradually more agitated and protective for his friend's sake. Another moment passed before Sans' focus slowly made its way to look at the ceiling, cautiously he looked up to see if the spiders were watching something else other than him and Asriel.

" holy crap!" He shouted, turning around and tackling the goat down away from their original position. Asriel bleated out and stumbled back onto the tile with his friend, catching a glimpse of a figure dropping down to where they were. The figure stood up and turned around just now noticing the two on the ground. The monster was dainty, thing, and had a purple skin tone, making them blend into the background easily. As their black hair was in long pigtails, a large bow across their chest, and a somewhat puffy pink dress, their eyes met the others. The new monster's eyes could easily watch both of the children as for that was one of the more unique things about them. The monster had five sleek black shining eyes which stared at the two like razor sharp daggers. The other thing that made the new monster to be easily pointed out from a crowd was their six arms, the upper clasping the hands together, the middle pair folded, and the lower tier of arms were placed on their hips.

With another uneasy minute passing by, the violet skinned monster giggled in a cute harmless manner, showing her tiny fangs. " Ahuhuhu! Oh my dearies! I'm so sorry! I was just wrapping up some things before I took my friends to the snail races~!" Again she let out another innocent giggle, pointing up to the ceiling above, where there seemed to be a large crack with webbing surrounding the outskirts and eventually inside. " I hope they didn't frighten you too much, they were only waiting for little ol' me is all~!"

Both boy sighed in relief and stood up, dusting their clothes off from any dirt that may have been swept onto. Sans eyes the crack in the ceiling, wondering how neither of the two even noticed it when walking down the hallway. " hehehe... wrapped, i get it." He smiled brightly only to meet the new monster's confused look.
" HEY! There's my ride!" Blurted out the large slug which Sans completely forgot about as he held it in his hands. Sans reached out for the spider like monster to take and put it into a basket. They then put the basket down, letting the spiders scurry into it snuggly, each making a cheerful squeaking noise. Not before long, the boys noticed other various bugs made their way into the basket, happily clamoring together. It was an odd sight to see none the less.

" so..." The skeleton broke the rather odd feeling in the air, " i'm sans, and this is asriel. say hi azzy."

" H-Hi a-azzy." Another confused and puzzled look came away from the spider monster.

" he's really shy around new monsters."

" Ah. It is nice to meet you my dearies~! I am Muffet!" She curtsied with her lavish pink dress, bowing her head slightly. She then looked back up, her eyes widened, " Wait! Sans? Asriel? OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! Your Sans! A-And your-OH MY! Grillby has told me many things about you! And aren't you just the cutest little thing~!" She winked to the skeleton who just held up his smile. From how Sans was positioned, Asriel could tell he was internally screaming due to being called cute from a girl... or the fact that she was a spider. " AND YOU!" She pointed to the shy prince who flinched upon reaction, " Your the prince! Ahuhuhu, what an honor to meet you both! I'd love to stick around and chat, but I really must be on my way, toodles~!" She scooped up her basket and jumped into the crack above them, vanishing without a trace.

The two blinked and stayed still for a while from the odd meeting of Muffet who just came out of nowhere. " well... that was interestingly terrifying... you okay azzy?" Asriel's reply was only him falling over from the awkward and scary meeting. " yeah my thoughts exactly..."


Much later the two decided to rest nearby Snowdin right after helping the local Gyftrot, freeing him from the various knick-knacks the forest teens had thrown abut on the poor thing. Sans took Asriel to a small alcove that led to a small hallway full of echo flowers leading to a spacious small room where the two sat down. They started reviewing over what they had done for the day. “ snail hunting?”

“ Check.”

“ making a snowman look over the forest as the forest’s guardian?”

“ Check, though I’m sure the teens will break him...”

“ participating in that snow golf undyne and alphys made?"

“ Check. I still wonder how they even go that to work.”

“ pth, ‘they’? it was probably just alphys trying to make some type of sport activity she and undye could enjoy.”

“ Makes sense. Uhm, let’s see… Help Mister Gyftrot?"

“ cheakarino.”

“ Well, that seems about it then! Tanks for helping me out.”

“ heh, i‘m just surprised your mom let you come get me after what happen the other day ago.” Sans leaned back against the cool blue wall of the cave, adjusting himself before noticing Asriel hadn’t replied, “ erm… right?”

The white furry monster laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his scuff, avoiding eye contact, “ Nnnnot exactly… I was told to do this stuff with Undyne after she was done training… But she seemed AWFULLY busy and my mom MIGHT still be a bit upset with your dad and I MIGHT have twisted some words around…” He felt is cheeks burning u from guilt. He slowly looked to his friend, thinking that he’d be doing that creepy eye thing. But despite that Sans was just looking at him, is white pupils looking genuine and not boring into him.

The skeleton grinned widely and threw is arms to where he would have a stomach, laughing up a storm, “ hohohoooly crap dude! asriel dreemurr, you’ve gotten to be one baaad prince! ahahahaha!”

Asriel’s cheeks blushed slightly from the goat mimicking part, but couldn’t help but joining the contagious laughter, “ Wh-What?! I thought you’d be mad!”
“ w-why for?! you’ve just told me, that even though your mom is still upset over my dad, that y-you still wanted to see me! i thought after all that, you’d be to scared or too upset to even talk to me!” Sans soon whipped a stray tear from laughing o much. He honestly felt very happy to know that the timid prince had actually one trough all of this just to be with him. It made the skeleton feel special in a way.

The laughter died down as soon as Asriel clutched onto Sans sniffling and burying his head into the sweater. “ I just want to e with you again! I was s-so worried that I’d never see you again!”

Sans’ grin turned to a comforting smile, this kid really cared about him, almost to the degree of his own brother. He could easily figure that Asriel wasn’t sassy and would obey the rules when given. So seeing as how he broke them, meant that he was really determined to be with the skeleton. Sans wrapped his arms around his friend who was feeling conflict now that the truth was out. He used the goat monster and comforted him like he would wit Papyrus, “ shh, dude. it’s okay, it’s okay. your mom’s beef is with my dad, not me, okay?” Asriel pulled his head back, nodding tearfully to his friend. “ hehehe, you can’t get rid of me that easily, no matter how lost you feel, got it?”

“ G-Got it-“

“ SO THAT’S WHERE YOU TWO ARE!” Came a booming voice from tee d of the lit up corridor. Undyne ran own the way and panted lightly, “ I’ve been looking all over the damn place or you guys! Tori and Gaster are really upset! They thought you two ran away or something stupid like that! Hell they even put aside their differences and teamed up to find you guys!”

“ A-Are we in trouble…?” Asriel whimpered out.

“ Tch, why for? I caught word that Tori thinks this is her fault and shouldn't separate you from your friends, and after you guys explain to them what I’ve just heard, you’ll be golden!”

“ thanks undyne, you're a good witness.”

“ Hell yeah I am! Now let's get going!”


“ now let’s get going little guy.” The skeleton looked over to a small white stubby legged dog who was rummaging around in the room next to him. Sans watched the pup drag out a small bag from a pile of various junk that were covered in paw prints o dirt and snow. The dog dragged it out with its feet before handing it over to Sans, letting go and panting happily. Sans gave a small smile and knelt down to properly equip it onto the back of the dog. Once he had done that he stood up and viewed over the cool blue walls of the dog’s home and the one spacious room that led to it. Memories clouded is mind as he looked over to the glowing echo flowers. He sighed ad pet the small white canine, “ sure am happy I found you all those years ago… thought I’d go nuts without having someone to help me with papyrus.” The dog only yapped a bit and waggled its tail in response to the tired monster.

Sans led the small white ball of fur out of the small cave and out into the landscape which constantly was seated in a layer of snow. As Sans trudged forward, to make his way to the dump, attempting to scavenge anything useful for his project, the white clump of life followed along, trailing behind him. It hopped around merrily without a care in the world, making the monster slightly envious that the dog had it so well. It wasn’t long until the annoying pup stopped and sniffed about in the air, gaining a distinct unearthly smell. It yapped at Sans, eventually making the skeleton stop and urn back to see the dog pawing at a lump of snow. The dog bounced around the lump, pawing very now and ten, yapping, and winning to get Sans’ attention.

“ what cha’ got there boy?” Sans asked, making his way over, kneeing to the lump. He gently pushed the snow away and soon felt something stiff against is bones. More and more snow was swept away carefully to finally reveal a frozen looking flower. Sans squinted in confusion, “ how'd a flower get here…?” He asked himself, only to fall back as he noticed the flower moved. The gold flower quivered an moved its stem up to get a look at the monster before drooping back to how it was. The skeleton could sense this flower was in his nightmares and stood p to leave t or death. However the small dog bounced to him and barked wildly, almost angrily which was new to Sans. Te skeleton bit his lower jaw since he had no lips, looking back to the flower and sighed, “ you owe me.” He glared lightly to the dog who was whining out and squiggling on the ground on its side.


A few days had gone by before the ever constant darkness faded away as his eyes opened up. He was now in a cozy and warm home that looked very familiar. The plant groaned as his stem ached, he could've sworn he was in Snowdin’s forest biding his time to freeze to death, only to reset again. He didn’t want to bother anyone this run and eventually got bored. He wanted a nice quiet and peaceful death this time around, avoided throwing himself into lava or drowning himself like other times when he wanted to go out without too much trouble. Flowey weakly looked about to final find himself in a small clay pot with glued on macaroni around it. Instantly his made came up to, Papyrus. There were only a few times in previous resets that he settled in with the brothers. Most of them had the tall younger brother gluing some uncooked pasta onto his pot. Flowey didn’t settle with them all to much… Or did he with his parents… To many memories poured into his mind when that happen, making him long for the past, growing angrier and more desperate.

“ hey look who's up. morning sunflower, it’s past three.” A calm lazy voice made it’s way to Flowey. The flower looked over to Sans walking out from the kitchen with a bottle of ketchup. He gave him the casual plastered permanent smile and winked.

“ H-Howdy…” Flowey didn't want to waste time asking why the bag of bones saved him from the permafrost outside. It was either that or his brother found him instead, but he didn’t feel up to asking. These things just tended to happen to him. “ I’m… Flowey… Flowey the flower…” He drooped down, petals dangling around his face to hide is tired look. He hated his alias, but it was better than his true name. Even then, sometimes he didn’t even feel like he really was Asriel.
“ and here I thought flowers were suppose to be all happy and stuff like in movies. anyways, names sans. sans the skeleton.”


Staying with the skeletons wasn’t always that bad with Papyrus constantly getting irked by the never ending puns and general laziness of his older brother. Flowey could always find amusement in it. He just wised he could laugh at the jokes like he use to, but now they meant nothing to him and were just another thing to conceal Sans’ emotions. While Papyrus was friendly and kind to Flowey, asking him to join in any inane activities, Sans would normally just coexist with he plant, hardly giving attention. But when he did, he would always either irritate him or ask things, knowing well enough Flowey had something to do with the resets and ever constant nightmares.

One night however… was different. It almost made Flowey feel like he finally had a home and those who could even call family. Sans had popped in movies he found over the years and watched a horror marathon with the flower. Papyrus had actually made edible food and with asking Flowey over the weeks, had found out how to make snail pie. Flowey gave empty thanks since he could never really mean it or feel truly happy. He felt like he almost felt joy but always just out of is reach. Sans had even grown accustomed wit the flower living with them, nearly making Flowey feel sorry for the hell he put him through. But things always gave way…

That night Flowey stayed in Papyrus’ room, and grew bored. He was treated so kindly today which kept him up. So with a long slender vine sifting out of his pot, he randomly picked one of the skeletons books, bringing it up on the table. He flipped through pages reading tale after tale until he came to one that puzzled him. He glanced at the clock and soon poked Papyrus, making him turn in is sleep before waking up and yawning. Papyrus rubbed an eye socket and looked about in is silk light pink pajamas and cap, “ EH? FLOWERY? WHAT IS IT?” Flowy’s vines handed him the opened pages of the book, tapping the page over a over.

“ What is with this story? I don’t understand it.” It wasn’t as much as he didn’t understand it, but more as he couldn’t.


“ O-Oh… Okay, erm… Thanks.”

“ NO PROBLEM FLOWEY. GOODNIGHT." He smiled cheerfully, patting the flower before going back to sleep. Once the slim skeleton was back into his dreamland the flower sighed and lowered himself with the aid of his vines onto a small skateboard the brothers had gotten him. With the book, the vines pushed him along and out the door to the banister that looked out over the small home. The vines helped him squeeze trough the mahogany bars and tightened their grip, carefully lowering him down onto yet another set of wheels. After that, he made his way to the lump green couch and rested there.

“ can’t sleep?” Flowey swerved is stem to see Sans coming out form the kitchen with a glass of milk. Flowey hid the book behind his pot and only nodded to the other monster who sat down on the old couch. Sans let out a heavy sigh and brought up something e ad in his other hand. “ heh… neither can i… i know you’ve been trying to sneak into my room to see if I’ve got anything worthwhile to mess with, but the only thing is under my bed.”

“ Why are you telling me this?”

“ because after the time you’ve spent with us, I can begin to trust you a bit.” He leaned over to wave a small piece of paper in front of the flower. Flowey took hold of it, making sure to be delicate and turned it over to view a somewhat credible drawing of what had to be Sans and papyrus when they were much younger. In the middle was a drawing of someone only Flowey could remember along with the brothers. A doodle of Gaster. “ that’s us before, it’s all paps could remember about our dad. our mom died in the war, so we never got to meet her. dad… dad fell into the core… what happen to yours?” Flowey’s attention quickly snapped up to Sans, shocked that he’d even ask. Flowey just gave him a blank stare before looking down. “ i hear you cry at night… do you dream about them like i do?” The gold flower only gave Sans the drawing back as some vines could wrap around one another in a fidget. “ i know that's why you break things, and push papyrus around sometimes. our families small now and we only have each other, but we try our best to keep smiling forward… but if you want, you could be part of it. you could be our little baby bones, and we’d take care of each other.”

The skeleton smiled to the lowly flower, only to get an ignored response. The vines pushed along the set of wheels to the window and slither up to open it. Flowey wasn’t paying to much mind to open them up as he kept avoiding eye contact. But he felt his vines move, looking u to see Sans opening the window up and carefully picking up the pot, setting it on the window sill, knowing all too well that the flower either wanted to leave or think to itself. “ but… if you want to leave, you can.” The skeleton walked back to the couch looking over the faded colored in picture, “ i’ll remember you though. i remember everyone that leafs.” he chuckled out sadly, knowing the flower had left. Flowey however was outside, but clung to the wide of the house before actually romping into the snow. He quickly rooted himself into the ground and dug right under to avoid the cold that nipped at him.


He managed to finally pop up where that annoying white dog would stay when it wasn’t with the brothers or loitering somewhere else. Flowey looked at the echo flowers nearby, reflecting on the time where Sans first showed him the small hidden cave in the first place and how their parents thought they got lost or ran away. Flowey then opened up the book that he had dragged out from Papyrus’ room to the page of The Ugly Drakeling. He finally knew and could better understand the story. He couldn’t understand feeling happy or the concept of it anymore, but being alone in the world, he could relate to. He stroked the page of the lonely drake crying out for help, “ L-Lost… Eehehehe…” Flowey shook as he quietly laughed at his own demise. “ Lo-Lost ehehe… Ehehehehehahahaha! I'M LOST!" He laughed out manically, soon with the laughter turning into desperate cries for no one to hear as tears ran down, “ I’m lost…”


“ Marco!..... Marco!...... MARCO!” Eventually the skeleton woke up from all the hollering ,slowly rising up from the couch to rub at his eye socket. He mumbled quietly, cursing himself for staying home to watch over Frisk and Flowey while the others were out preparing a movie marathon. Sure this meant that he could sleep, but ten he’d have to worry about that flower…He sat up from his warm seat and stretched, yawning out. And too soon came the young magenta and blue striped child who normally didn’t talk out much practically yelling. “ MARCO?!”

“ hey, hey, what’s with the screeching kiddo? you finally woke me up, which i will give congrats to on that.” He slowly clapped, smiling to the child who seemed to look distressed. “ ehh, what’s with the look?”

“ Me and Flowey were playing Marco Pollo and now it’s like hide and seek. I can't find him.”

“ did you check the compost?” Frisk gave a curious look. “ ah right, pretty sure he’s not dead yet.”

Frisk went into a glare when their dunkle could finally see their eyes for once. “ i’m kidding, i'm kidding! jeez kid chill out, we’ll find him. i mean, he’s a potted plant, how far can he go?"


There sat the ‘Best friends’ pot, tilted onto its side with some dirt spread about and scattered all about. “ okay… i take that back.” Frisk sighed and looked for clues with their dunkle, upon finding more bits of dirt leading to the window. Frisk tugged at his sleeve and pointed grimly, “ you find hi- S W E E T L O R D!” The two rushed to the window, looking about as best they could. Their home had two floors, and with the top floor having some roofing to where one could sit on. And upon examining the roofing, dirt marks were trailed to another window and finally off the side. “ ah shit he got out! and he stole from… which room is tha-he stole something from my bro and took off like a tree!”

Sans tended to stay calm, but it was always a cover. So now that there would be no more full resets, he could slowly come out of being the lazy non-emotional shell. Though he normally only did this around risk since the kid had helped him and his brother so much. And in turn, Frisk let loose their emotions out to Sans. The two dashed downstairs and darted outside to hopefully find where the flower dug into. Three possibilities popped up if Flowey was ever to leave home without anyone with him. One, he could be back in the underground. Two, he could be causing town mayhem and misery. Or three, he ran off only to grow bored and tired to finally off himself. With that in mind Frisk searched frantically for their friend, while Sans would rather not have the kid upset or Toriel angry.

Thankfully Sans let out a sigh of relief, “ oh thank god-found him!” He called out, Frisk running right over to see Fowey in the backyard near the two gardens, one of flowers, and the other filled with crops. He sat right there in front of the garden and right before a stone bench that looked over small fencing to view the small town below their hill, with Mount Everett out in the distance, as well as the lake. Frisk ran over to the flower’s side dropping down to their knees, clearly worried about him. He flinched once they poked him since he didn’t move or acknowledge them. His mind was concentrated on a book sprawled out before him. With the touch a vine slammed the book up while it’s owner hissed out to Frisk.

“ WHAT?!”

“ kiddo was looking for you buttercup.”

“ Stay out of this trash bag! AND DON’ CALL ME BUTTERCUP! I Hate those things…”

"no idea flowers could be racist-“

“ SHUT UP! Anyways I’m busy, so go screw off! The two of y-“ Flowey was stunned suddenly as Frisk wrapped their arms around him as best they could.
They let out a small whine, “ you really worried frisk. they acted like they'd never get to see you again or something.” Flowey closed his mouth and sighed, not really knowing how to deal with this. Again, Frisk was the only who truly cared about the cruel flower.

“ Frisk… I’m not going to leave you… I-I… I promise… You know that right?” Frisk let go and nodded sadly before smiling in a concerned manner. Sans raised a non-existent brow, this peeking his curiosity. Since when did Flowey behave this way?

“ heh… a promise from you? not to be rude, but I’ve seen more promising things from i can’t believe it’s butter.”

Flowey growled out and glared, “ WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW ABOUT PROMISES?! ME AND FISK MADE A PINKY PROMISE! SO BUTT OUT!” Frisk patted the flower trying to calm him down. They hated when Flowey got riled up about certain things, this being one of them. Looking back on it, it took them a long time to get him to promise things.

“ how could you, when you don’t have a pinky?” Grinned Sans.

“ It’s the wording and promise that matters! Not like you would know you dirty liar!” This actually shocked the skeleton. He knew Flowey knew more than he let on, but W did he know that in particular. ”And I’m not having another be broken again-I’M GOING TO THE HOUSE!” He yelled out and dug himself into the dirt to pop up back at the house’s porch, seething with rage.

“ … what’s he mean not again?” Frisk looked to their dunkle, wanting to answer but instead shook their head and shrugged.


Once the rest of the family got home, the smell of fire magic popping food, popped corn wafted through the home, filing the air with the aroma. Each family member had picked out a movie, aside from Sans and Flowey. Sans didn’t really choose and would just lazily grab a video and popped it in. While Flowey’s were strictly horror based only, which wasn’t really approved with Toriel’s standards. As the family gathered around, sitting in chairs, the couch, or even on the floor they voted who would go first. Thankfully Alphys had thought of a way to do it fairly amongst them all. That was picking out straws from a jar. Whoever got the marked one that had been colored with a marker, won. It was as simple as that. And wouldn’t you know, Papyrus got picked. After he yelled out with glee as he took out the dvd box and smirked, “ I CAN’T BELIEVE WE FOUND THIS AT THE STORE! THIS USE TO BE A FAVORITE OF MINE TO WATCH WITH SANS! SO MUCH THAT WE EVEN KNOW ALL THE SONGS FROM IT!”

“ Oh my, that sounds quite wonderful.” Asgore commented as Frisk sat in his large lap happily holding a bucket of popcorn. They insisted Flowy to be held rather than the snack, but he only griped at them by the offer.

Alphys examined the cover and back while putting it in. She sat there still waiting for her and Undyne’s popcorn which was being made by Toriel in the kitchen. Undyne groaned slightly, “ This better have SOME action in it…”

“ you mean action as in action? or action as in action~?” Asked the ever grinning skeleton.

“ Wha-NO! NOT THAT SANS-GAWD!” He smirked happily as the fish went into her flustered mode, along with Alphys hiding her reddened face behind her scaly yellow claws. Asgore, Napstablook, and Flowey both sat there, trying not to think about it, remaining quiet, while Papyrus and Frisk were just baffled.

Mettaton grinned as much as the older skeleton and waved his hand, “ Ohhh! Sans! You scoundrel, you!”

“ Whose being dirty in there?!” Yelled Toriel from behind them, leaning on the counter table which was more of an island in the kitchen, overlooking the living room like a bar.


“ did not!”

Toriel huffed, “ MUST I FETCH THE SOAP?!”

Sans quickly went into panic mode, " n-no tori! my teeth are clean!”

“ Better be!” Called out the goat mother who went back to cooking. Sans sighed in relief as Frisk and Flowey held their laughter form thinking about the last time Toriel caught wind of dirty talk from someone. Toriel wasn’t one to have dirty discussions near their child. She was fine with Papyrus, still curious as how he could be oblivious most of the times, especially with the flirty metal star around him. Undyne and Alphys tended to keep it among themselves, but Undyne would crack a joke very once and a while. While Naspstablook and the mighty king kept quiet and just ignored it. The worst had to be Mettaton, second Undyne, and then Sans. Sure the smaller skeleton was mostly just a pun master, but he would slip into childish behavior. Surprisingly Flowey never touched the subject. Sure he swore quite a lot, but he never went into dirty jokes. He found them to be revolting but would laugh if the joke involved Sans for some reason. Possibly it was to get back at the skeleton for always irritating the flower. No one knew, not even Sans himself.

“ anyways…. what’s the movie ya found paps?” Sans asked quickly to move topics.


“ mmmmm, lemme’ check my watch.” Sans lifted his sweater’s sleeve up to view his wrist with nothing on it. “ nope.” He smiled to his brother who just gave him a look.

“ DON’T YOU SASS ME…” Frisk and Asgore couldn’t help but snicker from the two brothers ever constant bickering. Thankfully it was always a teasing bicker than an actual argument.” ANYWAYS, IT’S THE TALE ABOUT THAT TINY MOUSE MONSTER WHO GETS SEPARATED FROM HIS FAMILY AND TRAVELS THROUGH A BUNCH OF DANGEROUS THINGS, AND MEETS UP WITH A FRIENDLY CAT AND-“ Undyne quickly covered his mouth.

“Jeez spoilers much!”

“ oh yeah that one.” Sans nodded in acknowledgement, as his pupils gave way to look at something else that wasn't the TV or the box his brother held up.

“ S-So you’ve seen it a lot ri-right?” Asked a jittery Flowey. It was shocking to hear the aggressive flower stutter and trip over his words like that.
“ well yeah…have you?”

“ NO! I-I HAVEN'T BUT I ALREADY KNOW IT'S GONNA BE A SHIT MOVIE ANYWAYS! I hate mice, can’t stand them! Can you take me to Frisk’s room?! I also hate musicals! I don’t wanna' watch it!” Sans looked to Frisk who merely shrugged. His interest was again peeked by the sentient flower. And so Sans went to put Flowey on the table nearby Frisk’s bed before heading back downstairs as the movie started.


Eventually the film ended with Papyrus bursting into happy tears while Mettaton reassured him. Napstablook and Undyne both held back tears as Asgore and Toriel hid away to regain their composure. It had a good nice ending but it did effect the two rather harshly. This meant break time to refill on snacks or to calm down and whatnot. Only Alphys and Frisk thought of it as sweet, while Sans pretended to be asleep, smiling as his eyes were closed. Frisk went off to go to the restroom, thinking it was best for Flowey not to watch the movie… Although… How would he have known about it? Papyrus said he and Sans use to watch it all the time in the underground, none the less than from a VCR and a VHS, but how did the flower know? Did that mean Asriel knew? They would have asked their new parents, but they never wanted to bring up the touchy subject. All while everyone else said they never knew him or couldn’t remember due to being a toddler at the time made Frisk curious about Asriel's past.

Frisk knew Flowey was Asriel, they had seen it, and Flowey didn’t deny it in the end… So they couldn’t have ended like that odd glitching creature they stumbled upon a few times. From all the times Frisk had gone through peacefully, they still couldn't put together what that thing was. They suspected it might be related to the two brothers due to it having a skull of a crackled bitter skeleton. Of course they would never ask the brothers, again getting in a touchy subject…. They often thought if the siblings knew about that thing while no one else did. Especially Sans since he could remember the resets. If there was anyone besides Flowey that knew about that thing, it'd be their loving Dunkle. Things didn’t add up. Once the lone human was done they walked out only to meet Sans standing there at the doorway when the door swung open. Frisk instinctively fell back from the sudden startle. Sans chuckled to himself, helping them up, “ hehehe, sorry kiddo. but i know you're going to want to take your ’brother’ down to watch the movies and well… i’d like to know if he’s going to sprout out some more things accidentally. he’s a sneaky one, i’ll give him that.”

Frisk shook their head smiling to their dunkle. They were glad that someone was interested in Flowey’s odd mood swings lately. From the dreams to the whole shed debacle… It was new and scary for Frisk. The child only wanted to know the reasons to help Flowey, while Sans… Probably had his own reasons. As the two approached the room, Frisk stopped, putting an arm out making the slightly taller skeleton bump into it. Frisk crouched down and stealthy walked closer, putting a hand to their ear. Sans followed behind carefully, not sure if Frisk did hear something or if they were playing. However the closer they got, a sound was picked up.
It was… Singing… Since we did Flowey sing? Sans tilted is head, asking himself the question. They both stooped to the door’ edge, trying their best to peek into the small gap of the ever so slightly opened door. The voice didn’t match Flowey’s though… It wasn’t his screeching demonic voice either when he meant to be creepy. It sounded more gentle like a child singing for a chorus. And once Sans heard the lyrics be twisted up as Flowey's own version. He could have sworn his soul stopped it’s swirling magic around itself.

“ Oh somewhere, out there, beneath the pale moonlight. If only they knew me, and could love me tonight. Somewhere, out there, I am singing a prayer. That will see one another, in that big somewhere out there. And even though I know how very far apart we are, it helps to think we might have wished on the same bright star. And when the night rolls in and I start to sing a lonesome lullaby. It helps me know we’re sleeping underneath the same big sky. Somewhere out there, if love can see us through, then we’ll be together, somewhere out there, were dreams come true… Oh somewher-” He continued on like a broken record. How long had the golden flower been doing this? That song was from the movie…

Frisk turned around to see how Sans was only to not see him. He had teleported away, making the child sigh a bit. How did Flowey know that song? Frisk thought to themselves… Along with Sans who went outside to grasp his jaw and silently cry. All he could think of was someone he shoved out of his life long ago.

Chapter Text

“ GO, GO, GO, GO, GO!´ Cried out the fluffy young prince and his slightly older friend as the two watched the two hands collide and wrap around each other. There sat the two on a log while Doggo and Undyne sat across from another on two stumps, having their arms reaching out with their elbows resting on a smooth cold stone of The Waterfalls. Doggo’s furry thumb wriggled about on its side while Undyne’s smooth scaly thumb bobbed and weaved about. Undyne's thumb lashed out to the other trying to get a tight grip on it, only for it to slide away in the nick of time. The quick thumb soon wrapped around its opponent and forcefully pinned it downward to the hands. Undyne yelled out once Doggo was winner, “ HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!” She was completely baffled since their friends eye sight was poor.

Doggo smiled and chuckled as he corrected his sunglasses, “ Gotta’ predict the enemy. You just keep coming and coming. But your pretty strong, if you got me once that'd be it!”

“ Damn straight it would be!” Undyne snapped her fingers in agreement. Undyne might have been hot-headed but she knew when she saw a worthy adversary. Asriel and Sans both happily cheered for Doggo before stopping to look at the salty fish. Both grinned and rushed up behind her, lifting her up into the air. Asriel might not have been good at physical games, but it didn’t mean he was weak. “ ARGH! PUT ME DOWN YOU NINNIES!” ailed Undyne before Doggo ran over to join them, making Undyne bounce slightly cheering her for no damn reason.

The friendly feeling got the toughened fish, making her blush slightly, this catching Sans’ attention, “ hehehe, she’s blushing!”

“ I AM NOT!” She yelled out throwing her hands to her face to cover it as Alphys would. The three boy continued an laughed. They never laughed at her, and she knew this considering she had a big toothy grin under her now hidden and blushing face.

“ So?! I think I’ve seen Sans make the princess blush!” Called out a voice that wasn’t part of their group, making the boy look about, accidentally dropping Undyne onto the wet ground with a loud audible thud.

" ACK! Owww shit…” Asriel quickly knelt down and held out his paws, slowly healing Undyne. He was getting better with his magic, but still not too well. He often wondered if he really was weak or wasn’t learning it correctly since Undyne and Sans could use their magic with no problems.

Doggo sniffed the air and soon the husky pawed at his own nose, “ Eugh! Mace body spray!” He dropped down to rub his snout on a puddle to block out the smell. Sans groaned knowing it was that time again… The time when the forest bullies had nothing better else to do and went to The Waterfalls to hassle that poor bulbous water monster, Onion-San. However it seemed they got their attention along the way.

Frostdrake, Baron, Faunly, and Glyde had shown up, grinning mishviously to the other group. Undyne was the first to react as she jumped up in the middle of being healed,” The hell do you assholes want? Don’t you know the game for stuck up jerks is near Snowdin?!” Referring to the irritating mini snow golf game she and Alphys had made. The two did get to see how bad or good anyone was with a camera on a rock nearby, thus giving them the deserved reward from Alphy’s electronics. The two had caught the teens trying to play it and failing miserably. The only one who managed to be good at it… was The Leader.

“ Oh it is? Oh, sorry to bother you.” Baron politely said, turning around to slither off to the icy fields. Glyde swung his tail around him to turn him back the way he was originally.

“ Man, turn your bitch ass around, we ain’t goin’ golfin’.” Lye shook his head, redirecting the buff seahorse.

Frostdrake sighed and rolled his eyes from his friend or crony… goon? Anyways the point bieng that the fowl adjusted his sunglasses, “ So Faunly, what were you saying?”

The cow looking monster smirked devilishly and rubbed his hoofed hands together, making the ugly sweater move it’s colors about, “ Words have it that our man Sans can make princess Ariel blush~. Like holding hands and what not!”

The other three gasped and burst out into a fit of laughter and the ever obnoxious, ‘OHHHHHHHH!’. Frostdrake even pulled down his sunglasses for his eyes to actually view the group. Unyne and Sans stood their ground glaring at htem while Doggo hung his arm around Asriel’s shoulder, supporting him to not listen. Which honestly… Was fairly difficult for the sensitive prince. “ AW MAN! I can’t believe it! Sans COME ON! You can do better than that! Hell, get with Unyne! She's a girl!”

“ EW!” Undyne shouted out from the back.

“ Or someone worthwhile! And since when did you butter up dudes?!”

“ depends… since when did you leave the nest and made your parents upset to even hatch you?” Sans grumbled slightly. Being a very young teenager made him have confused feelings time to time, but whenever it came to being in a relationship, he tended to avoid it, not wanting to feel more confused. Sure he put in a low blow, but he much rather not get into that confusing topic… And now his subconscious was thinking about him and Asriel. “ great now that’s gonna' be stuck in my mind…” He muttered to himself quietly, no one else hearing him. Thankfully he could easily toss the thought out later like he did with most things that bugged him. And another thankfulness was that of Frostdrake puffing up to seem twice as big as he actually was.


“ Sans…” Doggo whined, but the skeleton could be stubborn as Undyne at special given times, like now.

“ ohoho, so you’re a mama’s boy huh? guess that’s some good tidbit for your friends who like making rumors, huh?”

“ S-SO?! YOU DON’T E-EVEN HAVE A MOM! ALL YOU GOT I-IS YOUR BUSY DAD A-AN YOUR STUPID BROTHER!” Sans’ pupils vanished into darkness. Monsters could make fun of him, his friends to a degree, his father to a certain to degree, but… When one presses the brother button, that’s when shit would hit the fan. Doggo whined to himself, Undyne taking note of this. The fish pulled Sans aside by a grip of his shoulder.

“ Sans, don’t…” San’s eyes were still darkened socket of nothingness with a faint blue glow appearing from his left. Undyne looked directly at him in a serious and concerned manner. Undyne couldn’t tell but Sans was looking at her… He was staring at the bandaged up eye that he almost made her loose. He didn’t want that to happen again… Remembering all that he went through by accidentally hurting his friend, he sighed as his pupils came into view again. “ Don’t worry. I got a plan.” The skeleton tried to speak up, but just couldn't find it in himself to, so instead he just nodded sadly. “ GROUP HUDDLE!” She called out for the boys to come over. " Okay guys, when a force meets an immovable object without crashing into it? I'll tell ya! There’s only five choices. Choice one, you go around it, except, our object is more like on a bridge. Choice two, you give up. Choice three, we jump over it. Choice four, you pick it up. Or Choice five, you beat the shit outta’ it!”

“ … We give up?” Asriel asked, tilting his ea, making Undyne groan.

“ N-No… Anyone else know what we do?”

“ we pick them up and dunk them into the water?” Sans asked casually, smiling at the thought.

“ … No."

“ We jump over them and run off?”

“ NO DOGGO! We’re not running with your tail beneath your legs! We're gonna’ beat the shit outta’ them!”

“ you specifically told me not to..” San glared for a moment.

“ There are other ways~!” Undyne turned around grinning, “ Aright ladies! This place is my turf! So if you wanna’ get past us, we’re gonna’ do this my way! ARM WRESTLE!”


The other group groaned and grumbled among themselves before Frostdrake cooled down his feathers, sleeking them back, “ Okay… We accept! BUT! … We get to choose who we go against.”

Undyne bit her lip and looked to her group. The husky and skeleton nodded, eagerly determined to show up against the others while Asriel looked worried. Sans caught glimpse of the shy goat and moved over to whisper to him. As Sans pulled away, Asriel got a courageous look in his eyes, something Sans had said, struck fire into his normally nervous look. Undyne grinned, turning her head to the others, “ Bring it!”

The frosted foul pushed his floating friend ahead where Glyde hovered over to the rock Undyne had originally been sitting and stretched out his long muscled tail. He pointed to the fish, Undyne sat on the opposing rock and firmly placed her elbow onto the smooth rock like table once again, grasping the tail. Glyde snickered and gave a grin that was even larger than Sans’. “ I’m gonna’ wipe that shit-eating grin of your entire body.” Unynde hissed out, making the floating monster laugh out.

“ Bring it on, girly~!” Faunly pranced on over and looked at both of the angered fish.

“ … GO!” He called out, both fish like monsters putting their all into shoving the other t the side. Glyde was gaining a steady momentum, slowly lower Undyne’s arm the opposite way. Everyone cheered for their side, but it just wasn’t enough for Undyne. With the fish girl still not budging to be done quite yet, Sans pulled out his phone, calling up some special.

Sans walked over t his friend and smiled, “ hey undyne…”


“ sorry… someone just wanted to say good luck.” He chucked under his breath as Undyne started to break out into a sweat.

Just then Undyne heard a voice come from the phone that made her muscles lock up to where Glyde couldn’t move her. “ G-G-Go U-Un-Undyne!” Alphys yelled out shyly from the hone. Undyne grinned manically, Sans sensing a power surged through her body. She was determined to show the flying fish what for. Glyde’s constant smirk lowered down as Undyne took control, her and lowering his tail down the other side.

“ NNNNNNNNGAAAAAAAH!” Undyne screamed out with one more once of tapped in strength, she flung Glyde's tail down hard, making the rest of his body slam down into the watery ground, snapping his sunglasses in half. “ YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA!” Undyne cheered out, standing upon the rock seat an stamping her boot onto the rock like table. “ WHOSE GIRLY NOW?!” She hopped off and hollered as Sans handed her the phone to chat to the nerd.

“ so… whose next?” Sans winked. Frostdrake snarled an shoved Faunly over to the rocks as Glyde wormed his way back. Faunly gulped and pointed nervously to Doggo. “ doggo, you're up.”

“ Oh, thanks. I couldn’t tell since all I can see is fear.” The husky grinned to his skeleton friend. The husky walked over taking a seat as did the cow looking monster did who was shivering badly. Doggo cracked is furry knuckles and placed down his elbow. Is smirk went down so the other monster couldn't tell what Doggo was planning since the round sunglasses concealed his eyes. The smaller monster grabbed hold of the dog’s paw and gulped. Sans casually walked over and cleared his throat.

“ ... go!” In an instant as soon as the sign was shouted out, Faunly’s arm was already down. The cow in the ugly sweater blinked not even realizing what just happened.

“ I… WHA-But…. HOW?!”

“ Sorry you took too long.” Doggo answered, getting up and heading to his friends.

Faunly walked over to his side humiliated, Frostdrake rubbed his beak, fully annoyed. He slapped Baron’s back who slithered over onto the smaller rock and gave a prideful smirk, “ Yo! Sans my man! Let’s do thiiiiiis thang!” Sans just rolled his snow white pupils as Undyne handed the hung up phone. He tucked it into his sweater’s pocket and sat on the other rock. Once the two grabbed the others hand, Baron inspected his opponent's arm and laughed, “ YO! YOU GOT NO MUSCLES! TIME TO SHOW YOU SOME REAL HORSE POWER!”

“ hmm… your right, the only ones who’ve got muscles is Undyne.” He snickered as his fellow friend just flipped him off, making him laugh more. Again the small faun walked over once the two seemed ready.

“ … GO!” Baron’s biceps budged out, veins clearly shown as he tried moving Sans’ arm. Sans yawned and rested his cheek bone on is other hand, watching the massive teen not being able to budge the skeleton’s bones.

It took a full 3 minutes before Sans got bored of watching the seahorse not letting up. With a lazy smile, his left eye sparkled for a instant and quickly flipped Baron over and to the ground. “ well would you look at that… I’ve got a skele-ton of muscle after all. consider yourself wrangled there, bronco.” Baron dragged himself over to his group holding his arm acting like it was broken.

Doggo adjusted his sunglasses, " YEEEEEEEEEAH!"

“ Okay that’s it… YOU! ME! NOW!” He pointed at Asriel, making Undyne and Sans widened their eyes.

“ … Let me guess, you two forgot Asriel would have to join right?” Doggo asked, noticing the stiff silence.

“ Ahhhh fffff-shit”

“ uh-oh… we didn't think this through too well…” Sans nervously said while Asriel walked past him. “ a-azzy! you don’t have to do this!”

The shy prince looked over his shoulder with a sigh, “ If I don’t stand up for myself, they won’t leave me alone… And besides I can’t always count on you guys to protect me r-right?”

Sans thought about the incident with his father at the shed and frowned, “ azzy. y-you were just there at the wrong time, y-you don’t have to prove yourself-“
“ Sans, I’m going to be king someday… I need t-t protect my fellow monsters.” Once the two sat down Sans’ normal permanent smile turned right down with worry and doubt in crawling up his mind and back.

Frostdrake chuckled darkly to the younger monster, “ Wanna’ see something cool?”

Asriel timidly looked up to the monster bird, “ De-Depends…”

“ Oh don’t worry, you’ll see it and feel it after this. It’s going to be me, snapping your arm in two like a toothpick. Or you could run home and cry. I’ll give you chance.”

Asriel held back his anger and smiled, “ Okay… BUT FIRST! Do YOU wanna’ see something cool?!”

“ … I know you're playing me… And I do.” Frostdrake grinned eerily. Asriel took in a calm breath and concentrated. Soon his palm was covered in an orange glow. “ That’s it?” Asriel nodded.

Faunly examined the glow and poked it, shrugging to his more in command friend, “ It’s like just a tiny bit warm dude.”

" Whatever helps heal your broken bones or sleep at night..." Frostdrake rolled his eye and took hold of the paw. Just then his entire wing caught fire, soon his entire body caught in a light of harmless flame that freaked him out. He squawked ad ran to the river, jumping into it. Asriel smiled as his friends looked in shock. “ That glow just makes me feel better... I wasn’t expecting him to have actually showered in Mace Body Spray. It’s a highly flammable substance.”

All three were a gasped, watching the other teens fish Frostdrake out of the river. Sans blinked a bit,”… how did you know that?”

“ Easy, I use it when mom trains me with magic… And uhm dad had an accident wit it one time. It’s not good for monsters who can summon fire. So uhm… I guess no one told you Undyne, but you have another option getting past something. You could always just cut the rope of the bridge then use magic to get across.” He shyly told them.

Undyne was still a bit dumbfounded before she broke out of her stance and walked over to Asriel, grabbing him and picking him up over her head, “ I LOVE THIS KID!” Unfortunately the angered teens came back over, Frostdrake flinging himself to Undyne with his talons at the ready. As soon as Undyne saw the incoming attack, something smacked into the large bird, sending him back and out of breath. Everyone looked up to see the blue and green tinted monster be struck with a dull end of a large hammer. And that hammer was in the hands of Undyne’s very own hero, Gerson.

Gerson glared at the miscreants and forcefully slammed the heavy end of the hammer into the dirt, making the ground crack, “ YOU DARN WHIPPERSNAPPERS! YOU LOT BROKE MY POTS AND DIDN’T PAY OR HELP CLEAN IT UP! I TOLD YOU BLASTED KIDS NOT TO PLAY HERE UNLESS YOU PAY OR HELP! AND NOW YOU GOT THE GULL TO NOT ONLY COME BACK, BUT EVEN DARE HARM THE FUTURE KING?!” The teens fearfully fled, tripping and bumbling into one another until they were long gone. Gerson huffed and turned to the group, smiling gently to them. “ I knew you youngin’s were playing over here wahahaha! So I came by with some snacks. Didn’t know those pesky kiddos were here.” And with that, after many thank as well as some answered questions from the old warrior and group of friends, they all decided to have lunch.


The blue sweater clad skeleton had found himself waking up at the table where his pet rock sat. He yawned out, looking to the clock, seeing it was still the early morning and that his proud younger brother was out on patrol. He scratched at the back of his neck’s bones, his eyes lazily shifting to his pet rock that had sprinkles around it. His eyes grew sad as he stared at the chunk of Earth. Picking up the rock, held it firmly and close to examine it, only to see it be a smooth stone that was easy for one’s finger to run down any side. The skeleton frowned, memories flowing his mind. Memories that he left behind so long ago… Memories that he made broken… Memories of despair and anguish. He smiled suddenly, chuckling to himself as he felt tears drop down his cheek bones and splat into a small, small puddle of salt water on the table. “ hehehe… no matter how much i try to forget them, you always remind me of them.” He sniffled before putting down the rock back in place, the whipped his skull with the soft sweater he always had on for years.

He rested his head back down onto his folded arms that perched themselves on the table. He stared at rock hollowly, seeming out of life to just give up on the world. The only true reason he stayed around wasn’t because he was the king’s judge… The real reason was to be with his brother as the two had never been apart, and yet Papyrus was always there for him. Sans found that it was his sole purpose and duty to be there for his younger energetic brother. Papyrus was the only thing he had to live for… The last thing that he could protect since he had failed at protecting and guarding his old childhood friend and father. He began to close his eyes to drift back into his ever going dreams of wishes he focused so hard on. And if not, he would be greeted by his nightmares o the past and the constant resets that gnawed at his core. However… He heard the slightest of tapping against the first floor’s door window.

With a slow opening eye, his white stained pupil glanced to his side to see something green tapping constantly behind the glass. The knocks were light, but ever going, making the skeleton groan silently before getting up and opening the front door. As soon as he did, his facade of a smile spread across his face, looking down to see a golden lower stick out of the snow down the porch's stairs. “ hey buttercup, what's up? well, ya know, besides the cave’s ceiling that is.” He chuckled under his breath as he stared up to the sparkling gems above embedded into the cavernous underground.

“ Ha, ha, ha… Very funny, let’s all give a round of applause to the comedian” Flowey dryly said as his vines slowly clapped, making Sans do a bow to an unseen crowd. “ Okay, okay. You've’ got your jollies, now listen! Before we meet up, I bought you a burger at Grillby’s.” The flower’s vines scooped up a small bag, handing it to the skeleton, making the monster suspicious and skeptical.

“ this is sudden… what’s the catch?”

“ Cause I don’t want to hear your stomach bitching at me!”

Sans shrugged, “ heh… actually thought for a moment you wanted to spend some time with me, seeing as your so lonely.”


“ tch, not by the way you stuttered there.” Flowey scowled harshly up to the calm skeleton, turning around to burrow under the snow and dirt below. “ hey, hey, wait!” The flower sighed bitterly before looking back to expect something amusing. “ look… we do this three times a week… but we never talk that much before we begin. how about, i invite you inside this once… i’ve got gummy worms.”

“ … Sour?” Flowey asked begrudgingly but peeked with curiosity. The skeleton nodded to him, “ … Fine.” It didn’t take too terribly long for Sans to and Flowey to find a clay pot, putting some soil into it from under some snow outside. After that the skeleton put the flowered pot onto the table where he had been sleeping, placing the bag nearby. He walked off to fetch the candy and some ketchup for himself and the ruthless flower, letting Flowey sit there alone with the pet rock. Flowey just waited angrily until his wandering gaze of the house met with the rock. As soon as Sans came back with a bag of the candy, he tossed it to the flower and pulled up a chair. Sans took out the burger from the bag and wrapper to bite into it, watching his ‘guest’, who at the moment stared at the rock, entranced almost…

“ you like it?” Flowey’s attention snapped back to the skeleton, now noticing the unopened bag of candy. As thin vines sprouted out from the soil to open the bag, Flowey glared at him coldly.

“ No! It’s just a shitty rock!” H said before shoving the candied worms in his mouth like a stubborn child.
“ hey, don’t dis my rock man. a friend gave it to me…” Flowey’s only reply was a angry grumble as he chewed his sugary magical food. “ anyways… why do you do ‘it’? i mean… you make other monsters go through it don’t you? are you like a sadist or something? why don’t we switch it around, maybe your secretly a masochist.”

Flowey sighed, taking a break from his snack to answer the skeleton who was now taking the time to eat his own food, “ I do it because it’s fun… I guess, or maybe it’s because I’m bored-I don't know. I’ve tried with other monsters but… Their too cowardly and weak. I break them to easily… You’re the only one whose fun to play with anymore…” He looked back at the rock and then away to avoid any eye contact.

“ you know… it's not fun, and it’s not a game. you can do other things, maybe actually be friends with people instead or-“

" I’ve tried that… Why do you think I keep resetting? I’ve been friends with everyone before, all over The Underground… But I just… Can’t.”

“ can’t feel any satisfaction, huh?” The flower gave a heavy sigh and nodded almost sadly in a way. “ maybe… maybe we could try being friends. just this once? it could work until i figure out something better…”

The gold flower shook for a moment before realizing he had finished is bag. His vines stretched out and wrapped around the door’s golden handle, pulling the pot to crash on the floor. Flowey then quickly pulled himself and his flailing roots to the door, opening it and flinging himself out to the snow. “ MEET ME IN AN HOUR OR ELSE! SAME PLACE!” He shouted out, burrowing into the Earth below, leaving the skeleton alone to wander through his mind.


Right on time, the skeleton brushed aside the reeds, strolling into the waterfall like garden that had been overgrown and fully of thriving life, along with many crab-apples growing from the two trees he had helped plant years ago. When he saw the two trees spread above the statue, always made his soul sting with memories. With a deep breath he walked upon the threshold to a nice small clearing. With his eyes roaming around the untouched place, a shrill voice popped out at him, “ Your on time! GOOD~!” His pupils shifted downwards to see Flowey, with his innocent cutesy facade on, as Sans quickly put on his own masked smile.
This was it… Three times a week the two would meet here, and the skeleton would have to go trough with his part of the deal…

It happened about a month and a half ago, Papyrus was making friends with Fowey who was telling him about a exciting game for the two to play. Thankfully Sans was nearby, noticing the cruel flower, always remembering if he saw it, it meant horrible things were to come way. The older brother unfortunately had to smack his sibling with a bone, making him pass out before the taller skeleton could agree to the flower’s terms. In order to protect his brother from a horrible fate, he volunteered to take Papyrus’ place. The flower eagerly agreed to the deal, telling him where and when to meet, three times a week to settle his game of blood-lust. Other than that, the flower promised not to harm Papyrus in any way, meaning mentally and emotionally as long as Sans would come to join his sick game. The game… was always the worst… The two would chat a bit before Sans had to go through with it… He was just glad that every time they played their part, Flowey wouldn’t kill him, and would fetch healing substances for the worn out skeleton. Because they both knew if Flowey went back on his word… he wouldn't have control on Sans anymore, which meant power for Flowey, as well as his own toy.

The skeleton shook a bit, not fully prepared since he had been thinking about a harsh past he tried to forget earlier. All while Flowey smiled brightly, “ You know the rules~. Sweater off unless you want me to tear it accidentally~. Same with the shirt!” Flowey giggled sweetly in a sickening way. Sans hardly parted with his blue sweater and nodded to the devilish plant. He took it off and placing it over the the statue, covering up its head, feeling like if his old friend was still here, to not see the upcoming display. With a sigh Sans removed his plain white shirt to allow the flower to get to his ribs easier. And it'd also be best not for Papyrus to complain why all his shirts were torn up. “ Hands up~.” Sans’ grin had vanished into a faltered frown as he lifted his arms u above his skull.

He closed his eyes, waiting for the flower to make his move. Vines spiraled up and through the gaps of his arms, twisting around his wrists, tying them together. All while more vines wrapped around his legs until they stopped below his hip bones. “ Just relax~.” Fowey purred, shifting the vines that held onto the skeleton to lower Sans down and slide him over to a large smoothed stone to rest his back against.

Flowey’s stem stretched over Sans as he unleashed his demonic grin hiding under the innocent cheerful smile, teeth sharp and pointed with hollow looking eyes with white pinpoints in them. Slender vines ran up Sans’ ribs to the tip, before pressing against them, snapping them here and there.

Sans gritted his teeth intently, doing his damnedest not to scream. Unfortunately that's ALWAYS what Flowey wanted in the end. The vines tied around his wrists let go of one another, but still gripped onto to each arm tightly. Flowey hummed softly as one arm was twisted around painfully until a loud audible snap ran out over the flower’s hums.

With the crack of his arm Sans couldn’t keep it in anymore and yelled out in pain. The arm was still intact but, one part of the bone was clearly snapped. The skeleton shuddered as he kept his eyes tightly shut, making the flower grin sinisterly. Vines shifted up the undamaged arms’ hand and wrapped around three fingers. Flowey began humming soothingly again as the fingers were bent backwards, snapping them in half one by one.

Again San screamed out in agonizing pain, but it just wasn’t enough for Flowey. Flowey continued to hum as the vines kept around Sans. Sans breathed harshly waiting or is next event of torture, only to notice nothing came. He dare not open his eyes… But he suddenly felt cold… He was confused before he felt something scathing dig into his very being.

Sans’ eyes shot wide open as he cried out, only to meet a nightmarish look before him. Flowey had taken the blue shimmering soul out and currently had his sharp piercing teeth on it. Flowey quickly let go as soon as he saw Sans’ eyes. He smiled evilly as Sans soon found his vision to be blocked off by vines slithering into his eye sockets. Sans bucked around and gasped out as the vines invade his skull. Sans absolutely HATED when someone messed with his eyes. As he wriggled around, Flowey calmed him down to a halt by grazing his razor sharp teeth over the monster's soul.

Sans stopped his struggling as screams rang out around the lovely garden around them. Flowey took time to fiddle with the most vital part of a monster, sinking his fangs down into the soul slowly and steadily, letting the health drain down at a pain staking pace until Sans’ HP reached the 330. Flowey removed himself from acting like a leech to view Sans’ sobbing from the pain that throbbed through his body and soul. Flowey leaned closer to watch the skeleton have tears pouring out past the vines inside his eyes that squirmed about trying to find his hidden pupils. The sniveling the monster did under him, made the flower not feel bad per say…But… Something that he had felt when he first cried for help only to be crying to nobody.

Flowey shook off the memory and eyed Sans’ teeth. It always irked him how he could talk just fine without opening his mouth, yet he could do so when he ate or wanted to. Maybe…Maybe he could feel if he tried it like the people in the movies… With a sinister idea in mind, he nipped at the sore soul.

Sans gasped out, letting Flowey follow up through his plan. A few vines slinked into his mouth before he could close it up, biting the vines without knowing until he felt them squirming around. Flowey yelped and winced, shaking the pain away. The vines forcefully opened his mouth, making the skeleton to try and bite back down again in panic. “ S-Stop that! I just want to see your tongue-And don’t bullshit me, I know you have one!” As a reply the skeleton shook his skull as best he could, only to have more vines invade his mouth making him gag out. With Sans currently choking on the vines, he went through with the order and conjured up his blue glowing tongue. All the vines slipped out but two that stayed at his lower jaw as a precaution. Sans coughed and gasped a bit form nothing being traveling down his mouth now.

“ th-the fuck, sunflower?!” He tried glaring, but with all the vines blocking his view, just made him sound angry instead of looking it.
“ SHUT UP I WANNA’ TRY SOMETHING!” The flower leaned in, remembering actors from movies doing this… And he had only done this once before… So Flowey was a bit nervous, but he had to remind himself HE WAS IN CONTROL. With a quick breath Flowey pressed up against San's jaws, kissing him, making the skeleton stop his constant small struggles that were worth nothing. Surprised, Sans froze up while the gold petaled flower slipped his tongue into the others' mouth, touching the conjured up tongue for a moment before pulling away hastefully. While Sans was still in pause mode, Flowey blinked blankly, looking to is vines. Flowey felt… Nothing… He frowned, disappointed in himself for doing something so stupid. It was useless, nothing to feel! He didn’t understand the whole fascination with it and quietly bit his lower lip as punishment.

As he looked back up at Sans, he saw the skeleton had a light blue blush across his cheekbones. Sans looked bothered… But not in the painful way, but another degrading way, which peeked Flowey’s interest. The flower's devious grin spread across his face, finding a new look from the monster who seemed irked. “ Hehehe… Why are your cheeks glowing~?”

Sans immediately snapped at him, amusing Flowey even more, “ N-N O T H I N G!” Sans seemed pissed, and Flowey didn’t even have to harm him or the brother for once! Flowey giggled, making the other bare his teeth defensively. Flowey laughed out, making the blush spread. The flower snickered before leaning back to his toy and kissing him again. Sans started to struggle again, but Flowey didn’t care, he was having too much fun humiliating the skeleton. Flowey’s tongue swirled around San’s like itself was a vine, making the poor monster whimper underneath him. He couldn’t concentrate well enough to make the bright blue tongue disappear, his thoughts were starting to grow cloudy.

