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Maybe We'll Get Caught (If We're Lucky).

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Hoseok really, really should have seen this coming earlier. Everyone has been acting strange since the night before and he really should have seen the signs earlier but he doesn't notice until it's too late. He doesn't notice until he feels Taehyung's hand creep slowly but pointedly up his thigh. They're in the middle of an interview and he's also in the middle of a sentence when Taehyung grips him through his pants and strokes lightly.

“Hoseok-ssi, are you ok?” The radio host asks when his voice cracks because Taehyung is rubbing him through his very loose pants.

“I'm fine, just a catch in my throat.” Hoseok tells her with a smile. Taehyung sends him a smug smirk as he continues to rub Hoseoks' now hard cock through his pants. Yoongi hands him a bottle of water and he takes it with a stiff smile on his face. Just as he takes a drink, Taehyung continues his ministrations and, before Hoseok can even think, Taehyung sticks his hand past the waist band of his pants and grips his cock firmly. Hoseok tries not to moan outright but he's so amazed at the fact that Taehyung, while still stroking his cock with purpose, can keep a smile on his face and contribute to the conversation at hand. Hoseok hears music playing but he doesn't register what's happening until Taehyung pulls his hand out of his pants and everyone goes to stand up. Taehyung shakes the woman's hand with the hand that was just in his pants and Hoseok bows to her stiffly while sending Taehyung a glare.

“Thank you for coming, hope your throat feels better soon.” The lady tells him and Hoseok nods and thanks her. They walk out of the studio and Taehyung hangs back so that they can walk together.

“What the hell was that, Taehyung?” Hoseok asks him slapping his shoulder none too lightly.

“A preview.” Taehyung says cryptically before walking off to catch up with Jeongguk and Jimin leaving Hoseok standing there dumbfounded and hard. (When they get in the van though, he realizes what it was a preview of when Taehyung gets to his knees and sucks him to completion embarrassingly quickly.)

Hoseok doesn't think much of Taehyung's little episode because, well, he's Taehyung. Taehyung loves taking risks whenever he can and that includes in their sex life so this was nothing really new. He doesn't get worried until a couple of days later when they make it to a hotel somewhere in America. They're on tour and Hoseok really wishes he could remember where they are, but he's far too exhausted to even try to do so. It was about three in the morning and he was tired but he couldn't sleep so he'd decided to come up to the rooftop pool to try to relax.

“You couldn't sleep either?” Jeongguk asks as he joins him in the pool. He's wearing a pair of tight swim trunks and Hoseok, even though he's tired, can't help but give him an appreciative once over.

“Nah, too hyped up from the concert.” Hoseok tells him leaning against the side of the pool.

“Well,” Jeongguk says after diving in the pool and swimming up to him “I know something that could help you relax.” Jeongguk tells him as he grabs his hips and pulls them flush against his. Jeongguk is already hard and Hoseok thinks in the back of his mind that the little shit planned this.

“Oh, really?” Hoseok says with his eyes fluttering shut. In the next second Jeongguk has pulled his swim trunks off and slotted their lips together in a slick kiss. Hoseok moans when Jeongguk grabs his cock with a warm hand and strokes it. “Fuck.” Hoseok says against his lips as Jeongguk smirks and squeezes his cock just right. “Little tease.” Hoseok tells him opening his eyes to take in Jeongguk's features.

“Do something about it then, daddy.” Jeongguk whispers right into his ear sending a pleased shudder through Hoseok's body.

“Fuck, we don't have any lube.” Hoseok tells him the frustration clear in his tone to which Jeongguk just smiles.

“Don't need any.” Jeongguk takes his trunks off and turns around leading Hoseok's hand to his hole and, Hoseok almost cums right then and there. Jeongguk has a butt plug seated deep inside of his tight little ass and Hoseok thinks he may be going insane. He pulls on the plug slightly, causing Jeongguk to moan, before he starts fucking him in earnest with the plug. Jeongguk is groaning low in his throat but, when Hoseok pushes the toy in at just the right angle, he lets out a high pitched wail and Hoseok hurries to cover his mouth with his other hand.

“I knew you planned this.” Hoseok rasps into his ear before pulling the toy out and sitting it on the side of the pool. He strokes his cock a couple of times before positioning it at Jeongguk's hole and they both groan when he buries himself balls deep inside of Jeongguk.

“Fuck daddy.” Jeongguk grunts out throwing his head back onto Hoseok's shoulder as Hoseok thrusts into him slowly. Hoseok growls low in his throat and grips Jeongguk's slippery hips roughly before burying his cock as deep as he can and smirking at the yelp of pleasure that Jeongguk lets out.

“Did you plan this, Jeongguk? Tell daddy the truth.” Hoseok says stilling his hips with his cock head brushing against Jeongguk's prostate roughly.

“Yes daddy, I did.” Jeongguk says leaning his head back on Hoseoks shoulder with a whimper when Hoseok rolls his hips against him.

“That wasn't very nice of you baby boy.” Hoseok says pulling his cock out of Jeongguks ass before slamming back into him and Jeongguk lets out an embarrassingly loud groan. Hoseok puts his hand back over Jeongguk's mouth as he starts thrusting in and pulling out of Jeongguk at a steady pace.

