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First Night at Home

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Liana arrived to her room about ten minutes later, she got to the room inadvertently of Sirius presence until she heard the click of the door being bolted. She gasped and turn around for see him, already naked, walking towards her.

'You scared the wits out of me.' Liana said before Sirius shushed her and kissed her passionately.

'Don't speak so loud,' said Sirius, 'we don't want anyone to hear this.'

'What are you doing here?' Asked Liana.

'I needed be with you.' Sirius said before kiss her again.

'We've been together for all day.'

'You know what I mean.'

Of course she knew, she could feel Sirius' erection pressing hard against her stomach. She dropped her hand and start caressing it, making Sirius groan. He quickly answered by almost ripping her dress out of her body, passing his big strong hands by her back and bum.

'Get a good grip.' Said Sirius before put Liana's arms around his neck and lift her up like she was a doll.

Liana thought he was taking her to the bed, but he wasn't. He crossed the room to the furthest wall, just right next to the balcony door and slammed her to it. He let loose one of her legs time enough for guide his penis inside her and quickly got a better grip of it and start moving inside her. She did a loud groan and he shushed and kissed her again, bruising her lips.

A knock on the door.

Liana grasped, she had completely forgotten about Sofia, who slept on the next room, liked to say good night to her. She could hear her calling at the other side but she couldn't replay anything without revelling what Sofia's brother was doing to her at that moment. Sirius looked at her, smiling, almost laughing at it between kiss and kiss.

Sirius did something with his hips that made Liana squirm like a cat, he repeated again and again feeling how Liana was coming to an orgasm, little by little. She had the urgent needing of cry out, but she couldn't, everyone in the home would hear it, instead she let herself go fastening her teeth on Sirius' shoulder. That immediately made Sirius thrust into her harder, quicker and deeper until he released himself deep inside her a couple minutes later.

Liana thanked the Gods for the grip Sirius was still having on her legs, because she felt like gelatine, unable to walk herself to the bed. Instead, Sirius took her to it, not letting it go until they were laying on the bed, when Liana slid to Sirius' side meanwhile he covered their bodies with the sheets and blankets.

The bed sheets where really cold over her hot post-sex skin, she thought, getting closer to Sirius also warm body, but soon they created a nice warm bubble around them which made Liana feel relaxed and sleepy.