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Lloyd was getting impatient on the sidelines, thumb pushing on the tip of his swollen cock as he stared at the center of the room, where Ron the lumberjack was frozen halfway inside the slut's ass. Ron's eyes were closed as he approached orgasm, his legs hairy until pants pooled at his knees. The slut shivered doggy style and naked on the mattress, biting his lip.

"Push in, I want my turn," Lloyd yelled out, rubbing his cock faster. Ron gave Lloyd a quick glare and then slammed his hips forward with a groan, pelvis stuttering as he came. The slut's thighs shook as he tried to stay upright; the knife recently held to his throat made sure he kept position. Lloyd stood and walked over as Ron pulled out, looking down at the cum leaking from the slut's ass. As Ron stepped aside Lloyd dropped to his knees and quickly pushed his own cock into the hole, gasping at the slick warmth.

"Man," Lloyd panted, starting to set a brisk pace, " the fuck...did I not do this before..."

"Shoulda joined a gang or gone into porn," Donnie quipped, the thin man's hand already around his dick as he walked to the slut's mouth, going to his knees. They were in the middle of an upper-level room in Woodbury, and people had been wandering in to test the new slut all day.

Naked and tattooed, Donnie gripped the slut's head with both hands and slid in wetly. Lloyd heard the slut gag and purposely shoved his hips harder, pushing him onto Donnie's cock. Donnie started slowly twisting his hips back and forth, and Lloyd listened to the wet noises of the forced blowjob, felt the wonderful 'thud' that went through his body when his hipbones rammed into the dude's ass. He could do this for hours.

"You think we can both get in his ass?" Donnie asked breathlessly, as Ron flopped into a chair on the side with an 'oof'.

"Probably, he's pretty stretched out." Lloyd forced his hips to slow and reached a hand down the smooth warmth of the ass he was buried in. He pushed a thumb in alongside his dick, felt around. "Yeah, he's loose." The slut made a noise of surprise and jerked forward. Lloyd yanked him back by the hip, Donnie helping by pushing forward on his shoulders. Lloyd couldn't help groaning at how good it felt to be that deep. "Push harder."

Donnie obliged, until they couldn't go deeper, the man gagging loudly.

"I'll stretch him out more." Lloyd grabbed the naked man's legs and yanked so his knees were pulled out, and the slut fell to the mattress with an 'oof.'

"Hey, warn a guy!" Donnie objected as the slut's mouth slid off his dick, a long viscous strand of saliva dangling from the tip.

Still spearing his ass, Lloyd pushed wet thighs apart with his knees and dropped his weight on top, pushing in deeper. He could feel his own thighs, stomach, even his balls getting hotter as they were squeezed between it's asscheeks. The slut moaned out, in pain or enjoyment he wasn't sure. Probably pain. Lloyd started twisting his hips in a circular motion, feeling his insides, trying to stretch him.

"Fuck that, get him on top of me," Donnie snapped, lying on his back next to them, jacking himself.

"Get up, sit on him," Lloyd ordered, first yanking the slut's hair and then lifting his weight, hating the feeling of his own cock sliding out of that warm cum-hole. Donnie scooted closer, and the slut mindlessly and clumsily managed to straddle him, holding himself above his dick. Donnie grabbed the man's hips, looking excited and horny as fuck. From behind Lloyd made sure they were in the right place and then yanked the slut down, hard.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Donnie shouted as the slut gasped, and before they could enjoy the new position Lloyd grabbed the hair on the back of the slut's head and shoved him forward, twisting his fingers as painfully as he could until the slut was bent, shaking, over Donnie.

Trailing his hand up the slut's back, Lloyd looked down at thick cock in its ass, a good few inches still out before Donnie's balls. Lloyd set about putting his own cock into place, pushing in too. "Mnf, damn, that's tight!" Lloyd shouted, Donnie squirming underneath them, hips bucking up against their weight.

Lloyd ran his hands up the slut's sides, ravenously feeling his skin, the bumps of old scars. He started jerking his hips again. He was already close, just feeling Donnie's dick rubbing against his, the man twitching and tense, trying to handle it...

