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Prince For a Day

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Twilight noticed something was wrong the moment he logged in. He was on a bed which was odd. He had never actually used a bed in Second Life. It was an exceptionally comfortable one, even more comfortable than his in real life. The feel of the bed and the look of the rest of the room made him realize that he was in somewhere not just fancy and lavish but, more worryingly, expensive. Even if he had gotten drunk or something last time he logged in, there was no way he could afford a room like this. That much was obvious.

He was just about to check if his teammates were online when there was a soft knock at the mahogany door. Twilight quickly looked around the room to check that he was, indeed, alone. This was disconcerting.

"Um… ah… come in?" The door opened to admit a pretty blond girl.

"Do you have a moment, prince?" The girl asked him after closing the door behind her. This was a dream, right. That was it. He must have forgotten to put his game helmet on. He was sleeping, not playing, and this was just a dream. After all, he was no prince. He was just an average guy with an average job and an average life having an average dream about power. And a hot chick. That was always a plus.

"Please," he said with an attempt at a royal hand wave. Why not? It was just a dream.

"Was there something wrong with Yu Lian yesterday?" The girl asked him. Twilight's brow furrowed. Who? In his mind faint alarms began to ring. There was no unquestionable understanding that usually accompanied dreams. He was confused.

"What do you mean?" He asked her. The girl gave him a strange look.

"She said you weren't logged in while you were standing right next to her." Twilight felt that this dream was getting a bit too complex.

But… wait. She had said "logged in". Did that mean he was in the game? How was that possible? There was no royalty in Second Life and, even if there was, he certainly wouldn't be one. Why had this girl, whom he did not know, called him a prince? But then… she hadn't called him a prince. She had called him…

Suddenly, interrupting the progression of his thoughts, the door burst open. Two human women, also beauties, came flying through the door. Twilight began to once again wonder if he was dreaming. He could be dreaming about Second Life. Why else would there be hot girls calling him a prince?

This idea was crushed as a third person entered the room. It was a beastman of the wolf race. And ugly! There was no reason for him to dream such a person. This had to be real, yet so surreal. Even if it was real, Twilight couldn't help but be a little regretful that the ugly wolf had marred his time with the exceptional beauties.

"Rose," one of the humans (a mage, Twilight guessed) began, looking at the blond. "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same question," the blond—Rose—replied. While the first had sounded polite with her inquiry, Rose seemed more hostile.

Before the mage could answer someone else burst through the door, panting and crying out, "I'm here". The man who had just arrived tucked some of his wild purple hair behind his pointed ears and stared at Twilight with deeply purple eyes. Twilight thought the man looked vaguely familiar. That could have been wishful thinking, though, for the man was beautiful. Why were there so many beautiful people here? Twilight was suddenly grateful for the ugly wolf as he was the only thing preventing Twilight from forming a massive inferiority complex.

"Who is he?" asked the newcomer. Rose was the only one who was surprised at this comment.

"What do you mean?" Rose asked. The newcomer turned and saw her for the first time. He blanched. The woman next to him (a thief?) rolled her eyes.

"Yes, let's blurt it out never mind that the whole idea was to keep it a secret," she declared sarcastically. The purple haired man looked abashed.

"Lolidragon," the ugly wolf spoke gruffly, reprimanding her.

"What do you mean 'secret'? Something is going on here," Rose declared. "Yu Lian was acting strange yesterday," Twilight figured she had to be speaking about the mage. "You all came rushing in here and began to go on about secrets." Twilight began nodding in agreement to Rose, feeling equally frustrated.

"What is going on?" they both cried at once. They were met with silence. The other four traded looks.

"Gui, close the door," the wolf said. The purple haired and eyed man quickly followed the instructions. Gui. The name sounded familiar. Rose opened her mouth to protest but the wolf raised a large hand and she stopped. It seemed the ugly wolf was well respected.

"Sit down, Rose," he continued. "Ah, you too." He gestured Twilight to a seat. Both took their seats silently. The wolf was respected here and Twilight didn't think it would be a good idea to defy him. Once they were all seated the wolf took a deep breath to begin.

"I will tell you what we know and then I'll need to know some things from you," the ugly wolf was speaking to Twilight. Twilight shifted uncomfortably and nodded.