With Sans being too depressed, and busy with his brother, he never took it upon himself to date anyone. And now that the resets kept happening, he could kiss that thought goodbye... Speaking of kisses, his mind kept pushing the FUCK NO button, but is soul felt otherwise… Conflicting emotions ran trough him before he just gave up and let it happen.. It was better than being ripped apart mostly. Even if it was just empty kisses, his soul whirred with energy. Flowey finally pulled back to gain some breath while Sans gasped for some as well. Flowey watched Sans’ expressions, never before seeing these new faces. He just watched the skeleton tangled in his vines before he looked back to the soul, wondering to himself. Sans felt the vine like tongue run up and around against his soul, feeling like warm wet sandpaper. With a sudden gasp, he quivered under the flower. Sans was finally at his breaking point," a-ahn, s-stop it!” He pleaded. He had only let one other monster besides his brother and father to ever hold his soul. For Papyrus it was to calm him down when he was said, Sans letting him know that'd he'd always be there for him. For his father, well that was always to make sure the soul was okay from the determination pills. The other time was... Just an experiment he noted. But it was not going to be disrespected by a damn weed. “ i said sto-oop it.” Sans grew more irritated. Flowey hummed to himself, blocking out Sans’ protests. But then… Sans put some pieces together… He knew that melody of that song! He only knew two monsters who ever sang it…

“ i told you to stop asriel!” In an instant all the vines withdrew themselves, letting the skeleton hit the back of his skull against the rock. Sans hissed in pain and sat up against the rock to have something to keep him steady. His eyes met with the demonic flower now huddled with slow weaving vines around itself, looking shocked.” hehehe… so… it really is you?” Sans chuckled bitterly, watching the plant curl up defensively.

“ H–How-“ Flowey spoke out in a much different vice, only to be cut off by his old friend.

“ figured it out after a while from us talking… the way you looked at my pet rock.. but what mostly tipped it off was your humming… heh… funny how we change and yet everything stays, isn’t it? So… you really can’t feel can you…?” He asked sadly seeing the flower grit it’s teeth together, looking all around to avoid the old worn out friend's gaze. Flowey gulped and quickly summoned up the reset button.

Sans painfully reached out, wincing as he forgot his broken bones, “ W A I T!” The flower looked over to him fearfully now that he knew his secret. “ wait… before you reset… can i… can i have some closure? please azzy… can’t i hear you one last time…i-i just want to hold my friend again…don’t leave me yet…” Tears welled up and dropped down, sliding against his cheek's bones to water the grass underneath him.

Asriel thought as he watched his friend cry out for him… Remembering how he had done the same for the skeleton long ago. Asriel recalled how lonely he felt and never had any closure with his fried before his own death. “ … Only… Only if you tell me a story.”

Sans smiled tearfully, “ of course azzy… any in particular?” He asked as Asriel dug down to pop up next to him, his stem stretching out so he could rest in his friend’s lap.

“ … I-I like The Adventure With Fluffy Bunny…” He curled up trying to feel love only to curl up to feel nothing.

“ of course azzy… but first can i please… just hear it one last time…?”

Asriel let out a pained sigh, feeling the tears drop onto him like dew drops. It had been a long while since he sang to someone, but his mother's lullaby still remained deep inside of him. " Oh let’s go in the garden. You’ll find something waiting. Right there where you left it, lying upside-down. Oh when you finally find it. You’ll see how it’s faded, the underside is lighter when you turn it around. Everything stays, right where you left it, everything stays but it still changes. Ever so slightly, daily and nightly, in little ways where everything stays…”

Sans sighed softly, painfully moving his hand to pet the bright gold petals. With a mild smile of content he readied himself, closing his eyes in a state of peace “a long time ago, a fluffy bunny fell into a hole. injured by its fall, the fluffy bunny called out for help. a young snake, the king's son, heard the fluffy bunny's call. the snake prince brought the fluffy bunny back to the castle. over time, the snake prince and the fluffy bunny became like siblings. the king and queen snake treated the fluffy bunny as their own, showing that the snakes had become omnivores. the snakes underground were full of hope to change over new leaves. then... one day..."


The entire family was out an about at a newly made monster and human building for kids. The two managers of the colorful pizzeria were monster and human. The two had met up ever since the human’s boyfriend was kicked out for being manipulative and slightly abuse to the young lady. Thankfully she had met with a monster who treated her like a goddess, and with all the gold he had stashed for years finally came into quite a pretty penny. But the main thing was that the monster knew of Undyne, Alphys, Sans, and Toriel quite well back in the day since they had babysat his youngest brother.

As the family members come through glowing bright doors that showed off their handiwork, each of the family members and other families looked around at the pizzeria. The place was quite large for a restaurant. The walls an ceiling were painted that of the blue sky above wit sparkling stars and planets, the whole place being a lively space themed pizzeria. “ Oh my…” Asgore gasped as he viewed the carefully detailed painting of space surrounding him in beauty.
“ MIAOU~!” Called out a familiar voice to some of the family members. A slick brown tinted feline like monster walked over to them, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he sported an astronaut looking T-Shirt with baggy silvery pants. “ Glad you could pop on in my amigos~.” With a quick wink, he grinned happily yet calmly much like Sans did.

“ hey zack, looking good my fine feline.” Chuckled out Sans, receiving a bro-fist from the older monster.

“ Right back at cha’ Sans my man. Undertaker-Dyne nice to see you. Alfalfa, good to see you as well!”

Undyne gave a soft yet hardy punch to the cat making him wince for a quick moment. She then grabbed hold of Alphys, lifting the nerd over her head, ”WE’RE FINALLY TOGETHER!” She screamed out happily while her shorter and rounder girlfriend squeaked out, throwing her claws over her scales to hide her blush and herself from everyone.

Zack chuckled to himself, “ Man finally! Glyde owes me 50 gold now! Anyways, Mister D! Miss T! How we doing?!”

“ I am doing quite well Zachery, thank you for asking.” Toriel nodded to the old pizza delivery monster, where as Asgore stood away from her, holding Frisk in his arms.

Zack quirked a brow before leaning away, sensing some hostility, “ O-Oh… Erm I uhh see… AHERM! Anyways uhh… PAPY! Good to see you man! I remember when you were just the size to my shin man!”

The tall skeleton smiled brightly as he held the stubborn potted plant, “ AHH YES I HAVE GROWN VERY WELL! IT IS WONDERFUL TO SEE YOU AGAIN! HOW ARE YOUR BROTHERS?”

“ Heh… Their doing well. It was pretty hard raising them without my Uncle around, I'll admit… Can’t believe he just up and ran out on us like that…” Zack folded his arms as his triangular ears folded back.


“ Well yeah man, don’t you remember? He used to work with Alphys and Sans-“

“ I-I don’t really r-recall a family member of yours working w-with me…”

Zack blankly stared at the two, bewildered before nervously turning around and waving his arm, “ H-Hey SUGAR! Come meet some reeeeally old friends from down underground!” As soon as he hollered out, a blonde woman wearing the same shirt but with striped pants skipped on over. “ This is my fiancée, Sally Sugars.”

“ It’s so nice to meet those who knew Zachery back in the day!” She giggled, joyfully shaking some of the monster’s hand in a bubbly perspective. “ If you want we can chat, while your kid and… Uhm... Flower child go play games! I’ll even take your orders~!” She bounced about happily, making Toriel and Mettaton smile at how sweet this human was.

“ Oho, why thank you!” Toriel nodded, looking over to catch Asgore had already went to a large table with Frisk and Flowey, taking him from Papyrus carefully.


Asgore sat down at the table, gently putting down their adoptive step child down with the pot being held by Frisk. He smiled softly to Frisk, fussing their brown chocolate colored hair under his enormous yet delicate paw. Frisk smiled brightly with joy to their step-father while the flower seemed to just look about at all the sights and sounds. Frisk then took off with Flowey, only to pause and come back to the worn out king who sat alone at the table. The way Asgore stayed quiet to himself, with a small smile and spaced out eyes, tugged at Frisk’s heart. The old king never got to spend much time with Frisk even if they lived in the same house. Toriel hadn’t let up her deep grudge with him.

Frisk had even noticed Flowey become upset when he saw Toriel be a bit mean spirited to his father. But just seeing the former king like this reminded Frisk of the way they last saw Asriel… Sad yet happy, all alone to think to themselves. Since Flowey was too busy looking around, Frisk approached the royal monster, tugging at their pink shirt, “ Hmm? O-Oh howdy Frisk, go on. Go play.” He chuckled cheerfully. But Frisk shook their head. “ Oh? And why not?”

“ Cause they’ve got nothing better to do, so get your fat ass up and join them, I’ll watch the table.”

“ O-Oh… But Flowey-“

“ I SAID MOVE IT OLD MAN!” Frisk swatted the back of Flowey’s head in a ‘behave!’ manner before settling the pot onto the table and grabbing Asgore’s paw with both hands, pulling him… Or rather trying, only for him to stand up and follow Frisk as the young child led them away with a large smile.

“ THAT WAS SWEET OF YOU FLOWERY! WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY SOMETHING AS WELL?!” Papyrus asked as he made his way over to the silent grumpy flower.
“ I’m watching t stupid table so no..”

“ I WILL!” Undyne shouted out, stamping her boots to the floor and practically tackling the tall thin skeleton over as Flowey shot his invite down.
“ NYEH!” Papyrus cried out as the fish dragged him away. The lone flower grumbled a bit, being irritated until Alphys sat next to him. Alphys didn’t talk to the flower and kept eye on the animatronics on stage.

“ … They're not going to fucking eat you. You DO know that right?"

Alphys turned her yellow had to view the flower before looking back at the robotic alien creature singing their weird humble tunes, “ O-Of course. I just wonder what facial recognition they have. I might be able to spruce them up a bit a-and-“


“ We-Well uhm… Y-You could go play s-s-something…”

“ I’d have to have someone walk me around, and even then like I’d let any of your idiots hold me! Where the fuck are the others! I rather not be stuck here talking or listening to your stuttering chatter.”

Alphys was a bit angry, but she was too frightened to set off the ticking time bomb of a flower. And deep down, she knew she couldn’t really blame him… It was her fault he was here, so she had to face the consequences. “ Tori and Mettaton are chatting with Sally and Zack. Napstablook stayed home, and Sans… erm, where is he?”

" sup alphys? blue skink got your tongue?” In an instant Alphys nearly fell off from her chair, clawing onto the table to not fall, this in turn making the flower cackle to see the chubby girl flip out like a cat.


“ that’s my name, don’t wear it out. though i will admit, that reaction was sans-sational. don't think i don't see you eyeing the mechanical circuitry to see what they use, so go ahead and look.”

“ Sans!” She squealed out, letting the old friend and lab partner chuckle out. “ I can’t I-I’m watching the table and-“

“ bam!” own plopped a wooden rd with a suction cup at the bottom with a flag on top displaying out the number four.

“ B-But we can’t leave Fl-“

“ tori and metta are on their way over, it’ll be fine.” A calm smile spread across his skull, reassuring their chubby lizard friend. However before he could actually leave behind the two along with the table, he was being spied on by the sentient flower.

Flowy glanced over his stem and seemed a bit discouraged, “ Yeah, you heard him, it’s okay… I’m use to being alone…” The flowers eyes slide down to stare at the blank emptiness of a small reflection he saw of himself from the clean and smooth table surface.

The skeleton paused, turning right back around with a raised invisible brow, “ are…are you trying to actually guilt trip us?”

“ NO! I’m just stating t-the truth is all.” Flowey held a snarled look to bare sharp teeth, but something seemed to look quite otherwise than anger.

The lizard hesitated to even talk before she inhaled sharply, “ Sans? … Uhm uh c-could I ask a favor of you?” The yellow colored lizard monster nervously fiddled with her claws.

“ sure, I’m all ears… well if I had any-“

“ Sidebar!” The nerdy girl quickly wrapped her arm around the skeleton’s shoulder blades, turning their back on Flowey who watched them, getting aggravated to be left out. Alphys quietly whispered to her friend, jittering almost to a violent degree,” S-S-Sans, can… C-Can you go take Flowey to-to some games or something?”

Sans watched her skeptically, “ and why would I do that? if he’s going to be a little piss baby, just let him wait for frisk-”

“ They went to spend time with Asgore a-and as we all know, he needs it. He’s been down ever since he met up with Toriel. A-And… I think if Flowey were to actually spend time with one of use besides them, i-it might help-“

Sans raised a skeletal hand up to the nervous wreck of a lizard, “ okay i get it, but why M E? can’t you go spend time with the broken heart flower instead?
Alphys bit her lip with he large buckteeth, her claws starting to sweat while the scientist fidgeted about in one spot, " S-San! Please, you know he terrifies me to not end! besides that your the only other monster I know who can tolerate him!” That wasn’t the only reason.. But that would have to come at another time all together.

“ okay fair enough, but you know he hates me right?”

“ … I’ll buy you five bottles of ketchup.”

Sans’ eye vanished into the blackness of sockets, “ …” Alphys’ muscles stiffened up at the sight before his glowing right pupils popped up as he chuckled with a giddy smile, “ hehehe, god I love that trick. Anyways I was going for three, but that’s even better.”

“ SAAAANS!” The fellow monster cried out looking terrified, “ YOU KNOW I HATE WHEN YOU DO THAT!”

“ hehehe, sorry alph, i couldn’t resist.” The skeleton let out a laugh at his old friend’s expense and walked on over to the table picking up the clay pot.

“ WOAH! WOAH! HEY!” Flowly flailed his two tiny leaves wildly, looking more upset than usual.

“ oh would you calm down, i’m just going to see if you want to play anything. or you can sit here… alone like you normally say.”

Flowey bared his razor teeth, growling at up to the calm monster, “ N-NO! I-I… I don’t want to be alone…” The flower’s teeth seemed to fade away, his normally rage induced eyes growing softer. His tone was filled with hate but then suddenly lowered to a spoiled child. So Sans carried him off to find the maniacal plant something to do. He had to try and keep in note for the future to calm the hyper aggressive flower, was to tell him would he rather be alone? Sans couldn’t really understand why the flower never wanted to be alone in the first place. He was always so rude and snapped out to everyone, pushing them away. Yet at the same time, Frisk was mostly around with them. Honestly the damn plant wouldn’t even react to anything when the kid was in school, he just sat there by the window waiting like a sad puppy. Sans just found it to be… odd.


After asking Sugar and Zack what this game was with a table with ice magic on it was suppose to be, the two quickly figured the mechanics of the simple game. It was dubbed, ‘Ice Hockey.’ Then again ice hockey the monsters ever knew was normal hockey back in The Underground. So it was weird to see a long table made to be played with your hands in order to play it. The skeleton would much rather join in a simple game than letting Flowey anywhere near a whack-a-mole or any other game with the slightest of violence. Once that happen, Flowey would overreact and take it to a disturbing level of mayhem.

Unfortunately for Flowey who played his side using a vine was getting frustrated at his opponent who lazily blocked all his shots, passing the puck quickly to make the flower stressed. The two had been at this for a small while, neither ad managed to score. Sans was clearly too good at the game, and Flowey flailed all about to keep up and not dare loose once. And eventually the flower got tired as his eyes traced the puck slowly going to him, to block it and keep the squirrely thing there so he could catch a break.

His beady eyes went up to Sans, only to see the monster lean is arm on the table's wooden frame, laying his head down and closing the lazy look of his yes. And still, e wore that ever present grin. Flowey’s eyes narrowed angrily, seeing the skeleton was even pretending to be asleep on him. With a small grumble, the vine’s holding puck smacked into the normal one, actually making it be slapped up into the air and past Sans’ head.

Sans quickly opened his eyes, sensing the puck ad just whizzed by his skull by only a few inches. The game under them recognized that the puck was missing and rumbled slightly before sending out another puck onto the icy table. Flowey watched, fascinated to see the table react so quickly. His bored look was soon one and replaced with a ghastly smile of malice, his eyes targeting the new puck. “ Ooooh~.” The new puck flung past Sans again, this time making the skeleton stand up in a straight manner, watching another puck pop out from the side.

Flowey giggled in a twisted way, smacking the puck at Sans. The skeleton dodged it, along with the next, and the next. That was until one puck flew by and managed to travel across the building, smacking right into Papyrus’ skull. “ NYEAH! SON OF A NUTCRACKER!” Sans quickly turned around to see Undyne kneeling next to the younger skeleton who was now rubbing a sore spot on his skull. Flowey laughed out manically, as if this was the best ting he’d ever seen. He laughed so much that his ting vine had to wipe away a tear before he noticed a glare from his opponent. Suddenly Flowey started to swing out puck after puck, not even looking were they went now. Finally he stopped to notice there hadn't been any clattering noises and looked up to see the former judge hold them up with his blue flamed looking magic. Upon instinct Flowey summoned up his ‘friendliness pellets’. They didn’t glow or look sharp enough like they use too anymore, this being something Flowey changed. He would only summon these dull types to fling at people without actually taking off a chunk of health. It was the only thing that entertained him enough to hit someone without getting into too much trouble.

Flowey’s stem straightened itself then bent forward, grinning a twisted smile to the skeleton, anticipating him. Sans just stood on the other side of the magic enchanted ice with empty hollow eyes and his never ending smile. Before either of the two could let loose a puck or pellet, something quickly zoomed over in a blurry mix of colors. There stood Frisk on the icy surface of the game table, holding out their arms side to side with their hands up at each of their friends. “ Guys!” The quiet child spoke up, snapping Sans out of his anger and Flowey out of his desire to fight. “ Please…” Frisk turned their head side to side, frowning in disappointment to each dueling monsters. Sans’ pupils were back again, his right glowing eye slowly looked down as the pucks were all placed back onto the table. Flowey gave Frisk a harsh look but finally backed down from the child’s determination.


Thankfully the two had cooled down, Sans chatting with Toriel and Mettaton back at the table after everyone waited for their food. It’d take a while due to the large number of family members were attending. All while Frisk went off with Flowey and Asgore, sometimes letting the ex-king chat with the fish and young skeleton in order to play in the large tubing area with Flowey. In the tubing Flowey had to detach himself from is pot of sanctuary and wrap around Frisks arm to enjoy the colored crawlspaces.

As the food was almost done to be given to the hungry customers, the lot of them were able to look about a the prize counter, run by Zack’s middle brother, Japheth. Who was generally more grumpy than Burgs, making Burgs just seem sad an annoyed instead, which was justifiable due to working under Mettaton. But even he had found some happiness when heading to the surface and being roommates with Nice.

Undyne gasped out as she saw what appeared to be a strange eggplant shaped pink platypus with paws. “ I have no idea what that is, but I want it!”
“ Then go get more tickets ad stop failing from depth perception…” Grumbled the cat behind the counter, earning some words from the fish before she was pulled away by Papyrus and Alphys. “ Friggen’ customers… Eh?” s attention was drawn to Frisk who stood by the counter holding their potted friend. “ The hell you want brat?"

“ Hey we just want to look at your shitty prizes, but apparently you don’t want any business.” Frisk sighed and slapped a hand over the flower’s mouth, carrying him way. It was so bad right now the cat figured… Until the group came back shortly after eating an winning more games. He took up the tickets and handed out the prizes, rubbing his temples from dealing with people all day. Well until Frisk managed to somehow get in the back area next to him with Sans who irritated the cat with his puns. The mangy cat’s ear twitched before looking over and nearly flinging himself into the air with a puffed up tail.


“ hehehe, oh sorry… kid’s pretty determined.”

“ Ge-Get! No children back here even if my brothers know you or your family! I will put a damn picture for you not to be over here if you don’t get out right no-“ e was soon cut off by the child giving him a small hug, then giving him a plate of pizza.”

“ … Your brother said it's was your favorite kind, I'm sorry if my family made you angry.” They said, looking ashamed. Even if this cat was grumpier than is younger brother, the way Frisk apologized to him made his soul sting.

The cat looked over to Sans who merely just shrugged, the lanky monster sighed and knelt down hugging the passionate child, apologizing. After making him feel a tad better and knowing not all kids were obnoxious an thanked the cat greatly when receiving gifts, Frisk was given a music box that they declined, only for the monster to insist in them keeping it. The way Frisk could make people smile always fascinated Flowey… Why did it look so simple? Frisk always did these things without even looking for a reward of some kind. The flower deeply wondered if he was like that in the past… Helping out others for no reason other than to be kind and friendly. Well, he did remember it, he just couldn’t remember the feeling. And that's what gnawed at him the most.


So when the family had gotten their prizes they headed back to the table to snack on any remaining food and watch a movie the building had set up. It being about a bad guy slowly turning into a good one after seemingly killing off his hero counterpart, making him bored with no one to fight anymore. Flowey could sympathize a bit… Or well, just related to the feeling. Truth be told if the pun spewing skeleton wasn’t there, he would have gone insane more than he had.

As the film ran on, Udyne nearly screamed in excitement as her nerdy chubby girlfriend gave her that weird plush. Undyne had really wanted it, but exchanged her tickets for some type of anime figure for her girl, making Alphys nearly squeal out. Next was Papyrus who joyfully held up a new robotic looking action figure to put with the others at home. Asgore was given a huge cat, bear looking creature from Frisk from the many earned tickets with him, Sans, and even Flowey’s help. The old king cherished it greatly as he hugged it. The king however ad gotten Frisk a small purple ball like plushie with a tiny snout, feet, and puffy tail with no arms to be seen. Frisk snuggled it, upon tapping Flowey to show him. Of course he could care less. That was until Frisk reminded him to do something special, which squeezed out his determination if it could.

Flowey groaned dramatically, a vine slithering to the skeleton watching the movie with enjoyment. He turned around to view the child and flower looking up to him. “ sup kiddo?” Frisk shook their head, pointing to the flower, making Sans’ charismatic attitude lower down, “ yeah…?” Flowey nervously shifted his beady eyes before handing him a small smooth marbled looking rock, “ … you’re giving me a seed?”

The flower made an anguished confused stare while the child behind him giggled. “ No you idiot! I’m giving you a shiny rock I bought with left over tickets!”

“ heh, you know I’ve got a rock at home right? i think it might be jealous if i brought in this fella’.”

“ I was thinking more along the lines of your rock not being alone or a pet rock for your pet rock…”

Sans' normally lazy eyelids opened up a bit, “ that’s… oddly nice of you… what’s the catch?”

“ There is no catch! I just wanted… to… apologize or some shit, but if you don’t want the fucking thing then give it back!” Frisk threw their palm to their forehead. SO CLOSE! So close to not coming off as a rude little shit Flowey…

“ no, no, i’ll take it. i just hope you know, this will rock my pet rocks world.” He chuckled, turning around to watch the movie, holding the small pebble.

“ Happy?” Flowey glanced to Frisk, being rather annoyed by the whole ordeal Frisk nodded, pulling out the music box and sliding it over to Flowey. The flower questioned it at first before a vine tapped it. The box started playing out a comforting lullaby he hadn't heard in ages… The last time he heard it was the night his dear sibling died… Then found it in the hands of The Waterfalls’ statue. When he listened to his old music box play at the statue memories rang out. That had made the flower bitterly tear up the umbrella someone had placed there, drowning out the old worn box. Now suddenly… This new box sang out the old tune… The skeleton covered his face with his hoodie when no one looked, slowly making his pupils fade away, being glad that Frisk hadn’t caught him in the act. Memories bubbled up in the back depths of his mind…

Chapter Text

The wooden music box that was glazed over with a shining gold color played out in the room while Asriel, Sans, Undyne, and Doggo sat nearby in a circle. The young toddler skeleton tracked around the group happily patting each of their backs, “ DRAKE, DRAKE, DRAKE, DRAKE, DRAKE, DRAKE, DRAKE, DRAKE-“ He constantly went on as his little legs carried him around and around.

Sans sat near Asriel snickering, watching Undyne slowly loose her patience of the never ending pats. At first she seemed happy, ten bored, and now had gone into irritation. She’d never dare snap at her young friend, but he was starting to set off her anger which was always hard to maintain. She slowly gritted her teeth, closing her one eye to simmer down, he knuckles turning a light blue from her webbed fingers clutching so hard. Finally came the moment everyone had given up on as Papyrus patted the royal guard in training of dog’s back, “ PLANE!” Shouted the diminutive sized skeleton, catching Doggo off guard as he nearly tumbled forward in shock at the sudden scream. Papyrus laughed out giddily as the cane bearing husky scrambled to even stand up, letting the toddler get a long head start. Once finally up, Doggo ran after Papyrus through several rooms, scampering, stumbling, and tripping into many things along the way to get one touch to the toddler.

Sans pushed up his sleeve and stared at his wrist. “ … The heck are you doing?” Undyne asked, her eye focusing now that Papyrus and finally chosen someone to chase him around.

“ the time till paps gets back her, which will be in about… 30 seconds.”

Asriel leaned over to watch the… watch he had been expecting only to see Sans’ wrist connect with his skeletal hand with a marker making a crude watch on it, “ Uhm… Sans, you don’t have a watch.”

The fun going skeleton grinned over, “ it's just a little slow.”


“ when paps comes back ya dingus.”

“B UT YOU DON’T HAVE FLIPPIN’ WAT-“ Just then t clamoring of the two running monsters closed in, Papyrus jumping, landing on is belly and face before his arms and legs flailed about, scooting him into the spot the husky sat at.

“ annnd thirty.”

“ Whoa! That was amazing! How’ you do that?!” Asriel asked, his eyes practically sparkling in astonishment.

“ simple when you understand the perception of time.” Meanwhile, Doggo grumbled before poking the monsters back with the red tip of his cane.

Undyne squinted her eye to Sans while the prince tried to understand what babble Sans had just told him. “ … You’ve been hanging around your dad too much dude. Your starting to sound like a friggen’ nerd-“

“ PLANE!” Doggo cried out before chopping onto his waking can and high-tailing it out of the room, running along on all fours.

“ NGYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Undyne screeched out her battle cry, soon getting up and charging right after the canine.

Asriel skeptically watched as the two other children ran off, “ She does know that this is just a game right?”

“ yeah, undyne doesn’t fool around typically, except when it involves alphys.”

Papyrus waved his arm, bouncing up and down from sitting on the floor, “ WERE IS ALPHYS ANYWAYS?!”

“ she’s working with dad on something.”

“ AWW… SO THAT’S WHY UNDYNE SEEMS SAD.” The small skeleton pushed his tiny mittens to his jaw, looking concerned.

Asriel tilted his head almost speechless at first before raising his arm over his shoulder, his thumb pointing behind,” That’s her, ‘sad’?”

“ ehh, think of it more like a salty water fish.” Crashing gave way nearby as the husky tumbled into Papyrus and Asriel, making them both lop over. “ over once to your right dude.” Doggo quickly scurried to Undyne's spot right as she caught up. Asriel and Papyrus got back in place and giggled from Undyne's reactions to failing at touching the seemingly blind dog. She snapped her fingers after her tangent was over and started to circle around with a wild look in her eye. She looked much more intimidating without those bandages covering her healing eye, being replaced by a black eye patch her uncle had found when scouring around the surface back in his day.

She gently poke each monster until she hesitantly stopped, making the group confused. “ you lose track there matey?” Sans smiled up to her, looking over his shoulder, only to be booped in between the eyes by Undyne’s small claw.

“ Plane.” She quickly ran off, making Sans get up, fumbling over his pants and oversized sweater. He took off sprinting to catch up with Undyne.

“ hey wait up, no fair! hax! shenanigans!" He yelled out, leaving behind is long scarf to which Asriel instinctively picked up to chew on, not being able to control this one action.

Papyrus blinked, not minding or questioning the older child chewing on his brother’s scarf and instead had a puzzled look upon his face. “ SHE-SENANINIGANS… NO WAIT, SHENANALAGNS. NO! SHENANEEGANS?!” The two older boys stifled with laughter as they watched the small toddler try and pronounce the incredibly big word for him. Asirel always tended to think Papyrus hobby was amusing. Trying to solve out puzzles even if it took him a while to finally figure it out. But he never stopped, and when he got the solution, boy was he just ecstatic! It was pretty damn adorable.

Doggo panted a bit, finely getting his breath back, “ So did I miss anything?

N-Not really, but apparently Undyne seems a bit upset since Alphys isn’t here?”

“ Ah yeah, that sounds about right.”

“ Then why don’t we go ask her to play then?” Asriel suggested, his lips perking up to a smile.

The small toddler fusses with his long red scarf, “ SHE’S WORKING WITH DAD AT THE HOUSE. IT MIGHT UPSET HIM IF WE ASKED.”

“ Tch, please Paps, your dad is an understanding monster, I’m sure it’d work if we asked him.” Doggo encouraged the young toddler. The prince however had his legs sit up to where e could hug onto his jeaned knees tightly, resting his head on them to where they covered up worried frown. Sure Gaster was understanding… But sometimes he wasn't really himself, Asriel knew this deep down from the other week ago. He was starting to agree with Burgs that Gaster was indeed scary, but kept that truth to himself.

Just then the fish girl jumped over, hitting the wooden flooring and slide over to the vacant open spot. Once there, she got up, pumping her fists in the air, reviling a reddish skid mark going down an arm, “ YEAH!” The skeleton ran over and put his hands n his knees, watching Undyne do a victory dance in place.

“ dang it! i almost got you!”

“ But ya didn’t~!”

“ i manta catch you near the stairs but you kinda slipped away.” Undyne’s victorious poses died down, her face growing into her normal pissed off look.

“ Just had to ruin it, huh?”

“ sorry to make your victory so b-reef”

“ JUST GO ALREADY!” Undyne screamed out, sitting down with a pouting face. Sans never hurt anyone's feelings, he just couldn't stop the puns or the life of him. So Sans started tapping each of his friends and brother, circling around and around until his skeletal finger pushed Asriel’s back softly.

“plane.” He chuckled out and took off running with Asriel lagging behind since his brain just now recognized the thought that just happened. The prince sprinted off not far behind the skeleton. He chased the other monster through several rooms, almost snatching Sans multiple times due to knowing his way around his own home. Sans was on the prince's turf, meaning he had to dip, dive, duck, and dodge out of all directions. Sans headed back to the circle of friends, his soul full of adrenaline. Even with Asriel gaining on his trail, he increased his running motion to leap to the blank empty space.

However he tripped over himself once he heard Undyne scream out in frustration. The slightly taller skeleton tumbled over himself and smacked right into the floor. Asriel ran over to his side and instead of tagging him, knelt down to help, “ OH MY GOSH! ARE YOU OKAY?! S-SAME FOR YOU TOO UNDYNE!” Asriel asked, full of concern, making him forget about their game completely.

Sans got up and clutched his forehead, squinting to Undyne in a fit of sudden pain, “ i-i’m fine-hey undyne what the heck?!”

“ SHIT! Sorry guys! It’s just I got a text from Alphys, saying she won’t be able to hang out with us for the next couple of weeks! NGYAAAH!” Undyne clutched her cell phone tightly, almost breaking in two.

“ undyne chill! we can talk to my dad, simple as that.”

“ Y-You think so?” Asriel asked in caution. His friend smiled as he held onto the goat’s paw.

“ course. c’mon undyne let’s go get your girlfriend.”

“ SHE’S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!” Shouted the already peeved fish who had scarlet gills across her face.


Alphys typed in a few things from codes, numbers, words, and any other scientific jargon she knew into her laptop she had brought to the skeleton’s abode. She constantly looked to a unorganized stack f papers before her eyes returned to the screen. As she sat in the main room, she thought she had heard a thump, but kept to her work. If her back hadn’t have faced away from the large window she would have seen a snowball splatter into the glass. Yet another clump of snow was tossed to the window. Then another… And another. Muffled voices were cut out from the immense concentration. She still kept her focus on her documenting until a large thud was heard, snapping her out of thought and falling off the side of her chair. Outside the home, what had been thrown this time was a small white dog that landed down into a chunk of snow like the snowballs beforehand. It popped it’s head out and panted happily, oblivious to what just happen. It then yipped once and hopped out from the pile it crashed into, wagging it’s short tail and walking off along its way.

“ you know when i said interruption, i didn’t mean an inter-ruff-tion, right?” Questioned Sans.

Unyne shrugged, “ Hey, not my fault it was scaring Papyrus and I needed to throw something. It was much better than a snow poff or a ball. Besides, look at ‘em! He’s walking it off!”

Doggo and Asriel seemed rather distraught that Undyne had thrown the annoying pup at the window, but Undyne had some fair points as it was unharmed. Sans held up his baby brother who was scared by the small dog and was now clutching onto Sans tightly. The front door creaked open as the meek lizard walked out shyly in her winter set up, “ G-G-Guys, wh-what are you d-d-doing here?!”

“ we came to talk to my dad so you won’t be so busy.”

“ WHAT?! O–Oh! N-No! Nonononono-“

Sans only walked by her, walking into his home, followed by the rest, making Alphys sigh and close the door. “ my house alph, my rules-


" well, it doesn’t say i’m not allowed here, as well as you paps.”

Aphys ran her small claws down her cheeks, “ You don’t understand! We’re in the middle of break through!”

“ What could be more important than being with us?!” Undyne asked in a rather upset tone. It seemed like a mixture of anger and sadness.
Just then a slam was heard from around the back of the festive looking home. Gaster in his lab coat came over in from the front door and folded is arms, taping his shoe impatiently. “ Why are you all here? Sans, I told you, we would be very busy today! Go on! Get, get, out with you all now!” Asriel scooped up the toddler and hurried outside while Doggo followed him onto to run into the wall.

“ ACK! FFFFF-I’m okay!” The husky adjusted his now tilted sunglasses back to normal and ran out.

“ I’m not leaving!” Undyne stubbornly made clear as her one eye stared at the equal glare of the scientist.

Outside Asriel had put the toddler down, resting his paw to Doggo to see how hurt he was. Papyrus looked around before speaking up, “ WAIT WHERE’S UNDYNE AND SANS?” Before either could answer the bundled up toddler, the front door opened back up, Undyne quite literally being tossed out from the house and into a pile of snow. “ OH… NEVER-MIND I FOUND UNDYNE!”


Back inside the two skeleton glared lightly to each other, Gaster knew Sans wouldn't leave until he talked with him. All while Alphys nervously and uncomfortably watched the two, shifting her eyes from one to the other. “ i know you guys are busy dad, but alphys is still a teenager-"

“ T-Technically a minor, making me still a kid.”

“ as i said a teenager. she can’t be cooped up with formulas everyday! that's like you training me every day, she needs breaks!”

“ Urgh, do you not think I know that? If she is to become the royal scientist that I’m teaching her to become, she won’t be able to take after me like you as a judge Sans. We are in the middle of a new discovery that could benefit us all! So please, just leave it to us.”

“ … depends on what it is.”

“ A device that can bend time and space apart, letting someone to travel into the past in a portal, passing through a void and ending up back years ago. As well as a high functioning machine that will help the core work more properly than being unstable and fragmented”

“ … so a time machine?”

“ No, just a device that can restart a position in time, shifting the capabilities that we are limited to.”

“ still sounds like time travel to me… so that’s what you two have been doing?”

“ We-W-Well we–we also have to maintain the pressure and measurements of the c-core’s activity to spread power throughout the entire underground, building a stable source of the magnetic and magical energy. A-An-And with that being said, both projects need time spent on them and-“

“ i’m in.”

The both of the other monsters quickly turned to the young skeleton. “ What?” The two asked in unison.

“ i said i’m in… that way alphys can enjoy herself and you’d have another pair of hands and mind to help you around. sides you know i wanted to help our before, but deemed it 'too dangerous'.”

" No, I said it was because Papyrus being alone was too dangerous." But afterwards, Gaster put a finger to his jaw, thinking about the possibilities, Alphys stood there aghast, “ You-bu-BUT YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THE NUMBERS AND TEACHINGS OF THE QUANTUM PHYSICS!”

“ yeah i do. i just didn’t start off with dad like you cause he couldn’t leave paps at the inn all the time.”

“ That is such a lie!” Alphys fumed head to toe at her friend, snatching a pen to scribble onto some paper. She then shoved it to Sans’ skull, “ Can you find the equation?!” She was a tad jealous, since out of the group she was referred as the smart one. Sans took the paper and looked over it as Alphys rambled about. Only for her to fall short as Sans gave her the paper. She took it and read her obnoxiously large problem and the solution over and over again.

Gaster leaned over to examine the paper, “ … That’s correct Sans.”


Sans smiled suddenly, “ dad taught me. paps might have gotten mom’s looks but I got dad’s big brain."

“ It’s not that big.” Gaster frowned slightly. As he stood up he sighed, “ Well… You do tend to help me when Papyrus and Alphys aren’t around so… Very well. If all of us and my employees are to work together on this, Alphys and you would indeed have more time other than focusing on the blueprints and core. You will be my assistant much like Alphys, I hope you are prepared.”

“ hehehe, sure am.” And with that Sans started to help around with research and other science jargon, letting Alphys get out a bit more. Now that he helped alongside them, the time was cut by 3/4th, letting himself have enough time to train at points but also to be alongside his friends.


The wind swept up some of the flakes of ice, spurring them into the air as a lone monster made their way to the canoe like boat, driven by the mysterious Riverperson. The skeleton carried a small zipped up duffle bag with him upon boarding the ride. He flipped a gold coin to the rower who caught it in their palm, their sleek and slick robe going over the skin for no one to see. With a simple sweep of their overgrown sleeve, the coin was put into a pocket before they tapped the boat. The boat hovered above the water suddenly, then sprouted stumpy wooden legs, with the top hilt morphing into a dog’s face. The Riverperson whistled, directing the wooden canine where to go. It yipped once before running along the water’s surface happily, letting it’s tongue loose to flap in the wind. The Riverperson watched Sans from their hood, covering their face just like their sleeve had, “ You know you don’t need to pay right? I don't need tolls.”

The skeleton shrugged, his usual smile gone as he kept a hold on the zipped up red duffle bag. The Riverperson slowly tilted their head to an uncomfortable looking angel, “ My… You’re normally not like this Sans… Is something distraught?”

“ just haven't been feeling well is all. just don’t tell anyone okay?”

“ You have my word Young Judge.” Sans seemed to look away regrettably when his title was called out. It didn’t take long for the speeding boat to finally make way to its destination, letting Sans depart onto the orange tinted soil, heat flowing out from nearby. “ Please, do take care.” The skeleton gave a slight nod before he left the boat behind.

The skeleton stopped at a large building fully made of metal, sighing he rang the buzzer. On the other side of the thick door, clattering and crashing were heard as small yelps of shock rang out from behind the door. “ AH! HOT! HOT! HOT!” Sans’ smile grew from the frown, always finding his old lab friend’s clumsiness amusing. She and very few monsters such as Grillby and The Riverperson were the only ones Sans could let them know how down he really was. Everyone else including his own brother got his constant grinning facade. The only other monster in the whole Underground that tended to get a mix was that lady behind The Ruin’s doors. He could have sworn he knew her… but after so many resets and time passing by, he forgot who she was, as she did to him. IF she knew him that was… He couldn’t figure it out if she had or not.

While in the state of mind of thinking about the lady in The Ruins, the heavy clunky metal door whooshed up, letting the skeleton snap out of thought and gaze at Alphys who was panting. “ where’s your coat? you know i’m not undyne right?”

“ O-Oh hush! You sc-sc-scare me and I spilt hot coffee all over me!”

“ can’t you just shed it off?”

“ Oh my god Sans-really? Y-Your going to start right now?”

“ eh, that’s okay, I peel your pain.” He snickered as the lizard gave an irritated look, her claw closing in on a red button.

“ … I’m leaving you out here-“

“ alphys wait! come on, you know i can’t help it! besides i uhh… have something… B I G to discuss.” Alphys’ curiosity ignited as Sans gestured to the duffle bag. She poked her head out, looking left to right, up and down before pulling her old friend inside and shutting the door. She waddled to a beanbag, sitting on it, pausing her laptop from her anime to listen to what Sans had. Sans followed her and casually sat on a squishy blue cube like thing, setting down the bag onto the table.
“ So… Did your brother br-b-break his bag o-or something? Y-You kn-know how bad I am at sewing-”

“ nnnnnot exactly. it's more of, he found something and while he’s out on patrol, i’d like some questions answered since i've got no idea.”

“ Sans, if neither of you know what you found, then how do you expect me to know right off the bat?”

“ cause you’re the only person besides myself who could theorize what this could possibly be. you're the smartest person i know besides myself.” He looked at her, his smile going down. Aphys knew this was genuine since his grin had moved down, his pupils growing soft.

“ O-Oh… O-Oh Sans… Tha-T-That’s so sweet. B-But I-I just mess up everything. I'm not s-so sure if I should help-“

“ alphys, you’re the only other monster I can depend on, so please help me out here.”

The lizard sighed deeply, “ Alright Sans.”

“ but first, i need you to get me something.”


It was dark… Darker, yet darker… He shuddered a bit, curling up until a small stream f light came into his sight, casting the darkness away from his small domain. Just then a zipping sound announced itself, the light growing larger until… He adjust is eyes from the bright light now outside his domain, a bony hand patted the surface of whatever his small sanctuary was placed on. “ come on lil’ guy. it’s okay.” A calm voice told him, making him back away into the corner from memories. The voice almost sounded like it use to when he was sad, scared, or lonely. Tears ran down his cheeks as he whimpered out. He knew he was just going to fool him again like last time. He was just going to get dunked again, he knew it. He spent this entire run trying to drown himself in The Waterfalls, finally falling into the water like he had many years ago. However this time he wanted to let go just to come back to his empty life. He had washed into Snowdin, the cold slowly seeping into him so he could finally sleep peacefully… But a hand had aided him-Wait a and was grabbing him now!

The skeleton pulled out a bruised and battered golden flower that shook violently and squirmed about. “ whoa, easy buddy, easy. we don’t need you breaking a twig on us.” Sans calmly said as he gently put the terrified amalgamation of a flower above some soil, where roots instinctively dug into. The flower then noticed he was in a cutesy looking big eyed monster designed to be a mug. The cup had a white round body, perfect to be a cup, while its face scrunched up against its body, letting a small dangling red orb wiggle around on a small spring from the cup.

“ Oh…. My God… S-S-Sa-Sa-Sans…” Alphys backed away, making her lean back, her eyes widened behind the clear glasses.

“ calm down alph, i know it’s a moving plant, but it talks too. but it’s got to be a monster right? though i’ve never seen one like this-“

“ Sans… Uhm uh hrm hrmmm… h-h-ho-how do I even explain this.” Aphys gulped as she scratched tea k of her neck, watching the golden flower try to shrink into the cup, trying to hide away from the other two.

“ … explain W H A T?”

“ Uhhh-Flowers need water! C-Come on and help me get some water!” Alphys nervously nudged her head to simulate going up the next floor to talk.
“ … okay, you stay here, got it?” Sans pointed to the flower, only for it to hide under its petals and shake. He sighed, feeling ad for the thing, even if something told him this thing was obviously bad and had something to do with the resets.


Alphys sat on the tiled floor next to her beloved bookshelf of history, scientific studies, and manga. Sans soon sat across from her, waiting for anything. After she somehow managed to calm herself from a panic attack-aka taking some relaxing herbal pills she gave a worried look to the skeleton. “ Sans… That flower is dangerous. It is not to be trusted or taken for granted-”

“ I noticed.”

“ Now I know you can be stubborn but don’t fall for it-wait what?”

“ alph, i know it’s bad news.”

“ Wha? But how? D-Did you see it do anything?”

“ let’s just say i’ve got my ways. now, you know what it is?”

“ I-I… Yes… Sans, that flower w-was an early experiment to try and see if someone without a human and, or monster soul could pass through the barrier.”

“ holy shit, you created life?”

“ In a way… I had drained the fallen human's soul, gathering all of its determination to see if I could do something… Anything-“

“ wait, you drained determination from… from…”

“ From Asriel’s sibling yes…” She curled up, her thick tail wrapping around her legs. “ Please don’t be mad-pl-please… Asgore didn’t want it to be around. He was afraid someone might snatch it, or he might do something regrettable-“

“ alphys…” Sans’ set his hand on her shoulder and smiled lightly. “ it’s okay… it’s… it’s all in the past, we can’t dwell on it forever. we just have to keep smiling forward. it makes sense… you were only doing what you were told and big ol’ king fluffy only did what he thought was right at the time. i think azzy would have agreed with his pops.” Alphys sniffled a bit, taking her glasses off to rub her eyes. “ it’s in the past… i just want to know about the flower, we can discuss that later, okay?"

“ O-O-Okay… A-Anyways, out of all the flowers I gathered from Asgore’s garden since Echo Flowers are too difficult to dig up, that one wiggled around. The determination brought it to sentient life… But once it fully woke up, it… it killed my three lab assistants. Ju-Just like that, then it escaped.”

“ yeesh… well anyways I brought it back and so far, it’s scared of literally everything, so it’s pretty docile now. but if you made it, maybe you can take it back-or better yet, i'll be here with you so we can talk things out with it.”
“ So-S-Sounds fair enough… What have I’ve got to lose?”


The flower guzzled down a large plastic cup o water, the two monsters sitting at the table, watching it. Alphys seeming more fascinated from a wild experiment going into a calm and more docile state. “ So… Y-You s-said it ca-can talk?”

“ I’m a 'he', tank you very much.” Grumbled the flower.

“ Oh-Oh! I-I’m s-so sorry-“

“ Flowey… Flowey the flower.” Flower sighed. Maybe if he was back with the egghead, she could do some type of science bullshit and let him have a soul again. It was a big maybe, but it was worth a shot.

“ O-Oh okay. We-Well I'm-“

“ Alphys the royal scientist and Sans the Judge, I know.”

Sans looked slightly irritated as only Alphys, Asgore, and The Riverperson knew his secret title, “ up to date, aren’t cha’?"

“ Not really… I just know things. Lots of things. Like how you use to be friends with someone and then shut them out of your petty life. Then they met the fallen child and everything went alllll the way downhill.”

Sans’ eyes were gone as that memory was torn open like a new wound. Alphys gulped, clacking her claws together, “ Erm… Fl-Flowey… Th-That was a bit blunt a-and rude-“

“ Don’t preach to me, I know what all you’ve done, but why say it, when I can just let the guilt swallow you up instead?” Alhpys recoiled herself and looked down ashamed.

“ okay what the hell buttercup? you were scared just a while ago, now you’ve turned into a prick-ly weed.”
Flowey sighed, looking up t the skeleton, “ Because I originally thought you were going to kill me. And well… I can't really say I’m sorry. I just can’t. I can’t be kind, I’ve lost the ability to love.”

“ wait, lost it? Alphys, did this thing use to love before?”

“ N-Not unless you mean gaining LOVE…”

Flowey rolled his beady eyes before morphing his face, staring at the two with his natural voice, “ Howdy.”

Both lab monster stared shocked, “ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”


After the initial freak out, they let him continue. “ When I died, I turned to dust. Most of my dust must have embedded itself into this flower. Chara’s determination made me desire to live, and viola I'm here~! Except… I’m empty. I’m only living by pure determination. Plants are living things, but they have no soul or sentience. Thus, I have no soul. You don't need a soul in order to exist in the world… I can’t feel satisfaction, happiness, pleasure, guilt, or love. All of that are emotions coming from love. And with no soul, means no love. Just because I don’t have a soul, doesn’t mean I can’t feel sadness, pain, fear, hate, or pride though. Nobody needs love in order to feel any off that. Pride is just embellishing one selves, so why would you need a good feeling for that?”

“ oh jeez, this is quite a bit to chew azzy… surely… there’s got to be a way to help you, right alph? …. alph?” Sans sadly asked. He had missed his old friend, grew up without him, and here he was… Only he was much more different; a violent, aggressive ball of sorrow and hate. He couldn’t really call him his friend again… But deep down inside, it was still Asriel.

The lizard bit her lip and began t explain, “ I-I’m sorry but… We can’t do anything… Even if we give him one of the souls Asgore has, it wouldn’t be enough. Chara’s determination… I discovered wa-was immense. No matter how many souls we give him, their determination won’t be enough to equal Chara’s. If we give him a human soul, he WOULD retain his normal body… But without the equal determination, he would still feel like he does now, and might grow more aggressive if we let him, considering his body would have matured… To equal Chara’s determination, i-it would have to be wi-with any amount of souls plus an addition of very monsters soul just to get there! O-Or… Or… Or a soul with as such determination as Chara’s… but that could take centuries…”

“ … i-i hate to be that guy… but… couldn’t we… put him down as mercy? let him finally rest peacefully?” Sans asked, watching Flowey who spoke up.

“ S-Sans… I’ve died many times… Chara’s determination is so great that it won’t let me go… Besides tat… I’m too scared… I really am a weak crybaby huh…?” Flowey for another time felt hopeless, lost, and being let down yet again just like he had so many times before.

Alphys quickly interpreted, “ W-W-Wait! How could you have died many times?! That’s impossible-“

Flowey had told too much... A glowing icon floated next to the flower’s leaf. The Reset button. Sans took action to snatch he lower only to be too late as the world reset, with Sans’ frantic voice echoing, “ A S R I E L!” Suddenly the echo stopped and all was quiet as Flowey opened his eyes to see his fellow lowers surround him in the garden.


A small dainty knock arrived at the thickened metal door, making it echo the knocks back. With a flustered huff of noise the hand pushed the button aside from the door which lead into a smaller building nearby the large house where their makeshift family lived. On the other side of the door, clattering and crashing was heard as small yelps of shock rang out from behind the door. “ AH! COLD! COLD! COLD!” They hid a giggle quietly to themselves as the metallic door slide into the side revealing the pudgy lizard not wearing her casual lab coat. “ Fr-F-Frisk! You scared me! I even dropped my soda with the ice from my new machine!” The child gave a small shy smile to the monster who laughed at herself. Alpyhs had defiantly gotten better, enjoying many things, feeling like she could make a change, and even being able to laugh at herself. “ I know, I k-know, you're sorry. It’s fine, is there something you need or is… Is Toriel taking us to the karaoke bar again.” She asked as her eyes widened as if she was having Vietnam flashbacks, “ Because if so… I’m not sure the owner will let Undyne in there after throwing Napstablook’s angry cousin who visited 'cuz he messed up his words screaming at everyone.” The shook their head, smiling slightly as they remembered that time… Truly one of Unyne’s finer moments on The Surface with Sans taking pictures from his cell phone.

Once the yellow scaled nerd let Frisk in, she sat in a beanbag, while Frisk plopped right into another one, almost sinking in all of the way due to their size. Alphys giggled and pulled them out so they could adjust. “ So Frisk, what brings you to the lab? Is Sans planning on ‘borrowing’ my telescope again...” She asked bitterly as the telescope back at The Waterfalls he had taken without Alphys knowing it… Then leaving it there… Even after the move up…

Frisk again shook their head, making the lizard lean over from her original spot, intriguing her. “ … It’s about Flowey…” They looked down, rubbing their knuckles together in a worried manner.

“ D-Does he look sick? Is he getting the feeling t-to kill someone? I-Is he… Is he trying to run away or hurt himself?”

“ No.”

Alphys let out a huge sigh of relief, “ Oh thank God… Then what’s wrong?”

“ Is there… Really no way for him to have a soul?” Frisk asked quietly, tears bubbling up.

Alphy looked down in disappointment, “ … I’m so sorry Frisk…” She told the poor child what would happen if he were to obtain a normal human soul, and how he managed to finally feel when the entire underground was empty. Alphys was the only one Frisk had ever told about what happen and how the monsters were freed since they knew about her past with the flower from her old update logs from her hidden lab. Of course learning that Asriel and Flowey were one of the same, she became depressed. However with the full aid of the family, she finally made it over that hurdle.

Now back to the matter at hand, Frisk looked up in hope, “ Wait, you said if a soul’s determination were to be as determined as Chara’s then-“

“ Frisk it’s not as simple as that. We just got lucky that your determination was ranked with theirs and maybe even more. You can't just give up your soul, you’ve done too much for us. You would make everyone incredibly depressed. And before you ask, no you can’t give him half of your soul. Sure it will let him become normal again. But it’s not steady supply. Chara’s determination would eventually consume your soul up. Meaning you can’t just keep giving him some of your soul, even if your determination heals over time. It takes a long time for a soul to heal itself, no matter how determined you are.”

Frisks head dropped down, “ What abou-“

“ Frisk if there is anyone else in the world that has your and Chara’s type of determination, that person won’t just give it up. The determined of that kind are meant to not give up.”

Frisk shuddered a bit, recalling Chara wouldn’t let up until after their thirteenth run where they completely vanished from Frisks body. Frisk was still confused how that had happen. “ I wasn’t going to ask that… Is it possible to make something that could grow a soul if part of someone’s soul was put into it, like healing?”
“ No-I…Wait… You mean like creating an artificial container that has a small piece of soul in it to where it can mimic the soul it’s around, thus making it grow into a soul from gaining determination and thus making it a soul of its own?”

“ Sometin’ like that…”

Alphys pondered before she started scribbling furiously to a large blank blue paper. She backed up to gasp, “ If your theory is correct… I can make a container that can hold a little bit of a human soul. It couldn’t be placed beside that human's soul since it came from there and humans can’t interact with another human’s soul… But-But-But! If it was to be placed alongside a monster’s soul, the human soul could theoretically start to mimic the monster's soul. Though that monster would have to become determined some way… Yes… YES! THIS COULD WORK! FRISK! Fetch my cell phone! I need to call my lab buddies comprising of both human and monsters to go over this! THIS COULD BE IT!”

Chapter Text

Inside the den of the king’s cozy abode sat the normal group, either sitting on the enormous couch of t king and queen or on the floor as they watched the king of monsters himself preform before them all. The hardy king was in his casual wear instead of donning the crown having is magnificent violet cap to cloak his mighty form under. He tugged at the air to simulate he was pulling something while standing his ground, making the group o children ponder. Upon this visit, Undyne’s uncle was actually around, to chat with how the training was going. However Asgore was busy spending time with the group of small monsters, so he went to chat to Toriel before walking into the room himself with a sharp smile, watching the younger monsters play. No matter of what had happened in the war, the older fish would always did is leader and friend amusing. The first to speak of was Undyne, always being quite the loud mouth she was, “ ROPE!” The massive king shook his head, his beard brushing about when shaken. He then crouched down and pretended to pick up something even heavier than himself, struggling from its weight.

“ an anvil?!” Again another shake of his head. Asgore kept silent as he moved his enormous paws to his front, seemingly as if he was pressing up against something, sticking his lips out like a simple fish.

“ A WALL!” Squealed the tiny skeleton who was busy fussing with is overly long red scarf that bundled around his neck. The king’s paws were still smoothed out as he put them above himself and to the side, still feeling around an invisible wall.

“ A-A box!?” Asriel gasped, thinking he had gotten it, only for the king to continue, making the children confused.

“ O-Oh! Sc-S-Schrödinger's Cat!” Alphys smiled brightly until all the monsters in the room turned to her. Everyone but Sans looked puzzled.


“ U-Uhm.. We-Well, uhm… A-A cat, a flask of poison, and a radioactive source are placed in a sealed box. If an internal monitor detects radioactivity, the flask is shattered, releasing the poison, which kills the cat. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when one looks in the box, one sees the cat either alive or dead, not both alive and dead. This poses the question of when exactly quantum superposition ends and reality collapses into one possibility or the other.”

Asriel gasped with a saddened expression, “ Why would you do that?!” Papyrus was too busy watching Alphy’s mouth move from trying to focus to see if he would understand… He however did not. Asgore just simply blinked, not fully understanding the small yellow lizard had just babbled

The gruff fish sporting a red tank top over his well toned and scarred up body tilted his head. His hand grazed through his stubble of red air while his messy ponytail swayed around much like his niece.“ … Okay so from what I just heard… If I KNEW anything you just said… I’d still be a virgin, right?” Sans looked at the darker toned fish, his casual smile vanishing as his eyes widened letting his pupils stare at him. Alphys’ jaw dropped a her face bloomed to a deep crimson while the younger fish threw a pillow at him, making him chuckle when he was hit.

