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Maybe you should put that away, it looks dangerous

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“Stiles, my dear cousin, I hope you’re joking right know”, (y/n) said. “You want and try to tell me that Scott is a werewolf and he has, like, a pack with other wolves and he is the mighty king, oh alpha, wait no, true alpha, you said. What the hell is the difference even.”

“Yeah, exactly and I’m not joking, I am totally, 100%, truth and you really have to believe me right know and come to Beacon Hills ‘cause we need your help. You know last week, there was an accident and Scott said it was something with crazy magic shit and he said it smelled funny and when I asked Dad if something happened he wouldn’t tell me like usual and the I remembered that maybe you could come and help out and omg I have to tell you soooo much and …”

While Stiles rambled on you had started checking your socials sites and thinking about what he had said.

Well, to be honest, you kind of knew about the supernatural things in Beacon Hills because you spend your holidays there as a child. You were always full of energy and running around in the perverse.

One day you stumbled on a pack of wolves but before you could get the chance to touch them, one beautiful black wolf in particular, Dr. Deaton was standing between you and them and asking in a stern voice what you were doing here. He scolded you but it didn’t stop you from searching the wolves out again.


You had gone to the woods in the night, because you were sure Dr. Deaton wouldn’t be there at this time. You were walking randomly around until you heard a rustle. As you turned you had seen the most beautiful wolf from them all.

He was completely black and had shining blue eyes that seemed to be glowing in the moonlight. You held out your hand and waited, the wolf slowly sniffing your hand and coming nearer. He pumped his snout against your chest and you fell slightly backwards a giggle escaping your lips. You ran your hands through his fur and kept caressing it until the wolf perked up his ears and started to walk away. You wanted to know where he was going and started to follow him.

When the wolf realized this he started to walk faster and faster to throw you off. You, too, started running faster and faster trying to keep up with him. It was your own carelessness, you knew that, but before you even knew what was happening, you had tripped over a root, faceplantet into the ground and scraped your thighs and elbows. You cried out in pain and that was when the wolf finally stopped. You could see him coming back to you and as you felt the tears roll down your cheek, you had slowly stretched out your hand to pet him but stopped immediately when you heard him whine sad in low.

He tried to shift you with his snout but it wouldn’t work and you were losing more blood. Just before you fainted you had seen it. The wolf was transforming into a human, but you could only hear a dull voice talking and two beautiful green-gray eyes. Hadn’t they been blue?


Then when you woke up, you found yourself at Dr. Deaton’s and even though he tried to tell some ridiculous lie you weren’t that dumb and soon got the truth out of him. You could be a persistent little shit when you wanted something.

So that was how you found yourself as a knowing one and maybe it was time for you to go on adventure again. Maybe even get to meet the wolfboy from the past, if he even was there. The bonus was being the niece of the sheriff and getting free donuts and coffee, ah, and also getting favors from everybody.


Coming back to the present~

“Stiles”, you called rather loudly at your laptop where Stiles was still rambling about some brooding sourwolf with absolutely speaking for themselves eyebrows, “shut your trap right now or I will superglue it when I get to you and you know, that stuff doesn’t go off well!”

That apparently had worked, because Stiles instantly shut his mouth and blinked at the camera. After a few seconds a huge smile grew on his face.

“Oh, I knew you wouldn’t leave me hanging there. You’re the best, the beautiful, the saving grace and totally the most amazing cousin ever. You have to meet so many people and by the way cook for us at home, because, you know, my dad and I can’t. So thanks (y/n)!”, he beamed at you and a second later cut off the connection.

You sneaky little shit, you thought, but I guess that comes with the genes. So you were playing housewife and helping with the supernatural stuff.

Two things that totally go together.



As you started packing, you thought back on that night in the woods and about that wolf, boy, werewolf, whatever. Looking back at it you realized that you may had a crush on him and woah, hold your horses (y/n) he was, is, a werewolf.

You quickly shoo that thought away and go through your guns and count your bullets. Since you were little, and living in a family of cops, you had learned at early age how to use a gun.

That had only been more convenient when you learned about the supernatural and that some creatures could only be killed with certain kind of bullets. Deaton had told you all about it and about the hunters and their relationship with the werewolves.

You weren’t a hunter yourself, you would never want that, to hurt such beautiful creatures as wolves, but knowing how to defend yourself was always good. You also did Yoga, but more for fun. Hand-to-hand combat was something you had done a few years back but you sometimes went to a training session to stay in shape. So you could say you weren’t a helpless damsel in distress. To be precise you were pretty damn good and it was so annoying when some guy said “oh women can’t protect themselves, me the strong manly guy has to protect you”

You packed your case. You threw in some clothes, your yoga mat, your washbag and of course, your weapons. The weapons took most of the space but you didn’t mind. You would just buy stuff there and you had a feeling that your visit would turn fast in a longer-term stay.

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Your alarm went off exactly at 5 am.

You groaned and blindly searched for your phone on the nightstand.  When you didn’t find it you groaned again and smashed your head into the pillow.

