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Eloise at the Wedding

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Eloise was very surprised to see her mother home two days earlier than anticipated. "So, Mother, what are you doing here back so soon?"

"And what's Drell doing here?" Estelle added in.

"It's a very long story, dears." Darla replied as she sat down on the living room couch with her daughter's pet pug dog, turtle, and shape-shifting Pokemon at her feet.

"We're actually also here for you all." Drell said the Fudo siblings, Felicity, and their Pokemon.

The Fudo siblings, Felicity, and their Pokemon huddled together, slightly nervous of Drell's tone.

"I understand you all have been time traveling..." Darla folded her arms. "Unless it's for an emergency like when you all were Loonatics, I'm afraid that's quite dangerous."

"I am sorry..." Felicity spoke up since it was mostly her fault. "I just wanted to come to the ball and so did Akito, Estelle, and Vincent."

"You have no idea how much trouble you kids have caused," Drell told Akito, Estelle, Vincent, and Felicity. "Your Pokemon included."

The Pokemon looked nervous and upset, they bowed their heads to the warlock.

"Sorry, Mr. Drell..." the kids mumbled out.

"Luckily you all will be here with your parents for a wedding." Drell said.

"A wedding?" Eloise's eyes sparkled.

"Yep." Drell nodded.

"Who's getting married?" Akito asked.

"Oh, just someone real close by." Drell smirked.

Darla rubbed her arm a little. "In fact, it's someone you know..."

"Is it Aunt Darla?" Akito asked.

Darla bit her lip slightly with a small smirk.

"You are?" Estelle asked. "But... Aunt Darla, what about Uncle Urchin?"

"I'm going to marry him." Darla said.

"You mean you are not already married?" Felicity asked.

"No." Darla shook his head.

"I kind of had a feeling." Akito said.

"Now before the wedding can begin, you kids and your Pokemon will have to go back to your original time" Drell said.

Eloise sighed softly. "Okay..." she then turned to her cousins and their Pokemon. "Guess you guys gotta go now."

"Thanks for the ball, Eloise, it was a lot of fun." Estelle smiled.

"Yeah." Akito agreed.

The cousins then shared a quick hug with each other before they would have to be sent back home.

"I'll send you all back to where you left." Drell said.

The kids bowed their heads, feeling a little guilty. Drell then used his magic and sent the others back to where they were before they time traveled to the hotel.

And where when they arrived back at where they arrived back before time traveling to the hotel, they saw their parents looking very stern with them. Felicity felt like she could only blame herself because she had suggested for them to go back in time.

"Before any of you say anything, I just wanted you to know that it was me that suggested we time travel back in time to the Debutante Ball." Akito said, taking the blame.

This news shocked everyone in the room with Akito keeping his cool.

"Non, Akito, it was moi who-" Felicity was about to protest.

Akito sent her a look, telling her to let him to take this one and where Felicity did just that and stood back.

"Is this true, Akito?" Cherry folded her arms, glaring down sharply at the boy which could frighten even the bravest of men.

"Yes, ma'am." Akito nodded, trying to stay brave while bowing to the adults.

"You handle him," Cherry told Atticus and Mo. "He's your kid, not mine."

Atticus and Mo nodded firmly before looking firmly at their strongest son.

Akito shuffled his foot and looked up to his parents. "I'm really sorry, Mom and Dad..."

"We're going home, kids, so we can get ready for your Aunt Darla's wedding." Mo said.

"It's going to be lovely, I just know it." Estelle smiled.

"Yeah..." Vincent smiled halfway.

"Okay, let's go." Akito said.

"We're going to have a serious talk about what you've done though." Mo sharply added.

Akito bit his lip then.

"Yes, ma'am." Akito nodded.

Mo did want to have a serious talk with him, but she saw the look in Atticus's eyes and where she knew that the moment they got home, Atticus will have the serious talk with Akito. They seemed to have a mental arrangement in each other's minds about Atticus talking with their son and they both nodded in silence and agreement with that. Forte held out his hand.

"Sorry, Papa..." Felicity handed over her father's special pocket watch.

"Yeah, sorry Uncle Forte." Akito added.

"Just don't do it again, you could have caused trouble in the space-time continuum." Forte told them.

The kids gave murmuring approvals and promises that they would never do it again.

"Funny, and I suspected your daughter would be the one to screw up the universe..." Drell scoffed to Cherry.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Cherry flashed her eyes at him.

"Oh, because she's a bit like you used to be..." Drell smirked.

"Not the time, Drell." Atticus said, grabbing Akito's wrist.

"Sorry, sorry..." Drell chuckled.