"Dude, he's been crying, poor little guy," Donnie said jokingly.

"Hey big surprise, I'm back!" they heard, and Lloyd looked up to see Ron standing over them again, completely naked this time, and half-hard.

"No way you're kneeling over my face," Donnie grunted. Ron instead got on his knees by Donnie's shoulder, grabbing the slut's head and forcing the man's mouth to stretch on his dick. All three men fucked him, trying to find a rhythm with each other. Lloyd lost himself in the feeling of power, of sex, the smells and the sweat.

"Hot damn," someone muttered and Lloyd realized another man was kneeling across from Ron. It was Merle, pupils dilated in lust, decent-sized dick already in his hand as he looked down at the mop of brown hair, Lloyd draped over the slut's back. Merle looked at Ron. "Can't grab his head with one hand, push him on me?"

Ron always did what Merle said, pulling the slut off with the man gasping desperately for air, and just a second later shoving it onto Merle. Merle muttered under his breath, starting to roughly shove his hips until the man whined in distress, saliva dripping around Merle's dick.

"Go easy," Donnie snapped at Merle, hips stilling, "not everyone likes the whores bleedin' and pukin' cum all over the place."

Merle laughed but slowed none-the-less, and Lloyd was relieved; Merle had a habit of turning the whores into sobbing wrecks, something Lloyd found irritating and inconsiderate as fuck. Lloyd hissed as Donnie started thrusting against his dick again. It was so incredibly tight. Under his stomach Lloyd felt the slut's muscles tensing with their chaotic movements.

"How much cum you think's in his stomach?" Ron asked in joking curiosity, breathless as he touched himself, watching. "Probably like a freakin' pound by now."

"I'll see if I can add to it," Merle muttered, hand on the back of the slut's head. "Man, this is a nice one, real good about not letting teeth touch."

"Merle, too fast again - "

At the sound of Merle's name a wail came from the slut's throat, and the man started to fight; hands quickly gripped wrists, hips, and hair, making the man freeze in terror, trying to suck air around the cock still jammed down his throat.

"Why's he freakin' out," Merle muttered, breathing heavily, pulling the slut's head back to look, "he was fine bef...HOLY - " Merle's dick pulled out with a slurp and the man staggered to his feet, tripping off the mattress to the bare wood floor with a thunderous thump, his erect cock waggling. Flabbergasted they all stared and slowed their hips and hands, the slut coughing wetly.

"Hey, somethin' wrong with the slut?" Donnie asked in terror, the whore staring at Merle with animal-like eyes; dumb and shocked.

Merle didn't answer, frantically pulling his boxers over his dick, fumbling with his belt as he stared at the slut in fixed, unblinking horror.

"Hey, get him the fuck off me, he gotta a disease or some shit?" Donnie was pushing up now and both he and Lloyd pulled out, the suction in the man's asshole making a popping noise, Lloyd hissing as the colder air hit his sensitive flesh.

Merle was standing against the wall now, pants on, still staring with hand and stump splayed against the white sheet-rock.

"Dude, tell me why the fuck you're acting like that?" Donnie demanded, standing and reaching for a towel.

"He's..." Merle choked, and then Merle's hand went to his mouth and he ran to a corner of the room, and vomited.

Horrified, Lloyd examined the slut. The man was in a fetal position in the middle of the sweaty and cum-soaked mattress, his mostly smooth skin covered in half dried nut and bruises, welts and bumps from when they'd dragged him into the truck. They'd started dry-humping him on the way back, the man's distress almost hysterically funny, but they'd only fucked his mouth when he'd been good and terrified for a few hours, when the Governor had given them the go-ahead to use his worthless hickass however they wanted. They'd all learned to break whores in before putting their dicks near teeth.

"That was quite the reaction you had, there, Merle." Lloyd jerked in surprise at the Governor's calm voice, saw the man leaning casually against the doorjamb, arms and ankles crossed. The Governor dispassionately eyed the whore. "The only man I can imagine you reactin' like that to is your brother. And he would know about these new prison dwellers, now wouldn't he."