But the noise didn’t turn down. You had no other choice but to get up. But why leave the warm comfortable bed? Oh, yeah, right, there was something, Damn.

You rolled yourself into the comforters like a caterpillar, packed like that into a warm little cocoon you rolled or more fell to the floor. You still had to turn off the damn alarm.

You blinked a few times and looked around your room for the source of the noise.

Aha, there it is. The phone was laying on your desk where you put it last evening. You robbed to the desk and stood up letting go of your save cocoon. As the blanket went down, a shiver crawled up your spine. You stretched and finally turned off the alarm. Peace and Quiet.

Now that you were finally up you got your yoga mat and walked through your bedroom to the living room. You laid your mat down and began some easy morning stretches. You loved how the morning sun woke up over the hills in time with your yoga session. You could feel the way the sun shined on your skin. It gave you goosebumps every time and felt like the whole world just got a bit happier.

After your morning yoga you showered and made yourself breakfast. “It’s the most important meal of the day”, you used to say to Stiles when he was in elementary und you came over to him and make breakfast. John would always smile at that with that happy sad smile he got when something remembered him of Claudia.

Not long after that you threw your case in the car and got on the road. It was like, a five-hour drive to Beacon Hills, but you never know.

10 minutes away from BH~

(y/f/s) was blasting through the speaker when you felt a shift in the air. You looked around and yep, just like you thought, from here on was Hale territory. All around you was forest, so deep that you could barely see more than 3 miles. You inhaled and the smell of forest washed over your senses. But there was something off. You couldn’t put your finger on it but Stiles, or rather Scott has been right.

When you pulled up to the house you got nervous. What if Stiles hadn’t told John you were coming. Oh, wait he sure didn’t why were you even thinking about it. So the other question was whether John knew about the supernatural stuff that happened, but Stiles said something about that yesterday… or not. Well for now you wouldn’t approach the issue until Stiles started a conversation.

You took a deep breath and climbed out of your car.

At that moment the front door opened and Stiles rushed through it. You barely had enough time to open your arms and prepare for an intense octopus hug. With Stiles hanging off your body you looked back at the still open door and were greeted with Johns warm smile. You gave your best smile back and slowly made your way, with Stiles still clinging to you to the door. Stiles entangled himself from you and stood smiling like an idiot. You gave John an affectionate hug and when he returned it you felt like you found something you lost somewhere.

“Heyo kiddo, long time no see, how have you been?”

“Hey Uncle John, I’m no kiddo anymore you know. You can Stiles call that all you like but I’m a grown up now.”, you replied with a smirk on your face.

“Wait, that’s not fair”, Stiles interrupted, “you know I will be eighteen in two months!”

Your smirk grew on that.

“Well Stiles you just will be kiddo until then and maybe I’m gonna call you that too since I’m here now too. So kiddo, how’s school going”, you said with your best old man’s voice.

“Ha Ha (y/n), so funny”, Stiles said but you could see the smile on his face.

“So (y/n), what are you doing here? Stiles didn’t tell me you were coming until this morning.”

Aha, so Stiles didn’t tell John anything about what’s happening. Great Stiles, now I have to lie to John, but hey, not the first time am I right.

“Oh you know Uncle, Stiles and I have been in contact via skype and when we started to talk about old times I felt like I needed to come back sometime. And now here I am, you know I can work from basically everywhere so I packed my stuff and just drove here.”

“And you know Dad, I missed (y/n) so much and asked if she can come as fast as possible and we have a guestroom where she can stay, I mean yes it has to be cleaned up first and stuff, but you know, I know you missed her too we haven’t seen her in a long time, I mean I have seen her via skype but that doesn’t really count so yeah”, Stiles ended.

Yeah I totally missed that little shit. He was always like this, talking with no end, oh my gosh it was such fun, I used to shove Ice cream and stuff in his mouth to get him to be quiet but then he just started talking when he was finished. His meds didn’t help much but it got better. I mean I really love him, but he can be a pain in the ass. Well, looks like I have to help this pain in the ass.

Stiles was still grinning like an idiot.

“Ok Stiles that’s enough, your poor cousin had to listen to your talking over skype and now she can have a break, ok son? Of course you can stay in our guest room, Stiles will tidy up in there.”, he shot Stiles a final glance and turned back inside, “I have to go to the station but I’m sure you won’t have a problem with handling yourself here. Although a few things have changed, Stiles probably will tell you all about it. It’s really nice to have you back (y/n).”

You and Stiles stood in the doorway until Johns cruiser left the street.

You looked to Stiles, who was bounced and looked like he was ready to jump out of his skin, in short he looked like he always had.

You turned to him with a serious look

“Now Stiles, how about we go inside and you start talking about that shit that’s going on in this town because “the usual” won’t work on me and you know it. So spill!”

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On the way to Stiles room, you went through the kitchen and grabbed some food. You knew this would take a while.


In his room, you flopped down onto his bed while he sat in his chair, on the other side of the room.

