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Lori walks round the fire. Her hips are canted forward, easier to take the weight. Shane remembers clutching them, the almost sharp feel of them. She's always been so thin. More so now. Used to be good. Pretty. Now it fills him with angry resentment. Daryl's been giving her food. Shane wants to do the same but Rick wouldn't like that. He gives his food to Carl.
Lori bends over, holding her back, to talk to her son. The boy looks up, irritated. If Shane was still his Dad, he'd show some respect. Not because he had to but because he wanted to. He was always respectful of Shane, more so than he was of Rick. What was it all for, that shame, that sacrifice? Leaving Rick in the hospital...
Lori stands straight, her back thrusting and showing off the swell of her belly. Her baby belly Shane will never caress, never put his ear to, never...
How does no-one know? Lori's looking now. Carl's there, so she's looking for Rick. Or for him. She never looks for anyone else. Not one of life's great mixers, Lori.
His eyes, retreating, clash with Daryl's, running away too. Dixon's always watching. His hooded blue eyes see everything. He sees Shane.