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Hot Pursuit

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September, 2012

Usually, when people finish their job for the day, they feel a great relief. A sense of accomplishment swells within them, which lets them go home satisfied with themselves. Feeling that they deserved a proper rest. But it seemed that Oliver Queen wasn't capable of bearing such sentiment. When he put, on top of a large pile, the last paper his executive assistant left for him to sign, the pride of success never rose inside him.

He simply dropped the pen on his desk and twirled his chair to watch outside the window of his office on the top floor of Queen Consolidated headquarters. He could see a large part of Star City from up there, as if he was the king of the world. A fitting description of his celebrity status in the city. As such, it was given that he could get whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it. People assumed that his life was as perfect as it gets. But they were wrong.

Oh, so wrong.

He carried a great amount of responsibilities, which he never wanted in the first place. It had been five years since his father, Robert, had died of a heart attack. From that day on, Oliver had no other choice than to leave his playboy life to take the control of the family business. He learned by trial and error how to run a multimillionaire conglomerate. He knew he was doing a mediocre job. Meetings, deals, and new technology had never been his thing.

The only reason because he hadn't put the company into bankruptcy yet was that Walter Steele, the CFO of the company, had made miracles undoing Oliver's fuck-ups. With every mistake he made, Oliver felt that he was failing his dad and family. He felt trapped and didn't know how to get out of the situation.

The company wasn't the only worry in his life. There were also his mother, Moira, and his sister, Thea. The Queen household far from being a sanctuary, a home where he could find peace, it felt like a prison. Moira had fallen into a deep depression after her husband died. Sometimes, Oliver wondered if his mother fell in such state because she lost the love of her life, or simply due the embarrassment of knowing that her husband was cheating on her and he died in the bed of a mysterious mistress. A fact that didn’t pass unnoticed by the press, in spite of the efforts to quiet it down.

And then, there was Thea, his baby sister, who was the poster child for a rebel teenager. The death of Robert affected her deeply. She had been daddy's girl. Oliver tried his best to guide her... to keep her away from the same trouble-making path he traveled at that same age. But Thea rejected all his advices. Oliver's parenting attempts never ended well. His baby sister insisted on hanging out with the wrong crowd. She often skipped school to go partying instead. She was no foreigner to encounters with the law, just like he had been. Thea’s most notorious crimes were shoplifting, public intoxication, and breaking and entering. And Oliver was sure she had experimented with drugs.

He knew why she did all those things. For much attention he tried to give her, what Thea really wanted was her mother's attention. Which it never passed beyond talking to the police when they bring Thea back to the house, or calling the lawyers to do damage control. The necessary talk and scolding that Thea needed had yet to happen.

In the chaos that his life was, there was only one thing that brought Oliver some solace, his relationship with Tommy. He had no good memory where Tommy wasn't in it. Their relationship had morphed so much through the years. It started as a strong friendship when they were kids; almost a brotherhood. But as they got older the boundaries of what they were to each other began to blur. In their sexual awakening, they experimented together, trying to find a reason for their confusion.

It had been much harder for Oliver to accept his own sexuality than for Tommy. In retrospective, Tommy, who wasn't without his own family drama, had a much distant relationship with his father. He cared much less about what the old man thought of him. On the other hand, Oliver did care about what his family could say. He didn't want to give them another reason for drama.

But eventually, he learned that it wasn't their business. It was his life, and nobody had a say in who he loved, except for him. He opted for not to discuss his personal life with his mom. He knew she had expectations for him that he might never fulfill, but that wasn't stopping him to try to find happiness.

Tommy's love was the only thing that helped Oliver to keep his head above the water. Just barely. Oliver held onto his boyfriend with all his strength, hoping that one day all would be better. Everything would get easier. Yet, in the latest months, Oliver started to feel he was slipping away. He felt the weight on his shoulders was pulling him down.