“So, Stiles, care to enlighten me what exactly is happening in this goddamn town. On my way to the house I didn’t noticed anything suspicious.”

Stiles was fidgeting in his chair and that even more than normally so it couldn’t be blamed on his condition.


“Okay, so, (y/n), I know I already told you over skype and I’m not sure you really believe me but it all started when I kinda forced Scott to go to the forest with me one night, where he got bitten by a rouge alpha which turned out to be Peter Hale, you remember the Hales right? And then we met Derek in the forest the day after ‘cause Scott lost his inhaler that night and he was being all suspicious and stuff and I told Dad and he arrested him but he’s actually a good guy you know just broody all the time and doesn’t talk much but he’s okay, hey maybe you should meet him sometime, anyway in the end we killed Peter but he came back to life and we killed him again but he came back anyway so yeah and the so much other shit happened I won’t tell you all right now, then Scott became a true alpha which means he became one even though he was a Beta before and didn’t kill anyone and”




“Ah, eh, okay so the problem is last week Scott was in the woods and smelled something he couldn’t place and he says it’s not another werewolf and Deaton isn’t in town. The strange thing is when we called him he said you could help us and that’s why I called you and asked you for help but I mean I’m not even sure you know anything or what to do, Deaton was being all confusing and shit like always but I hope you really can help us so yeah waddaya say???”

So, Deaton told them to call me? Why? I’m surely not the only option they had, so what’s different this time? I mean I know a lot and there are many other creatures out there that they don’t know, so maybe I should talk to Scott…

Also, Peter Hale was alive??? And batshit crazy but not anymore and Peter and Derek are the only Hales left? Maybe I should have paid a visit earlier.




Stiles was looking at you with concern and a hopeful look.


“Yes, Stiles, to answer your question, I will help you and you didn’t surprise me, Deaton told me about all the supernatural shit when you were playing in the sandbox, kiddo”


Stiles blinked a few times and you could see his brain working with that new information until suddenly he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh, gosh that’s awesome and amazing and so helpful. If you know the stuff Deaton normally knows than you’re way better than him and so cooler, not like you’re not cool normally just, shutting up now.”


You couldn’t help but smirk at that. At least the kid knows when to shut up now. And you knew you were way cooler than Deaton, nobody needed to tell you that.

“Okay, Stiles how about you call Scott and tell him to come here so we can talk about this little problem. Also, since he’s a werewolf he can totally carry my bags inside. My other condition right now is that I’m gonna meet this Peter Hale, I got some questions for him. You don’t need to worry Stiles I’m probably better at taming this beast than any other of you”

Your smirk grew on that and even more so when you saw Stiles confused/disgusted look.


“Eww (y/n), I don’t want to know, okay maybe a little but no.”

“another condition is that you give me that book you mentioned, that bestiary or something so I actually have some book and not only my notes. Now hush and call Scott or whatever you have to do to make that all possible.”

Stiles sat there a few seconds and you could hear his brain working. When it clicked, a big smile spread over his face and he got up to hug the shit out of you.

“Man (y/n) you’re the best, really, I don’t know what we would do without you, I’m gonna make an amazing dinner, you can choose whatever you want, okay maybe not whatever since I still gotta look out for Dads health, but something with meat is okay tonight okay.  I’m gonna call Scott real quick and look if he got time. I don’t know if I can get Peter for you but I can try, he’s a real creeper, but okay. And I’m totally in for the idea that Scott gotta carry your bags.”

“Okay Stiles then I want lasagna tonight and some salad for John. I got no problem waiting for Scott but I mean you wanted my help and personally I want that problem solved as fast as possible”


“Yeah, yeah, okay I’ll say it’s really urgent this times and I’m sure he wants to see you too anyway. Just wait a moment okay.”

Stiles pulled out his phone and dialed Scotts number. You waited and after a short ring you could hear what you assumed was Scotts muffled voice.


“Yo, Scott, bro, my man, you remember when I told you I called (y/n) about our little problem. She’s here and wants to meet, so it would be cool if you could come around my house real quick and when you’re there, carry (y/n) bags and stuff to the room next to mine?

What? You’re with Derek in the woods right know? Wait no! That’s perfect! Ask Derek to come too, please Scotty-boy!! She wants to meet Peter but I mean Derek can call him when he’s here too and meet (y/n). You tell him! He must meet her! What am I even talking to you? Derek I know you can hear me! Come here with Scott and meet my cousin!”


You could hear some growling from Stiles’ phone and assumed it was this Derek you just had to meet. You rolled your eyes. Grumpy werewolf, really.


“C’mon man, just please come here. What you’re coming, oh, cool, okay, bye, see you!”

Stiles ended the call and turned back to you.


“Let’s go downstairs and wait for them. We can start making that lasagna together and I can show you my amazing cooking skill I got over the years”

As you passed Stiles you ruffled his hair and said, smiling,

“we’ll see about that, kiddo.”

with that you raced Stiles down the stairs to the kitchen.

