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Taehyung winced, covering his eyes with shaking hands as he turned around.

As long as he didn’t see what he had just caused he could happily pretend that everything was okay, even though everything wasn’t okay and that realization hit him the same way that vehicle had just hit the guardrail.

How was he ever going to explain this?


He had killed another human being.

Another one, for fuck’s sake Kim Taehyung. He mentally slapped himself in the face at least five times when he heard a small explosion.

His father was going to kill him.

(Figuratively speaking, of course, seeing Taehyung was an immortal. He scored a good 4.7 on a scale from 1 to 10 on How Good He Was At Controlling His Supernatural Powers. Which basically meant that he sucked at it. He had no control, evidence of this a burning car only 10 meters away from him.)


Since Taehyung had unfortunately (and by accident!) done this 2 times before, he knew the protocol of The Supernatural Association by heart at this point.

One: check if there are any mortals near. If there are, make sure they’re okay and erase their memory if necessary.

Taehyung looked around. The highway was still deserted. Good.

Two: check the damage done and provide help if still possible/needed.

Taehyung groaned, he knew he had to go check the wreckage, even though he was positive the person inside would be dead. He didn’t like bodies, but getting someone to clean the mess for him would only make things worse. He and his existence were already considered a joke in the supernatural realm. He needed to do this himself.

Three: make sure all evidence is gone and help the deceased pass onto the Other Side safely.

He hated that part the most, because when Taehyung might not think much of mortals and their wars, hate and their ways of poisoning their own planet, he hated seeing them cry (crying souls passing on were on another level of sadness; apparently mortals loved life and didn’t want to die.) He sucked at comforting and always ended up in tears as well.


Taehyung sighed, walking over. Lesson learned not to practice his physics manipulation on a moving car anymore. The highway had just been so empty and so broad, it seemed perfect. Plus, Taehyung secretly liked the elements on earth more. When it rained and the road got slippery he faced a much bigger challenge and Taehyung was a challenge seeker. If he could manage to defy things such as wind, rain and snow, that meant that hedid have some sort of control, right?

And snowflakes were cute as well, they didn’t have those in the supernatural realm. They were just so adorable, little white, silver sparkling stars, he especially liked visiting earth during the winter because-

Another explosion.


Right. The car wreck.


‘Hello?’ He walked around the car, flames coming from the hood.

It had been a nice car, Taehyung noticed, smooth black metallic. A customized license plate, expensive looking rims. A shame actually.

He crouched down, inspecting the wheels, the smell of burned rubber invading his nostrils.

‘Anyone in there?’ Taehyung yelled as he got up, brushing his jeans, groaning because why were highways always so dusty?

Humans and their pollution.


Taehyung almost had a heart attack when he got a ‘yes’ in response, followed by weak, ‘help.’

Fuck, fuck, fuck, back to step two, back to step two!

Provide help if still needed.


‘Yes! Of course, I’m here to help,’ Taehyung rambled as he ran around the vehicle, wiping sweat away from his forehead because the fire steadily growing was hot as hell.

(Which was such a weird expression in Taehyung’s opinion, because he had visited hell on a school trip once, and it had rather been more mind numbing and boring than hot.)

It took him three seconds to kick the door in, another three to open his eyes because the heat that was coming from inside the car was even worse, and lastly three more seconds to realize what he had just done.


He had almost killed the most gorgeous mortal he had ever seen.


‘Hi,’ he stuttered, blinking at the sight in front of him. This human was wow, beautiful.

But no, he didn’t have time to thirst over fine strangers he had almost killed, because it would probably only be seconds before the car would actually explode.

Taehyung quickly reached out and pulled the semi conscious human out of the wreckage. Little drops of blood from the human’s forehead were dropping onto his arm, but Taehyung didn’t care. He used all the power he possessed in his weak arms to drag the human away and to safety.

‘Stay with me, okay?’ Taehyung whispered to the semi unconscious person in his arms, warily watching the flames taking up more and more of the car. 

He somehow managed to lift the man over the guardrail on the other side of the road, laying him down on the damp grass. He wiped some blood away with a leaf he found next to him.


For the first time, Taehyung actually felt really bad for almost killing someone.

Because you see, in the immortal's eyes, they were absolutely superior to the mortals, also known on earth as humans. Killing one wasn’t a big deal.

But, Taehyung thought as he carefully pushed the human’s fringe away from his forehead to check for any wounds, this human in his arm would be an exception, because never had Taehyung stumbled upon something so.. delicate? The pale complexion, half lidded eyes staring up at him, yet no fear detectable on the brown irises.

How could Taehyung have hurt him?


Right then the car exploded and Taehyung dug down, shielding the human in his arms to the best of his abilities.

Just when he came back to his senses from the shock of the blast he remembered the next thing he was supposed to do according to the protocol.

Four: If the mortal is still alive, stay with the mortal until it has fully healed. Be their guardian and care taker for however long is necessary. If you have inflicted their pain, you are the one responsible until their pain is gone.


