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Cool Cat and Donald Trump go to Mexico

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“Here we are at Mexico, DONALD TRUMP-KUN,”he said so thoughtfully, so empathetically. Donald Trump was mad. His breasts were sore because he was ragging it hardcore. Cool Cat was very excited to be at Mexico. He jumped up and down and clapped at every Mexican and screamed and laughed on every ride.

“Boy, does COOL CAT-CHAN love the Disneyworld of Mexicans.” Donald Trump was DISGUSTED. He hates Mexicans.

Cool Cat turned to him, making little gill movements with his hands on his jaw and said, “What’s wrong, DONALD TRUMP-KUN?” And Donald Trump said “You inconsiderate, microwaved piece of soap. You know I hate Mexicans more than I hate myself, even. Please, let’s go.”

Cool Cat got sad. He said, “But DONALD TRUMP-KUN, I won free tickets to Mexico and knew I should take you! It was just bound for us. It was a couple’s ticket, anyway. We’re on a date, DONALD TRUMP-KUN! Besides, look! The Mexicans love you.”

DONALD TRUMP-KUN turned to see all the Mexicans gathered, looking at him. He felt his fake-ass hair twitch. “No, no… This… This is impossible… this can’t be…this… IS THE WRONG ANIME 何これ WHY IS THIS HAPPENING どうして I’M NOT A FUCKING MEXICAN, DON’T TOUCH ME!!!!” He pulled his pants up and ran screaming, using his fins as air paddles to propel himself forward. Cool Cat laughed and chased after him with arms wide open. It was a peaceful day.