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Alternative Medicine

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Most of the time when people do something really shitty and they get bit in the ass for it later, they become better people because of it. They realize the error of their ways. They lead a new life. They’re born again! Blah blah blah.
Johnny Joestar closed and then turned around the pamphlet to reveal a smiling man gesturing with an obnoxious “thumbs up”. “FORGET THE YOU OF YESTERDAY! BECOME THE YOU OF TOMORROW! TODAY!” The bold, colorful letters of the pamphlet seared his retinas. If he wasn’t already in a therapists waiting room for his “anger issues” he would have ripped the stupid thing up and shoved the pieces in his mouth. Johnny eyed the ground, with a fiery stare. He was so pissed that he was brought here at all. Over the last two years he felt like he had been diagnosed with literally every disorder under the sun. It wasn’t enough that he was already fucking crippled, no, he had to be retarded too.
He sighed and crossed his arms, leaning back in his wheelchair. He peeked up at his dad sitting in the uncomfortable-looking waiting room chair next to him. He was reading a magazine: “MENTAL ILLNESS AND YOU” Johnny read the title and groaned audibly.
“Stop calling attention to yourself,” His dad said, eyes forward, reading his magazine.
Johnny was beyond sick of this, the appointments, the doctors, the anger, the wheelchair. It’s like no one actually understood why he was angry. They all tried to make him learn to “cope with his circumstances”. It was bullshit and Johnny knew it, and he knew the doctors all knew it too.

“Johnathan Joestar?” Johnny he looked up to see a middle aged woman with reading glasses perched on her nose, “Johnathan?” He wheeled himself over to the doorway to his chagrin,
The woman looked down at him, “Oh,” Johnny felt the sting of her pity. It radiated off of her body like the stench on garbage or…or dog shit or something. She began to make her way behind him, “I can take care of that.” She said, hands reaching for the handles on his chair, offering to push him down the hall.
“It’s fine,” He said, agitation surrounding his words, “I can use my arms.” He wheeled himself down the hall and into the doctor’s office in which the nurse gestured. Inside the room there was a comfortable looking sofa, and a bookshelf with a few water bottles placed next to a bouquet of flowers that was beginning to wilt.
“The doctor will be in, in a moment.” She said, closing the door, leaving him with himself.

Johnny never felt better after his appointments. They were supposed to help, but they seemed to help everyone else but him. Johnny wasn’t going to act like he was surprised, he always got the short end of the stick anyway. He made his way back down the hallway, being nosy he peeked into other offices and alcoves for doctors and nurses to stand around in as he rolled down the hallway. Once he saw a nurse making out with another therapist in the break room. Scandalous. The sudden sound of plastic hitting linoleum made Johnny realize that he had run into something hard.
“OW! Fuck!” Johnny stopped his chair and looked to see a young man crouched down next him, holding his shin, “You could have killed me!” He said laughing, “watch where you’re going.”
“uh…” Johnny looked at him silently, “Did I run into you? Sorry.”
“It’s okay.” The man said, gathering his papers and plastic clipboard from the floor, “If I have a bruise you’re gonna be the one paying for it though.” He stood up laughing irrationally hard at his own joke, “Just kidding…But not really.”
“How expensive is it gonna be to treat your shin’s hurt feelings?” Johnny asked, “Because I’m kinda low on cash right now.”
“HA!” Johnny couldn’t tell if that was a laugh of a scream, “That was pretty good. For that….this time you get off free.” Johnny glanced at the name embroidered on the man’s lab coat as he spoke ‘Gyro C. Zeppeli’ weird ass name. Gyro waved his hand by his waist to signify his goodbye, maneuvered himself around Johnny’s chair (even though there was plenty of space on the other side), and disappeared into the hallway behind him.

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                  Dinner was always fun with his dad. Usually Johnny preferred to eat by himself in his room, but sometimes his dad insisted that they “eat together” for some ungodly reason. Every time it ended up in a fight. The silence was tangible as they ate their steaks. The squeaking of the knife on the porcelain plate as his father cut his meat made Johnny’s hair stand up on end.

“How did your appointment go?” His father asked, disinterested, Johnny assumed.

“It’s not really your business, but it was okay.” Johnny said, pushing his green beans around his plate.

“Well it is my business since I’m paying $300 every time you go to that guy,” His dad looked up at Johnny playing with his food, “and if you’re going to bitch about it every time we go, I’m not sure if I’m going to continue paying for it.”

“Jesus Christ, Dad!” Johnny put his fork down, exasperated, “It’s not like I asked to go to him anyway.”

“The doctors advised me after your “accident” that it would be the best thing to do,” His dad looked back down at his food, “Sorry for trying to do what’s best for you.”
“Fuck off, Dad, we both know you’re full of shit.” Johnny pushed himself away from the table, rattling the dishes, “You only wanted to make yourself seem like you cared about your ‘piece of shit son’ Bleeehhh.” Johnny said in a mocking tone, “You can take your $300 dollars and shove it up your ass.” Johnny began to wheel himself away from the table, “The only reason you haven’t completely abandoned me is because I’m a cripple. If I could move my fucking legs, I would have been on the street months ago!” He looked at his father’s face turn red, the man stood up from the table, and calmly walked over to his son. Crouching down in front of him he looked Johnny in eyes, unwavering and unfeeling.

 “You are 19 years old.” He said, “Apply for disability and get the fuck out of my house. You’ve already taken enough from me.” He stood back up, and made his way back to his place setting. “I’m going to let you finish your meal, but I want you out of the house by tomorrow morning.” His knife squeaked against the plate as he cut into the steak, “Do you understand?”


                  Why did it always have to be this bad for him? Johnny asked himself, as he cried silently into his pillow, his lower body tucked neatly into his chest. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME. Where the fuck was he going to go? Where was he going to stay? He had no friends, he had no family, everyone who loved him fucked off. Johnny’s thoughts circulated until he fell into a restless sleep.


Sunlight is what woke Johnny up at last. He rubbed his tired eyes and positioned his body into a sitting position. He looked around his room aimlessly, exhausted from his fight with his dad the night before. His eyes still hurt from crying so much. Fucking pussy. He slid off his bed, and into his wheel chair. He adjusted his shitty legs and wheeled himself towards his bedroom door. In the kitchen his father was sitting at the kitchen table, seeming to be waiting for his arrival.

“Hi dad…” Johnny said, sheepish, “Listen I…”
“-I think I heard enough last night.” His dad looked down to him, handing him an envelope full of money. “This was the money from your savings account, you know, from all those ads you did before…you know.”

Johnny’s brow furrowed, as he took the envelope, “…yes I know?” He asked, suspicious of his fathers motives, “Why are you giving this to me?”

“There’s enough money for you to pay rent for at least 6 months.” His father said, “I wasn’t bluffing last night. Find a place to live by the end of the week.”
“Are you fucking kidding me!?”

“I’m afraid I’m not.” Johnny looked into his father’s eyes, steel grey and emotionless.

“Fine.” Johnny said, “fine. I’ll leave.”


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Craig’s List is really an amazing modern innovation. Johnny wheeled himself, luggage in his lap into the elevator of the apartment complex. He was pissed he got kicked out of his dad’s house, but fuck! It was cool as hell to be living on his own. 8th floor. Johnny rolled off the elevator, searching for apartment 808… “808…808…808…”

“808? You’re looking for 808?” A voice behind him called out, Johnny didn’t ever hear anyone get off the elevator.
“Yeah, I’m looking for…” Johnny turned around to meet the gaze of a ‘Gyro C. Zeppeli’ “Hey! You’re--” He thought the name on the email looked farmiliar.

“Your roommate…probably…”

Probably??? “Uh…Yeah I guess?” Johnny looked around, “You put the ad up on Craig’s then?”
“Sure did.” Gyro studied Johnny’s face for a few moments, “God dude, you look so familiar…you remind me of…a bruise…”

“That’s because I ran into your shin with my chair…you work at my therapist…well ex-therapist’s office.”

“I don’t know if that’s it….”
“No that’s definitely it.”

Gyro and Johnny looked at each other for a few more moments without speaking.
“Uhm…Gyro? Was it?”
“Could we go inside?”

“Oh shit! Sure dude, yeah.” Gyro jogged half way down the hallway to apartment 808. He unlocked the door and made his way inside before Johnny could wheel himself all the way to the door. Johnny shoved the door aside, and made his way into his new apartment. Apartment 808 was nice…he guessed. Hard-wood floor with a surprisingly high ceiling. Large windows exiting out to a fire escape next to the kitchen. A big living area, furnished only with an extremely soft looking couch and tattered old coffee table, littered with paper back books and ashes from cigarettes. It had a nice smell, like espresso.

“This place is kind of a dump.”
NYOHO~ Is it?”

“what.” Johnny looked at Gyro skeptically from the corners of his eyes.

“Did you only bring that small little duffle bag?”
“Oh what?” Johnny shook off his surprise from Gyro’s jarring laughter, “No…No, this is just clothes, there’s a moving van coming soon with some stuff.”
“I see, I see.” Gyro gestured to Johnny, “lemme show you where you’re going to be living.”
Gyro walked into the room to the left of the couch, “This is gonne be your room.” Gyro waited for Johnny to roll inside of the room before following after him. The room was large, with one big window with a view of the San Diego skyline in the distance.

“This is pretty, okay.” Johnny said, beginning to imagine where he was going to put all of his things.

“Yeah I like it!” Gyro said, “But listen….It’s been said that someone died in this room. My old roommate had to leave because it was too much for him.” Gyro made goofy spooky noises from next to him.
Johnny’s mouth twitched into a smile, “Fuck you, dude.” He said punching Gyro’s thigh.
“OHHH NO!” Gyro looked utterly distressed, “Now the bruises are gonna be totally uneven…I’ll get you back for this….” Gyro stopped mid sentence, “What’s your name again?”
“I sent you like a few emails actually…”

“I realize that….uhm…” He casually took out his phone, flipping through his emails, “Oh!” He said, shoving the phone back into his back pocket, “Johnny Joestar...Jojooo.”

The sound of his childhood nickname made Johnny cringe, “Ohh uhm…Just Johnny is fine.”

“Sounds good...Are you hungry?”

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                  The new roommates sat on opposite ends of Gyro’s teal blue cushiony sofa, the television on just low enough to be background noise, a large pizza box lay on the coffee table, littered with discarded pizza crusts, the cardboard soaked with grease. Johnny finished his last piece down to the crust, he noticed the discarded plastic cup filled with that suspicious “garlic” sauce forever present along with all chain pizza deliveries. Johnny gestured to the forlorn cup filled with the mysterious liquid with his crust.
                  “What the fuck even is that?” He asked, mouth half full. “No one asks for it; they just give it to you.” He looked to his new roommate, “Do you get that?”
Gyro sat on the couch staring into space, slowly chewing the remainder of his final piece of pizza.