“You're being too loud baby boy.” Hoseok tells Jeongguk who groans a little louder at the name. Hoseok's hand, no matter how perfectly it covers Jeongguk's mouth, is still not enough to muffle his cries, especially when Hoseok delivers a particularly hard thrust right into his prostate. “You ok, baby?” Hoseok asks kissing Jeongguk's neck wetly. Jeongguk nods and pushes back into Hoseok's powerful thrusts and clenches around his cock to get back at him. “Fucker.” Hoseok growls out as he bites Jeongguk's neck before soothing over the bite with his tongue.

“Daddy.” Hoseok hears through a crack in his fingers and he slows his thrusts a little to let Jeongguk talk. “Can I please cum? Please daddy, I've been a good boy.” Jeongguk begs nuzzling back into his shoulder with a pleading look in his eyes.

“If you can be quiet, you can cum.” Hoseok challenges. Jeongguk nods and purses his lips together as Hoseok starts thrusting back into him. Hoseok knows that he's being an asshole when he grips Jeongguk's cock and pushes his thumb into the slit of his cock while squeezing the head hard. Jeongguk has always been a pain slut and Hoseok takes full advantage of it whenever he has the chance. He pounds into Jeongguk's prostate roughly as he rubs his cock squeezing just a little too hard and he can tell that Jeongguk is trying his hardest not to scream out. “You're doing so good for me baby. I'm so proud of you.” Jeongguk lets out a full body shudder at the praise and Hoseok can feel him clenching around his cock trying to pull his orgasm out of him.

“Daddy.” Jeongguk whispers out and Hoseok smiles against his neck.

“Do you want to cum, baby?” Hoseok grunts out as he grinds his hips against Jeongguk's round ass.

“Fuck, yes, please daddy.” Jeongguk groans out and Hoseok strokes him as his hips speed up much on their own accord. “Daddy, fuck.” Jeongguk says pumping into Hoseok's hand with quick thrusts trying to chase his orgasm. Hoseok feels, more than sees, Jeongguk cum when he lets out a silent cry, shudders against Hoseok, and clenches around Hoseok's cock. Hoseok fucks into his tight heat a few more times before he feels his orgasm shaking him from his core.

“Fuck, Jeongguk.” Hoseok groans out biting Jeongguk's already bruised neck as he cums deep inside of him. “You're so perfect baby.” Hoseok tells him stroking his abdomen gently as he rides out his orgasm. He murmurs a few more praises into his neck before he pulls out of him already slightly sensitive. Hoseok grabs the plug Jeongguk came to the pool with and puts it back inside of Jeongguk's asshole to which Jeongguk groans.

“Go get Taehyung to clean out your fucked out little hole, ok?” Hoseok tells Jeongguk leaning down to kiss him. Jeongguk is still in his head space when they pull away from each other so Hoseok puts his swim trunks back out of him and walks him up the steps and to the elevator. By the time the elevator doors close Jeongguk is getting back to himself and Hoseok smiles at him. “Good to have you back, Kookie.” Hoseok says sending him a blinding smile. Jeongguk smiles and pulls him into a deep kiss that lasts until they get to the floor that they're staying on.

“Good night, Hobi hyung.” Jeongguk says as they part ways to go into their respect rooms. Hoseok can't help but feel satisfied when he notes that Jeongguk is walking with a little limp as he goes to his room.

The next night Seokjin invites him out to dinner and he agrees wholeheartedly jumping up to join him at the door. It's not that he doesn't get to spend time with Seokjin, they just haven't been able to spend much time together recently and he's really missed him.

“So where are we going?” Hoseok asks as Seokjin grips his hand in his and smiles at him.

“Doesn't matter to me, really.” Seokjin says as they start walking down the road. They end up going to some small Korean restaurant a little ways away from the hotel where they don't have to struggle to communicate with the workers or the other staff. They sit down and order and everything flows easily between them as they laugh and talk to each other and to the couple who owns the restaurant. After they finish eating dinner and the couple goes back to the kitchen to help with clean-up, Seokjin excuses himself to the bathroom while Hoseok finishes his desert.

Hobi, come in here, I need help. - Jinnie Hyung.

Hoseok reads the text message and stands to go check on him but not before leaving enough for their bill and a sizable tip on the table. He walks into the bathroom and sees Seokjin's shoes under the door of the last stall and he knocks twice.

“Everything ok, hyung?” Hoseok asks through the stall. The lock clicking is the only thing to be heard in the silence and he walks into the stall only for his jaw to drop. Seokjin is there bent with one hand braced on the wall and the other is holding a dildo and pushing it deep inside of his own hole with his plump bottom lip caught between his teeth. Hoseok has so many questions like how the hell did he not see Seokjin put a dildo in the bag that he's always carrying with him and why on earth he even felt the need to bring a dildo with them but the only thing that comes out of his mouth is a very intelligent “Uh.”

“You just gonna stand there or you gonna help me with this?” Seokjin asks sending him a wicked smile over his shoulder. Hoseok, body on auto-pilot, walks over and kneels on his knees before taking the toy out of Seokjin's hand and gripping the base.

“What?” Hoseok asks as he watches the way Seokjin's pretty slick hole stretches around the transparent dildo with a lick to his lips.

“Like your surprise?” Seokjin asks sounding a little breathless as Hoseok starts to pull the dildo out of his hole. Hoseok is still so mesmerized by the way Seokjin's ass looks stretched around the dildo that he hardly even registers Seokjin's question.

