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For the First Real Time

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"Though I've gotta ask, babe. What happened to waiting until marriage? I mean you know I couldn't give less of a shit but you were so...determined." He asked curiously, looking back up to look me in the eyes.

"Well...I suppose that..." I paused for a second trying to find a way to nicely put 'I've lost all faith in a god that's damned me to this barren and painful life'...maybe even one that didn't sound so damn morose.

"Um.." I bite my lip in thought, I didn't want him to think I regretted anything with him but the fact he was the only source of joy in my life made it hard to find other good things. He raised a brow, probably sensing my emotional turmoil.

"I guess I just lost faith that God really cared if we were mated before a human marriage or not. He's already forsaken us, Jasper." I murmured and looked down. I'd killed a man and felt all of 0 retribution for his death. I looked up as Jasper nodded, he'd sat up with his back on the headboard during my long thought process. He agreed with me?

"I feel the same, Cat. I understand it completely, I've killed just many. Each of them just as terrified as the last and he's done nothing. I'm starting to doubt if theres even a god to do with our kind when I thought you were gone." He looked back down at me with a look of trust but also a slight sadness. Both of us in our human years were raised to believe in something up there. He'd divulged something that left him almost entirely open and I realised it as I laid my head on his stomach and wrapped my arms around his bare torso.

"But you know, if there is one, I think he showed us both some mercy. We found each other anyways." He began to gently rub my back, tracing circles as he went. I smiled as I looked at the rest of the small bedroom. Our sheets were a simple grey silk, thin and almost pristine from the lack of use, Jasper wanted to splurge but I insisted on something more simple when he basically moved in.

The big white door was cracked open revealing our small living room and purple couch. I'd insisted on the couch because the color made me happy, Jasper agreed it was a pretty color for me. I think that was the first time I'd seen such a vibrant and deep color purple, I absolutely loved it. It hadn't been but two weeks since we bought it as I thought back.

"Jazz! This one. This is the one." I pointed at the purple wrap around couch, really only 2 or 3 people could sit in it at once as the shape left curves instead of seats. He raised a brow looking at the couch. He'd been previously eyeing a recliner but I convinced him that he'd never use it. He ran his handover the wrap around bit and sighed. All the other couchs looked absolutely hideous with their right angles and sharply cut wood.

"Why?" He asked incredulously and came up next to me, wrapping an arm around my waist. I leaned my head on his shoulder and grinned up at him.

"It makes me happy." I declared as the sales attendant roamed close to us. He'd gotten a little too close before and Jasper got all glarey with him, asking for a little more time. He smiled back down at me and shrugged.

"If it means you'll smile like that every time you see it, why not?" He kissed my forehead and let go, walking with me behind him to go see the price. We'd honestly never use it but I loved the color and the feel. The suede felt like tiny butterfly kisses on my palms.

Time passed us by quickly, we'd married with a small ceremony. I didn't sport a wedding dress, if anything he'd gotten a hold of a tux and I wore a classically 50s tea length chiffon and lace black dress. It hugged my figure but accentuated the curves I barely had. I became Catharin Whitlock finally. It was something I felt we'd both thought about for a long time and I found I didn't care so much about how we'd gotten married. I wore a ring of his mother's while he had a simple silver band, I felt the color suited him more than gold.

Soon enough we left Pennsylvania with the hopes of me getting a medical degree in Seattle, Washington at the University of Seattle there. I found that we'd need new papers to travel and enroll me with so Jasper wound up finding a lawyer that would do precisely that. I felt it was a little brutal to scare the living daylights out of the man but he'd never given us up for what he suspected us to be. He was loyal and covert when needed, Jasper had made sure of that. I was now Katharine Whitlock, a married 18 year old female from Houston, Texas.

Seattle was a busy town in the 50s, they'd been under going a large economic boom since WWII. The human wars never really effected Jasper and I's lives. He merely fed on the humans with little regard to their histories. Well except those that had been in battle or in service. He still held some respect for the servicemen. I'd found myself starting to think more and more about feeding on them as the wild life disappeared in Seattle. The city was expanding and this pushing most of my food source out and away from us.

I knew Jasper could see the hesitation in my face as he left every time to go feed, he'd even started to wait an extra minute or two before I pushed the thoughts away and motioned for him to go. It was only getting more and more apparent as I went through college life, as a woman I was a slight rarity. As a pale vampire woman, I was the only.

The males would stare at me as I went only to have walked away when Jasper came around to the campus. He was always watchful, tensed and meticulous with his defenses around the humans. He was about to enroll himself, insisting that the stocks and bonds he'd been investing would be more than enough for us. He'd invested in something called the credit card and a computer. I wasn't really sure of what those were until the projects really started to take off in the 60s. Either way I tended to just wait for the bells, Jasper had been picking me up from classes of late.

It was also during this time that some of Jasper's old coven members came around to stay with us in Seattle. Peter and Charlotte were nice enough to me and I got along pretty well with Charlotte in particular. The girl was quiet and respectful of Jasper while she was louder and more spontaneous with me. She made menial things fun for me here.

We were in some freshman classes together and we often went home together. It was easier for Jasper to deal with when the boys got a little more interested in us, it was also nice for when we wanted to go out but Jasper and Peter were busy. I was already in my third year of school by 1962 when we'd gotten here a little over two years ago. I was making fast progress, trying to get out into the medical field as fast as I could. I knew I'd have to intern in a hospital this year but it was always good to have some ambition. I was to begin sometime next month.