                  “Gyro.” Johnny said, “…Gyro.”

                  “I’m sorry, what?” He looked over to Johnny, finally swallowing his mouthful of crust, “What were you saying?”

                  “I was just…” Johnny trailed off, “Never mind, it was stupid.” He said, tossing his crust into the box.

                  “I kinda wanna know now…” Gyro said, leaning slightly forward towards his new roommate, “but just a little…”

                  “Do you really want to know?” Johnny raised an eyebrow, “It really was stupid.”
Gyro narrowed his eyes in thought for a few seconds, and then retreated back into the squishy cushion, his arms crossed, “Not really no…”

The pair sat in silence for a moment, Johnny staring vapidly at the TV screen, Gyro wondering back off into space.

“You don’t like the crust?” Gyro said, finally breaking the silence.


“You don’t like the crust.” Gyro gestured to the array of sad looking pizza crusts littering the greasy box.

“Yeah, I guess I don’t like it.”

“That’s fuckin’ weird dude.” Gyro said, “It’s just bread.”
“Yeah, but I think it’s too garlicky.”

“That’s why they give you that sauce! To dip the crust in.”
“That’s what you said just now!” Gyro threw his hands up, turning his head to face Johnny’s, “About the sauce!”
“You were listening?!” Johnny leaned forward, brow furrowed, “Also if the bread is garlicky why would I want to dip it into more garlic!?”

“…….” Gyro was silent for a while, green eyes narrowed, staring daggers into Johnny’s blue ones. “I’ll give you 10 bucks if you drink the whole thing like a shot.”

“what.” Johnny said, “You’re quiet for 100 years and the first thing out of your mouth is some fucked up “drink garlic jizz” shit.”
“Why are you so angry about this!?” Gyro laughed, scooting forward on the couch, he took the cup from it’s place among the pizza crusts, “I’m gonna give you 10 bucks I promise.”

“No fuckin’ way dude, you do it.”
“I can’t give myself 10 dollars, Johnny.” Gyro scooted closer to his new roommate, the cup lingering ominously in his palm, “Come on Jojo, drink the sauce.”
“NO WAY!” Johnny put his hands in front of his face as Gyro drew nearer with the sauce.

“It’ll be like inanition to moving in with me.” He said, moving slowly closer to Johnny.
“NO NO NO.” Johnny shook his head violently, “I wont do it!”

“It’s so buttery and delicious Johnny!!” Gyro said shoving the cup within inches of Johnny’s mouth, a dark energy surrounding both Gyro and the garlic sauce. Johnny’s lips retreated into his mouth as he recoiled from the cup, “Stay away from me, dude.”
“For 10 dollars.” Gyro said it again, his body outstretched on the couch, his arm holding the cup, outstretched towards the younger boy’s lips. Johnny was cornered. His limp legs could not do anything for him. He was trapped. They locked eyes.
“Make it 20.”

Johnny snatched the cup from his roommate and peeled off the plastic cover, releasing a pungent and startlingly artificial smell into the apartment. Gyro’s face turned red upon realization of the smell. He smashed his face into the couch cushion, laughing hysterically.

“Why does it smell like that?!” He said, flipping over on his back with tears forming in his eyes, “It smells so crazy why does it smell like that?!”
Johnny held the cup away from him at arms length, the odor radiating from the contents, the fumes so pungent they could almost be visible. This shit was nasty.

“This has to be expired.” Johnny said, “It HAS to be.”
Gyro nodded his head, eyes scrunched closed, now wheezing in a silent type of laughter. Johnny peered at his roommate’s open mouth, and then to the smelly sauce. In a split second decision he poured the garlic sauce upside down into Gyro’s mouth.
“HURP” Gyro sat up immediately clasping his hands over his mouth, the sticky, oily substance drooling out of his mouth and through his fingers. He whipped around to look at his roommate.

“HAHAHA” Johnny laughed, turning the now empty cup around towards Gyro reveal an expiration date 8 months in the past.

“Dude…dude look.” Johnny said, shaking in laughter. Gyro looked up at the bottom of the cup. He snorted upon realization of the extent of the expiration, shooting some of the sauce out of his nose. Johnny pointed and laughed at his roommate’s misfortune and buttery face, which Gyro laughed at as well. Johnny wiped tears from his eyes, and for the first time in forever, they weren’t from being sad.

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Johnny lay on his stomach, scrolling aimlessly on his laptop. The afternoon sun peaking through the blinds on his window, creating orange stripes that decorated the inside of his bedroom. Johnny had been falling in and out of sleep all day, not an atypical thing for Johnny to do during the week. He usually spent most of his time laying in bed, searching the internet, sleeping at odd hours of the day. After his accident motivation became a commodity, and even after two years of therapy it was still a hard notion to come by.

                  It had been about two weeks since Johnny had moved into apartment 808. Gyro was a great roommate, and Johnny hoped that Gyro would consider them friends. Maybe that was too forward. Johnny shook his head as if to toss the thought away, continuing to scroll down his website. Various images rolled down the screen as Johnny pushed at the track pad with his fingers. He glanced to the upper right hand corner of the display, 5:30. Gyro should be coming home from work soon. Johnny smiled to himself, thinking about how nice it was to actually look forward to seeing the person you have to live with. Johnny looked at the clock again 10 minutes later, sliding off his bed and then easing himself into his parked chair. He wheeled himself into the kitchen and towards the fridge. As he went to open the fridge’s door he heard the jangling of keys in the lock and a squeak as the front door opened. Johnny’s heart skipped a beat, a tingling sensation. He felt as if he wanted to hide. Why? Whatever.

“Hey, Gyro!” He said, a little awkward, trying to keep his inexplicable nervousness under as many figurative wraps as he could possibly find.

“Hey.” The taller man said quietly, making a B-line for his room. Johnny noticed his roommate’s tie loosened and dirty, his leather motorcycle jacket cradled in the crook of his arm. Gyro emerged in baggy pajamas from his room a few minutes later, his ashy brown hair tied up in a messy bun, a few stray strands of wavy hair dangling loosely around his ears. With tired eyes Gyro made his way over to the kitchen, yawning, he massaged his lower jaw with his hand disturbing the strange, geometric nature of his facial hair. He sat down on one of his old wooden chairs, leaning his elbow against the table. Johnny looked over to him from the fridge,
“Are you okay?”

Gyro shrugged, “I guess.”

Johnny noticed Gyro’s under eyes were uncharacteristically dark, but maybe he just hadn’t been looking that hard before.
“Do you want anything? I have some extra cash I could buy some food.”
“No, I’m fine.” Gyro smiled faintly, “Thanks though.”

Johnny wheeled himself over to his friend, “Are you sure?”
“Yeah I ate at work.” Gyro said, “why are you trying to fatten me up? Are you gonna eat me?”
“no no,” Johnny said, “I mean are you okay?”

“Yeah, I said I’m fine…” Gyro stood up, walking a few steps to get a glass of water from the sink. He filled the small glass up, leaning against the lower cabinets. He looked down to Johnny, “How are you?”     

“uhm…” Johnny looked up at Gyro as he drank his water, “I mean…” a small drop of water drooled out from the corner of Gyro’s full lips as he drank, Johnny couldn’t help watching the gulps of water travel down his throat, his neck muscles contacting with every gulp. “I uh…”

Johnny tried to center himself, “I’m okay. I just...did nothing.” Johnny said, “I’m actually really tired all of a sudden, I’m gonna head to bed.” Johnny said, wheeling off without giving his roommate a chance to respond. He clambered his limp body onto his low-set bed, smashing his face into his pillows. What the fuck was that? Images of the liquid drooling down his roommate’s defined jaw, hugging the contours of his muscular neck as it traveled down, down, down. NO. Johnny’s face was burning with confusion. He flipped himself over on his back, staring wildly at his ceiling. He scrunched his eyes closed, a vision of the older man appeared, he was laying on his back, ashy hair strewn about his head like a halo, his face ruddy, eyes half lidded, full lips glossy and parted just slightly. Johnny shook his head wildly, forcing the image out his mind. He pressed his palms into his eyes. He’s just been nice to you; you don’t even swing like that. You don’t even like dudes. Johnny told himself, his eyebrows furrowed and mouth pursed tightly into a straight line against his face. He’s just been nice to you. You’re not used to this because you don’t have any friends and…and…and you haven’t gotten pussy in like two years. That’s it. No friends, no pussy, no friends no pussy….no friends…Johnny’s face contorted as held his breath to keep tears at bay. “Please don’t fuck this up, Johnny.” He begged himself, “You can’t fuck this up.”

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Johnny noticed himself nodding off as a gentle breeze blew through the apartment. A subtle floral fragrance carried along with it, and there was a slight dusting of yellow pollen on the windowsills. Johnny lay on his back, his body sunk comfortably into the couch, enjoying the ambiance of the afternoon. He allowed the comic book he was reading to fall gently onto his face, letting himself drift off into lazy daydreams. Had it really been almost 3 months? The envelope filled with cash in Johnny’s room was getting lighter and lighter. It was supposed to be rent money, but Johnny was honestly having too much fun with his new roommate. Thinking about money shattered the daydream into pieces. Johnny sighed, turning over onto his side. He tossed the comic book onto the coffee table. He sat up, supported by his forearms for a few moments. The emptiness of the apartment echoing off the high ceiling. He thought about how lonely he was during the day, and it was frankly getting to him how much of absolutely jack shit nothing he did all day. He’d accuse himself of getting fat if he wasn’t too much of a fuck to wheel himself over to the refrigerator. He reached down to his phone, unlocking it to find several dumb looking selfies and confusing memes from Gyro and several Facebook notifications from people he stopped talking to 100 years ago. Johnny opened Gyro’s message, swiping through the selfies. Gyro had taken several pictures of himself imitating the facial expressions on the corny self-help pamphlets. Johnny smiled to himself at the pictures, remembering that he had mentioned in passing that they had pissed him off. “Nice lol” Johnny replied. ‘He really listens to you’, Johnny shook the thought out of his head, ‘no shit asshole, we’re friends.’ His phone buzzed with the response from Gyro, “I miss you. Work is so boring. D:>” Johnny’s face heated up, he starred at the response slack jawed. ‘He misses you.’ ‘he misses you?’ Johnny knew in his heart that this was a joke, but with how fucked up his feelings had been recently it wasn’t a very funny one. ‘He misses you’ ‘he misses you’ ‘I miss you’ Gyro’s text bounced off the inside of Johnny’s brain wildly. ‘WHAT THE FUCK DO I SAY TO THIS.’