“Of course I do hyung, but what?” Hoseok asks again as he shoves the dildo back into him and watches as his back arches and he lets out a hiss between his teeth. Hoseok knows when he hits Seokjin's spot because he throws his head back in a silent cry and squeezes his eyes shut as he pushes back into Hoseok and deeper on the dildo. “You're so pretty like this hyung, fuck.” Hoseok says as he pulls the dildo out until the head is pulling at Seokjin's pretty pink rim before shoving it back inside of him at a certain angle to watch him keen and arch into him.

“Fuck, Hobi.” Seokjin says biting into his knuckle to stifle the groans steadily falling past his plump lips.

“You wanna cum like this don't you, Seokjin?” Hoseok asks eyes darkening as he takes in Seokjin's disheveled appearance. He has one hand in his hair pulling at the roots the way that he wants Hoseok to and his teeth buried into the knuckles of the other hand as he braces himself against the wall with his elbows. “You could cum with your pretty little cock untouched just from having this dildo shoved up your ass couldn't you? Wanna make a mess on the floor that the staff will have to clean up later? Wanna cum so hard that everyone out there eating in the dining room can hear as you moan out my name?” Hoseok asks still shoving the dildo into Seokjin's awaiting hole rather roughly as he growls out filthy words. He stands up off his knees and grips Seokjin's hair with the hand that isn't holding the dildo and pulls it hard so that Seokjin is facing him. “Answer me.” Hoseok growls out as he bites down on the column of Seokjin's neck.

“Fuck yes, Hobi, yes.” Seokjin says fucking himself back onto the toy that Hoseok is gripping. Hoseok's cock is hard and leaking by now and he desperately wants relief, but seeing Seokjin needy and whimpering while he rides a fake cock is the best sight he's ever had the pleasure of seeing and he doesn't want to ruin it by being selfish. This is all about Seokjin right now so he's content to wait. Seokjin groans low in his throat just as the door to the bathroom opens and Hoseok moves his hand from Seokjin's hair to his mouth to stifle his noises.

“Everything ok in here?” The restaurant owner asks as he knocks on the stall door. Seokjin tenses in Hoseok's hold but Hoseok continues his assault on Seokjins prostate with the toy as he answers.

“Just a stain ahjussi, but we're getting it out.” Hoseok tells him sounding perfectly calm and composed even adding a little chuckle in for added effect. Seokjin is trying with all his might to not moan but it's nearly impossible with the quick thrusts of Hoseok's wrists as he fucks him open with the toy.

“Alright, just making sure you boys were ok.” The ahjussi says before Hoseok hears his footsteps head to and out the door. Hoseok kisses up and down Seokjin's neck and Seokjin lets out the groan that he'd been holding on to as Hoseok thrusts the dildo right against his already sensitive prostate.

“Did you like almost being caught baby? Did your cute little cock twitch when you thought we were going to be found out?” Hoseok asks Seokjin without moving his hand off of his mouth. Seokjin nods enthusiastically and Hoseok starts pulling the dildo out and pushing it back into Seokjin's beautiful hole rapidly. “Cum.” Hoseok tells him pressing the toy against his prostate. Seokjin's body tenses and he lets out a muffled groan as his cock starts shooting out a thick load all over the wall while he thrusts back onto the toy. Hoseok let's him ride out his orgasm before gentling him down onto the floor when his legs are too weak to hold him up. Hoseok offers him a soft smile. “Good job baby.” Hoseok says stroking through Seokjin's sweat matted hair.

“Now you.” Seokjin says gathering enough strength to push Hoseok against the wall and start working at taking off his pants. Seokjin makes quick work of his button and zipper and, in record time, Hoseok's cock is out and in the wet heat of Seokjins mouth all at the same time. Seokjin swirls his tongue and swallows around Hoseok's cock while looking up at him with hooded eyes and spit slicked lips.

“You're so pretty like this baby. Your lips look amazing wrapped around my cock. Do you like taking my cock in your throat?” Hoseok asks him patting down a few wayward strands standing up on his head. In lieu of an answer, Seokjin swallows around his cock once more before relaxing his throat and his jaw and pulling Hoseok's hips toward him. It doesn't take long for Hoseok to realize that Seokjin wants him to fuck his mouth and it takes even less time than that for him to start fucking into Seokjin's throat at a pretty rapid pace. Seokjin's throat is spasming in the best way possible around the girth of his cock and Hoseok is nearly lost in the feeling but he keeps his eyes peeled for any sign of discomfort just in case Seokjin wants to stop. That seems not to be the case however as Seokjin sends him a cocky smirk (pun intended) and starts bobbing to meet his thrusts. “Fuck Seokjin-ah I'm gonna cum.” Hoseok tells him just before the first taste of cum hits Seokjin's tongue. Seokjin sucks him dry and then some until he finally pulls away feeling much too sensitive to do much else. He pulls Seokjin up and they share a long kiss with the taste of his seed passing between them and Hoseok couldn't feel more content if he tried.

It's a couple days later in Chicago and it's one of the hottest days of summer but their air conditioner is on the fritz so he and Taehyung are made until the maintenance guy comes around to look at them the next day.

“Hobi hyung, let's go to the park.” Taehyung says bouncing around Hoseok like an excited puppy.

