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Not all Family is related by blood

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Chapter One
Disclaimer: I do not own the Buffy movie, BtVS or the Supernatural series.


Timeline: Pre BtVS, movie and series and Pre Supernatural series.


AU: Dawn is not the Key in this timeline


Chapter 1


A/N: In this chapter: Andrew will be about four, Buffy will be seven and Dawn will be two years old, not sure about Dean or Sam though and the Supernatural Timeline


Joyce sighed as she prepared Dawn and Buffy to meet their new brother, she loved them both and still had enough love for another child so she signed up for a foster parent program and Hank was, well, not happy about it but accepted her decision on the condition that they would take a boy in, they had enough girls and he was feeling a bit outnumbered.

She was reading the file the agency had sent her; apparently his name was Andrew and his parents were found to be inadequate caregivers and she had no idea how anyone could do this to a child. ‘No picture?’ she thought, he was just a couple years older than Dawnie which meant he was only four years old and he wasn’t from LA, he was from a town up north called Sunnydale.

Joyce got the call from the agency and drove down to the office, she wanted to take the girls but Hank said it would be better for them to wait at home.

As she drove into the parking lot she was a bit nervous, there wasn’t much about Andrew that she didn’t know personally; what if he was emotionally damaged from whatever his parents had done to him? What if he was dangerous? She walked into the tall glass building and the secretary took her into one of the waiting rooms and she saw the lady walk in and behind her was a small blonde haired boy with bright blue eyes.

The lady smiled and said, “Mrs Summers, how are you today?”

“Oh, I’m fine Sandra,” Joyce said as she gestured towards the boy, “Is that Andrew?”

Sandra smiled, “Yes, this is Andrew Wells. Please forgive him as he’s very shy and he won’t talk often, until he gets to know you.”

Joyce smiled at Andrew and got a shy answering smile back at her before he hid his face from her. He was so cute and he did look a bit like her and Hank, especially her, he could almost be Buffy’s youngish brother.

“Now,” Sandra said, “Andrew’s parents have another child whom they fought like dogs and cats to keep but they didn’t fight for Andrew.”

“Why wouldn’t they want to keep Andrew?” Joyce said getting angry, “He’s a beautiful boy.”

Andrew watched the two ladies talking about his mommy and daddy, he wondered if he could go home but Sandra said that unless mommy and daddy started being good they couldn’t have him back.

Sandra shook her head and said, “It’s a wonder we were able to get Andrew out of that situation. That town, there’s something wrong with the whole town, it’s like there’s something nasty and evil in that town. We have had reports about child abuse but for some reason we can’t get any work done there, if it wasn’t for a concerned neighbour we would have missed what was happening in the house.”

Joyce reached out and picked up Andrew and sat him on her lap and said, “Thank god you were able to get Andrew from that town.”

“Yes,” Sandra nodded and looked at Joyce’s face as she looked at Andrew and knew Joyce had lost her heart to the little guy, not that she blamed her.

“So Joyce,” Sandra said, “I assume you’ll take him in?”

“You bet,” Joyce said as she put Andrew down, took his hand in hers and looked at his wide blue eyes and said, “Come on, you’ll be living with us for a while.”

Andrew nodded and allowed the tall woman to lead him out of the big building, he looked at her hair and he smiled, he was sure he’d be back with his mommy and daddy soon.

Joyce put Andrew in the car, buckled him up safely and she began to tell him about her girls and how they were looking forward to meeting him. She kept looking at him; he was so adorable and he really did look like he could be her son.

As they drove Joyce noticed that he was really quiet; he didn’t even say anything, he just looked around. She wondered how his parents mistreated him as he didn’t seem to have any bruises but she supposed it might not have been physical.

“Well Andrew,” Joyce said, “This is my home,” as they finally pulled into a massive drive way and she took him out of the car and led him out.


Hank walked out and looked at the small blonde boy next to his wife, he noticed the boy looking back at him with wide blue eyes. He walked slowly towards him, Joyce had told him the boy’s name, “Hi Andrew,” he said softly.

Andrew simply looked at him and attempted to hide behind Joyce, who simply smiled and said, “He’s really shy, apparently.”

“Oh,” Hank said as he tried to get another look at Andrew, who was still trying to hide behind Joyce. The kid was fairly cute and he almost looked like he could’ve been his and Joyce’s son, he sighed as they walked in.