“Don’t be a fag....but I miss you too, being at home is boring too lol.” Johnny stared at the message he was about to send. Is that too forward? Was it too much using fag? Fuck! He didn’t know anymore. Why was he overthinking this? SEND IT. JUST SEND IT. He deleted the message.

“When are you coming home?” That was better. Johnny send the message. He saw the typing bubble. He stared at the screen. What’s taking so fucking long?
“Not long, I’m gonna get off in 20 minutes.”
“Sweet. See you soon.”


Johnny flipped himself over onto his face, his stomach turning into knots. He breathed in the musty smell of the couch. Thinking of the faint lingering of the smell Gyro’s clothes, how he sat here before Johnny moved in, he probably slept on this couch….Johnny wondered if Gyro had sex on the couch, or…or…or…images of his roommate alone in the throws of passion. Sweaty and alone. Touching himself. Alone. Johnny groaned into the cushions, attempting to push his unwanted thoughts from his head.

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Johnny was woken up by a bag of groceries being dropped into his lap. He acknowledged the presence of the bag of groceries for a few seconds, groggily looking around for it’s source. He met eyes with his roommate.
“Have you been sleeping all day?” as Gyro asked, Johnny realized he must have dozed off again.
“Yeah…” Johnny said, “I guess I have been.”

“That’s not good for you, dude.” Gyro gave Johnny a playful smack on the shoulder as he started into the kitchen, “Can you help me put away some stuff?” Gyro asked, gesturing to the massive amount of groceries now occupying the kitchen floor, “I brought everything up from my car, but…” Gyro stood among the grocery bags, visibly overwhelmed by his purchases.

“What the fuck is all this for?” Johnny asked, removing the grocery bag from his lap and setting it onto the floor, “can you hand me my chair? It’s in my room.” Gyro nodded, going to retrieve Johnny’s wheelchair from his room. “Why was it in there anyway?” he asked as he wheeled it over next to Johnny.
“Sometimes I don’t like being around it.” Johnny said in a matter-of-fact sort of tone, “So I crawled my way out here.”
“That sounds like a lot of work when you have…whatever.” Gyro dismissed the subject to Johnny’s relief, “anyway. Uh, all this is for…uhm…a party.” Gyro looked to Johnny, his eyes shining with guilt.

“A party?” Johnny asked, raising his eyebrows, “We’re having a party?”
“Yes. I honestly forgot. I planned it like three weeks ago? And my coworker reminded me today…” Gyro said, “I didn’t want to upset you, but I mean…It is my house, but…” Gyro trailed off and Johnny stopped paying attention, beginning to think about the party. He had never been to a party before. This was so exciting!”
Johnny slid off the couch and into his chair, he picked his grocery bag off of the floor and un-parked his chair, making his way into the kitchen.

“How many people are coming?” He asking, beginning to put the groceries away in their homes on the bottom shelves. Gyro half-jogged into the kitchen, he leaned down to retrieve the groceries that belonged on the higher shelves.
“Uhm…” Gyro slid a can of baked beans far into the back of the pantry, as if to hide it from someone, “I think I invited about 15 people, myself, but someone made fliers and put them around the hospital so…I really don’t know…maybe 1000 people will show up.” Gyro appeared to stare into some unseen void, the anxiety associated with having to entertain 1000 people boiled up in his guts, making his vision slightly blurry. Gyro secretly hoped that no one would show up and he could drink all this beer himself.
“1000?” Johnny repeated, looking over to Gyro cocking his head to the side dramatically, “1000!?”

Probably.” Gyro said slowly, reaching down for more beans, shoving them deep into the back of the pantry, Johnny watched his roommate do this several more times. Looking at him with a worried expression, Johnny started to put the seemingly endless amount of beer into the fridge.


It amazed Johnny how popular Gyro Zeppeli actually was. “1000 people…probably….” Gyro’s words rang through Johnny’s head as he looked around at the crowd of people currently in his apartment. There wasn’t a 1000, but there was definitely pushing 50, and for an apartment just shy of 1,500 square feet that amount of people was pushing it. Johnny sat in the corner in his chair, which for the first time in his life, he was happy about having. It was his own personal little seat. He patted the arm rest with his free hand, a a red solo cup containing a questionably strong cocktail in the other. He looked over at several drunk college girls sitting slack against the cabinets in the kitchen and smiled smugly to himself because he had a chair. Johnny took a large gulp of his drink, it tasted awful. He watched the crowd, staring at the strangers’ faces, creating stories for each of them in his head. Johnny wondered where Gyro was.

“Hey!” A busty black haired called to him over the music. She walked closer, leaning over slightly to make Johnny’s eye level. He hated it when people did that. It was belittling.
“Are you Johnny Joestar!?” She asked, cocking her head to the side, “cuz you, like, look exactly like him.”
“Uhm…” fuck. This is exactly the reason why Johnny never went the fuck outside, “yeah…yeah…that’s me.” He said, after brief deliberation.

“Oh. My. God.” She giggled, “That’s so amazing! I knew you lived in San Diego, but I never thought I’d meet you!” The girl sat down on her knees, placing her hand on Johnny’s, “I mean, fuck dude, you’re a silver medalist! A real fucking Olympic swimmer!”
“yeah.” Johnny said, “Could you not touch me?”
“Oh sorry,” She said, removing her hand, “I’m Scarlett by the way.” She said shoving the same hand into his face.

“Nice to meet you.” He shook her hand out of courtesy’s sake and then immediately proceeded to finish the rest of his drink. “I need another drink, sorry.” He said, wheeling himself into the kitchen.

                  ‘What did you expect?’, he thought to himself as he mixed himself a rum and coke, but with mostly rum. After the last two months of solitary confinement Johnny had almost forgotten that he was, at one time, a local celebrity. Gyro never mentioned it, he never heard his name on the internet. Johnny had hoped that his name had fallen into obscurity. Johnny knocked back the rum and coke. Then just rum. Rum. Rum. Rum.Rum….


 “It’s fucking loud.” All of a sudden, Gyro appeared next to him. Johnny lifted his head off of the kitchen table. Slowly turning it to look up at his roommate standing next to him. Gyro’s cheeks were ruddy; his eyes were half lidded. Johnny took solace in the fact that Gyro was drunk as well.
                  “Yeah it is.” Johnny said, setting his cup down, “…I’m a little fucked up.”

Gyro crouched down next to him giggling, and falling over against Johnny’s chair. He leaned towards him, his warm breath tickling Johnny’s neck, “Me too…” Gyro whispered into his ear. Johnny felt himself seize up, the smell of liquor and chocolate radiated off of his roommate and wrapped around him, surrounding his entire body. Johnny swallowed the lump forming in his throat. Johnny turned his head towards the sound of Gyro’s voice, though Gyro had already stood back up. He was wobbling slightly, but still utterly composed. Because he was perfect.

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Johnny didn’t realize that he was in bed until the sound of his door opening woke him up.

“Hey…it’s me.” Gyro said quietly, closing the door behind him, “Everyone, but me is asleep now, and like…five people are in my bed.” Gyro moved farther into Johnny’s room, “I wanna ask you something…” Johnny was startled awake by a familiar crashing sound.
“Fuck, ow...” Gyro hissed from the floor, “That’s the second time your chair has almost killed me.”
Johnny chuckled, leaning off of his bedside, “watch where you’re fucking going, dude.”
“sorry, fuck…ow…” Gyro looked at Johnny from the floor in front of his bed, street lights seeping through the blinds made patterns on his face, reminiscent of the odd rectangular shape of his facial hair.

“Listen…” Gyro said, “Can I sleep in your bed…with you?”
Johnny’s heart sped up in his chest. Sleep in my bed? he felt the blood rushing into his cheeks. With me?

“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, dude, I’m tired as fuck and I don’t want to sleep on the floor at my own fucking house.” Gyro said, “and I trust you, because I know for a fact you can’t kick me.”
“Ha! Fuck you, asshole!” Johnny smacked his friend repeatedly, “Sleep outside!”

“No no!” Gyro laughed, covering his face, “I’m sorry!!!”

Their laughter died down, and the silence of the night took back over.

“For real though.” Gyro said, “Can I? Please?”

“Yeah sure, but you better not snore.” Johnny said, scooting over to face the wall.

Gyro stood up, “Thanks, dude. I owe you.” Gyro said, proceeding to unbuckle his pants. Johnny watched from the corner of his eye, trying his hardest not to make his creepy fucking, maybe, probably, sorta crush apparent. Gyro pulled his jeans over the curves of his hips, the rectangular light illuminating his lower body. He began to lift his T-shirt over his head, Johnny took note of the V-shape made by his stomach muscles, the curvature of his abs caressed by a slightly messy looking happy trail, an odd juxtaposition to the geometric nature of his beard. For fucks sake, Johnny felt like a living cliché. He usually liked girls, yeah, and this wasn’t, like, the first time he’d seen an attractive man, but this WAS the first time an extremely attractive man was going to be laying next to him, who was also the guy who also happened to be his ROOMATE that he also probably had a huge fucking crush on…maybe. Johnny turned his face back towards the wall as the larger man made his way under Johnny’s covers, scooching his body downwards, making himself comfortable under the covers. Johnny’s shoulders stiffened as Gyro moved downward on the bed. Blood ran hot in Johnny’s skull, time seemed to be moving so slowly. Excruciatingly slow. Johnny stared at the wall. His heart beating wildly in his chest. This was so embarrassing. Could Gyro hear his heart? Fuck fuck fuck. Johnny began to fade in and out of a restless sleep, woken up sporadically by the gentle snoring of the man beside him.

Chapter Text

Work was so boring. Gyro tapped on the counter with his pen, staring off into space. The fluorescent lights of the doctors’ office beaming down on him. They made him tired. He got out of med school a little over a year ago, and even being a doctor from a family of doctors, finding work in America was difficult. Nepotism didn’t really work too well when your family was an entire ocean away. Running blood tests wasn’t the worst thing in the world, he guessed. Even though he went to school to become a cardiologist…Gyro sighed, shifting his gaze to the clock on the wall. 4:45. Gyro began to chew on the end of his pen impatiently, only 15 more minutes. He narrowed his eyes, as if to coax the clock to move faster. 13 more minutes.

“Hey, Gyro.” Steven Steel, Gyro’s boss of sorts, said. His eyes downcast, he continued to read the clipboard in his hands, reviewing the tests conducted that day.

