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Miracles: Woes and Love

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Chapter One

Kagami shut his apartment door behind the rest of the first years. They’d finally gone home after homework had descended into talking. He locked the door behind them and laid his forehead against it.
The talk had been about who’d lost their virginity first. He found out he’d been first. Growing up in the US had helped with that one. So he’d spilled about the first girl.
Kuroko had been silent through the talk. Silent and uneasy.
He was sure he knew why. He’d seen the way Kise and Kuroko look at each other. He was also positive Aomine had been with Kuroko too.
He sighed, walked back into the main room where Kuroko was sat on the floor. His best friend was silent as he put his school books away and put his bag out of the way.
Kagami walked over and saw Kuroko was still shaking. He sat back down and nudged him with his knee. He sighed before talking quietly, “Talk to me”
Kuroko shook his head.
“Please.” Kagami wished Kuroko would trust him.
“You won’t want me to be your partner if you knew.” Kuroko whispered.
Kagami wondered if he should go first to show his friend that he wasn’t alone. “I told them I lost my virginity to a girl. That’s true. I also lost it with a man a few days before hand.”
Kuroko hissed in shock and his pale blue eyes finally found his. Kagami smiled at him, “So please tell me.”
His blue eyes watched Kagami closely, a question hanging in them. He nodded to tell him it was ok, and smiled down at his small partner.
He watched Kuroko swallow hard and then he spoke two simple words. “I’m gay.”
Kagami smirked at him. “Thank you for trusting me.”
“You’re bi?” Kuroko asked.
He shook his head. “No gay too. I just needed to be sure, and she offered. There was nothing to it but bad sex.”
Kuroko nodded slowly, a half smile now on his lips.
“You were with Kise?” Kagami asked him. He nodded as a smile now shone on his face. He knew from that smile that his friend loved Kise deeply. “And Aomine?”
Kuroko frowned as he nodded, “How did you know?”
“I watched you together. You let them closer than anyone else.” Kagami admitted.
“Yes.” Kuroko softly smiled, “I’m happy.”
“Why?” Kagami wanted to know why.
“Because I don’t have to hide from my partner. From my friend. They all knew at middle school, Aomine is not one for hiding.” Kuroko told him.
Kagami wondered if he’d been with anyone else. As he was talking about it, he pushed for more information. The more he knew about Kuroko the better. “Where there others?”
Kuroko frowned and nodded again. “Yes a few. Aomine was second.”
“Do I know who was first?” Kagami wanted to know everything his friend was willing to tell him.
Kuroko nodded and looked out of the window. “It was Akashi.”
Kagami’s mouth dropped open. He would never have thought that man was gay too. “Wow.”
Kuroko blushed slightly. “It was a one of for him. Something he wanted to try once to see of it suited him. He’d heard Aomine teasing me about lusting after the rest of the team. So he came to me one night at home and asked if I would let him try it. I said yes. After he left Aomine came around, found me crying, and we started being more than just friends. That went on for over a year. Kise joined us after he started to play for us.”
“Do you miss them?” Kagami smiled at him. So Kuroko had been in a threesome for years. He liked that idea a lot. He could tell from the pain in his normally expressive-less face exactly how his friend felt about Aomine and Kise. He wondered if he felt the same for the others?
“Yes.” Kuroko whispered his eyes on the floor. “But I don’t think they felt the same as me. I walked away from them the same time I quit the team. I moved to Seirin because of our team. I hated it all for a long time. Hating and missing them desperately is hard. They both hurt me badly in that last game. Aomine did it consciously. Kise was egged on to do it by Akashi. He was too immature to understand what he was doing was wrong. He just thrived on having fun. I was devastated for months. Then Kise came to see us at Seirin. After our match he asked me why I left the team. He was starting to grow up, I could see it in his eyes, but I wasn’t ready to talk it over with a man I still love. Now we are all trying to be friends again. Kise texts me all the time as normal. Midorima smiles and talks to me now. Aomine wants to spend time together again. Murasakibara texts too, about sweets his found that he thinks I would like. They are back to being friends again. Akashi has been silent for a while. I am worried about him. He stopped talking when his other personality took over. Now I think he doesn’t really know how to move on.”
Kagami sat silently and just took in everything his partner was saying. The look of sadness in his eyes, told Kagami, Kuroko may think he’d moved on, but he hadn’t. His love for those two was clear.
Kagami hated that this hurt his best friend so much. Now all he wanted was to grab him and hold him tight. Part of him also saw that he loved his other team mates too. Not as full on as he obviously did Aomine and Kise, true. But Kuroko definitely loved Murasakibara, Midorima and Akashi. They all seemed to share something closer than just friends.
