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(surprisingly) settled

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The announcement that they’re moving in together is a shock among their friends. No-one had even expected them to last this long: bets and jokes were made that this would be just another dysfunctional AJ Lee relationship, like the one before it and the one before that. Besides, it wasn’t like Paige was going to be able to bring someone down to Earth, let alone that that person would be AJ. Wild, boisterous Paige – resolute about her own beliefs and always looking for a fight.

They should have clashed right away, should have been a match that was always doomed for disaster. Instead, they meshed, and in a way that was surprisingly healthy. Months flew by, months of the two of them, months with no end in sight.

Maybe, considering that no-one expected either of them to settle down, it somehow makes sense that they do so with each other.