I kissed Jasper goodbye at the door and walked in with Char to our biochemistry class. We were a little late taking it but I'd put it off due to working with blood and by effect, so had she. We sat down when it felt like a butterfly was poking my shoulder, I looked over to Charlotte to find that she was reading, it wasn't her. I looked back to make eye contact with two girls behind us. One looked to be furiously poking my arm with as much force as she could.

"Hey." I acknowledged raising a brow as she stopped poking. Char looked up at them with a friendly smile.

"Hey there, I'm Charlotte and this here is Katharine. How are you today?" She was friendly as hell and always welcoming. It'd been helpful for when we first met in '58, she made me loosen up and laugh a little without Jasper next to me. They looked both relieved and smiled at her.

"We're doin' fine. Yourselves? I'm Diana and this is Vicki." The one who had been poking me was called Diana then. She seemed to be the more outspoken out of the two, if not a little stubborn.

"We're alright." Charlotte responded merrily, crossed a leg over another. She was wearing jeans while I had on a larger black and white polka dot skirt. I liked how flowy and open it was but it was hard for me to cross my legs that easy.

"Well we're having some trouble up here with the material and we were wondering if you two wanted to have a study group together?" Vicki jumped in this time, her voice was more quiet.

"Oh we'd love too! How's today at 6pm for you two?" I looked over at Charlotte as she clapped her hands together, excited. My face turned to panic as I tried to stop her from inviting two human girls into a house full of carnivorous vampires but it was too late. They agreed it was a marvelous time as the professor walked in.

"Char! You know Jasper and Peter are going to have issues with this." I whispered heatedly into her ear as the professor lectured. She paused and frowned at me.

"Well I can take care of Peter but you're going to have to take care of the Major." She shrugged and looked back at the board. I glared down at the paper with this knowledge, he was so going to punish me for this.

"Katharine..." I felt someone poke my arm hesitantly and turned from the window to make eye contact with...I think his name was Jimmy? James? Something like that. He'd come from a richer family of academics. Its been taking me a while to respond to the new name. Char and everyone else still called me Catharin or Cat or Cattie in Peter's case but the humans knew me as Katharine. The name wasn't that much different but it still took some time to get used too, we'd really only changed it because the name Catharin stuck out these days. It was all Linda's and Rachel's.

"Yes?" I addressed and raised a brow at him. He was average looking for a human boy, he was only 19 years old and his face had him looking more like he was merely 15. His hair was slicked back and he seemed to be attempting to rebel against his parent's with the leather jacket and cigarette sticking out from behind his ear.

"Did you get the notes on Professor Lindenburg's femur lecture?" He motioned with a head-shake towards the professor himself. The German man was around 60 years old, it was always odd to think about the fact I was his senior by at least 30 years. I nodded and shifted the paper towards him, looking back out the window again as the man continued his lecture in the background.

I felt the class bell ring, signaling the end of the class as I picked up my notes and stood. I turned around to get my coat when I felt a slap on the ass, it made me jump and I was about god damn tired of this shit. I spun around with hellfire in my eyes as Jimmy grinned back, his hand outstretched with my notes.

"What the fuck is your problem? Can't keep your hands to yourself, asshole?" I swore as I snatched the notes out of his hand's. The hall was emptying out now as he took in a sharp breath at my language, it was improper and unladylike for me to speak that way around a man in this era but I was frickin' tired. I'd only given consent for Jasper, my mate, to touch me. The humans simply had no god damn respect for me and I wasn't sure if it was because I was female or because I was a thin, tallish, and lanky one. My words almost echoed, it was so empty. Even the professor had left.

"Watch your mouth, bi-" Jimmy had raised his hand to slap me when it was caught. I raised my glare to meet eyes with red's, they were absolutely furious. I cringed as the grip tightened and Jimmy started to cuss instead, looking back at my angry mate.

"What do you think you were doing exactly, boy?" He was angry as hell.

"What does it fuckin' look like? She disrespected me." Jimmy motioned back to me as I pursed my lips, if he hit me it'd really only hurt him. I wasn't sure why Jasper was stopping him, there had been times in the past where I'd been slapped or smacked. Being human had it hurting a lot worse than it did nowadays.

"Didn't your momma ever tell you its not right to hit a woman?" Jasper hissed as he got closer to Jimmy's nose with his teeth showing. I heard cracking beginning as Jasper tightened his grip even more.

"Why do you even care, man?" Jimmy was almost pleading now, trying to unwrap Jasper's vice grip from his wrist.

"Because you were about to hit my wife, boy." Jasper was just full out snarling as I started to react, trying to move quicker than slower to unwrap Jasper's grip from the child. I could hear Jimmy's heartbeat kick up and smelled his fear through the sweat.

"Baby, he's just human. It would have hurt him more than me." I hung onto Jasper trying to soothe him and talk him out of it. Jasper looked down at me raising a brow, he looked intimidating for most anyways. Though I was tall for the women of our era at 5'4", he was a frickin' giant for the men of the time at 6'3". It didn't seemed to have changed much either.

"Its the principle of it, Cat." He snarled looking down at me then back at human male. I stared to rub his shoulder to attempt to console him, he seemed to be more cut up about this than I was.

"Can we just go home? I want to finish getting the degree here, baby." I pleaded as I stared up at him.

"Fine. But listen here, boy. You ever lay a hand on a woman again and I'll be there to pop it off for you." He first frowned at me then growled, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. He pushed the human back, grabbing my bag and rushed us out of the classroom. He was still angry when he tossed me over his shoulder and ran back to the shard home with Peter and Char. I rolled my eyes the whole way back with my arms crossed. I could have just ran along side him but I think he enjoyed it more when I was just over his shoulder, ass up.