“ Trogle! Not in front of the children! You know what Tori will do if Asriel repeats that word?!”

“ Wh-What word? Virgi-“ Asgore quickly reached out to cover his small son’s mouth.

“ Asriel, please o not say that!”

The gruff fish cracked up laughing as Asgore’s cheeks tinted a shade of pink from sheer embarrassment. “ Gore, mate… They gotta’ know sometime, and anyways, I doubt they know what a mime is.

Papyrus looked to the king and confused prince, “ Is mime a bad word?”

Asgore sighed and pulled his paw away, “ No little one, it is not.”

Undyne elbowed her skeletal friend and the pudgy girl, “ Pst! What’s a mime?” The two eggheads looked at one another before shrugging. “ Aw come on! You two are the know it alls! UNCLE TROGLE!”

“ It’s a human that wears a striped shirt, a white painted face with sissy rosy cheeks and black overalls. They often wear a stuuuuupid hat and don’t talk. All they do is do stupid shit like pretending to be in box or something.”

The children blinked before Undyne’s thought process triggered from the mental image, “ THAT’S STUPID!”

Asgore sighed and sat onto his own personal chair, “ Okay, okay, calm down now. Undyne, why don’t you go.” He smiled gently to the young aggressive fish who gave a toothy grin, hopping down from the couch.

She got onto all fours and began furiously snapping up at the air, growling here and there from the display. “ OOH! OOH! A LADYBUG!”

Again silence as they looked at the small toddler. Trogle now standing behind the couch to rest his finned arms, “ What kinda ladybugs you been seein’ kiddo?”

Sans rolled his eyes in a happy manner, his smile back to itself as he patted his brother’s back, “ paps… that was a migosp.”

“ STILL LOOKED LIKE AN ANGRY LADYBUG TO ME…” Papyrus quietly said, pouting as he didn’t get it right.

Asgore scratched his golden beard, “ Uhm. A shark monster?” Undyne shook her head, but not while chomping her sharp teeth down, shaking her head to pretend she had caught something in it.

Trogle squinted to the king, “ That’s racist-“

“ Oh hush!” Asgore quietly shushed the long time warrior.

“ A-An angry dog?” Squeaked Asriel, only to receive more growling.

Sans cracked his knuckles as his smile grew, Undyne stopping to glare at him, knowing e ad something planned up his sleeve, “ a jackal! jackal! it’s a jackal! you look like a jackal! jackal?! jackal! it’s a jackal! jackal!”

Undyne slammed her head against the floor from Sans’ consistent irritation just t piss her off. “ IT WASN’T RIGHT THE FIRST TIME YOU SAID IT, WHY THE HELL WOUD IT BE RIGHT THE NEXT TEN TIMES?! GAWD!”

Asgore ten put a fuzzy finger above his mouth to give a small glare to Undyne, “ Undyne! No swearing!”

Undyne pointed to her uncle, “ HOW COME HE CAN SWEAR?!”

“ Because he’s an adult…” Trogle nodded as he folded his arms while the king watched him, “ And he knows that he’s in trouble once Toriel gets word of it, that he cursed in front of you children.” With a devious smirk from Asgore, Trogle kept nodding until realization of what he just said kicked in, making him stop with his eyes wide open.


A chuckle was let out from the goatly king, knowing fully well that the great and mighty warrior that helped fight in the war was very intimidated by the queen’s motherly ways.

While two adults discussed the inevitable and upcoming ordeal Asriel’s attention went back to the younger fish monster, “ A piranha?”

Sans chuckled out, “ azzy, she’s already a fish.” The skeleton’s younger brother gave out a small groan form Sans being so difficult and not being able to really do anything about it. All of this making the already pissed off fish even ore flustered, her yellow eye giving a deathly look to Sans.

Alphys then spoke up, “ A-A-An alligator?”

“ Maybe a crocodile?” Asriel decide to team p with the other girl, shrugging. This made the flared up fish jump up giving them both her cheerfully scary toothy grin.

“ YOU GUYS GOT IT! … Though aren’t they the same thing?”

Alphys giggled quietly finding it cute that her equal scaled friend didn’t know the difference. “ A-Actually, alligators have a wider, U-shaped snout, while crocodile’s front ends are more pointed and V-shaped. When their snouts are shut,crocodiles look like they're flashing a toothy grin, as the fourth tooth on each side of the lower jaw sticks up over the upper lip.”

Trogle eyed the small nerd again looking stumped before pointing down to her, “ Gore… What’s with this kid?”

“ She is Gaster’s assistant.”

“ That explains a lot…” Alphys scrunched into a ball just a bit, her cheeks growing red from the attention of being called out for her brains.
Sans overheard his father’s name being called out, so he might as well make is presence known as well to avoid the toughened warrior to stop focusing from Alphy’s scientific terms. “ actually I was gonna’ join in and say, a caiman or rather a gharial.” Now the attention was place onto him letting his friend not be as flustered. Trogle just had his toothy mouth opened with an outrageous expression as his two finned hands gestured to the skeleton as he looked over to his king.

Asgore chuckled softly from his old friend’s reaction, “ That would be Gaster’s child. Alone with the little one.” The gruff fish just put his hands over his face, feeling like an idiot for not connecting those dots…


Undyne rubbed her temples as she walked back to the couch grumbling as she normally did. Once she scaled her way up the large couch she harmlessly but forcefully punched Sans’ arm. Sans just chuckled more as e rubbed he hit arm and hopped down to where Undyne stood. He stood there and smiled at the others with his hands eaten u by his pockets of the sapphire sweater. With that the monsters around him started to guess, resulting in not being correct. After several minutes, Undyne growled out, “ WE GIVE UP!”

“ aww, really? i thought, it’d been simple. i mean i’m all ready one.”

Papyrus for once knew the answer which made him a bit upset since he could see past his brother's bullshit, “ SANS… SANS NO.”

“ hehehe, sans yes.”

The other four participants locked onto the grumpy toddler who just gave a glare at his sibling, Asriel speaking up, “ Y-You know what it is?”

“ IT’S A SKELETON…” The bundled up toddler said, regretting it now as his older brother gave two thumbs up. “ THAT WAS HORRIBLE SANS!” The two girls grumbled while the goat monsters found it rather amusing, holding their laughter.

“ eh, could have been worse. could have been a fossil.” Sans merrily pushed his brother’s buttons as he got back up on the spacey couch.

Papyrus pushed against Sans to keep away, “ NO! NO! NO, YOU ARE NOT SITTING NEXT TO ME!”

Sans laughed out as Papyrus swatted at him before he scooted away, “ hey azzy, how about you go?” Asriel giggled from the younger skeleton and nodded eagerly, hopping off and going into the same place. There, the young goat stood straight and spread out his arms, tilting his head up to the overhead lamped fan.

“ A tree! RIGHT?!” Undyne practically screamed, almost jumping up, only to get a sake of the price’s head.

“ O-Oh! A-A ‘T’!” Alphys guess was shot down as well.

“ Oh my, praising the sun?” Asked the fatherly goat, letting Asriel shake his head and giggle at the mistake.

“ hehehe, a bridge?” Again, wrong answer. The monsters were puzzled until Papyrus focused on the older monster.

“ OH! A FLOWER!” Asriel's eyes shined as a smile grew under his snout. He pointed to the skeleton and nodded, making Papyrus squeal out in joy from figuring out the puzzle, his eyes sparkling.

“ Aright kiddies! How 'bout you guess who I am!” Shouted Trogle who then put his arms behind himself menacing, giving a threatening glare to the children. " It’s real easy! Though, he’s a lot skinnier than me.” The children were about to guess but slowly their faces changed to that of a grimace. Asgore’s paw raised up to cover his mouth from laughing as the older fish cocked his head. “ What? Aw, c’mon! You guys should know! Tall, dark, and brooding!”

“ Is that what I am now, Trogle?” Came a sour voice from behind, making the fish scream and fall over behind the couch. Gaster glared down at him before cracking a smile to the group for the children to laugh.

“ Ah, Gaster. Nice to see you, are you picking u your boys already?” Asked the gentle king.

“ Hmm? Oho, no, no. I came in for some tea, and to give Sans his medication is all.” The noble goat nodded as he got out from his chair to direct the scientist to the kitchen. Gaster looked over t his eldest son, giving him something the other couldn't catch before following Asgore.

“ Since when did you start taking medicine?!” Undyne blurted out.

“ since I began training, it’s just a protein is all. speaking which… yo, azzy is my drink still in your room?”

“I think so.” With that being said Sans hopped down and strolled off down a hallway.

As for the rest of the group, they watched as Trogle’s hands clutched onto the couches' top frame, pulling himself up. “ Holy hell I forgot that nerd could be a scary mother fucker!”

" ... WHAT'S A MOTHE-" Both teen girl quickly slapped their hands onto the toddler's mouth.


Inside the cozy room, Sans closed the door, putting one of Asriel’s small chairs underneath the door knob, just in case. His eyes glanced around the room, noticing some stuffed animals that were out, their small cute beady eyes staring at him. Sans’ regular smile vanished away as a worried look came upon his face. He quickly turned all f the toys around and opened up his bony and to look at the red sleek amber like pill. Some type of liquid stored in the pill as the skeleton gulped, hesitant to take it. Sans reached out for his can of soda he had left on the prince’s play table, the one where Sans had joined in for the tea party.
The skeleton eyed the pill, shaking a bit inhaling a deep breath and popping it in, swallowing it down with the soda. He quickly put the can back onto the table and stepped away from stumbling into anything. Within seconds, his soul churned around, his chest feeling like a flame had ignited within. Sans gasped out as an immense pain swelled throughout his body, making him collapse onto his buckling knees. He stood himself up with his hands on the floor, his finger clutching at the colorful rug under him. The young skeleton’s body shook violently, his eyes widened as a ghastly blue aura mixed with a mellowed out yellow sparked from his left eye.

He did his best to grit his teeth tightly to not yell out since he was at someone else home. He much rather not make anyone worried by screaming out in pain as the determination swirled into his soul. Te pain that usually made him scream out subsided, now bringing in the numbing feel,Sans lowering his grip until his body tumbled to the rug. Sans gasped out, shaking to inhale and exhale his breaths, the hand that was near being laid on clutching at the rug again. His other arm reached out, the skeletal hand grasping out for nothing to hold. All that was left were quiet whimpers from Sans as he felt the world around him spin as tears swelled up and a slight stream of drool pooled out from his mouth. The pill always made the poor monster want to-


Cry out for help. That’s all the flower could do… " MOM?! DAD! CHARA?! ANYBODY! SOMEBODY?! PLEASE HELP ME!" The lone sentient flower struggled, twisting and turning his roots in the soft firm soil as his steam weaved around. Is small leaves following long his contorted stem weaved and bobbed around with its petals following each movement. Finally the flower stopped and panted heavily as it wore itself out. He couldn’t understand what was going on… Why was he here? How was he here?! The last thing he remembered was the unbearable pain that is body and soul endured as is knees crashed onto is father’s garden of flowers that lead to The Barrier…..


Still clutching his deceased sibling in is arms, he finally dropped to give up. Falling over with his sibling laying dead next to him he reached out to stroke their cheek one last time as he struggled to stay there or just a few moments. Memories had flooded back as he gasped out, tears flowing out from his eyes much like his wounds wit arrows in his back and cuts all over his body, torn through his purple robe. He quietly whimpered as he felt Cara’s soul start to leave his battered and broken one, “ C-C-Chara… I-I don’t… Li-Like this pl-pla…Plane anymore…Chara… Pl-please… Don-… Don't leave me alone. I-I’m so s-s-so-sorry… I’m ssss-so scared… I’m so… C-Cooold… Please… Don’t go… Yet…I-I lov-lo-love you…Don’t leave me… P-Pleaaase…” Eventually the monster's talking subsided, the world around him getting fuzzy and dark.

As his eyes closed, he heard muffled screams… They seemed familiar. Something stopped over to him and place it’s large yet gentle hands over him as he stared off into the distance that had originally being focusing on the dead body laying next to him. The screams ran out, only for one word to pass through to his crumbling mind and soul. “ ASRIEL!” It sounded like his parents….. Heh, it was funny how he felt something try and heal his deteriorating body while the other voice screamed for help for medical attention.

He felt the soothing warm and gentle touch of what he could only suspect was his mother pulling his upper body into her lap. He couldn't make out the words anymore and everything around was starting to get dark, darker, yet darker. He smiled, “ M-Mom… Da-Dad… I…Don’t…. Feel….. Anything………” He warned his pleading parents before is eyes grew tired as they finally closed.


All he could remember now was darkness after that… There was a heavenly glow of a bright light raining down upon him, Asriel felt his body again and got up to look around at absolute darkness enveloped around him. His attention was drawn to the stunning light, his small normal body back to here it was as he began to head to the calming lights before him. They were so beautiful… The young prince gulped and followed it, entranced by the might and warmth it flowed out from the cold and bitter darkness. Eventually he came closer and closer to it… In the distance, his now empty soul pounded in a comfortable warmth that spread throughout his body, as he saw up ahead was his sibling… His best friend.

Asriel moved sluggish but kept up the stumbling pace as Chara frolicked in a garden off golden flower with rainbows and glittering stars over above. The child wore a silken white robe as wimsuns and other human children laughed out playing tag. Chara’s eyes eventually caught the smiling worn out figure of their brother. As a child ran over to tag them, they stayed to see Asriel. This caught the other children’s and monster’s attention as they smiled and waved out to him. Chara’s eyes grew large and soft as tears brushed down their cheeks. The gave a non-scary smile and ran to their brother. As they rushed to him, Asriel smiled weakly, watching them get closer to embrace them into a hug. “ ASRIEL!” They cried out, closing in on the beaten goat boy. However…

The darkness seeped past the light as an unseen force shoved Chara back. The children and monsters gasped as he ran over, helping Chara up and fearfully watched t darkness grab Asriel’s ankles, making the poor child fall onto his belly as he was being dragged away. He cried out for help as Chara and the others rushed after him, only to have the darkness replacing the light as Asriel was swallowed up… It seemed like a long time in the cold bitter blackness… Until Asriel managed to open his eyes.


He recognized this place… The royal side garden… The one where he and Chara played… The one where he met….. He stopped his thought as he noticed everything around him was much bigger than he was use too… And with that, everything looked unkempt as vines crawled around the bricked walls and now rusted black bars for those to look in. He couldn’t help but feel something was wrong… He took in some breaths, glad to be alive but also upset that Chara was gone just like that. Asriel tried standing u but… Something felt off… He couldn't stand up, it was as if something had weighed him down. He tried pulling his legs only to eel dirt move around his feet. He looked down to see grass below himself… And… And a gold petal and green stem. Confused he moved around before a small puddle showed him his reflection… He… He was…He was a flower… He began to panic and cry out for help… But nobody came…

After several long agonizing days of crying to himself, Asgore finally stumbled upon him. At first Asriel was happy… Was he happy? He didn’t feel happy… He felt… Excited but not happy… spent a while with his father before asking if he could visit his mother. Asgore had helped his son move as best he could until he learned how to dig and control vines from the dirt. He didn't feel like he use to with his father. He just felt as if the two could co-exist much like being roommates… But not a father-son reaction anymore. A few months went by as he stayed with his mom and dad n a weekly bases. Again he wasn’t happy, and just felt like an accountancies more than a son. Asriel eventually met with Sans and Alphys, along with Undyne and a much different looking Papyrus…

Sans and him would often chat, still not knowing if they were friends again or not… A year went by and he was ‘friends’ with every monster in The Underground. They all respected and cared about him to a degree… But he still wasn’t happy…He soon drew reclusive and depressed, and deep down it felt like he could care less about anyone other than himself. He went into hiding before he grew tired of not being able to care or love anyone… With a deep breath he closed his eyes and flung himself off from Hotland to fall into the boiling lava below. He wanted to feel peace again… Warmth… Love… He wanted to see Chara again… Last he saw them they looked… So happy for once…

It was dark after a spark of pain surged through his small body… Darkness enveloped him yet again… But… He didn’t want to let go… Something deep inside called out… He didn’t want this… HE DIDN’T WANT TO DIE! Before he could thrash about in the lackluster void, he noticed a shaking button that read, ‘Reset’… His eyes shined as he read it… He reached out to press it…

Asriel opened his eyes… And was in the garden again… And again e cried out until several days later Asgore found him… Only Asgore acted just like he had before when he first met his son again… He didn’t remember anything… No one did but Sans as Asriel learned after growing more aggressive, killing everyone over and over or taking different routes, growing more and more upset with not being able to feel anything good again… Asriel felt miserable… Depressed… Angry… Lonely… He didn't feel anything…


That’s what the determined ridden flower liked about Sans… He was hard to predict at times… And now that the flower had no more control, it was much more difficult to get a read on the skeleton. But the two kept irritating the other, never ending Flowey’s sick little game… At times it felt like he was somehow still friends with Sans in a twisted and deluded way. It brought spark into his pitiful life. The only other person he could have messed with was Frisk since they too remembered the resets. But Frisk… Was different. Flowey hadn’t broken their mind over the years like Sans and they had done so much for everyone. They reminded Flowey too much of their long late sibling who seemed genuinely nice at times but rather fierce most of the time.

Sans and Frisk were the only one the flower… Well not cared about, but in a sense, wanted them around more than anyone else. Sans to bother, and Frisk to lean on. That being the only reason because they knew about the resets and they both reminded him of his friends when he was innocent… Simple… Weak… A crybaby… That’s what he felt like at the moment as he watched Toriel tuck in their newly adopted child into the small bed as Frisk yawned, completely tuckered out from their day. They nuzzled their small furby like toy Asgore had gotten them while Toriel sat on the edge of the bed singing Asriel’s favorite song. She always sang it to anyone she looked and watched over like Chara and the other fallen children after them. “ Oh let’s go in the garden. You’ll find something waiting. Right there where you left it lying upside-down. Oh when you finally find it, you’ll see how it’s faded. The underside is lighter when you turn it around. Everything stays, right where you left it. Everything stays but it still changes. Every so slightly, daily and nightly. In little ways, where everything stays.” Torel leaned over to kiss their forehead affectionately.

As Frisk looked up to their new mother, the managed to catch a glimpse of Flowey watching out of the corner o his eye. Once they ad been kissed, Frisk rustled underneath their blankets looking upset. “ Oh my… My child, is something the matter?”

“ You always give me a kiss, but what about…” They had to lure Toriel into their plan… They showed the small purple toy to her, “ But what about Tatius? H doesn’t have a mom.” Frisk smiled nervously. Toriel chuckled softly, leaning over to kiss the small purple cat snouted toy. “ An how about F-Flowey?” Frisk gave a pleading smile to their mother who looked over to the potted plant. After a quiet pause as the flower looked to the motherly monster, Toriel turned her head back to Frisk and patted them before getting up.

“ Good night my child.” She said uneasily, keeping her soft motherly smile on her face. She then turned out the lights and closed the door until a fair amounted gap was left, letting in that hallway's magical glowing light.

Frisk frowned and gave out a light huff of disappointment. They put down their plushie and sat up seeing Flowey have is scary black eyes out with the white pinprick pupils along with that toothy smile. “ Flowey… Why’d you have to put on the creepy face?”

The flower slowly looked to Frisk, his voice shaken up, “ Wha-What? T-This is my please face without looking like Asriel or doing the bull shit puppy dog eyes…” He said confusingly. Frisk’s frown worsen as the leaned over the side of their bed, opening up a small drawer at the top of the desk that was put right next to them. They shuffled around, finally pulling out a small mirror to hold out to Flowey. Flowey’s stem backed away harshly, “ I-I… I didn’t… I never… I didn’t know that’s what I looked like…”

“ Really?” The child questioned. The flower nodded sadly as Frisk put together the pieces… All those times where Flowey made that one particular face… He wasn’t being maniacal… He was… He was pleading and sad. The nervous smile, the tilted eyes… “ Flowey… I’m so sorry… just wanted to try-“

“ It’s fine Frisk… I know… But… You know...” He let out a heavy sigh.

“ But Flowey-“

“ Night.” Flowey turned away sourly while the child felt somewhat helpless. They were determined but… That couldn’t change ones opinion on another. With a small defeated sigh they laid back down eventually falling asleep. After they were in snoozing away, Flowey quietly pushed the button on his new music box, the old tunes ringing out, lulling him to sleep.


Another day of the family being mostly spread out aside from Toriel, Frisk, Flowey, Sans, Alphys, and Undyne being at their large spacious home. Toriel was busy looking up what to get from the local mall with the help of the nerdy lizard. While in the living room, Frisk sat on the couch watching a wonderfully animated and musical movie about a man who was born different and was forced to live in a bell tower as he talked to gargoyles. Sans was either sleeping or listening to the film since e sat next to Frisk but had his eyes closed. Undyne meanwhile sat on the other side of the couch trying to whittle some wood from seeing the monstrous man’s own little wood carvings of the area around him. Flowey had joined in, his small yet strengthen vines carving with a sharpened and sturdy thorn. Undyne groaned and gave up, handing the rest to Flowey who gladly took it.. Well more of greedily took it. Honesty he was pretty good at it, and it kept him busy. Undyne looked back to the movie and squinted harshly as the townspeople ridiculed the poor man before a lone woman went to help him. “ So… Like, do they mistake him for a monster?”

“ No. He was just born that way and treat him like one-no offense.”

“ … That’s fucked up.”

“Well… That’s what some people do if their insecure. I mean… monsters have bullies too?”


“ Yup…” Flowey chimed into the small conversation. He fully knew that from first hand.

“ Hmm... Must be some fault in some humans and monsters.” Frisk said, quite confused themselves of why people and monsters did that to their own kind.
After the film was over, Flowey had made a small smooth wooden model of everyone that lived within the house, receiving some spectacular applause from the fish an child. He finally felt proud of himself… He hadn’t felt that since he consumed the six souls and took over that big skull hanging in the labs back in The Underground.

“ Where you gonna’ put them?” Undyne asked, fully intrigued that the passive aggressive flower could actually make something without burning it. Flowey’s prideful smile came to a halt as his beady eyes lowered onto his newly made models. His eye twitched slightly before vines shot out from the dirt to tear apart his creation. Except when the vines swept down the models vanished, his vines quickly stopping before nearly landing on the table. Both Undyne and Flowey sighed in relief as the table wasn’t broken, or they would deal with Toriel’s wrath.

Flowey looked for his models, still salty about having no place to put them all. That was until his eyes landed upon Sans who had one eye open, staring at him as a perpetual wink. “ whoa, don’t pop a root there bud-dy.”


Frisk leaned over to pat the agitated flower, “ I asked Sans to hide them so you wouldn’t break them. Their too wonderful to be broken. I was thinking of tagging along with mom and buy something to put them in. You did a really good job. You shouldn't be upset with something so beautiful.”

Flower glared harshly at the child who seemed fairly concerned. The look faltered into a softer look, but still with a harsh stare, “ … You think their beautiful…?” The child nodded happily, even getting the rough fish and lazy skeleton to agree. “ … Okay… I won't break them… Can I paint them at least?” Frisk looked towards their dunkle who rolled his eyes, vanishing into a blue mist to come back with the wooden modes and some children’s paint from Frisk’s room.

Soon Toriel walked in to tell the group she was about to head out, this letting Frisk gain the opportunity to run up too her and ask to go. Of course Toriel agreed as she scooped up her adopted child who hugged he, smiling brightly. “ I am sorry to ask of this but… Undyne, Sans… You and Alpys will have to watch over Flowey.”

“ Dammit-I mean, sure thing Miss T!”

“ got it tori… but if he breaks something he’s going in the cellar-y.” Flowey groaned from the pun while the mother and child giggled.

Meanwhile the fish gave deathly stare to the skeleton, “ WE DON’T EVEN HAVE ONE!”


It was an odd group to watch over the normally pissed off plant, however thankfully Flowey was occupied with painting his wooden models, but still demanded to have something laying in the back. So Alphys brought out her laptop and connected it to the television, “ O-Okay. I-I found a game that has-“

“ anime?” Sans asked, being cheeky with his old time friend, getting a small pout from her.

“ Yes… But i-i-t as mystery-"

“ Is it that one with the people in that school with the bear as their judge before execution~?!” Flowey chimed in, grinning manically.

“ N-No, sorry. That ones st-still downloading.”

“ Fucking son of a…” The flower grumbled before stopping, thinking to himself of what he just said. He nervously recoiled from his statement and shook. Sans even looked away anxiously from the mention.

“ Bu-But I-I did find this o-one free game with anime art style. It has mystery.” Sans tilted his attention over, curious. “ Romance.” Undyne perked up as her eye focused on her girlfriend. “ And h-horror.” Flowey paused his painting as his grin grew back.

“ … it’s not that one gay game with the horrible deaths is it?” Sans asked, getting a flustered lizard n his back, which was well worth it to see Alphys go into a tizzy.


As Sans narrated over the main character, he eventually started really getting into it until things got… strange. Well stranger considering the first two images was a room of organic like meat, and a close-up of some type of monster that even monsters would have trouble talking to. Let alone it’d more than likely scare the hell out of amalgamate. The main character seemed to meet up with a strange girl… Later one day the character came into his house smelling something amazing. The character witnessed the girl eating something that of a a strange plant… And that’s where Flowey put his words in.


“ Would you calm down! Would you rather them to be eating meat?” Undyne asked.

“ YES!... Maybe…I don't know!” Eventually further on down the line, the neighbor was attacked by something and started to see the horrible organic world around him much like the protagonist. Upon also seeing his wife and daughter as monsters. Sans quickly asked for Aphys to stop and look u how bad this game was going to get. The intelligent monster looked it up and read it along with the other two while Flowey bitterly kept painting. From reading the article, Sans pupils had vanished into his sockets while Alphys gagged and ran out to empty her lunch from the sickening game. Undyne was helped by the skeleton to quickly deleted game and never talk about it again. Sans almost wished Frisk would have reset The Surface to not know about the horrifying and mentally sickened game.

Undyne rubbed her temples and eyes to forget what she just read, “ Okay… That game sucked ass… Ugh got any movies daffi-dick will watch?”

“ HEY!” Flowey snapped at the fish who was a bit on edge at the moment. “ Actually I found a movie at the stupid weeaboo store you guys dragged me too… Though it was really shitty.”

“ and it was about…?” Sans question, raising an invisible brow.

“ It’s about some machines that override fish and scuttle onto land eventually dyeing off and taking over humans and shit.” Before anyone could say anything Undyne quickly got up and left the room, only to return with the DVD and walking right by the group and going outside, dropping it into a trashcan. The three watched from the window to fully view Undyne summoning her spears to plunge into the trashcan like she had done to the spaghetti when cooking with Frisk for the first time… Which eventually led to her home going up in flames, much like the trashcan was somehow. “ YOUR DOING THE WORLD A FAVOR FOR ONCE!” Yelled out the flower.


Eventually the four got tired and decide to just pop in a movie from Frisk’s and Papyrus’ collection as they waited for Toriel and the determined child to arrive back home. After they got back, Frisk rushed to the living room while the others helped Toriel with some bags. Frisk placed a large dollhouse onto the table next to the flower, opening it up for him. “ See? Told you I’d get you something. I’ll be right back, I need to go help.” The child smiled, dashing off out from the room leaving the flower to himself.

Flowey smiled slightly as his vines wrapped around the dried painted figures of the monsters an humans that lived within the house. He played out each one in his mind as he pretended them to walk into the dollhouse. He then grabbed hold of the figure of himself, a smiling cheerful flower. The vine reached out to place the smaller wooden flower before he paused… He looked over the smiling wooden figures in the dollhouse, standing in a group, happily with Frisk in the front like they were going waiting for a photo to be taken. They all looked so… Happy… Flowey looked down to his mini-self before looking back to the little wooden family. Words started to drown out his thoughts… Those words that a monster had told him how he was to live his life just like them… The monster had once told him how the two of them were to live on… ‘ You don’t have a family./You can never belong./You destroy everything./You're not one of them anymore./Your just a soulless freak./What makes you think you can fix what has been done?/You have no soul./ You cannot care for them./You have no friends./They are no longer your parents./It is best if they forget about you…..’

The thin vine loosened its grip making the tiny model of Flowey drop to the table. Tears swelled up out the sides of his empty eyes before is stem bent forward sadly… They were right… Flowey could never belong… He didn’t have a family… How could he be such an idiot?

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A bright and brand new day peeked over the small snowy filled town, shining upon what excitement would behold... Well figuratively considering the sun was on The Surface-The point being, it was a new day! At this time the young teen-aged skeleton and growing prince about to hit into his first of his teenage years rushed across the ever flowing steam of Hotland, joking around and laughing out as they passed by several monster folk who would wave back. The two had stopped at The Waterfalls, taking in some deep breaths and visiting the secret garden the two helped maintain, sitting under the growing crabapple trees they had planted. The trees themselves were not fully grown yet, but were capable of bearing fruit, which three were plucked off from. The two boys chomped into the sweet taste of the monster fruit while the skeleton stuffed his oversized sapphire sweater's pocket with the remaining fruit he had gotten.

The goat monster was ecstatic today, Sans had told him that the two were finally able to visit an older teen than Undyne and Alphys who was a great and dear friend of the wily skeleton. The only reason Asriel had not met this friend was due to them being grounded for smoking, which Asriel agreed that that was highly unhealthy and could lead to 'falling down'. The two had caught eye of a rather large shambling mound of green gelatin smoking for years in The Waterfalls. A great colossal, Moldbygg was often seen smoking around, inhaling some type of ashed magic and exhaling a thick tar filled aroma. With that, Asriel became concerned for the monster while Sans reassured his upset friend in the past whenever the two came across it.

After the two were done eating the small fruit and reminiscing on the smoking monster, they got up and were off yet again to meet Sans' good friend who he had known for quite a while. Sans and this friend apparently went way back since Sans was younger than Asriel's age, having this guy to help watch over him and Papyrus when their father was busy at his scientific works. So the two finally made it to the small ice slated town of Snowdin, Sans stopping at the local restaurant in the homely town, while the prince tried to stop his running and instead fell into a pile of snow, not knowing Sans would stop in front of the building. The skeleton chuckled out before pulling his friend out from the pile of soft cushioned ice, dusting off the snow that stuck onto the prince's fur.

Asriel’s eyes were caught in the large bright orange neon glow coming off from the top of building’s sign. It read out, 'Grill'. Sure not the best name, but Asriel wasn’t one to judge, considering how lousy he and his father came to with names. Once the skeleton put is bony hands onto the door’s handles he stepped back, pulling the two doors of the building out with him, opening it for himself and his younger friend. The warmth of the inside seeped out to the two children, as brighter lights shined out over them. Sans took is friend along with his head, guiding him in to reassure him that the small building was a safe environment.


Inside were several booths, a pool game, an old weary jukebox tucked in the back, a couple of tables and chairs, and stools in the back surrounding what seem to be a bar of some sort. Some of the royal guards who had been off duty played pool, shuffling around and eyeing the balls on where to nick them so they would roll right into their intended target and bounce back with a clattering noise. Though most of them were canine like monsters, which meant they had to restrain themselves and one another from snatching up a pool ball once it rolled on the green textured carpeting.

In the booths sat some of the older rabbit folk of Nice’s family, mostly all women at the table, making it rather lively and chatty. They all went off about their day, or cute monsters, all the new store items, and things they had found in the dump in The Waterfalls. While others listened and toyed with their phones, others filed their small claws. Behind them sat a lone plant like monster with no visible eyes and a giant maw gaping out like a horse’s snout. The plant monster’s teeth tapped against each other in a small but non-violent gnashing movement as they ate their food laid out before them on the wooden table.

As Sans lead the way for Asriel, the prince just gawked and looked around. He had hardly ever gone to a restaurant, even if his parents were royalty. So this was all so new and exciting to see different monsters and local places far from his little abode. His shining eyes gazed upon two older monsters sitting at the stools, chatting about who knows what. An old pale fish monster kept up the conversation, getting a chuckle out every now and then from a magenta colored bird monster with a round duck-bill.

It didn't take long as Asriel happened to bump into something… or rather, someone. He quickly turned around to apologize only to see Frostdrake now holding an empty plate, with his food's condiments splattered onto his yellow scaled belly. Behind him stood Baron, Glyde, and Punky. The smaller grey hamster monster of the bunch tilted down his sunglasses as his eyes peered out from behind his green curly locks. “ Dude, he just made you spill The Bosses Food!”


Asriel backed away, his paws fumbling with one another as he tried to place his words, “ I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t see yo a-a-and-“

“ hey whoa, cool it azzy. ah, i thought i smelled singed poultry. how’s the feathers frost? charred, boiled, or well done?”

" Screw off Sans! Your little boyfriend here made me spill The Boss's food! Do you know what's going to happen if he finds out?!”

San’s stood in front of his royal friend and smiled in a sinister way, “ yeah, he’s going to cook your goose, that’s for sure.”

“ Not if I fix it first! Hey princess, you owe me a sloppy Joe!”

“ O-Oh, I-I lef-left my bag at-at home, I’m sorry-“ Asriel nervously explained, but was soon cut off. He did have some gold, but not enough for a sandwich.


“ The one that doesn’t need to take shit from you.” Sans blatantly said.

The cold feathered bird snarled out, “ Fine, then you pay for it! I’m not getting on The Boss's bad side just cause princess here won’t pay up for what HE DID!” Frostdrake leaned over, nearly having his beak touch Sans' face. Both scowling at the other until the other three walked to each side of the angered bird, being ready to pounce on the skeleton at any given moment.

“ Hey, four on two isn’t fair you asinine cretins, specially you birdbrain!” Said a calm yet demanding voice from the side of them all. Behind the bar stood a rather tall teenage monster, sporting back shades like Frostdrake, a black leather jacket covering an old worn out white shirt, and the body type of blood orange flames. The blazing monster put his red-hot hands onto the counter and hopped right over the bar counter to now be closer. With black ripped pants and steel toed boots with spurs he strutted over, looking down at the three bullies. “ So… This is how you guys respect me for letting you in here?”

The bitter fowl glared up to the flaring monster, “ This doesn’t involve you, you traitorous greaser!”

With that, the monsters made up of flames stomped his boot down, only missing the scaled toes of Frostdreak by the slightest, “ Excuse me?!” He scoffed, putting an elbow in his other hand, letting the free hand rotate, “ Are you talking to me? Did you ask to get food? Did you call me up? Did you bring me here? And all of the sudden you're saying this doesn’t involve me? I don’t think so, not right now. Your getting your crummy food for your lard-ass of a leader so SIT DOWN!” Once it was silent in the corner near the jukebox, the fire monster cleared his throat and snatched up the burger that had fallen onto the floor, pulling up and smudging it against the bird’s belly for the condiments before dropping it back onto the plate. He then cocked his head to the side, calling out, “ Or would you rather me tell the old man, you were the guys who nearly broke the pool table last week by throwing Baron onto it!”

Over behind the bar stood an elderly flame monster, with a grey mustache and old circular glasses in a dashing black jacket over a frail white shirt with a bow at the neck. The fire that flaked off him was a bright blue flame with bright blue going towards the center. The blue flamed monster who was initially cleaning a mug snapped his attention to look over, the fire that was his body, flaring up into the air, “ WHAT?!” He asked out in a deep gruff voice. The four hooligans trembled with fear before dashing out the diner and into the snow chilled town, only to leave the blue blazing monster to shake his fist, “ NEXT TIME I CATCH YOU LOITERING AROUND HERE, YOUR GOING TO WISH YOU LIVED IN HOTLAND’S LAVA!”


After that fiasco, the orange flamed monster… Smiled? It was hard to tell since no one could see his mouth or eyes even. He reached out to the skeleton, his fist wrapped up to expect the now incoming bump of Sans’ fist. “ My main man Sans, sup? Who's the kid?”

Sans smiled brightly before gesturing to Asriel, “ this is prince asriel dreemurr. zzzy, this is an old friend of mine, grillby.” Asriel quivered reaching out to Grillby before recoiling his arm away, scared to even touch a flicker of the flame. “ he’s uh, kinda shy. don’t worry azzy, you don't hafta' fist bump, his fire won’t hurt anyone unless he wants it too.”

Grillby gave a small chuckle and patted Asriel’s fuzzy lop of hair. Upon touch, Asriel only felt a comforting warmth come from the hand. Asriel quickly hugged onto the greaser before letting go and backing away shyly.

“ he’s a hugger. forgot to mention that.”

“ Hey no problem man. It’s nice to meet you lil’ guy. I mean, damn… I get to meet the prince of the Dreemurrs, holy crap, that’s amazing. How did you even get to be friends with him, let alone talk to him?”

“ long story grillz, but first how 'bout some grub?” Winked Sans with Asriel giving a friendly smile to the older monster.

“ Jeez, I’d love too but the old man needs help with some of the upcoming orders. Word is, some of the royal guard from Hotlands and The Waterfall are heading over, along with the leader, so we gotta’ get the meal to top notch.”

“We can help you!” Asriel smiled brightly, speaking out cheerfully, only to get a look from the other two. “ I’ve never seen the leader of the royal guard, and besides my mom's taught me how to cook fairly well with fire magic.”

“ Oh no, no it’s okay. You're the prince, you don’t-“ Grillby was cut off by the enthusiastic goat monster.

“ No, no, by all means! A friend of Sans is a friend of mine! And if that friend needs help, then I’m all for it!”

“ Heh, this kid is something else. What do you say Sans?”

The skeleton sighed, luring the two to disappointment, only for a smile to flash across his face, “ what are friend’s for if they just leave you?”


The three had gone into the back kitchen after Asriel had met the elderly blue fire. This old timer was named, Fintan. He had originally had a pub on The Surface, working with his wife, his three daughters, son, and son-in-law while Grillby was still a young flame. Eventually once the war broke out, the others were extinguished or the exception of himself, Grillby’s mom, one aunt, and uncle. The family of brightly lit flames lived in Hotland, but with the exception of Fintan who lived in Snowdin. Making a family diner that his late wife had always wanted. She had always wanted one in a nice cooled climate, so that’s what Fintan did. Grillby often visited and stayed with his grandfather, to help work and behave better with the old timer watching over him. Fintan was incredibly pleased to talk to the young prince, thinking it was a privilege, even though that wasn’t true at all. He tended to keep to the olden days, being shocked that the goat volunteered to even help.

Once the guards got to the family diner, Fintan took down the orders and left to go into the kitchen where the three young monsters awaited orders. As the elderly flame told them what to make, Grillby helped the other two on how to prepare the food while Fintan went to prep the royal guard's leader food himself. While Grillby chopped some vegetables and kept up letting the other two on what needed to be done and how, Sans used his new magic to levitate the food for it to be in the right place when put together. Sans also attended to condiments and drinks while getting told onto to not steal any of the ketchup bottles... Asriel on the other hand used his magical fire to help cook the meats that were actually some type of plant since the only edible type of animal down under were bugs. He made sure each was cooked the way it should and flipped them over like pancakes. The prince seemed to have enjoyed cooking, after helping his mother and learning from both parents. Although at one point Sans did toss a rather warmed potato as Grillby asked him to hold it. The skeleton couldn't actually feel it burn him and just tossed it for dramatic attention into Asriel's paws. Who in turn quickly tossed it back to Grillby who had yet to be done preparing something. And so the three somewhat played a literal hot potato.

Once the food was complete, the four monsters each took two plates-aside from Sans who just levitated all the rest with the blue hued aura and headed back out. Asriel smiled happily to the guards he served, shocking them to notice that the prince was serving out their food, all while Grillby set out to his customers. Sans being the jokester he was known for made his plates hover above the guards who reached out for them, nabbing at the air. Of course the skeleton lowered the plates, making sure nothing dropped, and before any of them could really get upset with him. Then there was Fintan who served the leader himself who just happened to be the children's friend's uncle, Trogle.

Trogle gave a hardy smile and chatted with the blue flame before his glinting eyes caught hold of the three young monsters, " Well I'll be a sea monkey's uncle! What are the lot of you two doing here serving out food?! Sans did you break something? Asriel, did Sans break something, thus gettin' you into trouble as well?" His shining yellow eyes borrowed into the skeleton, still keeping up with his sharpened tooth of a grin.

" i'm wounded good sir. why must you automatically assume i did something, good sir? i'll have you know, azzy here recommended that the two of us helped out was all." Sans tutted, wagging his finger.

" Really? Jeez Asriel, you're like your father!"

" I-Is that a g-good thing?"

" COURSE IT IS! Your father has always been a big cuddle and kind monster! Much different from how your mom 'use' to be." Grillby's attention locked onto Asriel and Sans with a questioning look. Sans then did the same to his younger friend.

Asriel tilted his head, a bit stumped about what the fish meant, " Wha?"

" AHAHAHA! Oh man, your parents never told ya?! Tori, when she was younger-oh man! She didn't take shit from nobody! She was a real rebel of kid! In fact, she picked on your dad a lot, calling him a nerd, pushing him down, slapping his gardening books out from under his paws. Lots of stupid shit kids do when their young and like somebody!"

" I-I thought you w-were suppose to be nice when you liked someone?"

" Well kid, we all have different ways of expressing our emotions to others. But finally your dad had the gull to ask Tori out, and she of course said... ' Fuck yeah'!" A small packet of mustard soon collided with Trogle's scruffy face, an agitated look coming from the slightly fuming Fintan.
" No using that word! This is a family diner! In fact, no swearing at all!" He swiftly pointed to a jar alone the bar's table. Trogle grumbled harshly as he parted with several gold coins, getting snickers from the three kids. as they watched him.


" S-So Grillby, wh-what do you do for fun around here?" Asriel asked shyly as the three of them sat down at the booth nearest to the old jukebox, finally able to eat their meals they had made after the guards were attended to. As the prince lifted his burger's bun the young skeleton slid the ketchup bottle over to him. " O-Oh thank yo-"

" DON'T!" Grillby managed to cut him off and snatch the bottle before making sure the lid was on... Surprisingly it was and he sighed in relief as he handed it over back to the bemused prince. " Sorry. Often SANS... Likes to prank people here and undoes the cap making the ketchup go everywhere."
" nice of you to catch-up on that Grilbz. not so sure why your all hot and bothered about it though, it's pretty funny." Chuckled the skeleton.
" The first time it is, the next dozen not so much!"

Asriel looked at the other bottle that Sans had his bony fingers on, which he had been eating... Drinking it? " So... Sans likes ketchup... Any reason why?" He asked the flaming monster, only for Sans to speak up himself.

" well if you think about it, ketchup is a tomato smoothie~" He winked, chuckling at his own corny joke, making the young prince giggle a bit.

" Point being... Sans likes pranks... And speaking of pranks. I got one in mind." Grillby said rather smugly as he popped a French fry into the fire under his shades.
Asriel's focus went back to that of the orange and red monster while Sans' smile grew into a devious grin, " i'm listening..."

Grillby then leaned in close over the table to whisper to the two others, " The jukebox has three plays of a song for one gold coin... And I've got five coins."
" i like where this is going... i'll chip in two. azzy you just sit back and watch." Sans reassured his new friends who watched the two with anticipation as they got out from their seats to the jukebox, punching in the songs. The two then walked back over and chuckled to themselves, their eyes-well Sans' eyes looking to his side, making Asriel peek out from behind him as, 'What's new pussycat' played out. At first Asriel was content and then slowly grew suspicious as he thought to himself.
Thinking they had played, 'What's New Pussycat'. And it being a much longer song than Asriel originally had heard. By the third time the song played, Asriel grew more puzzled as well as the entire diner, thinking that maybe the song was played twice. But by the fourth time it played, Asriel's eye widened, thinking they had just played the song four times or at the very least twice and it's a really long song. The goat slowly looked to his friends, " How many times did you guys put in that song?"

" hehehe... twenty one..." Asriel slowly raises his paws to put on his face only to have Sans nudge him out of hiding to move his head, gesturing to the rest of the diner who had know caught wind of what was going on. All while Trogle kept a hard stare on him and Grilby, as his hands shook on the bar's table. Trogle's eyes then averted to his coffee cup, with the expression of that he just got his thirty-day chip from anger management. His teeth nearly grinded against each other as if sharpening the set even more thoroughly.

With that, the song faded out... The diner halting to a silence right before quite subtly the song played out, " BWAM! BWAM! WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT?!"

Trogle then slammed down his shaking fists onto the bar's table making the silverware fly in different directions, " GRAAAAAAH DAMNIT!" The three, including Asriel had to cover their mouths from the laughter from this fantastic piece of art of a prank. Thankfully after the seventh song had played, another song from the previous bunch started to play...

" It's not unusual~." The jukebox played out, sweeping out a sigh of relief from the entire diner, some even being ecstatic cry while some cried with joy. The song then faded out to where it was deathly silent... Only for the jukebox to start up with, " BWAM! BWAM! WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT?!" making the guards flip the fuck out. No one could handle it as the three boys were able to burst out laughing from all the noise.

All while Fintan seemed pretty unphased by the whole situation and just incredibly indifferent as he muttered, cleaning his mug, " Yup, same shit as usual..."
After the eleventh play of the song which just kept consecutively paying over in a row, the jukebox’s cord was sliced from a green neon spear. Trogel panted a bit, then sat back down to regain his composure… Only to b gotten onto the blue flame monster. Trogel would have to pay the owner back… And Grillby would have to stay around more for playing the prank. Which was fine with the cooled orange monster, since he did enjoy helping out his grandfather, and was actually looking forward to becoming a chef himself. Of course Fintan’s discipline would settle into the rowdy teen eventually to make him a strong and sturdy monster in the future. Which would most certainly help in the long run as the years went by as-


Grillby ran his cozy restaurant, adjusting his glasses and bow-tie that had been passed down from his sapphire grandfather, who was now in a friendly retirement home with the rest of the flaming family, which now included Grillby’s young niece and nephew who stayed in Hotland. His shy niece, flashing a green swaying flame while his slightly older nephew, Heats thought he was the top dog in the area. Even for his scrappy size, the kid was always full of pep, much like Grillby when he was younger… His old childhood friend ha strolled into his very own building as the casuals talked and ate amongst themselves, creating faint noise in the background.
Sans gave him his usual toothy smile and hopped up onto the stool, putting his elbows on the counter to look up with lazy and tired eyes. “ hehehe, hey grills. How’s fry-day, treating you?”

With a wink, the flaming bar tender grew quiet… If he had eyes, they would be cold stone like the skeleton’s younger brother, “ Must you? It’s still the morning. You just got here.”

“ and hey, what do ya' know, the place suddenly got hotter. must be because i just got here-“

“ Or it could be my new employee.” Grillby quickly cut his old friend off from his punning jokes. “ Flowey?! Are those burgers almost done?! I know you can cook better than that shit tasting Mettaton food!”

“ Ye-eah! Ju-Just gimmie' a moment, will ya?!” Hollered a shrill voice from the kitchen, leaving Grillby back to Sans’ attention as he toughly cleaned a mug.
Sans linked for a moment before a sudden chill ran down his spinal cord… He knew that name… From somewhere? But where? Was it his nightmares again? “

Sans, are you alright?” The skeleton was concentrating too much to even notice any words being directed to him. Suddenly his left eye flashed light blue, extinguishing away quickly as his mind was jerked back to reality. Grillby had his hand on the back of Sans’ hand, covering his knuckles. The skeleton quickly gave a bright smile.

“ hehehe, course I am. just thought i caught a fever from being near you is all.”

Grillby’s fiery hand was pulled away, the flame monster shaking his head in slight concern, “ I for one hope you are. Lord knows I you don’t, Papyrus will be incredibly worried. Also… Fever from me? What is that suppose to mean?” Grillby’s glasses shined a bit as he lowered his head to simulate a light yet crude glare.

“ what, I’m just saying that I feel cold as ice, but your making me feel much warmer-“

The fire bar tender groaned, “ Sans… No.”

“ aww, come on-“ He chuckled out.

“ You're not even drunk and your hitting on me.”

“ that a problem?”

“ …..Hold on” Grillby went quiet as he went into the back and came out holding some burgers in a plate, setting them down t the old balding fish and cheerful bird. Sans couldn't make it out due to Grillby’s position, but in his other arm that was hiding behind is body, was holding something. The flame walked back over settling down a potted golden flower. “ There, you can hit on my new employee instead, besides he needs a break.”

“ A break?! Are you taking away my gold pay?!” Screamed out a vice room near the skeleton, making him flinch slightly. He looked around or anyone near him… But it was just Grilly and this flower. Where did that yell come from?

“ No, you just look tired.”

“ hey uh, grills? your worker like a spider or something? Maybe a mouse monster or an ant-sized froggit-“ The flower ten turned around to give a nasty look to Sans. The skeleton’s eyes became hollow as he stared at the irritated flower. The flower’s reaction however was curling away from Sans with a nervous look on his face.

“ Uh-Uh-Uhm… Gr-G-Grillby, can I go back to work-“ Stuttered the flower.

“ Flowey please… This is an old friend of mine, Sans. He’s a regular here. Sans, this s Flowey. I found him out in the front once early morning nearly frozen to dust. Now if you are going to stay under my roof, can you at least chat with Sans. I know you haven't been well lately Sans, so don’t bullshit me. And Flowey, you’ve worked hard enough. I need to prepare or the royal guard and their leader, so go get a booth and chat or something.” Grillby asked the two as he put down a bottle of ketchup for Sans and a small stack of French fries before heading into the kitchen. The skeleton sighed as is pupils came back into focus. He carried the flower to a booth and set the pot on the table, as well as the other two items.


Sans looked up to the golden plant, his smile dyeing down a bit since no one was looking at the two now, and no one would even bat an eye of attention to the odd couple. “ so… you’re the one who keeps resetting huh?”

“ Quite to the point aren’t you?”

“ eh, grills knows me well. he knows i’m not feeling the best. so, why are you here?”

“ T-To… To try and do something good, anything good. I just want to feel like I belong somewhere.” Flowey wasn’t really in the mood to fight and bicker this run. He just wanted to try his best to seem like he could belong somewhere without fucking it up or being shunned away.

“ right, and i like mustard-“

“ N-No! Re-Really! Y-You don’t understand! Not all of my runs before a reset are bad.”

Sans folded his arms as he leaned back in his cushioned seat, inquiring more information, “ then how come i always experience nightmares and unpleasantness about you?”

“ I don’t know! Maybe because I’m not made out of love and the magic from us both mixed with the resets project onto those negative feelings? I-I don’t know…” The flower slumped foreword, his frail looking stem bending over making it look like it had been left out to care for itself. Flowey slowly chewed at a fry, hiding his face with the gold petals.

The thing that got Sans was that Flowey didn’t sound mean-spirited, but just as depressed as himself. “ … you really are trying, huh?

“ Yeah… If I don’t, I just end up making everyone's life a living hell, shoving everyone away making me alone and become more and more insane with no one to be with. Or I just try to do myself in.”

“ why don’t you just… give up?”

The sad flower loomed it’s head up, a very tired Flowey stared at him, “I can’t. Something inside me won’t let up. But unlike you. It’s just pure determination that won’t leave me.”

Sans watched the look on the flower as it stared at him apathetically. He sighed out, “ what do you mean, ‘unlike me'?”

“ The only reason your around is because of Papyrus. And I know, you think to yourself of how much more you can take, right?”

Sans’ teeth gritted ever so slightly, “ ye-yeah.”

“ That’s the same with me. Except I don’t have anyone and I can’t quit. I only have the resets to keep me tied down to sanity, even if a little. If I didn’t have that power, I’d go crazy. Just like if you didn’t have Papyrus anymore…”

Sans’ look slowly turned into a harsh glare at the mention of being without his brother, “ h-how do you know tha-“

“ Sans… I've reset many times. We both have died quite a bit. Trust me, I know how you get.”

The skeleton’s glare turned into a more concerned and upset look, “ how many times have we’ve fou-“

“ Depends what your HP is.”

“ … 580.” Sans said quietly, shifting his eyes away.

“ Unfortunately, I’ve lost count. But I can defiantly tell you, you’ve died much less than I have.”

“ so i really dunked you, huh?”

“ Not necessarily… A few of them were me begging you to end the pain. While half of my deaths were never by anyone’s hands.”

Sans slightly sympathized for the horrible flower, “ you really hate yourself that much?”

“ Yeah… I-I really hate-“


“ THIS IDEA! IT’S FUCKING STUPID! It’s not going to work…” Shrieked the overly-aggressive flower as he put on is ‘scary face’ as Frisk dubbed it. He spat out insults all around and hissed out throwing a tantrum of pure rage coated in hatred. Only to be shushed by the determined twelve year old who just put their hand over his mouth.

The child walked over to their favorite… and only dunkle since Papyrus was more of a cousin and Mettaton being more of… An aunt? An Auntkle? Popular girl cousin? Whatever, point was, was that the child tugged on Sans’ sleeve as he lay there on the floor, no doubt falling asleep before he reached the green sofa. “ mmm, huh? oh hey kiddo, sup? is paps yellin’ at me to get to the couch or my bed again?” They shook their head as Sans’ eyes came into better focus noticing the irritated looking flower in the clay pot as Fisk held him.

“ Dunkle Sans, can we go to the diner? We’re hungry.”

“ tch, alright, aright, but your leaving sunshine here.”

“Huuuuuungry” Frisk and Flowey both said in unison as the child bumped their stomach against the clay pot, making Sans close his eyes regretting what was to become. He finally sighed and got up, yawning and cracking several bones.

“ okay, okay, lemme’ just tell tori." He smiled down to the child, patting their head, ruffling up their hair a bit, deserving a small giggle from the human. As Sans went to tell the motherly goat, Flowey’s vines slipped out to fix up the messed hair.

“ Can’t believed that worked.”

“ Told you he was too lazy to argue with me.” Frisk giggled to their flower brother. Sans soon came back and held the child’s hand. The flower ha questioned what he was doing considering they weren’t walking outside yet, only to notice Frisk held onto the pot tightly.

The three were then transported right outside the new remodeled and larger version of Grilby’s. Flowey groaned, his head spinning as he made gagging noises from being shifted from point A to point B within time and space, " Oh god! I-I hate when you do that!” He cried out, flopping to his side sickly. “ I-I don’t feel hungry anymore…”

“ ah, if only it worked for the kiddo.” Sans chuckled, seeing Frisk have a determined look of hunger in their eye.


On the way in, the regulars; mainly monsters greeted the other regular skeleton and the young human who had saved them all. Even if they were free, the regulars still wanted to be in a lovely diner with their friends, much like Grillby who wouldn’t dare up and abandon himself from being a bar-tender and chef. Up on The Surface, he had managed to buy out an old closed down building, refurbishing it from hid gold savings and turning it into a brand new yet still the same looking diner. He had even gotten staff this time from the larger area, as well as more customers, especially tourists. Both humans and monsters alike worked alongside their fiery boss quite happily.

Sans strutted along over to his normal seat, hopping onto the stool while Frisk followed right behind like a duckling before sliding the pot onto the counter and climbing up the stool themselves. Sans snickered to himself, his levitating magic helping to boost up the small human until they were able to sit down and smile, looking around at familiar faces and newer ones.

The fire behind those round glasses shined, noticing the friend and precious kind hearted human. Grillby strolled on over, smiling if anyone was able to tell, in a wonderful mood to see the two. “ Ah, Sans, Frisk-“

“ And Flowey!” Frisk pipped up, holding up the plant to show the owner the disgruntled plant.

Grillby’s joy faltered as he locked onto the plant, “ … Flowey…” The only response in turn was a glance from the flower who looked irritated like always. He often heard how rude the small plant could be. “ So, what may I get you?”