And Taehyung realized that once again, he was fucked.






Just by the tone of his father’s voice Taehyung could tell he was in huge trouble.

‘I, I’m really so sorry,’ Taehyung lowered his head, not able to look his father in the eyes.

‘What were you thinking, Taehyung?’ his father asked, anger clear in his voice. ‘Another one? Please tell me that you at least followed the protocol and obeyed the law.’

‘I took human 101 dad, so I handled everything perfectly.’

His father shook his head, ‘right, you even took that class. Why do you like that stupid excuse of a planet so much?’ He got up, ‘if you know everything so well, you know what happens next, don’t you?’

‘Yes, I do,’ Taehyung responded, still not looking up, ‘I have to stay with the mortal until it has fully healed.’

‘I’m not letting that happen. Not again, the last time was worse enough.’ His father paced around the room, ‘maybe, maybe we can get the board to make an exception, maybe we can work something out. You’re not going back to earth Taehyung.’

No, no wait, Taehyung felt a rush of panic taking him over. He didn’t want an exception. He wanted to go back and care for this human like he was supposed to. He had never found something so beautiful, so precious, so helpless, and now that he had found it he wasn’t letting it go.


‘Dad, they never make exceptions,’ he tried. ‘It’ll be like last time!’ Taehyung had accidentally injured a little girl on a bike, the bruise on her knee had disappeared after a week and he could go home after only 7 days. ‘Just let me take care of this, please.

‘They will have to make an exception, Taehyung, do you really not get it? Haven’t you heard what you did to the mortal? The board contacted me already.’ His father sat down again, ‘you gave him a trauma by sending him crashing into that guardrail. You know what that means? Next thing you know you’ll be stuck on that godforsaken planet earth for 60 years. Traumas don’t heal the way a broken leg or a bruise does.’

‘Maybe he gets over his trauma in two months,’ Taehyung tried to calm his father down; a weak attempt at sounding optimistic.

‘Or maybe it’ll last a human lifetime! God Taehyung, you should’ve just killed him, you’re so weak,’ his father didn’t even blink as he spat the words out, ‘we should send your brother down.’


‘Yes, so he can end that human’s pathetic life and you don’t have to go there at all.’

Taehyung knew it was an immortal thing to hate humans, to look down on them, to see themselves as the superiors. But the thing was, appearance wise they were exactly the same. Two arms, two hands, two eyes, one nose; exactly the same. It was just that humans had a heart that could stop beating, and immortals didn’t.

Despite that, Taehyung didn’t think humans were useless. He knew a lot of younger immortals who agreed on that, but his father on the other hand, someone who had been around for hundreds of years, certainly didn’t. Taehyung didn’t blame him, it was a common way of thinking in the supernatural realm, but his mind went straight to his human (strange how Taehyung considered him his already -well he certainly was his to take care of) and it hurt him.


Taehyung quickly looked up, shock in his eyes, ‘you know that’s illegal and against the protocol.’

‘It’s a stupid fucking human, Taehyung! Why do you care? Jeongguk is, unlike you, good at what he does. The board won’t ever find out and you won’t bring shame on the family once again.’ He pointed a finger in Taehyung’s direction, ‘how am I going to explain my son disappearing for 70 years?’

‘Please give me 3 months, maybe he’ll get over it, no wait, he probably will. And if he doesn’t Jeongguk can..’ Taehyung’s voice shook a little, ‘kill him and I’ll come back. I mean, if he kills him now it would raise suspicion, wouldn’t it?’

His father sighed, ‘you’re such a disappointment, Taehyung.’

‘I’m sorry,’ Taehyung repeated, blinking back some tears because he didn’t want his father to see him cry. ‘I’ll be back in 3 months. I’ll take the best care of him so he’ll get over his trauma quickly. Don’t worry dad, I won’t mess up again.’




Normally, immortals avoided earth for the consequences of hurting a human. It was a rule established long ago, mostly to protect humans from immortals thinking they could just go and do however they pleased.


Taehyung, on the other hand, was one of the rare immortals who actually liked earth. Earth had colors, flowers, oceans. Earth, earth was alive, despite all the life only being temporary. He didn’t stand out there, could feel like one of them.

So when he stood in front of the human’s door, he decided he should just be himself. It always seemed to work whenever he was on earth, he was friendly, polite. Hell, he hadn’t took Human 101 in high school to get nothing out of it. He knew what to do. He got this.

‘Hello? Are you Min Yoongi?’

Taehyung looked at the human in front of him, some sort of relieve washing over him to see the human -no, Yoongi, he corrected himself- again.

‘Yes?’ Yoongi sounded wary and Taehyung didn’t like it. The human only opened his door halfway, revealing his upper body. A gray oversized shirt was hanging loosely from his frame, the color matching the dark bags under his eyes. ‘Can I help you?’

‘I’m Taehyung!’ Taehyung extended his hand for Yoongi to shake; pulled back when the other didn’t move to do so. ‘I rescued you out of your car the other night. I wanted to check if you were alright,’ he bounced on his feet a little.

