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Each word could stand on its own, bringing with it varying degrees of negative connotation. Most people, in some shape or form, have been guilty of deserving one, or perhaps a couple, of these labels sometime within their life. For a great many, upon realizing they are seen in such a manner, changes are made to reverse the unfavorable opinions.

It is the way of human nature, to want to be seen in a good light, to be accepted by our peers, to try our best to live within the box that public opinion creates. Having one bad trait can usually be forgiven; even a couple will rarely cause one to be ostracized. This actually tends to make someone seem more human, bringing to mind thoughts like they have their faults but are still a good person to the average fellow citizen. They still have the right to hold their head up high as a respectable and accepted member of their community.

This goal is one which women especially, having been groomed by society from birth for such a purpose, strive to obtain: to be known as a lady.

By contrast, when those undesirable traits are brought together in one vessel, their meanings intertwining into something cohesive, we see a wholly different form of woman.

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Ino Yamanaka was one of these women, or at least that was the general consensus among the residents of Konoha. It didn't matter whom was asked – her family, her best friend, her teammates, or even some random citizen on the street – they all recognized Ino for what she was: the best special ops kunoichi the Konohagakure had ever produced. More than that, being a ninja village, the public understood what the job which came with that title was meant to entail: Ino was a jounin level seductress.

It was also a widely known fact that her working skills had filtered down to her personal life. Ino was known to date multiple men at any given time, to frequent bars to look for suitable bodies to fulfill her physical needs. She never paid for anything anywhere, instead using her beauty and half-whispered promises to charm her way out of every bill. She lived only in the moment, flashing dazzling smiles one moment, crushing hearts the next as she moved on to greener and more lucrative pastures.

The effect of such truths, as all rumors are until proven otherwise, was that while she was greatly honored as a shinobi, she was considered an irredeemable woman. Others of the fairer sex, with the exception of a handful of her fellow kunoichi, treated her with careful disdain, clutching possessively to their other halves while in her presence.

Men, on the other hand, lavished her with attention, gifts, and conversation filled with innuendo. Of course, none of them were ever serious about her. They were merely after the physical pleasure her presence could bring them. Not that she could blame them completely. After all, with her reputation, Ino was the type of woman whom men wanted to bed, not one they would bring home to meet their parents.

If Ino had been like most people, she would have fought the rumors that had effectively torn her reputation shreds, disowning the degrading remarks and refraining from partaking in any activity or frequenting any locale which may have given credence to them. But Ino, perhaps adopting some of Shikamaru’s strategic brilliance, decided that she could use these truths to her advantage.

Ino was, in fact, acutely ambitious. Sure, she hid it well, burying it under a mask of beautiful blonde frivolity, a clever ruse causing rivals to underestimate her. But it was there nonetheless.

And so, when the first reports of her indiscretions began to circulate – she being the ripe old age of fourteen – she chose not to refute them, but to instead encourage them. The wise kunoichi knew her shinobi skills would only get her just so far in the line of work for which she was aiming, and her assumptions were later to be proven correct. By age sixteen, though she had greatly honed her skills, taking two years in her learning and perfecting of the Yamanaka family jutsu, she was stuck on a plateau as a lower level jounin. It was a great accomplishment, to be sure. But it certainly wasn't enough for Ino.

She could do better, do more. She could – no, she should – have the same type of renown that Sakura, Naruto, and Shikamaru had. Unfortunately, though she had repeatedly presented her application for special ops to the council, no one seemed eager to give her the chance, citing lack of the required skill set as the primary reason.

Ino realized that to achieve her goal, she would have to resort to more impressive measures.

{ oOo }

Ino chose to create a particularly complicated jutsu, one that would take her nigh on three years to fully develop. In her medical studies, Ino had learned a lot about how the human brain functions – its intrinsic complexities, the minute fluctuations in its chemistry, how it affects the rest of the body. The premise of her jutsu was quite simple; the difficulty was in pinpointing the exact section of the brain she needed to target. For months on end, she spent every scrap of her spare time reading through dusty tomes and science scrolls, looking for the missing link which would make her hypothesis a reality.

In the end, Ino found what she was searching for. With the information, she managed to hone a skill, a largely disused variation of her bloodline limit which behaved much like a high level genjutsu. The resulting jutsu was strikingly similar to the Uchiha clan's Mangekyo Sharingan, though her version focused primarily on inciting pleasure rather than torment, and its use imposed negligible negative side-effects on its user; it took very little chakra to put into action, did not require lengthy hand signs, and, unlike her mind transfer jutsu, she did not leave her body. Also, since it worked by altering the chemical composition of the target’s brain, rather than by an illusion created by genjutsu, it was virtually impossible to detect, except perhaps by a well-trained medic-nin. But the most crucial aspect of the jutsu, at least from Ino's standpoint, was that no one but herself would know how to use it. It would be her trump card, her trademark.

