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This Love of Ours

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Hurried breaths and whispers against skin…this was all she needed now. Honestly, it was all she would ever need.

Andy’s hands are quick, his mouth quicker, and April can’t get enough. It would never be enough. As close as they could get, somehow her body was always begging to be closer, aching for more like an unquenchable thirst. His hands cover every inch of her that his lips can’t tend to. His rhythm is perfect and steady, rough and hungry, just like her desire.

His huge form covers her, towering over her as always, drowning out the moonlight breaking through the one open window. He’s all she can see, but she doesn’t need anything else. His lips crash against hers over and over, and April lets out little whimpers, tiny moans lost among the sounds of two bodies coming together.

“Harder,” it comes out in wet heat along his neck, and he obliges. Always, he obliges.

She pushes against his chest, and he knows to let her take control for a while. He knows that she needs this. Switching positions, April sits tall on top of him, his hands grasping her waist like he’s holding onto life itself, and she moves.

A groan escapes his lips, a deep, guttural rumble that shakes her from within, and she knows he won’t last much longer.

More, she needs more.

Faster now, harder, she rides him, rolling her hips down again and again. His hands travel up, grasping at the soft skin of her breasts, and she leans down to kiss him once more.

“Amazing,” he whispers against her mouth, and she knows he means it.

His words give her life. She closes her eyes and her body responds in kind, tightening around him as she gasps for breath.

“That’s it,” he soothes, rubbing her back, praising her through it. “C’mon, babe…that’s it…you’re so beautiful.”

Her movements slow as she relaxes on top of him. Andy pulls her down for a kiss, his lips soft and hungry. It takes her a moment, and then he’s on top again, his pace frantic now as he searches for that same release.

“Please,” she begs him. She needs to feel him. She needs him to hold her and never let her go. “Andy, please…” She leans up to suck on his neck, and his muscles tense above her.

“God, I love you,” he moans, and she can feel him empty hard inside her.

Full, sated, April goes limp under him as he slows to a stop. His chest swells in and out in ragged breaths as he turns her onto her side, his body perfectly lined up against her back. Brushing her hair aside, his mouth gets to work again.

More, she needs more.