Maybe he had sounded a bit too chirpy, he realized when Yoongi’s knuckles went white from gripping the door.

‘I’m fine,’ was the response he got. No thank you, or, now I recognize you. Only a simple ‘I’m fine.’

‘Oh, okay I’m glad. That’s good,’ Taehyung smiled, ‘it was a pretty bad crash, wasn’t it?’

‘Yeah,’ Yoongi muttered, taking a step back, ‘but I’d rather not talk about it. So, thanks for checking up on me, I guess.’

And with that, the door was closed in his face.


Taehyung sighed, shoulders slumping. He raised his hand to knock on the door again, but decided it wouldn’t help the situation. He’d try again tomorrow. Yoongi looked like he needed some space. ‘I’d rather not talk about it,’ he realized that wasn’t good. Shit. Make that 2 months and 29 days.

He turned around, feeling disappointed, but at least he knew he was at the right place now. That had definitely been his human.

Taehyung started making his way down the staircase, onto the street and back to his friend’s apartment.

He stayed with someone he knew from his Human 101 class, Namjoon, who had accidentally set fire to someone’s arm on their fieldtrip to earth 2 years ago. He was still expected to stay on earth for 3 more years, and had adapted to the human life. His studio apartment was only a 10 minute walk from Yoongi’s, so that was certainly convenient. The portal they normally used ended up in this city anyway, so it wasn’t much of a surprise to Taehyung when he got the news the board had found another immortal in the area he could stay with.

He opened the door with a sigh, kicking his shoes off and collapsing on the couch.

‘How did it go?’ came Namjoon’s voice from the bathroom, the shower being turned off shortly so they didn’t have to yell to each other.

‘I got a door in my face, so pretty fucking fantastic.’

‘Sucks man, you gonna try again tomorrow?’

‘Think so, yeah,’ Taehyung nodded to no one in particular, ‘think he was just having a bad day.’

(Or Taehyung had really caused Yoongi to become a shell of himself by sending him into that horrible crash. It was certainly an option and he didn’t like it at all.)




Taehyung ended up waiting 3 days before going back. He had learned that humans valued space in class.

The result, though, was another door in his face after a very short conversation.

(‘You again?’ ‘Yes, still doing okay?’ ‘Yes.’)

And Taehyung was frustrated, because how was he going to connect to his human? This godforsaken beautiful human with a low raspy voice and eyes that screamed for help. If only Yoongi would just fucking let him, so Jeongguk wouldn’t have to kill him and Taehyung could stare at this human’s face for a little longer, thanks.


‘Namjoon, how did you connect to your human?’

Namjoon looked up from his book, ‘huh?’

‘How did you get them to, well, let you care for them?’

‘Well, mine is an old man without grandkids, so he gets super happy whenever I come around and push his wheelchair for an hour. The skin transplant is just taking way too long, but I think he might die soon anyway.’


‘Nah, he can get grumpy as well, but I don’t mind looking out for him or doing his groceries from time to time. It’s like volunteering.’ He weakly smiled at Taehyung, ‘you’ll figure something out.’


And Taehyung did. Because he was smart. Really fucking smart.

No one, absolutely no one, could turn down a free pizza.

And Yoongi had looked pretty starved those two times Taehyung had seen him. So free pizza it was. Well not free for Taehyung, he had to pay. But it was for Yoongi, who stared at him in disbelief when he opened his front door.

‘I get you’re probably just as shaken up by the accident as me, but really, what are you doing here, again.’

‘Oh, I,’ Taehyung rubbed the back of his neck with the hand that wasn’t holding the pizza box. ‘I just hoped we could get to know each other? Since I kind of saved your life.’ And almost ended it. ‘And you’re not looking too good, man.’ Way to go. ‘I mean, not like that!’ As in you looked better before but damn, you’re still gorgeous. ‘I was just worried I guess? I mean I saw you and your car crash.’

Yoongi sighed, ignoring Taehyung’s rant completely and pointing at the box, ‘is that a pizza?’

‘Yes!’ Taehyung smiled, ‘it is.’

‘Alright then, come in, I’m fucking starving and I didn’t feel like walking to the nearest convenience store anyway.’

That went surprisingly.. easy? Taehyung allowed himself to smile a little as he followed the human inside.

Humans and their love for pizza. A great concept.

‘Don’t touch anything.’

That sounded more like it.

‘Won’t, so what’s your name? never got it,’ Taehyung asked, knowing the human’s name already, of course. Just as he said ‘Yoongi’ in his head, he heard the human say it out loud.

‘Yoongi, you were Taehyung, right?’

So, a certain someone had remembered. Taehyung liked the sound of Yoongi saying his name. He liked it a lot.


Yoongi led him to the living room, taking the pizza box from his hands. Taehyung sat down, watching as Yoongi opened the box. He  tried bringing the accident up, but got another, ‘I’d rather not talk about it,’ as Yoongi bit into the first slice.