“Taehyung it's like a hundred and sixty five degrees inside, so why on earth would I want to go outside?” Hoseok asks covering his eyes with an arm and letting out a sigh. He doesn't catch the way Taehyung eyes his shirtless body up and down in interest because of the wet washcloth he has covering his face.

“It's not as hot outside though, I checked. The wind is blowing and it feels really good. Besides, I know you won't be able to sleep in this heat.” Taehyung tells him plopping down on the bed beside him. It's true, Hoseok can't sleep when it's too hot, even in the winter time he needs some air on to keep himself from over heating, so he sighs.

“Fine Taehyung, but we're only leaving for a couple of minutes. Enough to cool down then we're coming back, ok? And no running off like you did last time.” Hoseok says with a long sigh. Taehyung smiles and nods excitedly at him as he throws him a shirt.

“Put this on and let's go.” The walk to the park is peaceful and it really does feel a lot cooler outside than it did in their hotel room. There's a small park not too far away from their hotel and Hoseok settles down on one of the park benches overlooking the pond. The pond looks beautiful and Hoseok sighs at the feeling of cool air on his skin.

“It looks beautiful out here.” Hoseok comments looking over at Taehyung who's just staring at him. It's pretty dark outside so Hoseok can't see much, but he sees the thoughtful look on Taehyung's face and he raises an eyebrow at him. “What?” Hoseok asks as Taehyung stands and walks to him before straddling Hoseok's lap. “What are you doing, Tae?” Hoseok asks as Taehyung leans down and starts sucking at his neck.

“What do you think?” Taehyung asks as he grinds down in Hoseoks lap so that they other can feel his hard cock through his sweats.

“Tae, we're in public.” Hoseok tells him even as his hands circle around Taehyung's waist.

“Didn't stop you and Jeonggukkie or you and Jin hyung.” Taehyung says against the column of his throat.

“How did you know about that?” Hoseok asks groaning out as Taehyung grinds down on his now hardening cock.

“They told me of course.” Taehyung says finally pulling back to smirk at him.

“Of course.” Hoseok says rolling his eyes. Taehyung stands up off of him and goes to pull down his pants. “Taehyung –” But Taehyung cuts him off with a look.

“No one's around hyung. Besides, I wanna finish what I started at the interview.” Taehyung tells him. Taehyung pulls Hoseok's shorts and boxers down to his thighs and Hoseok hisses as the cool air hits his heated cock. Taehyung sinks down to his knees and strokes his cock a few times before wrapping his pretty lips around it and sucking it in as far as he can without gagging. Hoseok groans as his hand finds Taehyung's hair and he pulls on the soft strands.

“Fuck, Taehyung.” Hoseok says accidentally thrusting into his mouth but Taehyung takes it all in stride. A short while later (too short if you ask Hoseok) Taehyung pulls off of his cock and stands up pulling his own pants down. “We don't have any lube.” Hoseok reminds him but Taehyung simply smiles and hands Hoseok a packet of travel-sized lube.

“I'm always prepared hyung.” Taehyung tells him with a smile. Hoseok squeezes the lube out of the packet and onto his cock looking at Taehyung with a raised eyebrow.

“Are you prepped?” Hoseok asks him and Taehyung nods.

“Prepped myself in the shower.” Taehyung says as he straddles Hoseok's lap again. Hoseok holds his cock up as Taehyung settles over it and in the next second Taehyung sinks down on his cock causing both of them to groan.

“Fuck Tae.” Hoseok groans out tossing his head back against the bench with his eyes closed tight. Taehyung grinds down on his cock slightly and Hoseok sucks a trail down his neck as Taehyung adjusts to his length. Taehyung plants his feet on the ground and pulls off of Hoseok's cock slightly before sinking back down onto it with a shuddering breath,

“Hobi hyung.” Taehyung rasps out as he starts up a smooth rhythm riding his cock slowly.

“Fuck, Taehyung, you feel so good around me baby.” Hoseok says guiding Taehyung's hips down onto his cock. Hoseok holds Taehyung's hips steady and starts thrusting up into him nearly unable to control himself and, when Taehyung let's out a loud moan, Hoseok looks around to make sure that no one is in hearing distance of them. He leans in to kiss Taehyung to stifle the noises that are steadily falling from his lips as he pounds into his prostate.

“Hyung, I'm so close.” Taehyung whimpers against his lips and Hoseok can feel his hole clenching around him on every drag out so he reaches between them and wraps a hand around his cock.

“Come on Taehyung, cum for me.” Hoseok says stroking Taehyung's cock out of rhythm with his own quick thrusts. As soon as the words are out of his mouth, Taehyung cums with a muffled groan in his hand and on his shirt as his hole flutters around Hoseok's cock. Hoseok fucks up into him a few more times before cumming with a muffled cry into his collarbone and Taehyung rides him through the waves of his orgasm until they're both too over-sensitive to continue. Hoseok wipes his sticky hand off on his shirt and Taehyung sends him a sheepish smile.

“Sorry hyung.” Taehyung says as he pulls off of Hoseok's cock causing them both to groan. Hoseok pulls Taehyung down onto the bench and lays him down and Taehyung is confused until Hoseok bends down to start tonguing at his sensitive hole. Hoseok sticks his tongue as deep as he can in Taehyung's asshole and Taehyung arches up into the sensation. Hoseok cleans his own cum out of Taehyung's wet hole and Taehyung is shivering by the time he's done. They get redressed and Hoseok throws his shirt in the trash, thankful that he'd thought to wear an undershirt before they start back on their way to the hotel. Hoseok wakes up the next morning with a lap full of Taehyung smirking down at him.

