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For the First Real Time

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When the late 70s hit, we wound up moving back to the house in Alaska. This house was similar to the one in Forks but instead it was all windows on every side. Esme thought it'd be fine as we were surrounded by thick woods on all four sides. Jasper was a little thrown off by being able to see all sides of the house but ended up appreciating the ability to be so far away from humans, I was taking this move to get my license.

I was close. I'd already finished my internship and residency. I was excited with each patient I got to treat, often enough I'd give them a placebo, curing them myself. Carlisle always requested to watch me to make sure I hadn't left anything behind that would give me away. Eventually when he found I was doing fine, he'd only supervise every other patient then once in a while. I just had to take the board exam and pass to start practicing everything. I was very much excited.

Jasper himself had taken to a few psychology courses when he could. The University of Alaska allowed him to take a few, however I felt it was more his gift that talked the school into it than his non-existent paper work. After all, I could understand his fascination with our brains. It was where emotions really started, or so Carlisle said. The humans weren't too sure about the brain.

"Shall we start from the major chords?" Edward asked softly next to me. I looked down at the piano and nodded.

Personally outside of my medicine work, I'd been practicing the piano next to Edward. It proved for some interesting conversations with the depressed man. I'd been getting closer and closer to Edward over the past year, I knew it bothered Jasper a little simply because Edward was single and unmated.

"Damn, Cat." Jasper commented from the couch as I played the first few and went back to repeat them then I played the wrong chord. I cringed at how harshly I hit it. I looked up at him snickering. He was reading in the sunlight by the windows. I rolled my eyes at him and looked back down at the keys.

"Is that Catharin I hear, trying to kill Edward's piano again?" Emmett called out from next to him.

"Shut up, Emmett." Edward and I chorused. I stopped and stared at him as he froze. I could feel Jasper's eyes on us.

"Alright, now then. Like you're holding an apple, Catharin but looser fingers." Edward softly put his hand over mine, guiding the posture and the fingers to where I had been before the screw up.

"Good lord." I stated as I watched him maneuver my hands into his idea of a good position. It looked like a jigsaw puzzle in the form a hand.

"Well...aren't you two just two little peas in a pod." Jasper commented snidely from the couch, his eyes were on our hands. I raised a brow at the comment.

"Jasper, maybe it'd be less distracting if you left the room." Edward countered hotly, moving his hands quickly away from mine. Jasper looked towards me, I shrugged awkwardly. I was a little distracted when he was around.

"Maybe I will." Jasper sounded a little pissy as I heard the book snap shut. I felt the wind hit my face when he sauntered his way out of the room, his eyes were on mine the whole time as I sighed.

"And again." Edward conducted from his side, playing the same pattern I was on the other side.

"God damn it." I cursed both my fingers and the piano chord I was stuck on. This was the third time. I kept getting excited and nearly smashed the key causing a harsh sound to come up from the string. I could hear Emmett snort from the couch over the television and glared in his general direction.

"For a woman who doesn't believe in God, you use his name a lot." Edward muttered from next me after the last 'god damn it' and 'good lord'. I shrugged, trying to keep my thoughts clear and not start this again.

"You sure you don't secretly believe in it all?" He was teasing me.

"It all being?" I asked, a little annoyed with my fingers as I picked one up at and turned it over. I'm not biting, Eddie. He snorted in response to my thought and I was reminded he could actually read thoughts. Sometimes I genuinely forgot.

"God, the Devil, heaven, marriage before sex..." He finished and raised a brow with a smile forming as he looked at me. It felt odd to have him bring up marriage before sex, I was uncomfortable if nothing else. Now hes just annoying.

"Am I annoying you then?" He asked curiously, I could feel him lean closer to me as I just glared at him. Stupid mind reader.

"Yes. You are. I don't believe that theres a god like you do because if there was, he'd be the cruelest one of all." I hissed at him. The house had gone still, everyone was listening to us. Even Rose was, considering there weren't any sounds of machinery cutting through metal anymore.

Esme or Carlisle usually broke up these fights between us but neither were home right now. Esme was out hunting and Carlisle was at the local hospital. I knew Jasper would tear into Edward if he raised a hand to me but the verbal abuse between us got just as bad when it came to religious talk. I loved Edward like my brother but the religion talk makes me want to tear his head from his body.

"Well everything happens for a reason, Catharin." He replied good naturedly as he watched me. I heard a feminine scoff come from the garage and assumed it was Rose.

"That is such bullshit." I stood, trying to get some space between us before I popped his arms out of the sockets. He was irritating me right now. Last week it was Emmett via his constant jokes of Jasper and I 'rolling around in the snow now' instead of the forest. It was just weird to have sex in a house full of people who could hear EVERYTHING.

