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did you use protection

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‘Can you believe this?’ Taehyung shoved his phone into Jimin’s face. ‘Even Namjoon hyung asks if it’s true!’

Jimin grabbed the phone out of Taehyung’s hand, a nice black iPhone 6. Taehyung had spent his entire summer slaving away at his uncle’s strawberry farm to save up for the piece of plastic. Jimin scrolled trough the messages on the screen of the sacred electronic, eyes going wide in disbelief.

‘Even Yoongi hyung asked?’

‘Even Yoongi hyung! This is fucking ridiculous.’

Jimin nodded, handing Taehyung his phone back.‘It is, I mean,’ he dodged a trash can and an angry looking senior. ‘Like you’d even have a chance to get into the same square meter as Jeon Jeongguk.’

Taehyung pouted, ‘that’s mean.’

‘He’s a semi sex god, no scratch that, an actual sex god, Tae. Not to be rude, but he’s way out of, well, anyone’s league.’

If that was the case Taehyung really wondered how anyone had ever made up the ridiculous rumor that he and the famous school badboy, Jeon ‘I’ll put my cigarette out on your arm’ Jeongguk, had slept together.

Taehyung was pretty sure that in order to get the deed done they definitely needed to be in the same square meter.


He had only seen Jeongguk once. Dark eyes and dark hair, black jacket and black boots stomping down the almost empty hallway. Taehyung didn’t have classes with him, but knew Jimin had. They had been standing next to their lockers, and Jimin, being the nice human being that he was, had said a simple, ‘hi,’ to his classmate.

He had been met with a glare from Jeongguk.

After that Taehyung had decided that Jeongguk was some rude, first class, piece of shit asshole. Someone he didn’t want to be affiliated with, and he told Jimin just that.


‘Well good luck with that because the entire school thinks the two of you are hooking up.’

‘No,’ Taehyung buried his face in his hands, pulling Jimin to the side of the hallway when the other started listing euphemisms for sex. At ‘sinking the sausage,’ he had had enough.

‘Stop and help me think of a way to end this rumor instead.’ He was resisting the urge to bang his head against the locker he was leaning on, because damn it, could people stop staring at him for a minute? Did he need to write, ‘I didn’t sleep with Jeon Jeongguk,’ on his forehead to get the weird looks to stop? Because he hadn’t slept with Jeon motherfucking Jeongguk, for god’s sake.

‘You’re sure you want to end the rumor?’ Jimin frowned. ‘I mean; he’s hot.’

At that exact moment Taehyung’s phone went off again and he got it out of his pocket.

Jimin curiously looked at his friend, standing on his tiptoes as he tried to read the message on Taehyung’s screen.

‘Seokjin hyung. If I used protection.’

Jimin found that absolutely hilarious and even had to wipe some tears away as Taehyung groaned next to him, face turning a little red.

‘Stop laughing asshole, it isn’t funny,’ he protested. He looked up and down the hallway. ‘Where does this Jeongguk kid hang out during his breaks, I need to talk to him.’

Jimin muttered a quick apology before grabbing his friend’s arm.

‘I think I know where to find him. He normally hangs in the music room, can smoke there in peace or something. Yoongi smoked with him once.’


Taehyung wasn’t expecting to be shoved into a dimly lit room, which he would have probably mistaken for an extra large janitor’s closet if it wasn’t for the piano standing in the middle -which looked very misplaced.

In the windowsill sat a boy, back facing Taehyung, cigarette in his right hand, ashes trickling onto the floor.


Taehyung did a wild guess that the boy he was staring at was Jeongguk.

(it was)


‘Jeongguk?’ Taehyung asked softly, carefully closing the door behind him.

When he didn’t get a response he repeated the name, a little louder this time. He was sure Jeongguk had heard him, yet the boy still ignored him.

Well, then Taehyung would just do the talking for the both of them.