Sans smiled brightly to his friend, “ You should know by now Grills.” He winked, slouching into the counter to hear a sigh from the fire monster. Grillby nodded and went to get the usual for the trio. The skeleton took this time to look about at the other faces of the diner, as Frisk kicked their feet around, waiting for their meal.
Flowey meanwhile swerved around to sketch out his new surroundings before his eyes landed onto the old worn out and broken jukebox which sat next to a newer one that could actually work. He frowned seeing the old thing wasting up space, but still being there as to fill nostalgia to the owner of the diner. He sadly eyed the severed plug, seeing how useless it was without having a purpose. He often felt like the old jukebox… Just sitting there, not being able to be fixed up or to serve anyone anything like it was meant to. Frisk noticed the flower’s composure and patted him, smoothing out gold petals that hung over his face. While the skeleton closed his eyes to either think or sleep, Flowey leaned into the pet wanting to feel their determined warmth and kind attitude.

Not too much longer, the flaming monster came back serving the human with a burger, the flower with some fries, and their oldest costumer a bottle of ketchup. The three-well, two thanked Grillby before they started at their food. Flowey's vine would pick up limed fries and drop them into his tiny maw, still thinking about the jukebox and himself. Frisk merrily chomped into the burger while the skeleton drank down the tomato like paste from his bottle.


Once the bottle was half empty, or half full as some people tend to think, he watched Grillby attended to some other costumers. Once he was gone and no one else was nearby, the bottle was placed back onto the counter. This made the child stop their enjoyment of the well cooked food and look over to their dunkle. Something was up, they knew Sans would never put down a bottle unless something was wrong. Sans’ pupils faintly gazed over Frisk, only to be reeled back noticing the child staring up at them. “ oh uhm…”

“ What’s wrong?” Fisk asked, concern started to grow over them.

“ hehehe, don’t worry kiddo, it’s nothing bad. i uhh… i just wanted to ask you something.” Frisk tilted their head, their brown flowing air dangling to one side. Sans lipped his light colored hood over his head to hide a faint blue blush while he nervously rubbed the back of his neck’s bones. “ uhm.. would you mind if i… hooked up with tori?”

The small child smiled cheerfully while Flowey gagged on his fries, spitting them out to turn at the skeleton in a harsh manner. Frisk gave their dunkle a thumb sup, “ Of course not, why would I? If you like someone in a non-creepy stalker way, go for it.”

“ ah jeez, thanks kid. whew, that means a lot to me-“

“ Where’s my say in this?!" Flowey butted in, snarling as his petals bend back in a defensive manner, making Frisk lean away slightly.

“ you don't get a say, it’s not like tori is your mom or anything.” Sans gave off his casual smile to the provoked plant who seemed stunned for a moment before replying.

“ Think about Asgore! You’ll shatter his soul!”

“ asgore’s a tough guy, i’m sure he’d be fine with it. i mean sides, he’s dealt with being separated for years so-… wait a moment.” Sans paused himself as the gears in his mind worked overtime. His smile lowered as e watched the ruthless flower. “ since when did you start thinking of someone else’s feelings?”
“ Since you’ve thought you’d finally have a normal life again!” Flowey’s vines slammed the counter, getting few eyes placed on him. Frisk nervously reached for a vine to calm the flower, only for it rip away from the gentle grasp.

Sans’ left eye flared up a tiny bit with a blue flame surrounding his iris, “ hey, calm your roots, frisk is only trying to help. and if it wasn’t for them, i wouldn’t have a normal life and you'd be all by yourself. maybe your just upset because you don’t think you can have a normal life for whatever stupid reason.”

The child was about to speak up, only or the flower to interrupt them abruptly, “ If you think you can have such a ‘NORMAL’ life, then get together with someone else without trampling over an already fragile soul you bonehead!”

“ why do you care about this so much?” Sans leaned in, glaring at the angered flower.

“ I don’t! But at least I can feel like I’m doing something good for once!”

“ what by keeping tori as a lonely mother whose lost everything?”

“ So has Asgore! He’s lost the same, if not even more! He just wants his family back!”

“ …” Sans remained silent before a smile grew across his face, making Frisk too unnerved to say anything. “ i get it now… i see what your point is. you look up to the big guy like he’s your father. hehehe, that’s adorable. except you know… he’s not really your dad, right?” Sans leaned back, shrugging as he gave a wink, chuckling to himself, making the plant more bitter.

“ AT LEAST I CAN PRETEND I HAVE ONE UNLIKE YOU, WHO HAS NO ONE!” Flowey spat out violently, making the skeleton across from him go quiet as his hollow dark eyes gazed into space. Flowey had a crazed smile, thinking he had won the argument.

Sans then leaned over to Flowey’s face with his pupils completely gone, making Frisk shiver in fear. He then whispered quietly in sinister tone to Flowey, “ A T
L E A S T I H A V E A R E A L S I B I L I N G… someone i can always count on, no matter what. someone who will always remember me and love me. someone who would never leave me and actually trusts me. someone i can always look to when i’m down, and for them to look up at me, knowing their safe, and i can protect them.”

Frisk shuddered softly while Flowey’s snarled up face of rage slowly went away into a shock of realization. Sans’ pupils reappeared once he looked to Frisk with a low smile, “ sorry kiddo, but… i’m pretty sure your just pretending to care about this ‘thing’. no one could ever care for ‘it’. if you're trying to make ‘it’ feel like 'it' can have a normal life, you can stop. ‘it’ll’ always be broken.” Sans then turned his attention back to Flowey.

“ ya' know... hehehe, your right. i really did start to think we’d have a chance up here… but then you came along.” H let out a soft sigh, “ you don't belong here…” Sans swerved his stool and hopped down, “ i’ll be waiting outside for ya kiddo.” And with that, the skeleton whisked himself away, leaving Frisk look back over at the broken down flower who was still in a state of shock.

Chapter Text

The group of children, mostly containing of young teens sat down in a circle near the babbling flow of the waterfall, splashing water slightly onto some echo flowers, whose colors gleamed off the reflections. There sat Sans, Asriel, Grilby, Muffet, Undyne, and Alphys, all of which were eager to start up their little game. Sans rested his elbow onto his other and rubbed his chin, squinting at his friends. “ Oh my god Sans! Just pick someone! I’ll grow a new tooth before you pick someone!” Undyne shouted out, flipping her arms into the air dramatically. The hostile girl growled before the skeleton closed his eyes and pointed to the flaming orange and red monster.

“ yo grills, truth or dare?”

“ Dare me sucka’!” He folded his arms proudly, giving off a smug smirk if he could. Sans chuckled and tossed a bag of hotdogs he had in his backpack.
Sans pointed two finger guns to his friend and winked in a cheeky manner, “ fry us up some water sausages~.” Grillby held the packet up and made the fire on his body flare up with anger before muttering and holding them to slowly cook them. He only did this to make the process longer for the skeleton who gave a slight glare with a blue tongue sticking out.

“ Okay, Alphys, truth or dare?”

The nervous lizard squeaked as her name was called out, clacking her caws together nervously, “ Da-Dar-NONONO! TRUTH!”

“ Hmmm… Is it true there’s a giant skull in The Lab that eats monsters?”

“ H-Huh? Oho, no, no! It’s ju-just an extractor.” A few of the monsters blinked in confusion.

“ For what?” Muffet asked, raising a brow.

Alphys’ eye sifted around, her cheeks puffing up in embarrassment before she sighed and rubbed her scaly knuckles together, “ I-I’m not really sure. Maybe for lava if there’s too much in The Core?” She gave a small shrug, confused herself by the large behemoth skull like machine that was strung up in The Labs. She often wondered what it was used for since she never saw it in use. Gaster wouldn’t even tell her what it was, besides extracting… But that had been it. “ O-Okay m-my turn. Muffet? Tr-truth or dare?”

The purple feminine spider monster giggled behind a hand, “ Truth deary~”

“ I-Is it true th-that… your family makes spider goods o-out of spiders?”

“ Well of course-“ She then got an ‘EW!’ comment from the rest of the group, along with a remark of cannibalism, which made her rather agitated. “ Only the non-sentient ones, much like snails and others bugs. Besides, spiders in the wild eat other spiders, so there really isn’t too much to get worked up about. Now then, Undyne deary, truth or da-“

“ FUCKING DARE ME!” She screamed, the violet spider flinching.

“ I dare you to… Show off your strength.”

Undyne gave a toothy grin and got up to dash to a rather large boulder, picking it up and suplexing it, making the entirety of the rock crumble into pieces. While everyone went silent, the blue fish pumped up her fists into the air above and shouted victoriously, “ YEAH!” She then pointed a small claw to Asriel who leaned back from fear, “ Fluffy! T or D?!”

“ U-Uh-Uhm.. Tr-T-Truth…” He nervously asked as the rough fish came back to sit down in her original spot.

“ Is it true that you munch on stuff when your nervous?”

Only for Asriel to demonstrate unknowingly as he chewed on Sans’ scarf from witnessing Undyne raw power. The young skeleton looked over at the seemingly traumatized goat, “ uhh… yeah, yeah he does.”

The prince finally snapped out of it and rubbed his neck in embarrassment, “ Hehe… Sorry… Uhm, Sans? Truth o-or dare?”

“ eh, lay a truth on me.”

“ I-Is it true that uhm… No to b-be rude, but your dad kept you and your brother a secret for a wh-while?”

Sans put both of his sweater covered arms behind his back, looking up as his conjured up tongue poked the inside of his cheekbone, “ mmm, yeah. something about seeing if we’d be stable or something. it was kinda confusing. alphys, truth or dare?”

“ U-Uh-Oh my… U-Uhm ddddare?” She shut her eyes tightly, slowly opening them as to expect something painful headed her way.

“ dare you to hug undyne.”

“ SA-SANS!” Aphys yelled out, receiving a giggle from Sans and Grillby. She looked over to the fish sitting next to her as her muscles locked up. She shook violently as she spread out her arms, squeezing her eyes tightly again seemingly moving to Undyne… When in reality she hadn't moved an inch. Undyne rolled her eye and quickly gave a comforting hug to the lizard who blushed up immensely. Alphy’s eyes opened, above a dark red shade, still frozen in place. “ Gr-G-G-Griiiiilby…” She practically pleaded out.

“ Just dare me man.”

“ I-I da-dare you to smack Sans for me-“

“ Done. This is what happens when you use me as your personal grill!” Grillby eagerly agreed as the back of is flaming hand slapped the arm of the skeleton who couldn’t stop giggling, making him slap the prankster on the same spot again and again.

Sans pushed his older friend away laughing out, “ ahh, no grilz! stoop it!” He yelled out playing along with the gentle whaps of the back hand.

“ Right anyways. Dear lady Muffet, Truth or d you even dare?”

“ Huehuehue, dare what deary?”

“ Dare to dare, and you’d find out.” Grillby said in a smug tone, making the spider girl grin with the thought of the challenge.

“ Then dare me, if you even dare.”

“ Very well… I dare you to make us some muffins later.” The fire fueled monster snickered as Muffet’s challenging gaze lowered to unpleasantness.

“ You could have just asked me… Urgh, fine… Sans…”


The skeleton was happily picking out a hotdog from the package that his flaring friend had warmed up, putting it on a stick and blowing the cool air onto it, taking a small bite. “ uhhh…dare?”

“ I dare you to show off your magic~! I hear it’s rather enticing to behold!” Muffet’s three pairs of hands clasped together behind five shining eyes that gleamed out, ready to see a demonstration. Sans looked to Undyne and gulped down his mouth full of food. He nervously hesitated before his eye glowed out the eerie blue and yellow, making all the hotdogs sink into small sticks and handing them over to the other monsters. All of them were in an awe of amazement as he seemed to do it so easily. Well besides the prince since he had seen that and much more personally. But he still enjoyed it the sight, it made him feel protected. “ That’s amazing deary!” She clapped to the skeleton who covered up his small embarrassment with his hood from hearing someone stroke his ego.

“ hehehe… uhm, azzy. your go.”

“ Hrm… Dare! I mean might as well since everyone else is doing it, right?”

His bony friend chuckled as his voice got serious for a moment, “ i dare you to…” The prince gulped, regretting the choice he picked as Sans’ voice went lower like he had when his father was using Asriel as a tool in training. “ … bleat.” He swung off his hood, reviling a large friendly grin.

The small goat monster puffed up his cheeks in a bit of humiliation and anger on the side. He sighed, knowing this wouldn’t go well and let out an adorable bleat that would make most women stop what they were doing and admire the sickening cuteness of him. Of course while Grillby and Undyne laughed out from the tiny vocal statement, Alphys and Muffet went into the, ‘Awww!’ of overwhelming cuteness. Asriel folded his arms in a manner of a small child, sticking his tongue out to the skeleton who joined the other two laughing. “ Hrmf! Grillby, truth or dare?”

Once Grillby pulled himself from the sheer adorableness of the prince he wiped away what may have been a fiery tear from his face. “ Ahaha-oh-ohh man, truth.”

“ Why did Frostdrake call you a traitor?” Asriel had been a bit stumped by how angry the bird and fire had gotten at one another. All jokes aside, the eldest of the group regained his composure.

“ Ah… ‘That’… See, a while back I made a group of misfits and rebellious teens. Frostdrake was one of my friends in my old group. There were so many people in the group, that we had to have two leaders. Me, since I founded the group, known as The Forest Teens, while someone else was picked to be the other lead. That guy was good at many things. I would have chosen Sans, but I still needed a right hand man… Besides I don’t think Sans would have been the best pick to be another leader.”
“ i am so offended and triggered my good sir.” Sans joked out, putting a hand over his chest, getting a shush from Grillby.

“ Anyways, Frostdrake went to the other guy as his right hand man. It was good and all, we were all friends… except, the other guy turned out to be manipulative, and turned everyone but Sans, Doggo, and Undyne against me. Muffet and Alphys weren't in the group at the time, so they never got to deal with any of that dramatical mess.”

“ O-Oh… I-I’m s sorry…” Asriel looked down, his ears dangling in the direction his head leaned.

“ Ah it’s all under the water now… Anyways Undyne-"

“ JUST DARE ME ALREADY!” Screamed out the over-zealous blue scaled fish.

“ Okay, jeez… You need to chill out-“

“ nah, she hates being cold…” Sans chuckled, getting a punch to the shoulder from the teen girl with a gnarled toothy gesture.

“ I dare you to… Show us your eye.” The others gasped out, including Sans, quickly looking to Grillby with a horrified and shocked expression, a flash of blue flickered for a split second as his casual grin faltered down. Undyne, being the toughened, stubborn, and hard-headed girl she was crossed her arms before merely grinning her sharpened smile. She gently took off her pitch black eye-patch, revealing her hidden eye under it. It looked like her normal one… however a rather deep thin scar went across it, while the eye it’s self was as dark the color of midnight could get. And right there in the middle, sat a thin cat-like iris of pure yellow staring out to the others. The pupil itself was far more slimmer and piercing than her natural eye. She smiled and tucked it back under the patch again, looking proudly to the group.
“ Pretty sweet, huh?! Though… Can’t really remember all what happen, but I take it as a win! … You okay there Sans?” Undyne tilted her finned head to the skeleton who covered his face with his hood.

“ ye-yeah, yeah. i uhhh-it just looks painful is all…” Sans lied through his clenched teeth. No one dared to tell her how she really got it. Sure it wasn’t the best decision, but kids can be rather emotional and take things out off proportions. She shrugged and pointed to the spider girl.

“ Truth or dare?!”

“ Mmm… Truth me deary~”

“ Shit… Uhm… Is it true you eat other monsters?”

“ PARDON?!” Muffet’s five compounded eyes shot up in shock.

“ Well erm… I mean you’re a spider and well…” Undye’s voice went down, knowing she had done goofed.

“ That’s fairly racist deary! Hrmf! How rude…” he purple spider mumbled out before her sharp eyes darted over to the white furred prince, getting a small squeak from him.

“ Your go deary.”

“ U-Uhm… Truth please.” He lowered his head down into his shirt to hide from the angered monster.

Muffet’s bright yet creepily cheerful smile returned upon her face once again, “ Do you really know how to cook?”

“ Ye-Yeah… Uhm i-it’s… It’s a hobby…” Asriel spoke quietly, fumbling with his fingers to get yet another ‘Awww’ from her and Alphys.


Grillby quirked a blazing brow and turned to Sans, holding a hand in front of his mouth to whisper out, “ So our new king’s more of a sissy than King Fluffgore?”

“ shhh! don’t be rude. sides we all know you wanna be a cook.” Sans snapped back whispering to the sentient fire being.

“ Uhm, Al-Alphys. Asriel pointed out to the yellow chubby lizard.

“ Tr-T-Truth as well please!”

“ What are you, mister Gaster, and Sans all working on?”

“ Hrm… I-I-I’d like to tell you bu-but-but, we’re not prohibited.” Asriel frowned in a bit of a letdown, he really was curious as to what was going on. Alphys merely shrugged in response, telling she couldn’t really let anyone know the projects at work. “ U-Uhm… O-Oh jeez… I can’t pick anyone anymore, I-I don’t know what to ask..” She trailed off before rubbing her temples to concentrate.

Thankfully… Or Unthankfully, her science partner grinned and leaned over putting is skeletal hand on her shoulder, “ heh, that’s fine, I can pick for ya.”

“ Ye-Yes please.” She smiled softly as a headache came through into her mind, making her slightly out of commission.

“ no problem alph… undyne, i dare you t-“

“ Hey, whoa! Slow your shit Sans! Who said I only wanted dares?!”

“ well… you seemed pretty enthusiastic about it-“

“ Truth!” The fish called out, tightening her knuckles and swinging them into the air to protest against the skeleton.

The skeleton squinted as his smirk let him… Only for the sly smile to come back in full tilt, “ okay… do you ‘like’ alph?”

“ What kinda stupid dumb-ass question is that?! Course I like her!”

Sans chuckled, “ hehehe, yeah… but do you ‘L I K E' her…?”

Alphy blushed profusely as Grillby snickered to himself. Undyne just had a vacant and blank stare on her face before even daring to respond. “ You didn’t ask in that tone, so you don’t get that answer, now it’s your turn…”

Sans shrugged, scoffing from the huffy fish. He leaned back onto a pale bluish rock, shrugging, “ hehehe, fine, fine… dare me.”

Undyne’s growling expression turned into a mischievous yet sinister smile full of two set rows of sharp and pointed teeth, “ I dare you to kiss Azzy on the cheek~.” She rang out, making everyone look to Sans except for Asriel whose attention went straight to Undyne with wide eyes.

Sans himself stopped his large constant grin as the pinpoint pupils cleared away in the back of his eye sockets, not seeing any of this coming. He slowly sat up in a straight manner and glowed a light glow of blue across his skull. From the stilted silence, it was easy to tell how shocked Sans was at the moment. He hesitated before leaning over and giving the smallest peck on the prince's furry cheek, in turn making the goat blush up and cover his face with his loppy ears, clutched in his paws. As Grillby said nothing, just like Sans, the two girls went through the third, ‘Awww' again. All while Undyne laughed out at Sans, getting back at him as he shrunk down into his sweater to hide in what he and Papyrus liked to call, ‘Sweater Town.’ The prince himself scrunched up into a ball sitting nearby him, embarrassed but… rather happy. Behind his hidden face was a gentle and warm smile. All due to a small friendly kiss on-


His cheek, where Frisk planted the peck. Asriel blushed lightly from the friendly gesture, still looking down as the human held his soft white paws. “ … Asriel?”

The young prince looked up with warm tears pouring down is fuzzy cheeks, “ .....”

“ Wh-Wy are you crying…?” Frisk asked, more concerned than ever before.

Asriel took a steady moment before looking away, avoiding their new friend’s gaze, “ … Frisk… Please. Just stop this… I know you’ve been doing this for a week straight now…If your going to reset, just do it already. I’m so tired of feeling like you're going to do it anytime now.”

Frisk had freed all the monsters, and moved into the city where they had been from originally. Once there, the monsters set up camps near or in town, while others rented out hotel and motel rooms until they could build up or buy some homes. Thankfully the towns nearby were actually fairly peaceful unlike the older days when Chara was raised there. Many changes went around, and most people enjoyed the company of the friendly yet bizarre creatures, sensing the monsters weren't hostile and had grown peaceful over the years. Before the war, both races were still being established and that the humans often fought with other humans, eventually turning over to fight with monsters. Both races now were what could be a peaceful utopia, though some were still jerks and criminals, but not as much as they use to be.

But for the story right now, Firsk’s new founded family would stay at a hotel the first day in the morning when the sun began to rise over the horizon once the barrier let up. Once the monsters got settled into the hotel, Frisk would run off, making their way all the way back to The Ruins, often getting there at noon. They would play and chat with the lone goat monster hidden all the way down below to himself. Afterwards, Frisk would have to leave and went back to town. In the morning, they go to The Underground again to see if Asriel was there… Only to find Flowey. And so, they reset to right after the barrier was broken, doing this routine for a bit over a week, which scared the hell out of Sans, due to him sensing it.

Frisk had only wanted to spend more time with Asriel and if they were to show him to anyone, no one would have enough time to figure out a way to change him back to normal. They would at least need a long while for different tests, and Frisk would rather not make the poor prince go through all that trouble since he wasn’t really himself when he was the flower. And Flowey wouldn’t put up with any of it… This was the reason why Frisk tried to see if he’d stay as Asriel… But of course, Asriel remembered every reset, aside from True Resets… He had grown tired of talking and playing, only to know the next day his happiness would be stripped away, and go trough fading and fleeting feelings as Frisk would reset.

“ You can’t keep this up… It isn’t fair to tease everyone to going to The Surface just repeat their freedom every day, yet going nowhere. Please… If you're going to do a True Reset, just do it… If not, then please… Just go out and live your life. You have people waiting for you up there. Let them live like their suppose to. Just leave me here.” Asriel took in a sharp breath and sat down in the golden bed of flowers.

The child sat next to him, saddened and ashamed. They felt rather selfish for doing this for a full week or so just to try and make Asriel feel again. “ But… It’s not fair for you. You shouldn’t stay down here all by yourself.” Frisk sniffled a bit, growing tears of their own.

“What is one monster’s life to every monster in The Underground Frisk?”

“ But you don’t deserve this!”

The young prince sighed painfully, “ I do Frisk… I've done horrible things. I can’t live a normal life. I did this to myself. It’s no one’s fault. Only mine. I don’t care if I’m just a scapegoat… I just want everyone to be happy.” He sadly chuckle at the unintentional pun. Frisk quickly held onto the poor goat monster, clutching onto him, not wanting to let their friend go. “ Frisk… If we’re really friends, then you’ll go be with your loved ones.”

“ But I want to make you happy...”

“ Then go be happy with them. That’ll make me happy.” Asriel weakly whimpered out as he was cradled by the human. The two stayed quiet for a while until both ad calmed their selves down. Frisk sighed and pulled away from the equally tall monster, taking out the reset button, Asriel watching them in a painfully tired way.
“ I guess this is the only way I can keep anyone happy. And to keep up a really old promise.” Frisk said sadly, grabbing the reset logo and standing up, pulling it up above their head and swinging it down to their lifted up knee. The button now shattered into two pieces, one being absorbed back into the human like a vessel.
Asriel stood up to smile at Frisk, “ I know it’s hard… But it’s finally time for you to forget me. Now you can go be free. Be happy. Be loved.” He held back his tears as best he could as the human vacantly stared at the other half of the reset.

Frisk then put the other half into Asriel’s paws, his expression changing from bitter-sweet to confused. “ Sorry Asriel. But I have two promises to keep. One, no more resetting. That was a long promise I made to Sans. Your right, the monsters deserve to be free. And two, the promise I made back when I first met you. I promise, I will fix you.” Determination flowed from their voice from the very core of their soul.

Only for the sad prince to wince at the word, “ Frisk… Promises don’t last. I should know-“

“ But I pinky-promised on it! No one can go back on that!” The child said abruptly as they were upset and stubborn. Trying to make another upset and stubborn person to change ideals.

“ Please Frisk. You need to learn that no matter what you promise, it will always break.”

“ Well-well… My promises are golden and nothing can break a golden pinky promise!”

“ … Doesn’t gold break easily?”

“ Asriiiiiel!” The whined out, “ I’m trying to be sweet and helpful!”

The small prince of monsters smiled gently at them and gave out another deep sigh, “ Okay… Okay… I’ll be here tied to that promise then... I've got nothing else to lose.”

“ Thanks Asriel. But first, I do need to get rid of this temptation” They said as they held the broken button out. “ I don’t trust myself anymore. Please hide this so I don’t do a true reset.”

“ Bu-but… But what if something happens on The Surfa-“

“ That’s why I have half. I’m pretty sure a full reset button makes everything go back. But I have one, I think it would just affect The Surface, or where I’m at. It must have happen when you were Flowey right? I mean, how else would the other souls have fallen down here over time while The Underground stayed the same after your resets. I don't think your determination was enough to reset the whole world. So, if you turn back to Flowey and are still down here and something goes wrong… You can use it for The Underground.”

“ But-but, what if I try to hurt you and take it-“

Fisk smiled softly to their friend, “ I know you won’t.”

Asriel was reassured as the human put their hands over onto his shoulders. Asriel knew he wouldn’t… Not anymore. Flowey was now as broken as him, not willing to do much of anything anymore. “ Your right… but, what happens… If you do need to reset-L-Like if… If… I decide to…” He trailed off in a saddened tone before Frisk’s other and was placed on the other side, making him curiously raise his head to Frisk.

“ You can leave clues for me. Then I can bring you back. I know sometimes you’ll want to let go, and it might seem selfish. But, I don’t want you to go… I WILL fix you. I promise.” Frisk looked directly into the others eyes, their voice full of determination. The goat prince hated doubting, but he couldn’t help himself from feeling that way to Frisk. However, he did want them to keep a promise to Sans. At least they might actually be able to keep that one with the skeleton since he, himself never could. So Asriel nodded and started to walk away to leave, not wanting to say a goodbye, feeling as if he didn't deserve it. However Frisk tugged onto his sleeve which broke him a bit, he wasn’t good with goodbyes… “ Before you go hide it and turn back… Can I at least show you one thing?”

Asriel’s eyes shifted away before giving a faintly weak smile.


The two children sat at the edge of mountain like hill. Both looking at the view beyond where the sun filled the sky faraway with clouds here and there, looking like figures from their imagination. Frisk licked their nice-cream as Asriel sucked on his, both has been watching the beautiful sight to behold along with the nice cool breeze and freshened air all around. Frisk had wanted him to at least witness a gorgeous day while he had some type of feeling, and before the two would ultimately have to split ways. The two had remained quiet as they took in the great view, every now and then telling each other what a cloud would look like, making the other figure out how they would see it. This was by far the best day Asriel ever had.

And all while Frisk had bought along snacks for the both of them as they watched the world around them in all its bountiful glory. The human moved their sweetened sugary treat away to point out something, “ Asriel! Look!” They pointed out with their free and up to the side of the sky, overhead the town nearby. Asriel gasped out almost dropping his treat as his eyes caught the sight of the large and colorful textured beam in the sky. It was a genuine rainbow, made from real drizzle of the clouds and the light of the smoldering sun. Frisk happily looked at the rainbow, before noticing they hadn’t gotten a reply from their friend. They looked over to see the monster prince stare at the beam of light, entranced by its beauty. It didn’t take long until tears form at the bottom of his eyes, cascading down his cheeks. “ A-Asriel?”

As Frisk asked in a concerned manner, they soon found the goat to laugh, almost insanely, but not being able to pull it off. The laugh wasn’t the happy type, but more of the sad and broken down type when someone had finally given up on everything. “ A-A r-re-real rai-rai-r-rainbow…” He stuttered out, smiling as more tears rolled down his fur. “ I-It’s funny… A long time ago, me and a friend both promised w-we’d see a rainbow together. When we finally got out of The Underground, that would be the first thing we'd do together… I’m… I’m just so happy to see one with a good friend. Thank your Frisk.”

The human put their free hand onto the monster's back, patting him and slowly rubbing to help calm him down from his episode, “ You really miss Chara that much, huh? That must have been one special promise.”

However unlike what Frisk had expected, Asriel turned to look over at them, “ ….. Who said Chara was my only best friend?” Realization then dawned and struck Frisk, making them open up their squinted eyes for once. This was very new! Asriel had another-


Best Friend? That’s what Flowey had called them… right? Or was that only because he mistook the young determined filled child as their adoptive sibling? All while Frisk, themselves thought of the vicious little plant as more of brother than anything else. They had always wanted a sibling… Someone to be with them when they were lonely. At the orphanage, Frisk would often become great friends with other older children, pretending they were their older sibling that they could count on… Only for them to be adopted out and having to find someone new. The small child never truly envied any of the others who were picked out from the bunch, and felt happy, knowing they wouldn't have to stay at the orphanage. Though it would get fairly empty and lonely at times.

Frisk shook off the past thoughts and cupped the gold tinted doorknob of their room, opening it ajar and stealthily to peek in. Upon looking into their own room, they could make out the dollhouse they had bought Flowey. All the little wood carved figures were doing various things in the home. And with all those cutely carved smiles, the entire crew seemed content and happy. However, Flowey’s own small mini wooden self was nowhere to be seen. Speaking o which, his pot wasn’t on the table looking out the window.

Frisk squinted and stuck out their tongue to concentrate where else the sentient plant could be hiding. Frisk then moved in, leaving the door to be fairy open as they crouched down onto the wooden flooring, getting on their belly and army crawling under their cozy bed.

Low and behold, Flowey was hiding in the corner under the bed to where the two walls collided, having his stem turned away like he had been put in time-out like a younger child, waiting for their punishment to be over with. Next to the broken down flower lay the wooden self of him, carelessly dropped, smiling to Frisk. It’s carved in smile seemed hollow and empty, much like the real thing it had been based on. They scooted in under the bed a tad more, making some shuffling sounds to warn the flower they were there, but not to scare him.

Flowey gave a gurgling growl from his throat, still not facing the child, “ Frisk… Just leave me alone. I was meant to be alone, so just leave me already.” He whined out instead of his usual tone that dripped with hate.

“ Nu-uh.” Frisk wouldn’t budge as they shook their head.

“ Ugh, why aren’t you going to go see the smiling trash-bag like everyone else and talk to him instead? All the rest probably have…”

“ Oh, and why would that be?”

“ Because, no one wants to check on me unless their told to.”

“ I’m not… I came here by my own choice. You know, I know you don’t want anyone near mom, but did you really have to bring up his dad?”

“ It was self defense… I just-I. I don’t like to be reminded that he’s right.” Flowey swerved his head around, drooping gold petals bent over his true sot face with gentle eyes and fangs. “ They're not my parents. Not anymore. I don’t have parents. I don’t have any friends. Their all just empty lies. I have no one. You probably just pity me and want me to suffer just like him.I –I don’t belong here... I never belonged here or The Underground. I’m just a mistake. Nobody needs me, and nobody wants me.” The weak plant lowered his stem, tears dripping down and into the soil below, watering himself. “ I just need to wait until I wilt away.”

“ Flowey. I’m not like Chara. You can count on me. If I didn’t want you here, I’d let you stay underground. I know the others only put up with you because I do, but I do it because I care about you.”

“ Why…? Why do you care about me?! I’ve done nothing right since I got here!”

Frisk carefully grabbed the clay pot, sliding it over so they could wrap their arms around it to simulate a tightened hug. “ Because, I know that deep inside, your still Asriel. And even if you weren’t, you don’t deserve to be alone. Your just crying for help, and I heard you.” Frisk sniffled themselves a bit, feeling the small droplets of tears splash onto their head as they held the pot close. “ You need a friend, you need help, you need somebody.”

“ Frisk. You're not my friend. You’ll never be my friend. I have no friends.”

“ That’s fine. I don’t want to be your friend.” Flowey whimpered lightly, only to get dragged out from out under the bed and taken into Frisk’s closet. Once inside the small room with small light gaps treading down, Frisk placed the pot onto the floor and sat next to him. “ And your right, I’ll never be your friend. But, I can be part of your family.”

“ Frisk, you're not part of my family. I don’t have a family! I don’t… I don't have a sibling anymore… I don't think I ever had one to begin with.” He lowered down, this time Frisk put their hand under his chin so he wouldn’t droop over the pot. Te gently cupped his face, tilting him up so both of the sad duo could look each other in the eyes.

“ Then let me be your sibling… I’ll let you choose. I won’t tell you anything, it’s your choice… It’s always someone else’s choice… Someone always gets to choose whether they love you or not.” The child looked down in disappointment. From what little things Frisk had told the stubborn plant, they themselves were never picked by a family. Never getting to be loved like most normal functioning families. It was always depended on the parents who they chose to love. Frisk never got a say in it. Neither did Chara until they fell down. Asgore even dared to offer his soul so they could o back home. For the first time, Cara got to pick. Once Frisk had fallen down, Toriel let them pick whether or not call them as mom.

Frisk got to pick someone to love, and that was Flowey. They had only wanted to be picked all over again… It was Flowey’s choice this time. It was his call. The flower stayed silent for a while until a rare hopeful smile spread upon his face, “ I always wanted a sibling… I always wanted a sibling like you Frisk. If you really chose me of all people to love... That makes you such an idiot. But… I guess I can choose you to be my sibling.”


Sans kept quiet as he tried to pull himself into sleep on his mattress, only not being able to like he normally could. He could always fall asleep without a problem! So why was it so hard this one time? All because his mind was working out things, separating thoughts and comparing them. Was this what he was actually like without having to pretend to be happy and fine all the time? Sure some of it was genuine happiness, but the other half he always tended to cover up. Without worrying about the resets he could go back to being normal… The last time he was ever really normal was when e lost his father to The Core. After a year or so, he started to turn back around for his old self to be re-birthed, only for that to be crushed, breaking him part on the inside after learning of Asriel's death.

After that, his brother was constantly upset and worried about him. So for Papyrus’ sake, Sans began pretending half of the time that he was fine. But once the resets began, the facade went into an overload, sometimes Sans himself not knowing if he was faking or if he was actually happy. He had fooled himself just like he did to others for so many years. And now with no more resets and Papyrus to be happy alongside his brother, made it to where he could be himself again.

But was this rediscovered self good? A questioned himself over and over. He was less worried about the prickly plant, than his new self cracking out from a long hardened shell that grew out over the years. That was until he heard his room’s door creak open and close softly behind. He sighed lightly before sitting up as he was clutching his pillow and turned around looking weak and tired.

“ paps, for the last time, i’m fine, i’m just tired is all an-“ He quickly shut his trap even if it wasn’t actually open as he talked out from his teeth. At the other side of the small room stood the loving goatly mother he had a crush on. He began to shrink under into his sweater to retreat to sweater town, clutching the pillow for him to use as a shield. Toriel walked over and sat next to him with a soft smile.

“ Sans… I can see you.”

“ no you can’t…” Sans squeaked out from under his sweater.

Toriel rolled her eyes playfully, smiling from the amusement. “ Sans you silly skeleton… I heard of what happened. Is it true?”

Sans’ soul felt like it would explode, “ y-ye-yes…” He just couldn’t bring himself to lie or break her promise. Not anymore. Not after the resets were gone. Back then, it wouldn’t have mattered, but now… Now things were different.

Toriel let out a light sigh before picking up the skeleton from under his arms, making him drop the pillow and lock up as he was lifted off from his spot and guided onto her lap. Sans thankfully still hid his face under the hood, bushing profusely. “ Sans… It’s sweet of you to think of me as someone to get together with, but… I just cannot.”

“ wa-wait…what?” Sans peeked out from hiding, his eyes widened in shock with his soul starting to ache. Was he getting rejected an out pushed into the friend zone?!

“ It is not you. Nor is it Asgore. It is me. I am the problem. I Just can’t move on. Sure I do not enjoy Asgore around, but I simply cannot move on because of him. I have spent so long to myself that I do not need a companion anymore.”

“ s-so…so… i would have never had a chance, huh?” The skeleton said sadly, a small blue swirl of energy leaked out from his left eyes. He felt horrible at the moment.

“ I wouldn't say that Sans. In fact if I wasn’t accustomed to being by myself, I would take the offer in a heartbeat. And perhaps I might. Ut not now Not while I have Frisk. They are still growing. They need me. The last time I didn't pay attention enough and let them do their own thing…” She trailed of a bit as she remembered her original two children, then the other six that fell afterwards. “ But Sans, please o not be upset. You can certainly do much better than a little old lady such as myself.” She gave off a warm smile as the skeleton had a hard time keeping away any tears to start shedding.

“ However… You will always be my best man. I truly do love you, deep down. But not in that sense. You are part of a much larger family now, and we all love you deeply as a family should. You are still part of my family Sans. And with that, you and your brother will never be alone again.” She gave him a motherly kiss on his forehead. That was until the former judge collapsed into her emotionally and mentally exhausted. The goat monster wrapped her arms around him, gently rocking his somewhat limp body. “ What are you thinking…?”

“ … i’m...just so happy i have someone to finally lean on, knowing i’m not alone anymore… thanks t.” He felt a great weight had been lifted from his shoulder blades as he let out a long sigh of relief. He just didn’t want to think Toriel thought he wasn’t good enough, or still was with the old king. But if she had admitted it was her and still loved the skeleton anyways, then it wasn’t that bad really…

“ But of course my Sans-Satoinal skeleton.” She chuckle softly along with him. Sans wasn’t lying this time. He felt happy. Happy to finally have someone to back him u from so long of putting up with things by himself and for Papyrus. He slightly felt like he had a mother in a way. Not a sugar-coat one like Frisk had now, but rather as motherly figure to help guide him along.

Toriel then began to hum as she slowly rocked the weary wrack of bones. She started to hum that one tune... The one that on rare occasions Asriel would sing to him when he needed someone the most. It always comfort him, relaxing his bones as the gentle queen began to softly sing the old melody. Sans began to drift away into sleep under the loving arms of Toriel, his brain shutting own to view happier times from the past instead of worrying about the future. “ Oh let’s go in the garden.” Memories began to flash absentmindedly in his head. The old garden he helped build beyond The Waterfalls.

“ You’ll find something waiting.” The crabapples, fully grown and bearing fruit.“ Right there where you left it, lying upside-down.” A single crabapple in the hands of the old statue. “ Oh when you finally find it, you’ll see how it’s faded” His old tattered and wet scarf hidden under the old rustic music box of The Waterfalls. “ The underside is lighter, when you turn it around.” His old friend nibbling at his scarf happily. “Everything stays, right where you left it.” Them in the side garden of Asgore’s old home. “ Everything stays, but it still changes.” “ The side garden being overgrown with fauna that finally got out of hand. " Ever so slightly, daily and nightly.” Watching the twinkling gems above from his favorite spot when he and Asriel would chat. “ In little ways, where everything stays.” Asriel’s gentle smile… Tears ran down as the memories finally faded into darkness as he drifted into a deep sleep.

With the sleeping skeleton cradling n her arms, the motherly goat smiled, placing him back into his bed, covering him up with the raggedy blanket he slept under. “ Heh, get some rest you one-tired skeleton.” She chuckled lightly to her own pun and shut the lights off. Once they had moved to The Surface, Sans became mystified with the stars, and with the help of Asgore and Frisk, the two had bought him some glowing star figures to stick to his ceiling. The plastic stars glimmered as the gems did back underground as the lights were turned, Toriel keeping the door partially opened just encase before making her way down to talk to her child.


As Toriel made her way to cheer up her child, who no doubly was talking to the flower, trying to calm him down for whatever reason. She knew the sweet child loved that plant. But why? It was so rude, mean-spirited, it even almost killed them back when they fell. As she grew closer to the child’s room, her floppy ears picked up some faint speech from the inside. She carefully ducked down, snaking over to the wooden door and pressing the tips of her fingers on it as her white dangling ear perked up. “ Frisk. You're not my friend. You’ll never be my friend. I have no friends.” Toriel’s soul tightened as she heard the normally crude plant sound distressed and hurt for once.

“ That’s fine. I don’t want to be your friend.” The two now sounded closer, they must have been under the bed or in the corner, thought Toriel. And again, they soon sounded rather muffled, but with her impeccable hearing, she could still make it out.“ And Your right, I’ll never be your friend. But, I can be part of your family.”
“ Frisk, you're not part of my family. I don’t have a family! I don’t… I don't have a sibling anymore… I don't think I ever had one to begin with...” Toriel pondered, trying o think of Flowey’s past history. She didn’t know much other than what she had already known. The flower never did speak up about himself or his past. Maybe there was another flower who had been his sibling and passed away, so that he grew into the often heartless and aggressive flower he was today. She remembered when Asriel had lost Chara… His mood shifted quickly and he wasn’t himself. He wasn’t himself until he came back home, wounded and dyeing.

“ Then let me be your sibling… I’ll let you choose. I won’t tell you anything, it’s your choice… It’s always someone else’s choice… Someone always gets to choose whether they love you or not.” Toriel closed her eyes as she remembered asking what the fallen child had wanted. Either for them to go back to The Surface, which meant sacrificing on of themselves or staying down below. Chara had thought it was a trick, until they finally realized, they finally got a choice, instead of being forced to do something.

“ I always wanted a sibling… I always wanted a sibling like you Frisk. If you really chose me of all people to love... That makes you such an idiot. But… I guess I can choose you to be my sibling.”At that moment, Toriel’s eyes opened with the thoughts and recollection of her former self and memories that were bound to it. She quietly opened the door, walking to the closet door and pulling it open to find Frisk clutching the potted plant. Flowey had his same beady eyes, but now with a frown. As Toriel knelt down, the young child scooted away, further holding onto the pot, not wanting to let go.

“ It is okay my child. I am not here to take you away from him, nor am I here to lecture him for what he had said to Sans.” Frisk opened up a bit, now looking up to their new mother. Toriel’s eyes locked down onto Flowey, “ Now… Is it true, that you see Asgore as a father figure to you?”

“ –Ye-Yessum…” Flowey lowered down, sure she said she wasn’t here about Sans, but she could still lecture him about Asgore. Flowey curled up his stem trying to shrink down much like Sans had.

“ And you think of Frisk as a friend, correct?” She asked, trying to see if he’d take bait.

“ N-No… As a-a si-sibling…” He cowered profusely in his clay pot, only to be initially surprised and shocked as Toriel’s expression went to that of his old sweet mother who had taken care of him when he was little.

“ If that is the case. Then, would you like me to be your motherly figure?”

Flowey felt as f his non-existing soul was going to shatter. Or rather his determination would. Sure he wouldn’t be able t care for her, Asgore, or Frisk… but he’d finally feel like he belonged somewhere. He silently and fearfully nodded, almost out of instinct before Toriel scooped the clay pot from her child's hands and lifted it to her snout. She gently kissed Flowey’s forehead and smiled, “ You do belong. You belong here my child."

Chapter Text

The small group of children nibbled at the sweetly yet stick cinnamon bunnies that had just cooled off from being baked and molded. The kind prince expertly cooked the small treats for the group, almost putting Grillby’s and Muffets skills to shame. The toddler giggled happily as he played with his food while as Undyne acted like a shark ready to swim up and tear off the head of a unsuspecting seal afloat. As they enjoyed staying in the skeletons warm abode, escaping the nipping coldness outside, they had finally mellowed out from playing in the frosted ice outside. However the eldest skeleton of the two brothers stayed a bit quiet, which was rather unlike him. Asriel on the and hadn’t spoke a single word, aside from telling the rambunctious toddler how long the tasty morsels took to bake.

Undyne and Alphys had noticed the abnormal behavior f the two, growing concerned, Papyrus only really noticed his brother and had pulled the two girls attention to it, further worrying them. It happen just two days ago when they were playing Truth or Dare. The butch fish was only joking around to get back at Sans for constantly tasting her and the pudgy lizard. Perhaps that dare did mess the two up slightly. This was all making the gruff fish feel further guilt, not knowing it would come to this.

Before Undyne could say one thing t break the ice of silence, the front door slammed open, making a loud cracking sound as it collided against the wall of the house. At the door-frame stood the royal scientist, with his casual lab coat, one arm holding scrolled up blueprints, and having safety goggles shield his eyes. What practically kicked the door in was Gaster’s shoe, his leg still n mid-air. “ ALPHYS, SANS, HOLY FUCK!”

This shocked the entirety of the group of close knit friends, not one of them ever heard him say that word. The only ones who ever had were Alphys and Sans. Alphys would catch the vulgar word when something didn't add up and further frustrated the scientist. The same went for Sans, except it was very rare at home. Gaster had sworn much more at work, probably due to stress and things not turning out the way they were intended.

“ DAAAD! SWEAR JAR!” Papyrus rose from his seat, ashamed with his father. Sure Papyrus was a young child, but he was goody-two shoes to a degree. If he accidentally did something wrong, he would become overwhelmed with guilt and try to fix it up. He always tried to be friends with anyone even if they were rude to him. And he mostly never tried to get on anyone's bad side, or just causing trouble at all.

Gaster rushed over to the table near the front door, quickly placing a single gold coin into, “ THERE! Sans! Alphys! We've made a large discovery to regulate The Core! Come along-Oh right! So sorry Undyne and my young prince, but I may need to ask of you two to watch over Papyrus!” Before anyone could say a single syllable the scientist dashed over, grabbing hold of the young scientific workers, pulling them out from the warmth and toastyness of what the home provided them. Once the trio were far go the small toddler waddled over t the front door, closing it, keeping the chilly climate outside.

“ Well… That certainly was something…”The fish raised her brow from the sudden situating.

“ Yeah… I can’t believe it wasn’t you this time.” Asriel giggled to himself, receiving a squinting face from his fellow friend.

Papyrus who was oblivious to what his father was so excited about merely walked back to his seat, climbing up to sit down again. “ IT HAPPENS A LOT ACTUALLY.” He shrugged, his father’s eagerness and rushed nosiness was a normal daily basis. The tall skeleton was an ironic enigma. He was calm, confident, proud, and normally either relaxed or intimidating. Sometimes the guy would drop to the purple and green like blue carpet to fall asleep. Sans often wondered if he had some type of narcolepsy. But moving, this was Gaster. Yet at the same time he could be frantic, high strung, and compelled with adrenaline. He was rather easily excitable and would go hopping into a situation, immediately fascinated. He was the most relaxed hyper type of monster in The Underground. “ ANYWAYS… UNDYNE? I THINK SANS IS UPSET.”

“ Wha? What makes you think that squirt?” She tried; key word ‘tried’ to give a genuine smiley, only for it to mold into a big toothy grin which didn't faze him.


The other two thought, well mostly Undyne since Asriel’s eyes shifted away to the side. “ Oh-OH! … Ohhh…” Undyne went from realization to knowing to disappointment in herself. She the rubbed the back of her bluish neck, “ Riiiight… ‘That’… Ya see, I kinda dared him to kiss Prince Fluffybuns over here on the cheek, cuz he keep teasing me and Alphys to date or something.”

Papyrus looked like he was concentrating before the gears in is head could spark to life, “ SO HE POKES AT YOU TWO AND YOU GET BACK AT HIM LIKE THAT?” He question, getting an affirmative nod from her and the goat. “ … SO, WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?”

Undyne looked over to the prince who finally gave up giving her a nasty glare at the mention of being dubbed, ‘prince fluffybuns’, before twiddling his fingers, “ I-It’s just embarrassing i-is all.”


“ Paps, it’s different when it’s family. I think I pushed a little too far.”

“ Yeah…Y-You kind of did. I mean the other group keep making jokes of how were boyfriends and stuff and that I’m a princess." Asriel said quietly, flushing up furry cheeks a tad.

“ The hell? They did? I mean-Hey! Don’t listen t them! I just wanted to see how Sans liked it if he was being poked fun of for liking someone!” Asriel’s gaze lowered away as he rubbed his sleeved arm. Undyne’s expression broke downward into concerned look, “ I’m sorry I had to use you for it, but it was the only way.´ Undyne placed a finned hand over onto his shoulder, “ But it wasn't meant to embarrass you. I know how sensitive you are. I was not intending to pick on you. But why are you freaking out so much?”

“ Because. B-Because. I-I uhm… I-I erm.”

Undyne’s inner cogs started to turn around before her eye opened widely, her thin iris growing thinner like a light was blinding her, “ … Oh my god, you ‘like’ him?”
Asriel shrunk down a bit, making Papyrus fall of his own chair only to push himself back up, walking to the scared Prince to hug his arm. “ Oh shit you do LIKE him. Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to force you into that situation, I just wanted Sans to feel humiliated-Shit-Fucking-I didn’t mean to humiliate you!”
Papyrus’ short arm extended out to the living room, giving a tiny cute threatening glare, “ UNDYNE! NO SWEARING IN THE HOUSE!” Undyne rumbled to herself, quickly sprinting off to place her coins, then running back over to the shy goat prince.

Asriel sighed heavily, “ It’s okay, I understand. It was an accident. I’m just stressing over if maybe… He doesn't like me, a-an-and he doesn’t want to see me-or-or maybe he hates me now-WHAT IF HE FINDS OUT I LIKE HIM?! I don’t wanna' be alone again!” Asriel curled up into a tight ball, tearing his am away from the peppy skeleton who looked hurt an sad for his brother's new friend.

Undyne put her hand onto his back an rubbed it. Sure she wasn’t motherly, but she still had SOME maternal instinct as she apologized. “ Asriel, if he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t have let you come in or use the oven. He’s just not use to feeling this way, but while you were baking, I saw him watch you and smile.”
Asriel peered out from hiding with his arms over his head, “ Re-Really?”

“ YEAH! HE WAS WATCHING YOU COOK AND BAKE LIKE ME! I WATCHED BECAUSE YOU WERE SO COOL AT IT! AND-AND-AND YOU MAKE HIM FEEL HAPPY!” Papyrus chimed in, in his usual yelling way as he waved his tiny arms about at his sides. The goat monster slowly uncurled himself from the fetal position and gave a small shy smile.

“ Yeah, besides I’m sure he had the hots for Grillby at one point. Either that or admiration, but he seems to like to spend his company with you.” She gave her sharp toothed grin before Papyrus yelled out, making the other two swerve their heads to him.

“ ARGH! UNDYNE! SANS HAS BEEN RUBBING OF ON YOU AGAIN! YOU SAID A HORRIBLE JOKE! ARG! I NEED TO MAKE A PUN JAR!” Shouted the smaller child in anger, all before Undyne realized he heat related joke she hadn’t said on purpose. Thankfully he dilemma made the prince laugh from a bit of amusement of the whole misunderstanding.


It took a while as the three made their way over to Hotland after entertaining the hyper young skeleton for an hour or so. Undyne had had enough and quite literally flipped over a table, stating that their two friends needed a break from their ‘nerd work’. They took the Riverperson's boat, Ariel holding onto Undyne tightly, fearing that he might have drowned again, while Papyrus clinged to the dark robes of the Riverperson laughing all the way due to the dog part of the bat looking back every now and then making faces. Along the way, both older children chatted about something that kept itching at Asriel’s mind. “ So wait… Sans only did it to tease Alphys… Then why were you upset?”

“ DUH! Because I like her!”

“ Why don’t you tell her then? She obviously likes you around.”

“ Can’t. Trust me I want to, but she’s gotta’ learn to stop being so afraid and grow some courage! I want her to stand up for herself, if I ask he to o out, she’ll still be the same… Speaking of which…”

Finally they had made it to the large laboratory, walking into it. The goat did somewhat agree with the easily angered fish, that poor Alphys needed to stand up for herself. Much like Asriel did when he first met Sans. If he had stayed in hiding and quiet, he would have never had such a good friend to cherish. As for the building they entered however, Asriel saw what he had never seen inside The Labs … All sorts of gadgets and gizmos whirred all over the place, beeping sounds ran down the rooms, bright lights filled the walls. It was rather chilly due to being near The Core, but also for sanitation manners. Screens buzzed with activity while machines hummed in the background. As the small group made their way, following Papyrus of all people, since he was brought to the Labs every now and then, remembering where is father’s office was located.

Asriel watched other scientific monsters roam around doing their own individual jobs. A green furred lanky cat like monster was mopping some of the tiled floors, stopping once in a while to check on some screens, pushing in several buttons as he multi-tasked. Another seemed to just be a large head with a gaping maw who was talking to a smaller monster whose bug eyes were glued to some papers that stuck out from his coat. Another monster, this one being a young lizard in their early twenties ran past the group with papers in her mouth as a yellow bow bounced around on her head. Then there were about three royal guards making sure things were fine or taking break. A cat helmeted one chatted alongside a mantis looking monster and a dog guard while other monsters did their own things in the back that didn’t stick out to much to Asriel.

At last they had made it to their destination, Undyne clearly knowing they were there as her eye struck over to catch sight of the shy nervous wreck of a lizard, “ HEY! ALPHYS!” She shouted out, causing some monsters to stumble, mess up their calculations, or like Aphys, jumping with a box, falling on them. Undyne winced from the sight and hurried over to help the other girl up.


“ You've been gone for three hours! You need a break!”


The short skeleton cam over munching on a hotdog, dressed in an equally white lab coat, “ huh? oh hey, why are you guys here?”
“ Sans, you've both have been gone for three fucking hours!”

Sans nearly choked on the magical food from hearing that, and being nearly tackled by his younger brother. He swallowed the mouthful and looked to the side,” hey dad! apparently it’s been three hours!” Gaster’s looming presence made its way the scene.

“ What? That’s impossible, we’ve only en working for-“ He checked the clock on the metallic wall nearby, giving a bemused look, “ Oh my, it seems that we have… Hrm… Well I just need to finish up a few adjustments then you all can go back to the house. However I will escort you. Undyne… How did you all get here…?” He gave a small glare.

“ Walked! Took a while!” She grinned out, nervous considering Gaster nor Toriel really wanted the kids to ride the Riverperson’s boat from Asriel's indecent.
“ Very well… You all can go out to the recreation area and wait.” He said before pointing to his two pinpoint pupils with two fingers, only to point at the fish who nervously gulped.


The recreation room was basically a large area with vending machines , chairs, and tables. but most of all, it was like a small water park for monsters to cool off. So with that being said, the children jumped into the medium pool of cooling water. Thankfully the water was casted with some magic to make the clothes not to get wet. Though Undyne hated the cold, she did enjoy water and even more when it came to cooling down from the heat. She also loved joining her friends playing and splashing around the water as she and Sans kept a careful eye on Papyrus.

Asriel sat in the shallows of the chilling pool, still rather scared by water, but wanting to cool off and be near his friends. It didn't take long until Sans noticed the shy goat sitting away from them. He was embarrassed, even too shy to talk to him due to that one stupid dare. Undyne swam over with the toddler riding her shoulders, poking the older skeleton, “ Dude, he’s scared more than you are. We talked and h really cares about you. Don’t leave him hanging in there. He thinks he did something wrong.” She nudged the skeleton who was set as a stone until her words reeled him back into reality. He frowned as Undyne swam off to the lizard pretending to be a shark chasing her while Papyrus cheered on happily.

Sans let out a large sigh and swam over to the young prince, “ hey.”

“ O-Oh… Uhmm, ho-howdy.” Asriel kept quiet and to himself.

“ a big mouthed fish told me you think ya did something wrong?”

“I-I-I, well-um-I… Yes. You must hate me because of that dare. I’m sorry.” He curled up a bit.

“ azzy, dude. why would i hate you? only thing i hated was the moment undnyne for pulling that shit off. though i guess i kinda deserved it... but it wasn't meant for you. i should be the sorry one. i haven't talked to you or anything because well…i’m embarrassed a bit too. i mean, i really do like you, and i could never hate you for anything.”

“ Re—R-Re-Really?” Asriel looked over with pleading eyes, getting an affirmative nod from the skeleton.