“Ready for round two?” Taehyung asks already grinding down on Hoseok and who is he to say no to that?

“Hobi hyung, let's go shopping, I need some new clothes.” Jimin says pulling at Hoseok's arm with a petulant pout on his lips.

“Jimin, what's wrong with the clothes you have?” Hoseok asks sounding just as whiny as he feels. They finally have a day off and he wanted to spend it doing absolutely nothing, but instead Jimin is sending him his award winning puppy dog eyes and begging him to do something other than lay in bed.

“Hobi~” Jimin drawls out still pouting at him and Hoseok sighs.

“Fine, fine, I'm coming.” Hoseok tells him. He realizes soon that he should have just ignored the boy as he drags him into every store that they can find. They're in a store that he can't remember the name of when Jimin sticks his head out of the door to give Hoseok a helpless look.

“I need help.” Jimin tells him motioning for him to join him in the stall. Hoseok walks over to the door and steps in and he nearly bangs his head into the door. Jimin has to be doing this on purpose, there's no way he's not; he's wearing Hoseok's favorite pair of panties on him and smirking at him like the little shit that he is.

“Jimin, we are in a store.” Hoseok tells him but he still can't take his eyes off of Jimin's round ass and thick thighs as he says it and he feels his pants grow tighter.

“You were in a park with Tae a few days ago. And a pool with Jeongguk and a restaurant with Seokjin so what's so different about this?” Jimin asks pouting at him.

“All of those places were at night when no one was around to see us but there's people in here Jimin. We could get caught.” Hoseok whispers feeling like he's already lost and, in all actuality, he has; Jimin always gets what he wants when he wants it. Spoiled brat.

“Come on hyung, you know you want to.” Jimin says as he pulls the pants that were around his thighs down and steps over them to get to Hoseok. The stall that they're in is bigger than the others and in the very back and Hoseok knows that they could get away with it without having to try much. He sighs just before Jimin catches his lips in a warm kiss and starts stroking his cock through his pants. Jimin makes quick work of his pants and in no time at all, he's on his knees staring at Hoseok's cock like it's the most delicious lollipop he's ever seen. Jimin wraps his lips around Hoseok's cock head and sucks and Hoseok has to stop himself from bucking into the feeling.

“Fuck Jimin.” Hoseok says his hand finding Jimin's hair and gripping the strands tightly as Jimin sinks down slowly onto his cock. Jimin moans lowly around Hoseoks cock as he starts bobbing his head on it slowly. The slow drag of Jimin's wet mouth on his cock is enough to drive any man wild but, since Jimin is wearing his favorite panties, he knows that there's more to come and he doesn't want to ruin that by coming too quick. Jimin's brows are creased in concentration as he hollows his cheeks around Hoseok's thick cock and he's hard and leaking in his panties already. “Jimin baby, if you want me to cum someone other than your throat, you're gonna have to stop that.” Hoseok tells him pulling at his soft hair slightly. Jimin pulls off of his cock offering him a wide smile before he stands up and fishes a packet of lube out of his pants pocket. “This isn't enough to prep you with, Chim.” Hoseok tells him but Jimin just shakes his head.

“No need, I'm still stretched from this morning with Namjoonie hyung.” Jimin tells him sending him a smile. Hoseok can't help the groan that passes his lips at the thought of Namjoon pounding into Jimin's asshole early in the morning and he lubes his cock up quickly. He pulls Jimin's panties off of him and lifts him up by his thighs backing them both into the wall. He positions his cock at Jimin's entrance before pulling the other down onto his cock. To muffle their sounds, he melds their lips together and slips his tongue inside Jimin's mouth.

Hoseok let's them both catch their breaths looking to Jimin to make sure it's ok for him to move. Jimin nods wordlessly and Hoseok grips his hips and pulls him up off of his cock before thrusting back up into him. Jimin throws his head back in a silent cry and Hoseok watches as his cock twitches when Hoseok's cock brushes against his prostate. Hoseok starts pumping into Jimin at a steady rhythm and he watches as Jimin's face contorts in pleasure with every thrust. The angle that they're in makes it near impossible to miss Jimin's prostate but Hoseok still tries just to see the crease form between Jimin's eyebrows and watch him try to wiggle until Hoseok's cock hits that spot inside of him.

“Fuck Jimin how are you still so tight?” Hoseok asks biting down on his collarbone as he let's out a tiny mewl. “Namjoon must have fucked you good and deep this morning and yet your ass is still gripping my cock in the tightest way it can. Your ass was made to take cock Jimin, you're perfect.” Hoseok tells him staring at his face as a blush spreads from his cheeks to his collarbones at the praise.

“Hobi hyung fuck me harder.” Jimin tells him opening his eyes to look at Hoseok. His eyes are wet with unshed tears and Hoseok groans out at the sight of him. Jimin looks absolutely wrecked with sweat matting his hair to his forehead and his lips chewed up and swollen and cheeks stained the prettiest pink Hoseok has ever seen. Hoseok can't stop himself from leaning in to kiss his swollen lips and speeding up the thrusts of his hips just a little faster.