Buffy ran up to Andrew and said, “Hi, I’m Buffy.”

Andrew nodded while Dawn looked at him shyly too, Buffy looked at him and took his hand so he could go play with her and Dawn.

Hank looked at his daughter drag Andrew off and shook his head, Buffy was always a strong willed girl and she seemed to take a liking to Andrew already. He looked at Joyce and gave her a slight kiss and said, “He’s going to be staying here for how long?”

Joyce told him what Sandra told him and he sighed, as he walked out he saw Buffy attempting to tell Andrew exactly why Malibu Barbie was better than ballerina Barbie.

It’d be a couple of months before they heard anything from child services. Andrew was talking to both of them and Joyce was happy to see him bonding with Hank, she was getting dinner ready for them when Child’s service called.

She looked and saw it was Sandra’s home number and she smiled; Sandra had taken a special interest in Andrew as he was the only the child she could get out of Sunnydale’s bogged down children’s services.

“Yes Sandra,” Joyce said, “Is something up?”

“Kind of,” Sandra said softly, “Andrew’s family hasn’t made improvements and his father flat out told me that he didn’t want Andrew back.”

Joyce’s eyes darkened, how couldn’t anyone want their child back? “So,” Joyce said, “Hank and I were talking and we would like to officially adopt Andrew.”

Sandra’s smiled, she had a feeling that would happen when she told them that but she wanted to inform them that they came into contact with Andrew’s Grandfather, a Robert Singer; he owned a scrap yard and he wants to visit Andrew.

Joyce looked at Andrew, who was playing with Dawn and paled, she really didn’t want to have to lose Andrew now that they could legally adopt him.

Sandra said, “Joyce, I talked to Mr Singer and it seems he only wants to meet his grandson and be part of his life, not take custody of him.”

“Okay,” Joyce said with a bit of relief, “When can we expect him in?”

“In the next couple of days,” Sandra said, “He seemed to be quite excited to find out he had a grandson.”

Joyce hung up and decided that she’d be strong and tell Hank what was going on, Hank looked concerned; they had already decided to adopt Andrew and make him a Summers in name, if not blood.”

“So,” Hank said, “We just have to prove to this Singer fellow that we’re good people?”

“Yeah, Sandra thinks that he just wants to meet Andrew and get to know us,” Joyce said as she put out the plates out for dinner.

Hank frowned, he wanted to make sure that they made a good first impression on Mr Singer so he’d make sure that he was satisfied with them caring for and raising Andrew.

Joyce called them in for dinner and took Andrew to the side and let him know what was going on.

“Grandpa?” Andrew said confused, “I don’t have a Grandpa; Mommy told us we didn’t have a Grandpa.”

“Well you do Andrew,” Joyce said, “And he wants to meet you and he’s going to visit us in a couple of days.”

Andrew looked at her, kind of excited and afraid; the Summers family was nice to him and it was starting to dawn on him that this is how families were supposed be like, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to meet his grandpa.

Joyce calmed him down and they sat down to eat dinner, truth was that they were both a little frazzled; Andrew was almost family and he could be taken from their home.


The week passed quickly and Andrew was busy playing with Dawn when he saw an old blue truck came down the road, Andrew stared at it as it stopped in front of the house.


Bobby was beyond happy; he had just gotten back from a hunt with John and his boys when he got home and saw a message on his answering machine.

As he walked to it and pressed the play button.

*Beep* “Hello Mr Singer, my name is Sandra Gates and I’m a Social Worker for family services in Las Angeles, this is regarding your grandson; Andrew Wells.”

“Grandson!!?” Bobby spat out surprised; he hadn’t heard from his daughter in years ever since she had taken up with that cocky bastard Victor Wells. He quickly took down the number, the next day he called and found out what his daughter had done; she had relinquished all rights to his grandson because she didn’t want him and now Andrew was living with some family, who Ms Gates assured him, were good people. ‘Didn’t matter,’ Bobby thought, he had to go see his grandson and make sure. He called Ms Gates and told her that he’d make sure these people would take good care of his family.

He was driving down to the address that he was given by Mr Summers, when he had given them a call. As he drove up he saw a small blonde boy playing with a smaller, brown haired girl.

Andrew looked up at the man who got out of the truck and came towards him; the man looked at him and said, “You Andrew?”

Andrew nodded; the man smiled and said, “I guess I’m your grandpa.”





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