Thus, the wolf began his explanation from the beginning. It is too lengthy an explanation to insert here but, if you would like, you may now return to chapter one and read through to chapter three (oddly enough chapter four was omitted by the narrator). No matter how much Rose or Twilight wanted to, neither made any comment.

"I'm Prince," Twilight clarified again. They had even given him a mirror but he still seemed to doubt.


"The Blood Elf."


"Second Life's spokesman."


"Lord of Infinite City."


"Singer of the Infinite Band."



"YES!" Lolidragon was getting annoyed.

"Wait," Rose began, confused. "I thought he wasn't Prince."

"He isn't," Yu Lian said.

"But you just told me I was," Twilight replied indignantly. Yu Lian sighed.

"You have been logged into Prince's character so you are Prince but you are not Prince," Yu Lian closed her eyes and tried to make sense of her own roundabout sentence.

"Who are you?" Gui wondered, still staring at him with those expressive eyes. He had been doing that all throughout the explanation. Twilight looked at him and suddenly remembered why Gui looked so familiar. One of his friends had shown him pictures of the Infinite Band.

"My name is Twilight. I'm from Flower City," Twilight said this to Yu Lian because Gui's staring had begun to creep him out.

"Flower City?" Rose wondered aloud. Yu Lian seemed to be thinking.

"That would be Northern Continent, right?" she asked of the ugly wolf. He thought a moment and nodded. Twilight felt a chill run through him. What exactly did that mean? Weren't they all on the Northern Continent?

"Where… where am I?" He was nervous now.

"Infinite City. Central Continent," the wolf replied simply. Twilight's mouth fell open as he struggled somewhere between horror and speech. Lolidragon snickered at him. Gui took one of his hands and moved closer.

"Your highness?" he asked tentatively. Twilight looked down at the hand and then back up at Gui. Then he jerked his head back down again.

"Ahhhh! What the hell? Why are you holding my hand?" Twilight yelled with outrage. He leaped back and knocked the chair backwards sending him sprawling on the floor and ripping his hand from Gui's. Gui looked startled.

"Twilight?" asked the wolf, Yu Lian and Lolidragon.

"Prince?" asked Rose.

"My highness!" yelled Gui in horror as he rushed around to Twilight who was still lying on the floor. "Are you injured?" He began rubbing the back of Twilight's head searching for bumps or bruises. Actually it felt more like caressing.

"Get off, pervert!" Twilight shrieked as he shoved Gui away. Gui obediently fell back but he still hovered searching for injuries.

"What the hell is his problem?" Twilight asked the rest of the company. The wolf rubbed the back of his head and looked helplessly towards Yu Lian who looked towards Rose who looked towards Lolidragon who looked towards the wolf. Clearly no one wanted to answer that question.

"Gui and Prince…" Yu Lian began but stopped quickly.

"From the beginning…" the wolf added.

"Their relationship…" Rose picked up.

"Is weird." Lolidragon concluded. Twilight looked tentatively at Gui who was still checking to make sure he was ok.

"Weird how?" Twilight asked though he felt he could guess somewhat.

"It isn't weird," Gui huffed. "I love Prince." Twilight flinched and crawled backwards a bit as his suspicions were proven. Gui was a homo! So, did that mean… Suddenly his estimation of Prince fell.

"Then Prince is…?" Twilight felt too disgusted to complete that statement. He looked towards the wolf and Yu Lian and Rose but they all looked confused as to what he was trying to say. Even Gui seemed confused. Only Lolidragon understood.

"Oh no," she laughed, waving her hand in a dismissive gesture. "Prince isn't gay." Twilight sighed, a bit relieved. So it was a weird relationship because Gui had a one-sided… thing (Twilight didn't want to call it love) for Prince. His estimation of Prince returned to its original level and then some. How could anyone be so gorgeous that they could make women and men fall for them?

But, wait. He was Prince right now. So… that meant…. Twilight glanced over at Gui. Yep, still staring. Creepy. Gui wouldn't do anything to him, right? Twilight suddenly found the need to move several steps backwards and away from Gui. His actions were noticed but not commented on by the others.

"So, what now?" asked Twilight after he was a comfortable distance away from Gui who had moved back over by Lolidragon and was pouting.