“ if it embarrasses you as much as it does for me, we can just uhhh. put it behind us. but i do like you… maybe… maybe we can get to know each other better in the future and build up on it. i-if… if you want too.” He looked away, blushing a light tint of blue.
Asriel then started to get into the deeper water so he was next to the skeleton and smiled gently, “ I’d like that. Tank you-“


“ –Sans… Chara? … Please… Come back...” Flowey weakly spoke out as he sat there in the frozen ground, his eyes growing weary. He was in one of those moods again. Trying to die without having to reset, mostly due to sorrow for reflecting on the past, and to see how long he could keep it up. Most times, the skeleton brothers would miraculously find him like fate had its own sick twist to play into with Flowey’s life. Once his eyes finally shut, e embraced the cold to freeze up and start over… Only this time, he wasn’t found by either of the two brothers, but by someone else.

The sad crippling emotion got to Flowey, letting a special monster know trough figments and code. Flowey opened his eyes as he felt the frozen ground vanish underneath him, the new area warming him up even if it was slightly humid. Flowey had found himself in The Waterfalls, searching around for the grinning skeleton, knowing quite well that he had probably been teleported here. Unfortunately his eyes came into contact with two white pinpointed pupils of another monster completely. The lone non-glowing flower scrunched it’s stem back into the vibrant blue echo flowers that surrounded him. A tall amorphous black gooey like substance of a body stood before him. It’s head was that of a skull, cracks going up above a drooping eye as the other cracks went down below the other eye and into a twisted up smile. One pupil being much smaller than the other stared at him as the black sludge beneath acting as a body reached out, forming a skeletal hand at the tip to touch the petrified flower.

It spoke garbled up gibberish of screeching and head pounding induced noises, though for some odd reason Flowey could hear a voice over the scratchy low hum of the monster. “ What were you doing?” It asked, petting the flower calmly while it’s smile started to turn.

Flowey shook under the monster's soothing pets, scared out of his mind. This thing always came when Flowey got emotional, like it stalked him, taking notes on how he felt. And he always felt the negativity of things since he couldn’t love. But this thing was always fascinated in the non-emotional flower. This creature was almost scarier than Chara at times… Flowey gulped, “ Waiting…”

The creature’s head tilted eerily, “ For what?”

“ Family. Friends. Somebody… Anybody.” Flowey announced sadly, his eyes averting away from the other.

The creature nodded, pulling his hand away, “Ahhh, you don't have any, much like me."

“ Ma-Maybe I could-!” Flowey snapped up to the larger monster.

“You can't. Just as I can't. You destroy everything, and I vanish. You don't have a soul, and I don't have a physical appearance to stay here. We both can never belong... It is best if everyone just forgets about us and we live in a co-existing manner. Not to interfere, but only to observe. It is for the best if they leave us alone to our own devices. Don’t you agree my young prince…?"

Flowey held back any small tears that might break through his sight and to hold-back a snappish remark. He hated this monster the most… Time to time he would dwell on the past and blame him for what happen to him. However, the other unworldly entity could probably think the same. And it was best not to piss him off.
“ Ye-Yes sir…” Flowey whined, feeling powerless and hopeless like he use to a long time ago. Back when everything was better. He only tried to fight this monster once, and the pain was far worse than his original death and Sans' judgment put together.

“ Now… ‘Flowey’. As you call yourself now. Do you remember what happen last run?”

The flower curled up looking up at the monster, fearing what was about to transpire. Thankfully the other monster could only have his way ever so often and not all the time since he was constantly floating throughout space and time or in dimensions. If he was able to do this every time Flowey harmed the monster’s offspring, Flowey would avoid the brothers all the time.

He gulped nervously, “ Ki-K-Killed… Them a-all.”

“ And you know what that means right?” Flowey nodded before trying to burrow under the ground, only to be stopped and locked into placed a purple aura. “ Ah, ah, ah. No running of this time. Let the doctor see if he can ‘FIX’ you…” Flowey gasped out as he-


Saw the ghostly monster that had somewhat tortured him in The Underground. All who was home at the time were the skeleton brothers, Frisk, that dorky kid who enjoyed Frisk’s company, and himself. He shook violently, his pot began to rattle against the den’s table. He tried not to move so that THING would not notice him. It was a good thought, but of course the good old doctor turned his head to the flower painstakingly close before vanishing away. Flowey began to hyperventilate, but tried his best to remain calm. However the black tar like monster with the cracked skull appeared right before him, making the flower squeak in fear. He bit into his lips vigorously, not wanting to scream for help. He knew the brothers would dismiss it, and rather not worry and upset Frisk as they answered the door to let in the monster child. Thankfully Flowey knew he wasn’t going to harm him since the brothers were fine and healthy… But why did he show up?! Flowey hadn’t seen him for quite some time. So why now?

“ Why? Why do you keep trying to press forward my prince? You should return to The Underground. You belong there and only there, as I belong only in the void."
“ Be-Be-Because I-I have a-a family! G-go away!” He quietly yelled out.

The tarred skeleton simply dismissed the flower’s fearful offense, trying to seem brave, only to fail miserably. “ You know this will not last. It is just a false security the human child is putting over you. Anytime, they will reset and we will be here again talking like always."

" Th-T-That's not true! They have a name too y-you jerk!" Flowey sniffled a bit, not enjoying the idea that someone was to call their new founded sibling who had done so much for him, to only be called a human. " F-Fr-Frisk promised! N-No more resets!"

The unworldly skeleton's pupils vanished to simulate closing his eyes, while a soft sigh escaped the oily and hollow body. " I recall the many times you've told me that..."

" I-It's true! The-They broke the reset button!"

The other monster chuckled harshly as the pupils came back into existence, " That's an amusing thought. You know fully aware that that is imposable. You've tried doing that and it has never worked."

" Their determination let them break it!"

" Yes, yes, I'm 'sure' it did... Yet yours wasn't strong enough, right?" The tar substance like creature rolled his white pupils in his eye sockets. " You are just wasting useless and petty time just like always. Come with me, you know you don't belong here."

“ O-Oh Ye-Yeah?! Sa-Say’s who?! You! That’s w-who! Y-You… You don't scare me anymore! Your just jealous that I have people who care about me for what I am! Unlike you!” Flowey snapped out, finally pushing away his fears to talk back at the doctor for once.

The monster stayed silent for a moment before leaning over the flower creepily“ You well know that they do not care for you correct? The human is just using you as a pawn, just like the human before them. The others only put up with you because of the human's facade. And Sans... Heh, you know he still hates you. No one can actually love you, as you can't for them. But once you finally figure it out that you don’t belong here and slink back into your old crying corner, I will be there, waiting in the realm of being forgotten just like you. That child will eventually turn their back on you, leaving you like everyone does. Hehe... Your hopes and dreams... WILL NEVER COME TRUE! J U S T L I K E M I N E!” It screeched wildly, it’s one widened eye forming a glitch of purple mist around it as it hissed out.

At that point the plant snapped completely. “ SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Nrgnnn… I SHOULD HAVE JUST SHOVED YOU INTO THE CORE INSTEAD!” Flowey screamed out, only for the doctor to vanish away as something behind the flower came to a crashing sound. Flowey turned around quickly to find a skeleton watching him. “ … H-Ho-Howdy there Paps.” He sighed in a great amount of relief as the tall skeleton quickly picked up the broken cup, walking to Flowey.


“ Uhm… I-Imaginary friend?” He cracked open a forced smile as Papyrus squinted, shifting his eyes to the nervous flower to the air, and back.

“AH, I SEE NOW… YOU HAVE NO IMAGINARY FRIEND… BUT…” Flowey had the look of dread looming over his face, worried Papyrus might tell Sans… “ YOU WERE PRETENDING YOU HAD ONE BECAUSE WERE WAITING UNTIL ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS CAME OVER! BOY IT’S A GOOD THING I HEARD YOU! PERHAPS THE TWO OF US CAN WATCH SOMETHING TOGETHER?!” Papyrus chimed out happily, making Flowey sigh in another great amount of relief.

Flowey groaned on the inside, not wanting to be with Papyrus… But if it could keep that abomination away, he called it a win, “ Okay fine. But I’m pocking!” Papyrus nodded.


“ W-Wait!” Flowey cried out right as he tall lanky skeleton was about to run off. “ … C-Can I come with you? And maybe… W-We could ask Frisk if they want to join.” Flowey looked up to him, for once letting the young skeleton see how genuine or rather scared Flowey was for once, and not with him faking.

“ WHY OF COURSE FLOWEY! YOU ARE ONE OF MY MOST TREASURED FRIENDS!” Flowey smiled slightly, sure he couldn’t feel happy. But as long as e felt like he could actually belong with these people, it wouldn't be so bad.


In another room as Frisk welcomed their only two-limbed friend inside before retrieving Flowey, they stopped, hearing the flower's screaming. They couldn't hear what he was going on about, making the dinosaur like child peek over their shoulder as the door closed, " Yo, your bro okay?"

Frisk shrugged, obviously concerned. Just as they were about to run into the den, something caught their eye. A faint glitch like flicker formed in the coroner of their eye of the room. Frisk watched the glitching pixilated wrack of black sludge and skull form in the corner of the room, looking back at them with that ghastly smile. Frisk kept their sight locked on the apparition, squinting to see if the thing meant harm or just wanted to be a creeper. Not too long passed until their orange friend nudged their arm, Frisk's gaze tore away as they compelled themselves to check on their friend.

Frisk looked worried, afraid they had scared their monster friend by staring at nothing for a solid minute. Only their eyes met with the monster kid looking where they had been looking. " Y-Yo... You... You see it too?"

Frisk gave a shocked expression, Kidd could see the entity as well?! They slowly moved their eyes back to where the monster was, only for it to have vanished. " Yo, i-it's gone."

Frisk gulped a bit, " You saw the big gooey skeleton too?"

" Huh?" Kidd gave them a puzzling look, " No way dude. I saw someone who looked like my dad's sister yo."

Frisk pondered, " Wait. You mean, you have an aunt? How come you never told me you had one?"

" Be-Because... They say I don't. But yo, check it out! My dad says he grew up with his sister and brothers! Him and my uncles said she was like a scientist or something! And-And like one day, she like... VANISHED! He began to ask around to find her, but nobody saw her. OR KNEW OF HER! It was really weird yo! It's like... Like she just got erased from existence but my family still remembers her! E-Even the photos that my bro and uncles took, she's gone from them! All her journals, blank! It was like she was never there..." He shuddered suddenly, " Yo, it's like a ghost or something! I thought it was just a story he told me to scare me! I-I don't wanna think about it right now-..." He paused sniffing the air, his mind reeling back from shock to be greeted with a sensational aroma. " YO! Is that popcorn?!"

Frisk sniffed the air, inhaling the fresh warm scent and smiled, nodding. " Let's talk about this another time." They agreed with their scaly friend as the other smiled wide and ran to the kitchen. Frisk stayed there to think for a moment. From what the child gained, Gaster; The old Royal Scientist fell into The Core. He was unknown to everyone but the strange hollowed out gray specters they saw sometimes, and the mysterious Riverperson. That's all they really knew about him. But now learning of Kidd's aunt... Could that have been the one they mistook for Kidd back Underground? Was she the one at The Waterfalls during some runs? There were always other grayed out monsters who spoke to them, telling of the doctor's brief past and to forget about them... They shook their head and went to the kitchen. For now, those questions would have to wait. They needed to enjoy time with Kidd and reassure Flowey he was okay.


Sans smelled the scent of the newly cooked popcorn from his room and smiled brightly, proud his brother could finally cook from the lessons with Toriel’s aid... Without burning the house down. He was… Actually happy for once. A state of peace in mind, sure Toriel and him weren’t getting together, but as long as he had this crazy home and those he could call family, he felt at peace. Finally with the resets being over, he could relax and lay at ease instead of moping around wondering if there was a point in the world. But after years of hardship, he was finally given freedom and liberation thanks to the small child. With a happy sigh he soon thought about heading downstairs to join the others in watching whatever.

His made up family was precious to him, so he often spent much more time with them than sleeping or working on old failing blueprints. He could enjoy Toriel’s company and cooking, being her best little skeleton, being comforted by a motherly figure in a way. He could finally help the poor sorry king with his gardening like he use to before the resets started; he had always felt bad for the big guy. Undyne was always there to back him up when things got rough, lean on Alphys when his inner nerd needed talking too. Knowing that Papyrus had many friends now, as well as others to fall back on instead of just Sans. The younger skeleton could now be happy like he had always wanted his brother to be. Mettaton was there for his brother to lean on and be treated with respect. And of course, last but most certainly not least… Frisk. The kid had done good. He was proud of the tiny determined child, who fought with all their might for love and peace. He was so glad to be there for them now, knowing that he could fully trust them.

He sighed blissfully as he sat up on his bed, stretching a bit from a small nap, turning to wear his legs danged off the side. He stopped to think… The back of his mind gnawed at him, telling he was missing one person in his happy life. He gulped, his mind thinking of the cruel flower that made his life an endless cycle of living hell. And now that he was in the same family as Sans… Sans couldn’t really think of anything.. Positive about the golden flower. Why did Frisk care so much for him? Speaking of golden flowers and pure kindness, his mind drifted off oddly enough, thinking of how the golden flowers reached The Underground in the first place. All because of the prince, carrying the first fallen human back to their home while golden flower seeds got stuck on his fur and clothes. Sans looked down sadly…
Is mind wracked with grief and pain, that told him he was forgetting two people who could have stayed with him as a family today. Asriel, the prince he swore to protect… And his-“ d-dad?” His eye shined the bright neon blue as tears formed in the corner f his eye sockets. Before his door stood the looming dark sludge like apparition, staring at him.

“ A-…Ah….ah…Ahns….Sah…”

Sanss only witnessed the eerie figure of what could only be his father, very rarely. And with that being said, for some reason, no matter any reset or true set… He could remember seeing him like this so clearly. Sans scooted away, his back now against the wall on his bed as he watched his former father walk closer. Unlike Flowey, Sans could never really understand the poor abomination of The Void. Sans quietly curled up, clutching at his skull as a faint static came way from Gaster. “ pl-please… i-I’m sorry! ju-just go away! i…i can’t help you! i can’t help! i can’t help anyone!” Gaster only moved forward, the static and garbled noises growing louder, making the small skeleton curl up more until he shut his eyes.

“ i cant help you! leave me alone! i can’t help! st-stay back! i can’t help anyone! i-i couldn’t help you! i couldn’t help papyrus! t-tori! alphys! undyne! asgore! the-the kiddo! n-not even asriel! i couldn’t help! i couldn’t-I C A N ‘ T!” He screamed out, flashing his eyes open to see his room completely normal with no trace of the other monster. He panted lightly and flopped over back on his bed. The static ceased, but left it’s impression, making the skeleton weary and tired again, slowly closing his eyes and rifting off back to sleep to rest from the experience that took a small toll on his mind.

Chapter Text

“ come on dad, he’s gonna’ be here any minute!” Sans eagerly said as he knelt down next to the older skeleton who had fallen asleep on way to his own bed… Sleeping on the floor. “ man, I better not do that when I’m older since paps got his energy from mom!”

Gaster sat up, yawning as he looked at his watch, then to his eldest son, more than half asleep, “ Who aid your mother was full of pep?”

“ you! now come on, get uuuup! i wanna’ be prepared while your prepped up for your meeting with the other workers and scientists!” He quickly went behind his father and pushed against his back, making him stand up in an odd manner. He received a small chuckle from the tired doctor who was still a bit wobbly from just waking up.

“ Sans, calm down. He and the meeting won't begin until an hour, so… Give me about thirty more minutes.” He closed his eyes, starting to lean back against his son who huffed out, being mildly upset.

“ daaaad! you told me yesterday to specifically get you up an hour early! don’t go back on your word… again! can’t you go any faster?!”

With all his might of not using his magic to waste on his tall father, Gaster suddenly stopped his slouching position, and instead let go so he fall down manually. “ Oh no! Gravity is increasing on me!” he dramatically yelled, lowering down onto Sans who was getting irritated.

“ no it’s not!” He protested as Gaster’s arms went limp.

“ It is too Sans, same thing happened yesterday.” He said casually before completely falling on his oldest son who at t moment has his upper torso and legs sticking out from the sides of Gaster.

“ you rotten father! your butt is crushing me!” He yelled out, only for the other skeleton to snicker to himself, knowing he won this dispute. Sans struggled around but finally was able to pry away from being under his dad’s back, who was now drifting back off into sleep again. “ why do you have to act so weird?!”


The small skeleton angrily walked out from his father’s room and went downstairs to join his brother on their green sofa to join in on a movie the two had found at the dump. Once Sans sat down next to the small child, a voice came to him from behind the couch, “ Your dads almost as bad as mine.”

Sans flipped out, his pupils vanishing into the black void of is eye sockets, nearly jumping up to feet, and of course falling off the couch, scrambling around to not fall like a cat that just messed up a jump. “ oof!” he grunted as his back slammed into the carpet. Papyrus and the voice gasped, both rushing to his side.

“ Oh golly! I’m so sorry Sans! Are you okay?!” Spoke the young prince who had been hiding behind the couch, to spook his equally spooky friend… Well at-least in the eyes of humans. Papyrus ran off to fetch a small kit from inside a drawer of a table nearby, rushing back over with one of his father’s stethoscope around his neck. The smaller skeleton dropped over as Sans sat up from the help of Asriel. Papyrus quickly flipped open the small kit, pulling out rubber gloves and a band-aid that had a smiling bat monster on it.

“ WATCH OUT! DON’T TOUCH ME, I’M STERILE!” Cried out the young child, making Sans hold back laughter from how cute his brother was. Thankfully while Papyrus ran behind Sans, lifting up the over-sized sapphire sweater and shirt under to applied the small bandage, Asriel had healed Sans already. But it was best not to spoil the little skeleton’s unnecessary hardship.

“ thanks guys-and thanks doctor paps… except need to inform you of something else that’s wrong with me.”

“ HUH? WHAT’S WRONG?!” Papyrus began to worry while Asriel’s paws glowed just encase he needed to heal up his friend again.

“ i accidentally swallowed some food coloring yesterday.” Sans winked to his goat friend who smiled, rolling his eyes playfully while is paw’s magic essence faded away.

Papyrus gave a small glaring squint, unsure of what joke his brother was trying to pull on him now, “ BUT WE EAT THAT COLORED CEREAL STUFF ALL THE TIME… YOUR FINE!”

“ huh… you sure? cuz' it feels like i dyed a lil’ on the inside.” As Sans gave a big grin to his young brother, Papyrus’ face scrunched up, utterly upset with him. Papyrus stood up and snatched away the kit, turning around to put it back up.

“ NOPE…” Papyrus was just not dealing with it today, finally making the other t laugh from his reaction.

Sans managed to calm himself down from the laughing fit and looked over to the white goat, “ dude, what are you doing here? you weren’t suppose to be here until another hour or so.”

Asriel gave his friend a paw, pulling him up before sitting on the soft emerald couch, “ I-I know, but I really wanted to see you two. I was really excited that you and Alphys got a day off while our dads and some other scientists have a meeting. Especially when mom told me that you’d probably hafta' watch over your baby bro-“

“ I'M NOT A BABY!” Shouted out the skeleton, slightly muffled as his long red scarf happened to brush up against his jaw bones.

“ Haha, sorry! But once she and your dad said I could come over and help, I got super restless and happy! I mean think of it. The whole house to us three for a buncha’ hours! How could I not be hype?!”

Sans chuckled as Asriel’s eyes shined big and his stubby fluffed tail wagged what seemed to be a mile per miniature. “ ok, okay. fair enough dude, fair enough. dads still sleeping, so we’ll need to keep it quiet until then.” The prince nodded in agreement, “ however…” He caught his friend’s attention easily, “ you said my dad is almost as bad as yours? hehehe, you’ve gotta' fill me in dude.”

Asriel gave a sheepish smile before helping up the young toddler up onto the couch so he could also listen in to the semi-juicy gossip kids would enjoy about exploiting their parents, as their parents would embarrass them unknowingly at times.


Asriel jumped onto his parent’s bed from the joyful adrenaline that surged through his body of getting to hang out with the skeletons today. Asgore curled up under his blankets while the motherly goat woke up to see her son bouncing round on all fours, not heavy enough to really effect the other two boss monsters. She giggled at the sight of her son wagging his stumpy tail repetitively saying ‘Dad’ to hopefully wake up the lumbering king. “ Dad! Dad! Dad! Come on dad! Dad!”

She chuckled, looking over her shoulder at the spectacle,” Your son is awake.” She gave a warm smile to Asriel who had already dressed himself, and by the smell of a sweet substance of syrup and pancakes, he had already cooked himself up breakfast.

The behemoth of a monster tiredly opened his eyes, examining the ecstatic child, “ Before sunrise, he’s ‘your’ son.’ He said as his wife only chuckled, turning away for the king to deal with him.

Asriel misplaced a bounce and slid right next to the king’s side of the bed, pushing himself up, “ Dad, come on! We gotta’ go! Wake up!” The sleepy humble giant only closed his eyes again, going back to lay onto his pillow. Asriel pushed up his green and yellow stripped sleeves and prepared to take matters into his own hands. That being by, biting his father’s long loppy white ear and pulling it with his tiny fangs. With how strong the mighty king was, it didn’t really effect him with no succession as the small child tugged on it. Asriel soon let go of the floppy ear, spitting out a diminutive tuft of white fur from his mouth. He took in mind of the position he was as he came up with an idea. He crawled away from his father to the edge of the large king sized bed-hehe king sized, Asriell thought. He’d need to tell Sans that sometime. But for now he turned himself around, getting on all fours until his main target was locked onto.

He lowered his head down and scampered straight to Asgore, giving one last bounce, his head collided against his father’s. Asriel fell back from the sloppy head butt, making the king raise his head up. “ You promised. You told me I could wake you up an hour early to go help babysit.” He gave a frowned upset glare to his father, which was hard since he was so sensitive and still a tiny child.

The king smiled at the cute sight, “ Okay, okay. I'm up, I’m up.” He let out a long boastful yawn mixed with a bleating sound as his child’s face arose to a bright smile.
The prince then hopped off the side o the bed, proud that he was actually able to get the king up, “ Yes!”


After Sans regained his composure from the short sweet but funny story of the small prince trying his best to wake up the king of all monsters, Papyrus joined them on the couch with a remote. “ YOU SHOULD THANK ME, I LET HIM IN WHILE YOU WERE BEING LAZY!” The smaller skeleton of the two said, sticking a bright orange conjured up tongue to his brother who scoffed.

“ excuse you, but i was trying to wake up ‘mister, i’ll go to sleep at three in the morning after i finish this report'… but thanks paps.” He gave a soft smile as his younger brother put his tiny hands on his hips, striking a small heroic pose, making the prince snicker.


“ Of course! What’s it about?” Asked the eager goat while Sans laid back on the sofa’s arm, propping himself into a more suitable position.

“ OH IT’S A REALLY GOOD ONE! IT’S ABOUT A SMALL MOUSE MONSTER BEING SEPARATED FROM HIS FAMILY, BUT IT HAS A REALLY GOOD ENDING! IT’S ONE OF MY FAVORITES!” Papyrus waved his small fists from being so happy to tell someone about the movie he enjoyed so much. And so the three watched the film, making small remarks and friendly comments, while Sans angered his brother with puns every so often. The film had finally gotten to a point of a song number that was so sweet and sad as the two broken apart siblings sang, unknowing where the other was and thinking about them. Asriel had requested for it to be played a few number of times so he could remember it. He really enjoyed the song and wanted to sing it if he ever felt lonely and thought about his dear skeletal friend.


Eventually the movie was nearing its climax or so and Sans let the two, explaining he had to get his father up. Sans entered the room to find his dad still sleeping on the floor. He thought for a moment on how to wake the scientist up. An idea flickered in his head as a smug grin grew on his face. The sleeping scientist was nudged by his son, final waking up, “ dad. dad?”

“ Mrmm… Yes?”

“ look.” Sans said before walking over to an old record player Gaster had in his room. The tired skeleton’s eyes opened more as he saw Sans’ Gaster Blaster floating above it, below was magical blue energy, surrounding the record player’s top. Sans cranked a small lever and pushed a button, letting the record play out, but not with the needle. Instead he opened the draconic skull's jaw, music flowing out from it’s mouth. Sans then put it back down, the music ceasing, then opened it again for the music to be let back out. Sans did this several times as Gaster gave a confused look, his jaw open from the sight.

“ … Sans... Have you been messing with The Blasters for other purposes? And, why are you showing me this?”

“ ehh, i had nothing better else to wake you up… well I mean that and your fifty minutes late.” He shrugged. Gaster quickly scrambled to stand up, dashing past his son to grab hold of some supplies and papers on his desk and snatching his lab coat. The lanky skeleton quickly sped past his sweatered son and down the stairs, past the other two.

“ BYE SANS, BYE PAPYRUS, LOVE YOU-HELLO YOUNG PRINCE-OKAY BYYYYYE!” He shouted out along the way, Sans rushing outside the room, hopping onto the wooden stair’s railing to slide down. Once on the first floor and off the slippery rail he caught up to his father who put a piece of toast in his mouth, much like those cartoon girls Alphys watched.

As Gaster broke into a cold sweat of running outside the toasty house, Sans slid to the front door to call out to him,” dad, just teleport!” Gaster skidded to a halt and took the advice as vanished in a small light of vibrant purple. Sans soon closed and locked the door afterwards, getting a look from the other two.

“ You know he had fifteen minutes to prepare right?” Asked the fuzzy prince.

Sans gave a little shit eating bratty grin, “ that’s what happens when he falls back on his word. anyways, to keep us from any shenanigans, we’re gonna’ hafta’ stay in the house. i don’t mind lounging to watch movies.”

“ That’s all good with me-Oh! Maybe I can cook something later!” The small goat really did like giving out treats and making things for his group of friends since he never got to before he met the pun loving skeleton.

“ THAT’D BE AMAZING! YOUR FOOD IS LIKE IF GRILLBY’S AND MUFFET’S FOOD HAD A FUZZY BABY!” He squealed out in joy, pushing his hands to his cheek bones as his eyes shined. “ ALSO… SANS WHAT IS THAT THING?!” He pointed to the small Gaster Blaster. Asriel hadn’t mentioned it since he saw what it could do, but apparently Papyrus didn’t know. Which meant the toddler poked and patted the hovering skull.

“ hehehe, it’s just a little guy I can summon. i’m sure you’ll get to make one when your older paps.”

“ SO COOL!” Cried out the skeleton, his eye twinkling while Asriel hesitantly pet it’s snout, making it look rather happy. Asriel soon gave a small smile to the summon, remembering it protecting him.

“ hey paps, your movie’s over, which should I got get now?” He petted the draconic skull one last time as he dismissed it while the other two waved goodbye to it.

The smaller skeleton brought his hand to his chin to think, squinting his tiny eyes before gasping out,” THE ONE WITH HE SEAL MONSTER HUMAN!” He flailed his arms, making this long crimson scarf get tied up around an arm so he got tied a bit. Sans nodded and went upstairs to retrieve said movie while Papyrus struggled in the wrapping of his scarf. Asriel giggled and helped pull him loose.” THANKS! HEY, WHILE WE WAIT DO YOU WANNA PLAY A TINY GAME WITH ME?!”

“ Of course Papy!”


As the older skeleton came back with the movie, he stopped along the stairs to view over the wooden railing to see his fiend and brother clapping hands in a choreographed fashion. “ PATTY CAKE, PATTY CAKE!”

“ Baker’s man!”


" As fast as you can!”


“ And put in the pan!”

“ AND-AND…UHM… DON’T KNOW THE REST…” Papyrus frowned a bit, reviving a pat from Asriel.

“ Hehe, neither do I.”

“ god that was adorable…” Sans said as he walked over, putting the next movie in, making Asriel’s cheeks brighten up a bit.

“ So what’s this movie about?” Asriel asked, smiling to the brothers.


Sans chuckled a bit, “ actually it’s that, but it’s also a movie that made me care just a tiny bit more for paps here.” As Sans sat down with them, he told the prince that this movie was rather special in sibling terms. The rest of the day was filled with more movies, including a small frightened fish getting separated by his father to return back through may challenges of the sea. These two movies seemed to justify Sans’ relations with his two relatives, sharing those feelings if something like that had ever happen to either one. And of course with Asriel enjoying tunes wanted to remember the song of the seas that were told by the soon departed mother of the first film. After the two movies, the brother caught the small goat monster singing it as he prepared some spaghetti with Papyrus helping out. Sans had been helping, but seemed to become entranced by the lovely song from his friend. His friends singing calmed him greatly, not to mention he enjoyed the goat’s singing capability.
Though the movie he hummed dealt with sibling relationship, he couldn't help but think about it deeply. He often wished for a sibling who would be there when he was lonely, backed him up, and would risk themselves for him, as he would for them as well. Though most of those thoughts were before he became friends with Sans. But his connection with Sans seemed to be more than just a friendly bond that kept growing into a lively flower in Asriel’s soul. And for that, he enjoyed every minute he had with the skeleton.

And yet another movie was played, which seemed to be the brother’s favorite due to half of the film dealing with skeletons. As Papyrus giggled at the humor, Sans and Asriel enjoyed the cinematics and love triangle of the three grouped friends that was the main plot. Asriel started crying as the main character used mercy on a large terrifying bull skeleton like monster who calmed down from the tune and faded into golden flower petals being swept up into the starry sky by the gentle breeze. He thought it was one of the most beautiful and moving moments of an act of mercy ever was as his father told him about some humans using mercy in the war.

Afterwards was Papyrus’ nap time, which let Sans read the younger one’s favorite book, Peek-A-Boo With Fluffy Bunny Soon after, Asriel read The Adventures of Fluffy Bunny.. “ A long time ago, a Fluffy Bunny fell into a hole. Injured by its fall, the Fluffy Bunny called out for help. A young snake, the king's son, heard the Fluffy Bunny's call. The Snake Prince brought the Fluffy Bunny back to the castle. Over time, the Snake Prince and the Fluffy Bunny became like siblings. The King and Queen snake treated the Fluffy Bunny as their own, showing that the snakes had become omnivores The snakes underground were full of hope to change over new leaves. Then... One day... The Fluffy Bunny became ill. The Fluffy Bunny told them that it needed carrot medicine. The carrot medicine was over in the rabbit village. But no snake dared to go there since no rabbit would reason with them. The next day. The next day....."

Before he could continue Papyrus lay there snuggled up in his race car themed bed, sleeping soundly. He wanted to continue the story however, which Sans had no problem with while he went to fetch something from the brother’s closet. Asriel read the rest to himself as he thought it was a sweet story about friendship and a trusting bond. Once Sans came back, he showed Asriel his own unique talent, bringing out a small wooden guitar out, strumming it. He played a gentle tune, Asriel closed his eyes listening to the soothing voice of his friend, who he had to admit, wasn’t a bad singer. Ever since Sans saw the movie with the skeletons, he wanted to learn how to play some songs, and now he was able to share it with his new found friend who-

Happily scooped up the small withering looking flower. The tall young ‘dashing’ skeleton who worked so hard to become a royal guard hold the flower in his mittens carefully. Papyrus had spied the small golden flower laying in the snow, it’s petals torn here and there. He arrived to his cozy home, trying to tell if the flower was going to be okay or not. His brother reluctantly helped to see if the small flower was fine or had given up. Sans didn’t let the other skeleton know that he hadn’t wanted to help or would much rather let the plant die all together. Not long afterwards Flowey cracked open his eyes to find is surroundings were the inside of the brother’s house. He was currently in papyrus’ old room, which he remembered from being a child. The two skeleton monsters use to share the room while their father’s room was where Sans’ room was now.

He spotted the small action figures beside him, giving a soft chuckle. He really hadn’t changed too much from when Flowey met him at such a young age. Flowey’s stem laid on the dirt from the pot, resting on its side as memories flashed around his mind, restoring old neglectful pained feelings. He cackled out madly yet with sorrow, finding his fate of being found by the brothers when on the verge of death funny. No matter what, he always seemed to come back to them, much like how he did when he woke up in the garden where he and Chara were ended.

Eventually Papyrus came in to check up on him, chatting about certain things while Flowey felt too tired to kill him or leave, or even reset. He was in one of his apathetic moods again, which made him wonder if that’s what Sans usually felt like. He pushed the grim thoughts in the back corners of his mind and kept up trying to be nice under the care of Papyrus who made it his sole duty to ‘keep Flowey safe and happy.’ Whenever the limber skeleton did this, it made the gold flower’s mind relive the olden days as the skeleton’s now lazy brother had promised he’d do the same.

Sans began to open up to the small plant, but not as easily as previous runs. Some runs Sans was like this, while other runs Sans felt pity, and then ones had Sans want to actually help out the doomed flower from the endless cycle. It was always hard to tell how the older skeleton would feel with him ,making him amusing to Flowey as his interactions were always different, even in the slightest of ways.

One day however Papyrus had taken the flower to go eat, make puzzles which entertained Flowey for an hour or two, and then having some nice cream as a treat on the way back home. Along the walk, Papyrus made a fatal mistake not even Sans would know about until he saw it or figured it out. “ THANKS FOR HANGING OUT WITH ME TODAY FLOWERY!”

“ Mmm?" He munched onto his frosted treat, "Oh, yeah, sure, no problem.”

“ AH, IT’S SO NICE TO FINALLY HAVE SUCH A GREAT FRIEND. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, YOU ARE NOT ONE.” Flowey turned around, nearly choking on his snack. He stared at Papyrus, only to notice the large smile he gave down to him. “ YOU ARE INSTEAD THE BEST! YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND FLOWEY!” Flowey would have sighed in relief but Papyrus had just called him, ‘his best friend’… Flowey’s eyes grew as wide as saucers, painful past wounds were being stripped away, sinew by sinew in a chaotic manner. It was if someone had peeled off skin, exposing the sensitive veins and dumped it into lemon juice mixed with salt. Promises and old covered feelings leaked out into his mind, exposing him to the harshness of the past.

“ azzy…..Asriel…Flo-” His name began to become distorted as a black shadow asked him. “ FLOWEY?” The darkness faded away to show the skeleton, worried about the plant.

Before the skeleton could open the front doors, a bulky vine shot out from the dirt, smacking Papyrus right under his chin, making him fall down the small set of stairs, dropping the pot along with him. Papyrus yelped as he felt what felt like razors slash against his cheek. He grabbed hold of the side of his face watching in horror as his ‘friend’ had vines squirming about and around him, three longer vines drooped with sharp thorns. “ St-Stay away! Y-You're not going to f-f-fool me!”

“ F-FLOWEY? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” He shifted himself up slightly, reaching out to the plant who hissed out angrily.

“ I told y-you stay back! I'm dangerous! I’m n-not your best friend! All of my best fr-friends always turn on me a-and hate me! YOU JUST WANT TO SEE ME SUFFER!”

“ WHAT? NO! WHY WOULD I WANT THAT?! THAT’S NOT WHAT FRIENDS DO-ESPECIALLY BEST FRIENDS! FOWEY PLEASE-“ He cautiously reached out again only for the flower to back away in the snow frightened like a cornered animal. He soon quickly burrowed into the sheet of snow and into the ground.


The next morning Sans yawned out, not getting much sleep as he tried working on something... He noticed is brother came into the kitchen, still in his pajamas… Which was odd considering the younger brother was always full of pep and dressed up in is casual ‘battle armor’. He moved into the kitchen sluggish, and tired looking. “ paps? i didn't hear you get up... papyrus what's' wrong?”

His brother looked over with a gloomy frown, “ FLOWEY LEFT...” He said quietly before looking down, grabbing a mug, tapping his finger bones on it to make a small clattering sound.

“ really?” Sans asked, bewildered.

The thin taller skeleton sighed, sitting next to his brother, not bothering to even fill up the mug with anything “ IT'S GOOD HE'S GONE, I GUESS... HE DIDN'T WANT TO BE HERE ANYWAYS. WE DON'T NEED HIM AND HE DOESN'T NEED US...”

Sans' soul tugged harshly as he watched his happy-go-lucky attitude be crushed. ”paps, sometimes you try your hardest, but things...” He paused as past mistakes were envisioned and etched into his own mind. ” don't work out the way you want them too. sometimes things have to change, and maybe sometimes there for the better…” He said in a low sad tone, not really thinking what he said was true, but he never wanted to see Papyrus like this. Not like ‘himself’. He was suddenly grabbed onto by Papyrus who wrapped his arms around him tightly. Sans remembered Papyrus doing this once their father vanished.


Sans' pained smile twisted around, " i promise i won't leave you behind..." He sighed and patted his brother’s shoulder blade softly before-


Hugging in return. That’s what Flowey wanted to do with his small wooden dolls, just like he had done with Frisk before becoming a flower again. He thought to himself about it while waiting for the others to leave the home for errands or whatever. Flowey didn’t mind and didn’t care most of all. He did care... Well, not really but more concerned about Papyrus and Frisk were to be watching over him for the majority of the day. Papyrus was busy with a call from the scandalous robot, and Frisk knew it could take some time before the three could hang out.

The small child had a book in their possession, continuously saying, ‘Peek-A-Boo’ as they turned the page and look up at the empty room. “ Would you stop that! It’s freaking me the fuck out!”

“ I thought only the ‘creepy face’ did that.” Frisk remarked making the flower snarl from the coffee table.

“ Don’t sass me! What are you even doing?! I seriously thought when you wanted to read Papyrus’ stupid book, you wouldn’t be playing along with it!” Flowey snapped out.

“I’m not, but then again I kinda am in a way.”


“ Both.” They closed the book before turning to the enrage small flower. “ Papyrus told me he use to see grey figures when he read Peek-A-Boo With Fluffy Bunny by himself. And I don’t want to try it without someone near me.”

“ Tch, grey figures?”

“ Yeah. He says he use to see them long ago after he woke up in the hospital from a rock hitting his head.”

“ Sounds like a shitty synopsis to a shitty horror movie.” Flowey huffed out.

“ But the thing is, is that I've seen weird grey figures before. I wonder I their linked to something. Something big.”

Flowey’s curiosity got the better of him as he listened in. He was glad for once he didn’t have hands as his roots twisted around one another in nervousness. He scanned left to right in the room before opening up to the human, “ I think I know what you might be talking about… Can you uhm… Describe them?”

Frisk watched Flowey’s expressions, now being equally nervous as he was. “ One was a small monster with big buggy eyes and what looks like a rib-cage poking out on its chest. Ones a scary looking Burgerpants missing a face and carrying around a tiny blob with a face. Another's a really big lumbering head with big mouth with sharp teeth. And then one… That looks like Kidd. Only grey, white eyes, and have stitches in the back of their head.”

Flowey nipped his lip before watching Frisk’s expression grow into an uncanny type of fear from what they had just described. “ I uhm… I’ve seen them… All they ever did was stare at me. What about you?”

“ They talked to me.”

“ WHAT?! Re-Really?!” Flowey gasped out, shocked. Out of all the years he had seen these phantoms, but not one had spoke to him… Except, ‘one’. “ What-What did they tell you?! Was it about me?!” He suddenly went into a panic before Frisk grabbed hold of his pot and rested him on their lap, patting him.

“ No. But I do remember what each one said. I can’t figure it out-even if it’s ingrained in my mind. No matter what I can remember every word and sentence. Like someone's telling me word per word.”

“ … Well?! G-Go on!” Flowey bounced his stem up, scared but rather curious of what the gray figures had said

“ The one that looks like Kidd told me, ‘ Yo, you’re a Something, it kinda went into a static, then continued with ‘ too, right?’ So I asked them what they meant. They told me ‘Have you ever thought about a world where everything is exactly the same. Except you don't exist? Everything functions perfectly without you.’ I cheered them up and they told me to forget about them and don’t think about this anymore.

Flowey pondered a bit, “ Hrm… Honestly sounds like me at times.”

“ The other three kept talking about an older scientist who fell into his creation, scattered across space and time. And that Alphys was promoted as t new Royal Scientist. They call him ‘ Doctor W.D Gaster.’ Would you happen to know anyone by that name?”

“ Mrmmm…” Flowey puffed up his cheeks looking up, trying to fool the child into looking as if he was thinking instead of panicking, “ Nnnnnnope. Must have been before my time.”

“ Well, have you ever seen a gooey black hunched over skeleton?”

“ What?! Me-NO!” He laughed nervously. Thankfully to his benefit Papyrus nearly kicked the door in, but not with as much force as Undyne would.



After playing a video game, the trio decided to pop in a movie to play in the back for sound while they began cooking their lunch, which of course was spaghetti… With different noodles! Papyrus had gotten much better thanks to Toriel teaching him and the grumpy fish not to burn everything. Frisk stirred the semi-floppy noodles around, soaking in the hot boiling water to became softer. Papyrus maintained the sauce, reading a few directions and adding a small it of red wine for flavoring, but also for a healthier heart for Frisk. Flowey was having a ball frying up the meatballs and chopping some herbs or vegetables into the matter. He was pretty good at it with all his vines multitasking. However he often got into a depraved mode of pretending he was cutting up somebody and the other vines that worked on the meatballs were trailing through someone's organs.

After all was done and they sat down to eat, they started up a talk which eventually led the over joyous skeleton to make a kind comment on the two. “ I MUST SAY, THAT FRISK YOU ARE THE GREATEST HUMAN EVER, AND THE BEST… HRM, WELL I AM NOT RELATED TO ASGORE OR HIS GIRL CLONE. AND SANS ISN’T REALLY YOUR DAD, BUT HE’S A DAD MIXED WITH AN UNCLE. AND WE ALL LIVE AS A FAMILY” The cogs in his mind creaked as he tried to think of the word, while Frisk watched him and Flowey rolled his beady eyes. “ AH! I KNOW! YOUR ARE THE BEST NIECEPHEW I’VE EVER HAD!”

Frisk gave a small giggle and smile to the thin skeleton while Flowey groaned, “ Their your ONLY one…”

“ NYEHEHE! WELL OF COURSE FLOWERY! I WOULD CALL YOU THE SAME, BUT HONESTLY YOU ARE TRULY ONE OF MY BEST FRI-“ Before the cheerful skeleton could finish, Frisk quickly knocked over their own glass off soda and went into faking a small choke, or something going down the wrong pie. “ OH MY, FRISK ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!” They coughed a bit and launched out from their chair, swooping up the clay pot so the soda wouldn't get on it, making it all sticky.

They nodded and went to the kitchen to get a sponge and a wet rag. They put Flowey’s pot on the counter and retrieved the two items, only to soon be stopped by their ‘sibling’.

“ Friiiisk?” They frowned, looking over to him with a pained expression of being found out. “ Are you…” His eyes shifted around, “ … Okay?” He asked in a confused state, receiving a nod. “ You did that because of me, huh?” The small child looked down slightly ashamed.

“ I’m sorry but, I had to-“

“ It’s okay, I understand. It’s fine, really.” He gave a soft smile, reassuring the human who gave on back and went over to clean the table with Papyrus. Flowey’s smile faltered instantly when they walked away. His fake smiles were getting slightly better when he had to pretend to be happy or to calm down Frisk from letting them feel bad. Flowey thought to himself of all the times the young skeleton would call him his best friend. Sighing to himself, sticking out from the ‘best friend’ branded pot he longed to be called a best friend again.


After a few more games and lunch, the trio chose a movie, one of Frisks favorites. While the young child went to fetch the film, Papyrus readied himself on the cushy couch, setting Flowey’s pot down on the coffee table in front. Flowey hesitantly waited, pulling in some extra effort to ask the other monster a specifically delicate and personal question that had lingered with him since the last meeting with the shattered doctor. “ Hey uhm, Papyrus?” He started out slowly, regretting how he got the others attention, but soon shook it off desperately.

The tall thin monster gave a warm smile to the small sentient plant, “ YES FOWEY?”

Flowey felt a lump in his throated stem, gulping nervously, “ Do-Does… Uhm-Does. Does Sans… Ha-Hate me?” He asked in a rather pathetic looking manner. He was thankful no one else was around to witness the pleading look.

Papyrus scratched his skull, his usual smile fading down into his thinking mode as cogs and gears turned in his head, “ HMM. I DON’T BELIEVE HE DOES. WHY DO YOU ASK? HAS HE BEEN PICKING ON YOU? IF SO I’LL TALK TO HIM ABOUT I-“

“ NO! No, no, th-that’s okay! I-It was just a stupid question is all, nothing more!” He chuckled nervously as Frisk walked n over putting in the movie and reuniting with the other two. They sensed somewhat of tension in the air, only to get Flowey turning to the TV and Papyrus putting back on his smile, happy to be sitting with his dear friend.

As they watched the film, Flowey cried to himself quietly as one of the two main characters ruined something they both had worked on, making the smaller of the two break into tears and run off. It reminded him too much of a fault he could never let go. But alas, the movie went on, one main character sacrificing themselves for the good of their friend who had now patched things up, and defeating the villain. And of course, it having a happy ending which angered the flower. While Papyrus volunteered to put the film up, the two sat there alone, trying to figure out what to do next.

Well Frisk was… Flowey on the other hand was angry with how everything turned out, believing there was no such thing as a happy ending or miracles. Fortunately Frisk managed to quiet and settle him down, asking if the beginning motto helped him at all with Flowey being stubborn and snarling at them.
Frisk smiled and changed around some of the wording to make Flowey understand better. “ Your bad, but that's good. I believe you can be good, and that's not bad. There's should be no one you’d rather be than yourself.” Flowey’s snarls quieted down as he thought about the ass backwards logic, leaning over cupping his cheeks with a sorrowful smile. “ Because, if this little kid likes you, how bad can you be?” Flowey’s beady eyes softened as realization cracked through of how much Frisk did care for the nasty plant. How could he be so stupid? He shouldn’t have believed the old fragmented scientist's speech, and just focus on someone who really loved him, no matter what or who he was.

Chapter Text

The noon cracked upon The Underground, another small session of teaching her son, Toriel was surprised and glad to meet Alphy’s young friends she helped babysit every now and then. And of course with the skeletal scientist being busy, meant the skeleton brothers would join along in her home as well. Asriel bounced around with glee, making his sweet yet hardened mother smile. She was so happy he could enjoy others company without the fear of winning all the time, or anyone being scared to humor him. And Asriel had really come out of his sheltered shy shell, being scared easily, but also highly sensitive. Other kids wouldn’t know how to help him and would often flee, leaving him all alone.

The doorbell buzzed through the house, snapping Toriel out of her thoughts about her small son’s brief past and went to answer it, “ Ahh, good afternoon you two. Papyrus you look adorable as ever.”

“ I’M NOT CUTE!” Papyrus still swaddled in his large red scarf and brown coat, puffed up his chest to look more… ‘intimidating’. “ I’M MANLY AS HECK!” He held his position before struggling to keep form, finally letting out the air he sucked up… which was odd, considering he was a skeleton, but let him have his fun. Papyrus panted a bit from keeping in the air, putting his tiny hands on his knees, putting up a tiny bony finger, “ O-OKAY, I TAKE IT BACK-OH BOY…”

The motherly goat covered her snout, chuckling by the small act before picking him right ff the ground, holding him like she would for Asriel when he had a nightmare. With a small peck on the toddler’s forehead, Papyrus curled up and giggled brightly. “ And Sans, looking charming as ever.” She smiled as she laughed.
Sans shrugged, having a backpack n him bob around, smiling wide and giving a shy wink, “ hehehe, aww shucks miss t, your gong to make me become baa-shful” He chuckled out making the mother howl with a fit of giggles while Papyrus ceased his happiness as his face slimmed down into a disappointment and agitated look.


“ so… does that make me-“

“ DON’T.”

“ bad.” Sans’ smile grew as his brother glared harshly down at him.

“ STOP.”

“ to.”


“ the.”


“ ….. bone?” Sans raised his non visible brows while Papyrus made an ungodly screech of frustration, dealing with his pain in the ass brother. He squirmed around, Toriel putting him down holding back a wicked laugh. Papyrus groaned loudly as he waddled into the homr before Toriel could not maintain herself and burst into laughter from the twos conversation. Just then, a white flash sped by her and tackled Sans to the surprisingly soft soiled dirt, “ oof!”

The prince was on his back much like the skeleton he had just tackled. Both sat up rubbing the backs of their heads, “ Shhhh! Ow. Okay, tackling you to a hug was not the best plan.” Asriel said as he got up with Sans.

“ yeah… but it was kinda funny.” He smiled t his friend, who wagged his stumpy tail happily. Toriel rolled her eyes as she smiled and shook her head as if to say, ‘boys’. However she stopped as Undyne popped into her head from how rough she was. She shook the small thought off and welcomed the older skeleton inside.


Finally after some small time had passed, the doorbell rang out, making the queen to answer it while the trio of children sat in the living room’s edge n the large couch. Sans had brought along his small guitar, practicing some tunes as they waited for the nerdy lizard's arrival. He strummed it along while Toriel was gone, summoning a rather small bone, being about one or two inches with a pointed tip. He placed it on some stings as a pick. He started up a tune that would probably make anyone be filled with determination to o the right thing as hey fought through evil to preserve people they protected.

“ oh, well i won’t back down. no i won’t back down. you can stand me up at the gates of hell, but won’t back down.” Papyrus started to rock a bit with the rhythm of the tune. “ no, i’ll stand my ground. won’t be turned around. and i’ll keep this world from dragging me down, gonna stand my ground. and i won’t back down.” Asriel and Papyrus were to invested in the music as they watched Sans, not noticing a small plump violet feline with a jet black ponytail, wearing a pink skirt like shirt onesie waddled on over from the tunes.

“ heeey baby, there ain’t no easy way out. heeey, i will stand my ground. and i won’t back down.” Sans continued, concentrating as his eyes shut, his fingers strumming as he remembered each pluck of the strings. “ well i know what’s right. i’ve got just one life. In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around, but i stand my ground. and i won’t back down.” Upon joining the harmonizing tunes came a short green crocodile like monster with yellow pigtails and an equally pink shirt and shirt. “ heeey baby, there ain’t no easy way out. heeey, i will stand my ground. and i wont back down. no, i won’t back dooown~…” Sans reopened his eyes to get a much larger applause than he thought he’d receive, only to find two new toddlers standing in front of the couch, “ ahh! where did you two come from?!”

“ like… outside?” The cat pondered.

“ Like blame our parents mister skeleton.” The gator girl giggled.

Thankfully without any more confusion, Toriel and Alphys entered the scene, Alphys walking over, putting her claws on each of the new children's shoulders. “ T-Th-These are m-my two friend I-I babysit sometimes. Th-This is Bratty.”

“ Sup Mister Skeleton?” Wave the green monster.

“ dude don’t call me mister, it makes me feel old!” Sans flapped his hands in response.

“ A-And this i-is Catty.”

The violet feline squealed out in sheer joy as she hopped up onto the couch and hugged Papyrus, nuzzling him and purring, “ Aww! He’ so cute!”

Papyrus blinked, just kind of letting it happen before petting Catty like an actual cat on er cheeks, making her flop onto her side and kneed the couch. Sans chuckled as Asriel watched the odd but cute behavior. “ names sans, this heres paps and azzy.

Asriel intruded briefly, “ P-Papyrus an-and Asriel, actually.”


As the group chatted filling each other in on certain things such as names and favorite foods to connect, Toriel soon gathered them up to the dining room. Once thee, the children saw the activity she had planned. In the middle of the room was a circle of small chairs, mainly plucked from Asriel’s room. Papyrus titled his head, “ ARE WE SITTING IN TIME OUT AND FORCE TO LISTEN TO THE SOUND OF MUSIC?”

“ Ohoho, oh my no!” Toriel said. “ Me and my friends use to play this we I was much younger. It is called ‘Musical Chairs.’ You walk around the chairs as a song plays. When it stops you sit on a chair.”

Bratty gave a questionable look, “ Why are there only five chairs? Aren’t there like six of us?” She was quickly shushed by her plump friend.

“ Ah, that’s the gimmick my child! Who ever can’t get a chair is kicked out, until one remains. Now, no rough housing or else no one will get a special treat at the end.” The children talked amongst themselves for a moment, excited about a treat. And so, they started their game. First to strike out was Alphys, being even more terrified than Asriel to actually sit down. So the poor girl sat next to their supervisor, receiving attention from her. Next was Catty, being rather slow. Again the song played out and stopped, getting Asriel knocked out, who was paying more attention to the music than the game. Another round left Sans out of the loop, much like Asriel, except his mind was working on other things. It all came down to Bratty and Papyrus who gave challenging squints and smiles. As soon as the music stopped, both scrambled to the last remaining chair, struggling to keep their goal, only for the chair’s seat to be taken up half by the gator, and half by the skeleton.

Both toddlers pushed each others side to make their opponent fall off the chair, but neither gave in or budged an inch. “ Git off!”


“ No need to fight my children, you both can get the treat. A piece of snail pie~!” She smiled brightly to them, Papyrus’s tiny eyes widening as he felt his soul turn green.

The child quickly jumped ff the chair to hide behind his brother, while Bratty felt more green than her scales, “ U-Uhm… I’m good…” She squeaked, slowly walking behind her yellow scaled friend.

“ Ohoho, that was just a joke children! Here, you each get one! Muffet and her girl-scout spiders came by earlier and I just had to buy them before they were going to be chucked into the dump. I guess most monsters down here are just too upset to not want these. There’s quite plenty of them.” She walked over to the children, kneeling down and opening a small wooden box, filled with sparkling stoned bracelets which were smooth and felt rater soothing to touch. Each bracelet had one marbled cube with half of a white upside-down heart carved into it. “ They are for your best friends or any friend in general, so let me know if you need any others.”
The duo of the small girls each grabbed only one, smiling to each other, knowing fully well two two were best friends. Alphys picked up two, unsure who to give the other to... Though it was quite obvious who she wanted to give it to but was far to shy to do so. Papyrus smiled brightly and snatched up two as well, telling himself he’d find a great friend in the future. Sans picked two up, one for himself and maybe toss the other to Grillby. But thinking about it, they were just good buddies, not really the best of the best even if they were mischievous little shits and would listen to each others problems. He watched Asriel pull out one and looked to the group, fiddling with his paws, doubt gnawing at the back of his mind. Sans felt a gentle smile roll over his face and put the extra bracelet into the box before walking to the prince. Sans showed off his bracelet an took hold of Asriel’s, putting the stones together to make a full heart. Asriel wagged his tail merrily and gave the other a soft hug.


While the children waited on lunch, Toriel had been teaching them the starting point of the waltz. She wasn’t strict and often helped them until they each got simple steps down. Unlike her father who demanded Toriel to be the pinnacle of royalty and fair maiden. She had told them about some of her past as she didn’t want to be a princess full of noting but manners, and why she grew into a rebel before marrying Asgore. While she wet to go check on the food, classical music played out in the den where the children were surprisingly having fun dancing what they were just taught.

Bratty and Catty danced with on another and talked about girly things, that were too feminine for Asriel or Alphys taste. Papyrus danced with the nerdy lizard since he didn’t want Alphys to feel left out since she was too shy to even dare hold hands with her lap partner or the prince. Besides that, the small skeleton felt as if he needed to hep her. Mostly by thinking about Undyne, so he could possibly pull Alphys out of her shell and dance with his hero. Sans on the other hand, had no problem with his young brother setting off with Alphys, he knew that sometimes when the two worked together, she tended to blush here and there. He could have sworn she got crushes relatively easily, and of course he had thought about hooking up with her, but he knew Alphys liked Undyne more, and Undyne cared for the nerdy lizard. This left him dancing with the prince, which was difficult to say the least since their talk at The Core.