"Hey. We've lost our souls among other things, the biggest thing would be that he's just forsaken us." Edward held up his hands in surrender as I growled at him. Hes just so irritating.

"Oh my god, you and your soul. You're such a depressing person, you know that? Its all hell fire and brimstone with you." I threw my hands up in the air with exasperation as Emmett started to snicker from the living room.

"I'm just saying, its a thought." Edward recounted as he held out a hand. I stared at his hand suspiciously. It seemed he'd been a little more...touchy lately since being around the Denali sisters. I knew Jasper had noticed it first, bringing it up over a hunting trip. He was mad that I was this close to Edward, he'd rather I spent more time with Emmett. I'd dismissed the thought before but its stuck in my mind these days.

"Oh good grief, I'm just using it as a peace offering, Catharin. You don't actually have to hold my hand." Edward responded exasperatedly to my thoughts as I slowly took it. Jasper was being silly, Edward is the only single male in our coven but hes not a threat to Jasper by any means.

"I'm just waiting for the right girl." Edward stated quietly, as he looked down at the keys and let go of my hand.

"Any ideas what she'd be like?" I asked hesitantly making conversation with the guy. He did get moody and lonely at times, with Jasper around we kept it down but we all knew it was prevalent on his mind.

"She'd be short and blonde and have an interest in music but can't play worth a damn." He replied nudging me in the joke.

"Oh good. I'm a short blonde with shit skills now. Thanks, man." I snorted as he grinned at me, he was snickering to himself. I heard a sarcastic chuckle come from upstairs, making me freeze. I sighed and immediately dismissed it, instead choosing to count sheep out loud in my head. I didn't want the mind reader to catch on about Jazzy.

"It was just a joke, Cat." He raised a brow at me, probably because I was yelling numbers in the foreground of my mind while mumbling in the back. I'd learned some tricks being around him for a little while.

"Yup! I think I'm done with the piano for now. Gonna go hunting." I nodded quickly to his statement and stood abruptly, turning to run out the side door. It was like I could feel Jasper getting more irritated and it was weird.

"Catharin?" Edward called out in a question. Emmett stared at me, looking both curious and thoughtful as I made the dash past him and jumped off the balcony. I knew that head of his wasn't empty at all but I also appreciated he didn't bother asking me things.

I hit the ground running and continued until I heard another set of feet running close up to my tail end. I looked back to see the stupid redhead coming up behind him. Him and his stupid ability to run faster than me. I stopped abruptly and turned, heading in another direction.

I watched with mirth as Edward ran past me looking alarmed and annoyed, I've actually tricked the mind reader. I grinned to myself in victory. I heard his feet hitting the ground close to me again and sighed, stopping again.

However this time he didn't go past me, instead he started to laugh loudly as I felt the stone weight of a vampire running into your back at 100 miles per hour. We tumbled as he hit and I landed on the ground with a loud thump and some embarrassment at not even moving when I realized he was about to run into me. I just stood there like a dumbass.

"Get ooooff." I grounded out unhappily as I pushed at his chest. I was miffed he'd beat me at this and he was laughing the hardest I'd ever seen the melancholic vampire laugh. It was making me laugh, the way his lips curling up to show his teeth.

I stared at him for a second as I began to grin at the circumstance, his entire body was shaking with laughter and his face was creased into a deep grin as he laid on me. His head went past my shoulder and into the crook of it. It was comfortable. I found I didn't mind him touching me as much as others simply for the fact he was my brother.

"Edwaaardd. Get off." I snapped my fingers trying to get his attention. In the back of my mind I felt like Jasper would have the luck to run up right now and get all jealous again. I loved the man with all my heart and soul but goodness did he have a jealously streak sometimes. It was like its a mix between over protective and jealously.

"Actually, its exactly that." Edward nodded as I raised a brow, what does that mean then?

"Hes used to it being just you and him then when I get in there or Emmett or even Rose, he gets jealous. Feels like you don't need him as much. I guess its been just you two for quite sometime." Edward responded to my thoughts insightfully as he propped himself up with an elbow. I nodded slowly from my spot on the ground, looking towards the snow covered trees above us. It was peaceful and quiet out here.

"I think its been like at least 20 years or something." I replied, thinking back. I wasn't sure how long it had been really.

"Well you two got married in 1953, and its officially 1978 as of a week ago. So thats 25 years, Cat." He smirked back at me.

"How'd you know that?" I asked incredulously as my brow furrowed. I didn't even bother doing the math. I just knew that every year on the 15th of October, our anniversary came up. We'd started to push it to every five years because we lived so long. Its hard to not repeat the same gift from 5 years ago when you have an anniversary every year.

"He thinks about it every time he feels like you don't need him as much." Edward continued as I frowned even deeper.