"As you heard earlier, we have been making an effort to hide Prince's disappearance from Infinite City and Second Life," Yu Lian told him in a very businesslike tone. "We would ask that you cooperate with us. It is only for today." Twilight nodded, having already expected this request. He understood that all of the people in this room (except him) were very famous and had a lot of influence. He had decided that it would be best to go along with their plan as they were not people he'd like for enemies, even if they were from a different continent. Besides, they were rich too and maybe something good would come out of this if he was friendly. Except to Gui. Twilight had decided to stay far away from Gui.

"How long has Prince been gone exactly," asked Rose. The wolf looked to Yu Lian who thought a moment.

"He logged off the seventh," she supplied. Rose nodded once and then stopped and did a mental count.

"So, Yu Lian, then Gui... But who was after Gui? Today is the eleventh," Rose wondered as she looked between the faces of the conspirators.

"Me," the wolf conceded with a sigh.

"But, the bananas…. How?" Rose asked looking directly at the wolf. Lolidragon made little attempt to hide her laughter. All but Twilight easily recognized the blush under the ugly wolf's gray fur.

"Bananas?" Twilight wondered aloud.

"Well," Lolidragon began dramatically, "it all started when this guy," she pointed at the ugly wolf. He coughed.

"That's enough stalling," the ugly wolf cut Lolidragon off, knowing her enjoyment of the story would lead to some exaggerations and outright lies. It was mortifying enough as it was. "We need to figure out exactly what we're going to do." Lolidragon was clearly put out by the interruption of her story.

"We all have actually jobs to do," the wolf reminded them. Yu Lian nodded. Lolidragon pouted. Twilight started.

"I'm the liege lord," he said with a cross between fear and awe. "That must be a difficult job. Is it really alright for me to take over, even for a day?" Twilight looked unexpectedly worried as his thoughts raced through an imagined series of overwhelming events and difficult paperwork. There must be so much work piling up, especially if Prince has been gone for four straight days. The whole city must depend on Prince being there to keep everything running smoothly. No wonder his teammates were so concerned. Twilight's esteem of Prince rose by several degrees. The others just traded looks.

"How much do you know about Prince, exactly?" the ugly wolf asked slowly.

"Only what's on the website," Twilight said indifferently, not thinking it mattered. "I also have some friends who are fans of the Infinite Band. They all talk about how dignified—even regal—he is, on top of being an unbeatable fighter and incomparably handsome." The rest of the room cringed several times over.

"Prince is…" the wolf trailed off and looked around for help. The rest shook their heads, except for Gui who opened his mouth but was stopped when Lolidragon firmly clamped a hand over it.

"You haven't told me my duties," Twilight reminded them after a few minutes of awkward silence. Twilight had thought it would improve their estimation of him if he praised their teammate and lord. All it really did was make things awkward. How odd.

"You don't have any," Yu Lian said at last. Twilight's brow furrowed.

"I don't understand," he said.

"Prince is mostly incompetent," Lolidragon said lazily, a hand still over Gui's mouth. He was making inarticulate protests but no one really seemed to care. "We take care of running the city while he eats, gets lost and generally screws things up." Twilight was speechless. He looked around at the others, waiting for them to deny what he had just been told. All of them, even Gui, nodded.

"Lolidragon," Yu Lian said in a mild but clearly warning tone. "If White Bird had heard you say that…. Remember we are trying to build Prince's reputation." While they bickered Twilight tried, and failed, to reconcile the famous blood elf with their description of Prince.

"Someone needs to stay with Twilight. Can anyone take the day off?" the ugly wolf asked finally, putting an end to the squabble.

"Feng Wu Qing was about to have my head yesterday. He won't let me off," Lolidragon declared. The ugly wolf looked at Yu Lian but she shook her head.

"I still need some time to process," Rose said and, rubbing her temples, she left the room. Gui bounced excitedly on his heels as the wolf turned to look at him. Twilight was filled with dread.

"Fairsky wanted to spend the day with Sunshine so today is the planning department's unofficial holiday," Gui informed them. Yu Lian narrowed her eyes.

"I may need to have a talk with her later," she said with a shadowy smile. Gui shrunk back and muttered something that sounded like "oops".

"I'm not going with him," Twilight said and made an attempt to back up even farther. He was hampered by the wall behind him.

"I'll come too. I don't think I'll be missed too much," the wolf said thoughtfully. Twilight suddenly liked him a lot more.


