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Lying from You

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White. White was the color of the walls, the faded color of the hospital floor tiles, and probably even the color of his face. He felt drained.

Cooper was exhausted. It had been a long emergency flight from LA back to Ohio; he still felt like his head was spinning from how quickly everything happened. He was on his way home, having just finished shooting his last scene for a small role he booked on a TV series when his mom called and told him about what happened.

Because of how upset his mother was when they spoke, the details of what happened were not exactly clear but he knew enough to know he had to fly to Ohio as fast as he could.

His parents were on their way to the hospital. Blaine had been injured. He wouldn’t say who did it to him.

“It’s probably nothing serious Coop, you don’t have to come.” Blaine had told him between strained sobs and sniffles. Obviously trying to hide the pain he was feeling from his older brother so he wouldn’t worry. But Cooper wanted to be there for him, especially after his mother told him that Blaine needed to have surgery because his cornea had been damaged.

Cooper knew his relationship with Blaine had become estranged over the years, and while he always kept telling himself that he was going to find a way to fix it, he never got around to actually doing it. Trying to make it as a successful actor was not an easy task. He was always away; away from his family, away from his hometown and away from everything that happened there. Cooper knew he failed to be there for Blaine when he needed him the most; being absent when he came out and his parents had a hard time accepting him. 

Blaine’s situation at home had gotten better as the years passed but Cooper knew he had left his little brother through those difficult times to stand alone, right when he needed his support, and Cooper wasn’t about to let that happen again.

So that’s what got him there in the cold hospital room after a 4-hour flight, sitting on Blaine’s bedside, wishing he could sleep but not quite managing to do it in the awkward hospital recliner chair. His parents tried to convince him to go home with them, but Cooper wanted to be there when Blaine woke up. He didn’t make it on time to see Blaine right after surgery; he was sleeping when Cooper got to the hospital.

Cooper still didn’t know exactly what happened apart from the fact that it had been a slushy what hurt Blaine’s eye. But not only had his cornea been scratched, he had to have his arm in a cast, as he had broken it when he hit the floor after been hit in the eye with the icy beverage. 

Cooper’s blood was boiling at the thought of his little brother being attacked and hurt. This was the second time Blaine ended up in the hospital because of an “incident” at school. Cooper was angry, but more than that, he was terrified. What had it been it this time? Was Blaine being bullied at that new school he transferred to? Had he been attacked for being gay? Was this going to just keep happening to him?

He was startled out of his thoughts as he noticed Blaine shifting under the covers.

“Coop?” Blaine said in a sleepy voice.

“Hey squirt, how are you feeling?”

“Ugh… fine, I’m fine, I guess.” He said, attempting a smile.

Cooper said nothing, just gave him a knowing smile. He knew Blaine wasn’t really ok, but he wasn’t going to push him for answers, especially not while he was still weak from the surgery and still in the hospital.

Blaine must have noticed Cooper didn’t quite believe him, because he quickly added: “I just… I want my bed, this one is so uncomfortable.”

“You should get some sleep, we’ll get you home in the morning.” Cooper told him, reaching out and squeezing his hand softly.

They stayed in silence for a while, Blaine trying to fall back to sleep but obviously not managing to succeed. Cooper shifted between sleep and wakefulness as he stayed deep in thought. He had so many questions, but it would have to wait until morning. 

The next day Blaine was discharged and their parents came to pick them up and head back home. Cooper went with them since his parents had taken his luggage back to their house the night before. He had his own apartment in Westerville and also a car but since he came from the airport directly to the hospital he’d taken a cab. He figured he should stay at his parents’ house for a couple of days and keep Blaine company, since he wouldn’t be allowed back to school until he could remove his eye patch, which apparently was going to be a couple of weeks depending on how he healed. 

Blaine was still refusing to tell his parents who had attacked him, saying it had been “an accident” and that he didn’t want to press charges. He had begged his parents with pleading eyes to not do anything about it and Cooper couldn’t help but feel the curiosity eating him inside, so he decided he was going to wait until they could be alone to ask Blaine to tell him the truth.

He was sure he could get Blaine to tell him what happened and the truth about who did this to him, and once he did he was going to make sure whoever was to blame paid for it.

After their parents had gone to bed, Blaine and Cooper were in the living room watching TV, Cooper figured this was as good a time as any to ask Blaine about what happened but so far he wasn’t having much luck. Blaine kept changing the subject and just trying to just shrug it off and flat out ignoring Cooper’s questions. Even with Cooper practically begging Blaine to “Please talk to me, I just want to know what happened, I’m worried about you” Blaine still didn’t budge. Needless to say, Cooper was getting really frustrated.

After a couple of silent minutes, Cooper decided to try again, this changing his approach to a more serious tone: “Are you being threatened?” he asked flatly, looking straight at Blaine, “Is that why you don’t want to say anything? Because they threatened to hurt you again if you speak?” 