"Well that just won't do." I grounded out as I tried to roll the scrawny vampire off of me. For a guy thats so scrawny and lanky, he weighs a god damn ton.

"Hey! I'm slim, not lanky or scrawny. You're scrawny if nothing else. You look like you never ate when you were changed." He held a finger up as I unsuccessfully attempted to roll him off. I looked down at my body and found the bones were actually sticking out where my shirt had ridden up. Maybe I had been a little underweight for a pregnant woman.

"You definitely were." Edward confirmed. I glared at him for his input and flipped him off.

"Hey, it was 1856 and I lived in a settler's town. I was lucky we had anything to eat when I sold herbs and my husband was a shotty blacksmith." I defended grumpily as I continued to try and roll him off of me.

"Fair enough but why is your hair this long?" Edward shrugged and then nodded to my comments. He paused the nodding to pick up a piece of wispy pale blonde hair and looked at its entire length up to my head. I looked at the hair, it fell down to my waist when I stood and it wasn't tied up.

"I don't know, it was just the style. I was busy most of the time." I shrugged, moving snow with my shoulders. I could barely feel the cold but the sound of my shoulders pushing against it was evident in my ears.

"Now get off. You weigh a lot for a string-bean." I commented smugly as he rolled his eyes and sat up, getting off of me. A few minutes later, I was up myself, dusting my clothes off, Edward was helping by getting the parts I couldn't reach. When he decided to fuckin'tackle me, I landed first.

I paused when I heard branches cracking until I realized it was just Jazzy. He had this unique smell to him that I'd memorized from the first time I saw him. He smelled like a light leather or mahogany even with a spicy aftershave mixed in. It seemed that was just his smell considering his facial hair never grew anymore and I don't think we've ever owned any scents outside of the fabric cleaners.

His face was pulled into a blank slate that cracked the tiniest bit. His hands were shoved into his pockets and he seemed to almost glare when he saw Edward dusting dirt and snow off of my back before it stuck to my clothes. It wouldn't melt until I went into the house but I didn't want to piss Esme off either.

"You two look like you've been rolling around in the snow." Jasper commented neutrally as he crossed his arms over his chest. I shrugged, kinda had. Oh right, only Edward was the mind reader. I heard a snort come from him before I glared at him and opened my mouth to talk to my mate.

"Sort of. Edward kinda just plowed on into me and I hit the ground first." I commented as I motioned towards the parts in the uprooted ground where we'd basically had a crash landing. Jasper looked back at it, nodding to me.

"Just wanted to make sure you were okay, Catharin. I'll leave you two alone." Jasper nodded as he spoke distantly. He looked sad and it made my heart hurt. I grabbed onto his arm before he took a step forward.

"Can we chat?" I asked hesitantly, staring up at him. He looked back sullenly but also a little curious. I'd gotten good at reading his face it seems.

"You have gotten good." Edward patted me on the back as I raised a brow at him. STOP COMMENTING ON MY THOUGHTS, EDWARD. I glared at him as he held his hands up in surrender and walked away, taking off into a run.

"Jazzy, I know you feel like I don't need you any more but I do. So much. You're still my everything and I don't want anyone else but you." I paused and took in a breath as Jasper's sad face seemed to almost melt into a smile.

"I know things have changed since we got here but I'm still the same Cat and you're still my Jasper, okay?" I asked for his confirmation. He nodded and pulled me to him.

"I try to remember this stuff but it is nice to hear sometimes." He commented softly and kissed my head.

"Is this why you've been so...pissy?" I tried to phrase it nicely but he just snorted at it anyways.

"No. This was a worry of mine but not why I've been pissy, babe." He commented lowly.

"Then why?" I asked incredulously into his chest.

"Mostly just the fact that Eddie over there, I don't even know if he or you or anyone else realizes it but he gets little twinges of lust and affection around you. I didn't notice it until you two started playing the piano together a lot. Honestly, I thought it was coming from you last week." He explained as I snorted. It explained why he refused to go farther than cuddling last week.

"Nah. No way in hell. Hes too depressing and preachy." I muttered into his chest. He laughed at the terms and rubbed my back. He pulled me back a little and softly kissed me. I smiled back at him. He seemed to be secure again and I was happy about it.

"Well hes just been alone for a long while. I mean everyone goes through the little bits of lust and all when they've not been mated for a long time." I shrugged and looked around.

"I know. Just pisses me off. I try to give you two some space so he can work through it without me ripping his legs off." He smiled at the thought as I rolled my eyes. I grabbed his hand and tugged him farther in.

"Lets go hunt before we go back. It couldn't hurt." I looked back at him. He seemed happy enough to follow me just about anywhere and I finally felt a bit of relief that his mood swings were finally over. Maybe.