But one night, two weeks ago, he found a vital breath of fresh air in a place, a time, and with the person he less expected. He and Tommy invited a gorgeous blonde to spend the night with them. He didn't look forward to anything but an ephemeral sexual release.

In its place, he found something he didn't know he needed. By nature, he always took charge in bed. It didn't matter who his bed partners were or how many there were, Oliver had the control. Always. Yet, that night, he went against his own nature, and willingly, he submitted to her. With her dominance, she gave him a few moments of peace that he hadn't felt in years.

Stupid him that let her get away from him. Just like she had come, she went away, and took with her all the air, and peace, he was seeking.


A name that intruded on his mind at all hours, day and night. But it wasn't even her real name. All he had of her was the memories of that night. He had spent a lot more time than he wanted in the search for her, but all his efforts had been in vain. He had exhausted almost all his tricks. He wasn't any near to locate the woman tormenting him. Tommy was sharing the same luck. He had come as empty as Oliver had in figuring out the whereabouts of the blonde.

A polite knock took Oliver out of his reverie. The elegant figure of Walter Steele stood at the doorway, "I thought I would find you here, Oliver. Is it all right if I take five minutes of your time?"

"Of course. You're always welcome in my office, Walter. To what do I owe this honor?"

"There's a matter I'd like to discuss with you."

"Please, take a seat," Oliver invited the old man to take the chair across his desk. "What's going on?"

"I was informed this afternoon that Doug Miller, the Head of the Applied Science Division, tendered his resignation. And it's irrevocable. He arguments that's because personal reasons."

"But you seem to disagree."

"It's no secret that Mr. Miller's administration has been problematic. The department isn’t being as productive as expected. Many projects that are behind the schedule and it’s costing a lot of profit to the company. I think Mr. Miller is abandoning the ship before sinking with it."

"Then, why haven't we let him go sooner? It sounds like we have enough grounds to fire him."

"As unfruitful as his administration has been, there's no one else in the department with sufficient experience to run it. It seems that he made sure to hire unqualified personnel only."

"So, what do we do now? We need to appoint a new Head of Applied Science immediately."

"There's somebody that could be perfect for the job. She was at the top of her class at MIT. I made her an offer a few years ago as soon as she graduated and a few times after that, as every other company in the field, but she turned me down every time. I guess Bruce Wayne offered something better."

"You want to steal her from Wayne?"

"It wouldn't hurt offering her an opportunity in QC again. She might be younger than common sense would recommend for someone in a position like the head of a department, but she's a certified genius. She has a vision for the future that we desperately need. Someone like her would give a huge push to all the projects put on hold.

"That's what we need, Oliver. This company needs to catch up with our competitors about cutting-edge technology. I've said before, and I say now. We should bring new blood to the company. We need people with fresh ideas, new ways to do things. Otherwise, we'll fall behind and before we know it, we're finished."

"Okay, Walter, we'll make an offer to this woman—"

"Felicity. Her name is Felicity Smoak."

"Let's offer Miss Smoak a position on QC. That HR makes the arrangements."

"I think it would be better if you talk to her personally. That might encourage her to accept."

"Me? I'm sure anyone in Human Resources would do a much better job."

"We've tried that before, getting a negative as an answer. The offer has to come from you, I’m afraid."

"Walter, are you absolutely sure that no one else can take care of it?" his CFO shook his head. Oliver sighed, "I guess I'm traveling to Gotham City in my near future."

"Actually, more like to New York City. Wayne Technologies is making a tour on the East coast launching and promoting their new inventions. I know she'll be there until Saturday. It would be an ideal place to approach her. It’d not so evident we’re trying to get for ourselves one of the most esteemed employees of Wayne Enterprises."

That left him two days to act, "I'll tell my assistant to prepare everything, first thing in the morning. I'll leave for NYC tomorrow."

"I appreciate that you're considering my advice."

"I trust you. You've been there for me, even when I screw things up."