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It’s been some time since you cooked for more than one person and on top of that with some other person. Cooking with Stiles was fun, just like anything other was fun with him. You couldn’t resist grabbing your phone and playing music while you were chopping the ingredients. She’s got me dancing was playing loudly and Stiles and you were singing along and you were moving your hips in the rhythm to the beat. Stiles was singing totally wrong but that didn’t matter, you hadn’t had that much fun in years. You were so glad that you came back here.


 You were laughing, singing loudly and dancing to the song until you heard the doorbell ring.


You turned the music off and Stiles went to get the door. You could hear the door open and Stiles greeting Scott and Derek.

You were getting nervous, you didn’t know why but you collected yourself just in time to hear Scott call a “Hey (y/n), come here so I can see you too” and walked to the entrance to greet the young man.

When you got to the door your heart stopped beating for a moment.


Holy fuck, somebody call the fire department, this guy is smoking hot.


He was a bit taller than Stiles, hat amazing stubble and broad shoulders which held a Henley that didn’t leave room for imagination.

When you met his eyes the flashed red for a second and his breathing stuttered.


Ah, so he was an alpha. Well, good to know, on the other side he is a werewolf too so he could smell your arousal, damn, I should get it together. Scott is important, look at him, not Derek!

When you looked to Scott you could see he was giving you a strange look for a second before he went in for a hug.

You held onto him and returned the hug. These werewolves got nice muscles you got to admit.


“(y/n) it’s been so long since I last saw you. I missed you, so much happened but Stiles told you, already didn’t he? He said I should carry your bags upstairs, the room next to his right, just let me do that and then we can talk.”

Scott was already on your car and opening the car trunk and taking out you bags.


“Nice seeing you too Scott, you got big.”, you said smiling after him.


You glanced to who you assumed had to be Derek and found him still looking at you, at least the red had left his eyes now, but now that his natural eye color was back, you couldn’t help but stare back into this pools of green-blue and gray. Hadn’t you seen them somewhere before?

But before you could say anything, Stiles, as always interrupted.


“Okay (y/n), this grumpy guy right here is Derek, Derek Hale, like in Peter Hales nephew so he’s the best source for creeper guy info. Derek, this is my amazing and really cool cousin (y/n) and you better be nice to her ‘cause she was Deaton’s student what means she know way more than you or me.”

Derek’s stare was still fixated on you and his eyes widened when Stiles mentioned you being Deaton’s former student.


Since it didn’t look like he was gonna say anything soon you had to make the first move. You held his gave for a moment and mustered him then. This one isn’t talking, Stiles said he’s grumpy and he’s really really really hot. Like extremely hot. But somehow you felt at ease looking at him, like he gave you the feeling of safety and home. I made your body tingle. You snapped back into reality.

“Hey Derek, I’m (y/n), maybe you could call your uncle for me? I got some questions for him.”


Derek was still looking at you but as you talked his gaze had moved to your lips and stayed there. You smirked. At least you weren’t the only one who couldn’t resist. But that wasn’t important right know. He may be your age but you surely never met before and you really needed Peter to give you some answers.

So, you did the only thing you knew that worked every time.

You snipped your fingers.

Right in front of his face.



The poor guy looked startled for a moment. Yeah, a wild animal just lost his concentration. But at least that had seemed to work.

His hand went up to scratch his neck, probably out of embarrassment.


“Ah, yeah, hello.”


Wow what a great conversation this was. What’s his problem? He seemed really sour for some reason. Oohh I got a great idea!


“Somebody’s a sourwolf”, you teasingly said.


“omg that’s exactly what Stiles called him”, Scott said laughing as he walked past you with your bags.


You smirked. Yeah that doesn’t surprise me. But back to the subject.

“So, sourwolf, could you call Peter for me?”


He looked confused at you. It looked adorable.

“Yeah, I can call him, just don’t expect him to come, we don’t have the best relationship.”


You knitted your brows at that.

Weren’t they family? Something wasn’t right and you could feel it. Seems like there were even more problems than you thought. Well, more work for me then.


“Yes, that would be nice and I’m sure if you tell him I, (y/n), am here to meet him, he won’t say no to you.”

Derek eyed you suspiciously and his eyes never left yours as he went to grab his phone from his pocket. He dialed the number and pressed call. After the third ring, you could hear someone’s voice.


Derek moved the phone to his ear, with his eyes still on you and started talking.

Chapter Text

You saw Dereks face harden, his mouth going into a thin line.
He was clearly not amused with the greeting he got from Peter.

Inwardly you giggled. He somehow managed to look cute like that and no wonder, he was talking to Peter after all.

You could just imagine Peter greeting him like; Derek my dear nephew what do I owe this pleasant surprise? Yeah, Peter was kind of a drama queen, but it was always fun to watch him interact with people, even when he was trying to trick them. And after what you had heard so far it wouldn’t surprise you if he got even more annoying.

But back to Derek, he was a better subject to look at right now.


“Uncle, I don’t know where you are or what you are up to but here at Stiles is some girl called (y/n) and she wants to see you.”