"Are you familiar with any of the Infinite City officials?" the ugly wolf—aptly named Ugly Wolf—asked a little while after the others had left.

"Just the band. My girlfriend is really into them," Twilight replied. He remembered looking at the pictures. As a guy he had, of course, focused a bit more on the girls so he knew Ice Phoenix and Fairsky but was doubtful if he could tell them apart. Prince… well, everyone knew Prince. Everyone. It didn't matter if you played Second Life or not. Gui had been there too but Twilight had never given him more than a passing glance. But the other guy…

"Do you know any of them on sight?" Ugly Wolf asked hopefully.

"The flute player, Wicked. That guy's cool. I like him," Twilight had figured this to be a harmless enough statement. He hadn't expected Gui to freak out.

"Don't say that! Prince can't like Wicked!" Gui yelled at him desperately. Twilight recoiled back automatically as Gui suddenly appeared closed to him. His chair tipped over again.

"Ow. Damn," Twilight said, rubbing his head. Gui began to hover worriedly. "Goddamnit. What the hell was that?" Ugly Wolf sighed.

"Wicked and Gui also have an… interesting relationship," Ugly Wolf supplied. Twilight was filled with horror again.

"You like Wicked too?" Twilight asked Gui, more than a little disgusted. Gui looked almost sick at the assumption.

"No! I hate him!" Gui cried. Twilight looked over at Ugly Wolf who nodded.

"They have something of a love triangle," he supplied. Twilight felt sick as he realized his idol was also a homo.

"I suppose it could actually be a love square if you count Ice Phoenix," Ugly Wolf continued. Twilight started a bit at this new information.

"Which I suppose is still better than the love pentagon it was before Fairsky fell for Sunshine," Ugly Wolf seemed to be musing aloud to himself. Twilight was amazed once again at the charisma Prince possessed. How did he get four people to fall in love with him? Twilight had trouble enough getting a girlfriend.

"Anyway," Ugly Wolf continued, "Wicked is currently busy with class work and has not logged in."

"Hey," Twilight said curiously, a remembering what Ugly Wolf had told him about the glitch. "Why don't you just tell Prince to log in? Wouldn't that fix it?" Both Ugly Wolf and Gui looked utterly confused.

"How can we talk to him if he isn't logged in?" they both asked. Twilight looked at the skeptically. They've been teammates for a long while now, right? Plus the entire world is looking for Prince. Somebody had to know him in real life.

"In real life. You can contact him, can't you?" The other two shook their heads.

"Currently Wicked is the only one who knows Prince's identity outside of the game," Ugly Wolf informed him. Gui looked away with a dark air.

"Huh," was all Twilight said.


"This is much more difficult than before," Ugly Wolf said tiredly, as he, Gui and Twilight were walking through the castle halls. They had put leaving Prince's room off as long as they could but when he complained of hunger Gui had offered to take him to the kitchen straight away. On the way there they had met several people Twilight didn't know but Prince evidentially did. Thankfully either Gui or Ugly Wolf stepped in.

On their way to the kitchen they passed a broken wall that seemed to be in the process of renovations. It was a nasty hole with the stones themselves broken. It looked as though it was caused by some major impact.

"Whoa, what happened here?" Twilight whispered to Ugly Wolf. Ugly Wolf seemed to hesitate before explaining.

"Yu Lian kicked Gui through it," he said at last.

"I thought she was a mage," Twilight said, impressed.

"She was Prince."

"Still, that was some kick." Twilight was still impressed.

"She kicked him from here," Ugly Wolf added as they crossed the threshold of the kitchen. Twilight froze completely in shock. That was one hell of a kick then.


"So, Ugly Wolf, are you married?" Twilight asked as he finished a second bowl of soup Gui prepared for him. At first he had been skeptical of the man's intentions when the bowl was placed in front of him, but his caution was overwhelmed by hunger after a while.

"An odd question," Ugly Wolf said. "Where did that come from?"

"It was just small talk. You are going to be my companion for today so…" Twilight didn't finish his sentence. Another bowl of soup had been placed in front of him by Gui who seemed oddly satisfied with his servant-like role.

"In real life, no. But I do have a wife in Second Life."

"Really, who?" Twilight was very interested. All the women he had seen were very attractive and he had a hard time figuring out who would marry this ugly wolfman. Maybe it was a beastwoman. Clearly it couldn't have been anyone he knew.