‘That’s okay, we can talk about other things,’ Taehyung nodded, ‘tell me about yourself.’

Yoongi tilted his head, ‘why does this feel like the beginning of a blind date I’ve been roped into.’

‘Well, it’s not,’ Taehyung grinned, taking a slice himself, ‘I’m your lifesaver who bought you pizza, so it’s only fair you give me at least a conversation in return.’

‘True, I never thanked you, did I?’

‘No, but it’s okay, was just a human thing to do.’ Taehyung almost snorted because he wasn’t even a human. His dad would kick him out of the family for saying he was.

Yoongi weakly smiled, the first smile he had ever showed Taehyung. Taehyung decided that he liked it a lot. ‘Thank you, really. I still don’t know how I survived. I should’ve sent you flowers or something, shit. You a flower kind of guy?’

‘You still can,’ Taehyung told him, wiping his mouth because Tomato Sauce On His Face wasn’t the look he was going for. ‘But it’s okay, you really don’t have to.’

Yoongi nodded, a small grin on his face, taking another bite.


Taehyung was pleased to find that Yoongi was actually easy to talk to, and it made Taehyung feel comfortable. Despite that he didn’t miss how tired the human looked, extremely tired. There were still bruises and some small cuts on his arms and face, a bandage peeking out from underneath one of the rips in Yoongi’s light blue jeans. Taehyung didn’t notice he was staring until Yoongi pointed it out, and he blushed as he finished his last slice, muttering an apology.

They fell into a silence once the pizza box was empty.


Taehyung bit his lip, trying really hard to think of something to talk about because he couldn’t just leave. He needed a reason to come back and check on Yoongi. He needed said reason to actually save his life before his father sent his brother down and ended it.

What he hadn’t anticipated, though, was Yoongi suddenly climbing on his lap, eyes extremely sad but body burning with something. ‘Taehyung,’ the human stammered, breathing hard. ‘Please, you have to help me forget, please, I know I barely know you but I can’t sleep anymore, I keep reliving everything. This was the first time I’ve eaten in two days, I can’t do this. I need to forget.’ And then a pair of lips were on his and Taehyung didn’t know what to do; wanted to push Yoongi away but knowing that he had done this to him made him frozen in place.

He was the reason why Yoongi couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, and was looking for all the wrong remedies.

‘Yoongi,’ Taehyung carefully pushed him away, ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry but this isn’t how you should deal with this.’

Yoongi sat back, cheeks burning, looking down, hand coming up to wipe his lips.

‘I don’t know what got into me,’ Yoongi breathed out, moving to get up, but Taehyung stopped him.

‘Have you seen a doctor yet? I mean the accident probably did some mental damage.’

Yoongi shook his head, cheeks still a bright red. ‘No, I haven’t, it -it’s okay. Don’t worry about me, I’m just so fucking desperate for distraction and you’re kind of hot and you kept coming back so I -fuck -never mind I’m sorry, again. I don’t have any real injuries, I don’t need to see a doctor.’

‘Hey, no come on. You’re not okay, make a doctor’s appointment, alright? Get someone to talk to, maybe some medication.’ He moved to brush some of Yoongi’s fringe out of his eyes but figured the move was too intimate, even though they had just kissed.


Not that Taehyung had really kissed him back, though.

Of course he wanted to take care of Yoongi, but not like that.

Not yet, at least.


‘I’ll go with you if you want?’

‘Wait, you really think I should?’ Yoongi’s voice was back to small and it sounded the same way it had when he first came to the human’s apartment some days ago.

‘Yeah, Yoongi, I really think you should.’

‘What are you,’ Yoongi sighed, getting up for real now, ‘some kind of guardian angel?’

Taehyung shrugged, ‘yeah, something like that.’




A week later Yoongi got diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

According to the doctor he only had a mild form, which gave Taehyung some hope for his recovery, but the way Yoongi literally flinched when a car passed them a little too closely as they walked on the sidewalk, didn’t go unnoticed.

‘Do cars scare you?’

‘Not really, but I’m not planning on either driving or buying a new one for a while.’

‘Makes sense,’ Taehyung hummed, kicking an empty can onto the street. ‘The nightmares are the worst, aren’t they?’

Yoongi sighed, ‘doctor gave me meds for it to calm me down when I panic and they help me sleep. He suggested seeing a therapist but I don’t think I need that. He also said that I needed some distraction.’

Taehyung slowly nodded, tucking his hands a little deeper into his pockets.

‘Said I needed to go out and do ‘fun things’ -like that will fucking solve it.’

‘Why wouldn’t it?’ Taehyung looked to the side so his eyes could meet Yoongi’s.

‘Because what kind of fun thing should I do? Go to a playground? To the zoo? The highlight of my life are trips to the grocery store.’

‘Don’t think like that!’ Taehyung nudged his side gently, ‘your pla- earth, earth is a beautiful place. There are so many amazing things you can experience and do. There are so many things I would love to show you that will take your mind off of everything.’