After hearing the name, he must have remembered me because Dereks eyebrows shot up and you could hear the beep beep from the phone in his hand, indicating Peter had hung up on him and was on his way. Derek was still looking at his phone, while you gave Stiles a proud smirk who just looked at you impressed.


“Didn’t know that you know Peter, when did you two meet?”, Scott asked you.


“Well you know I was training under Deaton when I was younger, and he often came by to pick up herbs for Talia, Dereks mum, or for his wife, who was pregnant that time, god somebody tell me what happened when I was gone. So yeah, he was kinda like my uncle too, John is still the best, but Peter was the fun uncle who played pranks with me on everyone. And as you can see he still seems to remember those times and clearly can’t wait to see me again.”

Dereks eyebrows seemed to shoot up a bit higher on his face, if that was possible somehow. God you would love to kiss that stupid look of his face and there was this feeling you couldn’t place.


“So, you knew Creeper Peter before he went batshit crazy. He sounded kinda cool but now it’s just ewwww.”, Stiles concluded.

“Haaa, yeah kiddo he was really cool, so I am interested what changed.”


You know you had said you wanted to know what happened but maybe that was something you should ask Derek or even Peter some other time. So, for now there was not much to do but wait.
Oh, and make that lasagna and salad.


You started to make your way into the house but were stopped by a hand on your arm.
As you turned you looked into the depths of Dereks eyes, you felt a tingle all the way up your arm. Dereks eyebrows were drawn together and there was a frown on his face. You needed to pull yourself together goddammit, right now there wasn’t any time to crush on the broody big bad alpha.


“Since you seem so eager to occupy my time, I am making you my sous chef, sourwolf the sous chef, sounds kinda cool right.”

Dereks mouth opened like he wanted to interfere but like the confident woman you were you just pushed his mouth shut and made your way back into your kitchen. The warm feeling on your back told you there was a big bad wolf hot on your heels. You smiled to yourself. Men were too easy. Although you knew that this one would be hard to crack.

Back in the kitchen you shamelessly turned your music back on and got back to making that damn fine lasagna. You were humming along and starting to swing your hips unconsciously, not noticing Derek standing in the middle of the room staring at you, not really knowing where to look. You were somehow hypnotizing, and he just couldn’t figure out why or how he just felt so at peace looking at you.

You were Stiles cousin, but you couldn’t be more different than the two other Stilinski he knew. While Stiles was all babbling and fidget, you were confident and sure of yourself. You could handle yourself pretty well, he could tell after looking you over. More than one time, but that doesn’t matter or anything. And there had been this feeling he had since he first saw you, he couldn’t place it, but it felt like something familiar. And when he touched your arm he had felt something like a power surge but peaceful and not overwhelming.
How could he not know you, when you had obviously been here before. You knew Peter and Deaton, hell you even had been training under him. How could he not met you even once and still feel like he had known you forever.

He was confused.


Not knowing something had never sat right with him. He had to figure out what it was and what it had to do with you. And on top of that he had to figure out a way to deal with the current trouble that was brining danger to his land and pack. And it seemed you were the solution to it.

While Derek was deep in thought you had prepared the lasagna and when you looked over your shoulder you saw him standing with a deep frown on his face, staring at you.
Well, seems like someone needs a wake-up call. You decided and let the oven close with a loud bang, snapping the man out of his, whatever he was doing.

He blinked and looked at you. You just smirked at him.


“What’s got you looking so grumpy, sourwolf. While you’ve been staring at me –“

“I wasn’t staring at –“

Your eyebrow shot up and continued,
“I prepared the lasagna and now it is your turn to make the dressing for the salad since Stiles can’t be trusted with that.”


Derek gave you a look and you just rolled your eyes. For a short moment you felt like you just had tamed the alpha, but that instantly changed when he went up to you not your bubble and caged you onto the counter.
You didn’t know what you were expecting but you held his stare, not baking down from the challenge. It felt like time was standing still as you gazed into each other’s eyes. But you had to get your shit together. Still looking him in the eye you said:
“What’s up big bad, don’t you tell me you can’t make a simple dressing?”


At this his eyes got sad and he suddenly looked like a broken man.

Great me, you just said the wrong frigging thing. Now this will be even harder to get anything out of him.

“I…, I just haven’t cooked anything in a long time. I’m not sure I remember how to do it. I mean… I –

Oh god, look at that poor guy. Your heart was breaking just looking at him. What in the world happened while you were away? And I just know it will not be easy looking at his state. But asking Peter may be worse so I just leave it at that for now.

“It’s okay Derek. You can watch me do a dressing. You can even taste test, after all you are my sous-chef.”

You had unconsciously moved your hand to his arm and stroke a pattern over it. But before you could stop and take your hand back, you saw his eyes soften and his frown lessen.
So touching was okay then, that was something you could work with. You were a hardcore cuddler. You loved touching and being around werewolfs could mean just that.
While you were still moving your hand back and forth Dereks arm he slowly seemed to relax under your touch. Before you could react, Derek closed the distance between you two and your breathing stopped. He seemed to realize his mistake, shaking his head and getting back up, frown back in place.