Cherry lowly growled which made her actually look quite menacing.

Drell's face paled at that. "Erm, right... I guess it's time to go."

Atticus nodded before walking back to his family's car while having a firm grip on Akito's wrist. Akito looked a little nervous as he followed his father. Mo, Vincent, and Estelle followed afterwards along with Larvitar, Teddy, and Vulpix.

"I'll catch you all later!" Drell called before he went to his own home.

The drive back to their house a long and quiet one. The Pokemon were mostly exhausted, so their humans returned them to their Pokeballs, making the drive back home, even more long and quiet in a very painful way.

As soon as they got back home, Atticus and Akito went inside Akito's room and where there would also be some smacking sounds coming from there.

"Atticus...?" Mo came to her husband.

'I will give him a stern talking to, but you know as well as I do that he has to be punished the only strictest way possible.' Atticus told her through his mind.

Mo sighed externally and nodded to her husband as she then decided to give him some privacy. Atticus nodded before continuing his way with Akito to his sons room. Akito sat on his bed and stared at the floor.

"Akito, I'm very disappointed in you, you almost caused everything to disappear." Atticus firmly.

"I know and I'm sorry." Akito frowned.

"And where even if it doesn't please me in the lightest, I'm going to have to punish you." Atticus said before sitting on his son's bed before patting on his right leg/knee.

Akito gulped. "Yes, Dad..." He then got off his bed and hung himself over his father's knee while his butt was becoming visible for his father to deliver the hard and painful blows.

"Now, now, Ellie, get some sleep, you've had a big day..." Darla tucked in her daughter. "I promise, after the wedding, everything will be different."

"How so?" Eloise asked her mother.

"I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise... Now, you just get some rest so Nanny knows you've been a good girl..." Darla smiled softly.

"Yes, Mother." Eloise smiled before going to sleep.

Darla kissed her daughter's forehead and let her get some sleep. Eloise smiled in her sleep, turning over and fell instantly asleep due to the excitement she had today.

Darla then took out something she had not used in a very long time and held it close in her arms as she shut her eyes and a tear rolled down her cheek. "Oh, Urchin..." she whispered quietly about her one and only true love.

While that went on, Estelle, Vincent, and Mo began to hear smacking/spanking noises coming from Akito's room, making the kids wince every time they heard it.

'Such a good thing I'm not in there.' Vincent thought to himself.

"I'm sorry, kids..." Mo whispered softly.

After a few more spankings, Atticus stopped, setting Akito back on the ground. Akito looked very sore and very much in pain, but he was willing to sacrifice himself to punishment by taking the blame for Felicity's actions.

"I hope this has taught you a lesson and this hurt me more than it hurt you." Atticus said.

"Yes, sir." Akito replied.

"Good, now pull up your pants and meet up with your mother, and your brother, and sister." Atticus told him.

Akito nodded and did just that with quiet sniffles, but he tried not to guilt trip his father about punishing him.

Mo was sitting on the floor and pet Angel as her childhood best friend was getting some sleep.

"So, Mom, what are we going to wear to the wedding?" Vincent asked.

"Our best clothes of course," Mo replied as she continued to gently pet Angel. "Don't worry, nothing too fancy like when your Grandma Elizabeth comes over, but still nice like for church."

"Whew, that's good to know." Vincent sighed.

"I know, your grandmother overdoes it with you kids looking your best, but she's still a very kind person." Mo replied about her adoptive mother.

"Yeah, Mom, we love her, but she always makes us look so silly," Estelle said. "How could you and Uncle JJ stand it?!"

"Trust me, we tried our best." Mo said.

Akito came back downstairs and looked to his mother and siblings.

"Looks like your father is done punishing you." Mo said to Akito.

"Uh-huh..." Akito weakly replied.

"I sure am." Atticus said, coming downstairs.

Akito looked up nervously.

"I hope you kids understand that time travel can be dangerous," Mo told her children. "I know you just wanted to have fun, but learn that if you abuse a certain privilege, terrible things can happen."

"We understand." The Fudo siblings frowned.

"Good..." Mo said softly.

Atticus sighed as he took a seat and put his hands to his face.

"Mom, is Dad okay?" Estelle asked.

"I think Dad just needs a little personal and quiet time." Mo said softly.

"Oh, okay." Estelle said.

"I'll make some hot chocolate." Mo stood up and walked into the kitchen.

Akito didn't say anything, but he was brave enough to sacrifice himself to punishment than to make Felicity get in trouble for her idea. His father had done the same thing at times when he was younger after all, but he didn't seem to notice that his younger son had the same trait.