“Hi, Steven.” Gyro nodded to Steven, then reverting his focus to making the clock go faster. 10 minutes.
“Did you run those tests? Did you get Mrs.Catchadorian’s results back yet? Her husband is getting testy again…”
“Yeah she’s fine, I’ll get them to you by 5…” Gyro said, tuning Steven out and began tapping his pen a bit harder on the counter. 10 minutes. A group of nurses walked by, their voices as loud as the color of their scrubs.

“…and the new cardiologist is amazing. He graduated only a year ago, but rumor has it that he’s gonna be flying solo in surgery within the month!” That dark haired nurse was flapping her gums again. Gyro felt his mouth twitch. He was secretly always jealous that they got to wear cute scrubs with patterns while he was forced to wear green.

“Hey Gyro!” The nurses waved at him, which he reciprocated with a smile. 10 minutes.

Did time freeze? Gyro focused on the minute hand on the clock, seemingly stuck in place. He stared at it, straining his eyes, tapping his pen, the second hand winding slowly back around, almost…almost…

9 minutes.


                  “Hey Johnny you don’t do anything ever right?” Gyro asked, closing the apartment door behind him abruptly.
                  “Oh hey, dude, what’s up?” Johnny asked, eyebrows raised, and a mouth full of chips.

                  “I’m asking you if you’re busy.” Gyro made his way over to the couch, lifting Johnny’s legs and then proceeded to sit down, letting Johnny’s legs flop uselessly on his lap. Johnny placed his bag of chips on the table.

“What’s wrong? You’re being really intense.” Johnny said, “Like, more intense than usual.”
“Listen, Johnny.” Gyro looked into Johnny’s eyes, gripping his friend’s unfeeling shin, “I’ve only been in this country about 5 years, 4 of which I was in grad school.”

“I quit my job today.”


“I’m being serious.” Gyro said, a smile forming on his lips, “Like 10 minutes ago.”

“Okay, so…what does this mean?”

“I want to go somewhere.”
Johnny stared back at Gyro, confused.
“You want to go somewhere?”
“All the places!” Gyro lifted Johnny’s legs once again and stood up, “I’m leaving tomorrow. I just wanted to tell you, so you weren’t surprised when I’m gone…” he said, his back turned to his roommate. Gyro struggled to keep himself from smiling, telling himself not to outright invite Johnny. I mean…Gyro wanted him to come with, but he didn’t want to put the idea DIRECTLY in his head. A mischievous aura bled off Gyro as he anticipated Johnny’s response.


A few moments passed and Johnny was deciding what to do…Gyro didn’t invite him along, but…he struggled with the thought of being alone again…


“…Could I come with you?” Johnny asked Gyro’s back, “I mean…you don’t have to take me I know I’m a cripple and stuff it’s kind of a hassle and…”
“we’re gonna leave tomorrow at 6 AM. Make sure you pack everything you need tonight.” Gyro turned back around to face Johnny. His face a model of composure, he stared Johnny directly in the eye, “This is serious. We’re partners now. Officially.” Gyro stuck out his hand for Johnny to shake.
“Uhm….” Johnny grasped his roommates hand tentatively, “…okay?”

“Fuck, Yeah.”

Gyro tightened his grip around Johnny’s hand giving it a firm, affirmative (Nyo~ho) handshake. A big smile stretched across is face. Johnny noticed the way Gyro’s cheeks raised as he smiled, making his eyes crinkle. Johnny felt his palm get sweaty as Gyro held onto it. Gyro didn’t notice.

Chapter Text


                   “Johnny, are you ready?” Gyro shoved Johnny’s arm, “Johnny!”
Johnny groaned, turning away from his roommate.
                 “Johnny we need to get going. Let’s go, come on!” Gyro grasped Johnny’s shoulders shaking his body, “Wake up!”
                  “Holy shit…” Johnny furrowed his eyebrows and batted the larger man away from him, “what time is it? The sun isn’t up yet, dude.”
“We gotta beat the traffic!” Gyro grasped Johnny’s waist, throwing him over his shoulder, “and I want to be able to see the sunrise over Monument Valley!” He said, walking out of the room with its resident over his shoulder.

“This is extremely degrading; I hope you realize this.” Johnny said, limp over his roommate’s shoulder, “And you won’t be able to see that shit anyway, it’s like…” Johnny counted on his fingers, “an 11-hour drive.”

“Whatever.” Gyro said, dropping Johnny onto the couch. Johnny groaned in response, pulling himself into a seated position.
“Do you want anything to eat?” Gyro called from the kitchen, “Or do you want Denny’s?”
“Dude, no…” Johnny stared at Gyro with a worried expression, “Unless your plan is to shit yourself on 15, Denny’s is not an option for us.”

“…How do you know that isn’t my plan, Jojo?” Gyro cackled, “Listen okay…” Gyro emerged from the fridge, his arms full of it’s contents. “We’re not gonna be back for a while, so…lets make as much food as possible. How many eggs can you eat?”


“Gyro, I ate way too much I think we should relax before we hit the road.”
“Do you get car sick or something?” Gyro asked raising an eyebrow, he was moving frantically between the living area, Johnny’s, and his own room since they finished eating the disgustingly large breakfast Gyro had prepared. It was shocking to Johnny that Gyro hadn’t vomited, just from the sheer amount of food they both had just ingested.
“I’m pretty sure it’s not healthy to lift heavy objects on a full stomach is all, you’re gonna make yourself throw up.”
“Vomiting is for the weak, young Johnny Joestar,” Gyro said, lifting two large duffle bags over his head, “But could you help me carry the rest of this stuff I’m getting kind of tired.”
Johnny sighed, wheeling over to the remainder of the luggage and pulling it onto his lap. He followed Gyro down the hallway, and into the elevator. Johnny looked up at his roommate, the large bags propped up on his biceps, his large hands gripping the handles. Gyro’s hair was tied back, messily, as it usually was when he was home. Johnny liked it best when it was out of his face. Gyro had a great face. 

“Hm?” Gyro peeked around the bags, noticing the blonde staring at him, “What’s up?”
“Huh? Oh nothing.” Johnny blushed, switching his gaze forward, focusing on their distorted reflection in the elevator doors. He was slowly realizing that he was going to be in a car for god knows how many days with Gyro, the person Johnny was reluctantly accepting as his crush. He felt so stupid, being this nervous around him. He was just a person. Johnny gripped the handles of the duffle bag, his knuckles turning white. Johnny never really let himself ‘like’ anyone, out of fear of being abandoned. His complex allowed for the majority, if not all, of his romantic involvements to be fleeting, and meaningless. Gyro was nice, and smart, and cool. Gyro was nice to him, and he believed in him. Maybe? Johnny hadn’t asked. What kind of fucked up question is that anyway. “Hey, man, I just wanted to know if you believe in me like…as a person in general or not, thanks.” What kind of chicken shit asshole would ask something like that?
DING. The elevator doors swung open. Johnny watched his disfigured reflection disappear behind the elevator shaft.

“Come on, Johnny, lets go fill up the truck.” Gyro made his way outside to the parking lot, it was still relatively dark out, the early summer sun had yet to peak over the horizon. Gyro walked over to his beat up looking purple pick-up truck. Various bumper stickers decorated the tailgate and bumper.

It suddenly occurred to Johnny that in the four months they had been living together Johnny had never even seen Gyro’s car. His head buzzed with guilt, ‘wow what a fucking loser this is the first time I’ve been out of the house in months’. Gyro threw the duffle bags into the bed of the truck, which landed with a loud thunk. Johnny did the same. Johnny wheeled around Gyro’s car, inspecting it. It was considerably beat up. Johnny smiled to himself, he was sort of relieved. Gyro came home wearing a leather jacket so frequently that Johnny had begin to assume he rode a motorcycle. That would have been a little too stereotypically sexy, wouldn’t it?

“I know it’s kind of a beat up looking ride, but I’m fine with it.” Gyro smiled at his truck, “I treat this old baby pretty well, so it won’t fall apart or nothing.”

Johnny wheeled back around to the back of the truck, where Gyro stood, “I thought you rode a motorcycle.”
Gyro cackled, “Hey Johnny, that reminds me!” Gyro leaned down next to Johnny, “Did you hear about the guy whose entire left side of his body was cut off?”

“No…I didn’t hear about that…”
“Well don’t worry.” Gyro paused, gripping Johnny’s shoulder, “He’s all right now.”

“…” Johnny narrowed his eyes, “you know what Gyro.” He touched the hand on his shoulder, “That was actually hilarious.”
“No!” Gyro smiled wide, “You mean that?”
“Absolutely!” Johnny nodded in agreement, “it was actually one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard! Too funny to laugh!”

“You’re not being sarcastic?”
“Absolutely not. You’re a genius.”

Gyro stood up, seeming pleased with himself, “It’s nice to find someone who appreciates comedy, Johnny.”

“You should think about stand up.”
Gyro cackled, walking behind Johnny’s chair. He gripped the handles and began pushing Johnny back into the apartment building, “That’s one of my secret ambitions, to be honest.” Gyro smiled, pulling off Johnny’s signature blue beanie and ruffling his hair. They entered the elevator and Gyro placed the beanie on his own head, pulling it over his eyebrows, strands of messy hair peaking out the holes in the top. Gyro pulled on the hair poking out from the holes, “You need a new hat, Johnny.” Gyro laughed, reaching over to push the button for the 8th floor.
“Hey! Give that back!” Johnny reached up, grabbing Gyro’s outstretched arm, gripping on for dear life. If anything had improved for Johnny is his two years as a paraplegic, it would have to be his upper body strength. Wheelchairs were no Joke.

“No way, Jooohhhniii,” Gyro cackled attempting to wiggle Johnny off of his arm, “You’ve got a death grip you know that?”
“Give it back!!” Johnny whined, “I give really nasty indian burns.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

Johnny gripped down on Gyro’s forearm, twisting his hands in opposite directions, pulling the skin tight.
“OW NO NO NO” Gyro howled, half laughing, “I’m not giving it back, go fuck yourself!”
Johnny twisted tighter, “Don’t underestimate me Gyro! I’m seriously emotionally disturbed!”
“That’s no secret!” Gyro cackled, pulling the beanie off his head and shoving it over Johnny’s eyes with his free hand. Johnny let go of Gyro’s arm, going to adjust his hat.

                  The elevator stopped on the 8th floor, Johnny rolled behind Gyro as they made their way towards their apartment. Johnny’s head was buzzing with the thousands of different scenarios that were possible during the trip ahead. Gyro opened the the apartment door and walked in, Johnny hesitated outside the door for a moment, deciding weather or not to bring up his feelings to his roommate, to his best friend. Shit. Was it presumptuous to assume that they were best friends? Johnny didn’t know.

