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[podfic] The Lonely God and the Island of Misfit SOLDIERs

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Warning! This contains dubious consent of the 'sephiroth in this is an amoral omnipotent god'so! If that's not your cup of tea, please move right along!


As you might be able to tell, that is my cup of tea. This was perhaps the first ASGZC fic I ever read, and it was CERTAINLY the one that got me up and interacting with actual people in the fandom. I love up_sideand_down's writing 5eva, I think that upside is an amazing person, and I know that the darling shark likes podfic, so I decided to make a gift.


Happy "YOU'RE AMAZING ILY MY FRIEND" day or whatever.


here's the mp3, click to stream, right click and save as to download (length: 00:26:30 | size: 24MB)