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I'll Make Your Dreams Come True

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"Neeeeil! Move that fine piece of ass of yours! We'll be late!" she yells in front of his house, "Again," she whispers for herself.
"Calm down, Lil'bun, we have plenty of time!" she hears from his open window. She just sighs.
"Hello there," Neil's father steps out to the front yard and smiles at Lily.
"Good evening, Mr. Byrne," she smiles back.
"You're still waiting on him, huh?" he laughs.
"Yeah. As usual."
"Of course. But today it takes him a bit extra, doesn't it?"
She shrugs: "I'm kinda used to it so I don't really notice," she laughs.
"Then have a cigarette with me, will ya?"
"Sure thing!" she says and finds the pack of cigarettes in her bag. He pulls the lighter from his pocket and lights her a cigarette.
"Thanks," she smiles when she breathes the smoke out of her lungs.
"So what party are you two going to?" he asks when he lights the cigarette for himself.
"It's actual a concert. Neil's friends from school sing in a band and they invited us to see them perform."
"Oh, wow, that sounds like fun."
"Yeah, I know. I'm super excited!"
"Any chance you know when you two are coming back?" he smiles.
She shakes her head: "No idea."
"Alright then. Just make sure he makes sure you get home safely," he says and points at the window of Neil's room.
"Of course," she nods and laughs.
"How's all the blogging going?" he asks then.
"Really good, thanks for asking," she gives him a thankful smile.
That's when Neil finally steps out from the front door and walks towards them: "What are you two talking about?" he asks.
"Just saying you're worse than a woman when it comes to getting ready for anything," his dad responds and Lily laughs.
"Oh, haha, dad! Very funny!" Neil says sarcastically, "C'mon, Lil'. We should get going or we'll be late," he turns to her.
"If we're late, it will be your fault, honey bun!" 
"Alright! I'm sorry! Let's go!" he laughs.
"Okay. See you, Mr. Byrne," she smiles at Neil's dad.
"See you, Lily. Have fun, kids!" he waves them off and they get going.
"So... How excited are you?" he asks her while they're walking along the street and puts one arm around her shoulders.
"Oh my god! I'm so excited! We are gonna have so much fun! Right?" she smiles.
"You bet! From what I've heard I think they are really good!"
"So it's five guys, right?"
Neil just nods.
"Oh my.... Are they cute or what?" she smiles.
"I should have known that's why you're going," he shakes his head.
"Oh, c'mon, babe! That's why you're going!" she laughs and leans in to kiss his cheek.
"Well..." he starts but then he just laughs with her.
"So they are cute, right?" she asks again.
"I believe so... Well, at least one is, for sure!"
"Oh my god! You are in love!" she says just too loudly that few people on the street actually turn their heads to them. But she just can't help it. She's so happy for him.
"Oh, Jesus! Calm down, Lil'bun! I'm not in love. I haven't even met him properly. I just saw him once, we didn't even spoke to each other. But he's definitely cute!"
"Awwww!" she smiles.
Then they actually get to the venue - quite a small bar in the city centre. There's a few people in front of the entrance but they don't look like they wanna come in. So Lily and Neil just pay their entrance fees and go in. They go straight to the bar to buy something to drink.
"Let's have a shot of something strong, honey bun!" Lily says. She's already having a great time.
"Oh yeah, we have to!" Neil laughs and order two shots of tequila, beer for himself and a glass of wine for Lily. Then they go to one table. 
"So, cheers to tonight!" Lily says when they've sit down and lift her tequila.
"Cheers to tonight!" Neil smiles, they clink with the glasses and drink the liquor.
"Oh, wow! This night's gonna be so crazy!" Lily laughs after her throat stops burning. 
"I hope!" Neil says and sips from his glass of beer. 
"Oh, hey, man!" comes from behind them and they both turn their heads.
There's a guy with longer blond hair smiling ear to ear with two bottles of beer in one hand.
"Hi there!" Neil greets him, "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be backstage or something?"
"Yeah, I guess. I just had to get a beer for me and big George. The rest of the guys is just too nervous to drink before the show," he laughs, "And Ryan is just a nervous wreck! I told him you're coming and he's just... shaking!" he gives Neil a mysterious smile.
"Oh, I guess Ryan is the cute one then, huh?" Lily asks Neil with a smile. And she would swear he's blushing.
"Oh, the cute one, huh?" Keith laughs and Neil just sits there smiling shyly.
"By the way, I'm Keith," he says to Lily and reaches his hand to her, "You must be Lily."
"Yep, that's me. Good to meet you, Keith," she smiles and shakes his hand.
"You too! I've heard a lot about you!"
"Oh... Good things I suppose?!"
"The best ones!" he laughs and winks at her, "Anyway... I should go. Talk to you after the show, guys," he says and disappears backstage.
"Oh, damn! How cute is he!" she says and shakes her head in disbelieve, "I can't wait to see the rest of them!"
"Behave!" Neil laughs.
"Sorry," she says but laughs too, "What kind of music they do anyway?" she asks then.
"No way! Like... hard-core traditional Irish one?"
He nods: "I mean... They do some pop songs too but yeah... Basically they are Irish band."
"Wow! This is gonna be amazing!"
Then the lights go off. The second after that the stage lights switch on and without any introduction the music starts playing and they start singing. And Lily just has goose bumps. They're singing Heartland which is like one of her all-time favourite, of course. Keith sings the first solo and he's just so good. Then they sing the chorus together, all five of them. 
"Oh my god!" Lily whispers to Neil, "They are seriously amazing! It's ridiculous!"