Sans held onto Asriel’s paws nervously, trying to remain cool and composed in order to take lead. However Asriel giggled after the skeleton fumbled about, still not use to the steps and instead talked to him, telling him how and where to move. Asriel quickly took lead, Toriel had practiced his dance with him just encase he had to attend a fancy party or if he was ever going to court someone. Of course the sweet white prince only told Sans about the party part only, not wanting to further stress the skeleton. As the song faded out, both stopped, holding each others hands, happening to stare at one another. Sans’ cheeks lowed a light tint of blue while Asriel shifted his eyes nervously before looking back to Sans shyly. The two smiled, but quickly pulled away as Toriel called out, “ LUNCH IS-“


“ Ready!” Grillby called out as he kicked open the kitchen’s door, holding large square pan full of fresh warm bone shaped biscuits with several dipping sauces of monster food. He placed the rather fabulous scented treats onto the bar’s counter and smiled under the flames. His happiness was short lived as the only people in the bar were the oftenly drunken rabbit, the flytrap like monster who dined on any food, the pair of the old fish and duck, and that one punk rock hamster. Worry stared to set upon him, looking to the old pair. “ Muriel? Didn’t you text them?”

“ Why of course I did dear! They all said, they’d be here and for you to serve up the biscuits and all! Oh dear, why haven't they shown up?” The faded magenta colored bird put a winged hand to her beak, quite worried.

“ Eustace, you saw the guards earlier, right?” The fiery chef/bar tender asked the pale looking fish.

“ Yeah sure did when I was puttin’ my number on the line out earlier. Saw them all.” He frowned as Grillby’s mood slowly shifted down. It sees that the other three patrons had noticed too, each seeming rather bothered by the turn of the event.

Just then, the door creaked open, making all the monsters look up, only to see the blue sweatered regular himself walk in. They weren’t disappointed in seeing the sentry guard/hotdog vendor as they gave hopeful and small smiles to him. “ He-Heeeeey Sansy~!” Sang out the rabbit.

“ hey shirley. twoey lookin’ good as always, loose some pounds?” He idly chatted as he walked by the booths.

Th large plant with sharpened teeth chuckled, “ Ohoho, you know I try buddy.”

Sans then sat at his regular spot and smiled wide as he greeted the other four. “ punkley, sup my ham? eustace, muriel, looking good as always. hey grills how’s it go…ing?” He slowed down as he saw his dear friend look rather upset. He hadn’t even noticed the tray of dog biscuits. “ what the… grills? what’s going on? you never serve up the dog biscuits for no reason. you always do make them when the guard-dogs bring over a t.v and marathon movies on there. what’s up? w-was it not today?”

Grillby shook his head, the tips of the flames weaving around as he did so, “ It is. We all made sure they’d be in today. But… Their not. This isn’t like them. I’m… I’m actually rather worried.”

“ hey, grills, listen man, it’ll be okay. they probably got distracted with zack delivering pizzas again.” He tried cheering up his friend who was normally indifferent to most things, growing hard but kind over the years. Not much really got to him. The fire engulfed monster nodded sadly before Sans’ pocket buzzed to life. “ hold on there buddy.” He gave a small smile and took out his cellphone, hopping down from his stool and walking to near the entrance, “ hello?”


“ alphys? yeah-yeah everything's fine, why what’s wrong?” Sans peeked out from the diner’s window, seeing monsters go on about their day happily without any chaos.


“ alphys, C A L M D O W N… now, where is undyne?”


“ okay, alphys, i’m going to go look to see if whoever is doing this is still somewhere in the forest. call me immediately if something remotely goes off on your end.” He quickly hung up and rushed out the door, surprising the other monsters, further worrying Grillby, who knew it was best to stay there. He knew Sans could handle himself.


The slow paced wind brushed along Sans’ body as he teleported to his last destination after finding only dust where the doggy couple were. He felt his body and mind shut down momentarily as he saw dust outside of Doggo’s station. He frowned and picked up the pink tank top the husky cherished. The moment of sadness would have to wait as he saw a figure lumbering further down the snowy path leading into the forest. Sans closed in on the rustling to find scattered footprints left in the snow, which he followed. The prints seemed off as if someone was struggling to walk away from Doggo’s post which eventually lead down a small slope. As Sans turned the corner of the slope, he froze up, seeing someone just out of his sight go into the small alcove cave where he found the white annoying dog. He began to make his way to the small damp cave to see antlers and dust piled up in the frozen snow. The Gyfrtot must have gotten in their way…

The small skeleton cautiously went to the cave’s entrance, only to hear the angry yells and soon, screams of Glyde who had taken residence there when he was off duty at Mettaton’s Hotel’s Sushi bar. Sans carefully walked in, wincing as he saw particles of dust spread through the air covering the figure. Once the dust settled, Sans felt his soul skip a beat, “ pa-p-papyrus?” He whispered to himself.

His left eye shined out with blue in a yellow mix of aura as he got closer. Before his dear brother could turn around, Sans jumped him and teleported them both to a clearing in the snowy forest, “ paps, what did you do?!” He asked, only to get thrown off and into the snow. He recovered from the throw quickly to see his brother turn around to discover vines wrapping around his bones.

Papyrus looked exhausted from crying so much, and pail from such trauma tat was all caused by a sinister golden flower in his let eye. His brothers right eye shined equally to Sans’ as a bright orange. “ SA-SA-SANS… PLEASE RUN. I DON’T WANT TO HURT YOU-I DON’T WANT TO HURT ANYONE!”

The flower giggled in a sickly sweet way as it bobbed around in his eye socket, “ Hehehehe~! Ohh, silly Papyrus, I know you don’t. Buuut~! SINCE WERE YOU IN CONTROL?” His eyes blackened as white pupils stared at the host. “ Go on cry more. Like it’ll do you any good… Anyways, howdy there sansy boy~! Golly, your brother sure knows how to pick friends who he can benefit from! But then again… You probably never believed him when he told you, ' I’m friends with a talking flower Nyeh!”

San’s felt his skeletal hands curl up into fists and his perpetual smile turning. This was one of the very rare times Flowey had seen the skeleton look pissed. Normally when the two fought, Sans would smile here and there, but not this time. “ Y O U… let him go…”

“ And why should I listen to you? You remember me well, right? Then you should now that I won’t.” Flowey smiled proudly while his poor host shook under his vines.


“ Of course he does you idiot~! We’ve talked in the past, but not in this time’s past-it’s complicated, don’t think about it.”

“ look weed, what do you want…?”

“ Me? Oh, I just wanted to help Papyrus into the Royal Guard! Hehe, actually I can tell you the hiiiilarious story behind that… But only if you listen.”

“ heh, and why would you be so kind to share?” Sans gave a small worried smirk.

“ Annnnd there’s the smile… Anyways, I honestly have nothing better to do. Unless your ready to fight right now! Which is fine with me-“ Both brothers yelled out in unison of the word, ‘NO!’, giving Flowey a chance to blink and then smile. “ Ooh, it’s so rare for me to tell stories! … Heh… I-I kind of miss telling and reading stories… And listening to new ones… Hehe, no one ever remembers though…” Flowey paused for a moment, Sans seeing that the vines around his brother gave way just an inch, thinking he almost saw a tear from the psychotic flower for a split second. However as Papyrus gulped in uncertainty, the flower snapped out of his dilemma. “ Now! Where was I-“ H was cut ff as his beady eyes caught the small glint from San’s cellphone being pulled from his pocket slowly. A vine emerged from the snow, skewering the phone as Sans jumped out of the way thinking the flower aimed for him. “ Ah, ah, ah~! No sharing! One more dirty trick like that and I tear your worthless brother's head clean off.” Flowey snarled out, forcefully making Sans pay attention. Honestly he didn’t want to hear a story… But it would give him time to think of a plan.


The happy go lucky skeleton cheerfully marched forth to Undyne’s fishy house. As e was abut to knock on her door, words caught his attention, pulling him over to the opened window on the side to let in some slightly cool air into the humid house. “ It’s just… He’s too soft. I don’t want to see him get hurt is all. I know out of anyone down here, you’d agree.” Undyne told to an unkown monster from the sound of it.

Papyrus’ body locked up as heard the distinct voice he heard every day. “ i know… and well, i do. but you know he’s going to keep trying right?” Asked Sans in a rather concerned way which was so unlike his older rather since he was always kidding around and being a goofball.

Papyrus curled up as the meeting went on until one scrap of hope shined upon him as Undyne said, “ But it he DOES do something that stands out, then I’ll deeply consider him joining in the ranks.”

“ hehehe, that’s nice of you… were you starting to feel gill-ty?”

“ Oh my god, I fucking swear Sans…”


Soon after Papyrus went to a large hidden garden where he had met the only one he could even remotely call a friend. He had let out all of the things on his chest out to the well trained listener of Flowey who thought through the predicament. Even though Flowey didn’t care for anyone, he did enjoy hearing monsters out and if given the chance to think about how to solve these puzzles since they entertained him. “ AND WORST OF ALL… YOU ARE STILL MY ONLY FRIEND THAT I CAN REALLY TALK TO-NO OFFENSE."

" Ha, non taken!" Flowey said with honesty for once. It reminded him of how he was teased by his friends.

" BUT IT’S HARD WHEN YOU CAN ONLY TALK TO ONE PERSON INSTEAD OF YOUR VERY OWN SIBLING... EVERYONE JUST THINKS YOUR MY IMAGINARY FRIEND…” He sighed out as he sat, putting his mittened hands on his cheek bones to rest his skull.

The small golden flower shivered from the statement before looking up to him, “ You still believe I’m real… R-Right?”

“ WHY OF COURSE FLOWEY, I COULD NEVER NOT BELIEVE THAT. JUST LIKE HOW I BELIEVE YOU TO BE MY FRIEND.” He gave off a small saddened smile, that slightly touched Flowey. Unfortunately that only made him think off his previous friendships that turned into nightmares.

“ Well… Y-You know, I still believe in you right?”

“ YOU DO?”

“ Of course! That’s what friends are for!” Flowey smiled innocently, winking to the skeleton.


“ Yeah! Exactly And best of all, since were such great friends, I can help you get into the Royal Guard!”

Papyrus gasped loudly as he looked down to his flowery ‘friend’. “ YOU CAN?!”

“ Yup! All you have to do is lower your hand.” And just like the naïve skeleton he was, Papyrus did. Flowey almost felt bad for what was about to transpire… But then again he couldn’t feel guilt. This would be fun.


“ And that’s the story~! See, your going to be in the Royal Guard FOR SURE!”

“ TH-THAT’S BECAUSE N-N-NO ONE WILL B-BE IN IIIIIIT!” The thin tall skeleton cried out, a burst of tears was found as they ran down is cheek bones. “ I-I DON’T WANT TO BE IN THE ROYAL GUARD ANYMORE! PLE-PLEASE FLOWEY… PLEASE. I JUST WANT TO COOK SPAGHETTI AN-AND-”

“ AND WHAT?! GO BACK TO BEING A LOSER DEADBEAT WITH NO FRIENDS?!” Flowey hissed out to his host.

“ hey! don’t yell at him!” Snapped an agitated Sans.

The gold flower huffed bitterly, “ Hmf! I talk to him about his problems more than you do! You never take the time to talk to him because you feel to ashamed about yourself to even be a role model for him like you use to! He trusted you, but you won’t say a damned thing! I trusted you!” Flowey spat out angrily.

San’s tilted his head squinting, “ what do you man, ‘i’? i’ve never talked to you in this run-“

“ SILENCE! Now… Come on, let’s see whose the stronger sibling! You… Or Dear little Paps, backed up with a REAL FRIEND!” He shouted demonically as the vines tightened around Papyrus, making him yelp from the pressure.


Sans thankfully thought of a plan and put out his hands, “ wait, wait, wait! paps himself said he doesn’t want to be in the royal guard, so why go through with it? and before you say anything, you just said, you and paps against me. you must know I’m much stronger than you both alone… how about… you let him go and you can have me instead. think about it… you’d be unstoppable. we could overthrow the king-we could do A N Y T H I N G.” He raised a non-existent brow while Flowey glared harshly thinking this over as his eyes caught the weeping skeleton he was attached onto.

“ Hrm… He doesn't seem as motivated anymore… And he’s such a crybaby!”

“ ye-yes… yes he is. and unlike him, I’ll do what you tell me to, and you'd have full control of my body. just let him go and promise not to harm him…”
The flower thought or a small moment, “ Any other shitty promises I have to uphold?”

“ only one. i want to talk to my brother one last time alone, if that’s okay.” Sans pleaded to Flowey, who felt a pinch of pain as he oftenly wanted to talk to Chara one last time.

“ … Fine. Make it snappy. I’ll be watching.” The vines made Papyrus crash to his knees as Sans rushed over to his side to hug him. Flowey’s stem stretched away so Sans could talk quietly to his younger shooken brother, vines ready to strike him just encase Sans went back on his words. Flowey had a rather hard time glaring down at them since San’s hug did go around some of the vines, making harsh memories rip open. Finally Sans backed away and held onto his brother’s wrist, vines slowly slithering around his bones, wrapping around tightly.

Flowey soon covered the shorter skeleton, making the bones move around as if he had his own body in a twisted way. He grinned wildly until he noticed the traumatized brother sprinted off, “ He had better not back-stab me or else-“

“ he won’t. and you know he won’t…” Sans said coldly. Flowey growled, knowing Sans was right. However, just one step and a draconic skull materialized from nowhere in front off the two.

“ Wha-what the hell?!”

“ ohhh, right… hehehe, i kinda forgot to mention… i told you, you could have my body… however my mind and magic, ehhhhh… not so much” He chuckled proudly as he felt himself turn around only to stop as another Gaster Blaster appeared. All sides were covered, as well as above so Flowey couldn't make him jump.
All five of the skulls unhinged their jaws and whirred with energy, “ Y-Y-YOU FOOL! YOU’LL KILL US BOTH!” Flower squirmed around, his vines retreating so he could abandon ship. However Sans and Flowey were bound together with a blue aura.

“ two birds with one stone then hehehe…”


There was a small explosion from the forest that Snowdin villagers and the forest teens could see over from some trees, making monsters gasp out. Grillby took off running with the Snowed-Inn keeper, with some other monsters who could heal, while the rest helped the weary and… bone-tired skeleton recover after he had passed out, managing to get help.

Meanwhile back where Sans had sacrificed himself to thwart Flowey, the skeleton's health was now at 1/500. Since his own magic dealt a blow to himself, it didn’t actually kill him, since both were made up from his energy. Flowey however was at 5/6000 and started to go down at a slow and painstakingly amount. Sans laid there in the snow on his side, the world buzzing around him before things came into focus. His sweater was torn as some pieces fell down from the air, much like Flowey’ petals and a leaf. Sans panted weakly as his eyes focused in on the flower whit withering vines and roots strewn around him. At this moment the flower almost looked peaceful with his normal menacing look stripped away, just like the overly cheerful face.

Sans closed his eyes, wanting to go to sleep or better yet passing out… But something caught his attention. A small quiet innocent voice began speaking near him. He opened his eyes tiredly as the white pin pricked pupils wondered around to find the flower’s lips moving, “ C-C-Chara… I-I don’t… Li-Like this pl-pla…Plan anymore…Chara…’”

The skeleton’s eyes opened wider by just a bit. ‘Chara? Where have I hear that name before?’ wondered thought Sans’ mind before the ever lowering health of the flower kept going.

“ Pl-please… Don-… Don't leave me alone. I-I’m ssss-so scared… I’m so… C-Cooold…” Flowey curled up shaking violently as he neared the verge of death, tears flowing down his face which slowly morphed into the face Sans had abandoned.


“ Please… Don’t go… Yet…I-I…Don’t leave me… P-Pleaaase…”

“ … asriel? it was y-you?” He asked the torn up flower who opened teary eyes.

“ H-Howdy… Sa-Sans… I…Don’t…. Feel….. Anything………” He warned the skeleton before is eyes grew tired as they finally-


“ CLOSED?!” Undyne yelled out, seeing the shop they normally sold the cookies out to was indeed closed. “ SHIT! That means we’ll have to go sell at Floor-Mart!” Muffet joined into the utter pain in the assed groan. As the two women went on, the ragtag team made up of mostly monsters watched their Scout Leader hiss in frustration.

Sans was only accompanying the scouts to spend time with the small determined child, while Undyne always tagged along to keep one gleaming eye on Flowey. “ so… i take it that you guys just like mom and pop stores inside malls?”

The gilled ex-warrior sighed, “ Muffet, tell him.”

“ NO! It’s just that… Aherm.” The spider lady cleared her throat, not wanting to startle her scouts. “ You see, this mall rings in many people thus we get more profit by standing out here. However the Floor-Mart is… Boy-scout territory.” She squinted her five eyes in a matter of disgust.

Sans scoffed, smiling wide, “ ohhh, ptttth! i’m sure they’ll understand! i mean, you both work for the same district, if they went against you, that would hurt their own profits. hehehe, i mean i’m no photographer, but I can picture the girl-scouts and boy-scouts working together.” He winked, making the group of children giggle while Flowey and Undyne gave him deadly venom laced glares.


As the group got to the large building’s entrance, they started to set up their small stand to sell out wondrous cookies that Muffet made for the scouting of the school Frisk went to. Muffet and her large family of spiders were now charity workers while she ran her own bakery right next to Grillby’s. She worked alongside her spider brethren, selling low-fat yet amazing baked goods from her many recipes of magic. She could finally be helpful to society instead of trying to snatch away money, though she did have a hard time when it came to discounts that suited her. Speaking of which… “ Hey Muffet, their having a friggen’ 80% off on yarn and sewing supplies!” Called out the strong fish woman.

Muffet’s attention made her turn around quickly as she clasped her six hands together, “ Oh my! Really deary?! Oh my, oh my, oh my!” She hopped from one foot to the other, unsure of what to do, “ Me and my family really need to sew up some sweaters for the orphanage and the Roland Mcdolan House!”

Sans leaned over, watching the violet skinned spider bounce around, unsure what to do, “ hey, hey. it’s all good. how about you guys go in. i’ve got it all taken care of.”

“ YES!” Shouted Undyne, the skeleton knowing far too well something had gotten her attention in the store, which was not the yarn…

“ Heuheuheu, oh my thank you deary~! Though erm, it’s not the children I’m afraid of…” Hey black silky looking eyes averted to the angry flower while Frisk was trying to introduce him to Sugar’s kid who she took in before meeting Zack; a fellow orphan.

“ heh. you don’t think a skeleton like me can handle a plant?”

“ Well… Bones do disintegrate or get grinded into bonemeal which helps crops-“

“ okay, okay! jeez you need to stop talking to grills if he’s gonna’ tell you how the vegetables are so good from where he gets them from.”
The spider gave a small laugh before giving the short skeleton a peck on the cheek bone to thank him, following behind Undyne into the store. San’s pupils sunk into the black void of his eye socket as he raised his hand up slowly to wipe off a sticky wet web like substance left from the small kiss. “ ewwww…”

Flowey took the time to laugh at the others misfortune, his clay pot resting next to some boxes of baked goods the children had prepared. The girl-scouts weren’t really girl-scouts however. Ever since the monsters were free, a handful of people rather not want to deal with the odd race. One being some of the school system’s which linked off into the scouts. The school hadn’t really had a girl-scouts since no one wanted to help out while the boy-scouts seemed capable on their own. But when the monsters came, the PTA members shrugged the monsters off, dumping them into the girl-scouts, that way they wouldn’t have to be mixed in with the ‘normal’ scouts.

Frisk happily joined once they found out their happy armless friend had joined in. The girl-scouts were a small group, while the boy-scout’s had several groups, Muffet hoping more would join the girl-scouts soon. At the moment, the members consisted of Frisk, Flowey, Kidd, Snowy, four of the Snowdin rabbits, and Jeremy; Sugar’s child adoptive child.

As the three girl rabbits would toss Flowey need boxes of the assorted goods. While Jeremy would take the simple orders from customers, Frisk sitting next to him, handing out the treats people had bought. Kidd and Snowy bounced around, greeting anyone who walked by, pulling them into a somewhat guilty pressure due to the lizard lacking any arms from what they knew. While the short fluffy snowdrake puffed his feathers up to look extra cute to draw attention. Sans had to hand it to Muffet, she knew how to work the system, even if it meant scamming it in some form. All while the lone brother of the rabbits adjusted his glasses, keeping track of the money they were gaining. The way they all worked together made the skeleton shocked how well they had been doing, it was like he was watching a machine’s gears work together in one fluid motion.

In fact it me him happy how well these kids worked together, monster and human finally helping one another. He felt a soft smile spread across his face and quickly vanished without the kids knowing. In an instant he came back, his sapphire sweater zipped up, looking rather oddly shaped and bulky. He stood there proud of himself while the crowd died down, letting the children talk amongst themselves.

Jeremy shyly patted Frisk’s shoulder before leaning over and whispering into their ear. Their gaze traveled onto their dunkle with a smile, “ Sans…”
“ sup, kiddo?” He winked to the to human children, making Jeremy cover his mouth from laughter, seeing the comedian skeleton act so casually with something obviously under his sweater.

“ What did you do?” Frisk’s smile grew into a grin, finding it just as funny.

“ mmm… well let’s see… i woke up, got dressed, ate, drove over here with you and miss puffer fish, and now here we are.” Frisk shook their head, getting up from their seat to go over and put their hands under is sweater, only to reel them back and rub them together from a frosty nip of ice. “ hehehe, ice got you pretty good this time kiddo.” He chuckled out, unzipping the sweater and pulling up his pain white shirt to revel cans of sodas stored up in his rib-cage. “ oh man, i feel like a fridge.”

“ YOUR FATS AS ONE!” Shouted the bitter flower.

“ ehh, what can I say? i’m big boned, and your thin as a twig.” While the golden flower howled out in rage, Frisk gave their dunkle a great hug before helping take out the cans and passing them to each scout member. While the rabbits drank their sodas and chatted to one another in the back, Kidd and Sans stood by the table’s sides, Sans being dangerously close to Flowey who was placed next to Frisk. Only reason he stood at that side was because he didn’t want Kidd to get bit or anything. Snowy and Kidd stood next to Jeremy, Kidd's his flexible limber tail wrapping around his own can, taking sips.


Jeremy’s hands fussed together as he looked over to the skeleton and flower. He seemed to enjoy the company of monsters rather than humans. Sans’ attention was caught as the young boy watched him nervously and shyly… He kind of reminded him of Asriel… Kind, sensitive, and extremely shy. “ sup kid? do I have something on my sleeve?” He asked casually.

Frisk peered over and frowned slightly, “ Yea, there’s some ketchup right there.” They pointed over making the skeleton look down.
“ oh shit, so that’s where that drop went…” He shifted his pupils around before sucking at the small spot on his blue sweater, making the four kids laugh from the sudden reaction while Flowey stuck his tongue out.

“ OH GOD! WHY?! WHY DO YOU DO THIS?!” He screeched out, his stem leaning away to get away from Sans.

Sans stopped and shrugged, “ cuz’ i’ve gotta’ ketchup on things that get on my sweater. hehehe. but really, what’s up kid?”

Jeremy scooted so he was hiding behind Frisk,” O-Oh s-sorry sir. I-I was just erm, wondering how you an-and that pretty flower are connected to risk as a fa-fmily.”

" PRETTY-" Sans cut off the flower quickly.

“ aww, it’s all good kid, don’t stress about it. i’m their dunkle. a dad like uncle, and the guy who rooted them on from the very beginning.” He gave a smile to Jeremy, making Frisk rub the back of their neck from being mentioned.

Flowey gave a bitter glare. “ You sure it’s not because you dunked them and wanted to uproot me so I could suffer?”

Sans quickly put a hand over the flower’s mouth who started to quiver in rage, trying to yell and bite at him. “ anyways, the flower here is… is….uhm” San’s other hand tapped the table nervously. " he's a... what's the word kiddo?"

“ A MISTAKE!” Came the ungrateful tone of a boy-scout who stood there as the other scouts in his troop set up their table. The boy looked slightly older than the others, though it seemed their scout leader was too busy setting up to notice the audacity of one of the boys.

The boy walked over with three others, backing him up. The boy squinted as is gaze viewed over the odd group out, “ Your in our spot! We’ve been here before you guys ever saw the sun!” The three others went into a mocking tone of ‘Yeeeeeah!’ in agreement. Flowey and Sans’ eye twitched from the crude statement.

One boy from the table walked over to see what all the hubbub was about. Their eyes traced and scanned over them until they saw Jeremy, “ Yo, Jeremy, I thought you wanted to be in the boy-scouts. Why are you in the mosnt-erm girl-scouts?” It seemed this one kid refrained from being too rude.

“ O-Ohh, uhm… I-“

He was soon cut off by the eldest stuck up scout, “ Because he didn’t qualify, because he was too scared to be the only one without areal family. Instead he just pretends his mom is really his mom and hides under that stupid ugly purple sweater. Why the purple man? That’s a girl color.”

The fellow human started to descend into his sweater, the hoodie flopping over him to hide his shame, thinking he was at fault. Before Sans could react, Snowy ruffled his cold feathers and cawed at them while Flowey seemed stunned for some reason as the boy mentioned family, and for Frisk and Kidd to soothe Jeremy from sweater town. The quadruple rabbits hopped on over, standing up to the four alongside the angered bird. “Y-You l-leave my friend’s friend alone! Y-You big bully!”
“ Move out of the way chicken boy, I’m not done talking so you guys get out of our spot.”

“ It’s anyone's spot!” Snowy flapped his small ice laced wings. The four rabbits took a step foreword, only to flee away into the back where they originally were as the four boys started making noises of wolves, snakes, hawks, and dogs. Sans’ eye carefully watched the boys, his left ye glowing a shade of blue for backup if he had to dunk somebody.

“ No bird brain it’s ours!” The leader of the little shits pushed him forcefully which made the armless dinosaur child hop to.

“ Y-YO! STOP THAT! If you want to pick on him, you're gonna’ have to-to go through me!” After watching Undyne and Papyrus for the longest time he wanted to be just like them. But when Frisk refused to be men to him back once he begged them too, he felt so bad. To make amends he went up against his very own hero, boosting up his confidence to a new extreme. Whenever Frisk was bullied at school when he was around, he would jump at the ready with determination lingering in his eyes. Fisk could handles themselves, he knew that, so when it came to anyone else, monster or human being picked on he thought of the brave trio doing what was right and just in the world.

However… Rarely did anyone fight back, mostly for anyone who did would get called out on for hitting a handicapped child. This older kid however shoved Kidd down, falling over and smacking the table with the back of his head. He yelped out which got Frisk to stand up and shoved their chair down to rush to his aid. In a blink of the eye Sans popped up right between the two, his hollow eyes stared at the kid with a large menacing grin, “ congrats, you just pushed down someone who can’t even push you back… kid-os to you buddy…”

The boy snorted into a scoff, “ A comedian huh? What are you gonna’ do about it? So what if you’re a teenager, I don’t care.” Sans gave a small cold glare, being mistaken as such due to his short stature.

“ okay kiddo, i tried being nice, but it seems you reeeeeaally want a B A D T I M E-“


“ MAX!” Called out an adult male who ran over to his side wearing a larger scout uniform. The boy rolled his eyes, ignoring the older human. “ I am so sorry sir. I was busy setting up the table with my other scouts. Erm, are you their scout leader?”

Sans’ white shining pupils came back as they looked up to the other team leader, his malicious grin lowering down to his casual smile, “ me? hehehe, nah, she went to go take care of something. i’m watching the tykes while she’s gone.”

“ Ah, right. Substitute-erm… May I speak to you?” Sans shrugged before the man looked over to Max, “ And you stop that mister!” The ‘well-behaved’ child scoffed, turning his view away while the scout leader and Sans went over to the table. Meanwhile the normal active boy-scouts invite the other group over to chat too and possibly share snacks they had. The rabbits cautiously made their way over to find the rest of the boy-scouts were kind humans like Frisk and Jeremy, and were very interested to talk about various things to become friends. Snowy and Jeremy helped Kidd over, the orange lizard kept admitting he was okay, smiling wide with a toothy gap that he got because he kept tripping so frequently… along with a casual light black eye. Frisk went to bring Flowey over so they could chat, as his eyes spied on the four incredibly insensitive kids of the large group. With a pat from Frisk, they left with his pot, pulling him up to go talk and be there for their friends.
The two older males sat down, the scout leader chuckling nervously, “ Look, I’m sorry about Max, but I’m afraid he is right.”

Sans’ raised his non-existent brow, “ what? that that kid with the purple sweater was right to be scared, since that little snot thinks kids who are adopted don’t have a real family? because, hehehe, if that’s the point your trying to get across… what’s your name again, P A L?”

The scout leader gulped seeing a faint shimmer in the monster’s eye, “ Oh! N-No! No, no, no, no, no! I-I didn’t catch that part at all! I-I meant, that well… This is our spot is all. I’ll have word with him later abut that however. I-I’m Patrick, by the way.”

Sans relaxed in his chair, cooling down from the sudden aggression, “ sans. sans the skeleton. hehehe, sorry about that buddy, kid rubbed me the wrong way is all. Tough you might want to restrain that kid a little more. but going back to the matter at hand, the girl-scouts have a right to be here just as your group does. i mean, heh, they both work for the same school.”

“ Well, yes. But you see, it’d be better if… They were to split up, you know, cover more ground.”

“ this was the only other place that’s nearest to our houses without being called onto about ‘loitering’. hehe, people can be so insensitive these days, huh? and look, their all having a nice time.” He calmly put out his arm from his blue pocket to raise his bony hand to the children who were having a nice time with one another.

“ Yes, yes… But… My group has been here… Longer than your group, so with them coming over really messes up things.”

“ how so?”

“ Well… First off, we have regulars every now and then. They wouldn’t know your group. Uh, some people are having a hard time adjusting. And well, frankly they might scare customers who just want to sop inside the store…”

Sans blinked a tad, furrowing invisible brows as his smile shrank down, “ … are you saying, we shouldn’t be here because we’re monsters?”

“ NO! Nohoho! … Well, yes, but don’t take it the wrong way! It is only for the best and your groups safety is all!” Patrick gave a false smile. After all the resets, Sans could decipher when a smile was pure or not. Well, except for the bitter flower, but that was a different story all together.


With Frisk, Kidd got to tell the well behaved scouts about Jeremy’s parents relationship and how they owned their very own pizzeria since the poor kid was too shy to tell them. He smiled as he gained the courage from watching Kidd speak boldly to talk about the place. The children listened in awe to Jeremy, while Frisk stayed back slightly to keep an eye on Max and his cronies.

Since Patrick was busy discussing things with the short skeleton, he took this time to walk back over instead of standing away like he was told to. The other three didn’t follow, not wanting t break more codes than they had. Frisk’s head shot up, hearing shoes come over. They whipped their head around holding onto the clay pot to see Max standing there staring at them with a hardened face.

“ Aren’t you that one kid who barely talks? Don’t you know how to talk?”

“ Yes.”

" Oh good, now I don’t have to keep asking what you're saying. So what’s up with you hanging around these weirdos? You seem more stable than Jeremy.”

Frisk frowned, “ You mean the monsters?”

“ What part of weirdo do you not get?”

“ They're not weirdos. Their my friends. And that skeleton is my dad slash uncle.”

“ Oh, so you are like Jeremy… So your moms human though right?”

“ Nope. She’s Miss Tutorial, the history teacher..”

Max’s slightly kind approach started to go downwards, “ Oh… More monsters… Great. Yeah, okay, I GUESS that’s okay, but don’t you ever wish that one kid who freed the monsters, just... didn’t?”

Frisk gave a very concerned look, furrowing their brows, “ Uhm… You mean me?”

“ Wait… You were the one?!” The smaller child nodded, making the boy give a dirty look, the ‘charming’ talk was now over. “ No wonder you're in the sissy gi-scout squad! I mean-Are you even a guy?!”

Flowey had enough, he much rather not want to hear this dumb-ass yelling, “ Hey. Cool it.”

Max took a sudden step back, “ Did that flower just talk?!”

Frisk held onto the pot closely, “ Yeah. He’s my brother, so please stop harassing me.”

“ Tch, what’s a tiny little flower going to do? Oh nooooo, the buttercup is angry~! I have to watch out for my sister-or brother-or-or whatever you are you freak.”
Flowey lurched forward, vines crawling out to push Frisk back or wrap around their arms so they wouldn’t push him. The flower’s eerily cartoonish smile grew wide across his face, “ Golly, you just don’t quit do you? You really are an idiot, huh? Picking on people smaller than them. Hehe~! Your just a cowardice little bitch.” He said in a snide tone, getting a small, ‘Flowey…’ from Frisk.

“ Okay, fine. My favorite past time was plucking petals off of dumb little flowers anyways!” Max snatched hold of Flowey’s golden petal before Sans stepped in, or rather to the side. A blue hue of mist surrounded the two, forcefully making Max’s hand free to separate the two.

“ frisk, go get the others, were going to wait until muffet and undyne to get back so we can go.”

“ What? I-I’m sorry! I tried to hold him back-” The child clutched onto the angry flower’s pot.

“ no, no. it’s not because of him, for once. it’s because, apparently we’re not welcome here…” He muttered out, watching Patrick shooing the girl-scouts from the boys, making the two species upset.

“ Ha, told you!” Max stuck his tongue out in triumph, only for Sans and Frisk to ignore him.

But the flower on the other hand… Vines shot out from the pot’s dirt, slithering to the boy-sout’s table at a rapid speed, smashing it into two. Before anyone could react, the flower’s head formed into the devious maniacal and psychotic look Frisk had seen as he gave his speech about being the god of this world. Fangs stuck out as a ghastly smile covered his face, a slithering tongue dangling out while his eyes turned pure black with large white saucers viewed the boy. “ I WILL SHOW YOU THE MEANING OF THIS WORLD AS YOU HUMANS HAVE INFLICTED ONTO US EVER SINCE WE HAVE TRIED TO PAVE PEACE WITH YOU! WE HAVE LEFT ONCE BEFORE, BUT NOW NO MORE! PERHAPS IT IS YOUR KINDS TURN TO BE BURIED DEEP IN THE BOWELS OF HELL, PLEADING FOR THE WARMTH OF THE SUN ONCE MORE! CRYING OUT INTO THE COLDEST OF NIGHTS TO BE FREED AT LAST, ONLY TO HAVE SOME IDIOT GET ONTO FOR BEING DIFFERENT, WANTING TO BANISH YOU BACK DOWN THE PITS OF THE NEVER ENDING TORMENT THAT THE WORLD IS MADE UP OF!”


Flowey sat there in a small crib like structure that looked more like a cage, his roots rustling under him in his pot. A paper was taped onto the front of the structure reading out, ‘ Gay baby Jail’. Frisk had only put it there to be cheeky, and well Sans was too lazy to move it. The small child walked over and sat down next to it, breaking apart a bi-cicle, handing one to the flower through the gap. A vine wearily took it as he slowly started to suck on it. “ It’s sea-salt blueberry… Hope you like it.”

“ … It’s nice… Thanks…”

“ Did you have to flip Max into the air like that?”

“ I caught him before he hit the concrete…”

“ Well yeah… But…”

“ I just don’t like people picking on you because they don’t understand…”

“ I know… But it gets you into trouble.”

Flowey sighed, “ Yea well… Not doing something can get you into more trouble…”

“ Hmm? How do you figure?”

“ … It just does…” Flowey looked away remembering far too well why.

Chapter Text

A brand new day was set forth for the young goatly prince aided with his ever growing friendship of Sans. Today was glorious as they felt the cavern’s gales of winds flow by them in the watery location of The Underground. Sans held onto his younger brother's legs as the toddler dangled around on his brother’s shoulder, reaching out and pointing, “ ONWARD!”

“ neigh, neigh.” He smiled a toothy smirk, “ but seriously paps. hey.”

“ HEY WHAT?” The tiny bony fingers placed themselves on his brother's skull, himself leaning over to try and look his brothers in the eye as he asked.

“ oh, you’ve got some hay? why didn’t you say so.” Sans’ made a cheeky little grin as his pinprick pupils viewed up to see his brother's unpleasant face. Papyrus gave a disappointing and aggravated response to the other skeleton, slowly sliding back to how he was sitting originally.


The white furred monster snickered to himself, covering his snout with a paw, “ I'm not quite sure myself. I think it might be because he’s so good at getting everyone’s goat.” The prince bared a sly smile as his teeny fangs poked out before them.

“ THAT’S IT! I DON’T KNOW YOU TWO ANYMORE!” Papyrus yelled out, flailing his arms up into the air, just not having none of it today. Of course this only made the older monsters laugh from the adorable sight of the peeved toddler.

Eventually the trio had made it to the old turtle’s store. Undyne had asked for a bit of help since she had plans with the dorky lizard for later, and wanted to be done with what the elderly monster needed. Of course, she couldn’t simply say no to her hero, even if Gerson had given her an opportunity to not help out and just take the day off. But the gilled girl was too deep in her honor for the mighty warrior and refused. Which was fine with the three others, hey had no issues with helping out at all. Asriel liked to think of it as an adventure more than an opportunity. And honestly… Today would be an adventure…

“ Ah, there you three are! Wahaha!” Gerson called out seeing the children walk on in. He slapped his rough and scaly kneecap as he laughed out to greet them.

Undyne’s fiery red hair could be seen poking out from behind the counter like a shark’s fin. Two finned clawed hands slammed down onto the counter, pulling their owner up who had been crouching down to mess with something, “ THERE YOU GUYS ARE! ABOUT TIME! Alphys found a new movie at the dump and wants to watch it with me latter! So let’s hurry it up!”

Sans rolled his eyes, remaining well composed and not in a need of urgency, “ hey, hey, chill out. water you expecting from us three? to rush over here with the 'current' situation?”

The blue toned fish gave a looming glare to the playful skeleton’s banter, putting up a finger, “ Don’t start sassing me Windings…”

Thankfully the elderly warrior came over, setting down five boxes of various sizes. He patted his hands together from a small job well done and smiled t the children, “ Here we go youngins’! I be needing you all to take these packages to the village!”

Asriel tilted his head, letting his floppy ear dangle about in the air, “ What village? Snowdin?”

Gerson then put his fist onto the sides of his hips to let out a hardy laugh, “ Wahaha! No, not this time my prince. I be needing these babies to be delivered to Temmie Village!”

Undyne’s one working eye cracked wide open, her attention snapping to her mentor, “ WHA-WHAT?! YOU WANT U-US TO GO THERE?!” She yelped out looking petrified… Which was new to Asriel and Papyrus. They had never once seen the mighty girl stutter once, let alone sound like she was cowering for her very life. The sensitive monsters gulped as if thinking they were going to go to Hell and back.

“ Ah, I knew you’d be like that Undyne. That’s why ya got your friends here to help ya! So gone, the lot of ya!” He gave out another boastful laugh as Undyne begrudgingly lifted up two of the largest boxes.

" CAN'T YOU FIND SOMEONE ELSE?! Pleeeeeease!" Undyne practically got on her knees and begged.

" Wahaha! Sorry, but Gerson says to go do this, and that'll be it for today." He winked to the frowning fish.

She scowled bitterly, “ Ugh… You owe me for this Uncle Gerson.” She sighed tediously as the others helped, following her along, hearing a chuckle from the elderly monster from behind their back.

As the three followed her, Asriel shuddered as chill ran down his spine, “ Wha-What's Temmie Village?”

“ The most worst place in all of The Underground. Where every moment being there causes torment and undeniable suffering for the malicious monsters that dwell there in the pit.”

Both Asriel and Papyrus’ jaw dropped down as they followed long, fearing and regretting what they had volunteered for. However with Sans, only chuckle, “ jeez… didn’t know you were so poetic.”

“ SHUT UP BONEHEAD! Anyways follow me.” Her fins flattened against the rough scaly surface f the fish’s face as she led them down one of the glowing mushroom filled rooms. The whole area was pitch black except for some mushrooms and crystals that let out a shimmering glow of blue. The lit up path in the mossy and dark grass was only used as a puzzle for humans, making them get confused on what path to take, while monsters didn’t need to do so, even if the sign said. They went to the very border of the large cavernous room, Undyne letting out a pain and annoyed groan before putting her boot through what seemed like the hard blue walls from the other rooms in The Waterfall. Her bright red galoshes like boot went straight into the wall as if she was walking inside of it like a phantom. The two younger children gasped at the phenomenon while Sans looked relatively surprised.


Each one walked through the invisible wall of the caverns to see a very large open area with houses all around… Well, more like cardboard box houses little kids would make. There seemed to e many monsters outside chatting and doing various things, except one thing was off by a long shot… All these monsters looked the same. Each was the size of Papyrus, a light blue-white colored furred bodies, blue sea foam green type of hair in the same style, blue shirts, and two sets of ears. One pair being floppy much like a hound or Asriel, while the other pair poked out like a cat’s. The most noticeable thing were their adorable faces and the way they waddled around on all our paws.

There seemed to be something within the air… The sound of harmonizing yet derpy sounding music. Asriel and Papyrus looked around to find an acapella of the monsters wearing red striped hats, singing in vocals as a theme for the small village. Just then one of the many same looking monsters dashed over to them, only to slid to a halt, falling on their face and getting back up with a now smooshed and flattened face. “ hOI! I’m TEMMIE! Welcomb tO TeM Village!”

Undyne groaned, “ Look we're just here to drop off these boxes-“

“ OHhhhhHHHHHH! U hab BoXENS! TeMMIe go git Grampa TeMMY!” The odd little monster winked to them, turning around and sprinting away leaving their face there with the wink. The other three monsters aside from Undyne took a step back from the winking face that was stuck in mid air. Thankfully the body ran back, reattaching it’s face back on, “ GramPAH TeMmY will see shortly can waitz!”

Undyne sighed, dropping the two boxes under her arms, sitting on top of them and laying back, “ I’m taking a nap, you guys can go do… whatever, I don’t want to be here right now.” She said as she rubbed her temples, allowing Sans to take the other two away so they could examine the odd village.

“ hOI! I’m TeMMIE! It noice TO meet U!” The small Temmie vibrated at an exhilarating speed in the same place. While Papyrus chased a gaggle of the Temmies nearby, having the most fun with the goofy monsters, Asriel and Sans tried interacting with the anomalies called Temmie.

Sans rubbed the back of his neck bones, not really sure how to interact with them. It was so weird, these little things were throwing him off his casual calm groove. He had no idea how to remotely approach them into conversation. “ erm… hi. i’m sans, and this is asriel-“

The Temmie gasped, inhaling a large volume of air, making itself puff up before closing it’s mouth. The small cat-dog like hybrid began to float away like a balloon from so much excess air. Asriel and Sans watched it float away until it opened its mouth to say something… Only or it to swivel around in the air like a deflating balloon, crashing into a wall. “ … What just happened?”

“ i…. i don’t know…”

Asriel scooted over to his friend, concerned, “ Sans. I’m scared.”

“ so am i buddy… so am i.”

As they continued to look around, they came across one Temmie hacking and coughing horribly with others watching intently. Asriel soon disbursed from his friend's side, running to the wheezing monster, picking it up and proceeding with the Heimlich maneuver. Sans noticed the prince running off and soon went after him. The Temmies that had been staring at their choking friend kept staring at were they were before they even noticed them being picked up. Finally Asriel gave out one last hard push, making the Temmie hack out a hairball of clumpy and matted wet fur. “ Whew!” He let out, holding the Temmie in his arms.

“ woah, shit, you two okay?”

“ I-I’m fine. Wh-What about you Temmi-“ Asriel’s cheek was smooshed up against his face by a paw from a long starched out looping arm of the Temmie he had just helped out. “ … I think she’s good.” He replied awkwardly as the group of monsters watched the rather irregular large clump in the middle of their sitting circle.
One Temmie’s paw streaked out like silly putty, whirling around in different loops to reach the fuzzy clump of mucus, saliva, and fur. Sans quickly slapped the paw away, making it retreat, getting caught in a tangled knot, “ hey, whoa, don’t touch it!”

The other Temmies began to help their comrade while the rest stared at the hairball, vibrating in a rapid motion. Sans and Asriel both let out a squeak as they saw the hairball begin to wriggle around. Before too much longer, the hairball sprouted out four tiny paws. It got up and waddled around as if it were stuck in an egg, until… POP! A Temmie’s head had popped right out from the hairball, blinking to investigate it’s new surroundings. All the others yelled out, “ hOI! I’m Temmie! What’s U’re NAmE?!”

The newly hatched Temmie puffed up her cheeks until her face changed from a light blue like white to a dark blueberry color of blue. Finally it gasped out and screamed, “ hOI TemmIE! I’M TEEEEMMIE!”

As Asriel put the coughing Temmie down, it ran right to the newly hatched monster and gagged up a shirt for it. Afterwards they all started cheering and spouted nonsensical gibberish.

“ … Did we just see the miracle of life?” Questioned Asriel.

Sans’ eyes sockets were black and empty as a black hole, “ … we saw something, that’s all I know. not sure what it was exactly, but i can defiantly say, it was not a miracle…”

While the two were frozen in confusion, suddenly out from no where seemingly came an egg, pelting the young prince in the back of the head, making him yelp out. Asriel and Sans both turned around while the fuzzy goat paws wiped the yolk off from his fur, Sans scowling around for whoever had thrown the small object. Then came a voice Sans knew well enough, “ Well, well. Didn’t know you’d losers would be here. You do know you’re both in MY territory now. This is my home turf Sansy boy.”

Another Temmie waddled over to the two friends with a wide smirk across his face, fully aware of what he had done, like a little shit. Sans glared down at the runty looking Temmie, “ …bob.”

Bob gave a chuckle, “ Why you guys in my place?”

“ because bobby boy, we’re delivering something, like G O O D Samaritans do, unlike taking petty orders from some jackass who split apart Grillby’s guild.” His eye flashed a dangerous blue warning sign to the out of place Temmie.

Asriel, being the kind sweet little thing e was knelt down to Bob. He would never do this if the other members were around, but if t was just one and who was significantly smaller than himself, then it wouldn’t be so bad. He gave a friendly smile and put out a paw, “ You know, you don’t have to follow orders from those guys or whoever your leader is. You’re your own monster, you should be free to express your own self instead of following to one’s expectations.”
Sans’ pupils scanned the prince, the small speech making him and Bob shut up. After a few blinks of processing what just transpired the skeleton tilted his head, “ whoa dude… where’d that come from?”

The goat giggled up to him, “ I have to know this kinda stuff if I’m going to be king some day. So what do you say Bob? Can we be friends?” Bob however looked at the white soft paw and back to its owner in a dilemma and crisis. His expressions changed from uncertainty, to hurt, to confusion, to anger, to sad, then back to uncertainty. With a small whine and the twitch of one of his cat like ears, he glared coldly at Asriel, his paw slapping away the other monsters, making the prince recoil and rub his hand, which in turn made Sans give a threatening pose.

“ SCREW YOU! If you're going to be king someday, that means I’ll just have to follow orders from you! And I'm not gonna’ be working under you, you little bitch!” Bob barked out, growling and hopping from anger. Asriel looked pained as tears started to sting his eyes. “ What? Are you gonna’ cry, crybaby?! Crrrrrry! Go on! CRY!-“ Before any further, something clasped onto the back Bobs neck connecting to his shoulder, making the dog-cat hybrid instantly shut his mouth and slump over onto his face, much like the Temmie greeter.


A bit after words as Temmies poked Bob who mumbled in a passed out state, the eldest of the group of four sat in a small quaint little shop sipping some tea that was placed on a cardboard box table. A Temmie sat before the three at the end of the make-shift table. They didn’t look different at all aside from their stripped shirt that went from yellow to blue, while another Temmie nearby who had… half-haphazardly poured the tea vibrating away, sweeping up the humble shop. The one that sat and sipped their tea looked at the three and smiled contently, “ Temmy sorry aboot Bob. Bob might bEE going throo fazee.”

“ Erm… thanks temmie-“

“ No, no, mE Temmy!” It chuckled out, stretching out it’s arm into a black hole which led to here-oh, there it is.

d888b d888b
ooo 88888 88888 ooo
d888b Y88P Y88P d888b
88888 '` `' 88888
Y8P' .od888bo. 'Y8P

Temmy grabs hold of the letter Y and lowers the rubbery arm out from the hole, “ I’ Temmy, wit a Y. I am grampa of all tems! And dat is Temmie, moi assistant.”
The one who was sweeping gave a large smile and waved over, “ hOI! I’m TeMMie!”

Sans tilted his head, unsure of the Temmie Leader who broke spoken language but seemed to be as smart as Bob did. “ so uh… you’re their grandpa?”
Temmy nodded his head rapidly while his face stayed put until he stopped. He grabbed a staff and pointed it to a large wide canvas of a single Temmie either riding or just nearby a large serpent like dragon monster. “ Tem use two bee up on sure-face. When hoomins banish monstars, Tem settle down and make family!”

Undye gazed at the painted canvas, or was it sewn? “ Uhm… What’s up with the dragon?”

Temmie dropped a cup, it shattered all over the floor as they all gazed at her aside from Grandpa Temmy. She chuckled nervously, backing away. “ UHM… Tem go… Go gIT dustpans!” She scurried off fleeing them, only for the children to notice the dustpan had been next to her.

Temmy then spoke up after taking a long uncomforting sip of his tea, “ Ahh… Tem gits scared when ppl talk about durgin. Dat durgin was Tem’s bestest friend. His name was Semi. Semi and Tem foight in war. We waz a beast out dere. A BEEEAST!” He said in excitement putting his stubby paws n the table before sitting back down with his top ears flattening down. “ Butt… Hoomins slay Semi. Tem waz all byself… So lonely awawawa… “ He let out a sad whine as he made the odd noise. “ Semi always want two settle down n’ habe grandkids. Tem made promise dat Tem would habe grandkids n’ celebrate his burfday… Tem miss Semi.” He pawed at his cup in a depressing manner before looking back up at them, smiling. “ SO SORRY! Tem git emotional at toimes. U all habe noice day!”

Asriel raised his paw, gaining the elder’s attention, “ Uhm, s-sir what about the boxes?”

“ Temmies already took care of boxens.” He smiled and waved the three good-boi as they left the store. Once outside they found several Temmies around the brand new Temmie with a make-shift cardboard box house, making the new Temmie vibrate intensely before all the others joined in.

Undyne’s jaw popped open, stupidly astounded, “ … So inside these boxes were just…”

A Temmie popped out from Sans’ hoodie, making him get startled and fall back as it hopped out with ease, “ YE! INSOIDE BOXES WERE….. BOOOOOXENS!” The strange creatures celebrated all around as Asriel helped the skeleton up who was still a bit stunned.

Sans quickly called out for his young brother to find him waddle over with his brown coat at the seams as I it was stuffed like an overflowing suitcase. “ paaaaps.” He said with a smirk, Asriel watching the event unfold, giggling quietly as the toddler patted his almost bursting coat.


“ paps…” Sans said in a smug manner, Papyrus not fooling him one bit.

“ …”

“ paps, c’mon dude.” Papyrus gave out a defeated groan and unzipped the bulging coat, letting Temmie after Temmie hop down and waddle in front of the smaller child. Asriel watched the seemingly never ending count of Temmies. Sans was taken back from the amount, trying to figure out how he held in so much, “ what the heck?! there’s like fifty in there! t-how even?!” The scientifically nerd tried to reason with logical intelligence, only to be stumped by impossible feat.
“ Uhm… twenty-eight actually.” Said the prince who had watched each Temmie pop out, now blocking the children’s path. Undyne at this point was fed up with the monsters that maintained impossible physics, snatching up both Asriel and Papyrus up over her head as she scooted the Temmies out of the way with her boots.
“ OKAY THAT’S IT! SHOO! BACK! FUCK OFF!” Papyrus made a small squeak as Undyne lifted him up with one hand, also while picking up Asriel who let out a frightened bleat.

Finally she got out from the village and put the two down panting harsly. Sans who seemed to pop out of nowhere handed her a cup of water which she generously took, gulping it all down. Asriel seemed confused on how the cheeky skeleton got there since last he saw him, was back with the Temmies blocking the way out like mindless pigeons or turkeys. He didn’t ask r the moment after seeing the what the Temmies were capable of.

Undyne crushed the cup and groaned in irritation, “ NEVER… AGAIN!”

“ agreed… let’s just pretend this never happened.” Sans said as he rubbed his forehead.

Asriel picked up the small toddler and smiled as his tail shook, “ I don’t know. I kinda like them.”

Undyne stared blankly an wide eyed to the prince, “ Wha-How?! What?! W–“


“ why are you here buttercup?” Sans asked the nervous golden flower who sat there in the dirt with the counter made up of cardboard sat between the two. From what Sans had gathered so far, was that maniacal flower he constantly remembered was working at the Tem Shop, probably to pay some type of debt he assumed, because nobody sane would willingly work with the hyper little hybrids.

“ I-I uhm… T-TEMMIE COSTUMER HELP! PLEASE!” He called out rather desperately as the smiling skeleton continued his rather ‘subtle’ threatening glare down to him. The striped shirt Temmie vibrated over and past the two. “ Te-T-Temmie?!”

“ SoRrY FLIOWey, Tem habe lunch brick! tOIME for Tem Flakes! Tem comb back wit foob for U! bOI!”

Once the strange monster left the small store, Sans’ eyed the quivering flower with a harsh glare. He just knew the flower was behind his ever-constant nightmares from the resets that occurred. But seeing the loathsome flower quiver behind the counter did nip at his soul. “ i’ll ask one more time B U D D Y… why are you here? Are you hurting the Temmies, cuz’ well yeah their annoying, but they still got a right to live. so, what’s the reason damnedelion?” He asked with an aggressive tone flowing from his grin. Again seeing the flower sake so badly, made him feel horrible, but he had to remain determined and rough to get some answers.

The trembling flower scrunched back, his stem leaning into the dirt as he for once gave a terrified face to the skeleton. The flower shortly after shaking started to whimper and cry out for help, “ He-Help! Please! I-I didn’t mean it-Yes I did-NO!I-I don’t want to hurt anyone! I just want t-t-to be accepted! I’m worthless, I just want to FEEL SOMETHING! ANYTHING!”

Sans took a sudden step back, uncertain if the flower was being genuine or just lying through is teeth. The thing was in shambles as it curled up on itself. All the crying and screams got attention from several Temmies nearby the store, poking their heads in to see what the buzz was about. Sans felt eyes stare at him, turning around to see an eyeful of Temmies watching him from the store’s curtains. Their faces weren’t the ones Sans was use to seeing, or anyone else for that matter. Half seemed to be on the verge of tears while the other half had their faces in a twisted look to seem like they were glaring to Sans. It was difficult for them to put on these faces since Temmies were naturally peppy.

“ uhm… h-h-hoi?” Sans chuckled nervously before one more face popped in, that being Bob. Sans rubbed the back of his neck bones as his eyes met the eyes of a disappointed Bob. Who looked incredibly unimpressed. “ oh, heya bob… what’s uh… what’s up?”

Bob kept silent as his eyes skimmed past the skeleton and onto the weeping flower. “ So… You guys still expect more from us, huh? Making us have our own tiny village and leading tracks away from our humble village wasn’t enough”

“ w-wait, what-no, no, no! bob, it’s not about your village-“

“ Nnnnno of course not. It’s if we find someone in need of help, you just want to drag them away from us, because we’re too… ‘Special’ to help out anyone.” Bob said in a low tone. The only problem with Temmies weren’t that they were annoying. It was that they were so bizarre and annoying that most if not all monsters avoided them. In order for Bob; the only down to Earth hybrid, wanted to make a phone call, he’d have to walk outside his own home into the darkness of the caverns.
“ look, bob, i just wanted to ask him why he was here, it's for your own safety-“

Suddenly the enormous pack of Temmies slowly crept into the store keeping their heads low, walking past the skeleton and in front of the counter, starring up to Sans. Sans was taken aback by how the derpy little hyper fluff balls of idiocy started to form up and stalk to him slowly. “ Doom-on-you! Doom-on-you! To your type, your magic, your clan be true! Tems be true! Doom-on-you!” They all spoke in unison like one entity.