"I know it was less than ideal the circumstances in which you had to take the reins of the company, but you've done well."

Oliver deadpanned. Walter was being too kind, considering the huge blunders Oliver made in the past. And honestly, getting a clap on his back for a well-done job made him feel uncomfortable. He didn’t get those very often.

"I mean it, Oliver. Your father would be very proud of how long you've come. You've become a fine man."

"Thank you, Walter. I appreciate the compliment."

The old man smiled politely, and stretched his hand out to Oliver, who took it with sincere affection, "I won't take more of your time. I'll see that your assistant gets everything you'll need for your meeting with Miss Smoak."

"Thank you."

Alone once again in his office, Oliver wondered if this unexpected trip would be as surprising as the last. Could he find a distraction for his growing obsession for Megan? Would it be enough to forget about her? Or was he destined to crave a woman that he would never have?

He still had one ace under his sleeve. He had one last try to find her. He hadn't used it, because it meant involving someone else in the search for this woman. And destiny was trying to tell him something, apparently. The person who could help him appeared at his door in that moment.

Tall, beefy, and stern, John Diggle was quite a character. His trusted driver-slash-bodyguard had become in a good friend in the years he had been working for Oliver. He always had a piece of advice to give, a chunk of pertinent wisdom in the tip of his tongue, ready to be imparted. Digg's words could take Oliver out even from his most broody moods.

"Ready to go home?"

"In a minute. First, I want to ask you a favor."

Diggle walked further in the office, picking up the seriousness of the matter, "Sure, man. Shoot."

"I'm wondering if you could help me to locate someone. Maybe through one of your old Army buddies."

"I might. Who are you looking for?"

"Remember a blonde woman in Vegas, from two weekends ago?"

Oliver was grateful for how well Diggle did his job. He seldom crowed Oliver when he was in public places. Keeping his distance, but always alert. He knew when to disappear when things got intimate. That's how Oliver knew that his bodyguard had noticed Megan, while he, she, and Tommy had a few drinks in the hotel bar.

John arched an eyebrow, "Petite, kinda cute? Yeah, I remember her."

"I ne—" Oliver stopped in his tracks and rephrased his words. He didn't want to admit to John how strong was his craving for her. He didn't want to confess that he needed her, "I want to find her, to know who she is."

"And she has a name?"


"Just Megan? Like Madonna?"

"I don't know her last name," Oliver made a short pause, and then added reluctantly, "I think her name is a fake."

"Hell, Oliver! You're not giving me much to work with. I'm assuming if you don't know her name, much less you know from where she is. Do you know her phone number, at least?"

Oliver shook his head, "If it I had any of that it'd have been easy for me to find her. I'd have done it by now, and wouldn't be asking for your help. Don't you think?"

"Okay, I got your point. I'll see what I can do. But can't promise that I'll find her."

"I know, Diggle. Thank you."


# # # # # # # # # #


The following evening, in New York City...


He couldn't have expected anything different for a party hosted by Bruce Wayne. Stimulated by the loudest music, fed by exquisite gourmet canapés, and intoxicated by the most expensive champagne, a hyped up crowd filled the room. Oliver wasn't strange to bashes like this one. He had thrown many of them in the past. In fact, tabloids have compared the two of them, trying to figure out which one was the ultimate party boy. The jury was still deliberating on it.

He wasn't in the mood for champagne, so he went over the bar and asked for a scotch, neat. He drank the first glass in one gulp, and asked for a second. While he waited that the bartender to pour the amber nectar in his glass, Oliver paid attention to the people moving with an erotic rhythm on the dance floor.

It was then when he saw her. For a second, he thought he had gone crazy. It couldn't be her. His imagination was playing him a tasteless prank. But his guts were telling him that it was no joke, that it was real. She truly was there. Megan was there dancing with a tall, goofy-looking guy.