“I’ll help set the table.”, he huffed and went to the other room leaving you in the kitchen.

Nice, you just cockbloked yourself, well maybe you did since you weren’t sure what Derek had wanted to do. You knew weres could be crazy affectionate and almost everything about the situation just now screamed cuddly teddy were, but the way Derek reacted, oh boy he was a special case.


He was really a sourwolf.


But at the same time you got sad. You could see Derek wanted affection and would love to give into the touching and bonding, but something was holding him back. You were almost sure it was part of himself, like he didn’t allow himself the feeling.
You let out a sigh and turned your music off, you weren’t in the mood right now.
Stiles waltzed into the kitchen, grin on his face. Which soon fell as he saw yours.


“Hey (y/n), what’s up? Derek just said I should help you, didn’t you want him as your sou-chef anymore. Is that why he looked so grumpy?”

“I actually don’t know kiddo, I think I said something hurtful and he just put up his guard so I kinda won’t get anywhere with him right now. But you know what, I could use some help with the dressing.”

Stiles face lit up at that.

“Sure thing (y/n), I’m gonna make my best dressing, it really is amazing, even Dad said so and you will love it I’m sure. Derek is just moody and wants to be left alone, best you annoy the hell out of him, you can tell all he is thinking just from looking at his eyebrows”


That got a laugh out of you.

“Oh I know what you mean, it’s like an own language. You can tell exactly how he’s feeling and if he thinks your talking total bullshit.”

Aww yeah, that man was easy to read and impossible to understand at the same time. An alpha werewolf with trust issues. Wait, an alpha werewolf… with super senses…


You were so fucked, you totally forgot the super senses, which meant Derek could hear every word you said. Well, at least he didn’t know what you felt so you were still safe.


That was what you thought but at the same time all, Derek in the dining room, was thinking about was how you had smelled like home and safety


as he wanted to dive in to scent mark you. But it just had felt so right in that moment. He had felt like it was the right thing to do so every other wolf knew, you already belonged to him.

What the hell? Since when did he think about things like this, he wasn’t allowed to do that. He had fucked up already not once but twice, and that big time. So, he had sworn not to let things like these happen. But it had felt so right to be close to you. To breathe you in. To mark you as his, even though it already
felt as you were his.


With the clinking of the last set on the table the front door opened, and Peter waltzed in.


“I heard my best girl is back in town.”

Chapter Text

When you heard Peters words a smirk found its way onto your face and you made you ay to the entrance, ready for a dramatic play.

“My knight in shining armor, you came to rescue me from these dumb beasts.”, you said theatrical, faking a swoon.

Peters smile just widened and catched you in his arms before you fell to the ground.

“Oh my, a damsel in distress, don’t worry my dear I will save you.”


During your little play the rest of the gang had made its way to the entrance. Stiles was looking somewhat disgusted and trying not to laugh, while Dereks eyebrows almost touched his hairline. Scott just looked confused, what an adorable little idiot.

So here you were in Peters arms, giving Peter your best shit-eating grin, determined to mess with them a little more. One look and Peter knew exactly what you were up to. You had done this many times before, it had always worked and everyone will be so shocked, you giggled to yourself.

Determined to see your little play through you looked at Peter with big eyes,


“My what big eyes you have…”

“So that I can see you better…”, Peter had always been the best big bad wolf.

“My what a big mouth you have…”

“So that I have space for all my teeth…”

“And oh my what big pointy teeth you have…”

“So that I can rip your throat out!”


And with that sentence Peters voice got deep and he began growling, bared his teeth and was about to put them on your throat, when he stopped und you heard not Peters growl but one more, which sounded a lot more real and terrifying than Peters fake one.

A few things happened at once.

You felt Peter going rigid, Scott and Stiles wince and Derek basically dragging you out of Peters arms and putting himself in front of you. It all happened a tad too quickly for you to process it but when you realized where you found yourself, Derek with his back to you, crouching, ready to attack his uncle at any moment, you got angry.

“Jesus Christ, Derek what the hell! What is wrong with you?!”

Derek stared at you with disbelief, while Peter behind him finally had the will to move again and was watching your interaction with interest.

“What is wrong with you woman, didn’t you realize he almost killed you!! How can you be so dense and not see that he is a threat to you!”, Derek all but growled out.

“Um, wow… You know I didn’t realize you guys were that bad with each other but okay.”, you said while walking around Derek, back to Peter and setting your hand on your hip, just to prove your point.

“Uncle Peter was just joking, you know. No reason to go all grrr on him, and the fact that you didn’t even realize that he was joking is just sad. I mean, he is your uncle after all. But don’t worry your pretty little wolfy head over it, I am sure you could protect me if ever needed.”

With your free hand you gave Derek a pat on his head, his hair was surprisingly soft for looking so rough.

