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I Just Wanted to be Human

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Rabbit looked over the bars at the ground below him. Not even a robot could survive falling from this height. Behind him he could hear the clanks as The Spine climbed the ladder, stretching himself and doing two steps at a time. If it wasn't for The Jon, Rabbit wouldn't have had such a good start. But now he was trapped at a dead end. The very top of the space needle, nearly 600 feet above the ground on a tiny platform. Probably not the best place in the world to escape to. He could feel the wind gushing past his face. Rabbit no longer questioned his emotions. This trembling, sickening, dizzying feeling definitely was fear. And with each clank behind his ears, this fear grew.

He took a deep breath, squeezing his eyelids and the bar tightly.

"You were supposed to be the sensible one!" His voice trembling with each syllable. The clanking continued as the Spine marched his way up. "To... to keep me and Jon from doing s-something stupid. From eating all the snacks. Running out of power..." Remembering Jon activated the faucets again. Boiling the oil down his face. "You always knew what to do. How to fit in. Where to go next. What to-"

The clanking stopped.


Rabbit could feel Spine's piercing green eyes on his back. He didn't want to turn around and see his friend- no his brother- in this menacing evil state. But he knew that if he didn't look upon him with his own eyes, he could never truly believe it. He took a deep breath and slowly turned his head over his shoulder. Rabbit knew the type of warrior Spine could be. They had fought many wars together. He never thought that that power would be turned against him. He was not shocked to see Spine standing above him with arms, neck, and legs stretched out, weapons in hand. A gleeful hatred in his eyes, this of course was new.

"Don't d-d-do this." Rabbit pleaded, mustering up the courage to try and talk some sense into him. "You can fight this... whatever this is. This malfunction."

The Spine did not respond, instead taking a step forward on the small platform towards Rabbit. The weight of his Titanium body began to bend the needle downward. Rabbit fell and slid back, hitting his back against the small railing. For a second he caught a glimpse of the ground below them. It looked like it was spinning, yet he had not fallen. His calibrations were off. He turned back just in time to dodge a saw aimed for his head. Falling to his right he nearly slipped between the bars, the fire spewing over his legs as Spine's handsaw split the iron railing in half.

"I know this isn't you!" He couldn't hold back any longer. A hand gripped tightly around his ankle and jolted him back. The platform suddenly tipped further to the side that both robots were standing. With his free foot Rabbit used the force of the fall and his own strength to kick Spine's wrist. Forcing the mechanism to release its grip. And with his now free ankle he brought his foot up smashing the side of Spine's face and getting himself back on his feet. "I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to-to kill you. Will you please, just... say something? Tell me why! Why are you doing this!? Why did you hurt Mr. Reed!?"

The fear had turned to anger now. Maybe he should have tried fighting back before. But he knew, and so did Spine, that he wasn't nearly as powerful.


Spine continued his silence and stretched his arms, attempting to grab Rabbit once again. The sparks flew as Rabbit blocked the handsaw with his forearm, the blades cutting into his copper shell. His other hand wrapped around Spines arm and trapping it against his side. He gave Spine another kick, this time in the chin. The force threw Spine back and against the railing.

The weight was too much for the already severed railing to bear and it snapped from its soldered base. Rabbit watched in slow motion as Spine slipped. Charging forward, he reached out a hand and grabbed nothing but air.

Rabbit raced down the stairs, ignoring his low battery light. A part of him thought he could make it to the ground before Spine, catch him and then everything would be fine again. Just like before. He couldn't remember the last time he ran so fast. Slipping on steps or skipping a few all together. Dashing through the restaurant and pushing people out of the way. Those that were already confused when the two mechas had charged through earlier. Rabbit glanced about the room, only wasting .002 seconds as he surveyed. Good nobody was hurt. Spine didn't hurt the humans.

He finally reached the ground floor, bursting through the double doors and stumbling onto the grass outside. Human's were standing around dazed. They were investigating what they thought was rubble. Some claimed it was from the space station, but Rabbit knew that the thrown metal pieces were much more dear.

"Stop!" He mustered, pushing a few tourists away from what looked to be a back panel. "Don't t-t-touch my brother." He commanded, slapping a few chips and metal bars out of a kids hand.

*Power Levels at 2%. Shut down will commence in 10 seconds* Rabbits warning system instructed. 'Delay shut down' Rabbit commanded, forgoing the alarms. *Shut down delayed 1 minute* One minute would never be enough to gather all the parts, it was futile, but he was going to try.

Stumbling about like a drunkard, Rabbit forced himself to pick up as many little pieces as he could. Ripping them out of the hands of confused human bystanders. Ordering them to vacate the area. Only a few listened, the rest snapping pictures. As he climbed a hill the oil in his pipes almost ran cold, the parts in his arms dropped to the ground, his eyes widened. It wasn't a hill, it was the edge of a crater. The crater created when Spine fell 600 feet. And in the very center of the almost near perfect circle of rubble, dirt, and debris, was Spine. Just his titanium head and spine. Miraculously still together.

"...spine..." Rabbit whispered, not having the power to yell. He struggled to move his feet, rolling down the small cliff.

*Power Levels at 0.5%. Shut down will commence in 10 seconds*

'Delay Shut Down' Rabbit needed more time. He just had to check. He had to make sure. Was Spine alive? Was he back to normal? Was he still dangerous?

He lost his footing in the hill and began to tumble, rolling through the dirt and landing on his face in the center. Parts were shutting down to conserve energy. He couldn't move his legs to get up, barely able to move his arms and lift his head. Weakly outstretching his fingers and wrapping them around the tip of Spine's spine. He tugged gently, pulling Spine's head closer and ignoring the flashing alarms, warnings, and system shut downs. He pulled spine into his arms, cradling his titanium frame. Spine was unresponsive, his head was heavy, cold, and quiet. Even in shut down there would be a soft buzzing noise, but there was nothing. Rabbit held his brother close, staring at the silver frame as each system in his body shut down. His eyesight dimming, the colors fading, until it was nothing but black.