His feeling of relief, for having found her at last, crashed into a resentment blooming at the core of his being. Seeing her having so much fun, so happy, as if she had no even an ounce of worries on her shoulders, it spiked his indignation. She didn't look like a woman that had been awaiting his call.

Well, if she gave him a fake name, he supposed that she didn't really expected to get it.

He couldn't stop staring at her. She looked even more beautiful than what he remembered her. His traitorous body came alive, watching her sinful moves. She danced at the rhythm of the music, lost in the beats of it.

His crotch tightened considerably as he detailed the gray halter dress she was wearing. The fabric clung to the curves of her body, down to her middle calf. Oliver's heart skipped a beat when she twirled around and gifted him a view of her back. He could see her creamy skin from her nape to the small of her back. Nothing came between the tantalizing sight and his eyes, except for her golden curls swaying with her every move. The frilled accessory covering the lower posterior part of the dress did nothing to prevent Oliver to recall how fine her ass was. His fingertips tingled remembering that round, firm part of her anatomy, and they itched to grab it again.

Oliver swallowed hard, perplexed by how much the simple sight of her wreaked havoc in him. The relief and annoyance he felt before were completely erased from existence and replaced by excitement and hunger. Froze in place, Oliver watched her to say something to the man she had been dancing with. The guy smiled at her and kissed her cheek. Then, they walked away; she was leading him by his tie.


# # # # # # # # # #


Immersed in a crowd of writhing bodies, grinding together at the rhythm of thundering music, Felicity knew the exact moment in which his scorching gaze fell on her. A jolt of electricity went through her skin, awakening her nerve endings. His presence in the room was undeniable, even when she did her best effort to ignore Oliver Queen.

She didn't know what he was doing in NYC. It could be a coincidence, or maybe he managed to find her. Being honest, she never thought that he would actually keep his promise of tracking her down. As she said to him the night they met, she was a person not easy to find. To make it even more complicated for him, she told him that her name was Megan. It wasn't a lie, but neither the whole truth. That was her middle name.

She used it on those nights she had one-stand encounters. That way she could remain somewhat anonymous, and avoided potentially risky situations afterward. She had had uncomfortable situations in the pasts, with guys that didn't accept that she was a one-night-only kind of girl. Of course, there had been exceptions, where one night wasn't enough. She liked men who were willing to work hard to get her. However, there was a thin and feeble line between chasing someone, driven by lust and passion, and stalking that person, fired up by an unhealthy obsession.

Nevertheless, Oliver's presence at the party had taken her by surprise. When she felt that someone was eating her with his or her eyes, Felicity, surreptitiously, looked around the room until she caught a sight of Oliver Queen, standing by the bar. He was a magnificent view to behold. She could've stayed watching him all night, but she wanted to know his intentions. After all, he challenged himself and didn’t accomplish what he promised.

What she could do was give him a little push to end the chase and collect the prize. She couldn't deny herself that she wanted to give him that. She hadn't really expected it, but deep down she wished him to find her. Tommy along with him. It would be a lie if she said she hadn't thought of them in the last week and a half in more than an occasion.

The night she spent with them had something special. Something she hadn't felt in quite a while. As the days passed, the yearning to repeat the experience got stronger. And now it seemed to be within her reach.

He would come to her... all she had to do was to deny him what he wanted. And he wanted her, she could tell by the intensity of his gaze on her. So, she made a show for him. She leaned up on her tiptoes, grabbing the lapels of the suit, and spoke in the ear of her dear friend Ray. She knew how it'd look from afar.

"You wanna get out of here?" Ray nodded and Felicity could feel his relief. He was too polite to leave her there alone, even when all he wanted to do was going back to his hotel room to take care of his fiancé. Anna had insisted him to go to the party; that he didn’t need to stay with her. "Then, follow my lead and smile like a fool."


"Smile like if I'm Anna. Please, Ray. Just do it. As a favor to me."


