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Hurricane in a Tea Cup

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Naturally, Toya was the first one to notice. He was, after all, far more observant than Satsuki, who was only paying attention to his own piece of cake - which Toya might have admitted was fair enough; it was truly delicious cake, and he'd be sure to instruct Yamimaru to never again buy it unless they could be absolutely sure Satsuki would not be around to eat any of it.

I could just tell her. Casually. Say, 'hey, Chiyuki, there's a bit of cream on your - '

No! Dog-boy's too fast; he's probably gong to jump right in, before she can do anything about it herself. Stupid slow humans.

I guess I could do it myself; it doesn't have to be anything serious or weird. I mean, if I just play it cool, make it clear it's no big deal or anything ... why is Yamimaru looking at me like that?

What does he -

"Bit of cream on your nose, miss!"

Satsuki's head snapped up, like a dog that's caught wind of something tasty. Too late, you fool! Ha! Take that! Foiled again by my vastly superior intellect and good looks!

Chiyuki beamed at Yamimaru as if he were her dearest friend (she's so easily influenced! and gullible!) and went back to eating her cake. Toya made sure to keep a close eye on her, noticing with contempt that Satsuki was doing the same.

"More tea, anyone?" Yamimaru asked cheerily.