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Snakeeyes and Boxcars

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Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between!

Would you like to make a bet?

Let's say that you took a single point in existence. Let's say it's the birth of a single person. Let's say that this person could walk two different paths, and they go in the same direction. Maybe sometimes they overlap, even if they always split apart again. Two separate lives -- and sometimes more -- for a single person, all of whom started as a single core self and branched outwards.

Shall we wager whether or not this person will have the same sort of friends, the same sort of loves, the same elements of self? Say there is a reason the two paths are different. Say it's just a single small thing, and that is the birth of potential. If the first conditions are too vague, let's drill down. From that moment of potential, let us turn our eyes and seek out the Big Event, the thing that they say helped shape this entire universe. It's a force of attraction, the stuff that pulls things together and holds them close. That's the same stuff that inspires creation and destruction, because let's be honest, you know and I know those are both important.

Let's call this thing love, for lack of a better word.

So having established the target of our questioning, what are the options? What is it that makes us fall in love? In fact, what makes us love at all, for whatever reason? Why is someone who was beloved as a friend now loved as a lover? Why is there sometimes no actual dividing line?

Is there some grand design that guides our steps towards love, or is it simply whimsy?

Shh, don't tell me your answer yet. We're making a wager, after all. If the point is to see it through, then, of course, we must see it through. It's difficult to see yourself, though; the mirrors are too close and too bright. For the sake of objectivity, it cannot be you, and it cannot be me.

Therefore, for the sake of this wager, let's pick someone. Mm, but it can't be anyone too special -- the gods don't care too much for being the ones watched, after all. And it can't be anyone too ordinary, because people like that have only one small life, never mind two. We have to go for a middle ground.

Give a roll of the dice, my friends, and let's see what comes up.