“Hey, Johhhniii! come here~” Gyro voice sang from inside the apartment, Johnny didn’t respond. Mortified by the possible outcomes of this trip, he wanted to go so badly. He absolutely wanted to spend an indefinite amount of time in a cramped pick-up truck with his best friend, who he was slowly, but surely, falling in love with.

“Hey asshole,” Gyro dropped another duffle bag onto Johnny’s lap, waking him from his trance, “You expect me to drive you around all of America and you just get to sit around staring into space?” Gyro laughed, hitching the last duffle bag onto his shoulder. Why was he carrying it like that? What a show off.
“…What?” Johnny looked from Gyro’s grin, to the duffle bag cradled between his head and bicep, then finally to the mass taking up new residence in his lap, “Oh yeah…uhm…sorry, I just kinda spaced out…”
“Well don’t do that on the trip, if I fall asleep we’re doomed.” Gyro gestured with his hand for Johnny to move, Johnny backed up into the hallway. Gyro locked the apartment door for the last time, turning around to flash a big smile at Johnny.
“You ready?”

Johnny took a moment, swallowing his nervousness. He gripped the duffle bag in his lap, looking down at the ground.
“Why are you acting like this is going to be a test?” Gyro asked, leaning down, “Listen…”

Johnny kept his eyes downcast, avoiding his friend’s gaze.

“Hey!” Gyro gripped Johnny’s chin in his hand, pulling his face up. “Listen.”
Johnny wiggled, “I’m listening, I guess.”

“Johnny, if you’re nervous about being around me I understand, but just listen.” Gyro removed his hand from Johnny’s chin, and placed it on his cheek. “I really like you, really. You’re one of, if not my best friend.” Gyro said softly, “Really. You mean a lot to me.”

“I...” Johnny was on fire, the buzzing from his head radiated through his body, swirling and writhing in his gut, “Gyro…I…uhm.” The mass in his stomach grew larger, the weight of his feelings for the man in front of him were equivalent to a dying star, or really heavy hand weights….or something. “I….I….” FUCK.
Gyro let out his signature laugh and slapped Johnny’s face playfully.

“Ow, what the fuck?” Johnny said, holding his cheek, Gyro stood up smiling, “Alright lets go, the sun’s gonna be up soon!” He took off down the hallway towards the elevator, leaving Johnny in a haze, the tingle of Gyro’s handprint lingering on his face.


Chapter Text

“Wow, I must have actually slapped you.” Gyro leaned over the steering wheel, peaking at the lingering handprint on Johnny’s cheek, “Fuck dude, I’m sorry.” He leaned back into the drivers’ seat, chuckling to himself.
“Don’t laugh!” Johnny said, “It really hurt!” Johnny huffed, his arms crossed and his eyes fixed out the window. As Gyro turned out of the apartment complex’s parking lot Johnny noticed the blue morning light beginning to color the outside world. Johnny uncrossed his arms, He propped his elbow up on the inside of the car door, cupping the slap side cheek in his hand. He watched the painted yellow lines dash and disappear under the truck’s wheels, counting them as they passed.

Gyro began rustling around to find the mixtape he made previously in the week, he looked in the sunglasses compartment, alternating his gaze from looking to the road. Johnny wasn’t paying attention.
“Found it! Fuck yeah!” Gyro shut the compartment triumphantly, sliding the cassette into the player. The old car player made some reluctant squeaks upon receiving the tape, but eventually a little digital “1” popped up on the display.

“….Now here you go again, you say
You want your freedom
Well who am I to keep you down…


Gyro sang along loudly, and out of tune. Johnny turned to watch him for a moment, Gyro was remarkable in many ways to Johnny. In one way, was the way that he was unrelentingly himself.


“….Thunder only happens when it's raining
Players only love you when they're playing
Say women they will come and they will go
When the rain washes you clean, you'll know, you'll know….”


Another was how he surprised him everyday. Johnny’s accident created a void in his life, where he let himself believe he was only deserving of boredom, that everyone left him for a reason. Which he knew they did. He wasn’t a good person, but Gyro didn’t seem to notice. Or, if he did notice, he accepted it. Never since the death of his brother, had Johnny been in the company of a person who was capable of loving him unconditionally. He held back his tears of self pity, gritting his teeth.


“….you'll know, you'll know….”


“Your car only plays cassettes?” Johnny asked sufficiently composed, sitting back up straight, “What is this thing, like…100 years old?” He gestured at the cars player as it clicked and whirled to reveal the number “2”

“What? Is there something wrong with cassettes?” Gyro asked, turning down the music, which had changed into slightly jarring, rhythmic European sounding techno.

“No…I just didn’t realize that it was 1991, Gyro.” Johnny sighed, “If I had known your car was a time machine I would have tried to invest in Apple or something.”
“Yeah, whatever STUUUPID.” Gyro said, reaching over to grab Johnny’s face.
“STOOOOP.” Johnny laughed, pushing Gyro’s arm away, “Keep your eyes on the road, moron!”

“I am!” Gyro cackled, now almost laying down across the front seat, “Come here~!” He crooned, wiggling his fingers at Johnny.
“Dude, fuck off!” Johnny said, forcing Gyro back into an upright seated position, “I didn’t sign a suicide pact, so if you kill me it’s murder.”
“NYO~HOO” Gyro gripped the wheel with both hands, “I can’t be responsible for killing a cripple, what kind of doctor would I be.”
“well…technically you’re not a doctor anymore…” Johnny said matter-of-factly, “You quit…”
“Oh right…” Gyro expression grew dark, “I honestly forgot all about that.” He turned to look at Johnny, “Lets go back home.”
“We haven’t even gone 10 miles…”

“…we’ve gone too far…” Gyro said, his eyes serious and set on the road ahead of them.

            The pair was silent for a while after that, both looking out the front window. The silence occasionally broken up by the whirling of the cassette player, and Gyro’s singing. Johnny felt his eyes get heavy as he listened to Gyro sing:


“…To the ends of the earth would you follow me?
There's a world that was meant for our eyes to see
To the ends of the earth would you follow me?
If you won't I must say my goodbyes to thee…”

Chapter Text

Johnny was woken up by the sound of the cassette tape being ejected. The sun was high in the sky now, he rubbed his eyes looking over to Gyro. Gyro placed the tape back in it’s original home in the sunglasses compartment.
“Hey.” Johnny said, glancing at the clock in the display, “It’s noon.”
“Yeah, you’ve been out for a while.”
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”
“Don’t worry about it, you looked so peaceful.” Gyro laughed, “It was such a rare sighting I didn’t want to wake you.”

Johnny yawned, smacking Gyro’s arm playfully in response, “are you hungry?”
“I could definitely eat.” Gyro said, looking around, “We’re right outside Las Vegas, apparently?”

“I’m not really feeling up to gambling, are you?”

“I’m a pretty guy lucky Johnny, you’ll be missing out!”
“Okay, but can we please eat first?”

Gyro pulled over into a diner on the side of the road, he parked his truck in the gravel parking lot.

“I’ll get your chair, just a sec.” Gyro said, going to open the door.
“I’m just gonna stay in here, if that’s okay.” Johnny said, looking out the window.
“Are you sure? It’s just gonna take a second.”
“…Uhm…” Johnny moved his gaze down, and played with his hands in his lap, “Gyro, listen.”

Gyro let go of the handle and looked to his friend expectantly.

“You know I’m like…kinda famous right?”

“Uh..I guess? You swam and stuff, right?”

“Yeah, I was going to go to the Olympics, but I did something really shitty and the rest is history.” Johnny gestured to his legs, looking to Gyro, “I don’t really like going into public places since this shit happened. It just kinda makes me feel bad about myself.” Only a few moments passed, but it felt like 100 years for Johnny.

 Gyro though about what Johnny said, furrowing his eyebrows, “So...You don’t like autographs or something? You could just wear sunglasses.”

“No, no…people bring up my accident and like…I don’t know…” Johnny shrugged, “I don’t like being reminded that I’m not only useless, but also an asshole.”
“There’s no way it could have been that bad.”

“I…I uhm…” Johnny looked away, “Two years ago, I uh…I kind of…” He clenched his eyes shut as he told Gyro the story. How he, in the throws of his egocentrism, was shot in the back by a man. A man who had been publicly humiliated by the potential Olympian, belittled and mocked. Johnny remembered the feeling of putting this man down, feeling a sense of entitlement over him. The cold and bitter reminder of the result of his egomania with him everyday since the altercation.

“Everyone abandoned me…” Johnny sniffed back tears, wiping his nose with the sleeve of his blue hoodie, “T..They…I…I realized that the only reason why anyone was hanging out with me to begin with is because I was an athlete.” Johnny laughed, letting his tears run down his face. He looked Gyro in the eyes, the tears flowing freely down his cheeks, “When I became crippled no one wanted anything to do with me anymore! Not like it was surprising, I really am a horrible person. I deserve this, every last bit of it! I..I…I totally…understand if you don’t wanna be my friend anymore…G-Gyro.” Johnny choked through tears, “I really care about you…and I appreciate you tolerating me for so long…” Johnny wiped his eyes with his sleeve laughing, “I’ve been wondering how much my dad paid you to be my friend, honestly.” The next thing he knew his head had smashed against the window, his left cheek searing with pain. He grasped at the inside of the car door to center himself, his ears ringing, fresh tears welling up in his eyes again. He moved his hand to his cheek, and looked to Gyro, who’s hand remained drawn into a fist. His green eyes piercing and serious. More serious than Johnny had ever seen him.