"Are you serious, he fucked his brother?" Donnie gawked. "Holy shit!"

"He ain't my brother!" Merle shouted, and the slut gave out a sort of little whimper and curled up tighter, trying to cover its genitals and face. "He's just...knew him in lockup for awhile," Merle stammered. "From 'bout ten years ago, his name's Jonathan."

"You don't like fucking acquaintances?" the Governor asked.

"No, no, I mean...I ain't...ever fucked someone I knew like this. With lots of a people," Merle stammered, and it was incredibly obvious to Lloyd the man was hiding something. He and Donnie exchanged raised eyebrows.

"Alright, alright, I believe you," the Governor said with that charming smile of his. The man stepped into the room. "Be at ease, boys, just checking up on things. Really we should get back to the new slut. Someone mind tyin' his arms behind his back for me?"

"Sure hoss." Ron instantly jumped forward with a zip-tie. The slut only resisted slightly as the meaty man snatched his bruised wrists and pulled them back, savagely yanking the bindings tight.

"No need to be harsh," the Governor said, stepping by Donnie, who awkwardly kept his towel up. The Governor knelt by the slut. "Nice arms," the Governor said indolently, pushing at the slut's shoulder, "he probably would've made a good arena fighter. Nice face too, real nice lips, women woulda loved him too. You boys sure know how to bring in the sweetest white trash Georgia has to offer."

That warranted a chuckle from everyone but Merle.

"Now boys, you've been far too rough with this lovely creature, makin' it so he can't do his best work," the Governor said with a smirk. "So watch and learn, and I'll show you how to turn a whore into a real slut. Makes all the difference in the world. Towel please?"

Donnie obediently handed his towel over, hand over his erect dick in a stupid attempt at modesty. Lloyd for one didn't care that the Governor could see him naked; this wasn't the first time the Governor had popped in to watch, though he'd never joined in before.

"There you are, sweetheart," the Governor murmured in his deep voice, starting to quickly and aggressively towel cum and spit from the man's slick face. The slut's eyes were closed against the mattress, nostrils flared and jaw clamped shut. Lloyd fondled himself, looking at the slut's slick bruised ass, balls peeking from between soft white thighs. He was well-built but looked small and vulnerable under the Governor's broad-shouldered shadow; he looked fuckable. "Lift your head." The Gov started to dry the rest of the slut's face and neck.

"Why ain't your cock out, Merle, you look ready ta puke again," Donnie said.

"I owe him a favor," Merle said in a quavering, defensive voice. Lloyd saw Merle in the corner, arms wrapped around his chest. "Ain't gonna fuck no-one I owe a favor to, you understand?"

"Then why you still watchin' man?"

"Yeah, and why'd it take so long time to come up with that favor argument?" Ron asked loudly, the big dumb man clearly proud of his insight.

"Shut the fuck up, what I do ain't your business!" Merle shouted with his usual temper - Lloyd wasn't dumb enough to piss him off, but Donnie and Ron seemed to have a thing for poking bears.

"Let him be, boys," the Governor said mildly, energetically toweling off the slut's stringy brown hair. "There's a good man," he said, gently pushing the man's head back to the mattress and handing the towel to Donnie. "You know you serve a very important purpose here at Woodbury. And ya see, when sluts treat my men well, I treat my sluts well. So. I have a proposition for you. If you agree to act as my pet for the next hour or so, doing whatever I want you to, I'll make sure you get plenty of food and water, let you take a shower, get a good night's rest. Hell, I'll even try and make sure none a' these boys get overexcited and rough you up. That sounds real nice, don't it. Open your eyes."

The words were soft but terrifying, even to Lloyd, who knew the Gov's short temper and mercurial moods first hand. He was almost disappointed when the slut's eyes slipped open, staring to the side, glassy with long-repressed terror. The Gov trailed his hand along the slut's neck and under his jaw, gently rubbing his finger along the soft hair in front of his ear.

"Now if you don't take my deal, that's entirely your decision," the Gov continued calmly. "But you'll belong to my men. You'll be theirs and they can do what they want. And if I may give some advice, that may not end well for you, based on how they've treated your predecessors."

