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Call me Mama

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It was a snowy day as usual since when did it ever changed since she was first send here. The undergound was a terrible place, but it was home, the old musky smell of Dust and smog was everywhere. "Tch, fuck'in Grillby" she whined as she began walking down the familiar path. Snowdin.

As usual covered in Dust and blood of the fallen victims before her, a site most would shiver in fear, but not her, she was use to it... seen worse things than this place can offer; she chuckled as she kicked the severed head of the last victim, Cynthia was it? Held the soul of integrity, for a child, she was quite lovely, a pleasant little darling. Too bad she died. She shrugged as she grudgingly made her way to Grillby's the only place in this hellhole that's had the good amount of liquior that can drown the sudden wave of pain and bitterness in her soul. Maybe even fuck some monsters up if she was drunk off her ass enough, but who should she challenge, everyone basically knew her.

The human with a twisted soul.

A soul no one bothered with, unless she pulled them to battle. She rather enjoy toying with her victims, but never take their life. Oddly enough she held a bit of a mothery side to herself. Fuck'in with their minds now that was always fun.

"Yo!" She hissed as she pushed the door open only to slam it behind her. All heads turn to her as she walked towards the bartender. "Hello bitch" was his reply as she seated herself down beside another monster who seemed to be asleep. A bottle of mustard in his grasp. "Fresh meat?" She asked as she nodded towards the vodka in the front, "came around two weeks ago, his brother is head of the royal guard, Papyrus I believe his name is" he went as he slammed the bottle down after pouring her drink. It only caused the monster beside her to jolt up as if in a panic-defense and throw a punch. She caught the other's fist without an effort, the room stilled as the air tensed. She could tell the monster beside her was panicking mentally. "Now, now suga" she responded sickly sweet, "no need to throw mama a punch" Grillby shuttered as she called herself that. While she grinned; looking good at the small monster, she can tell he was a skeleton, one glowing red eye while the other was a small pinprick, wearng a red shirt, black jacket, and black basketball shorts, "s-sorry!" He went trying to look calm, but was failing.

"No need to be so panicky suga," she said as she downed her first glass, "its a normal reaction," the monster calmed down a bit, and try putting uo a tough face. But she can see throw it, oh how this little monster could actually act tough when in truth he was weak, shaken, and obviously beaten since that crack on his head showed it.

"Now according to Grill'z here you and your brother just arrived here two weeks ago, mind telling me how that happened?" She grinned. She knew everything that happened in Snowdin, basically her territory, so having new residents all of a sudden come and her to not noticed pissed her off. But she can let it slide considering how cute the skeleton is.

Oddly enough she loves skeleton accessories, so this should be fun. "Um, my brother came here to beat Undyne for the position of Head of the Royal Guard."

"He won?"

A nod from him, "heh, bitch had it coming," she smirked as she poured herself another glass. "So Papyrus is his name... So what about you suga? You got a name?" The skeleton was looking at her with a confused look, "S-Sans" font names, thats cute.

She smiled a bit as she faced him completely, "pleasure to meet you sweetie" giving a flirty wink at him, red spread all over his cheekbones. He try looking away in hopes of covering it. "Watch it (Y/N)" said Doggo, "he's already claimed by his brother" Sans looked confused as (Y/N) scowled at what Doggo said.

A small growl erupted from her red-painted lips causing all the dogs to submissively whine, "no need to be angry Alpha" said Lesser Dog. She turned away before downing another glass Grillby had poured for her. She looked over to Sans who was curious about why the dogs acted around her.

She then noticed the red collar wrapped around his neck, now who the fuck would make him wear a collar with no tag on it? She thought before smirking at a sudden idea, "Doggo, he may be claimed as you say, but I see no tag on that collar of his" Sans snapped his skull over to her, eyes widen with fear. A blush shamed his face as he try hiding the collar behind his hoodie. (Y/N) giggled sweetly as she reached over and looped a finger at where the collar should be causing him to face her. "Careful Baby Bones, someone might take ya" she purred as she released him and began paying Grillby, "keep the change and Grillby notified me about what's going on in my town" she said as she earned a huff from Grillby, but signifying that he will. She felt all eyes on her as she walked towards the door, "oh and Sans" she paused at the door and looked over her shoulder, "see you around suga."


Sans sat there speechless, scared, and a bit confused; what just happened? He thought as he turned to fact the Bartender who was now cleaning the same glass the woman, (Y/N) drank out of, "who-who-"

"(Y/N) (L/N) fell down two years ago when we had that Patience soul came, she's human, but at the same time isn't. Messing with her is like asking a death wish" said Grillby's as he try scrubbing the red stained lip mark which seem to not go away.

"She's that powerful?"

"No" Sans looked up to him confused, "she doesn't kill, but what she does makes you wish she did." Sans glared at the mustard in his hands, the sudden thought of the woman send chills down his spine. "What does she do?" He asked as the bartender crushed the glass with his bare hands.

"Me to know and you to find out"