“Listen.” Gyro said finally, letting his fist out he placed both of his hands on Johnny’s shoulder’s straighten him up against the car window. “If I didn’t want to be around you, I wouldn’t be around you. What you…you think that I’m just wasting my time hanging out with you because YOU need a friend? With that kind of attitude, it’s no wonder someone shot you, dude.” Gyro tightened his grip on Johnny’s shoulders, “I’m sorry I punched you, but seriously, I asked you to come with me because I think you’re interesting, I think you’re funny, I think you’re smart, and I think you’re nice…sometimes…” Gyro gripped Johnny’s chin in-between his fingers. Their eyes met and Johnny’s heart melted into molasses, the thick substance filling his insides, whirling like the car’s old cassette player. Tears rolled down Johnny’s face, his face contorted in guilt, self pity, and embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Gyro.” Johnny sobbed, “You’re too good for me.”
“Can you shut the fuck up for once?” Gyro said, leaning closer to Johnny slightly, “listen to me.” Gyro voice got quiet and husky, “You’re…you...” he leaned closer to Johnny, “You’re perfect.” He said, too quiet for Johnny to hear. He used his hand to tilt Johnny’s chin upwards,
“What?” Johnny asked, his heart began to beat erratically. Faster. Closer. Faster. Closer. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK

The pair was pulled from their trance by the loud echoing knocking noise of knuckles on glass. A tall, blonde man stood outside the drivers’ side of Gyro’s pickup truck. Gyro turned around, slightly disoriented and proceeded to crank the window down.
“Can we help you?”
“Yes, sir.” The man said, flashing a badge, “I’m a police officer, and I noticed you two having an…” He eyed the two of them suspiciously, “…An altercation.” He finished, placing his elbow inside the car window, leaning forward, “Is everything alright out here?”
“Yes sir!” Johnny choked out, “Uhm..Yes sir, everything is fine. We’ve just been driving a while…really worn out is all.”
“…if you boys are getting tired there’s a motel up the street about five miles…” The officer looked to Gyro, “Have you been driving this whole time?” he gestured to Johnny, “Can you drive?” Johnny pointed to his chair laying in the bed of the truck with his thumb, “I’m effectively useless.”

“Alright well, be safe.” He stood back up straight, adjusting his cowboy hat, “the name is Officer Tim Montagne, just holler if you need anything, alright guys?” Officer Tim smacked the side of the truck with one last concerned look to the pair before going back into the diner. Silence took over once again. Both of them sitting silently, not looking at the other. Gyro cranked the window back up, and leaned back into the drivers’ seat with a sigh.
“Lets go somewhere else to eat.” Gyro said, twisting the key to turn the engine over, “that guy’s hat really fucked my appetite up.”

“Please.” Johnny responded, a small smile appearing on his face.  

Chapter Text

              Johnny stared at the square of American cheese melt onto his grits, he held his hands in his lap, rubbing his thumb over his nails. Gyro had gone far out of the way before finally stopping at the gas station diner, the gas tank threateningly close to empty for miles before Johnny finally expressed his anxiety over dying alone in the desert. Gyro’s weak attempts at persuade Johnny to keep going such as: “I know my car” and “if we get stranded we could just walk to the nearest gas station” were all combatted by harsh glares from Johnny, paired with several aggressive gestures to the wheelchair rattling in the bed of the truck. Gyro moved his eggs around on his plate, feeling guilty for even suggesting they walk anywhere at all. Johnny pressed his spoon into the middle of the glossy orange cheese, the grits consumed the square. This shit was disgusting. He pushed the bowl away, pulling the stack of pancakes he ordered closer. He stared into the soggy looking ovals laying on the plate now in front of him. He couldn’t will himself to put any of it in his mouth.  Johnny turned to face the aisle, reaching for his chair propped against the booth, Gyro stood up and made his way over to the wheelchair.

“What are you doing?” Johnny asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“I just thought I’d help you out….or something…” Gyro trailed off, shrugging.

“Well…just, don’t.” Johnny said unfolding his chair, “get out of the way.” Johnny moved himself into his chair and began to make his way towards the bathroom. Gyro slid back into the booth. He stared into the yellow mess that he had made of his eggs on his plate, he chewed the inside of his cheek. Gyro wasn’t any stranger to pissing people off. His personality, at times, had been described as “hard to swallow” or “an acquired taste”. He didn’t usually let shit like this bother him, but fuck if he wasn’t upset. Gyro was deeply disturbed by the fact that Johnny was pissed at him, he didn’t know what to do. Johnny was so perfect, so special, so funny, so smart, so honest…Gyro admired the shit out of him. It was almost impossible for him to admit to Johnny’s face, but every moment Gyro spent with him he became more and more aware that he was in love with him. Gyro put his face into his hands. He stared at his lap, clenching his hair in his hands. He pushed his hair back with a sigh, leaning back into the booth. He was restless. Worried. Fucking guilty. He should have just fucking got gas when Johnny asked 30 miles ago. Gyro spotted Johnny coming back over to the table and Gyro’s heart began beating wildly in his chest. He dug into his back pocket for his wallet and hastily counted 50 bucks in cash. He threw the bills on the table and walked over to Johnny.
“You were done right?” Gyro said, avoiding Johnny’s eyes

“Yeah I was done. The food here was fucking nasty anyway.”
“Hahaha…yeah. I paid and stuff so…don’t worry.” Gyro gestured to the car with his thumb, “Let’s go.”

“I could have paid for myself, Gyro.” Johnny said, turning away from Gyro.
“Whatever, lets just go.”

Gyro’s throat tightened, “Yeah…l-lets go.”

The pair made their way over to the exit and Gyro pulled against the push door a few times before being informed of his mistake by a waitress. He thanked her, head downturned and trudged his way to his car. He waited for Johnny to get into the passenger side, then folded up his chair and returned it to it’s place in the bed of the truck. Gyro turned the engine over. Johnny was silent, staring at the fading sunset out the car window. Gyro pulled out of the parking lot and sped down the highway.

It had been at least 10 miles since anyone had said anything and the anxiety building up in his stomach was beginning to become unbearable. He rummaged in the sunglasses compartment and pushed in a cassette tape. He skipped ahead to the fifth track and sped up as the song started, Johnny noticed the yellow lines disappear faster under the wheels. Gyro stared daggers into the horizon and began to sing loudly with his cassette, his feelings filtering into a passionate, off-key accompaniment:


In many ways, they'll miss the good old days
Someday, someday

Yeah, it hurts to say, but I want you to stay
Sometimes, sometimes


When we was young, oh man, did we have fun
Always, always

Promises, they break before they're made
Sometimes, sometimes…”


Oh, Maya says I'm lacking in depth
I will do my best…”


Johnny looked over to Gyro, surprised, and watched for a while as his friend sang. Johnny watched him bob his head and slap the steering wheel along with the beat, oblivious to Johnny’s gaze. Johnny smiled a little bit, opening himself up to sing along. Finally, Gyro was actually listening to something he knew.


“…And now my fears
They come to me in threes
So, I…
Say, "Fate my friend,
You say the strangest things
I find, sometimes"



A huge smile appeared on Gyro’s face, “WHAT THE FUCK!?” he turned to Johnny laughed, “You like The Strokes?” he asked, turning his attention back to the road. Johnny just laughed, nodding, leaning closer to Gyro. They sang together:

“See, alone we stand, together we fall apart
Yeah, I think I'll be alright
I'm working so I won't have to try so hard
Tables, they turn sometimes…”


“Oh, someday...”


They both smacked the dash board with their hands rhythmically.


                                                                        “No, I ain't wastin' no more time…”


Their laughter stopped as they noticed the car sputtering to a stop. The dial was on E, Gyro starred at the gas gauge with complete and utter disbelief. dread fell on him like a heavy blanket. He attempted to turn the engine over several times before finally admitting defeat.



“Johnny..." He said slowly, "I forgot to get gas…”








Chapter Text





Johnny shoved a sleepy Gyro’s shoulder. He felt it was a shame to wake someone who looked so peaceful, but it was getting late in the day. Gyro grumbled, stirring awake, he turned over on his stomach, squishing his face into Johnny’s thighs.

“Your legs are bony.” He said, muffled against Johnny’s legs. Gyro, only then, noticed that his head really had been laying in Johnny’s lap. He whipped back around, looking up at his friend, who giggled and smiled coyly in response. Gyro lay petrified, his heart vibrating in his chest.

“Don’t worry,” Johnny said, “I haven’t been up for long.”

Gyro looked at Johnny with admiration as the late morning sun illuminated Johnny’s face, his perfect, untouched, milky skin, his blue eyes glistening, his lips perfectly pink and pouty.

“…We need to get gas, Gyro.”

“Huh? What?” Gyro snapped back to reality.

“I said we need to get gas.”

“Oh…Yeah.” Gyro trailed off.

They were both silent for a while, both staring at nothing in particular.

“Hey…Johnny?” Gyro broke their silence, “are you angry at me?”

Johnny let out a sigh, placing a hand on Gyro’s forehead. Gyro looked back up at his friend, his stomach throbbing in his throat.

“…No, I’m not angry.” Johnny said, “It’s not your fault…” Johnny hesitated for a moment, before running his fingers through Gyro’s mane of hair. Gyro was frozen in time, every second that Johnny touched him felt like an eon. His body shivered as Johnny’s gentle fingers grazed his scalp. Their eyes met. Johnny caressed the back of Gyro’s neck, moving to run his fingers behind his ears, over his jawline. As he stroked Gyro’s cheek with his thumb, Johnny noticed a faint peppering of acne scars along his cheeks. Gyro, by coincidence, prayed that Johnny wouldn’t say anything about them.  They stared at each other in silence, Gyro wondered if their hearts were beating in time.

“…Johnny.” He whispered.


Gyro sat up, he turned to face the younger man. He exhaled in an attempt to calm himself.


Johnny’s heart began to speed up, what was he doing? His head buzzed with anxiety. ‘You totally over stepped his boundaries.’ ‘Gyro was just letting you touch him because he was being nice.’

Gyro scooted closer to Johnny, he reached forward and grasped his friend’s hands. They always felt so cold. He rubbed his thumb over the back of Johnny’s hand thoughtfully, admiring the structure of his knuckles, his well manicured fingernails. Johnny made him breathless, he couldn’t say anything about him that accurately described how perfect he was. Gyro tightened his grip.

“Listen.” He repeated.

“I’m listening.” Johnny said quietly.

“Just! Wait!” Gyro blushed.

Johnny laughed out loud, pulling his hands away, “Are you nervous?”

“No!” Gyro furrowed his eyebrows. He turned to grasp the steering wheel. “…kind of!” He said, attempting to turn over the engine, “I’m kind of nervous.” The engine sputtered. “Can we get gas now?” Gyro opened the car door, only to be stopped by Johnny grasping his forearm.

“W-what?” Gyro sputtered, “we need to go, come on.”

Johnny giggled, pulling Gyro closer. He placed a kiss gingerly on the corner of his mouth and then another on his lips. Johnny pulled away before Gyro could reciprocate.

“Now we can go, can you get my chair?”

“uhm..yes..I..” He stepped partially out of the car, “I..”

“We can talk about it later, come on.”





                  The trip back to the car was long and awkward. Gyro didn’t know how to address the kiss. With every step he found himself looking towards Johnny wheeling along next to him. His heart fluttered in his chest and his stomach churned. He gripped the handle on the gas canister more tightly, stopping in his tracks. The desert sun beamed down on him, searing the back of his neck and arms. Johnny stopped rolling, and looked back at him.

“Are you okay?”
“No…” Gyro said, “I’m not okay, Johnny.”