“W-what?” Blaine said, startled by the implication of what Cooper was saying “No… no! That’s not it.”

“Then what is it Blaine? Why can’t you tell me?”

Cooper slowly saw how Blaine’s expression shifted into a painful frown. Blaine looked sad, almost heartbroken, tears filling his eyes as he was obviously debating within himself about whether he should say something or not.

Cooper reached out and put his hand over his brother’s own trembling hand, encouraging him to speak. And that’s all it took for Blaine to finally open up. 

“It’s just… it was the Warblers, Coop.” Blaine said in a quiet voice, almost a whisper.

Cooper couldn’t believe what he just heard; surely this must be a mistake. “The Warblers? You mean your Dalton friends the Warblers?” He asked incredulously as he saw how Blaine wiped a tear that had spilled from his eye.

Cooper stared at Blaine in silence, too surprised about this to even know what to say. Blaine just nodded.

“Yeah, well… it was Sebastian, but the Warblers helped him, they handed him the slushy…” Blaine sniffled “They knew what he wanted to do… and they helped him do it. I don’t know, I just… I don’t know Coop.”

If Cooper was worried about Blaine before, nothing could describe what he felt now that he knew who had hurt his brother. This was so much worse than if it had been some random bullies from McKinley, these guys were supposed to be Blaine’s friends! He felt hurt and betrayed on his younger brother’s behalf. What could have possibly happened? And who the hell was this Sebastian guy? He certainly hadn’t heard about him before.

Cooper tried his best to keep himself calm enough to listen carefully as Blaine told him the story about Sebastian and how they met. Blaine told him about how he was the Warblers’ new lead soloist and how he was really different from all the guys he’d met before. Cooper breathed deeply, trying to ease the feeling of anger that had spread from his chest down to his stomach and now at the back of his throat. 

The more Blaine talked about Sebastian, the more upset Cooper became about the bastard. The way Blaine spoke about the guy was just sickening. He told Cooper about how good looking, confident and talented he was, and how they had some sort of friendship going on. Blaine admitted he admired Sebastian to a point, because he was really confident and open about his sexuality in a way that Blaine never had seen before. Cooper just listened and nodded as his little brother continued talking about this guy. It was like once Blaine started talking about him he couldn’t stop. 

Blaine told him the story about how Sebastian had taken him and Kurt to Scandals, and about how he seemed to be really experienced and how easy it was for him to flirt and hook up with guys. Blaine told Cooper about how despite everything, he didn’t think Sebastian had many true friends, and that he wanted to be that for Sebastian. He talked about how he tried to be his friend even when he knew Sebastian was going after him, trying to break him and Kurt up. At that last admission Cooper could see the guilt in Blaine’s eyes, it was a deep sadness, full of regret. 

“So… do you like him?” Cooper asked, a little careful of his choice of words, but he really needed to know.

Blaine just shook his head, “Well… Not anymore.” Blaine huffed “I just thought he was different, you know? I thought we could be friends, despite everything, but he doesn’t care Coop. He hurt me and he doesn’t even care!" 

Blaine was really upset and it was breaking Cooper’s heart, so he decided to stop asking questions about Sebastian. He was going to have to find out more information about this guy on his own. At least he had a name now, someone he could make accountable for what happened. He just needed to find him now, and make sure he regretted what he had done.

Later that night, as Blaine and his parents were fast asleep, Cooper took his brother’s computer from his bag and took it to his room. He opened and was relieved when he realized it was only asleep, because that meant he was automatically logged into Blaine’s Facebook account. Cooper felt a little bit of unease at breaching Blaine’s privacy this way, but kept telling himself it was fine because he was doing this for him.

He did a quick search on his friend’s list and found the offender: Sebastian Smythe. Cooper felt bile rise in his throat as he clicked on his picture to open his profile page and take a better look. He needed to find out more information about him.

Blaine was right, the guy was good looking, and just by taking a look at his profile and photos Cooper could see how arrogant and cocky he was. It was something about the things he posted and the way he answered to messages on his timeline from people basically kissing his ass, it was so obvious that it made him sick.

Cooper was pretty sure Sebastian was the kind of guy who grew up having everything and thinking he was entitled to get anything or anyone he wanted; and that’s when it hit him. Cooper knew right then exactly what he needed to do.

As much as he wished he could, he knew he couldn’t get away with beating him up; he wouldn’t risk getting sued or arrested. But he was going to find a way to wound him deeper than any punch could ever hurt. Cooper was going to make Sebastian have a taste of his own medicine, and there was only one way he could do that. 

He walked to the bathroom, took a deep look in the mirror and made up his mind. He was an actor, and he was ready to play the biggest role of his life. He was going to find Sebastian, and he was going to lead him on. Cooper was going to put his good looks to good use like he knew he could. He was going to charm Sebastian into thinking he was interested in him and once he got him where he wanted, Cooper was going to make sure Sebastian understood just how worthless he really was.