It was like that that he took Ray out the dance floor, hauling him by his tie, and lost themselves in the shadows, out of Oliver's sight. The effect was immediate. Oliver launched himself to the search. Felicity stayed behind long enough to watch him how he dove into the sea of people where she had been moments ago. Now she was sure, that much soon than later, he'd be at her door.


# # # # # # # # # #


Oliver cursed himself as he let Megan slipped through his fingers one more time. He had taken too long in snapping out of the trance he went into when he discover her presence. Thanks to that, she scurried away. Now, he couldn't find her anywhere. He had looked in every place he could think of. Even he looked in the restrooms. The way she disappeared, displaying all her charms and the guy was smiling like if he had won the lottery, could mean just one thing. That guy was getting lucky that night, indeed.

Oliver had no right to feel it, but the bitter taste of jealousy in his mouth was difficult to swallow He didn’t want any other men to touch her… to experience the delights that only she could give. In spite of how many times he had shared Tommy in bed with someone else, Oliver was well aware that he had a possessive streak. And usually, it brought a nasty side of him.

Fuming about his own stupidity and jealousy, hit ran into his bodyguard. John had been mysteriously missing in the last few minutes.

"Everything okay?" his friend asked him, concerned for Oliver's agitation. "Did something happened, Oliver?"

"She's here, Digg. She was here!"


"The blonde... Megan."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes. She was here, but she went away before I could talk to her."

"That has a solution."

"What do you mean?"

"Remember what you asked me to do? I collected a favor or two and I got results."

"So you know who she is?"

"I do. This buddy of mine, I was just talking with him on the phone, and he sent me the info. Let me far-forward it to you."

Taking out his phone and with precise taps on the screen, Diggle sent everything to Oliver. An instant later, Oliver was checking his own device. He thought that having found Megan there would be the biggest shocker of the night, but life proved him wrong.

"This has to be a fucking joke!"

"What? What's wrong?"

Oliver couldn't stop staring at her name at the beginning of the file: 'Felicity Megan Smoak' right next her photo. It was she, with the same beautiful face. Her bright blue eyes were like a beacon, drawing him to her. Her plump fuscia lips and her alluring smile, hypnotized him even more. He was desperate to taste them once again. Right there, he felt ten kinds of stupid. If he only would have taken a look at the file that Walter and HR department had prepared for him, he'd had figured out her identity much sooner.

"She's the woman I'm going to offer a job. She's the reason why I'm in New York."

"Oh... so, what are you planning to do?"

Taking a quick reading of the rest of the intel that Diggle's friend gathered, Oliver noticed that it said the name of the hotel she was staying, and even the number of the room.

"Come on. There's some place I need to be."


"At the Roosevelt Hotel."

While John drove him through the streets, Oliver called Tommy. Even when they had talked a lot about the subject and Tommy practically gave him a cart blanch, Oliver didn't want to leave his boyfriend out of the latest developments.

"Hey baby, how's New York?"

"Surprising," a mild way to put it. "I found her," he added, without preamble.

"You found her? Do you mean Megan? Oh, my God! I told you she would be there!"

"Yes, you did," and Oliver hadn't believed him. The possibility had seemed so ridiculous that Oliver refused to let his hope up. Tommy had got it right in everything he said. He guessed that she'd be in NYC and she could be working for Wayne Enterprises, which had been present at Las Vegas convention. "I saw and lost her again. But I found her again, and this time she has no way to run from me."

"Make sure she doesn't. Do whatever is necessary. You know I'm one hundred percent with you in this."

"I know, Tommy, and you have no idea how much means to me."

"You mean the world to me, Ollie. All I want is for you to be happy. So, go for her, tiger. And then you'll tell me all about it."

"I— I love you, Tommy."

That was something that Oliver didn't say often, but he knew he should. Tommy loved him unconditionally, since always. The least Oliver could do was to express how strong his feelings were for the man he loved. Usually, he proved it with acts, but saying the words was necessary, too. Oliver didn't want Tommy to ever doubt of his love for him.

