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For the First Real Time

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The next year was spent with him, Peter and Char training me. The first month I tasted the dirt so many times I'd just memorized it's texture. It was hard to get a break when your partner knows you don't really need one. Really the only times I'd gotten a break was to hunt for a human or to spend some time around Jazzy. We were getting stronger and safer with each other which really only made me want to win the sparring contests even more.

It was nearly all to make him proud. I knew it was odd that his mate had all of 0 clue of how to fight anyone and in that way Jasper and I were close to opposites. I spent just about all of my immortality focusing on healing the humans and hating them at the same time while he'd spent most of it killing humans and vampires alike. He ran out of places to fight when WWII finished in the forties.

Whenever I'd bring up Esme or even Edward he'd shrug and tell her that he sent his regards. (I translated that into love almost every time.) Edward, however, he'd send letters and while Jasper would bring them to me he wasn't always fond of their contents. It started with him missing me, telling me about a new song he'd thought up or a show he thought I'd enjoy to almost a mourning. They'd gotten angry, then pleading, then he'd starting to try and make a deal and finally it seemed he went into a depression. I was waiting for him to merely accept I wasn't writing back but at times his words weighted on me.

"Once you're done writing Esme, come out to the field." Jasper spoke neutrally as he passed by our room. I looked up from the page and nodded and he continued on his way out. I finished the letter and slipped it into it's envelope.

Lately Esme spoke of a new member, she was single and unmated and seemed to have a penchant for telling the future. The vampire was excited to meet us, apparently. I stood and stretched a little as I slipped the packet into my pant's waistband and pulled my shirt over it, trying to keep it from getting wet. I wandered out the apartment and over the street to the grassy area during one of the nightly thunderstorms. It caused the grass to be a little wet and slick but this was really the only way we could work. Vampires hitting each other got loud sometimes and after the man in the alley, Jazzy wasn't taking chances with being found out.

"We're going to start one on one until you at least match your opponent...Is that seriously your letter in your pants?" Jasper announced as he looked between me and the envelope sticking out of my pants and shirt. It caused the shape of a letter to form on the shirt's fabric.

"Yup. Couldn't fit it in my pocket." I nodded and crossed my arms. He smiled and shook his head as he walked closer.

"I'll hold onto it then." His hand slipped down and pulled the letter out as he softly kissed me. It was a good luck kiss. I shook off the tension as I looked across the field at Char. She grinned back at me and took a bow as I rolled my eyes. We looked over at Jasper as he stood there with his hands behind his back and his legs spread in a wide stance, he looked at me then her and nodded. It was on.

She ran to the side as I ran back, she was trying to get me from the side and we both knew it. It was one of her favourite moves. I scaled a tree as she ran back into the field, searching. She came close and I took my shot to tackle her from above. I sailed down and watched as she looked up last second, she moved but wasn't fast enough as I clipped her side and she came down as I tumbled next to her.

"TIE." Jasper called from the side sounding excited. We sat up and high fived, she gave me a thumbs up as I stood, dusting off myself. Peter was next. He was the least likely to cut me a break but he also wasn't allowed to genuinely hit me with the intention to one would in a real fight. Jasper watched those matches like a hawk, he'd haul Peter off if he felt like the guy was being too rough. I felt like it lost it's value as a real fight after that though he'd come close to losing his cool when I got a hit or two in.

"Hey! Peter?" I called out as we got into position.

"Yeah?" He raised a brow with a slow grin forming.

"Try this time. I want to see the full thing." I called out.

"Eh. We'll see if you can even hold up to half of it, darlin'." He snorted as he flicked a piece of lint off his jacket's collar. I rolled my eyes as I spread my legs and hunkered down, getting into position.

Jasper nodded again and this time Peter ran head on only to have me step off to the side. He grinned as he changed course, heading for me. I made a split second decision as I broke into a run only to flip over his head. He looked back, confused with his brow furrowed as I pushed off his head with my hands. My style was more to evade them until they had a weak moment allowing me to just slide in there. Definitely hadn't been that aggressive in any match.

He started to look back again as I turned and started running at his back as he tried to slow to a stop. I'd made a decision. I was basically just going to ram into his back and hope I hit hard enough. As I did, we tumbled and a cloud of dirt erupted as we slide. He went to slug me in the jaw with some fury as I kneed him as hard as I could letting out a bout of thunder. We started to roll as he tried to get on top to hold me but I'd push us again forcing him to lay on the ground. I wasn't heavy enough to really have anything outside of pure force.

He landed a hit as my head ricocheted to the side and we rolled again, I felt his hands wrap around my throat tightening and pulling ever so slightly as I started to truly panic. I hit him in the chest but it did nothing to hinder him so I started to try and kick him off, the hands were getting tighter and tighter as they pulled my head away from my shoulders.