‘ Jeez, It’s like a Hivemind… Hehehe, Hoivemind…’ Thought the skeleton as he backed away and out from the store. He scoffed to himself, pulling his hoodie over his head, “ okay fine… don’t say I didn’t try and warn you all…”


A handful of days had passed by since Sans’ little skirmish with the Temmies. He was actually on his way to make amends and to give a peace offering to the mistreated monsters and to apologize to the golden flower even if the back corners of his mind screamed no to him. Along the way as he carried a bag full of treats, he noticed a rather large group of monster tourists that lived mainly in The Capital, one of the busiest and populated towns in The Underground. Snowdin dwarfed immensely in comparison to the city. But every now and then, he’d get to glance at tourists from the area as they traveled from Snowdin until they were back home. Whenever they came into Grillby’s, it was a nice occasion which lead the flaming cook to earn extra gold, while the punk rock hamster would tend to leave, not wanting to engage in anything remotely near the ‘city-slickers’.

As the lazy skeleton followed far behind the group, his eyes noticed something bright being waved around for attention. There in the middle of one of the darker cavern areas sat a lone Temmie with the golden flower, waving around a misspelled sign for anyone to visit the small village. It seemed that the Temmies had even given Flowey a blue and yellow stripe shirt. He seemed to really be trying to help as his vines picked up the sign with the Temmie still clinging onto it.

The skeleton got a sudden chill go down his spine, akin him get near the large cavernous area, without being noticed. Flowey spoke up to the flock of monsters, “ Howdy! I’m Flowey! Flowey the flower! And this here is my friiiiend~” He lead on while the group paused to watch the two odd tiny monster’s antics.

“ hO! I’m TeMmIE! Plz comb two awawa-our village! U can meet Tem and Tem and Bob, and-and lotsa things!” The happy hybrid flopped all over the sign the clearly misread ‘ 2 Tem Village’ with an arrow finger painted on. The crowd of monsters looked at one another before going along their way to ignore the smaller ones. “ U-Uhm, T-Tem Village d-dat way! OvR there-Pl-Plz…” The lone Temmie whined as she was ignored, the richer monsters having finer tastes than going to the small village comprised of boxes.

Flowey put the sign down and dug under into the soil, popping up in front of the crowd, “ H-Hey! Come on! We're not bad! Please, j-just visit them?! T-Their… Their so lonely…” A small handful of the more rowdy and rough monsters pushed the flower aside while the ones who avoided eye contact kept moving, doing their best to ignore him.

Once again Flowey popped up right in front of them, “ Come on people! Don’t be this way! Everyone deserves some company, right?!” One didn’t care about the two smaller monsters and kept walking, “ HEY! I’m warning you…”

“ Ohoho, well, la de da~! Seems like I should listen to the almighty flower! You guys go on up ahead." A hog like monster snorted, weaving his hoof like and through his Mohawk. It didn’t take long until the easily frightened, snobby, or weakly to move along while a group of thugs surrounded the flower.

" Okay... I tried being 'noice'" Flowey's eye twitched from all the aggravation of any monster denying company with the lonely misfits called Temmie. " Don't you know in this world. It's 'Hoi or Good-Boi'?" He said as his beady eyes enlarged into a hollow stare with two white pupils staring up at them while a malformed mouth and jagged teeth came up abruptly onto his face.

Since Sans was out of range, he couldn't see the large warning sign of the flower while those idiots had their backs to him. It only took a moment before screams rang out from the brutes of the group as vines skewered them, strangled them, or wrapped up their limbs, snapping them in half. Sans jumped out from his position and ran over to the chaos, seeing the lone Temmie actually run to the village in fear. They normally just waddled or vibrated to a direction instead of actually running unless they were playing one of their various silly games which made the skeleton all more worried. And to add things up the Temmie caught a glimpse of Sans before retreating.

While dust began to spread all over the ground of the cavern, bones pierced through the cloud of dust and dirt aiming for the flower. Flowey saw the pierced tipped bones launch to him and quickly shielded himself with a wall of vines. After which then spread out to swipe at the skeleton who dodged them but still received a hit here and there.
- 10/480
- 10/470
- 10/460
This continued all until a bone managed to slice a petal from the violent flower.
- 50/6000

The gold flower recoiled from the sting, " Grrrr-ENOUGH!" He snapped out, thick vines shot out from the ground, snatching up the skeleton. Sans struggled and wriggled around and tried teleporting away. but the vines seemed to be made up of magic to allow him an escape. " I just wanted to help! Ju-Just this once! But I keep being denied to do anything right! Do you know what it's like to be lonely-T-To have no one else there for you?!" He shouted hypothetically. Before the dangling skeleton could converse with him the flower continued. " OF COURSE NOT! You have you stupid brother! And the Temmies have each other-I don't even fit into this world anymore! I-I'm going to kill everyone besides the Temmies! They at least accept me when no one else would! Annnnd I'm starting with YOU~!" Flowey cackled out as the vines tightened their grip.

Thankfully for Sans, without wasting a Gaster Blaster, an audible slice was heard echoing through the area. The vines dropped, dragging the skeleton down with them. Sans groaned as he collided against the hard ground before sitting up and seeing what saved him. Behind a newly cut stem sat Grandpa Temmy with a sword made of pure Temtantium. He had come from Temmie's warnings who hid in the village. The small monster had decapitated the vile flower who somehow held on for a moment. Temmy looked down to him, " Tem sorry it had two bee dis way. Tem will bee sad againz just loike Semi. Semi was two hurt two heel. Tem had to mercy killz." Temmy's upper ears lowered as he frowned, for once not being so goofy and cartoony.

Flowey gasped out as his vision began to fade out, " I-I... I just... wanted... t-to-"


" Help out? Seriously Frisk?" The stubborn flower glared to their 'friend/sibling'. Frisk nodded cheerful as they carried his pot around the small games and events the Temmies had set up around the field that was used for small markets and events of the town. The old warrior, Gerson had banded up with the Temmies to make up a fundraiser for better things to help Frisk's new school. Speaking of which the elderly turtle saw the human with their family and walked over with his cane.

" Wahaha! There's the lil' tyke! Glad you all could make it to The Temraiser~!" He sang out as the eldest Temmie sat on his shoulder with a smile, both patting Frisk on the head, ruffling up their brown hair to make the child giggle.

Undyne loud out her boastful voice, “ WHY WOULDN'T EE?!” She yelled out so enthusacticly, happy to see her old hero.

“ Wahaha! Why hello there to you too Undyne, good to see you again ya lil’ whippersnapper! King Fluffy Buns, Miss Toriel, Alphys, and erm… Who are these two again?”He asked as he gave Papyrus a poke with his cane.

“ NYEH! I AM THE GREAT PAPYRUS AND THIS IS MY BROTHER SANS-PL-PLEASE STOP POKING ME SIR.” Papyrus yelled out, his only vocal volume stuck onto talking loudly.

As others gave their regards as the turtle did for them, they scattered off to help any Temmies or children, Toriel knowing quite a few of them as they were in her class. Gerson kept poking the taller skeleton as the older brother and Frisk watched, thoroughly entertained. Gerson looked over to Sans, his smile faltering a touch, “ Ahh Sans. Ah, yes, yes. I remember you. You use to come to my store to help with Undyne and brought this little tyke with you.”

“ I-I’M NOT LITTLE-NEH!” The pokes continued, as Sans gave a slight nervous smile.

“ oh wow, you really remember me huh? sure had a shell of a time back then.” He mentioned as good memories lowed by his thoughts.

“ Mmm… Yes they quite were. Ohoho, I remember you, your brother, and Undyne helping me with various things I asked of. But then… Then you stopped coming by. You and your little friend-urgh blasted old memories, what was his name again-“

“ must have been someone else cuz uhh, it was only me, paps, and undyne back then.” He smiled casually as the child listened in, curiously.

“ I could have sworn you had another friend… but what do I know, right? Wahaha! Me and Temmy need to go around and check in on some events, so go on and have fun yungin’s.” He said before slowly walking away, finally taking the cane away from Papyrus.


“ nope.”



Around an hour later after everything was completely up, many people had finally showed up. Sans walked around with Frisk, keeping an eye on the ever aggravated plant, “ man… I can’t believe the temmies actually put this stuff up together, let alone plan this. must have taken them two months or so-“

“ Actually only twenty minutes, which is a new record Sansy Boy.” Came a voice nearby the trio.

“ well lookie here. sup bobby boy?” Sans asked as they walked over to the one of the two intelligent Temmies who sat on a stool near a small pen of Temmies with children petting and hugging them.

“ Not much, oh hey there kid.” Frisk smiled, petting Bob’s cheek almost making him fall of his seat purring at the small scratches. Thankfully he caught his grip and pulled himself up avoiding his cat instincts to flop over onto the ground. He gave out a small chuckle,” Hehe, nice to see you again too.”

Sans looked up at the sign that was horribly misspelled, saying ‘ Peteming Zuu’. “ hehehe, nice pun.”

Bob happily rolled his eyes ignoring the chuckle from the other while Frisk knelt down next to the fencing then looking up to Sans with a puppy dog face. Sans noticed them as Bob welcomed in some paying customers to let their small boy in to pet some Temmies. “ sup kiddo?” He asked, Frisk pointing to a barrel that read ‘ Tem Flakes’ on it. “ aww, kid, you can pet them without an flakes-“ Frisk gave a sadder look as they held onto the angry flower’s pot. Sans eventually caved in and sighed, “ your killin’ me kid, your killin’ me. hey bob, how much for the flakes?”

“ Tch, hey, that kid saved us all, it’s on the house-just don’t over feed them though.” Frisk’s silent mode went to a small gasp of happiness, taking a small handful of he sugary looking flakes and holding their hand out in one of the fence's gaps.

Flowey groaned as he watched several of the annoying hybrids bounce to the fence and scarf up the treats from Frisk’s hand, making the child giggle from their and being let with a slimy water coating. They watched the Temmies frolic around as they saw the small boy who just came in walk to a Temmie. The Temmie hopped up into the air, floating there and vibrated itself to the young child took pictures of their child. The boy squealed out and ran to the fencing, holding up the hybrid monster, “ Mom! Dad! Can I keep her?!” He asked, his parents declining it, but still thought it was adorable since the Temmie as a living thing. The child shrugged it off and snuggled her for the time being as she made a squeaky toy sound. However it didn’t last as she then broke out into small red bumps, “ hOIves!”

The young boy, thinking he had done something wrong, panicked, and was almost into tears. But before doing so Bob grabbed a microphone and spoke into it, “ Congratulations! You found Hoivey! You earn a special prize!” The crying child held Hoivey with a confused look spread across his face. Hoivey then began coughing and wheezing before hacking up a life-sized Temmie plushie with no wet coating around it at all. The child put Hoivey down as she stretched her arms, grabbing it and giving it to him, smiling brightly behind her cluttered red face. The crying boy soon stopped his tears, seeing as she was fine, the bumps deflating. Bob lounged himself on the fencing, “ It’s so nice to see kids be so happy. It makes us Temmies feel better than ever.” He sighed in bliss.

Sans watched the events take place, smiling softly, glad to see the humans actually enjoying the monster’s company, in different ways. As the three departed from Bob, Frisk and Sans both noticed a teenager picking up a Temmie and chucking her. Sans glared to the teen harshly, only for Frisk to put a hand on him, pointing away where the cat like dog monster had been flung to. The teen was actually throwing the Temmie into a target sign which let loose, making another Temmie drop into a large encasing full of water with soap in it. The Temmie in the water saw around as a volunteering human took her out while a monster dried the Temmie off. Two more volunteers knelt beside the thrown Temmie checking up on her as she waddled around dizzily with a large smile. Once after checking to see if she was hurt or not she applauded the teen along with others before climbing onto the sitting panel in the encased water like structure. Another volunteer handed the teen a few Temmie-Fun-Bucks to purchase something the Temmies had found. Above the water dunker read out, ‘ Gib Tem Baths!’.

Sans blinked a bit, “ well then…”

“ That’s a fucking stupid idea.” Flowey uttered, receiving a light non-harmful bop on the back of his head by Frisk, “ HEY!”


As the three sat at a picnic table, enjoying the foods Toriel and Papyrus helped out with the Temmies, Sand and Frisk enjoyed their lunch as Temmies continued their small booths with people and monsters touring around. The two happened to overhear a few parents, humans and monsters alike comment good things on the small fundraiser led by Gerson and Grandpa Temmy. It made the skeleton be in a comfortable position, knowing the two races could get together making things better for the world. “ ya know kiddo… i gotta’ hand it to you. a year ago, i would have never thought about actually being happy for once. but heh, here we are.”
“ You mean for years…” Flowey said bitterly, getting a sudden shush from Frisk.

He looked about viewing the heartwarming scenes around them, each one helping one another. He started to wish his old friend and father were here to see the world be in a better place. The small child noticed him stare off into space, catching sight of a something gathering up at the bottom of their dunkle’s eye socket. Frisk put their food down, frowning for the moment, “ S-Sans?”

Sans snapped out of his thoughts and turned around to view the concerned child, quickly wiping away anything from his eye sockets with the soft blue sleeve, “ hehehe, sorry kiddo. was just thinking about something-“

“ You're not happy are you?”

Sans stared to the child, slightly shocked as that was the first thing they assumed, “ no, no, no. no, kiddo. you’ve got that all wrong. honestly, ever since you showed me the half of the reset button, i’ve been at peace.”

Flowey butted in, “ Then the fuck you going on about you big crybaby?!”

Sans glanced at the flower, his smile turning into a harsh smirk, “ wouldn't you like to know weed. but I can’t tell you since your being so hypocritical.”

“ How so?” Flowey scowled.

“ hehehe, you've been a weeping willow recently, i think you're the crybaby.”

Flowey’s expression changed drastically as he twitched one beady eye, “ D-Did you just… Call me… A CRYBA-“ Before he could finish and get into a demonic like state, his pot was suddenly pushed over, “ AHHH WHAT THE HELL?!” He looked over to see Frisk had accidently knocked over the pot with their elbow. They seemed to be staring at something in fear. “ FRISK WHY DID YOU DO TH-at?” He calmed down as Sans used the pot back up and view where the child was staring.


Incoming to the fundraiser’s entrance walked some of the PTA members with their children, made up of several parents and teachers. This included Sugar, several teachers and parents Toriel knew, a couple of men who normally backed Sans up when he was there when Toriel couldn’t be as they found him hilarious, and of course… The head of the PTA, being Max’s mother, with her dorky husband and two ladies who backed her up on any shit she pulled. All the while Zack was put in the very back, alongside the Snowdin Inn owner who had children herself. The group split up to take their children to some activities and to observe how the fundraising was going.

As Sans watched Max run off to possibly cause havoc, he eyed Patrick bumping into the old mighty ex-king while the leader of the PTA and her two associates made their way to the table. Thankfully Toriel had noticed them, along with Gerson and rushed over to the table. “ kiddo, go hang out with undyne, i don’t want that little shit kid to mess with you.”

Frisk nodded sadly as they reached for Flowey’s pot. “ I’m staying here. Go on ahead. I’ll be there in a few. I just want to know what’s going on. I'll behave.” Frisk sighed lightly, smiling as they shook their head, waving their hair in the wind. They knew Flowey some-what not really cared about them as they patted him on the head before rushing off to Undyne and Alphys.

Before Toriel and Gerson could get to the table as well as the other group, Sans gave an intrigued look to the flower who was glaring at the tree humans making way over. “ what’s with you all the sudden? i thought you didn’t give a shit about frisk.”

“ I don’t! But I give a shit if someone's giving them shit! Their mine to mess with!” He lied out, hissing at the skeleton.

“ ehh, whatever waters your roots.”


Once they all got to the table the main leader, gave a snobby look to the three and half monsters, “ Ah, you must be Mister Gerson.”

“ That I am ma’am. Are we doing something wrong?”

“ Mmm, no, but I would like to inform you to let the district know when your planning something and let us know in advance”

The turtle’s gaze shifted into confusion, his good eye sticking out, bemused, “ Erm… We did. A week ago.”

The lady turned over to one of her friends, “ Donna, did you get his forums or not?”

“ I thought I did, guess they must have slipped away somehow.” This gave Gerson the thought that it dint just make it, but rather was ignored since the girl-scouts had posted up fliers in the school.

“ Right, just don’t it happen again Mister Gerson.”

Gerson’s eyes squinted to the women, “ … Right. I’m going to go check up on Temmy, so if you’ll excuse me.” He explained and excused in order to not get bitter at the women.

The leader of the three looked to Toriel, “ As for you Miss Tutorial, I hear your holding my dear little Max back in your class.”

“ Actually, I am not Linda. He doesn't turn in his work and more than often picks on the other children. I offered to tutor him, but he says he needs to be at home right after school. Perhaps you could let him stay so I may help him-“

Linda out up a hand quickly, “ No, no, it’s fine. I’ll just talk to him about it is all.”


While Linda and the motherly goat chatted in a tension like way, Zack, Sugar, and two of the fathers came over nearby, standing at a tree next to the table, chatting, but mostly listening in. But just encase the two monsters need some back up, they kept a short distance for support. Sans mumbled out, “ you don’t hear me asking why the monsters have to be in the back of your group…”

He was soon cut off as he caught himself, staring up to see Donna and the other woman. His casual smile covering a frown, “ hello helen. donna. still up to putting hell-in earth i see.” He got a chuckle or two from the group nearby.

Helen sighed a bit, ignoring them, knowing far too well that when Sans was there to replace Toriel, his snarkyness was through the roof as he always opposed Linda’s opinions, letting other parents notice how bad she was with them, especially when it came down to the discussion of monsters. Sure Toriel stood her ground as well, but Sans took it to a new level since he really didn’t put up with anyone's bullshit anymore, and not having to worry about losing a job at the school.
“ Hello Sans… Keeping an eye on bullies recently? Or just kids that cause your child problems?”

“ is there a difference? i often watch over other kids, not just mine. honestly, do you watch over who your kids interact with, or only the monster ones?” He asked as his smiled widened.

“ Are you trying to call me out on something?”

“ oh no, no, no… just that you come off as a racist. but that isn’t new. right carlos?!” Sans asked out to one of the fathers who was more tan than the others. The man gave a look to Helen, waving. Helen waved back awkwardly as her gaze went back to Sans with a glare.

Before the two could start up again, Frisk ran over to their dunkle holding a small medal linked to a ribbon with a Temmie paw print on it, “ Dunkle Sans! Flowey! Look! I got this or beating a big race the Temmies were holding!” They smiled brightly, panting from their run. “ The other’s got stuff too, even if they didn’t win! One of the Temmies began hacking up things for them!”

Sans chuckled, patting Frisk atop the head, “ hehehe, congrats kiddo, sounded like a really tough race. go get something to drink with alphys, you earned it.”
Before Frisk could whisk away back to the couple in their family, Donna gave a roll of her eyes, “ I’m sure it wasn’t that difficult, I ran two miles just yesterday.” She scoffed quietly, making the small child frown and clutch the medal closely before walking away.

Sans watched Frisk walk to the couple, receiving a hug from Alphys after looking so upset, with some advice from Undyne, like how she would give to her scaly partner. Sans’ normal smile faded down a bit Thankfully or rather unfortunately he wasn’t the first to snap at the woman, and instead someone else did for him. “ That’s bullshit and you know it. If you did, you’d have lost more pounds than your letting on there.”

Sans’ attention sapped over to the two women as they gasped, Donna’s cheeks burning red, “ Who said that?!” Her eyes narrowing around the area before Helen tugged at her arm and tilted her head to the flower in confusion, unknown if it was the one making the ungrateful comment or not. “ Huh? A flower?” Flowey looked up at the two with an unimpressed look written across his face. “ Ohh, another monster…”

“ uhhh, i wouldn’t get to close to him if i were you donna…” Sans pointed out, but at the same time did want to see Flowey's interaction. The women examined the golden flower who soon put on his innocent smile.

Flowey’s apperance changed into a deformed and demonic look with gnashing teeth as he shouted out, “ HAIL SATAN!” He blurted out making t two woman jump back, nearly falling over.

A gravely yet sophisticated voice boomed out nearby, “ I TOLD YOU ALL, IT IS PRONOUNCED ‘ SA-TEEN!” The two women look in pure horror as a large red tinted horned monster with a malformed skull with teeth jutting out, hooves, and a long winding forked tail swooped around behind it. The only thing about the monster that stuck out from his black hallow eyes were small glass he adjusted, a black necktie, a grey sweater vest, and a bible underneath his massive arm. He walked by the small group, waving to the skeleton, “ Hey Sans.”

“ sup satine?”

“ Oh nothing much, just finishing up helping Gerson and the Temmies with some final adjustments.” Sans peeked around the large monster, eyeing a group of raggedy looking teenagers dressed in black.

“ what’s with the linkin park cosplayers following you?”

“ Oh… ‘Them’… Don’t mind them, their just my ‘followers’.”

One of them spoke out, waving his hand encased in a black glove, “ Will you overthrow the government and share to us loyal slaves your dark arts yet?!”

The hulking red monster groaned, his hand running down is face, “ For the last time Tony, no. Just for that, we’re going to help clean the Roland McDolan house before we help volunteering at the humane, non-kill shelter!” He called back out to his ‘followers who grumbled, one punching Tony's arm saying, ' Man, way to go!' and followed him past the table.

One girl scoffing as she exhaled smoke from her cigarette, “ Man, I thought the ruler of all darkness would be crazy about whores, bloodshed, chaos and virgins and just run rampant like a non-conformist.”

“ Yes well, it takes one to know one…”

“ So wait… Which one am I?”

“ … Ju-Just get into the damn van Lulu.” Satine rubbed his temples as he lead the rebellious teenagers of anarchy away.


“ Look big guy, I’m just saying you need to get a hold of your plant.” Patrick said to the mighty king.

The goatly king stroked his golden mane of a beard, “ That is much easier said than done. He has a mind of his own, he can thing for himself, much like your child.” He took a swig of fruit punch Toriel and Papyrus had made.

“ Hey, hey. My little champ, Max can restrain himself. Toriel just doesn’t see it.”

“ Hmm… I’m sure she hasn’t…” Asgore grumbled to himself, normally not being one known to become bitter.

“ Well, fellow teachers such as myself need to watch each other’s backs. Speaking of which, she could be doing considerably better if she wasn’t a-“
“ Monster?” Asgore raised a brow.

“ Ohoho, no, no. Well… Maybe a tad-But it’d be better if she wasn’t… well you know, a female. She could be doing much more productive things like cleaning or cooking-“

Asgore’s powerful hand crushed the cup he held with ease after hearing the statement. “… Excuse me, but are you saying that women shouldn’t have jobs?”
“ Look, I’m just saying that they can’t pull more effort than us hardworking guy can.”

Asgore’s eyes started to turn into a threatening glare which was highly unlike him, “ You do realize that us monsters had to read how human rules have changed in order to live here right? So, being human, you should know that women DO have a right to such things, as well as voting, correct?”

“ Well of course! It’s just that… Well they try so hard but always mess up in the end, so why let them try if they're just going to hurt themselves.”

“ No one is perfect. No matter how many times you tell that to yourself, you will always slip up somehow, someway. But you much rather have them stay at home like quarantined outcasts.”

Patrick folded his arms, giving a look, “ No, I’m not saying that at all… Here, here’s an example, your child over there. Look at what their wearing. Do you think a woman picked out those clothes for them or a man? Because, knowing women, they wouldn’t dare let their child wear a get-up such as that.”

Asgore blinked slowly, having been fed up with the neighborly chit-chat, “ Mettaton! Someone is being a nuisance to your new outfit for Frisk!” He hollered out, backing away so the feminine robot could charge right over to stop and wiggle his finger.

“ EXCUSE YOURSELF DARING! But you did NOT just diss on my niecephew like that!” He snapped his fabulous metallic fingers to the man.


Back with Toriel, she and Linda were still going at it, “ I just don't understand how you all expect to rack in enough money for this fundraiser. We, the PTA handle it much wonderfully ourselves.”

Toriel huffed, “ Oh, so that's why this fundraiser has a hundred dollar lead?”

“Look Toriel. We both know you mean well, but how can you when your kind are taking up jobs?”

" You mean the jobs one whose skilled at or ones that were looking for hire but didn’t have enough people? Because I’m very well aware of such things Linda. How did you deal with minorities before?” As the two mothers squabbled a bit, Linda had finally had enough o it and called over her group, which was basically jut Patrick, Helen, and Donna. Toriel had then called over her family while the flower continued to threaten the other two women.

“ FUCKING FIGHT ME HELEN!” Fowey screamed out in a fit of rage. Sans had to scoot the pot away from the overly-pissed flower threatening the two women.
Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for everyone to get there, Linda scoffed, “ I still don’t see how we can benefit from your kind Tori. We’ve done well without monsters before, so what can you all really help us out with?

Toriel’s snout scrunched up as she glared harshly to the stuck up mother. “ We can accomplish many things. I teach history, Alphys has a major in genetics and technology, Undyne is with the police force, Asgore is the best when it comes to gardening, Mettaton is television star, Napstablook is amazing at making music, and Sans even has a PHD! So what do you do Linda?”

“ W-Well, I deal with all the PTA meetings, own my very own restaurant as manager…” She trailed off a bit before clearing her throat as her eyes narrowed onto Frisk walking over, wondering what all the hubbub was about. “ Frisk, honey? Wouldn’t you rather be with your own kind? We all know you just use these monsters as a false security right?” Both Asgore and Undyne had to hold Toriel back from her temper getting loose at the sudden question.

Frisk looked up to the small group of humans then back to their make-shift family. It took a moment before they soon spoke up. “ And go back into the orphanage to wait another twelve years or no one to love me again? Why would I do that? Nobody wanted me then, and nobody would want me now, except for them.” They pointed to the monsters, making Toriel calm her nerves from the precious child’s discussion. “ You see this? This right here?” They waved their arms and hands to the mixed up group. “ This… This is my family.” They turned around to face the human adults, fiddling with their hands, “ I found it all on my own... It’s small and broken.” They said softly, walking over, picking up the flower’s ‘Best Friends’ pot, cradling it and smiling, “ But it’s still good.”

Chapter Text

The young toddler of the two skeleton brothers squealed happily as he rode on the prince's back who was on all fours and bouncing around like a ‘kid’ would do, bleating here and there. Sans chuckled as he watched his younger sibling have a merry time, pretending Asriel was a bucking bull while he was a Lone Star-Ranger. Papyrus was filled with unending glee as he tugged his crimson scarf off from around his neck and spun it around in the air like a lasso, “ YEEHAW! NYEHAHAHA!” Just then the prince skidded to a halt, making the toddler fly off his back and straight into a pile of soft cushioned pillows. Papyrus waved his tiny arms before managing to get back up and adjust his small cowboy hat.

While Asriel pretended to eat some grass-rather chewing on Sans’ scarf he forgot to pick up, Papyrus readied his little body, grabbing is pant and pulling them up. Papyrus then started a silent strut like the cowboys he saw on Human Televisions and waved his over-sized scarf around. Finally the toddler burst into the air, swinging the red strip of clothing around Asriel’s wrists and ankles, pulling him onto his side with a small yet hardy fall to the ground. Asrie called out, bleating like a normal animals until Papyrus climbed over on top of him and tightened the red scarf, before pumping up his tiny fists into the air in a champion like pose, “ NYEHA!”

Sans chuckled out as he clapped, applauding the two. Papyrus smiled brightly before untying the knot from under Asriels limbs. “ Wow, you're getting really good at that!”

“ JUST DOIN’ MY PART, YA…YA… UHM… YA LIL’ DOGGY PARTNER, BUCKAROO?” Asriel snickered as the younger child tried to maintain a western accent.

Suddenly Gaster walked by in somewhat of a rush, “ Alright, Sans you ready?!”

“ mmmm…” Sans hummed a bit, thinking.

“ Sans, please we don’t have time for your slow response!” Gaster panicked out to his eldest son.

“ mmmmm… yeah.” He said with a smirk, making the scientist before him sigh and pinch the ridge of where his nose would have been if he had one left.
“ Okay-My young prince, we shall be back very shortly, remember to follow my instructions just encase we don’t come back on time. Make sure Papyrus gets his nap, some well made snacks, lunch, keep him entertained, read some books if you must, do not let him wander off, make sure he gets a bath-“

Asriel laughed out at the sight of the fearsome judge being an overly-protective father, “ I know, I know! You can always count on me Mister Gaster!” He saluted up to the lanky skeleton before picking the toddler. Both older skeletons couldn’t help but stiffened their laughter at the incredibly adorable sight as Papyrus tugged on the prince’s floppy ears. “ I can look dignified holding a baby, thank you very much.” He commented before the smaller child climbed on top of Asriel’s soft white furred head, his legs blocking the goat’s sight,” Papyrus, you’re not helping…”

It didn’t take to terribly long for the two older skeletons to whisk away out into the snowy field of their front yard and vanish without a trace when Asriel looked back to say one last goodbye wave. He looked about at the front door, puzzled as to how the two vanished so quickly. It was made apparent Sans hadn’t told him or Papyrus yet as the small child shifted his tiny eyes around, “ WOW, THEY’RE FAST!”

“ Shoot, no kidding. So Paps, what do you wanna’ do~?!” He smiled with his tiny fangs poking straight out.


After a while of playing games, talking, a movie, and lunch, Papyrus seemed to go downwards into nervousness or rather not being himself. At first Asriel thought he had been doing something wrong, being a horrible babysitter that worried him deeply. “ P-Papyrus?” The young monster looked up as he poked he shuffled his feet, not getting a word out. He looked rather upset, which the prince had never seen before, well aside from being picked on, which Sans dealt with swiftly. “ Uhm…I-I’m sorry, b-but am I doing something wrong? I’m really sorry, I mean this is the first time I’ve babysat all by myself and-“

“ HUH?” Papyrus’ concerned gaze morphed into a shocked one before he smiled brightly, “ NO, NO! YOUR DOING GREAT! IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME, NYEHEHE!” Asriel’s fur seemed to lower as he heard the other, calming down from any type of stress. He smiled softly, he always thought the baby bones had an adorable laugh.

“ Then what is it? You know I’m here to help you out.”


Asriel let out a silent sigh as his thoughts made his spine shiver from the ‘shack incident’. “ Mmm, nothing really happened, he was just working on something that made him tired.” He technically didn’t lie, he told himself. The training was something Sans was working on, so it wasn’t a lie. “ But what could be so important that they won’t even let you go in the back… Hrm. Well… Ya know, those two won’t be back for a while, so how abut we-“


Asriel rubbed his furry palms together as a thought came up. It was odd for him to actually be a bit devious, but that might have been rubbed off by hanging around Sans, Undyne, and Grillby. “ What if we play a game then? You let me know if I get warmer to it or colder. We wouldn't’ actually be doing something wrong. And besides unlocking that back room could be the prize.”

Papyrus scrunched up his tiny face to think to himself, the face staying there for quite a bit of time before nodded, “ OKAY!


As the two went out and to the shed, Papyrus hid behind Asriel’s leg, shivering a bit, “ You okay Pappy?” He asked in a soothing tone, petting Papyrus' skull gently.


Asriel chuckled, patting the toddler’s shoulder, “ Oh, we’ll be fine.” Honestly Asriel didn’t want to go into that damned shed again, but he had to endure it for Papyrus’ sake. “ There’s no giant monst-“ He quickly cut himself off once he opened the wooden door, stepping in, closing said door and turning on the light reveled a monumental sized skull like structure sitting there in the middle of inside of the shed. The large skull had enormous hollow and black filled eyes, rubbery wires jutting out and into it on the sides, and a large gaping maw that looked to be side-ways. The two boy clung to one another and screamed out before Papyrus’ screaming lowered as he noticed the creature not to be moving.

Asriel however was still screaming out in a high pitched bleat of horror. Thankfully Papyrus tugged at his sleeve, making him come back to reality. Boy was he glad no one was around to hear him or see that a younger child was braver than him. “ IT’S NOT MOVING. IT CAN’T BE DEAD, RIGHT? IT’S NOT DUST.” Papyrus pondered as the two slowly crept to it. Papyrus waddled over to the behemoth metallic skull and poked it, “ IT’S NOT ALIVE, I THINK?”

Asriel deep in a breath as he followed closely behind still quite shooken up. “ Hmm… Wait, actually I think this is the thing Grillby asked one tie n truth or dare. He asked Alphys about a giant monster eating things, but it turns out it was just a machine.” He knocked against the metallic plating, creating a low rumbling echo.


“ Don’t know. Not even Alphys knows… Your dad must have brought it here to work on it.”


Asriel patted the skeleton's shoulder softly, “ Hey, hey, it’ll be okay.”

“ O-OKAY…” Papyrus ushering seemed to slow down. “ ALSO THAT BIG THINGY IS CREEPING ME OUT.”

“ Least I’m not the only one.” Asriel remarked as he stared at the blank dark hollow eyes of the odd machine. Thankfully it wasn’t hooked up to anything and it seemed wires led out from the very top to something surging with power. Asriel figured it might have been powered by some type of battery in a ceiling at the labs, so the two wouldn’t have to worry about setting the monstrous thing off. Then came Papyrus leading Asriel around the shed, avoiding the large machine in the middle.

“ COLD. COLD… CHILLY…OKAY WARRRRRMY. WARM. WARMER! N-NO COLD AGAIN! WAIT! HOT! HOTTER! WHY ARE STANDING THERE, YOU'RE ON FIRE!” Papyrus squealed out as Asriel watched him flail his tiny arms, holding back laughter from the cute site. Asriel looked over at a table among other science looking things Gaster must have put back after Sans’ training. The goat carefully opened a compartment from the smooth steeled table and pulled out a a golden looking skull shaped key with a red ribbon around it like a necklace. “ YUSSSSH!”Papyrus cheered out with a determined face.


The two carefully went to the back of the cozy home, Asriel grabbing a fallen stick from one of the many trees with fir leaves still all over it. The goat whisked it around in the snowy ground to cover up their small footprints just encase. Once the two got to the door Papyrus stood up on his tippy-toes, inserting the key and turning it around in a jiggling motion. A soft click rang out in the quiet around them and Papyrus slowly opened the door. The two went in, locking the door yet again and turning on the florescent lighting above them, shining down like the lab or a hospital. Inside was a medium sized room that seemed to be stretched out with all sorts of scientific ting about. Studies, books, equipment, blue-prints, and a rather large sheet huddled in the furthest corner.

The curious toddler waddled around, trying to find something that seemed to make the odd noises he heard, but couldn’t seem to find anything. Same as the young prince whose eyes became fixated on the blue prints on the counter table built into the wall. He scanned over them, but couldn’t understand the foreign language on them. It was like a special code in symbols, each explaining a small factor of the main objective on the blueprints. Some illustrations of the white chalky outlining went from large tubes, to the skull machine, the barrier, the core’s power, a type of machine with a clock, and to a portal.

As Asriel examined the sketches, Papyrus soon grew bored and decided to doodle on some blank paper, making a gift for his small family. He drew out himself, Sans, and his father, all smiling together and holding hands as much as a stick figure could. He showed Asriel who praised the childish drawing, giggling at how proud the younger monster was, holding it dearly with a huge smile.

Just then, the two gasped out as the door’s handle twisted, mumbling heard from outside the door. The door swung opened and Sans in a white lab coat and goggles strolled in, curious to how the lights were on out didn't question it, shrugging it off thinking he or his father forgot to turn them off. He went to the table, placing various things, then bending over to retrieve some of the cluttered pages on the floor from his dad, but stopped. The skeleton eyed the paper Papyrus had drawn on then looked back , scanning the room. His eyes searched high and low until he noticed a small bit of movement under the lumpy sheet in the corner. He gave a gentle smile o the sheet and put the drawing into his coat’s pocket. Once he picked up the other papers, putting them back onto the table in a nice organized stack, he turned around, nearly falling over from the sudden surprise.

Gaster stood reading a paper or two, “ jeez dad.. scared the hell outta’ me. i told you, i’d put up the stuff and get the big doofy machine in the shed.”

“ Yes, yes I know. And not to worry, I got it already. I’m just reading over these new files before I put the R.E.S.E.T. up… Speaking of which.” With a snap of his skeletal fingers, a large odd cylinder machine with a display on the side jutted out with buttons appeared in the middle of the room.

Sans watched as the older man put the files on the counter table and headed to the sheet. He quickly ran over in front of him and spread out his arms, “ wait, wait! here, let me get it! y-you used a lot of energy getting that big machine here and back, and then bringing back this thing!” He smiled wide, nervous, knowing full well if his dad saw anyone in here but Sans, he’d flip.

“ Haha, oh your such a good assistant, but really, I’m fully capable-“

“ but I just lazed today, come on, let me get it!”

“ Sans, really you don’t need to. Besides, when we get back to the lab, I can get onto you of what needs to be done, making sure you don’t loaf around-“

“ aww, come on dad! puhleeeeease! ju-just this once!”

Gaster’s charismatic smile turned sour, wondering what had gotten into his son all of the sudden. His eyes narrowed, “ Sans… Are you hiding something?”

“ nnnno.” Sans said… You know, like a liar. Gaster’s hard shelled scientist started to creep out as he lifted one and, making Sans be levitated by a purple mist. “ hrng! d-dad!” Gaster walked past his son and carefully moved the sheet to see-


“ Those idiots…” Grumbled the golden flower as his stem stuck out from the icy ground, his eyes keen on watching the two skeleton brothers go about their day happily… Well, technically Papyrus, while Sans faked it. He was getting good ever since Flowey-well Asriel had saw him last. “ Pth, who needs them. 'OH I HAVE THE BESTEST SIBLING IN THE WHOOOLE UNDERGROUND~!'” He nastily said out to himself. Then went to mimic the shorter brother, “ 'hehehe, bro you're so cool. i’d do anything for you. unlike that one kid.' ' WHAT ONE KID?' 'oh, no one. just some crybaby who can’t help anyone-GRAAAH!” Flowey snapped out in pure rage, a vine quivered over to wipe away something in the flower’s eyes. Finally gaining back his composure, he sighed, laying down in the snow as he watched the peppy young skeleton run off to set up his puzzles and japes. All while he spotted the shorter older brother pretend to sit there until the other was gone from sight and finally got up, walking into the back of the house. Flowey inhaled a deep breath, preparing himself for his next actions, which excited him since he never did this before, but also scared him for being so new and strange.


A month went by as Flowey and Sans established a working relation and peace treaty in order to fix the machine that had ruined so many lives, and s much time. The two weren't really on friend terms even if Flowey had to put up the act to not upset Papyrus, further irritating Sans to not want Flower’s help at all. The two were the only ones who truly knew about the machine where as Alphys and Undyne merely thought it had been destroyed since the ‘Core Incident’. Papyrus might have remembered, but ever since that rock fell upon his head, his memory became fuzzy and hazy of what had happen before and during the events. Flowey had gone without harming a single monster thus far even if Sans still didn’t trust him by checking his LOVE.

Truth be told, Flowey did somewhat, well not enjoy, but thought of the odd company as a safety blanket, though the skeleton was still wary of the flower, given the past tings he could recall from previous resets. But during this run, the flower tried his hardest with the brainy skeleton to finally fix and patch up the machine. Eventually Sans managed to drag his chubby lizard friend from her own chambers of depression to help with it. After some explaining from the skeleton and flower, Alphys hopped too, making sure everything would run smoothly this time. And finally it had been rebuilt and fixed up to date, now with some needed and superior technology.

The day they finished it, Alphys collapsed, passing out into a peaceful slumber from working so hard on it. The other two however were just too eager and transported it t the core, courtesy of Sans’ teleportation technique. There, in the middle of the dead of night Sans made sure all was well while Flowey connected the source of power from the core’s power that lit The Underground with energy, plugging it into the machine at a low percentage. With the core charging up the machine and preparations in order, the two stared in awe and yet dismay as they recalled upon what this thing had done to them both, altering their lives forever. “ welp… here it is. i-i can’t believe we did it…”

“ Y-Yeah…” The two sat there n silence, watching it charge up.

“ he-hehe… i-i’ll finally get to save my dad. we can finally go with his original plans, whatever that was.”

Flowey frowned a tad, “ W-What about Asriel?”

“ … i’m going to break off being friends with him the day before the incident. it’s… it’s best he stays away from me.”

Flowey’s face scrunched up bitterly, “ You still blame him, huh?”

“ huh? no, no, no! well… just a teeny tiny bit. a-and besides he got over it a month later and found his real best friend and sibling. hell, maybe dad could do some tests on the human, find a better way to free us since azzy was to light-hearted to go through with it.”

The flower’s roots twisted around themselves tightly, visible vines that poked out like arms curled on the ground. Sans tilted his head to view the suddenly moved flower, “So… you rather break his heart to keep him safe until he finds the fallen human… j-just so scientists c-can take them away and-and do tests on them? LE-LEAVING HIM ALL ALONE AGAIN?!”

“ hey, cool it there chili pepper, i’m just doing what i think is right. i mean, yeah he’ll be all alone, but he’ll get to see the world out there and rule over some of it one day. but yeah, leaving him alone might be what’s best for the greater good, righ-“ The world around Flowey went dark, Flowey sighed lightly before pushing the bright red Reset button.

Again he tried t fix it up, but only became enraged as Sans kept his same remark. Flowey losing his control and brutally slaying the skeleton. Again, he reset after that carnage and was shocked to hear Sans tell him, he would stay friends with Asriel and help him out. Even going as far to stop him from going through Chara’s plan.

“ come on flowey, maybe this time we can fix everything. we can do it together.” Sans said gently as he knelt down, extending is bony hand to the golden flower. This was what Flowey wanted… Right? Then why was everything spinning around. Memories collided against his mind painfully, visions of what had happened in the past now intertwining with the present he saw before himself right now. His stem moved back, he couldn’t get the vivid images that were ingrained in his mind. The sights, the screams, the choices. He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t go through with this. He was to scared, to cowardice, he was just… too much of a crybaby.

Reality seemed to suddenly pour in as Flowey looked up seeing vines hold up a weak and dyeing Sans who gasped out slowly for air, even if e didn’t need it. Flowey gasped and backed away as his tiny stem could, his true face coming out from its hardened shell. “ I-I.. S-Sans! I-I didn’t mean to-I! I really! I didn’t mean to do this! I just wanted to help! I-I didn;t mean to!” Asriel cried out. This was one of the few times where h never really meant to hurt anyone, but had by accident.

Before Asriel could beat himself up, Sans gave a small soft smile, chuckling, “ hehehe… well that explains why you knew about this stuff… if i had known it was you. i wouldn't have let you be with me before i-i went through. m-makes sense why you f-flipped out… remembering all that stuff… you j-just kinda babbled on to yourself. you're just scared. th-that’s okay. i had a feeling this wasn’t going to work out. but, m-maybe… in the future w-we can be friends again?” He said, petting Asriel’s cheek before disintegrating into a cloud and pile of dust.

Asriel soon reset and laid in the garden of his ever going hell to a starting point into the world. He watched the daily dew of the water that had been poured on the other flowers and grass drip down. He was so close, but Sans was right. He was too scared to actually go through with it, much like Chara’s plan. He had only ever tried to actually fix the machine three times, that being his last, know that he fully understood he just couldn’t go through with it. He curled up to sleep off the horrid feeling dwelling deep inside him, thinking of better times. Times before ‘The Core Incident’. The times where he and his old friend put together the-

“ BEST FRIEND BRACELET!” Exclaimed the overly happy skeleton to the young child. He showed off the bracelet that he kept hold on for all the years of being in The Underground. “ I CAN’T EXACTLY RECALL HOW I GOT THEM, BUT EVEN MY LAZY BROTHER, ALPHYS, AND UNDYNE GOT SOME! SO FRISK! SINCE YOU WERE MY FIRST FRIEND-WELL BESIDES FLOWEY OF COURSE, AND HAVE DONE SO MUCH FOR ME, I HERE BY BESTOW TO YOU, THE OTHER FRIENDSHIP BRACELET!” He smiled brightly, kneeling down to the couch where the human sat, sliding the smoothed rocks onto their wrist. He then flipped his wrist along with Fisk and put the two larger center stones together, making a heart symbol that had been carved onto. Frisk suddenly threw up their arms, throwing them both over the tall skeleton’s shoulders to give him a tight loving hug.

Papyrus soon did the same to the small child while Flowey sat on his usual spot on the coffee table, along near Frisk sat the skeleton’s older brother who watched the two, feeling touched. Flowey however rolled his beady eyes, making a gagging look and turning around harshly to avoid seeing the sweet sight. Once the skeleton let to go do something, possibly his turn for doing the dishes, Frisk looked over to Flowey frowning a tad. They leaned over to scoop him up, drawing him back as they fell back into their spot leaving off the warmth from their body. The gradually grumpy and annoyed flower turned around to snap at them,” What?!”

“ S-Sorry. I didn’t know he was going to do that. You know that your my best friend though, right?”

Flowey scoffed, “ Tch, please, spare me your thoughts of ‘friiiiendship’!” He spat out in a mocking one. “ I’m fully aware that Papyrus is your best friend, Kidd is your crush, and I’m…”

He trailed off once he noticed Frisk hadn’t changed their face from mentioning how they enjoyed the monster child’s company, but instead grew a smirk when Flowey referred to himself. “ Well? What are you then~?” The brunette snickered quietly, receiving a snarled glare from the tiny flower.

“ … I’m your sibling. Not your best friend.” He mumbled out.

Frisk gave a concerned smile, holding up the clay pot, “ You can be both. I wrote ‘Best Friends’ on this for a reason-“

“ NO!” He suddenly screamed out, making the lazy skeleton shoot up in attention as he was only mildly listening in, more interested on what he was watching. He started to settle down after Flowey lowered himself into his pot, almost ashamed. “ I-I mean… Look. There’s differences between friends and family. Friends will do almost anything for someone they care about, but friends… Well, friends can break apart.” He said quietly, thinking the skeleton couldn’t hear him. Sans went back to leaning on the sofa’s emerald arm to watch his show, or at least pretending to do so. “ While family, especially siblings. They don't have to agree on something to be connected. But if one of them does something bad… The other can’t forget about it, pretend it never happened, or just fill in that hole. They’ll always be connected to the person, no matter how many times a family removes hem. They’ll always be there in your family tree. Now yes, you might do anything for me, but I wouldn’t for you. And if we broke apart… That’d be like Sans leaving Papyrus. So we can only be family... I-I don;t want to be alone again... I mean, I don’t agree on most things with you, and if I do something bad, I’ll still be there no matter what. You understand?”

Frisk sighed, nodding sadly before they held the pot close to their chest trying to simulate a hug. Frisk really did want the perpetually pissed off flower to have a friend. But after what he had gone through, Frisk could understand him not wanting one, aside from him not being able to care. They put the clay pot back onto the small table and looked over their new bracelet. Their attention then drawing onto their dunkle who had the sudden feeling the kid was looking at him.

Sans’ pupils shifted over, low and behold, his hunch of the kid was right. Sans casually swerved s skull around with his typical smile, “ sup kiddo?

Frisk pointed to their bracelet then to Sans, “ mmm… sorry kiddo, too lazy to try and read ya right know.” He closed his eyes, the perpetual smirk still in place as he put his arms under the back of his skull, resting n the couch’s arm. He had a feeling the nosy kid was going to start with the questions, and Sans found it easier to deal with them by avoiding eye contact.

Frisk let out a small groan, watching the cheeky skeleton do this to them. Again, yes Frisk could talk pretty well, but didn’t like to that much growing up, seeing as there normally wasn’t anyone to talk to at the orphanage since they would constantly have to wait for more children to come in. “ Dunkle Saaaaans." They whined out, " You big butt.”

“ excuse you, i do not have a big butt-“

“ YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE AN ASS!” Shouted the aggressive flower, only for Sans to ignore him.

Frisk shook their head before continuing, “ Papyrus said you got one or two of those bracelets. If you have one, then where’s the other? I'm pretty sure you have a friend somewhere who has the other one?”

Sans kept his smile on, now making it cover up any real emotions like he use to, “ eh, i might have given it to grillby or my pet rock. i use to ask paps if he wanted to have the other one, but he was persistent to get a friend, much like the flower said. can’t really remember who i gave it too, if i did anyways. think it got lost or something over the years. but that’s in the past, so why bother?”

His eyes snapped open as he heard buttons of a phone being pressed, quickly sitting back up to see Frisk with their cell phone Alphys had updated them with. Frisk looked directly into the skeleton’s surprised eyes, pretty proud at themselves for catching him off guard for once, “ Don’t worry, I’m just going to call Everyone until I know who your friend was-“

“ kid, please don’t.” His tone went serious.

Frisk’s triumphant smile soon faded away,” Huh? Why?”

“ look… it’s in the past okay? just… let it go. just keep smiling and go forward, for me.” Sans’ smile had turned into a worried one, along with his voice shimming down into a somewhat hurt tone. Frisk bit their lip, they utterly hated when Sans looked like this or sounded like this. They put away the cell phone as thoughts of the first thirteen runs played over in their mind in a loop. How they couldn’t control themselves, being dragged along by Chara’s spirit, or rather the left over repression of anger and hate. The horror, pain, and sorrow that Sans splayed across his face always tore up Frisk on the inside " whew… thanks kiddo. Don’t worry me like that.” Frisk nodded, sighing slowly, frustrated that they weren’t going to get to know about their dunkles past… yet again. “ i’m gonna' go get a soda, you want anything kiddo?” Frisk nodded, pointing to him then their self, “ got it, soda for you too-“

“ He-Hey! What about me?!”

Sans’ tired eyes went to the flower, “ hehehe, yeah sure. i’ll fetch you some water.” He said before he slid off the couch, heading to the kitchen.

“ H-HEY! I CAN DRINK AND EAT YOU ASSHOLE!” Flowey growled out as the skeleton let him, not responding.


But now that he was gone, it was time for Frisk to try and crack another mystery. “ Flowey?”

“ Ugh, what now?!”

“ You said you had a friend aside from Chara, who was it?”

“ Why the flying fruity fuck should I tell you?”

Frisk soon hopped off the couch, kneeling down to the table with a determined look, “ Because you can tell me anything. Or do you want to end up like Sans who keeps his tracks covered, Asriel?”

Flowey’s breath hitched, whenever Frisk would say his true name, he couldn’t ignore them as easily. It was only when they were serious, and the child still kept the promise of not letting anyone else know who e was deep down. “ I hate it when you use that against me.”

“ I know, and I’m sorry. But it’s the only way I can figure things out.”

“ Yeah, yeah, I know. I can’t tell you their name, cuz' it just pisses me off. An-And... I’m not ready to. But I will let you know that… They died a long time ago…” He said, lowering is stem down. Sure he meant it in a metaphorical way, but he much rather not mention that detail to Frisk.

“ … D-Dead, dead? Or… Dead to you?”

Flowey’s beady eyes lifted themselves sadly to the human, “ That’s for you to determine.”

Frisk puffed up their cheeks slightly, kind of frustrated by not getting a real answer, but they knew to push the flower since they were the only ones Flowey could actually count o. And with that slight build of trust he would sooner or later open up to them, much like other things, unlike the quirky skeleton. “ Can I at least ask what they were like?”

“ Fffffine! Jeez your persistent. Anyways, they were sweet, brave, a-and so happy.” He started to recall what seemed to be some of the best times off his short life, a genuine smile spreading across his face, “ We use to do everything together. It was just us l-like it was meant to be. I-It… It was so beautiful. Never felt more alive than when I was with them. We took life to a whole nother level-“ Since Flowey was remembering so much, it was now the best time to ask him one last thing.

" What happen?”

“ Hehehe… They left me… I was all alone again. Then I met Chara. I-I thought they could fill up that hole. But…” Frisk quickly stepped in, petting the flower’s head as his memories started to fill up with the terrible ones that happened afterwards in his fragile mind. “ I don’t want to talk about them anymore…”

“ Shh it’s okay, you don’t have to Flowey. Here how about we move on. You’ve given me enough information… Say, do you want to get back at dunkle Sans?”

Flowey sniffled before looking to them with an odd twist on his face, “ Wha-“

“ I know you two don't like each other and Sans hasn't told me literally anything about himself. So, do you know anything about him? Any dirt?”

Flowey’s frown soon sparked and perked up into a sinister grin, “ Ooooh, now this is interesting, where did this come from?” He cooed out.

“ Let’s just say I learn from the best.” Frisk giggled, giving a small wink to the flower. They knew how to get onto his side, being sneaky and stroking a bit of his malevolent ego always did wonders.

“ Oooohoho~! ‘m flattered. Heh, what a wonderful idea. Now where to begin… You remember that machine in the back of his house, you saw it right?” Frisk nodded intently, “ Well… That machine was actually meant to be-“

“ or not to be? but then again, seeing as you’re a flower, i thought you wouldn’t mind bees.” Chuckle Sans who seemingly came out of nowhere, being rewarded a small screech from the other two. His gaze set intensely on Flowey as his left eye flashed a warning sign of bright blue.

“ I… I was just telling Frisk.. About-“

“ don’t even try it pansy boy.” He waggled his finger to them both, “ you seriously need to start budding out of other people’s business and keep to yourself, much like you do with everyone but frisk. sorry to break it to ya kiddo, but you can’t trust him, he's constantly lying.”

Frisk soon looked rather disappointed, “ But I can’t trust you either.”

“ k-kid, that’s not what i meant-“

“ No, no, it’s okay. I understand. I shouldn’t have asked or pushed you both into certain things. Maybe… Maybe it’s best I don’t know certain things. I’m sorry. Never-mind what I said Flowey, it’s not important. Just… Just have to keep smiling and move forward.” They gave a small hidden smile to Sans, not wanting to make him feel guilty or anger him from Flowey’s aid. “ Just please don’t get mad at Flowey, I asked him first. It's my fault, not his.”

The short skeleton looked away, shameful of himself for suddenly pinning the blame on the flower, but also not wanting to upset the child, “ ah jeez... you’re killin’ kid, you’re killin’ me. i’m not gonna’ get angry at you…” Frisk looked up at him remorsefully, “ ooooor the daffodil.”

“ Golden Flower!” Flowey corrected him.

“ right, whatever. uhm… here.” Sans said as he passed the young human two cans of soda. “ i’ll be right back, need to go see if paps wants one or not.” He said quietly as he got u and left the two. Once he got into another room, he quickly stood aside by the wall where the two couldn’t see him. He kept silent to listen onto the two before moving on to actually check upon something before returning to his spot to watch his show with the others.


“ So now can I tell you?”

“ No. I don’t want to know from behind peoples backs anymore. And I rather you not get into more trouble.” Frisk remarked, sitting back into their spot on the sofa with a loud sigh flowing out from them. “ I don’t want to think about it right now. I’m sure he'll let me know when he’s ready, like you did.”

“ Frisk! He’s never going to open up to you! He hasn’t in years! Hell, he hasn’t with anyone-“

“ Then why did he get you a soda instead of water?” Flowey’s yelling ceased as Frisk asked him this. “ He’ll open up eventually now the resets have stopped. He doesn't have anything to hide now that he can finally move on. I… I just need to wait until he trusts me.”

“ Fine! Whatever, have it your way! But I must ask, do you really not trust him?”

“ Of course I trust him. I only said that I didn’t because I was panicking.”

The flower gave out a huff of bitter frustration before a chuckle replaced the annoyed noise, “ You really are an idiot.”

“ Takes one to know one, considering I learned it from you.” Frisk said quickly, making the Flower burst into a small it of laughter as this was his twisted type of humor.

“ Oh! Touche’ you bad kid you!” Frisk joined their ‘sibling' with some small chuckles and passive-aggressive banter that was more of just poking fun at one another rather than being too serious. The tension finally passed, Sans moved himself away from the wall, stuffing his hands into his pocket and heading off to the upstairs. He thought about what Frisk had said… They actually trusted him. Maybe he really could open up to them. Apparently Flowey had, and he was the biggest pain in the ass in the whole house. It had been a while since someone besides his dear brother actually put that much faith into him. Sure Alphys knew him somewhat well enough, but that didn't necessarily mean she trusted him that much. The only other trust of that extent was Asriel. And Sans had let the future prince down. And now with a new life without pretending to care and finally express his true emotions slowly, he might actually be able to tell the child who had done so much for him and his brother.