"I love you, too, baby."

With the perfect timing, Oliver ended the call as Diggle slowed down the car in front of the hotel entrance. When the vehicle stopped, Oliver seized the shoulder of his friend and told him, "I can take it from here. Take the rest of the night off."

"You sure, man?"

"Yes, I'm sure," Diggle knew many things about Oliver; staying with him most of the day, it couldn't be another way. But Oliver didn't know how it would go his surprise visit to Meg— no, not Megan. Felicity.

He didn't feel like it to air his embarrassment if things didn't go as he expected, not even to John. On the contrary, if things were going to take a good turn, Oliver doubted that he would leave that room until the morning. In either case, John's presence wasn't necessary. "I'll see you back to the hotel tomorrow."

"Okay. Call me if you need anything."

"Will do."

Oliver got out the car and proceeded to go in the hotel. He headed to the elevators, walking as if he owned the place. A facade he had learned many, many years ago. Anyone who saw him could swear that he was the incarnation of self-confidence and arrogance. In reality, he was a wreck of nerves. A fact that could only be detected by the tic of his fingers. He couldn't stop rubbing her index and middle finger against his thumb. He had taken that particular quirk when he was a kid, and he never had been able to rid of it.

When the elevator got to the right floor, Oliver took a deep breath and stepped out. He took a moment to get his bearings. Then, he padded through the hallways until he got to Felicity's room, knocked on the door, and waited for her to answer.

Several seconds later, the wooden panel opened. His heart skipped more than one beat and his lung seized at the sight of Felicity in front of him. She had a dazzling smile on her lips.

"You took long enough to come here. I thought you'd beat me getting to the hotel," she said.

"How did you know I'd come...?" he trailed off, and then realized the truth. "You saw me. Before, at the party. You knew I was there."

Until a few seconds before, he could've sworn she never knew he had been there. She never crossed her eyes with his. She never gave any indication of her being aware of his presence. He'd have noticed it, wouldn't he?

Obviously, he had been too dumbfounded to notice. His brain had been too distracted trying to reboot itself after that short-circuit provoked by the mere sight of her. That revelation brought another one. One that gave him peace and infuriated him at the same time.

"The guy you were dancing with, he's not in there, is he? You ditch him as soon you were out of my sight."

"That doesn't concern you."

"No, it doesn't," and it didn't. Not really. He had no claim over her. None whatsoever. "But I still wanna know. Is he in there?"

"If he is, what are you going to do? Kick him out and take his place?"

Oliver didn't have to think about it, "Yes, I 'll do that, and even beg you, if I have to."


# # # # # # # # # #


Felicity was somewhat surprised by Oliver's confession. She was aware that he desired her, but not wanted her that much. Because his words had a weight much heavier than she expected. She had been thinking that all he wanted was a repeat of the night they shared in Vegas. Yet, now hearing his earnest declaration she started to see that he was looking for more than that.

"Are you really sure that's what you want?"

"It's what I need. I'll do anything to get it, even to stand here in a hotel hallway where anyone can see and hear me pleading with you."

"Would you like to come in?" she offered. He had earned that much.

She stepped back, giving him enough space to walk in the room. He never pulled away his eyes off of her, as she closed the door. He was right there invading her personal space, when she turned around. He didn't make any attempt to touch her. With his hands, at least. His gaze was doing the job.

"Is he here?" he asked again for Ray.

She should've made him sweat a little more, wondering if truly she had another man in the room. Felicity could tell he wasn't judging her for it. He simply didn't like the thought. Watching him struggling, between the urge to take what he wanted and the waiting for her to give it to him, was a delight. It hadn't take her too long, the first night they met, to figure out the type of man he was. He was an alpha male, with a deep and unsatisfied hunger buried inside. There were two side of him, battling every day.