‘The way you say it almost makes me want to believe it,’ Yoongi frowned, biting his lip.

‘I’m not lying. And I really do want to help you, remember. I can think of at least five places just now.’

(That was lie, Taehyung only knew the very basics about the city and the neighborhood Namjoon and Yoongi lived in. Showing Yoongi the gas station and local pizza hut probably wouldn’t help much.)

‘I’d love to take you so we can get over this together, was quite the shock for me too,’ Taehyung weakly smiled.

Yoongi sighed, sounding a little uncertain as he told Taehyung that he guessed they ‘could try.’

Taehyung didn’t hesitate to grab Yoongi’s hand, dragging him with him, because he did know one spot he could show the other.

A place that had helped him fall in love with earth, a place that would certainly take Yoongi’s mind of things, even if it was just for a little while.




It could have been nice, hell, romantic even.


If only Yoongi wouldn’t have had a fucking pollen allergy.


The flower field was beautiful, a sea of pinks and purples spread out  behind a hill. There were no cars, no buildings, just nature. Only the sound of the wind and their voices.

And Yoongi sneezing.

God, did the human sneeze.

‘I mean it’s beautiful but,’ Yoongi blinked, ‘my nose feels like it’s about to explo-’ another sneeze.

Taehyung rubbed his elbow, ‘yeah maybe I shouldn’t have brought you here.’

‘You think?’ Yoongi grinned, ‘don’t worry it’s okay, you didn’t know. I really appreciate you trying.’ He sighed, ‘I don’t know how this is supposed to help me, though.’

‘Well, maybe instead of dreaming of crashing and shit, tonight, you can dream of a beautiful flower field!’ Taehyung brightly smiled, spreading his arms.

Taehyung loved flowers. They didn’t have those in the supernatural realm, unfortunately flowers were an earth thing. Yes, they did have something like flowers, but they didn’t smell nor bloom according to the seasons. They were little sad plants with colorless petals.

‘It’s weird,’ Yoongi told him after another sneeze, ‘I’ve lived here my entire life but I didn’t even know this place existed.’

Taehyung frowned, ‘that’s weird indeed.’ It had been one of the first sights Taehyung had discovered when he came to earth.

Yoongi shrugged, ‘nah, it makes sense. The only thing people our age are interested in are their phones. You’ll go out to meet for coffee or to see a movie, and that’s it. Nature.. especially in a big city, no one cares about it.’

‘Such a shame,’ Taehyung murmured under his breath as Yoongi sneezed again, deciding they should leave for the sake of Yoongi’s nose, ‘come on, let’s go.’


Taehyung didn’t understand why humans would rather watch cars pass by their window than to feel rain on their skin or spent the afternoon staring at clouds. He sighed, trying not to feel too defeated, there were lots of other ways he could help Yoongi.

He still had a little over 2 months left.




‘Took your meds today?’ Taehyung asked as he watched Yoongi collapse on the couch only seconds after the human had let him in.

‘Of course,’ Yoongi somehow managed to grab the remote with his feet from the coffee table and brought the device up to his hands, ‘at 11 this morning.’

‘Good,’ Taehyung smiled, sitting down next to Yoongi, ‘any plans for the day?’

‘Being annoyed by you.’

‘Other than that?’

‘Well,’ Yoongi started, ‘since it’s my only day off this week, I was thinking  maybe just staying in, crying over how sad my life is. Take a few extra pills and see what happens.’

Taehyung looked at him in shock, hitting Yoongi’s leg, ‘Yoongi!’

‘Chill, I was joking, you’re supposed to laugh after a joke, not hit me.’

‘I didn’t think it was funny.’

Yoongi rolled his eyes, ‘come on sunshine, I have a dark sense of humor.’

Taehyung ignored the nickname and focused on his hands instead, ‘I, I thought of something we could do.’

‘Tell me, princess.’

Taehyung looked up, hoping Yoongi wouldn’t notice the faint pink blush on his cheeks, ‘what is it with you and the weird names today?’

‘Don’t know, meds make me feel funny, now spit it,’ Yoongi waved the comment off.

‘So,’ Taehyung wiggled in his seat a bit, ‘I read something about exposure therapy and I think you should try it.’

‘Sounds fancy and like it’ll cost me a lot of money.’

‘No, only about 20.000 won which, don’t worry, I will pay for you if it’s too much.’

Yoongi shot Taehyung a suspicious look, tilting his head, ‘should I be scared?’

‘Of course not -and I’ll be by your side. You’re allowed to hold my hand,’ Taehyung hummed, sitting up straight.

‘I swear to god if you’re taking me to a haunted house-’

‘No, no I’m not. According to the internet and my friend Namjoon this will help you!’


Yoongi had no fucking clue how hyperventilating in the back of a taxi was supposed to help him.

Yoongi found that exposure therapy meant being put back in a place or situation that reminded one most of the thing that had caused their trauma.

Apparently Yoongi had been far from ready for that, and Taehyung’s approach was rather unprofessional as well.