The more time he was with the young man, the more he saw it. He understood that his love for Kuroko could be realised. He had no problem sharing of course. He just needed Kuroko to look at him. To allow him into that place in his heart too.
Kuroko stood. “I should go home.”
Kuroko grabbed his bag and started to walk away.
Kagami grabbed his hand before he took too many steps away. “Stay the night.”
Kuroko had stayed before. He’d slept on the floor, and the sofa, as well as the spare room when Alex wasn’t here. Like now.
Kuroko looked down at his hand touching him. He didn’t say anything but just looked where they were touching.
“Please.” Kagami hoped he could pull this off. All he’d wanted for months now was to have Kuroko in his arms. In his bed. To be in Kuroko. To love him.
“You don’t have to.” Kuroko whispered.
He yanked on his arm and dragged him down. Kuroko yelped as he landed in his lap and his bag hit the floor with a loud thud. His legs ended up either side of him. Kagami was rock hard as he took hold of Kuroko’s upper arms and held on.
“I want this. Kuroko. I have almost from the first moment I saw you. Please let’s see if we can do this.”
“What about Aomine and Kise?” Kuroko had tears in his eyes.
“They are beautiful men. If you want to be with them again I won’t stop you. I know you love them. I trust you Kuroko. I don’t need you to be monogamous. I trust my partner.” Kagami told him straight.
Kuroko eyes stayed on his. He whimpered as he leaned in and their lips met in a tentative touch. Kagami shut his eyes as he let Kuroko lead, tasting him for the first time. Their tongues met slowly and surely. It tasted wet, hot, and full of needs that had been denied too long on both sides.
Kuroko whimpered again before moving to get closer in every way. Kagami sighed as his hands started that mad dash to learn every single piece of his new lover’s body. He yanked his t-shirt off and threw it aside.
He let go and let him yank his off. He shivered in need as they touched naked skin on naked skin. He sighed in happiness as they stripped each other of their remaining clothes.
Kuroko sat back in his lap. Their tongues clashing hard as the kiss went ballistic. Kagami grabbed his hair to hold him in place. He humped up into the smaller man’s arse as it pushed down into him.
His cock wanted to be inside him. He was to close this time. So he moved Kuroko off his lap and physically moved him to lie on the floor. He looked him over. His skin was pale, red tinged, and sweat soaked him. His cock was dripping, short and thick.
Kagami licked his lips as he wondered what he’d taste like. He moved to crouch over his lover. He slowly lowered his body to lie on top.
Kuroko whimpered in need. Kagami smirked as he felt his heat against him everywhere. Kuroko shifted slightly, spread his legs wider. Kagami shifted so their red hot cocks where together.
“Close.” He hissed as he started to move harder.
“Me too.” Kuroko hissed out. They ground against each other. Rutted together. Sweat soaked, and dripping. Kuroko’s fingers found his arse. His nails dug in as he screamed into Kagami’s neck.
Kagami felt his partner come hot against their stomachs. The heat and smell, pushed him over the edge. He bit into Kuroko’s neck as his balls empty totally, to stifle his moans. His eyes closed as he felt his head throb.
As he caught his breath he let go of Kuroko’s neck. He kissed it softly taking in the hot intimate taste of his lover’s sweaty skin. Kuroko shivered under him. His cock still hard as he started a slow easy grind up into Kagami.
Kagami moaned as his cock came back to life within their hot, come soaked stomachs.
“Please fuck me.” Kuroko whispered into his ear.
Kagami stopped and opened his eyes. He looked down at the smaller man beneath him. “You sure? I have lube in the bed room.”
Kuroko’s eyes opened and looked up at him, his blue eyes semi closed as his hips continued to move between them. Kagami found himself falling into them as they just starred at each other.
“Please. No lube.”
Kagami gasped at Kuroko in shock. He’d never done it without before. He loved the part where he stretched people. Loved how his fingers and hand could get lost inside some men.
His cock jerked as he thought about no lube. It liked the idea.
He sighed and compromised. He did not want to hurt his beloved best friend. He moved down Kuroko’s body, licking and nipping and loving every part. Biting his nipples, making him gasp and shiver under his mouth. He left marks all over his stomach as he kissed downwards.
He took his cock in his hand. He was surprised at how thick it was compared with his, which was longer and thinner. He held it still as he slowly took it in his mouth. He’d sucked a few cocks in his time, but none as thick as this.
“I love this.” He hissed as he made love to it. Slowly soaking it and making Kuroko gasp and moan and thrust into his mouth.