So far, he had fed only the side of him that craved the control that took the reins of things and directed them where he wanted. Which left his other side famished, screaming for attention. Pleading for someone else to take the charge. Two weekends ago, he sampled a small bite of what she could offer to him.

It had been enough to send him into a frantic pursuit for more. She could see that now. The question was if she was willing to embark herself in something that would last longer than a night or two.

Not wanting to figure out that yet, Felicity answered his question, ending his agony, "No, he's not here. He went home with his fiancé."

She hadn't finished saying it, when he crashed his lips on hers. He nipped... devoured her mouth, mercilessly taking her breath away. She moaned in pleasure at the taste of him, masculine and sensual, as he placed his hand on the back of her head and buried his fingers in her curls.

She couldn't help but to respond with the same ardor. She had dreamed getting another kiss from him, and her memory had deceived her in how good it would feel. Her memory had dulled the sensations of their previous kisses. It was so much better than she remembered. The intensity of the feeling Oliver was pouring through his kiss ignited Felicity's blood. Heat exploded in her belly, taking her arousal to unfathomed levels.

With her lust blazing so hot, her need to dominate him stirred up to the surface. Keeping their lips locked, she pushed him backwards and pinned Oliver against the wall so that she could kiss him more deeply. She opened her mouth and he didn't waste the invitation; he thrust his tongue and stroke it against hers. At their own volition, her hands went up over his body to his nape. She wished that his hair was longer, so that she could grab it with her fists and hold him still. But then, physical contact wasn't the only way to do that.

She pulled back, just enough to break the kiss and whispered against his lips, "Don't move. I want to devour you."

The effect was instantaneous. Raging lust darkened Oliver's eyes as he loosened his posture, leaning even more to the wall and lowering his hand to her waist. Felicity didn't move right away. She lingered over his lips without touching them for a few heartbeats, letting anticipation for what was coming to grow to unbearable levels, before smashing her lips onto his with renewed passion.

Thank God, she was wearing the tallest stiletto shoes she owned, which compensate in a great measure their height difference. She reached his lips with little effort from her part.

Slowly, she began to nibble his delicious mouth, tasting and suckling his lips, aware of every shift of emotional energy coming from him. She increased and decreased the pace of the kiss, keeping him always on the edge with a game of punishment and reward, depending on how much he yielded. If he made any attempt of imposing his will, she lessened the energy of her kisses, making them just a brush on his lips. On the contrary, when he let her do as she wished, Felicity gave free rein to her desire and fused their mouths together. Then, it was difficult to say where ended the mouth of one and began the mouth of the other.

He struggled, more than she thought he would. But he couldn't keep fighting forever. In the end, he let go. She had to smile in the moment he finally submitted with his entire being. When she broke the kiss to let them both breathe, the triumph reverberated deep inside Felicity, making her tremble from head to toe.

Her arousal poured out of her, soaking her dainty thong and threatening to continue to go down her thighs. That feeling of conquest roaring inside her was what she lived for. She had to recognize, though, that she hadn't felt it with this intensity in a long while, and much less with a person who she barely knew. She couldn't deny that the chemistry between Oliver and her was something you didn't find every day.

"What do you want from me, Oliver? Why are you here?"

His gaze on her eyes was intense, burning as hot as the passion between them, "I need you," he panted. "There's this hunger in me that only you can sate. Believe me that I tried to find a replacement for you when I realized you'd be out of my reach longer than I anticipated," he shivered as if a bad memory went through his head. "It was a massive fail. She got anywhere near you... And Tommy helps me the way he can, but it's not enough."

He dug his fingers a little deeper in her waist, in an effort to make her understand what he was feeling. Something that it wasn't necessary. Felicity could see very well the desperation in his eyes.

"My chase for you might've started as a game, a simple wish to spend another amazing night... But in the last days, it became something else. I'd like to start something with you. You're the only one who can free me from this oppressing burden that is crushing me. Make me do whatever you want. Take my will away."