Johnny backed up his wheel chair. Gyro tried to stay serious, pushing the imaginary truck-in-reverse beeps from his brain.

“What’s up?”

Gyro made a sputtering noise, “W-What’s up?” He threw his hands in the air, a small amount of gas splashing out of the canister.

“Hey, careful!”

“No! Johnny!” Gyro placed the canister on the ground, “Don’t play dumb! You know what you did! Don’t act like you don’t know what you did.” Gyro said, jabbing Johnny in the chest with his finger.

“Ow, jesus.” Johnny rubbed his chest, “I thought that was normal behavior in Italy…”

“Don’t make excuses, Johnny, I’m not stupid.”
“I didn’t say you were…”

Gyro moved closer to his friend, crouching down in front of him.

“Listen.” He said, his gaze averted.

Johnny sat frozen, with his hands folded in his lap. ‘I knew it.’ He chastised himself. He clenched his eyes shut, imagining Gyro standing over him. “You fucked it up,” he said, “I was the only person who loved you, Johnny.” Johnny held his head in his hands, shaking. “Why did you fuck it up with me?” the dream Gyro’s words echoed in Johnny’s brain. They bounced off the inside of his skull.

Gyro placed his hand on Johnny’s cheek, bringing him back to reality. Johnny hastily wiped away his tears with the back of his hand.
“I’m sorry, Gyro.” His breath hitched, “I’m…I just.”
Gyro leaned forward, pressing their lips together. Johnny parted his lips, and Gyro his as well. They laced their tongues together, mixing their saliva. Johnny always felt that kissing with tongue was disgusting, but somehow, the subtle tingling of Gyro exploring his mouth was invigorating. He felt his heart flutter in his chest as Gyro pulled Johnny’s body closer to his. Johnny giggled, his eyes welling up again with tears, as Gyro peppered Johnny’s face with playful kisses, finally to the nape of his neck, where Gyro rested his cheek. He exhaled, his warm breath causing Johnny’s skin to erupt in goose-bumps. He kissed Johnny again on each cheek before meeting his lips again. Johnny let out a gentle moan as Gyro moved his hands through his silky, blond hair. They finally parted from each other, both flushed. They stared at each other for a while, the orange glow of the late afternoon sun shone on them, making their shadows stretch along the desert highway.

“You’re amazing...” Gyro croaked.

“Thanks.” Johnny said, chuckling through tears.

“Stop…” Gyro brushed a tear off Johnny’s cheek with his thumb, “You cry too much.”

“Sorry, I just…” Johnny’s eyes welled up again with tears, “You…I was so scared that you’d hate me, Gyro.” He hiccupped through sobs, “I though…I thought that you…you’d reject me…and…and...” Johnny sniffed, “Leave me all alone and stuff.”

Gyro let out his patented laugh, wiping away a tear off of his own face.

“You’re silly, you know that right?” Gyro placed a kiss on both of Johnny’s cheeks, “I’ve been in love with you since the moment we met.”

“Gyro, don’t exaggerate.”

Gyro kissed him again, “I’m not,” he whispered, pulling away again he placed his hands on Johnny’s knees.

“I’ve been in love with you since the party.” Johnny said, interlacing his fingers with Gyro’s. He admired Gyro’s hands, they were large and callused, but had an inexplicable gentle quality, just like him.  Gyro rested his chin between their hands on Johnny’s knees, looking up at him.

“I had no idea you felt the same way…” Gyro said with a smile.

Johnny watched as the sunset danced in Gyro’s brilliant green eyes, “How couldn’t I?” Johnny said, “You’re extraordinary.”







Chapter Text

“It says 20 miles until the Grand Canyon.” Gyro pointed out, nodding his head towards the brown sign as they passed it.

“I don’t get the big deal about it…” Johnny mused, gazing out the window, “It’s just a big hole in the ground.”

“But…But, it’s a really big hole.”

“But, that’s it.”

“It’s a gigantic, NATURAL hole, Johnny.” Gyro said, raising his eyebrows.

“What? Is that supposed to be sexual?”
“I don’t think so…” Gyro blushed, “did it sound sexual?”

“Can we just stop for lunch, or…” Johnny read the radio clock, which read 6:30. “…Dinner or something?”

“Yeah, I guess we didn’t eat at all today did we?”

“There’s a McDonald’s coming up, pull over.”

“You sure you don’t want to see the gigantic hole first?”

“Just pull over.”



                  Gyro tossed the empty McDonald’s bag into the corner of the motel room. He wheeled himself into the room, Johnny straddling his lap. He swung the door closed behind them. Gyro lifted Johnny out of his wheelchair and moved towards the bed in the middle of the room. He hoisted Johnny up, securing his legs around his body. Gyro grasped Johnny’s ass through his jeans and buried his face into the nape of Johnny’s neck, nipping at his skin.

“You’re sure about this.” Gyro asked, breathless, “are we moving too fast?”

Johnny kissed him tenderly, “help me to the bed.”

                  Gyro lay him down on his back, and began placing gentle kisses down his body before standing back up. He drew the drapes tightly, and made sure the door was locked before returning to Johnny on the bed. When Gyro turned back around, Johnny had already taken off his shirt, and was struggling with the button on his pants.

                  “That was fast.” Gyro laughed, removing his own shirt he moved closer to the blond. He kneeled down at the foot of the bed, between Johnny’s legs. He unbuttoned and removed Johnny’s jeans, revealing an impressive bulge under blue spangled compression shorts.

                  “Nyoho~ These suit you,” Gyro cackled, snapping the waistband.

                  “Shut up, if I could kick you I would!”

                  Gyro laughed loudly, snapping the waistband again.

                  “Stop!!” Johnny’s face flushed, “Take your pants off too! This isn’t fair! I can’t even escape, I just have to sit here and take this abuse!”

Gyro kissed the inside of Johnny’s thighs, as he unbuttoned his own pants. He pulled them over his hips, revealing boxers of an unpleasant shade of purple with an obnoxious neon pizza pattern.

“Those suit you too.” Johnny laughed, “They’re really ugly.”
“Whaaaat?” Gyro looked down at himself, “I thought they were cool. They’ve got little pizzas on them, see?” he said, pointing to one of the slices.

“I think they’re cute. Like you.” Johnny smiled, his cheeks flushed.
“Awww, you’re the one who’s really cute though.” He placed a kiss on Johnny’s hip bone, “and patriotic too.”
“Stop or I’m calling the police.”

“Nyoho~ very funny Joey-jojo.” Gyro mused, moving the kisses down closer to the bulge in Johnny’s compression shorts. He placed his hand on top of the bulge, massaging in gently though the fabric.
“Can you feel it?” Gyro said, his voice husky.

Johnny nodded, gazing at the erection forming in Gyro’s boxers. Gyro continued to kiss and massage Johnny through the fabric, while he reached into his pizza boxers and began stroking himself slowly. He pulled his hand from his boxers and brought it up to touch Johnny’s face. He pulled him into a passionate kiss, trailing the kisses down to his chest, stomach, and finally his hip bones again. Johnny’s breath hitched at Gyro’s touch, he could feel his erection throbbing demandingly through his shorts. 

“You’re getting so big…” Gyro mused, grazing his fingers over Johnny’s throbbing cock.

“S..Stop saying stupid shit.” Johnny said, his breathing labored, his cheeks flushed. Gyro pulled Johnny’s compression shorts over his hips slowly, allowing his erection to spring free. It was cut, light pink and girthy, with veins. Precum oozed out the head, sending electricity through Gyro’s body. He lowered his mouth onto Johnny’s cock, massaging his balls with his left hand, while stroking Johnny’s shaft with his right. He ran his tongue around the head of Johnny’s dick. Johnny’s breath became labored as Gyro continued to suck him off, he watched lustfully, his lips parted slightly and pupils dilated as Gyro moved up and down on his cock, his full lips wrapped around his length. Gyro stroked him faster, kissing the tip of his dick, licking the excess precum away, licking his lips. Johnny moaned loudly as Gyro moved himself back down onto Johnny’s cock, bobbing his head rhythmically, and letting out sporadic gentle moans. Johnny was elated to find Gyro surprisingly submissive in bed, he faded into a fantasy. Gyro tied up, his dick hard. Johnny wanted nothing more than to lower himself onto Gyro’s cock, riding him. He asked himself if was possible to be dominant while getting fucked up the ass. Johnny imagined what he would look like, Gyro, his hair stuck to his face with sweat. His cheeks flushed as Johnny took his entire length into his ass. Johnny moaned louder this time, grasping Gyro’s brown locks in his hands.  He rammed his cock into Gyro’s mouth, pulling at his hair.

“You like my dick don’t you?” Johnny asked breathlessly, Gyro moaned submissively in response.

“ you want me to cum in your mouth?”
Gyro nodded vigorously, he looked up to meet Johnny’s eyes. He pulled his cock out of his mouth, placing gentle kisses down his shaft.

“Please.” Gyro lowered himself yet again, “cum for me.” He began bobbing his head up and down, massaging his balls. Gyro began to stroke himself again. Johnny watched as the beautiful Italian sucked his cock. ‘He’s touching himself to me…’ ‘He’s touching himself…’ Gyro forced Johnny’s length down his throat, once, twice, three times.

“Oh my god, it’s so tight…” Johnny croaked out, gripping Gyro’s hair into clumps, “Gyro..Gyro..I…I..” Johnny inhaled sharply as he climaxed, his body twitching with pleasure under Gyro’s gentle fingers. Warm cum flooded into Gyro’s mouth, which he happily accepted and swallowed, he bobbed up and down a few more times before kissing the tip gingerly. Johnny shuddered in response.

“It’s…It’s too tender, please stop.” Johnny moaned. Gyro placed a few final kisses down Johnny’s shaft before moving back up to his lips. He kissed him, Gyro felt electricity tingle through his body, he cooed against the kiss and reluctantly pulled away.

“I love you.” He said, his body positioned over the blond. He looked at him with genuine wonder, “I love you…” he said again, laying his body over top of Johnny’s. Johnny pulled him into a hug, kissing his cheek.

“I love you too, Gyro.” He closed his eyes, stroking Gyro’s hair, “I really do…” Gyro buried his face in Johnny’s shoulder, completely silent.
“Can you get off? You’re crushing me.”

“Oh..” Gyro rolled off of him, he lay staring at the ceiling, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. Are you okay? Do you want me to give YOU a blow job?”
“No…No that’s not what this is.” Gyro looked over to Johnny and raised his eyebrows, “I’m not going to say no to the BJ though, just saying.”

“Okay, well, we’ll get to it later…what’s bothering you? Did I taste bad?”