He sincerely hoped that Taehyung would have bruises on his arms from where Yoongi was gripping him so the kid would remember not to drag Min Yoongi into a car ever again.

This was a fucking disaster.

He couldn’t breathe, and he really trusted the chauffeur to be a very skilled driver but he needed to get the hell out. Yoongi didn’t know why he was reacting like this, but just being back inside a car had triggered something beyond him.


‘I think you can drop us off here!’ Taehyung told the chauffeur hastily, peeking over at Yoongi who seemed on the verge of tears.

Fuck, fuck goddamn it, Taehyung cursed at himself, making a mental note not to take Namjoon’s advice ever again.


Yoongi stumbled out of the vehicle as Taehyung paid, the human leaning against the nearest building and taking a deep breath.

‘We’re walking home, kid,’ Yoongi rasped, looking up. The sky was turning a dark grey, but Yoongi couldn’t care about rain right now, all he cared about was the fact that he was out that machine on wheels from hell.


Taehyung apologized every two minutes, filling every silence with another, ‘I’m so sorry,’ as they walked back to Yoongi’s apartment; a light drizzle causing them both to shiver.

‘I know you’re sorry and I’m not mad at you, so stop saying it.’

‘But you should be!’ Taehyung cried out, feeling really bad over the whole ordeal.

‘But I’m not,’ Yoongi stopped walking. ‘Listen, It’s been really long since someone genuinely seemed to care about me. So stop feeling bad. You being here distracts me a lot already. It was you who encouraged me to go see a doctor, wasn’t it? And my medication seems to actually help. So thank you, and stop being sorry.’

Taehyung looked down at the pavement, blush rising on his cheeks, ‘really?’

‘Really, I mean, I’m not there yet, but I feel like I’m making a little progress.’

Taehyung was pretty sure that this was the moment humans would hug, so he turned to wrap his arms around Yoongi’s smaller frame; pulled him to his chest.

‘You’re doing so well trying to get better,’ he whispered into Yoongi’s damp black hair. The other not moving to pull Taehyung closer, but also not pushing him away. ‘I’m proud of you.’

An arm was carefully wrapped around his back before Taehyung got a soft, ‘I’m really trying,’ in return.

‘I know you are.’




It was a little after the 1.5 month mark that Taehyung realized 3 months wouldn’t enough.

Maybe 3 years wouldn’t even be.



‘Taehyung? What are you doing here? I thought dad said you were on earth?’ Jeongguk looked up from the game he had been playing with Hoseok.

‘Yeah, I’m going back later, but I need to talk to you.’ He nodded at Hoseok, ‘in private, please.’

Hoseok got up, sighing and telling Jeongguk not to take too long.

‘Won’t!’ the younger chirped, turning to his brother. ‘So, what’s up.’

‘If dad asks you to kill someone, say a month from now, don’t do it.’

Jeongguk frowned, crossing his arms, ‘why would dad ask me to kill someone?’

‘Eh,’ Taehyung bounced on his feet a little, ‘I injured a human and now I have to stay and care for him until he gets better or dies. But he’s traumatized by something I have done, and he won’t just get better in a matter of months, maybe it will even take him years. I asked dad to give me 3 months, but it -it’s not enough.’

Jeongguk rolled his eyes, ‘can’t you kill him yourself, hyung. I don’t feel like doing it.’

‘No,’ Taehyung let out a frustrated sigh, ‘you don’t get it, I’m not going to kill him, and neither are you. I need him to stay alive, because dad is planning to send you down in a month to kill him if he doesn’t miraculously get better.’

‘He’s a human, Taehyung. He’s practically nothing. What’s wrong with me killing him? You can come back then, I don’t see the problem here.’

Taehyung wanted to yell, wanted to throw a tantrum like an angry toddler because fuck, why were immortals all so stupid and self absorbed. Of course Yoongi mattered, he mattered the way Taehyung mattered, the way they all mattered.

‘Oh my god,’ Jeongguk suddenly started laughing, hand coming up to cover his mouth in shock, ‘you, you have feelings for this human, don’t you?’ Another wave of laughter escaped the younger’s lips, ‘jesus, my own brother is in love with a fucking human! That’s why you don’t want your little human to die!’ Jeongguk was cackling at this point, doubled over in laughter.

Taehyung just stood there. ‘That’s not what this is about at all.’

‘You are totally in love! Why else would you be so protective over that meat sack from earth?’

‘I don’t know if you have noticed, Jeongguk, but the meat sack that is you is almost identical to the meat sacks down there.’

‘This is so ridiculous, you’re such a joke, Taehyung. You know my friends ask me about you, right? You and your fascination with earth. First I thought it was cute but now it’s just getting pathetic.’

‘You know what I think is pathetic,’ Taehyung took a step forward, ‘your behavior right now. Actually, the behavior of everyone in this realm. And I’m quite frankly done with it. There’s nothing that makes any of you, of us, any better than mortals. If you’d ask me they are the better ones, because they actually have a heart, Jeongguk.’

