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I'll always be there Yuu-chan...

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"Come on Yuu-chan! You're getting slow! The kids are going to catch you!"

"Yuu-nii! Wait for us!"

"Damnit Mika, move it! They're going to catch us!"




The demon choked back a sob. The memories were rushing back with no meaning. It was all too much.




"Yuu-chan, come with me! Leave those humans!"

"Thank you, Yuu-chan..."




"Who are you?"

Mika's eyes widened at the demon above him. It had pinned him down after slaughtering it's comrades and raised it's sword to take the final blow, but had paused.


Tears were spilling over both of the non-human's eyes, leaving trails in the blood splattered on their faces.

"WHY? Why... can't I kill you?!" The vampire didn't miss the soft sob that escaped it's lips.

"Yuu..." To see this demon wearing his family's face and tears in it's eyes was killing him. The sword in it's hand lowered to rest on the ground beside them.

"Just... What are you to me?" the demon whispered.

Mika didn't hesitate to sit up and embrace the demon on top of him.

"Yuu-chan, we're family- no matter what. And I..." The words died on the blond's lips, and he couldn't find the energy to finish. He knew what he had to do to bring his Yuu-chan back.

Something shifted within the demon's mind, a memory perhaps just on the border when...


The demon's eyes widened when pain exploded in it's chest. Glancing down, a sword with a golden hilt was impaled through it's center.

The tear's in Mika's eyes were overflowing, making it hard to see in front of him. He clutched the body to him despite the blood dripping onto his uniform.

"M...i..." Once red eyes faded into green.

The head sagged forward onto his shoulder. The vampire closed his eyes and held his family to him as the heat of the body slipped away.


With a strangled breathe, Yuu coughed and went silent, the slow beating of his heart not long after.

The blond drew his sword from Yuu's chest and wrapped his arms around his best friend, family, companion, brother, lover.... And cried.

Mika cried for the loss of the only man he was living for.

Mika howled to the skies for the boy that would never grow up and experience life like it was meant to.

Mika screamed for the life that was taken away by his very own hands.

And no matter how much he pleaded to the corpse in his arms to open it's eyes...

No matter how many times he prayed to the heavens to bring his best friend back...

Nothing happened.

His beloved Yuu-chan was gone forever and was never coming back.