“Do you need help with anything?” Hoseok hears from outside the stall and he slows down his thrusts enough for Jimin to be able to talk to the sales associate.

“No thank you.” He tells her and Hoseok knows that his steady rocking into Jimin is making it hard for him to sound level but he gets a sick sort of satisfaction at the way Jimin looks at him like he's worried they might have been caught.

“Alright, just let me know if you need anything.” The woman tells them and they listen with baited breath as her hills click away from their stall. Hoseok looks down at Jimin's cock to see that it's red and leaking precum heavily and he smirks at him.

“Did you like almost getting caught baby?” Hoseok asks as he takes one hand off of Jimin's waist to wrap it around his cock between them. He picks up the pace of his thrusting again and Jimin whimpers closing his eyes tightly and hiccuping out a breath. “Did you want her to see you with my cock shoved up your ass and your pretty little cock hard and leaking? Did you want her to see us so you could see how she would react?” Hoseok asks stroking Jimin's cock out of rhythm with the thrusts of his hips. “You think she would have been turned on if she had seen you taking my cock so well?” Hoseok asks and that seems to push Jimin over the edge as the younger man tenses up before relaxing and cumming all over himself and Hoseok. Hoseok keeps thrusting up into Jimin's prostate until the younger is squirming in his hold from over sensitivity. He thrusts in once more and Jimin bites down on his neck and that pulls him over the edge as he cums deep inside of Jimin trying to muffle his sounds in Jimin's hair.

“Fuck.” Jimin supplies as Hoseok finally starts coming down from his high and Hoseok chuckles. Hoseok lowers Jimin off of the wall gently then pulls out and Jimin scrunches his nose as some of Hoseok's cum leaks out of his hole and down onto his thigh. Hoseok takes off his soiled undershirt and wipes Jimin's legs and sensitive hole to clean him up as much as he can. He pulls Jimin's panties back up for him and then he places a kiss to his stomach causing the younger to giggle.

“Was it good?” Hoseok asks as he stands back up and Jimin nods up at him with a smile.

“As always.” Jimin says leaning up to kiss him and they both smile into the kiss before pulling away and gathering their bearings so that they can leave the store with Jimin's newly purchased clothes and smiles on their faces.

A few nights later Yoongi knocks on the door of the room he's sharing with Namjoon and raises an eyebrow at him.

“Wanna go to the movies?” Yoongi asks pushing his way past Hoseok into the room to sit down on the chair. “They're having a midnight showing of The Last Witch Hunter and I want to see it without the lagging sound.” Hoseok snorts out a laugh and Namjoon looks at him with an eyebrow raised.

“You don't even speak English.” He points out as if Yoongi doesn't know this. Yoongi rolls his eyes at him and let's out a long suffering sigh.

“I have an app that has subtitles. I'd invite you but you'd talk through the whole movie so you aren't allowed to come.” Yoongi tells him. Hoseok puts on a pair of pants and some shoes and heads to the door after making sure he has everything he needs to get back into the room and he and Yoongi leave Namjoon with a wave.

When they get to the theater Hoseok pays for their tickets and they walk up to the concession stand. Yoongi orders an ice cream cone and Hoseok gets a bag of popcorn for them to share. When they walk in there's only a few people scattered around the theater and Yoongi leads them to the seats at the very back.

“The movie looks better up here.” He'd said but Hoseok had a sneaking suspicion that that wasn't the only reason Yoongi picked the seats he picked. The upcoming movie previews start to show and, when Hoseok glances at Yoongi to ask if he wants some popcorn, he stops in his tracks as he watches Yoongi lick around the ice cream cone. Yoongi's pink tongue peeks out of his mouth and licks a stripe up the vanilla cone and Hoseok nearly groans. The way that Yoongi swirls his tongue around the ice cream and the small smacking noises that he's making are no accident and Hoseok can feel his cock starting to swell in his pants.

“You're doing that on purpose aren't you?” Hoseok leans over to ask. The only answer he gets is a smirk before Yoongi slurps on the ice cream with a drawn out moan. Hoseok watches in a trance as Yoongi finishes the cone and he would be embarrassed about how hard his cock is if Yoongi didn't seem so pleased with himself when he skirted a hand over Hoseok's obvious bulge. Yoongi grinds the heel of his palm down into Hoseok's erection and Hoseok hisses at the friction. Yoongi strokes him through his pants but it's not enough for either of them so Yoongi unbuttons and unzips his pants to pull his cock out. When Yoongi strokes his cock with his cold hand Hoseok moans a little too loud and Yoongi shushes him.

“Wouldn't want anyone to catch us, would you?” Yoongi asks smirking at him then sinking down to the floor between his legs. He pulls Hoseok's pants down and stares hungrily at his cock. If Hoseok were a smarter man he may have been worried but, as it stands, all he felt was anticipation as Yoongi licked his lips and pulled his cock into his mouth. Yoongi has the most talented mouth of them all in Hoseok's opinion because he knows just how to move his tongue and he doesn't need to take many breaths when he deep throats. He was practically made to give amazing blow-jobs if you ask Hoseok.

