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Monday February 1. 2016

“Hey everyone, its Havoc and I am here with React to Raw Live where I watch Raw live, obviously, and you guys watch me freak out to the stupid decisions that WWE creative makes on a weekly basis. As always i am joined by my good friend Felicity.”

Hi, My name is Isadora Cole but online everyone know me as Havoc. I’m pretty much one of the biggest WWE female content creators on YouTube today. Basically, every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday, I put videos out about the happenings in the WWE. On Monday and Thursday, I host a live show where I react to Raw and Smackdown Live. Lastly on Sunday, I review the entirety of the week in WWE.

started this channel because I love the business. I appreciate everything that the wrestlers, personnel, chairmen, and crew do to make the show happen all over the world. WWE came into my life when I was really down on myself. It always made me happy and cheered me up. It got my adrenaline pumping in ways I’ve never felt. So three years later, with the help of my best friend/assistant/editor/co-host Lily, We started our channel and it reached major popularity in the span of a year. We started off with about 30 subs now we are up to over 400,000. Lily and I couldn’t be prouder.

Anyway, back to that matter at hand. I don’t know what made this day special. Maybe the stars aligned but I will never forget it because its the day myself and Lily lives changed in a major way.


Two Days Before….January 30, 2016, Stanford CT

In Stanford Connecticut, a man sat at his desk stressed out of his mind trying to find a diva that was a good fit for a old stable that he wanted to amp up with a female manager. Yes, he knew that in this day and age, the time of the relevant female manger is practically nonexistent in the main roster.

Nikki Bella: Positive - Sexy, Strong……... Negative - Top heavy

Brie Bella: Positive - Down to earth…..  Negative - Not Strong enough

Paige: Positive - Good Enough fit….. Negative - A little to dark

Lana: God No

“Goodness, I really need to revamp the divas division. It never used to be like this. But with the old man in charge, I really can’t do anything. Just gotta make sure the divas on NXT shine.” He said in mumbled tones as he felt another headache come on. A tone went off on his computer meaning he got a new email. He thought about opening it but then decided to ignore it for later.

“Mr. Levesque?” His assistant Tanya walked in. The man known as Triple H looked up at her.

“Yes Tanya?” He said exasperated.

“Well I’m about to head out but your wife wanted me to let you know that she had something to show and that she will be down in a minute sir.” Tanya stated with a confidence that Triple H had gotten used to. Its why he hired her.

“Ok see you in the morning Tanya. Have a good night.” He said as he look towards his computer again gazing at the options of divas he had to choose from. He heard the door close then open again moments later. Hunter looked up to see the smiling face of his wife. Her entire being showed the makings of a plan and that scared him a little.

“Hey Steph,” He said as she took over his computer going to his email, “What are you doing? Is this what you have to show me because I still have divas to look at and…”

“Shut up. After this you wont have to look at any divas again. So, Paul Heyman sent both of us this email saying that we would be interested in this. That he found what we are looking for and I promise sweetie, he found something really good.” Stephanie said with an excited tone.

“Who is it?” Triple H asked curious. If Heyman approved of her, it must be good.

“Well all we know is that the girl in the video, her name is Havoc. She does weekly videos about what we do in and out of the ring. She reacts to Raw and Smackdown live and She does other videos with a pseudonym named Izzyb with two e’s (spelled Izzybee). In addition to all of that, She has put out videos doing promo's as Havoc. They're really good and funny.” While talking Steph pulled up some of Havoc’s videos on her channel for Hunter to see.

While watching, Hunter found that Havoc was endearing, funny and relatable. Havoc, or the girl who played her, had the exact air or ambiance he was looking for in his new project. But how could he convince the old man to look past her appearance and she was an amazing fit for the group. Havoc had the potential to be the female Daniel Bryan if booked properly.

“She is great, She’s hysterical, She’s….. She’s exactly what we are looking for.” Hunter mused.

“That’s what I thought. So I took the initiative and sent it to my dad. He’s already agreed but he will be watching her very carefully. I’ll have my assistant send over the info on her he’s been collecting to you as well as my dad. Now all we have to do is call her.” Stephanie spoke with a wide smile.

“But when is a good time to call?” Triple H asked while he wrapped his hands around Stephanie’s waist from behind.

“She doing her Live stream tomorrow for Monday Night Raw. We could call after. Monitor the show while we are doing Raw. So we can see how Havoc is live.” She leaned her head on her husbands shoulder while speaking. Relaxing into his warm embrace.

“What would I do without you?” Hunter asked.

“Not be COO that’s for sure.” Stephanie said a air of humor.

What they both didn’t know is that in two days, a girl from the internet would flip there entire company upside down…….in a good way.


Monday February 1, 2016

“And that is the end of Monday Night Raw. Hope you guys enjoyed and had fun. Special thanks to Adam Blampied from WhatCulture WWE for joining us in chat tonight. When I can finally come to the UK, I’ll let you know so we can make some videos dude! Anyway’s remember you guys to join myself and Felicity on Thursday at seven pm for React to Smackdown live. Until then please like, comment and subscribe because your clicks make my digital veins run wild. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video. This has been a Windy City Wrestling. Peace Out Bruh!!!!” Havoc says as she ends the live stream.

“Another great show as always Izzy.” Lily says as she shuts down all of there equipment.

“I couldn’t do this without you and you know it.” Isadora said laugh. The girls began to discuss food options when Isadora’s phone rang. “I wonder who that is this late?” Izzy said as she picked up the phone


“Hi, Is this Isadora Cole of Windy City Wrestling?” A male voice spoke from the other end.

“This is she. Who’s asking?”

“Hi My name is Paul Levesque or better known as Triple H on WWE Television. Myself and my wife are very impressed with what you and friend Lily do. We think you are the perfect fit for a upcoming storyline we been working on.” Hunter said in a friendly tone.

“What are you saying?!?”

“I’m saying would you like to come to the WWE and become our newest addition to the Woman's Division.”