As he entered is room, closing the door behind with his pinky fuzzy slippers he would often wear inside, he let out a content sigh. He told himself that if someone finally trusted him that much like Papyrus, then he would let them know. But not right now, the moment would have to wait. But until then, he knelt down to his bed, lowering himself down and reaching a pile of old dirty socks no one dare to touch. He shifted it about in the pile until it came across a sleek and smooth metal. With a small gin, he retrieved a key and went over to a cabinet within his table, sliding the key in to open the drawer. Inside the compartment sat a shoe-box that had seen much better days with dust fathering up on the top of it.

He took the small box out, placed it onto his lap as he sat on the edge of his raggedy mattress. He hesitantly stared at the box which had a ice of string strewn around it in a nice tidy knot with the words ‘To Sans’ nearly faded under it. He carefully unwound the sting and lifted the lid, placing it on his side on the cushioned bed. Sans' eye were drawn to stare down directly into the old worn out box where lay an old photo of him and the young prince happy as could be while various lights and rides were visible in the background. The box also contained an old VCR tape that was unlabeled, a long forgotten dried up flower crown made up of various flowers, and an old dusty bracelet. The mournful skeleton snapped his fingers, making a better kept bracelet appear laying next to the lid. He picked it up and examined it before gently picking p the old one from the box. San made the two larger stones clack together, forming a carved in heart symbol. “ hehehe… my best friend.” His skeletal and cold fingers clutched the bracelets tightly as he held them up to his forehead so is blue sleeved arms could hide away the pained look, only letting his sad broken be seen at the sides.

Chapter Text

The young prince paced around in his colorful room, kicking around a small toy about. He paused suddenly to look up his bed, sighing “ Okay guys… What should I do?” He asked with a determined and highly motivated look. Unfortunately all he got were vacant blank stares of his toys that lined up all over the mattress, each smiling or just staring out into space with little to no personality at all. Asriel stayed silent for a few moments before putting out his furry palm and slamming his other hand as a curled up fist into it, “ Yeah! You're right! I should go over a-and at the very least give him something! Even Mister Gaster won’t stop me, y-yeah! I can do this! I can pull this off!” He exclaimed out to his band of toys, running off… Only to come back. “ Wait… What about mom?” Again his only answer were non responsive from the stuffed animals he often had his tea parties with. His floppy white now ear twitched, eyes glancing over at a smug looking pig looking creature, which made his victorious smile falter down, “ Darn it Keith! Why can’t you be more optimistic?! O-Or at least change your name. Please? I’m embarrassed to hear that say it. Boris, try that.” He gestured to stuffed toy, again only silence came through to him.

After a few minutes, Asriel had gotten a piece of cinnamon-butterscotch pie, wrapping it up carefully and putting the treat into a small backpack, which he then strapped himself with. Once it was secure he opened up his window and waggled his poofy stub of a tail and pounced onto a tree in his father’s garden that resonated within the castle walls. His small claws dug into the bark to keep himself from sliding downwards, quickly landing on a sprung up sturdy branch “ Sorry Misses Hopewell.” He apologized to the old giant oak, patting it softly before venturing beyond the bricked up walls.

A knock came from outside Asriel’s door, his mother's gentle voice coming through the wood, “ Asriel~? I know you took some of that pie. Now, I’m not angry, but please, can you ask before you grab some dear?” She asked. A moment later, Toriel opened up the door as she found no response from her son. Her eyes grew narrow as they located a lump under the cozy blankets on his bed, making her chuckle a bit. She made here way over, kneeling down and putting a hand n the blanket, shaking it softly, “ Asriel honey. Did you get a belly-ache agai-“ She froze as she went to remove the blanket that was actually covering up all the soft toys hiding under. She blinked a few times before looking around the small tidy room, seeing the window had been left open. Once the queen got to the window’s sill, she looked about, noticing some of the bark on her husband's tree had been chipped off slightly from what may have been the work of small claws. She quietly chuckled to herself, smiling, “ Oh Sans honey… You have a most chearesid friend.” She didn’t want to get angry at her son. He would have never done this before, he always stuck to the rules, but fighting off those rules just to give a friend a gift even if their friend’s parental guardian denied him to come over for a week, made Toriel’s soul flutter. The young skeleton must have been desperately important in Asriel’s life, making him get out of the house and have fun, as well as encouraging him to be brave just like Toriel had wanted him to. It also reminded herself of her old rebel days where she disobeyed her father just to see Asgore. She respected Asriel’s decision and wouldn’t dare tell Gaster.


Meanwhile at the skeleton’s decorated house, brimming with bright lights that showed off light yet dazzling colors, held the eldest brother of the two skeletons. Gaster said he needed his help, but the stubborn skeleton wouldn't budge at his father's command. Even being stubborn enough to levitate the unsuspecting scientist in a blue glow, shoving him out from the sibling's room. Gaster was back into his fatherly mood, instead of the equally stubborn or gruff side he let out in battle some times. As long as Sans watched over the rambunctious toddler, he could skip the day to work. Sans sat alone in the shared closet of his brother, tucking himself in the corner behind clothes that hung off from a rack. He was in ‘Sweater Town’ at the moment, tucking himself away, clutching his knees as his legs hugged against his chest. Hiding away any light with the thanks of is blue knitted hoodie, burying is face into his knees. If only he knew how to teleport with other people, Asriel wouldn’t have gotten into trouble. Sure Gaster scolded the younger skeleton, but only momentarily as he explained he was making sure everything was okay in the secret back of the house. However for the young prince… Gaster had gotten onto him furiously, saying that he should know better, not to go snooping around in people’s work, and all that jargon. Sans let out a soft sigh before the closets' door creaked open, Papyrus waddling in to grab a movie from a small shelf.

Papyrus tilted his skull to watch his brother’s moping and quickly picked out a film to put in downstairs. He would after he did one more thing. That being, to try and move his brother from looking like he was in a harsh session of a timeout.“ SANS?”

Sans responded by sliding his arms into his sweater, rocking back and forth slightly, “ sans isn't here right now, he's in sweater town right now.”

Papyrus smiled sadly, “ DO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT?”

A small whimper or groan was heard from under the soft sapphire colored sweater. “ SANS… YOU NEED TO COME OUT SOMETIME. HRMM… I DON’T UNDERSTAND, YOU NEVER DID THIS WHEN GRILLBY COULDN’T PLAY WITH YOU.”

“ it’s different…”


Sans didn’t sound sad anymore, but slightly annoyed. He couldn’t stand to get angry with his kind brother and instead went into a defense system he figured out a while back to keep Papyrus away. He slowly slumped onto his back, his arms going through the sleeves once more as he watched his brother. Sans stayed there like a slug, it was his only known defense against Papyrus without hurting his feeling. Papyrus managed to shove Sans to the closet’s entrance, pushing on his back as Sans stood there not fighting back and seemingly going limp. “ CAN’T YOU GO ANY FASTER?!” Papyrus’ small irritated yelling caught an idea in his older brother’s mind, thinking back on how to actually win this. By doing absolutely nothing.

Sans put the back side of his skeletal hand against his forehead, swooning dramatically, “oh no, gravity is increasing on me!”


Sans then went back to being a limp noodle, “ is too paps, same thing happened last week.”

Just then his weight finally gave out for the smaller skeleton who was now under his others back with his upper torso and legs dangling out from the sides. “ YOU ROTTEN BROTHER! YOUR BUTT IS CRUSHING ME! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO ACT SO WEIRD?!”” Squealed Papyrus as he squirmed around under the sweater of bones before finally clawing out from his position, “ FINE! I’M WATCHING BOOTY AND THE BEASTY WITHOUT YOU!”

Sans lay there on the smoother carpentering and chuckled, “ hehehe, you said booty.” Papyrus raised his tiny hands over his head letting out a loud groan before making his leave out the room, slamming the door in frustration. Sans smiled slightly, his brother’s constant screeching normally cheered him up since the other knew Sans would never do anything or say anything too terribly harsh and was more of just a little smug monster. Papyrus would calm down within a few minutes which was nice. He was never known to hold a grudge, not even against a bully. Now back to the matter of being upset yet again. His brother was right, he never got like this when Grillby got in trouble and couldn’t see Sans, so why did it feel so different…?

Before he could think about the complication any longer, he heard a small thunk at the back of the closet… Which had a window oddly enough. Sans often thought the monster who built this home for the dear doctor must have been his first home. Sans walked over to the window as more thunks echoed out in the slim room. In a instant his eyes noticed something hit the window, making the same noise. It was too fast to see so the skeleton walked closer, pushing up the window’s sill, only to have a snowball hit him. The snowball made him tumble onto his back, his hand clutching where the powdered clump of snow ht him. He sat up to examine the snowball to see a small rock hiding in it. With a small growl, Sans snatched the rock up and headed t the window to throw it back at whoever hit him. However… Once he saw who had thrown the rock laced in snow, his anger quickly vanished, “ a-azzy?”

Asriel waved from the icy field before noticing a rock in Sans’ bony hand. He gasped out in fear, “ O-Oh my goodness gracious! I-I-I’m so sorry! I-I didn't know that was in one of the snowballs!”

Sans gave his casual smirk, relaxing thoroughly from the fact the goat hadn’t even noticed picking up a rock by accident. Then again, Asriel wasn’t really one known for doing that type of thing. “ it’s fine dude! –but, seriously what are you doing here?! my dad told your folks that you weren’t to come over for a week!”

Asriel clasped his paws together behind his back, his fuzzy toes pushing some of the snow away as he looked down in shame, “ I-I know! Bu-But I really miss you! I-I just wanted to know if y-you were doing okay! I’m r-really, really, super sorry!” He looked back up to his friend who had sad yet happy smile plastered on his skull.
“ aww dude… that’s. heh, that’s so sweet of you” Asriel felt himself blush a bit, his gaze returning to the ground. “ aw c’mon, don't be so ‘baa-shful’!” Sans hollered out, making the prince start up a giggling fit.

“ O-Oh right! I wanted to give you something an-and tell you something really imorta-“ Asriel’s words crumbled away as he saw a slim shadow appear, overcasting his own. He gulped and slowly turned his head around to see an upset and annoyed looking Gaster. Asriel scrunched his arms to himself, shifting his eyes in various directions, “ H-oh g-g-golly… h-howdy mis-mi-mister Gaster…”


The doorbell rung out through the house mixed with a castle, Toriel’s ears perking u to catch the buzzing noise. She cheerfully took off her oven mitts and strolled to the front dear humming merrily. But once she opened the door, the sight before her was not one she wanted to see or was expecting. There at the doorway stood the scientist, a glowing violet aura holding her small runty son by the scruff of the back of his shirt's neck looking defeated. His eyes ran up to see his mothers and instinctively curled up like a punished animal before waving awkwardly, “ Ho-Howdy mom…” The purple mist dissipated into the air, dropping the prince on his feet. He slowly rose up and shuffled inside, rubbing his arm, “ S-S-Sorry… I’ll go in the time-out corner…” He mumbled sadly as he ragged himself to his room and sat in a corner. Asriel was only punished for… Well not much since he stuck t the rules like Papyrus would, but ever since he messed up a handful of times in his past years to now, he’d always remember the horrid time-out corner.

Toriel meanwhile looked up to the scientist crossing her arms, “ Gaster… He only wanted to see Sans.”

“ He was near the back of the house, how do we know he wasn’t trying to break in again? And besides, your child should have some discipline for snooping about in other people’s properties.” The thin skeleton pointed out as Toriel rolled her eyes.

“ Gaster, I know my child. Sans has been the only other kid to actually pull him out of his late blooming and shy shell. I’m not sure what you’re working on that is so important, but I can reassure you, my child has no care for it.”

“ It doesn’t matter, I don’t need any of the children near it! It could be unstable!”

“ Then why don’t you move it to the lab Wingdings?! That way my child can spend some time with a friend?”

Gaster rubbed his skull, “ I had only brought it to the house so I could make some adjustments! Now please, discipline your child. I’m not telling you what to do as a aren’t but he should know not to mess with certain tings-“

“ WINGDINGS!” The queen roared out, catching him off guard as mighty hands were placed on his shoulders. “ My child doesn’t care about your machine, or your little experiments. He was only doing what he and your smaller child was right. They only went in there because they care about you and Sans. And yet here you are, not allowing Asriel and Sans to not see each other as punishment for a whole week?! I know your children aren’t as soft as mine, but this is really tearing him apart.” As she continued, making sure Gaster listen to each and every word that popped out from her mouth, Asriel in the meantime huddled up in his corner.


As that was taking place, the older childish prankster sat there on the green sofa in a rather grumpy an sour mood which was rare for his young brother to see. Papyrus scooted over, receiving a stare from Sans rather than a glare. “ I KNOW THIS ISN’T FAIR. A-AND I TAKE THE BLAME. AND FOR THAT I’M SORRY.”

“ heh… paps it’s okay-“


“ can’t… dad will get upset again”

“ NEEEEEEEH! BUT I FEEL BAD! THERE MUST BE SOMETHING I CAN DO TO HELP-“ He stopped to pace around in front of the TV and couch, kicking around the small rock that had been thrown in by accident. Finally he stopped and gasped out, placing his tiny hands on his cheekbones, “ SANS! SANS! I- JUST HAD A THINGY! YOU KNOW. THE THING IN YOUR HEAD THAT GOES VROOSH AND WOOSH AND THERE'S LIKE A BIG LAMP LIGHT ON AND SOMETIMES FLICKERS!”

“ you mean an idea?”


“ ehhh, I don't know paps-“


Sans blinked silently as he thought about it. Now that was true.


Asriel knew he wasn’t in trouble according to his mom since she looked shocked and upset when she saw him floating there like that and hadn’t said thanks to the scientist who dropped him off. But his still felt bad by breaking an adult’s rules. He sniffled a bit and thought to himself, “ … I hope he doesn’t put on extra days to keep me away…” His fuzzy feet fumbled with one another as he curled up against the wall letting his floppy ears dangle aside his cheeks sadly.

“ why so blue? i like you when you're more of a bright pink around the cheeks with your white fur dude.” A voice spoke to the prince making him bleat out and scamper under his bed in instinct, only to poke his fuzzy head out and bear his tiny fangs out in a threatening manner since he was in a fairly bad mood. However his intruder stood there and snickered as he rested his hand inside the over-grown pockets of his prized blue sweater, “ wow… that’s almost as scary as paps trying to be threatening to bullies who pick on burgy.”

Asriel’s cheeks flushed from embarrassment and a bit of anger, but soon shrugged it off, crawling out from under his bed and practically tackling his friend to the wooden floor. “ Sans what are you doing here?! I thought-“ His snout was closed off as Sans swiftly clammed it shut, looking around in fear

“ shhhhh! not so loud. i’m not sure if my dad's around or not.” He gulped before unlatching his friend’s muzzle who rubbed it a tad.

“ S-Sorry!” He quietly shouted in a hushed whispering tone. “ What are you doing here?!” He continued his soft yelling.

“ because you traveled all the way to my house just to tell me something. and if not, you had to have rode the riverperson’s boat again, as i know how much you fear it. you really did something stupid, heh like me and grills. but also brave, knowing you could be caught at anytime. yet you still came." Sans gave a gentle smile, making the prince fiddle with his paws, unable to not smile himself.

“ O-Oh golly… Th-Thanks. But how did you get here so fast?”

“ hehehe depends… how did my dad get you here?”

“ Riverperson.”

“ ah, he must have so he could scold you along the way. Meanwhile… i can do this.” Sans grinned, snapping his bony fingers, vanishing into a small puff of blue mist. The prince gasped and looked about for his cheeky friend who gave out a chuckle from behind. Asriel’s floppy ears perked up slightly, still with them dangling around his head as he turned around, making them swing along. He saw his skeletal friend relaxing, sitting on the edge of his comfortable bed with a wide smile spread across his face. Asriel’s eyes grew wider as he walked over to sit next to his friend in pure awe.

“ Whoa… How did you-?”

“ teleportation. just gonna’ tele-bout-it now that it’s one of my magical abilities.” He gave a wink.

Asriel’s eyes glimmered in astonishment, “ So cool!”

“ hehehe, thanks azzy. but seriously” His smile turned as he got into a more serious tone, staring at the prince’s colorful eyes, “ what was so important to run all the way over to my house to tell me?”

“ O-Oh! R-Right… I uhm… I-I just… I wanted to know-well you see and uhh...” He trailed off slightly before seeing Sans’ raise an invisible brow, drawing his curiosity, but also smiling from how flustered the goat was getting. He took in a deep breath before shutting his eyes tightly, “ I wanted to know if you’d like to accompany me to The Underground’s Festival that’s being held in Snowdin! I couldn't wait another day to ask!” He shook as he kept his eyes shut, scared to be refused, but more afraid of embarrassment since he was starting to enjoy San’s company ever since the daring kiss. His small body started to quiver as there was no response, until Sans put his hands on Asriel’s arms. Asriel slowly opened one eye to peek out and see how the other was reacting.

Sans gave him an actual genuine smile, “ asriel, calm down. of course i’ll go with you. how could i not? you might be the prince, big whoop. i might be your judge, oh well. it doesn’t matter, we’re friends no matter what! and nothing! will ever change that!” He gave a proud and determined smile, cracking the mold Asriel did his best to hold up and maintain. It was one of the rare few times Sans called him with his real name instead of th casual ne he stuck with. Asriel started to sniffle as Sans let go, raising his arm to his eyes to wipe away happy tears.

“ Th-T-Thank you so much!”

“ hehehe, it’s what friends are for-oh! by the way. i got you a little something~!” Sans winked as the other calmed down almost immediately, still with some stray tears sliding down his fur. Sans then pulled out a cold to touch rock that looked more like a large pebble and dropped it into the young prince’s palms.

Asriel tilted his head in utter confusion, “ It’s a rock… I-Is this a skeleton thing?” He looked back up to Sans who couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

“ n-no, no, no dude! it’s the rock that was packed in the snow you threw.”

“ … Sssso?”

“ so, i figured since you found it and normally there aren’t any actual small rocks in the snowy parts of the underground, to give it to you. a pet rock to keep you company when i’m not around, kinda like a memento to remember me by. and besides… i think it can use a good friend instead of being left in the snow all alone.”
Asriel immediately held the stone to his chest to keep the chunk of Earth secure. And with Asriel’s gentle and nurturing side popping into play, he pretended the rock was more than an inanimate object. “ A-Aww poor thing! I-I’ll take good care of it Sans!” He smiled brightly, petting the rock like it could actually-


Feel something… Anything… Anything but these negative emotions that could be felt since they didn’t depend on love. The gloomy gold petaled flower sighed longingly as he rested his limp stem and head on the frosted ground. This further upset the thin and lanky frame of the skeleton who looked over to him. Papyrus frowned, extremely worried about his small friend, thinking of the flower as being weak and fragile. Papyrus sat beside te glum flower and wracked his knuckles together, making a small soft rattling noise, “ FL-FLOWEY? A-ARE YOU OKAY?”

Two beady eyes that were full on no emotion looked up to the skeleton the back away, avoiding direct contact. The flower gave a diminished sigh, “ I just wish I could talk to somebody who wouldn’t you know… Talk back o-or question me. But every other inanimate object is stubborn and mean nothing to me. The only thing I have is that stupid statue at The Waterfall, but it just angers me…”

“ HRMMM… SO LIKE A GOOD LISTENER OR AS WHAT DID ALPHYS CALL IT AGAIN? OH! A THERAPIST-BUT! IT WOULDN’T CARE OR JUGE YOU? AND YOU WANT SOME SIGNIFIGANCE FROM IT… HRMMM, THIS IS AN INCREDIBLY INGENIOUS TWISTED PUZZLE INDEED!” Papyrus said, slamming his mitten filled gloved fist into his other hand. He knew Flowey didn’t like to tell certain things and didn’t really have someone to let it all out to. The helpful skeleton volunteered the flower to tell him, but apparently it was just too difficult. Papyrus would normally open to him or Sans, so this was quite the pickle. Papyrus snapped his skull up and slammed the mitten glove into the other again, making a small thwump sound break out the silence. “ I KNOW! IT MIGHT NOT BE SPECIAL TO YOU, BUT IT IS SPECIAL TO MY BROTER, WHICH IN TURN IS SPECIAL TO ME, WHICH CAN BE SPECIAL TO YOU!”

Flowey gave him a brow thinking he had gone into one of his moments of having an idea, only for it end horribly or Papyrus had finally gone to a whole new level of idiocy. “ What…?” He asked in an unimpressed monotone voice.


Flowey’s need for wanting to talk to something, soon grew into wanting to remember the better times the pet rock made him feel when Sans wasn’t around. Sure it wouldn’t make him happy, but with it, his memories of the good past would flow his mind, maybe flooding some pain away.


The shorter skeleton of the two brothers made his way downstairs before letting out a loud yawn as he raised an arm, making some of his back bones pop. With a small smile he lazily rued his eye sockets and turned over to the small table that held his joke books and quantum physics. He opened up a drawer of the table, pulling out a rather small collar and a red leash. The skeleton looked over to the larger table at the other side of his home’s first floor to give a warm smile to his beloved pet rock. However, the collar and leash both fell to the purple and aquamarine carpet with a small jingle. Sans walked over to where the piece of Earth normally sat with some candy sprinkles over it to see it not be there. Thankfully his younger brother happen to stroll in with a big smile on his face. It was erased soon after he saw his brother’s expression. Sans had hollow eye sockets and a sight frown, which was difficult for him to put on due to the permanent smile. “ SANS?”
Sans looked over to his brother with the hollow and emptied eyes, “ paps. someone stole my pet rock.”


Sans’ pupils started to appear back where they belong, his stress decreasing, but still remained somewhat relevant. “ just… just had a dream was all. and for some reason when i woke up, all i could think of was my pet rock.” His frown soon morphed into his slick smile, though he was rather upset and worried. He lied t his dear brother somewhat. It was true he had a dream, but still lied through his teeth as it was a nightmare he needed to tell someone. Aka, his pet rock. “ so, why didn’t you tell me you were handing it over to someone for a few?”


Sans’ look grew into a mildly concerned one, “ uhm… friend?”



Flowey rested his tired head on the smooth stone, closing is eyes to listen to the soft droplets of water from the small cave’s ceiling, watering the echo flowers down below. His mind was in a haze, better times fueled it, making him forget about his now painful existence of hell. Again, he wasn’t happy, but he wasn’t sad either. Being next to his old pet rock made the pain of the present was away, making room for better times of when he and Sans would laugh and play together as friends. He smiled sadly as he longed for the past. Just then, he felt his stem and leaves grow stiff as if something was pinning him in place. Is eyes snapped open in shock, fear, and rage. He saw the new owner of the pet rock a few feet away from him, using is magic to pin the flower and slowly pulling the rock from under him. Sans’ was kneeling down as he reached out for his magic to levitate the rock over to him, only to catch the flower’s now enraged eyes to stare at him. “ uh-oh…” The skeleton was harshly snagged by a vine that quickly twisted itself around his ankle and flung him into the cavern's blue wall.


Sans gasped out, his breath being knocked out of him…. The vine let loose as his magic did in turn. He fell to the rocky ground and started to pick himself back up, only to get sight of about five vines towering over him, preparing to drill down into him. As the vines slammed down, they were bent about by a shield of bones blocked their target. The vines slithered back, only to wail on the bones until they broke. However once done, the vines only slammed into the ground. Flowey’s breath hitched when he saw Sans was no longer there, a small thin vine wrapped around the rock and held it next to his stem. The flower quickly looked about or the skeleton, only to get a sharp ended bone slice right through one of is petals, making him yelp and clutch the rock tighter.


As Flowy recoiled from the sudden pain, vines sprouted up and flung wildly at the air, hoping to hit their target. One vine managed to find Sans, slapping him away from the plant.


Sans tumbled away from the flower, quickly getting up and sending an army of piercing bones. The flailing vines soon stopped and directed themselves to the bones. Bone and vine clashed together, some shattering bones, and some splitting the vines. Several of their attacks slipped by each others attacks, landing a low to the two monsters before both attacks started to slow down and eventually stop. Leaving Sans at 250 HP, while Flowey was suffering at 2900 HP. Sans had certainly gotten stronger… Or he was fighting with more force due to the simple piece of stone that met a great deal of importance to him while Flowey hadn't prepared for any of this to have happened. The two stood across from the other, twenty feet away, panting heavily from the firing attacks and being hit with a few blows. The skeleton gave Flowy a devious grin and vanished, leaving behind a faint mist of blue. The flower readied a thorned vine right below himself and closed his eyes to sense the magic in the air. Suddenly he turned around, the thorned vine striking up and against a rather longer bone with a pointed end like that of a spear. Sans held it down with his hands, pushing on the vine, while the vine pushed back as Flowey’s stem backed itself to the dirt.

The two kept up their strength, Sans trying to now slam the bone to possibly choke out the flower, while Flowey had to concentrate is single vine to shove Sans away from himself. “ just give me back the rock, and i’ll leave you alone weed. that’s what you like right? to be alone when your not bothering my brother?” A warning of blue flashed out from his left eye as he stood his ground.

“ Fuck off! You wouldn’t understand a thing about being alone! This rock is the only thing that helps my pain fade away!” Flowey snapped, baring his sharpened teeth.

“ it’s my rock, not yours.” Sans said, concentrating as well from not being slid off and skewered. At this rate he wouldn’t be able to summon a Gaster Blaster.

“ No it isn’t! It’s the prince’s! It’s…. MINE!”

“ no, he gave it to me! why do you want it?! haven't you made my life more tan hell already?! why do you want to take something so dear to me away?! do you find it that fun to ruin people’s lives you little sick freak?!”

“ Shu-Shut up! You're not the only one it means so much too!”

Sans glared at the equally pissed flower, both of their pupils locking onto each other. “ i know it doesn’t! the only ones it means anything to is me and asriel! not some stupid daisy who enjoys torturing everyone’s lives for kicks!”

“ You don’t know anything about the prince you stubborn bonehead!”

“ yes i do! i fully know he’s dead and he’s N E V E R coming back, all because of-of! of that damn H U M A N!” Sans yelled out in a mix of anger and sorrow. Suddenly Flowey gave way and stopped putting up a struggled, catching the skeleton off guard since Sans wasn’t expecting him to actually stop. The flower quickly burrowed under the door before Sans and the bone could topple him. Sans groaned, sitting up, clutching the bone like spear, looking around for the pessimistic plant. He did however notice the smooth rock was left bind and right next to him, which surprised him, he would have thought the flower would have dragged it with him. Just then, the dirt in front of Sans rumbled, making him prepare his spear. Flowey emerged from the ground, and had the sharp tip miss his face by just a couple of inches. However… Flowey’s menacing face had long faded, now replaced by one that seemed cold and unemotional. Sans’ lowered his weapon slightly sensing no more of the flower's magic in the air.

The flower’s eyes turned empty, not even flinching from the spear being so close to him. “ Don't talk that way about the human like that…"

“ what does it matter to you? that little bitch took my friend away-“

“ NO THEY DIDN’T!” Flowey snarled out, tears starting flow down his cheeks, making the skeleton ponder why mentioning the fallen human got him all emotional in a bad way. “ YOU DID EVER SINCE YOU LOCKED HIM OUT OF YOUR LIFE!”

“ hey, i’m not the one who came up with the stupid idea to go to the surface, getting him killed! only an idiot would make a plan like that!”

Flowey’s growls went softer and finally silent before a painful looking smile stretched across his face, tears still running down. “ Hehehe-Hahah-AHAHAHAHA! Your right! AHAHA! O-Only a-and idiot would plan that! But-But-Hehehe, know what’s even funnier than that?!” His maniacal laughter started to ease into a mix of a crying fit, making Sans rather unsettled. “ F-For-For… FOR SOMEONE TO ACTUALLY GO THROUGH WITH IT WITH THEM! THAT MAKES THEM THE TRUE IDIOT! AHAHAHAHA!”

Sans’ anger rose up gain,” hey! areiel wasn’t an i-“

Flowey soon cut him off, “ NOOOO! YOU’RE RIGHT!” His psychotic laughs finally cracked down into a blubbering sob, pleading for help, “I’M SUCH AN IDIOT!” He swung his stem down as he wailed out before turning his head back to Sans. His face starting to morph into his true form slowly, “ I-I don’t need my pet rock! I don’t need my parents! I don’t need Papyrus! I-I-I don’t need C-Chara! And especially don’t need YOU! I DON’T NEED ANYONE!” Asriel screamed out before a the glowing reset button appeared to his side.

Sans finally acknowledging the old face reached out,” W A I T, A Z Z Y!”


The world was peaceful as fresh dew drops, slid off the fellow flower around him. Flowey or rather Asriel curled up in his starting place, lowering down to lay there, repeating over and over, “ I don’t need any friends…” His mind was being constructed back together, recovering slowly from his mental breakdown of Sans and the-


“ PET ROCK?!” Flowey screeched out in an ungodly manner from his razor like teeth, small vines flailing madly out from the dirt in his clay pot.” YOU’RE SERIOUSLY GOING TO LUG THAT FUCKING THING ON A LEASH WHILE WE'RE WALKING?!”

Sans smirked as he held up the smooth stone he kept for many years, “ hehehe, no. it’s way too old for that type of treatment. well, that and it can't slide on dirt like it use to with the snow.”

Frisk ran over to their dunkle, hopping up and down, pointing to the smaller rock that sat on the table in an aquarium fully decorated, sprinkles scattering around. “ oh yeah, almost forgot. wanna’ carry the little guy?” Frisk gasped out happily and rushed past the small wagon Flowey into. Frisk carefully hopped onto a stool and reached in, picking up the smaller rock with extreme care as if it were a baby animal. Flowey watched the inane act and simply rolled his beady eyes as the mighty king put a hefty basket into the wagon next to the grumpy flower.

Asgore took in a deep breath and exhaled in a cheerful manner, “ Alright, everything is ready. Let us venture forth to the wonderful picnic area I found!” He said with a joyful and booming voice. With that the three headed out the door and started to walk away from their house and eventually to a street, getting on the peaceful side walk, passing by houses that were sprung up on the other side of the road.

Asgore pulled the small wagon with ease while Sans followed alongside carrying his cherished pet rock, as Frisk held the smaller rock on their head. After so many runs with Sans putting a hotdog on their head, they were finally wonderful at balancing things, and besides that, the rock’s bottom was rather flat. “ Golly, it sure is a nice day to feel the breeze, see the sights, smell the flowers~!” Asgore smiled.

Flowey started to groan from the petty speech from the king, “ Ugh whatever… Hrm, you know, it’s surprising. I thought you’d be too damn lazy to even have the audacity to carry the stupid rock.”

Sans kept on his smile, one of is calmed closed eyes opening lazily to look to the flora trying to harass him. “ hey, it’s been through quite a bit there buttercup. sides, i’m not ‘that’ lazy.”

Flowey shook with anger from being called the flower that basically ruined his life. “ Then why prey tell… DO YOU HAVE A STUPID LEASH IN YOUR POCKET?!” Asgore and Frisk both sighed, trying to ignore the screams of rage.

“ well I don’t want it running off when we get there, what kind of owner do you take me for?”

Flowey stared at him, his mouth a gaped, but with no words being forced out until, “ … I-IT CAN’T MOVE! The only rocks that move was that one in The Ruins and the one at The Waterfall-ARGH! Okay you know what-fine! Whatever! I take it no one ever questioned you taking the thing for a walk in Snowdin.”

“ funny thing actually. no one ever did. and yet they kept questioning that one rabbit…”

Frisk poked into the conversation, “ But they were just walking their baby brother right? What’s so wrong about that? It’s not like he was her pet rabbit or anything.”

Flowey smacked himself with is tiny leaves before going into yet another groan. “ Frisk… That’s WHY they questioned. Either they asked because they thought he was a pet, or they were into some really weird pet play type of thing.”

Frisk tilted their head, making the small stone slide off to the side, only to be caught by their palm and put back in their hair again, “ Wha?”

“ It’s when people treat other people like pets.”

“ Like… Pretending? Like when I pretend to be a goat to make mom laugh?”

“ Nnnno… I mean as in a se-“ Sans quickly teleported right next to the wagon, covering the flower’s indecent mouth with his hand, his eyes fading into the back of his skull, while the king let out a loud sigh of relief.

“ aherm, right… uhm S O… gore-man? you were saying something about uh birds chirping, flowers blooming?” He nervously chuckled, while Frisk was kept in the dark about what Flowey was going on about. Flowey on the other hand growled I irritation from the skeleton and tried moving around to bite him. In which Flowey amazingly did, making the blue sweatered skeleton pull back his hand immediately.


“ ow, damnit, you little snap-dragon piece of shi-“

“ AHRM” Asgore coughed loudly, interrupting his former judge. Sans stopped and held his finger while a blue aura made his rock levitate and follow alongside near his shoulder.

“ hey kiddo, this look infected to you?” Sans showed the child, making them shake their head.

“ heh, that's good, now I won’t have to de-‘sin’-fect it from the sin flower over here.” He chuckled, making the other pacifists give a small laugh.
“ That was horrible an you should feel bad.” Flowey spat out, his face scrunching up from the horrid pun.

“ oh you mean like how you feel all the time?” As Sans and Flowey got into another side argument, Frisk otherwise was happy. They were glad to see Sans’ HoPe finally go up after the monsters were free. It only started to go up from its 1 HP stupor after Frisk had shown him the half of the reset button. Sans was finally beginning to become his old self, become happier, and heal his small strand of HP. Then again… Frisk didn't know Sans’ old self. They knew e smiled and seemed somewhat chill and upbeat to mask his emotions which were now starting to break out from the shackles Sans ha contained them in for so long. It was a slow process, but it was happening either way, which made the child smile.

“ What are you smiling about my dear Frisk?” Asgore asked as the other two continued on in the background, slightly muted from the other two as they blocked them out somewhat.

“ O-Oh! Uhm uh-The…. The flowers! Yeah! They look really nice today.” Frisk gave the large monster a small smile, not really wanting to pulls Sans into the nice talk as well as bringing up the past.

“ Ohoho, I certainly agree on that!”

Flowey happen to hear and soon butted in, “ Their all hussies! They all sleep together!”

Frisk’s attention turned to the gold sentient flower, shrugging, “ Well duh, it’s called a flower bed for a reason.”

This made Sans burst into a fit of laughter. This in turn made Frisk and Asgore join in the contagious laughter while Sans carried on, wiping away a tear. Asgore chuckled along,” Oh my, that’s the happiest I’ve ever seen you Sans.”

Sans’ laughter turned into coughing before the snickering commenced, “ o-oh! oh my god! that was classic kiddo! that was t-the best ahaha i’ve heard in such a long time! ahahaha!”

Frisk’s smile slimmed down, “ But it’s true.”

Flowey snarled up from hearing the skeleton’s laughter, “ NO! I mean they sleep together! As in, NORMAL FLOWERS reproduce by cross-pollinating with each other! GOD! Read a book!”

Frisk then went into puzzled mode again. Their orphanage only covered basic things, but nothing dealing with plant life other than a seed goes into dirt, needing water and light. “ Wait… What 'IS' pollination?”

“ Ugh… It means that pollen is transferred to the female re-“

“ OH GOSH! LOOK AT THAT, WE’RE HERE ALREADY WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!” Asgore irrupted the flower’s little ‘biology’ lesson, soon distracting the innocent child’s mind with the spot for their picnic that they could share with their ‘dads’ in a way.


Sure Sans was their dunkle, but the first part meant dad, while Frisk would call the monster king dad in typical manner. However when they went out wit both of them, they would call the two their dads, often confusing some people, making the two monster embarrassed, and normally making Flowey throw a hissy fit for some reason. Frisk suspected it was because he thought of Asgore as his father for now and didn’t want to be associated with Sans in any way.

They three set up a large checkered blanket under a tree that shaded over them With a snap of the finger from the mighty king in his purple cape, without the golden shoulders on, and sporting a pink shirt underneath, a small force field glowed around them to keep bugs, dirt, and any other particles that made the air feel weird. Frisk looked out upon the hill they settled on, seeing other picnic groups nearby with kids playing, adults talking, and teens setting up a movie to show when evening grew close. Flowey rolled his tiny eyes, “ So why did we pick this shitty spot? We could have moved close to everyone else and actually have people to talk to!”

Asgore knelt down beside the flower, gently putting his palm on the back of his stem and stretching out his arm, giving a soft smile, “ On the side of this tree. When the sun hits that ridge over there across the lake, just right… Something beautiful will shine our way.”

Flowey’s face kept it’s solemn stare of a angry yet puzzling mix as if the king had just told him some type of fairy tale which made nonsense but assumed it was real.
With the place set and before they got the food out Asgore sat down, patting the ground, signaling the others to sit next to him. Frisk sat beside the large king, holding onto Flowey’s pot while Sans sat beside the child, holding his two rocks, looking up at the sky for what Asgore had told them about. Away from where they sat, some clouds formed and made their daily drizzle, which always seemed to be an odd routine for the clouds around that side of town. No scientist could figure it out and just went with the occasional drizzle that would happen about every three days. Alphys suspected it might have to do with Mount Ebott and the magic that it concealed under the part of the town, but honestly didn’t know.

Flowey however grew more and more impatient, “ THIS IS STUPID! YOU BROUGHT US ALL THE WAY OVER HERE JUST TO LOOK AT SOME SHITTY LAKE?! AND WHY ARE YOU ALL STARING AT THE SKY LIKE THAT?! AND-AND WHY ARE YOU POINTING FRISK?! AND-And… A-And… And…” He slowly grew silent as he looked to where is ‘sibling’ pointed. His eyes spotting a large rainbow crossing over the small part of town away from them. His beaded eyes widened before Asgore took a picture of it and went back to set up the plates and food.

Frisk looked over to their dunkle, only to find him walking away, passing by Asgore, not helping him, “ Huh? Dunkle Sans?”

“ heh, sorry kiddo, it’s just a buncha' smeared up colors. i mean, yeah, it’s nice and all, but it ain’t no stars.” He chuckled, soon walking behind the tree they sat under. Frisk then looked at Flowey who seemed entranced much like Asriel was back when they last met. Thankfully Asgore was too busy while Flowey had his stem’s back to him. Only Frisk could see the pained expression on the crude and cold flower’s face.

“ … Frisk…”He squeaked out quietly. The child held him closer and pet put their hand around his stem before he laid his head down on their leg staring at the rainbow. “ … Please don't leave me.”

“ I won’t. I promise.”

“ I don’t want to be a flower anymore.”

“ I know…”


Back at home, Frisk chilled out with the plant who seemed a bit out of it since the event earlier today. They often forgot that the beautiful rainbows overhead only made the flower calm to a point. It did relax him immensely afterwards, but he would also feel rather bad afterwards. It was a mix of bad and good, complex yet simple like the concept of yin and yang. So the two watched some feel good or better yet comedy anime with Alphys. Alphys hopped off the couch to go retrieve the next DVD CD from her room, letting the two sit there in silence. Frisk, being quiet as usual, and Flowey to mellowed out and sad to say anything.

That was until a soft melody filled the air, making Frisk search from where the song played from. They carefully picked up Flowey who instinctively spat out, “ Frisk! … Show me where that’s coming from.” This song seemed to snap him out, which was good but also bad. He wouldn’t be sad now, but he also wouldn’t be calm. Son the stripped wearing child peeked into the room nearby the stairs to see Sans sitting with his back against the wall on the floor, with the two rocks out of the aquarium. The short skeleton had a guitar out, strumming the melody and singing along to its tune with his eyes closed. Frisk made their way over, putting Flowey’s clay pot besides the rocks as the two listened to the song Sans focused himself on.

“oh, someday i'm finally gonna' let go. 'cause i know there's a better way. and i wanna' know what's over that rainbow. i'm gonna get out of here someday. someday. now my brother went to undyne 'cause he wanted friends and all. i'm still hangin' round cause i'm a little bit small. i had me a machine, it was low and sleek and black. someday i'll turn it back on and never look back. someday we’re finally gonna let go. 'cause we know there's a better way. and we wanna' know what's over that rainbow. we’re gonna' get out of here someday. we’re gonna’ get out of here someday…”

Sans’ eyes lifted open slowly to catch the two new additions to his tiny crowd. He put on his casual smile, “ oh heya kiddo, didn’t notice you came over to listen to me sing to my pet rock.”

Frisk bit their lip lightly, showing concern, “ Sans? What machine? And what did you mean ‘we’? I-In your song?”

“ oh that, tch. kiddo it’s noting anymore, it’s just some crap i wrote over the normal song from when i was younger. it’s just stuck with me instead of the usual lyrics. the machine was a toaster i had, and ‘we’ means me, paps, and my rock. speaking of which, sinflower, did you enjoy my rock ‘n roll?”

Flowey gave a cold glare back to the smiling skeleton, “ First off, no. Second off that whole spiel about a fucking toaster and ‘we’ only referring to Papyrus and your crumby rock is bullshit and you know it! Frisk don’t trust him, he’s literally lying through his teeth and that shit eating grin of his!”

Sans’ smile simply grew before the child in the middle could respond, “ says the guy who lies constantly and betrays you at the end. now stop shouting so much, you’re scarring my rock.”

“ Shut up! This rock doesn’t judge anyone for anything! Unlike you!”

“ hey… i ‘use’ to be a judge. Not anymore. Just smile and move forward already. let go of the past-“

Flowey’s pot began to clatter against the table-top with fury, making Frisk run over to him, making sure he didn’t do anything to drastic, “ LET GO OF THE PAST?! HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT SO EAILY WHEN YOU, YOURSELF CAN’T LET GO OF IT?! Here you are, singing a fucking song abut the past!”

Sans’ calmly faltered is smile, his eye giving a quick blue flare as a warning side to not cross him. “ hehehe, no. it’s just a song i sing, i don’t sing it because it has to do with the past. it’s all i know that i my pet rock enjoys.”


“ yeah it is. someone gave it to me.”

“ It belonged to someone else first!”

Sans’ pupils vanished, making Frisk lock up with an unsteady presence. They always hated when Sans would make that hollowed face. “ well, they handed it over to me. i have complete ownership of it. it’s mine to care for, and my responsibility. if my friend was here, i'd give it back in a heartbeat, but they aren’t.”

“ FINE! Then I’m taking back my rock!”

Sans’ pupils soon came back, as he rolled them and chuckled, “ hehehe. you’d rather have your rock not have any friends. that’s pretty messed up. and besides, you can’t take back something that doesn’t belong to you.”

“ What? B-but you just said-“

“ apparently i wasn’t clear on that. i apologize. i said, 'if my F R I E N D was here, they could take it back.' however you… you can’t just take it back since you gave it to me.”

“ Well why the fuck not?!”

“ simple. you can’t take it back, because you’re not my friend." He turned his attention to the worried child, " sorry to break it to ya kiddo. but unlike everyone else. i’m never going to friends with this little warped sick freak.”

Frisk could only frown before silence fell upon them all. That was until something sped across the monster and human’s faces, crashing into the wall with a loud crack. The two looked over to find the wall with a large crack from the impact of the pet rock, that was now shattered into two. San’s smile vanished as his pupils sunk back into the empty sockets. He looked at the broken pet rock that meant so much to him, falling into silence. He didn't even reply to Flowey. Instead the skeleton stood himself up and left the room, silent. The shy nerdy lizard ha just witnessed the traumatic event ad dropped the DVD’s case before rushing over, “ W-W-Wait! Sa-Sans!”

Frisk swiftly stuck their arm out to block off their nerdy friend from following Sans, shaking their head sadly. “ it’s best to leave him alone. Why does that rock mean so much?” They asked as Aphys scuttled over to the broken stone which surprisingly had some quartz or gems it, filled with all sorts of colors.

She shuffled back to Frisk frowning, “ I-I-It w-was given t-to him by-by someone special from what I-I heard. I-I’d love to tell you, but if I said anything, Sans would figure it out and w-w-would become distressed.”

" He really doesn’t want anyone to know about his past, huh?”

“ Y-Yeah. He-He has his reasons. I-It’s not because he doesn’t t-trust you, o-or doesn’t like y-y-you. He’s just insecure of s-some things and just-“

“ Scared. Yeah, I know.” The said as their hand rubbed against their other arm in an odd manner.

“ I guess I’ll just go put this in the l-lab or somethi-“ Before she could finish her statement, a thin vine grew out to block off the scientist and surprise Frisk in the process. The two looked over to the plant who seemed pained.

“ A-Aphys. I’m only going to ask this once but… P-Please, fix it. I can never fix what I break. It's what's wrong with me. S-So, please?”

Alphys was extremely shocked at how the cruel flower was pleading for her help. With a gulp, thinking it was some ploy, she hesitantly turned to Frisk who gave a sad smile, letting her know it was fine. “ I-I… O-Okay.” She said before shuffling off.

Frisk rested their arms on the table to hear from their sibling whose stem tipped foreword, drooping his head. “ Go help Alphys. Take the rock’s rock to go see it’s friend please. J-Just… Just leave me. I need to be alone.”

Chapter Text

The two friend’s were back to back, quite literally as they pushed up their backs against one another, staring at all who surrounded them, San’s white shirt pressed against Asriel’s stripes, making the colors clash while his sweater was tucked around his hips.“ There’s so many! Are you sure about this?!” Asked out the white fleeced prince as the skeleton against him shifted his eyes, assessing the situation they were in.

“ think you can handle the fifty guys on your side?”

“ I-I can try.”

“ well, good. Because the only way out is our way. Let’s go!” Sans called out, rushing to his foes, summoning a fleet of bones, jousting them up into the air to rain down upon the enemies, making the tumble to the ground in an instant. Asriel put his paws together and started to rub them against one another, creating a flame that eventually engulfed the two paws. He then skillfully threw the flames at his side of enemies, melting them down in a fierce manner. Eventually the two held their ground, scouting to see if they had missed one. By the looks of it, they were done with their extensive battle, finally drawing it to a close. The two fell over into the soft ice imprinting their shape, panting from all the work up. The things that surrounded them now were either meted down or crushed snowmen that varied in all different shapes and sizes. “ and so, the heroes of the great snowman war against two was won! oh man… that was… awesome!”

“ Haha, yeah! Thanks for helping me build all of them!”

“ pth, no problem dude, sides your magic is getting a lot better.” Chuckled Sans, sitting up to pull the goat like monster up, both grinning from their magical exercise.
“ HA! You two goobers think that’s awesome, you should fight against me!” Yelled out a gruff voice from the other side of the snowy clearing of the woods. Undyne stood there against a tree proudly, sporting her usual eye-patch, black beanie cap, gloves, and her darkened yet somewhat poofy shirt to make her resilient against the constant crisp air of Snowin. Out from behind the brute fish, came Doggo sniffing the air toughly as he focused the ground with his cane. Before the skeleton could respond to his two fellow friends, a snowball was hurled right at him. In turn, he conjured up a one, making the snowball split into two halves and dunk into the snow around them.

“ Wow, you’re getting really good Sansy!” The four looked about for the unknown voice and were soon greeted by the fiery monster with his casual get up, except with gloves and ear muffs. Grillby dropped down onto a thick bulk branch so he could continues his descent by swinging off from it and landing on the ice that covered the entirety of the ground.

Both Sans and Asriel got up, going up t meet along with the other part of the small group. Sans gave a wink and smiles, making a clicking sound through his constant grin, “ you could say i'm boneified to become a judge.”

Grillby rolled his eyes under his sunglasses… If he did have eyes that is. Giving an invisible smirk as he shook his head, the cool flares wove around as he did so, “ Heh, yeah, yeah, don’t get too much of an ego boost there.”

“ A-Anyways, what are you g-guys doing here? Not t-that there’s a problem with that, t-the more people the merrier!” Asriel finally spoke up to ask the three.
The prince immediately regretted his wording as Undyne threw a blue scaled arm around him, giving him an assault of a gentle noogie... Or at the very least, TRYING. " Ah, we just wanted to see what you weenies were up too is all!”

Doggo’s tongue flung out, licking his chops,” Ooh, weenies! Grillby could you cook up some later?!” He panted in his dog behavior, waggling his curled up tail of black and white.

Grillby sighed, “ Ya' just HAD to get him started.”
The fish soon let go of the helpless prince who gasped out, “ Oh hush! You’d do it anyways!” She gave her gleaming grin of teeth, knowing the sentient fire being wouldn’t turn down a meal if asked.


As the five headed back to town to fry up some water sausages, the short skeleton seemed to stop. His pupils shifted around, making the young prince considered, and travel back to his side. Grillby and the other two halted their progress, looking back at their friend sensed something in the air. “ Hey, what’s the hold up?" Asked Undyne.

Sans feverishly looked about, “ something… doesn’t feel right. i’m not quite sure, but something’s a little off in the wind.”

Grillby cocked his head to the husky,” Right, cryptic bullshit. Doggo sniff it out.”

Doggo took in a large whiff of the air, retreating his head sharply, going into a coughing fit, “ Mace body spray, rancid nachos, and lots of hair gel!”

Sans’ suspicion was confirmed as he felt something headed their way. His new training was to sense magic in the air, and now with this, he quickly stood before Asriel, summoning up a shield of bones, managing to shatter chunk of ice into pieces. Asriel let out a bleat as his protector gave out a warning flash from his eye from habit. “ come on out you sleazy no for good punks!”

The group turned to where someone strolled over to them all, making the ground underneath them have a crunching sound as the ice underneath was crushed. The hugs that came over were of course Frostdrake, Glyde, Baron, and Bob. Grillby gave out an irritated groan mixed with an angry growl, walking over to be in the way of them who were heading to the group. The other four stopped as they saw the fiery lead monster, who then cracked his neck and knuckles somehow without actually having bone nor cartilage. “ Been a while since I’ve seen you mooks around here.”

The cold skinned avian snickered, “ Heh, same to you Grillz. Finally off from being punished to work at your grandparents rundown diner?”

“ Depends… You still out here, leaving your poor mom, dad, and baby brother?” He raised a flaring brow to the bird.

Frostdrake’s feathers ruffled up, puffing him up to look more intimidating, but all failing in turn, ”Sh-shut up! Man! You use to be cool! Stop hanging with these wimps and come back!”

Grillby slammed his foot down, at the very least making Asriel and Baron squeak in fear. “ And start licking ‘his’ boot?! Hell no! I created the club and all ‘he did was whisk it all away from me! You know, you use to be cool as well, but looks you’re just an errand boy!”

“ Hey, I’m nobody's errand boy!” He started to hop about, further fluffing his feathers up in frustration.

“ look, this has been exhilarating and all, but we’re not really in the mood, so could you just piss of already?” Sans asked, or rather commanded as he gave off a slight blue spark in his eye, making the other group recoil.

“ Yo dude, what the hell was that?!” The hamster with a messy Mohawk called out, squeezing himself behind Frostdrake and Baron.

“ hehehe, a warning sign, now go back running to your boss.“

As the argument carried on, Asriel sighed along with Doggo as the other three kept up at the smack talking at the other group. While the mutt was too busy listening to the rants, the shy prince became bored of being in the back doing nothing, his eyes wandering around. However, his attention then focused solely on one thing he just now noticed. “ Sans! Your sweater!” Asriel gasped out, making the other four stare down to where Sans had tied it up. San’s breath hitched, his pupils fading away as well as he smile that seemed almost impossible to remove. He was suddenly going into a panic attack as he saw nothing around his hips but his pants.

“ Wow, not such hot shit anymore, huh Sansy boy?” The two group's attention traveled up to another monster standing across from them at the side. The monster seemed to be around the same height of Asriel, maybe even a little shorter but not by much. It had a rather odd shape of a saucer yet a large lump, presumably it’s head poked out, it’s squinty eyes pulled far away from each other, somewhat pinkish and orange skin, a constant gasping mouth, and possibly pimples on its face. The monster breathed rather heavily as if something kept it from breathing naturally, making a constant wheezing sound that would make anyone feel uncomfortable just being near the damn teen. The only other problem aside it’s appearance and unsettling noises was that it held San’s sapphire sweater with two noodle like arms.

“ AH FUCK!” Undyne screeched out. “ Not you!”

Asriel became more than mildly concerned, “ W-Who is that?”

Grillby stepped on over, the sparks and embers now crackling with anger as the flames on his body grew. “ Jerry…” He said with the utmost yet restraining rage.

Jerry chuckled as his group of bullies joined his side, “ Oh please, don’t get too 'hot-headed' Grillby. You’re in my woods now.” He snorted into another chuckle.
Sans gave an excruciating pained face from the pun, “ aw…. dick.”

“ I’ve heard you all have been messing with my guys. Is that true Frosty?”

Frostdrake bounced up and down, flapping his wings, “ Yeah! It’s true Boss, they been picking on us ever since that new kid joined them!”

Jerry’s eyes narrowed even more as he potted out Asriel, “ What? The fluffy one? He hardcore or something that they would mess with you guys because of it?”

“ No way! Kid’s a total pansy mamma’s boy!”

Asriel’s face turned from concerned to rather hurt, muttering, “ I’m standing right here. I can hear you…”

Jerry then coughed and hacked, making the prince all more uneasy, “ Anyways, don’t care. Sansy boy, I’ll give ya back your tacky sweater if you and or Grillby finally join us and ditch these losers."

Sans glared at the odd monster,” do you think i’m that desperate? i’m not the one who goes about picking on kids who come into the woods stealing their coins, toys, an food like a petty thief.”

While Grillby on the other hand seemed far more angry, “ Exactly! And I’m not taking orders from the likes o you! Frost, Baron, Glyde, Punky, Bob! You use to cool and nice! Stop letting this asshole control your lives!”

Baron blinked and nodded, “ Yeah okay.” The others stared at him, Frostdrake having his eyes behind the sunglasses locked onto the dumb as rocks seahorse. “ O-Oh…. I mean no way!”

Jerry started to wave the sweater about, “ Looks like I keep this then. Wonder how much grease it’ll take to burn this up at the bonfire?”

Sans’ gasped almost painfully as the hard headed fish stomped her boot to the ground, cracking the ice,” I WILL BREAK YOU LITTLE MAN!” Before she could stomp over to punt the despicable monster Glyde swooped over getting in her face. “ OUT OF THE WAY FLY BOY LEAST YOU WANT TO BE BEAT UP BY A GIRL AGAIN!”
Grillby’s flames seemed to cool off, placing a rubber gloved hand onto her shoulder, “ Undyne no! That’s what they want. We’re better than them. We don’t go around beating up anyone into submission.” A frustrated cry of anguish and anger was let out by the feisty fish, knowing it was true. It was best not to get into a fight, showing who the bigger group was.

Jerry pondered to himself, mumbling, “ Break… Hmmm, pounding… Know what bimbo, I like your gumption! I’ll hand over this rag I you beat us… But not in a fight. We’ll see who really is the better team. Even though I already know who.” His four stumpy legs waddled him over, putting down a noodle like arm into the ice, waddling backwards to draw out a line. After that he scuttled back to his posse and tossed the sweater at the line still with a hold of it. Sans automatically snatched the other end o his beloved sweater to pull it from Jerry, only to have the other monsters join their leader and tug at the sweater.

Sans’ bones started to rattle with anger before noticing his friends joined up behind him, taking hold of the sweater. Not too far afterwards the two groups began to tug and pull the sweater, neither letting down. Jerry smirked as a small aura glowed around his minions, boosting them up a bit, which in turn made the other group having to pull harder. Except by this point Doggo’s pointed ears began to twitch, “ Guys! Let go, it’s starting to tear!” He shouted out, letting go of the blue