He turned around, yelling at Hoseok that he could come back before slamming the door shut behind him.




Maybe it was some kind of last resort. Maybe it was a mistake, but it didn’t feel like one when Taehyung attached his lips to Yoongi’s.

They only had one day left and Taehyung knew they weren’t going to make it. It had been impossible for him to ask of Yoongi to get over his trauma in 3 months.

But still Yoongi was so beautiful, delectate, brave. Taehyung could see how hard he was trying; the human had even rode a bus for 10 minutes the other day, but it wasn’t enough. He still had a long way to go, the accident having left scars only time could heal -lots of time and patience.


Sexual healing.

Taehyung allowed himself to chuckle as he wondered if it would help, tongue slipping past Yoongi’s lips, hands wrapping tightly around his waist. It really was some kind of last resort.


The tension had always been there. They had just kept if hidden underneath a thick layer of fear.

Fear of cars, of sleeping.

Fear of not being accepted, fear of losing someone.

They went slow, exploring each other with careful touches. Taehyung silently wondered if Yoongi knew this might be his last night with Taehyung.

He wanted it to be perfect.


Maybe it could’ve been expected. Yoongi had quite literally climbed on his lap and had called him hot after kissing him that one time. Okay, yes,  if Taehyung said it like that he made it sound a whole lot sexier than the whole situation had actually been, because Yoongi had been terrified. But this time he wasn’t, this time all Yoongi’s moves were calculated and smooth, creating friction in all the right places and causing Taehyung to whimper.

It had started with them sitting on Yoongi’s couch together. Thighs touching, Taehyung’s arm hanging loosely against the backrest of the piece of furniture.

Innocent touches turned into innocent kisses. Innocent kisses led to Yoongi straddling him and moaning into the crook of his neck. Moaning led to clothes being shed and the couch being traded in for a bed.

It didn’t feel weird, it didn’t feel unnatural or uncomfortable as they sat in the darkness of Yoongi’s room.

‘How are we going to do this?’ Yoongi asked, bottle of lube between his long fingers.

Taehyung ran a hand trough his hair, staring at Yoongi. Lips swollen and cheeks a light pink.

‘I’d like to take care of you, if you’d let me,’ Taehyung confessed.

It had been his job to take care of Yoongi, to protect him, and he had failed, so this was the least he could do. A weak attempt at making up for the hurt he had caused him.

‘I trust you,’ Yoongi whispered, ‘be gentle, though,’ he slowly spread his legs, giving Taehyung access.

‘Of course I’ll be,’ Taehyung assured him as he kissed down Yoongi’s jaw and neck, ‘only the best for you.’




Yoongi didn’t notice until that very last night, that Taehyung was different.

Yoongi’s head was on Taehyung’s chest, both fucked out and sweaty, both only wearing boxers.

Taehyung didn’t want to let go. He had his arms wrapped protectively around Yoongi’s body and he secretly hoped Jeongguk would find them like this in the morning. All tangled up together, the smell of sex and that fucking blueberry lube Yoongi said was his favorite in the air. He was dying to see Jeongguk’s face of disgust.


‘This is going to sound weird,’ Yoongi started, index finger rubbing small circles into Taehyung’s skin. ‘But I’ve been laying on your chest for an hour now and.. I haven’t heard your heart beat once.’

Taehyung didn’t even feel like lying, didn’t have the energy for it either. It didn’t matter that Yoongi wasn’t supposed to know, not anymore. ‘Don’t have one.’

‘Funny,’ Yoongi looked up for a second, ‘but really, how is that possible.’

‘Just told you, I don’t have one.’

Yoongi slowly sat up, ‘what do you mean you don’t have one? Do you have a donor heart?’

‘Don’t have one at all, I’m an immortal. We’re born without hearts.’

‘Cut the bullshit, Tae.’

‘I’m being dead honest, try to snap my neck or something if you want. Nothing will happen.’

‘But,’ Taehyung wasn’t sure if Yoongi sounded more betrayed or scared. ‘Immortals are a myth, something you get told about but you know they're not real.’ He scooted towards the headboard, needing space. Almost as if he was suddenly afraid of Taehyung.

Taehyung wanted to tell him he didn’t need to be, that he wasn’t something to fear.

But he was. He was a creature with supernatural powers he couldn’t control. Something without a heart. Something that had hurt Yoongi.


‘The accident was my fault,’ Taehyung muttered, ‘I was practicing my physics manipulation on your car and I messed up. Our law says that if you hurt a human on earth, you have to care for them until they’re either healed or dead.’

Yoongi’s entire posture dropped, voice shaking. ‘The only reason you pretended to care about me was because you were following a fucking law? It was all a lie?’

‘Yoongi, if I didn’t do my utter best to make you feel better we'd both be completely screwed. They don’t care about humans, what do you think that law is there for? To keep my kind from hurting your kind. None of us want to care for a human, in the eyes of the supernatural community, humans are close to nothing.’