"Hey Merle, tell'm how you took out that last one!" Donnie crowed, eagerly jacking his cock now that the Governor's back was turned to him.

"Eh, boring story." Merle glared obviously at the man, fixing a smile on his face even as his eyes screamed murder.

"Come on, Merle, it's a good one," Ron said in equal excitement, the blood-lust rising in his eyes.

"Not in present company," Merle shouted, and Lloyd again decided his strategy of not pissing Merle off was wisest.

"Eh, don't worry about it, stories can't be told on the spot," the Governor said kindly, smiling at Merle, the man looking relieved.

"Merle," the slut pleaded in a quavery voice.

"Ssh shs shh," the Governor said gently, hand still on the man's face. "So what do you say? Me, or them? And for the record, I always keep my word, even to whores." The whore swallowed nervously, shaking just enough to be visible. "Shy? Well, I'll let you answer with an action. On your back."

Choking down what sounded almost like sobs the slut slowly turned onto its back, knees bent and legs pressed together in a futile attempt at modesty. The Governor laid a big hand between the man's stubbled jaw and his adam's apple, not squeezing, just holding the sensitive area possessively.

"Spread your legs."

To Lloyd's pleasure the man meekly and hesitantly obeyed, spreading his legs the bare minimum. Lloyd peeked at the slut's flaccid cock and balls, the wet crack, thighs bruised with the pounding of dozens of hipbones.

"More," the Governor ordered, still holding the slut's throat possessively. Lloyd realized he was touching himself again, no mind for the Governor. Christ, he wanted to be back in that warm slick hole, squeezing soft flesh till it bruised, hearing those moans... "Merle?" the Governor asked politely, gesturing at the slut's red and swollen asshole.

", still....ain't comfortable," Merle managed to get out, failing utterly at looking blase.

"He's your acquaintance, wanted to offer," the Governor said. "Lloyd?"

Lloyd grinned at Donnie's clear jealousy and knelt between trembling thighs, his hands nicely fitting against the bruises he'd helped put under the man's knees. He spread the man by pushing his knees towards the mattress, his dick sliding into the dripping hole without resistance.

Lloyd moaned; even stretched from the double penetration it still felt so good.

"Lube him up for us, hear ya?" the Governor asked Lloyd, still crouched over the slut's head..

"Rodger that," Lloyd panted, starting to pound hard towards the orgasm that'd taunted since he'd slid against Donnie's cock. The slut winced and jerked as Lloyd hit something inside him wrong.

"That's good, take it just like that," the Governor was muttering. "Just a bit more cum and I'll get you some water early, would you like that? Look at me, keep your eyes on me."

Breathing in short panicky little gasps, the slut tried to keep eyes fixed on the Governor, all while Lloyd pounded him into the mattress.

"So pet, how many times have people cum in you since you've come to Woodbury?"

Lloyd figured the Governor talking like that should creep him out, but somehow it was a turn on.

"M-m...maybe fifty?" the man ground beneath him. Lloyd liked his voice; it was honeyed and meek compared to the anger in the truck, when the man had desperately cussed them out for groping on him.

"Maybe fifty, alright. And how many times've you cum? It's nothing to be ashamed of, pet, no need to lie."

"I...I ain't..."

"You haven't? Well we'll have to fix that, won't we, you should enjoy your work. Who fucked you with the biggest dick?"

The slut stared glassy-eyed at the Governor, like the shock of the question numbed him.

"He got real hard a few times when I was fuckin' him," Ron said in misguided helpfulness. "I think he likes mine."

"Ron don't got the biggest dick though, that was Jamal," Donnie interjected. "I got the second biggest."

The Governor handed Donnie the small handheld radio. "I think Jamal's on wall duty, get on the radio and call him here? And get another slut for Merle, since he doesn't want this one but seems compelled to stand in the corner and stare."

"The other slut's pretty used up, use the Asian?"

"I ain't fuckin' no chink!" Merle called out, Lloyd rolling his eyes and starting to come onto the home stretch, wrapping his arms around the panting slut's shoulders and holding him so he had more resistance when he slammed his dick home.