“No!” Gyro propped himself on his elbow, facing Johnny. “You tasted…amazing…to me, but…no.” Gyro composed himself, his expression serious, “It’s just…you totally moved your hips, Johnny. I think you’re getting better.”




Chapter Text

Johnny stared out the pick-up truck's window, it rattled in it's frame as the old tires drove over the uneven road. The music was on softly now, and every once in a while Gyro would start to sing under his breath for a few verses, but then stop upon the realization he was singing along. Johnny had been pretending to be asleep since they left the motel, and Johnny was beginning to fear that Gyro had finally caught onto him. They had barely spoken to each other since they left the motel. Johnny didn't usually didn't cum in his fucking pants while sleeping, but that morning he had woken up and found his boxers stiff with cum. He felt embarrassed, ashamed, perverted, morally reprehensible even. Johnny closed his eyes trying to block out his thoughts. It was okay, Gyro liked him and he knew it. The next song began to play, and Gyro turned the music up a bit. Even though Johnny knew he and Gyro had a great time together, were so close, they had only JUST kissed last night and Johnny just felt weird about having a wet dream, one where his dick worked properly too; self serving as usual eh, John. Gyro turned the music up a bit louder and rolled the windows down, letting the dry sweet air rush into the car.  “I Don’t Want to Know” by Fleetwood Mac began to vibrate through the pick-up. Gyro floored the gas pedal and sped down the road, the truck rattled against the cracks in the road his head bobbing to the beat, baby.  Johnny questioned Gyro’s sanity, but couldn’t help smiling at Gyro. He also, loved this song. Gyro winked and smiled at Johnny, who felt his cheeks flush in response. He adjusted himself in the passenger seat, trying his hardest not to feel psych himself out. Johnny bobbed his head to the music, he wasn’t going to let self doubt ruin this picture perfect moment, a potential life long memory. Neither of them sang, but their head bobbing eventually became a pattern the pair moving their heads and shoulders closer and farther apart, an expressive interpretive seated dance. The music faded out and They both started laughing.

“Are you feeling better now?” Gyro asked, nudging Johnny’s thigh

“Yeah I guess, it’s just…” Johnny sighed, “I’m just embarrassed because I had a uhm…a sexy dream about you last night, Gyro.” His face flushed and his throat dropped into his stomach and began to boil in anticipation. Gyro felt his face flush and slammed on the breaks, making the truck lurch forward a bit. He quickly regained consistent speed, but swallowed hard.
            “Johnny…” He said slowly, “I’ve been thinking about it all day.”

“Gyro,” Johnny laughed, “it’s only 1:30.”

“Tell me about your dream.” Gyro said, adjusting himself in his seat. Johnny noticed the bulge in his pants and felt his heart race. He hadn’t seen Gyro’s dick yet, but his stomach fluttered at the thought of the potential size.

            “Johnny…You’re staring at my cock. Do you want to see it properly?”

            “Uhm..sure, yeah.” Johnny said, brushing his nipple through his shirt with his fingers, “Show it to me.”

The truck wobbled a bit as Gyro attempted to unbutton his pants, “Y..You do it.” Gyro said, fed up and horny.

Johnny swallowed hard, he felt his armpits begin to sweat as he leaned over the console. Johnny undid Gyro’s pants, allowing his cock freedom. Gyro sighed, “the beast has escaped, Johnny you have to do something.”
Johnny made a disgusted face and snickered “The beast, Gyro? Jesus.”

“Shut upppp and touch mee.” Gyro whined.

“Okay, okay, I’ll give baby what he wants.” Johnny couldn’t help, but laugh as he gripped Gyro’s cock. Gyro giggled and jeered in fake disgust at Johnny’s baby comment, but Johnny was enthralled by Gyro’s hardware. It was a great cock, one of the best he’d seen, and besides his own, his brothers, his dad, and Wally P. from 2nd grade, Gyro’s was the only cock he’d ever seen. Gyro was uncircumcised, never had he seen an uncircumcised. He was in Nevada having an amazing time his exotic uncircumcised Italian dream man. His fingers curled around Gyro’s cock and began to jerk him off. Gyro moaned under his touch. Johnny moved himself closer and lay over Gyro’s lap. He pushed down Gyro’s foreskin and began licking the head of his cock. Gyro whined, pushing his hips upwards. His cock dragged against Johnny’s cheek. Johnny giggled, giving the shaft small kisses. He took Gyro’s length into his mouth, biting the base slightly, moving up and nibbling on his shaft. Johnny bobbed his head, making Gyro’s cock slick with saliva. Gyro gripped the steering wheel, trying to concentrate on the road. He rolled his hips against Johnny’s mouth, the slick and soft feeling of his tongue against his length. Johnny licked some precum off the tip of Gyro’s cock and cooed.

“Baby…you’re…” Johnny kissed the side of Gyro’s length again laying his head down in his lap. Johnny’s breath tickled the base of his dick, sending shivers all over his body. Gyro sighed, moving a hand down to run through Johnny’s hair. Johnny began to blow him again, bobbing his head up and down, the both of them moaning in pleasure.

“Johnny…oh my god…” Gyro was much closer than he originally anticipated, he chuckled “Is this your first blow job?” Gyro’s chuckle quickly turned into a moan as Johnny brought his hand into the bottom of his shaft, he stroked him as he bobbed up and down on Gyro’s dick.

“Johnny…I’m going to.” Gyro said, “Where…where should I cum?” Gyro looked down at Johnny, who stared back with gigantic blue eyes, his mouth stuffed with Gyro’s cock. Gyro was powerless, his orgasm waved over him, he moaned his dick twitching and unloading cum into Johnny’s mouth. Gyro’s load was sweet and sticky, Johnny felt delirious as Gyro’s cum coated his tongue. He swallowed the load, kissed the head of Gyro’s cock. Gyro shivered in response and watched as Johnny moved himself back upright in the passenger seat. Johnny and Gyro stared at each other, their eyes heavy lidded and their pupils dilated. Gyro watched as Johnny licked a trace of his semen of his bottom lip.

“Holy shit.”

“I love you.”  






Chapter Text

Johnny and Gyro sat eating sandwiches in the bed of the truck, Gyro had pulled over after he came to take a break, and it was lunch time anyways. This entire situation felt so unreal to Johnny, Gyro actually reciprocating his feelings? It was almost too good to be true, but here they were. Gyro slurped a tomato into his mouth, he swallowed and caught Johnny's eye. Gyro smiled and leaned over, giving Johnny a kiss. Johnny was in heaven, he smiled against Gyro, kissing him back. Gyro sat back up right and got back to eating his sandwich. Johnny just stared. 

"What is it?" Gyro laughed, his mouth full of ham and bread.

"Nothing." Johnny said with a smile, taking a bite of his own sandwich 

"Well stop staring at me then! You make me nervous." 

"I can't help it, I'm allowed to stare at you now." Johnny said, "You're mine now,right?" 

God, why would he say something like that? Possessive much. Gyro's face went red, but he smiled. Gyro scooted closer to Johnny, so their legs were touching.

"Well if that's the case, then I guess If I belong to you...then you belong to me." Gyro shoved the rest of his sandwich in his mouth and began curling a lock of Johnny's hair around his finger. Johnny leaned his head on Gyro's shoulder and closed his eyes, taking in Gyro's presence, his sent, the heat of his body. Not once in Johnny's life had he truly belonged to another human being. In the height of his career as a swimmer no one cared about HIM, about Johnny. He was praised with trophies and money and commercial deals, but no matter how many people said they were proud and that they loved him Johnny didn't believe it for a second, but Gyro was different. Gyro seemed to really give a shit. 

"Do you think it's fate that we met that day in the therapists office?" Johnny asked

"I dunno..." Gyro trailed off "I guess it did trigger a chain of events that ended you up in my I guess it had to have been!" 

"How did you know that you had feelings for me?" 

Gyro was silent for a bit, he ran his hand down Johnny's lifeless thigh, "I don't know I..." Gyro trailed off, "I really think it was love at first sight." 

"No way, I'm asking when were you like: 'oh shit I like like Johnny'?"

"I'm telling you after you bumped into me." Gyro said, "I remember thinking about you after it happened over and over again." Gyro sat to face Johnny, "I remember going home that night and your face kept popping into my head over and over again." He chuckled and Johnny saw his face go red, "I thought you were so cute and I knew I wanted to see you again." Gyro smiled, "is that proof?" Johnny nodded, leaning forward into a kiss. 

"You really love me?" 

"I really do, baby." Gyro kissed him again, this time opening his mouth against Johnny's, Johnny parted his lips, their tongues gently lapped together, making Johnny's stomach do flip flops and his heart flutter; Gyro calling him 'baby'? so endearing, so close they were, so intimate. Johnny let out a gentle moan against Gyro's lips. Gyro gave Johnny one last chaste kiss before pulling away once more. 

"What about you, huh?" Gyro asked, leaning back a bit, "When did you KNOW."

"I told you, the party..." Johnny adverted his eyes, "When you slept in my bed with me." Johnny gasped and slapped Gyro's arm, "you liked me! Ohh!" Johnny giggled in false protest, "You're such a perv." 

"I am not!" Gyro said, slightly offended, "I really needed somewhere to sleep that night...and yes, I admit, also liked you." 

"So you only slept with me because you wanted to feel my body against yours?" Johnny asked, narrowing his eyes, "Sounds pretty perverse to me, buddy"

"I'm no perv, Johnny, I'm just a man who saw an opportunity and took it." Gyro said, gazing at Johnny, "And I'm glad I took it too, I sleep so much better next to you." 

Johnny's face heat up, cast his eyes down, "The first time I realized I liked you was like, three weeks after we started living together." Johnny said, "It was a day and you were so tired and sad from work and the only thing I could think of was how amazing you were, your hair, your eyes, your voice..." Johnny gazed at Gyro, "You asked about my day when you knew that I just lay around all day, and you we're burnt out from work." Johnny said, "Never in my life have I experienced that sort of selflessness." Johnny lay his head on Gyro's shoulder once again. "Thank you for always being there for me, Gyro..." Johnny closed his eyes, letting the tears get stuck in his lashes, "You're one of the only people who has actually talked to me, who wanted to know me, who loves me..." Johnny sighed and groaned, burying his face in the nape of Gyro's neck. 

"I'm sorry I'm so sappy I just..." Johnny shrugged, obviously holding back tears, "I'm just so happy we're together."

Gyro pulled Johnny up by his chin and their eyes met. Gyro wiped the tears from his partner's eyes with his thumb, kissing each eyelid afterwards. 

"I'm happy too."