Its only limitation, so far as she could anticipate, was that she would have to be engaged in intimate contact with the target before she could utilize it – she would have to be kissing her target. The mouth, specifically the tongue, was the closest nerve cluster to the brain that Ino was confident that she could access without arousing suspicion. Ultimately, she deemed this restriction to be inconsequential; as her goal was a special ops position, it seemed a fitting coincidence.

All that was left to do was a little practical application.

{ oOo }

Ino's trials yielded even better results than she had projected. She started small, seducing sleazy, self-proclaimed players from various watering holes around Konoha. These men were easy to spot and even easier to bend to her will, the type that would go after anyone passably attractive with breasts. Since she met and surpassed both requirements, she pulled their strings with relative ease. Upon awakening alone from a heavy slumber, the test subject would mourn the loss of his beautiful puppeteer, forgetting momentarily her adamant requests to avoid the trappings of a relationship, but be comforted by sultry recollections of their once-in-a-lifetime encounter, none the wiser of her underlying intentions.

In actuality, the jutsu caused the victim to maintain a state of pleasure-induced unconsciousness, which gave Ino the freedom to explore the mind unhindered and undetected, while also allowing the imposition of her will, rearranging thought processes and memories as she saw fit. For these trials, as it was her fellow citizens and shinobi she chose as specimens, Ino kept strictly to implanting a typical one night stand experience. While wielding such power over the male mind was exhilarating for the woman, anything more invasive would have caused her to lose her beloved beauty sleep. Invigorated by her success, she continued her research, working her way up the hierarchy of nightlife and leaving salacious rumors, and a few broken hearts, in her wake.

{ oOo }

That was not to say everything went just as she expected.

Soon, Ino came to realize that only by seducing someone of a higher caliber could she ensure herself an elite position. After much deliberation, and a small amount of soul-searching, she set her sights on the perfect target. He was nearly old enough to be her father and a friend to boot, but as an elite jounin, ex-Anbu, and wielder of the Sharingan, he would be the ultimate test. It was also held in his favor that he was attractive, more so than many men half his age, interminably single, and susceptible to fits of perversion.

He, of course, was Kakashi Hatake. Ino executed her seduction plan well, and the end of the night saw her at his apartment, their fingers tangled in each other’s hair and his cloth-covered lips nuzzling her neck while his hands explored places on her body that without the aid of alcohol he would never be persuaded to touch.

Encouraged by his apparent distraction, she reached for his mask in attempt to make for the necessary kiss, only to be shut down by the ever-vigilant Kakashi.

He saw through her deception, calling her ungraceful and severely lacking in subtlety. But before she could make up her mind to permanently debilitate him for the affront, Kakashi made himself useful by proposing that she take lessons from a geisha acquaintance of his and add some variety to her reading repertoire. Supposing she could use a mentor of sorts, Ino revealed her plan and enlisted the older man's help.

Within a mere fortnight, her seduction skills and her jutsu were honed to such a degree that her next elite target not only fell for her ruse, but he never figured out that he’d been had. Ino almost felt sorry for Yamato-sensei. Almost.

While that, in and of itself, was quite an accomplishment, the most promising result of the test was the confirmation, due to Kakashi's observation of the interaction, that the Sharingan was unable to detect the jutsu.

{ oOo }

It was soon decided amongst this dynamic duo that it was time to inform their esteemed Hokage of Ino's newly developed talents. This also went better than Ino hoped, with Tsunade immediately capitalizing on her assets, so to speak, and appointing her a position within the special ops on a trial basis; in spite of either woman’s wishes, the Hokage could not give her anything more concrete, not until the council was sure Ino could conduct herself appropriately.

By the time she returned from her first mission, executed without the slightest hiccup and earning herself, and in turn the village, quite a sum, the council had found sufficient time to dig up the dirt on Ino. Given the extensiveness of the young kunoichi’s supposed exploits, the council approved Tsunade's request for Ino to be awarded a promotion: the rank of elite jounin and a permanent spot within the special ops ranks. Finally, she’d achieved the renown for which she’d been striving. At age nineteen, this Mistress of Seduction, as the Konoha constituents had dubbed her, was finally where she wanted to be, where she felt she deserved to be.

All it had cost her was her reputation.

Ino considered this a very cheap price to pay. After all, a woman only needed a good reputation if she planned on marrying a good man, something which she zero interest in. In fact, she had no romantic interest in anyone at all, not since the man of her dreams had deserted the village and the pursuit of said man had almost taken the life of her beloved teammate. If she had no plans to marry, then of what worth was her reputation?

And only the three of them – Tsunade, Kakashi and herself – knew the true irony of Ino's situation, that Konoha's own Mistress of Seduction was, in fact, very much a virgin.