"Peter!" I could hear Jasper snap out his name in a commanding tone as I clawed at his hands. I'd lost all form of sense but my survival instincts kicked in, refusing to let him do this. I watched Peter's eyes narrow as he snarled. He was gone mentally and I knew it. I glared and let go of his hands for a split second to help propel myself as I headbutted him and threw him to the side when he loosened his grip.

"TIE." Jasper called sounding worried. I looked back at Peter as he got to his feet quickly, his eyes weren't on anyone around us, just zeroed in on me. I tried to stumble quickly to my feet as he took off, heading for me. For a brief second I thought he'd get to me before I could get up but right as I did, Jasper side swiped him.

"ENOUGH." Jasper's voice thundered as they bounced off each other and rolled. I looked as Jasper and Charlotte held him down. He was snapping and snarling as Jasper seemed to work his charm, calming him down. Peter stood as Charlotte held onto him, frowning.

"I apologize, Catharin. Don't know where my head went." He looked up at me, shaking his head.

"I understand. Its fine." I gave him a half smile as I dismissed it.

"Do you still want to continue?" Jasper went up to me, moving my hair out of the way as he checked my neck and head. I nodded and he watched me for a moment. I watched Charlotte and Peter start to move off the field, leaving. I couldn't blame them, it seemed like Peter was dealing with some flashbacks.

"Are you sure?" He frowned at me as I nodded again.

"Yes, Jasper." I replied exasperatedly as I shooed his hands away from me. He sighed and nodded, taking his position at the opposite end. This time Jasper seemed more distracted which gave me the feeling he'd go easy. He went for the side and I stepped to the side, giggling. He turned again, this time with a grin forming. I knew he was too close for me to side step again so instead I ran off to the side. He followed closely on my tail I tried to stop and have him run past when he caught me and spun me around to face him.

"Hey." He greeted softly with a lazy smile as he pulled me closer. I grinned as I ducked out of his arms and this time he spun around, looking for me but on the wrong side. I ran towards him to have him think I'd try to ram him when instead I simply jumped over him, giggling again. He caught me this time swinging me around gently to his front. I figured, fight ended and wrapped my legs around his waist as he held me up.

"Can't get away now." He spoke huskily with the same lazy smile as he hefted me to show I couldn't. I rolled my eyes at that and pecked him on the nose.

"Who says I wanted too?" I grinned at him as I unwrapped my legs.

"Fair enough." He shrugged and slowly set me down on my own two feet again. I leaned on him as I felt him hum into my hair, he was happy again. Looks like 4 years later, my Jazzy was back to his usual self.

"You've been doing better." I commented into his chest and felt him nod.

"I have, doll. I think you just needed a reminder." He countered. I pulled back and looked him in the eyes for a second. It felt like he was partly blaming me for the doubts he'd had before.

"Do I affect you that badly?" I asked quietly feeling a blossom of guilt begin as I thought back to my behaviors. He seemed to frown at it as he nodded.

"You do. I don't think you remember sometimes that I feel all that you feel and your feelings are the most important." He replied just as quiet as I.

"I did need the reminder. Are you ever going to forget about it?" I sighed and nodded. I leaned back onto him as I thought about it.

"No way in hell. I'm not insecure enough to attack him anymore, if anything I'd laugh in his face if he tried that shit again...But I still hate him for thinking that was okay and that you let him get away with it for so long." Jasper said him with some amount of venom in his words as he looked around. Things were the same but different. We'd moved past Edward and I's issues.

"Think we can go back anytime soon?" I asked softly. I was trying to keep my hope down. I'd agreed to leave with him until he felt the same level of security he'd had since we'd met with me. It'd even held around Maria though he did admit to a kiss when he thought I was dead, I understood it though and had pretty much let it go. Nowadays I didn't want to push him, I agreed to this and I was going to see it through till the end.

"I knew you'd ask that." He sighed into my hair as he kissed my crown then pulled away to look at me.

"Look, babe. We've made some great strides. We have. You've fulfilled every bit of your promise. But can I just be selfish and have another year with you?" He asked with a huff. I giggled at that and nodded.

"I'd agree to another year. Anniversary is next year anyways, but!" I finished quickly and held up a finger as I went serious for a second. He watched me with some anticipation as I thought about how to phrase it.

"We're not staying in Colombia. This place is heading down hill and I don't want to get into another argument when I rush to help someone and you get mad." I frowned and waited for his answer.

"Sounds good. Any place in particular you'd like?" He nodded with a grin forming. It lit up his face and made me happy in return.

"Texas." I said and waited for his reaction. I wasn't sure how he'd take it.

"What? Why Texas? Do you know how sunny that place is?" He asked incredulously.

"Yup. I want to dig around in your past, to be totally honest. You don't remember much about your home or your family and I want to know." I shrugged and waited for his reaction. He frowned as he pinched the bridge of his nose, he was stressed. I frowned at that.

"If it makes you happy, fine." He sighed.

"Yay!" I grinned and clapped my hands together in anticipation as I got more excited.

"You're silly sometimes, doll." He shook his head at me, smiling at my actions. I merely shrugged, it kept me happy anyways.