"I won't do that, Oliver," his eyes widened in surprise and dread at her denial. Without delay, she clarified, "I won't take anything from you; you have to give it to me. There's a difference. Submission is something that cannot be taken by force, it has to be given freely," she thumbed his jaw, shadowed by his signature stubble. Felicity knew it was a fashion risk he had taken a few years back. She couldn't say that she disapproved it. She always had a thing for men with beards. She thought they were sexy.

"I'm more than willing."

"I must be honest with you. That night in Vegas, what I less expected was to get was Tommy Merlyn and Oliver Queen pleasing me in bed. And certainly, not with such abandon. I was just looking for someone to have fun for one night. That was all. At this point of my life, I'm not looking for a commitment. And what you're asking of me requires one. One that I take very seriously."

"I'm sure we can work something out. I mean, I had the same mindset that night. I had enough on my plate to add anything else. But then, you came in and everything changed."

"I'm flattered. I'm truly am, Oliver. It's an honor that you trust me this way, but all I can offer you is tonight. Nothing more."

Oliver's face fell and Felicity's heart shrank in sympathy. She didn't want to leave stranded like this, but what she had told him was true. He wanted her to be his Domme, yet she had neither the time nor the disposition to establish a dominance-and-submission relationship with anyone. It was a great responsibility to take a submissive. Something that consumed a lot of emotional and physical energy from her. Energy that she needed to focus in her career on Wayne Technologies.

On the outside, people only saw the fun part of kinky sex. They were misled by the over-glamorous fantasies sold by popular books and movies. They didn't realize that, if you wanted to be in a relationship of that kind, to embrace the lifestyle in truth, it'd require much more than just playing in bed with handcuffs and a blindfold.

In spite of all her objections, she was tempted to give in. The Domme in her was salivating to put to a test all her skills. A man like Oliver wouldn't easy to bring to his knees. But if someone pulled that off in every sense, the prize would be exquisite. She would be lying, if she said she didn't want it for herself.

Maybe he saw her doubt written on her face, or perhaps it was nothing but his stubbornness what motivated him to insist one more time, "Please, Felicity. I know there's something here between us. You know there is. I can feel it. Why don't give us a chance to explore that."


"Just hear me out, okay?" It doesn't have to be a long-term commitment. Let's do a trial. You set a date for this to end. A month, three months, you decide; I don’t care how much time. If by then it isn't working for either of us, we go separate ways, and I won't bother you ever again. I give you my word. Just..." he grasped her hands and brought them up to his lips. He brushed her knuckles with gentle kisses. "Don't tell me your answer yet. Give me this night to prove you that I'm worth the trouble."

Felicity had to give him that Oliver knew how to make a good deal. The fact that he dropped out of several schools and never got his MBA was no secret. But even so, being the CEO of Queen Consolidated had schooled him very well in the art of negotiation.

"If tomorrow I say no..."

"I'll walk away and we never see each other again."

Felicity's heart thumped like a runaway horse in her chest, as she decided what to do. In the end, there was no much to think about. She didn't need to take any real decision until the morning. After all, she had promised him the night. There was nothing holding her back to spend those delicious hours with him.

"Well Mr. Queen, I think you have gotten yourself a deal."

"Thank you, thank you," he said, kissing her palms.

She smiled at him, revealing with it all the mischievousness hidden behind, "You might hold that gratitude. You still don't know what wicked things I'm gonna do to you."

He snorted with laughter, "No, I don't. But I'll gladly endure them for your pleasure. I'm yours to do whatever you want with me."

Felicity almost swooned when she heard him saying that. It was clear that he was going to make her hard to refuse his proposal, "Keep talking like that and I'll might not wait for the morning to shackle you to me."

"Don't tease me like that," he moaned.

"If you think that's teasing, you know nothing. Come on," she grabbed him by the hand and led him further into her suite.