“Fuck, Yoongi hyung.” Hoseok says gripping at Yoongi's hair. Yoongi's tongue is cold on his cock but it feels better than Hoseok could have imagined and he thrusts up into the feeling. Yoongi sends him a glare and Hoseok wills his hips to stay still as Yoongi continues trying to suck Hoseok's brain out through his cock. Yoongi pulls off of his cock just before he can cum and he lets out an annoyed groan that's covered up by some kind of loud noise on the movie. Yoongi lifts himself up, pulls his pants down, hands Hoseok a bottle of lube, then spreads his legs.

“Get to work.” Yoongi tells him with a raised brow. Hoseok rolls his eyes but gets down on his knees between Yoongi's legs. He coats two of his fingers in lube and circles them around the rim of Yoongi's asshole before pushing them in slowly. Yoongi lets out a little gasp at the feeling and Hoseok crooks his fingers in search of his prostate. When Yoongi's back arches and he lets out a low moan, Hoseok smirks up at him knowing that he's found what he was looking for. Hoseok scissors his fingers inside of Yoongi purposefully missing his prostate until Yoongi kicks him in his side. “Quit fucking teasing you asshole.” Yoongi tells him with a glare that's quickly replaced when Hoseok adds another finger and presses all three fingers insistently against his prostate.

“What was that, Yoongi hyung?” Hoseok asks as Yoongi fucks down on his fingers.

“Just shut up and let me ride you.” Hoseok sits back in his seat and Yoongi wastes no time in sinking down onto his cock. Yoongi throws his head back and Hoseok muffles his cry with a hand.

“Wouldn't want anyone to catch us, would we?” Hoseok asks sending Yoongi a cocky smirk. Yoongi growls at him and grinds down on him to get back at him.

“Asshole.” Yoongi says as he pulls back off of Hoseok's cock then sinks right back down. There's a lot of fast paced music coming from the movie and Hoseok isn't sure what's happening but how can he care when Yoongi is riding him like a champion. Yoongi fucks down onto his cock with a muted groan and Hoseok grips his hips hard. Hoseok knows that Yoongi is going slow on purpose just to be a dick so he grips Yoongi's hips and meets him thrust for thrust. The angle is perfect for Hoseok's cock to hit Yoongi's prostate dead on and, every time it does, Yoongi clenches around him and lets out a low moan. “Fuck Hoseok.” Yoongi says gripping Hoseok's shoulders tight as he grinds down on his cock.

“That's the idea.” Hoseok says with a smile. Yoongi grabs his nipple and squeezes as hard as he can and Hoseok let's out a yelp that's covered up by the screaming on the screen. Hoseok can tell that Yoongi is starting to to tire himself out when Yoongi does more grinding on him than actually fucking him so he pulls Yoongi close to him and starts thrusting up into him. Yoongi is panting in his ear and moaning lowly with every upward thrust and Hoseok knows that he's close. “I'm close Yoongi hyung.” Hoseok tells him as he feels the tell-tale coiling low in his stomach and the pulling in his balls. Yoongi pulls away from him and starts jerking his cock in time with Hoseok's quick thrusts and much at the same time, they cum together; Yoongi on Hoseok's shirt and Hoseok inside of Yoongi. It takes a while for them to catch their breaths but, when they finally open their eyes, they see a light shining on them and a slack jawed security guard staring at them. Hoseok, being the dirty exhibitionist he is, feels his cock twitch again inside of Yoongi and Yoongi smacks his chest.

“Umm, I'm gonna have to ask you two to uh....yeah.” The man passes them some paper towels and Yoongi keeps his head down the entire time as they try to clean themselves up. When they redress the man points to the door with a red face and Hoseok and Yoongi send him smiles (Yoongi's mortified and Hoseok's satisfied). They walk out of the theater into the cool night air and Yoongi turns to glare at Hoseok.

“Not one word of this to anyone or I swear I will cut your dick off.” Yoongi tells him before walking away from him and leaving Hoseok laughing in the street.

Hoseok curses his bad luck because, of all the people he could get stuck in an elevator with, he had to get stuck with Namjoon. Hoseok loves Namjoon, he loves all of his boyfriends, but he's freaking out right now and Namjoon's cool, calm, collected attitude isn't helping.

“Hoseok, calm down, it's not that bad.” Hoseok glares in the direction of Namjoon's voice but he knows that Namjoon can't see it. Not only are they trapped in an elevator, they're trapped in a dark elevator and Hoseok doesn't know what to do.

“Don't tell me to calm down when we could die in here.” Hoseok tells him crawling on the floor to feel for him and then sitting down beside him. Namjoon pulls him up into his lap and kisses the back of his neck a few times. Hoseok had, mistakenly, told him that that was the best way to get him to calm down.

“I know something that could help you relax.” Namjoon says and, if he could see Hoseok, he'd see the incredulous look on his face.

“Are you serious? We're like fifteen minutes away from death and you want to have sex?” Hoseok asks incredulously.

“Well yeah, I mean, if we're going to die, we might as well go doing something, or someone, we love.” Namjoon says kissing a trail down Hoseok's neck and caressing his abdomen. Hoseok, against his better judgment, leans back into Namjoon's embrace and let's Namjoon take care of him. Namjoon rubs his cock through his jeans and Hoseok can't help the moan that slips past his lips.

“Fuck.” He says as Namjoon's hand pushes past the waist band of his pants to grip his cock. Hoseok arches up into his touch and Namjoon let's out a gasp of his own when Hoseok grinds down on his cock. Hoseok moves off of Namjoon's lap to pull him down on top of him. Namjoon strips him of his clothes pretty quickly considering how dark it is and slinks down between his legs to start tonguing at his hole. Hoseok moans as Namjoon's tongue flattens against his rim and Namjoon's hand finds his mouth.

