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Daria: Sophomore Blues

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Yeah, I know.  Disclaimers are pointless, but you have to give credit where the credit is due.

It’s pretty obvious since this is a fan fiction, that this isn’t based on any original characters the writer came up with (because if I did this show would still be going on, movies, or something). 

Daria is a character created by Mike Judge in Beavis and Butthead, and all credit for that goes to him, as well as Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn, who created the show and subsequent characters therein for MTV/Paramount.  As a fan fiction piece, all credit to characters and locations from either show of Beavis and Butthead and/or Daria goes to them.  All rights reserved goes to them.  I do not own the intellectual property rights that this work is derived from, nor the self-gratification of finishing it.  All I’m doing is playing in their sandbox and hope they don’t get mad for slinging it around all willy nilly. 

This is for entertainment fandom purposes only; I just got tired of the Jane/Daria lesbian fare going on in the fanboy/fangirl cannon and decided for entertainment purposes to add my two sarcastic cents.  I even invented Malik Hunter & Wilhelm to get some of the job done (shameless plugging of the only thing I’ve added).  No financial compensation and/or profit will be made from this work (that is, unless the creators call me up and say, hey, you’re hired for the reboot as a writer, but that is another fandom wishful thinking).  This is a work of fiction about fictional representations of characters in the Daria cannon.  None of the events have ever happened on the television show; it’s not even for certain whether or not Jane nor Daria even attended college after being accepted.  All events that happen in this book are of my own creation and pacing, based upon the characters of the aforementioned.

This is an adult college themed book, with interpretations of those types of years, for those that remembered them.

If this offends the powers that be, please don’t sue me.  I’m trying to save up for another copy of the Daria: The Complete Animated Series after playing my first box set out.

The original text was formatted in word correctly, but somehow indentations do not come over here.  All apologies for that.