Derek was still staring at you, looking like a idiot, but you could feel him giving into the slightest touch from you, all but melting in your hands like a cute little puppy.

“Oh boi”, was what you muttered under your breath.

Peter snickered behind you, having heard your comment about the current situation. 

“My dear nephew, I believe she already has you wrapped around her little finger but seeing it with my own eyes is proofing to be a lot more amusing than I originally thought.”

Derek gave a growl in Peters direction, but you couldn’t help but agree in your head. You had this guy so whipped and you haven’t done anything but argue and tease him.


Finally taking you hand away, you saw longing in Dereks eyes having lost your touch, you turned around to give Peter a normal greeting.
You went on your toes to hug him and gave him a kiss on his cheek, which he gladly returned after hearing another low growl from Derek.

You both giggled and turned back around to the group. Stiles had made a gagging noise but was smirking at you, knowing you were just as much of a tease as he could be.
Leaving that matter aside you remembered you had food in the kitchen.


“Peter, could you help me in the kitchen, thanks and the rest of you take a seat, food will be there in a sec.”
Leaving all these idiots behind, you left for the kitchen with Peter in tow.

You could hear the scraping of the chairs on the ground, confirming the execution of your order. You turned off the oven and took the lasagna out putting it into Peters waiting arms.

“We meet again after so many years and you give me food , honey why aren’t we married already?”

Peter was joking of course, but you could hear a growl from the dining room making you roll your eyes and Peter giving you a smirk.

“Dear you know we could never work but I appreciate the thought. Now be a babe and give this to the other beasts in there or I believe your overprotective nephew will come in here and strangle you with his bare hands. I take the salad and follow you”.

“How could you say that, we make the best team.”, Peter faked being hurt.

“But I let it slide this time, only because I know how much you actually love me”.

“Yeah but don’t make it sound like you don’t love me just as much”, you shot back.
You arrived in the dining room just in time to see Derek giving Peter a wary look and Stiles and Scott first looking between Derek and Peter and then giving looks each other having some silent conversation. You put down the salad an sat yourself between the complicated family members.

“Guys I know it is in fact awkward as hell right now, but please just let us eat. I have been driving all day and I just want eat something before I have to deal with any of your problems.” Which seem to be far more than I imagined, you added in your head.

You gave everyone a piece of the lasagna, with extra meat and took yourself some salad. You knew wolves had a big appetite and not to praise yourself, but your lasagna was damn fine.

You were used to eat leftovers, so you just took your time to enjoy the silent meal, stealing glances at the boys.
Stiles was already halfway through his third piece but grinned at you with his mouth too full, which made you smile.

Scott had the dignity to use the fork and knife but you could see how eager he actually was.

Peter on the other hand, had used the cutlery and was having a glass of wine to it so yeah, classic Peter.
Derek was just as enthusiastic about eating as Stiles but not messy or rushed. He was eating carefully and even took some salad.

And you would be lying of you said you couldn’t feel the wolfs gaze on you the whole dinner, making you squirm, and maybe you stole a few looks at him just to catch him looking at you.

Chapter Text

It was no wonder that you, as the only human, was the last to finish your meal. Peter was sipping on his 5th glass of wine and of course not even a little bit tipsy, damn werewolfs and their metabolism.


Stiles and Scott were leaned back in their chairs a look of satisfaction on their faces.
Derek just sat in his chair, trying to look like a cold stone, but you could still see the contentment on his face. His features were softened, and he emitted an aura of happiness even if he wasn’t aware of it himself.

When you laid down your fork and knife, Derek immediately stood trying to take your plate. Peter smirked giving his nephew a pointed look, which made Stiles and Scott giggle.


“Didn’t know you were such a polite guest sourwolf, I remember you breaking in through my window and throwing me against my door.”, Stiles said with a teasing tone.

Derek gave a soft growl to this, collecting the rest of the dishes and making his way to the kitchen.

“Don’t be mean to him Stiles, it’s nice to see my nephew take some responsibility.”

“Peter”, you said in a warning tone, getting up and hurrying after Derek to the kitchen collecting Peters wine glass on the way.

Peter just smirked at you and focused on Stiles.

“So Stiles, tell me about that one time Derek got arrested”

“Jesus Peter, you already heard this a million time, Stiles loves to tell that everyone he meets and who knows Derek.”, you heard Scott say.

When you got to the kitchen you saw Derek by the sink already letting it fill with water to wash the dishes.
You came up to him setting Peters glass down and taking a towel to dry. When your eyes met, you gave him a soft smile. You could see his hard features, which were concentrated on the dishes, soften as he looked back at you.


“Here, I’ll help you. It wouldn’t be polite to let a guest do the cleaning.”

“I would say no but you’re gonna do it anyway, right?”, he said still smiling. This man already knew me too well.

“Yeah, I think you already learned that the hard way with Stiles.”

“Ha, I think it’s more about the thing you have with Peter”, he glanced down not meeting your eyes.
Aww he’s jealous, he’s such a cuddlewolf.