"Yu Lian." Twilight actually choked on his soup at this answer. Gui raced towards him and began pounding him on the back. Twilight quickly moved away from his hands.

"You are married to Yu Lian?" Twilight asked incredulously.

"Wolf-dágē is the only reason Yu Lian joined our team. He was always so oblivious. Prince had to tie him in chains and carry him to the chapel," Gui chuckled. Ugly Wolf blushed hard enough for even Twilight to see. Twilight tried to understand how such an ugly wolfman could get a beauty like Yu Lian to fall for him without even trying. It was just so odd.

"How about you," Ugly Wolf said, mostly to change the subject. "You already said you have a girlfriend, so how about occupation?"

"I'm a college student. You?"

"I am the doctor for OO University," Ugly Wolf told him. Twilight nodded.

"I work with Wolf -dágē. I'm a professor," Gui said. Twilight didn't believe that for a second. For one Gui didn't seem smart enough to be a professor. For another he looked almost the same age as Twilight.

"No way," Twilight remarked. "How old are you?" Gui looked a bit taken aback by the doubt.

"Twenty-five." That wasn't old enough to be a professor. There was no way, right?

"You can't be a professor at that age," Twilight argued. Ugly Wolf and Gui exchanged a look.

"Gui is somewhat of a genius. His IQ is around two hundred. He already has two PhDs," Ugly Wolf informed him. Twilight couldn't believe it. He refused to believe it. There was no way someone that smart could act like such a buffoon. Once again, odd.


Ugly Wolf and Gui had taken him to explore Infinite City. They had shown him the massive fountain, the book stores and just about everything else of note in the Infinite City. Well, actually, Gui did. Ugly Wolf followed them around offering the occasional comment but Gui led the tour. When he asked why he was told Gui designed the city. Holy crap! Maybe he was smarter than he seemed.

They ended at the Infinite Restaurant where Twilight was fed, again.

"So, you are both actually part of Prince's team," Twilight said, fishing for more information. Over the course of the morning all the information he had of Prince and Infinite City had been, not just smashed but, obliterated. He was curious to know more.

"Yes, the Odd Squad," Ugly Wolf said, completely straight faced. Twilight almost choked on his wonton. The Odd Squad? What kind of name was that? Though, when he thought about it, the name kind of fit. A little.

"Prince is our warrior," Ugly Wolf continued. An elf warrior was odd but an elf mage like Twilight was only marginally less so.

"Lolidragon is an elf thief." That seemed pretty normal.

"Yu Lian is a human mage." Once again, refreshingly normal.

"Gui is a demon bard." Twilight had to admit that one was odd. Who played as a bard anyway? Why?

"You haven't met her but our fifth member is Doll an angel necromancer." Twilight gaped and made a few inarticulate noises. What kind of person would become an angel and then wanted to raise the dead? Twilight became grateful he hadn't met this Doll. Twilight shook his head and closed his mouth. So they had a warrior, a thief, a mage, a ranged attacker and a necromancer. What was left? Hold on…. What kind of team didn't have a priest?

"You don't have a priest?" Twilight asked with both awe that they had made it so far and skepticism at their stupidity for not finding a priest. Gui and Ugly Wolf looked at each other through the corners of their eyes.

"I'm the priest," Ugly Wolf declared as though it was obvious. It really wasn't. People only became beastmen so they could be strong warriors. With their hideous looks there was really no other point to them. It was inconceivable to choose another profession with that race.

"I don't understand," Twilight concluded after trying to come up with the logic behind the decision. He got up and began walking out. "Thanks for the meal. I'll find my own way back." He really just needed to be alone to think.

"Wait! Don't go alone. You don't understand," Gui and Ugly Wolf cried, tripping over each other to stop him. Twilight looked back at them from the middle of the main street. There was a scream behind him. He turned quickly to see several girls eyeing him like a piece of meat.

"Run," cried Gui. This advice Twilight took.


Twilight had always thought he had possessed a good—perhaps even great—sense of direction. So he couldn't understand how he had managed to get lost in this city for over two hours. Currently he was on a roof somewhere. He was afraid to get down. Those fangirls had chased him for the better part of an hour before he could lose them. He had lost them for another hour but they had found him once again. That was how he ended up on a roof.