“People can still hear us Hobi hyung.” Namjoon tells him and Hoseok doesn't have to see him to know that he's smirking. Namjoon pushes his tongue past the tight ring of muscles and starts tongue fucking Hoseok as he strokes his cock with one hand and plays with his nipples with the other. Hoseok feels dizzy with arousal by the time Namjoon pulls his tongue out of his hole.

“Please tell me you have lube. I refuse to take you dry ever again.” Hoseok tells him. He hears Namjoon chuckle then there's rustling as he digs through his bag. Hoseok hears Namjoon curse as the bottle of lube hits the ground and nearly rolls away and he can hardly contain his laugh. He hears the lid of the lube click open then he feels Namjoon circling a slick finger around his already wet rim before he pushes the digit into Hoseok.

Hoseok let's out a sigh at the slightly uncomfortable feeling but he taps Namjoon's shoulder to tell him to hurry up. Namjoon pushes another finger into him and this one causes Hoseok to flinch slightly and let out a hiss. Namjoon's fingers are long and thick but they curve perfectly inside of him and he feels himself grinding down on them before he even registers what he's doing. Namjoon adds the third and final finger and Hoseok tenses trying to will himself to relax at the stretch. Namjoon grips his cock in his other hand and sucks it into his mouth to try to distract Hoseok from the feeling. Hoseok isn't sure if he should thrust up into Namjoon's mouth or back on his fingers but Namjoon helps him out by sucking on his cock and thrusting his fingers deep inside of him.

“Fuck, Joon.” Hoseok hisses out as Namjoon's fingers brush against his prostate and nearly make him curl up into himself. “If you keep doing that, I'm not gonna last much longer.” Hoseok tells him through clenched teeth. Namjoon pulls off of his cock with a lewd pop and eases his fingers out of Hoseok. Hoseok hears the cap click on the lube again before he hears the sound of slick skin being rubbed and he almost shudder in anticipation as he feels Namjoon position the head of his cock at his asshole.

“You ready?” Namjoon asks him and Hoseok nods before he remembers that Namjoon can't see him.

“Yeah, just hurry.” Hoseok tells him sounding a little breathless. Namjoon slowly pushes his thick cock inside of him and Hoseok grips his shoulders in search of something to keep himself grounded. The feeling isn't foreign but he hasn't had Namjoon's cock in his ass in a while so it still stings a little. When Hoseok can finally breath, he pushes back onto Namjoon and Namjoon takes that as his cue to move. Namjoon keeps his thrusts small and gentle and Hoseok appreciates the gesture, but he needs Namjoon to hurry up. “Namjoon, just move.” Hoseok tells him. Namjoon grip his hips and pulls his cock nearly all the way out before thrusting back into him almost too quickly.

“Fuck Hobi hyung you're so tight.” Namjoon tells him sounding strained at the effort to keep himself from going too fast. Hoseok let's out a pitiful little whimper and reaches down to stroke his cock. Namjoon knocks his hand out of the way as he starts thrusting into him at a faster rate. “I want you to cum without touching yourself, ok?” Namjoon says so Hoseok just wraps his arms around Namjoon's neck and pulls him down into a bruising kiss. Namjoon's thrusts are measured but quick and Hoseok groans as his bulbous cock head brushes against his prostate. Hoseok's cock is hard and leaking against his stomach and he feels too close already.

Namjoon bends down to kiss at his neck and bite down hard enough to leave an indention but not hard enough to leave a bruise. His thrusts are becoming rapid and hard and Hoseok feels like he might get a concussion if he bangs his head on the carpeted floor again. Hoseok's arms ache from the hold that he has on Namjoon but he can't help it with the way Namjoon is fucking him. Namjoon is pistoning his hips at the perfect angle and Hoseok feels his balls tighten as he feels the coil inside his stomach tighten.

“Fuck Joon, right there, fuck.” Hoseok says still acutely aware of the fact that people may be able to hear him. “You're gonna make me cum.” Hoseok tells him digging his blunt nails into Namjoon's shoulders. Namjoon speed up his thrusts even more and moves down to catch Hoseok's lips in another bruising kiss.

“Cum.” Namjoon demands and Hoseok feels his orgasm hit him like a ton of bricks. Namjoon covers his mouth just as the first spurt of cum comes out of his cock and Hoseok feels tears at the edges of his eyes at how powerful the orgasm is. He barely registers Namjoon's stuttered thrusts or the way the younger groans into his shoulder but he feels when he cums inside of him. The elevator is filled with nothing but their heavy breaths and the smell of their sex for a second as they try to come down from their highs. Hoseok pushes at Namjoon's chest and Namjoon pulls out of him with a wet sound and Hoseok scrunches his nose.

“Gross.” Hoseok says as he feels Namjoon wiping at his messy hole with a towel.

“It was your fault.” Namjoon tells him as he cleans him up. Even in the dark, he cleans all the cum off of Hoseok and helps the other get dressed. Just as soon as they stand up and get their hair to look like less of a mess, the lights in the elevator come back on and it slowly starts to move.

“Perfect timing.” Hoseok says smiling at Namjoon as they pick up their bags and prepare to exit the elevator when it dings.