Taehyung clenched the sheet in his hands, gritting his teeth.

‘Any other immortal would have left you for dead on that highway, but I couldn’t.’

‘Please get the fuck away from me,’ Yoongi was yelling at this point, trapped against the headboard.

‘Yoongi, I need you to listen, please -just listen carefully.’ Taehyung tried to touch the human, but Yoongi was near frantic at this point. ‘I’m stuck here on this planet to care for you after I hurt you. But I cared for you because I wanted to, not because of the protocol I was supposed to follow. Fuck, I begged my father to give me 3 months to care for you -he wanted to sent my brother down to kill you right away.’ He ran a hand trough his hair, hoping he could get through to Yoongi. ‘I’m probably the only immortal who loves being on earth. I love the mountains, the oceans, the woods. And I also found that I love being with you.’

He paused, took a deep breath, almost wanted to choke because of how fucking cheesy he sounded, but continued.

‘My father doesn’t want me here. I’m a weak, useless mistake. My father is sending my brother down tomorrow to kill you so I can return to the supernatural realm and he can beat some fucking sense into me. I’m a joke up there, something to be ashamed of. But I don’t want to go back. I want to be here, with you. I want to age, I’ve personally been stuck at age 19 for 2 years and I will be forever if I go back. I, I want to have a heart.’


Taehyung knew what saying he wanted a heart meant, but didn’t say it out loud.


‘I’m considered nothing there, Yoongi, a pathetic joke, my family is ashamed of me. But here, here I feel like I’m worth something, you make me feel like I’m worth something.’

Yoongi shook his head, ‘you’re lying. This is some sort hidden camera shit, isn’t it? Fuck, Taehyung-’ Yoongi got silent when he noticed he wasn’t sitting on his bed anymore. He was hovering a feet above it, Taehyung staring him dead in the eye.

‘No, no, no,’ Yoongi repeated it like a mantra, ‘no, no.’

Taehyung carefully lowered Yoongi again, ‘I’m not lying. I’m really not human. My brother is coming down from the supernatural realm to kill you tomorrow. You haven’t fully recovered from your trauma in the last 3 months and that would have been okay and I would have spent your entire life caring for you if my father would have let me. But he won’t let that happen.’

Yoongi looked absolutely terrified now and Taehyung’s hands were itching to pull the human closer, to hold him in his embrace, whisper words of comfort into his ear.

‘So, tomorrow, I’m gonna-’ words were replaced by soft sobs and Taehyung’s heart was breaking.

‘No, you’re not going to die. I won’t allow anyone to take your life.’




‘I can't consider you my son anymore after this.’

‘I know.’

‘I -I want you to know that I still really do hope that you’ll be okay down there.’

‘I will. I got Yoongi.’

‘He’s only human, Taehyung.’

‘I’ll be a human too.’

‘Is this really what you want?’

‘This is what I want.’




Having a heart was weird.

Feeling it beat faster whenever Yoongi was near him or touched him was even weirder.


Taehyung was a little upset he lost his supernatural powers, but he got something much better in return.

A life, a temporary one, and it was all he could have ever wanted.

The little flowers on Yoongi’s -scratch that, their- balcony. Drinking coffee in the morning as they watched the sun rise. Yoongi wrapping an arm around his waist and kissing his cheek as he asked him if he was ready for a new day. The possibility of growing old together.


They still had a long way to go, everything was new. But they’d get there; they’d get there together.


His father.. well, Taehyung’s father hadn’t been too pleased when Jeongguk hadn’t brought back Yoongi’s lifeless body but Taehyung, who had news for his father.

His father hadn’t yelled, hadn’t broken things, hadn’t cried. He had only stared.

He had looked at his son in utter disappointment, something Taehyung had seen his father do countless times before.

He acknowledged the fact that Taehyung hadn’t been happy in the supernatural realm. Had even silently agreed when Taehyung had told him that he felt like he belonged down there, on earth.

Turning into a human, it was possible, very possible actually. But it was something irreversible.

‘As long as you’re not just doing it for that human of yours.’

Taehyung had shaken his head, he was not. Of course, Yoongi played a big part in his decision, but he wanted to do this for himself.  

‘I know I haven’t been easy on you and I’ve scolded you more than I should have. But I do love you Taehyung, you are my son. You have a home here.’

Taehyung had hugged him, hugged him for the first time in all his life and had told him that he stood with his decision.


Maybe they’d see each other again after Taehyung had died.

After he had become old and wrinkly, sitting on the porch together with Yoongi, bickering over whatever old people bickered over. Taehyung wanted to reach 80 at least, and after that he wanted to be buried, so that his body, bones, and in the end only some thin dust would remain on earth for as long as possible.

And no one would ever know, except for him and Yoongi, that Taehyung had once been an immortal.


Because he wasn’t anymore, he was human. He was something that was considered nothing in the supernatural realm, but he had never felt more complete. He was just as human as Yoongi, as human as one could possibly be.


And he was happy.