He figured he could PM someone for help but who? These people here were all weird! All he wanted was one, sane person. Ugly Wolf was a beastman priest. Yu Lian was physically attracted to Ugly Wolf and unmoved by Prince or Gui. And Gui… no.

There was Lolidragon. She was an elf thief and seemed pretty sane besides the fact she was teamed up with that odd group. He could ask her.

"Excuse me, Lolidragon. I could use some help." He was trying to be polite. She was his best chance at getting out of here.

"Where did you get stuck?" What? Was she some kind of mind reader?

"How did you know?"

"Prince can't walk twenty feet without getting lost." Oh.

"I'm on a roof somewhere in the city. Not really sure where."

"I'll grab Sunshine and be right over."

"How?" She didn't reply. Twilight didn't have a whole lot of faith in her at this point. How was she supposed to find him on the roof?

Ten minutes later Twilight saw something flying towards him. He rubbed his eyes. It was still there. A flying carpet. There appeared to be two people sitting on it. Once it was closer he recognized Lolidragon. Perhaps there was no sanity to be found in Infinite City after all.


It really was a flying carpet complete with what looked to be an Arabian prince. Twilight was too shocked during the ride to make any comments but the Arab, Sunshine, seemed to possess the ability to speak continually without any reply.

On the ground Twilight stumbled away from the carpet a bit seasick. Lolidragon approached him with what seemed like concern.

"Are you alright? You know, it helps if you take off tight clothing," she said as she began unbuttoning his shirt. Twilight was still too out of it to realize until all the buttons had been undone. When she started on his pants he leapt back in horror.

"What do you think you are doing?" he cried forcefully, quickly redoing the buttons. Why were there so many perverts here?

"Undressing you," Lolidragon said bluntly with a wicked smile. She crept towards him like a leopard towards a rabbit. Like the rabbit, Twilight felt his fight or flight instincts kick in. She looked very much like a hunter on the prowl. He fled.


Gasping for breath he crouched down somewhere inside the castle. Lolidragon had stopped hunting him it appeared.

"Prince-gēgē," a soft voice asked. A little girl who was cute like a doll entered the room. Like a doll, why was that familiar? The other Odd Squad member!

"Hello Doll," he ventured. She smiled at him. He was right then. Her smile made him relax, that is, until he remembered she was a necromancer.

"Can Doll play with meatbun?" Twilight blinked at her. She wanted to play… with a meatbun? Hesitantly he nodded and shuffled through Prince's bag. Ah, there's one. Twilight pulled it out. Something about it seemed odd. This whole adventure had him paranoid, Twilight decided. He was just about to give it to Doll when it yawned and looked up at him with sleepy eyes. Wait, what?

"Hello mama," the bun said as it bounced in his palm. Twilight froze completely. The bun had just moved. The bun had just looked at him. The bun had just talked to him. The bun was alive! The bun turned and saw Doll. It squealed and jumped to her.

"Do you want to see your wife, Meatbun?" Doll asked the bun as it began to bounce on her head.

"Yes, yes! Meatbun-bun want to see Firebirey." Doll took off, still talking to the bun. Twilight just stood there.

What. The. Hell.


He was still frozen there about twenty minutes later when Lolidragon found him. She wasn't alone. Both Gui and Ugly Wolf were with her and looked relieved to see him. They all paused before him but he still didn't move. Lolidragon waved her hand in front of his face.

"Hello? Anyone home?" she called mockingly.

"The bun," Twilight croaked. "The bun talked." That seemed to be the most he could say. The others neither seemed to be shocked or to doubt him.

"You met Meatbun, I take it," Ugly Wolf said. Twilight looked at them. Why wasn't any of this weird to them? What the hell was wrong with them?

"The bun had eyes. It talked to me," Twilight tried again. They just nodded, uninterested.

"Of course. What else is a pet supposed to do?" Ugly Wolf was still nonchalant. Twilight shook his head violently.

"We came to tell you that you can log off now," Ugly Wolf said. Twilight's eyes filled with unadulterated glee.

"Feel free to come join Infinite City," Lolidragon said with a smile. Twilight forced a smile too.

"Thanks," he said but internally he thought 'not a snowball's chance in hell'. They, everyone, was just too weird. Twilight had never thought that logging off could ever be so satisfying. Once he was gone Lolidragon sighed.

"Good riddance. He was so weird," she remarked. The others nodded in agreement.