Lloyd heard Donnie and Merle talking but he focused on his job, thrusting and squeezing until his world flashed white and he was blowing his load deep in the man's ass, his entire body shuddering. He rode it out with a few more thrusts, his dick sliding easily through his own cum.

Spent, he dropped his weight on the slut, not caring about the Governor or Donnie and Ron and Merle. Somehow the hot body quivering passively beneath him made him feel sated. Powerful.

He took a breath and pulled out inch by inch, smearing cum with his softening dick around the edge, the hole open and puckering. Lloyd flopped onto the mattress, trying to breath. The slut lay limp, chest heaving, legs still akimbo.

"No resting, sweetheart, I need you on your knees facing me, that's it." Eyes blank, the slut's legs pulled together and it rolled to one side, trying to clumsily obey with hands bound. It managed to sit on its heels, head hanging and toes curled. The Governor stood and picked up a bottle of water, uncorking it. Kneeling, the big man put one hand on the back of the slut's neck and put the bottle to his lips, like he was feeding an infant. "Drink, you earned it."

By the time he lowered it the slut was struggling to swallow without choking or coughing, water dribbling down its chin.

The Governor rubbed the slut's hair almost fondly. "That's better. Merle, do we have any painkillers on hand?"

"Uh...yeah..." Lloyd half expected Merle to fuss about wasting painkillers on sluts, his normal spiel, but the man just walked over and stretched out his hand, some white pills in his palm.

"Smart of you to keep them on you." The Governor accepted the pills.

"Yeah, well." Merle looked at the slut from the corner of his eye, and Lloyd saw it, the incredibly odd look on his face. What was their real connection? Lloyd wasn't about to push the issue and ask, not when the Governor had said drop it, but Merle was acting shadier than an orchard.

"Hey, you want some other pills, we got a bunch of X and Viagra and shit," Donnie piped up, practically drooling on the sideline, his dick so swollen it hung low.

The Governor started to take off his belt. "Might as well, won't hurt him."

"Hey hoss," Merle started quietly, "I wasn't lyin' when I said I owe him a favor. Don't want him hurt real bad."

"Aw man, that's so freakin' cute!" Donnie crowed, Merle giving another death glare. "Was he yer wifey in lock-up, Merle, don't like seein' him whimper with another man's dick in his ass, be all, 'oh, fuck me Donnie' - oh shit - "

Merle leapt after Donnie in a rage, the other man barely dodging his hand.

"HEY!" the Governor shouted, Merle freezing, wide-eyed and mad. The Gov kept his pants zipped but looped the belt around the slut's neck, pulling it snug around the slut's lower neck. "I offered your friend a generous deal, Merle, I have no interest in doing different than what I said." He buckled the black leather band before extending his hand to Merle. "Painkillers?"

Merle, avoiding looking at the slut, handed the tiny pills over. Donnie appeared to hand over the Ecstasy and Viagra, Merle stepping away. "We can give him some hits of acid too," Donnie said.

"No, I want him to remember this clearly."

"You wanna put the pills on my dick, I can feed it to him that way," Ron said with such moronic enthusiasm Lloyd burst out laughing. The Governor sized Ron up with a look of consternation, still holding the belt.

"Guess it's not my place to punish creativity." The Governor handed the pills to Ron. "How long till they all kick in?"

"Oxies in a couple minutes, the X and Viagra in half an hour," Donnie said helpfully.

"That's fine. Gives us some time to work into it, don't it pet," the Governor said with a fatherly smile at the slut, standing aside as Ron took his place. Lloyd laughed again to see the man had carefully placed the pills on the red and swollen head of his dick, looking down at the bound man with lust. "Now sweetheart, just suck on the tip, and look me in the yes, ok?"

The slut took Ron in his mouth, Merle making a choking noise in the corner when it happened. "Ah..." Ron moaned as he slowly pushed further in; Lloyd could see the top of the slut's throat swell with the intrusion.

"Not too deep, let him swallow," the Governor instructed.