‘Hey, I know I don’t know you and this might sound weird. But people, eh, think we slept together? I don’t know, I mean I don’t even know you.’ Taehyung nervously rubbed the back of his neck. ‘But, eh, I’m pretty sure that you agree that we need to stop this rumor.’

Suddenly Jeongguk turned around, throwing his half smoked cigarette out of the window, tilting his head.

‘What if I don’t want to?’


The fucking audacity.


‘You’re cute. Bet you’d look pretty with your lips around my cock.’

Taehyung gasped.


Suddenly Jeongguk started laughing, running a hand trough his hair. ‘God you should’ve seen your face, chill, it was a joke! Are you okay?’ He hopped off the windowsill, walking over to Taehyung as if he hadn’t just made a very rated mature comment. ‘I mean the cute part wasn’t a joke, because you are.’

Taehyung’s entire face was flushed, the red reaching his ears. ‘The rumor,’ he said it more to himself than to Jeongguk because suddenly Jeongguk was really close, and fuck.

Jeongguk was actually kind of hot?

No scratch that, he was really, really hot.

And beautiful? Man, his eyes were gorgeous, and his hair. Taehyung had to clench his fists not to lose his self control and just run a hand trough the strands -which were probably just as soft as his skin. His skin, oh god, his skin had all these cute little-


‘Oh yeah, that rumor.’ Jeongguk pulled him out of his thoughts. ‘Hoseok hyung texted me about it.’ He grinned, ‘so you’re the Taehyung I supposedly had sex with.’

Taehyung nodded, because yep, he was the Taehyung Jeongguk supposedly had sex with. ‘That’s me.’

‘Well, Taehyung I supposedly had sex with-’ Jeongguk started, but Taehyung interrupted him.

‘Can you please stop saying it like that, just Taehyung is better.’

‘Okay, just Taehyung.’ Taehyung rolled his eyes. ‘I agree that we should stop this rumor, but maybe we can..’

Taehyung frowned, looking at Jeongguk in confusion.

‘Make it reality?’


Was this Jeongguk saying he wanted to.. fuck him?


‘After I take you on at least five dates and introduce you to my parents?’

Much better.


Taehyung couldn’t help but snort at that, quite in disbelief. ‘Are you -are you asking me out?’

‘Trying to? I mean you’re cute and maybe I told some people I thought you were and yeah,’ he shrugged. ‘Maybe that started said rumor? Didn’t think they would make this out of it, though.’

Taehyung was shocked to say at least, suddenly feeling some sort of power over Jeongguk.

Two could play that game.

‘Okay, Jeonggukie listen.’ He crossed his arms. ‘First you need to throw that entire pack of cigarettes out of the window because I don’t make out with ashtrays.’

Jeongguk tilted his head, surprised with the change in Taehyung’s tone. ‘If I do. Will you agree on going out on a date with me?’

‘Aish, don’t try to blackmail me into dating you. I don’t know,’ Taehyung sighed dramatically, knowing damn well that in reality he was dying to go on that date with Jeongguk because he might have seemed a grade A asshole from far away -from up close he was really hot and kind of ..nice? Enjoying his newfound confidence around the boy, Taehyung took a step forward.

Jeongguk took the pack out of his back pocket, walked over to the window. ‘Yes or no?’

‘One more condition.’

Jeongguk frowned, stretching his arm out; still clutched the pack tightly in his hand. ‘You’re cute Taehyung, but that cute, I don’t know.’

Taehyung shook his head, ‘nah, don’t worry. Smile more, I think it looks good at you.’

Jeongguk promptly dropped the pack, hearing it fall on the ground outside with a soft thud a few seconds later, ‘alright.’ He walked back to Taehyung, brightly smiling. ‘We can totally arrange that. So, how sounds tomorrow at 8? I’ll pick you up.’

Taehyung smiled back, biting down on his bottom lip. ‘It’s a date?’

Jeongguk nodded. ‘The first of at least five.’