He wet his fingers in his mouth and let them moved downwards to Kuroko’s hole. He waited until Kuroko ground into him again. Then he let his middle finger slip inside. Kuroko thrust back on it with a deeper moan. His finger was deep and enclosed in tight heat.
“Kagami.” Kuroko humped harder into his mouth. “Need you.”
He swallowed his cock. Kuroko’s gasped as his hold on Kagami’s hair became painful. He ignored it. His hand was fucking Kuroko, ready for his cock. He added a second finger searching inside until he got his sweet spot.
Kuroko’s back arched and the grip on his hair got worse. Kuroko screamed as he came down his throat. He moved back so he could taste some before he swallowed.
Damn he thought, he could easily become addicted to this man. His come. His moans. His heat. His cock. His lover. His friend.
He slowly licked his cock clean and moved up his body, desperate to kiss his man. The kiss tasted of pure happiness as he grabbed his cock and slowly moved towards Kuroko’s hole.
“I’m doing this now. If you don’t want it. Stop me now.” He gave him a chance to think about stopping.
“Idiot.” Kuroko smirked at him in a whisper. “Make me yours Taiga.”
Kagami smiled down at him. Then it sunk in. He’d called him by his first name. He might be Japanese but living in the US had given him a different way of looking at names. Everyone called him it there. Here it was reserved to Alex and Tatsuya.
“Tetsuya.” He whispered into his ear. Kuroko shivered. His lover opened his legs wider, wrapping his feet around his hips tightly, pulling Kagami inwards. He’d wanted to go slow.
Kuroko had other ideas. He pulled with his feet now on his arse. He was slammed in.
Kuroko grinned and hissed a loud, “Yeeeesssss.”
Kagami dropped his head into his neck and bit his tongue to stop from coming hard and most importantly, now. “Fuuuuuuuuck”
“MOVE.” Kuroko begged.
Kagami pulled out and then pushed in, finding the right way to get his lover’s spot every time. Once he had it, Kuroko was arching into him and moaning loudly as he started a hard and firm stroke. He built up until the only sound was the slap slap of their bodies together. Kuroko’s mouth found his neck and bit in. He liked the hint of pain.
He was too close to care if they left visible marks now. He pounded into him. Desperate to get there. Desperate to come.
He felt that tight hole his cock was in clench around him tighter as Kuroko came hard under him.
He was there. He slammed in once more. “TETSU…”
His orgasm seemed to go on and on as he dropped exhausted onto his lover.
No one moved for ages. Too exhausted.
“Thank you Kagami.” Kuroko whispered into his ear.
He just nodded. He pulled back far enough to see the bites he’d left all over his neck. They were going to be hard to hide.
He lifted his fingers to trace them.
Kuroko smiled softly, “I think the ones on you are worse than mine.”
Kagami nodded. He leaned down and kissed Kuroko. Kissed him slowly.
“Are you happy for the team to know we are together?” He asked his partner.
Kuroko looked away, obviously thinking about it. He let him have time to consider their future.
He stood, and gave his hand out to pull him up from the floor, “Shower, then bed.”
Kuroko nodded. Once they were cleaned and lying in the dark, in his bed, Kuroko finally spoke again. “I never had to hide it in middle school. Going to a different high school wasn’t to hide my sexuality. I have always been out to my friends and family. I don’t advertise now. I am no longer with the people I grew up with so I know not all people are accepting.”
“I get what you’re saying. I never had to hide from Tatsuya, or Alex. They knew me better than I knew myself. Now I am leaning towards keeping this quiet for a while, until we can sus the rest of the team out.” Kuroko nodded his agreement.

“Kuroko. Your neck looks like a vampire attacked it. Got a girlfriend?” Hyuga asked him as they got changed the next day for practice.
Kagami heard those words as he went to his locker and started undressing. Kagami smirked at his partner as he ignored their captain and changed into his gym clothes.
Hyuga came over to him, and shoved his top out of the way to look up at the marks on his own neck and chest.
They’d spent a long time last night just holding each other. Loving each other. Kissing. Talking.
Hyuga looked him in the eyes. He didn’t move as he let him think that through.
“So how long have you two been together?” Hyuga inquired.
“Only a few days.” He admitted.
Hyuga nodded and looked around at the rest of the team. “If anyone has a problem with this say now. It changes nothing. We are still a team. For the record I am gay too, so think long and hard whether you can accept them and me.”
“Like you said Hyuga,” Kiyoshi grinned widely at everyone, “No change to the team. We support each other. No matter what. So let’s go and have some fun.”
“Yes.” Everyone agreed as they all left to begin practice.
Kagami followed, Kuroko at his side.