“You know what I said earlier – “


“I didn’t mean to make fun of you. Stiles told me almost anything he knows about you and I know you have many things you can’t talk about and that’s okay it is. Everyone has secrets, things they don’t want to share. I know you’ve been hurt and it’s not easy. I know you’re scared of losing someone close to you, even if it is your uncle, who you say you hate –

Dereks hand twitched at that, dishes long forgotten and was looking in the sink.

So even if he makes jokes and we make fun of you, you know it’s just a sign of love and family. You may not believe me, but Peter loves you dearly, did before and always will. And hell, even Stiles sees you as part of family, so don’t think just because we tease you, we think less of you or something.”

There was a silence that followed, only to be broken by Stiles who said: “Why’re you both so quiet.”
You mentally facepalmed yourself. Yeah, this damn hearing thing, now Scott and Peter were probably listening for an answer from Derek. Okay, you could work with that.


“Um, you know that got heavy real quick”, and a glance at Derek didn’t make it better, as he was looking at you with sadness, wonder and something else. You had to distract him before his emotions flowed over and said things, he didn’t want them to know.

You stepped real close to Derek and whispered as silently as possible: “Wanna dance with me?”

Derek gave you the most adorable lost look, which meant you had successfully distracted him from the heavy topic. Before he could process your question or give an answer, you had turned to the speakers and turned on Little Mo’ Betta, feeling like singing and dancing.

You turned to Derek with a smile on your face, basically sliding over to him and taking his hand. You put it high in the air and twirled around it. While you turned, Derek came back to his senses and gripped your hand. You were incredibly close, and he could feel your heartbeat and smell the joy and that amazing scent he couldn’t place.
But right in this moment all worries he had flew out of the window and he smiled back at you and gripped your hand just a tad tighter.
After you were done with your twirl, you were pulled into position, like in real dancing position and you were dancing around the room with Derek.
You laughed and sang loud along.


You completely lost yourself in the dance and in yourselves until the song was over and someone stopped the next from playing.
During your dance the other three had made their way to the kitchen and had watched your little show.
The moment Derek saw Peter looking smug as hell he let you go going back to stone cold sourwolf.

“I didn’t know you remember how to dance quickstep, or dance at all. I mean it’s been a while hasn’t it my dear nephew.”

“Shut up Uncle.”, Derek grumbled.


He may have let you go but he was still standing near you. It had been really nice to dance so carefree with him. You didn’t know why Derek was so angry about getting caught having a little fun but then again, there were actually more pressing matters to attend to. It really didn’t help that you had felt so alive dancing with him, like you had done this a thousand times before, so domestic and just right.
You glanced at Derek, finding him looking straight at his uncle.

Peter waved his hand, laughing Derek off.

“I told you she has you wrapped around her little finger. And it must be really tight if you even dance with her. The last time you actually danced was – “


Well that must have hit a nerve, cause Dereks eyes flashed at his uncle. Great, another touchy subject.
Stiles came to the rescue, thank god.


“Guys I know you like to stare each other to death but we have actually some shit going down and if you remember, we have (y/n) here just for that. So maybe instead of fighting we could just be nice, like for five minutes, that would be super nice.”

Derek huffed beside you, which you took as affirmation.

“Okay so I know we said that we have an urgent situation, but my mom just got home and texted me, she made curry, so I gotta go okay?”, Scott made his best puppy dog expression.
Which worked pretty well on Derek, but he would never say, you knew.

“Fine with me, I actually have some business to attend to.”, Peter threw in. You didn’t need to think twice, it was probably a date, with whoever, you didn’t know.

Dereks eyebrows danced til they sat in a scowl, you couldn’t blame the guy, this really wasn’t his evening.
It all would have been fine, but Stiles –

“I actually have to write a paper, yeah, I just thought we don’t have time today, so I said fuck it, but if everyone is ditching then I am too.”

That little fucker.

“Okay, that just means your problem has to wait until tomorrow. I know you said you don’t know what it is, but I would like to take a look around if that’s okay.”, you thought out loud.

“Yes dear, I can drive you.”, Peter offered, before Derek even opened his mouth. He shut it immediately.

“I can make a quick stop and let you out before I go on my date.”

Derek huffed, turning back to the dishes and actually cleaning them.

God, how could he be any more obvious. This was getting too funny, and you knew Peter had so much fun teasing him. But you were sure you would totally not run into Derek by chance or anything, so it was okay. But you had to talk to Peter about his date, if this was anything, it was unbelievable interesting.


“That would be really nice Peter, and on the way we can gossip and talk about all the stupid bitches.”
Peter laughed out loud at that and flipped you the finger. Stiles just laughed harder and Derek looked at your conversation with disbelief. The poor man just didn’t get it.

Stiles went upstairs, Scott and Peter already made their way to the door and as you followed you whispered to Derek,

“See you later sourwolf.”

And as you went past him you let your fingers slide over his lower part of his back and the response you got was amazing.
Derek shivered, and you could feel him tense up in the most delicious way, even if you just craved touching him somewhere, a connection .