"I know!" he laughs.
Then there's this dark haired guy who sings the next solo and by the fact that Neil is basically beaming with pride, Lily just guesses that it's Ryan. And yeah, he is really cute. And sings like god. And Neil has one of his loving smiles on his face which is adorable.
"Could you be any more in love with this guy?!" Lily asks him with a smile.
"Probably not," he replies and they both laugh, "So what do you think about him?" he asks.
"You were right, he's so damn cute! And his voice is just... like kinda perfect."
"I know!" he smiles, still watching Ryan on the stage. And it's just so adorable how much in love he is. And guessing by what Keith said so is Ryan. And that's amazing and Lily is so happy for both of them. So she turns her attention back to the stage. They've finished Heartland and it's now just Keith and his acoustic guitar singing The Dutchman. Such a good song! Lily just loves it and she realizes that Keith's just cool as much as he's cute. And that's just crazy. She sips from her glass of wine and sits back and enjoys Keith's amazing voice. 
After Keith disappears from the stage, this tall bald guy comes on his place and stars singing the song Working man which is such a beautiful song. And that voice... Lily almost stops breathing for a moment because... of that voice. At the end of the song the rest of the guys come up on the stage and sing the last chorus together. But Lily just can't take her eyes off of the bald guy. The way he's smiling when he sings like he's so happy and proud to do that. And well... He has a reason to be proud. He is so amazing! 
She wants to ask Neil what's his name and what's he like or something. But she knows she wouldn't hear the end of it. Like... why is she so curious about him and stuff like that. So she just patiently waits and enjoys the concert. All the guys are amazing. Doesn't matter if they're singing solo or all together. They are so talented as individuals but do such a good harmonies as well. Lily's loving every moment. She actually knows all the song and also loves them all. 
At one moment the bald guy is actually singing a song just with Ryan. So both Lily and Neil are just sitting there, watching them, listening carefully with their mouths wide open. They're singing Gold and Silver Days and it's such a sweet song. At one moment Lily's afraid she's gonna cry. So she just sips from her glass and takes a deep breath. This is definitely the best concert she's ever been to. And she and Neil have been to a lot of concerts!
They end the show with Caledonia.
"What a great last song this is!" she whispers to Neil.
"I know, right! I love it! Did you like the concert by the way?" he asks like he would just realise she was there with him the whole time.
"Are you kidding?" she laughs, "I absolutely loved it! They are just amazingly amazing!"
Neil laughs too: "I'm glad you like them. I will be taking you to see them often in the future."
"You better!" she smiles.
They finish the last song and start saying goodbyes to the crowd. All the lights turn on and everyone is cheering. But Lily and Neil are definitely the loudest ones. And they just don't care. Like at all!
Guys see them from the stage and laugh. Keith sends Lily a kiss which just makes her smile because... Well, he is cute! Then Ryan does the same thing but she just knows it's more for Neil than for her but she smiles anyway. When she looks at the bald guy, she realises that he's actually looking at her too. And he's giving her one of his adorable smiles. She can feel her heart racing in her chest and she almost forgets how to breathe... And she doesn't even know his name! But she just can't look away. So they're looking into each other's eyes till the guys disappear backstage.
"Oh, wow! Just wow!" she has to take a deep breath.
"Exactly!" Neil laughs.
The guys step out from backstage and walk to the bar. Some people give them looks and smiles, some people even clap and cheer for them again. Guys thank them with a little nods and smiles but walk straight to Lily and Neil's table. Lily feels her heart racing. Her eyes are locked on that one guy she's just dying to meet.
Guys sit down to the table. Keith sits next to Lily and Ryan rushes to get the seat next to Neil which makes Lily and Keith laugh. Neil's blushing and Lily finds it just adorable. The bald guy's siting opposite to Lily and she realizes her knees are shaking. She takes a deep breath and gives him a little smile which he immediately gives her back. 
"We should get a drink or something, right guys?" Keith smiles to his friends.
"I'll go get it," the bald guys offers. And Lily knows what to do: "I'll go with you. I've run out too," she smiles and looks at the empty glass in front of her.
"Okay then," he gives her the biggest smile she's ever seen, "What're you having guys?" he turns to them. When they give him their orders he gets up and so does Lily. She promises Neil to get him another beer and they both head for the bar. 
"So what's your name?" he asks her when they get to the bar and they're waiting for the barman to notice them.
"Oh, right. I'm Lily," she says with a smile and reaches her hand to him.
"Nice to meet you, Lil'. I'm George," he shakes her hand.
"Big George," slips from her mouth before she can even realize it.
"How do you know that?" he laughs.
"Well... Keith said something like that before the show," she feels the embarrassment on her cheeks.
"Of course he did."
"Anyway... You guys were amazing!" she smiles shyly.
"Well thank you very much, little one."
"C'mon, this is not fair. Big George is such a cool nickname. Little one is... You're just making fun of me," she says trying so hard to be offended but she just can't help it but laugh.
"I wouldn't dare!" he laughs too and winks at her.
Then George orders the drinks and as they're waiting for them, the bar gets kind of overcrowded so they're forced to stand really close to each other. And like that's not enough, he also gently puts his hand on the small of her back. And her heart does a back flip in her chest. She feels million butterflies in her stomach and doesn't really know what to do. So she looks at him... And gets lost in his kind blue eyes that are locked onto her.
"Sorry, should I put the hand away?" he asks.
"Please, don't!" she whispers and he smiles.
But then the barman brings their drinks and they have to get back to reality to pay for them. They do, then George takes the tray with all the drinks and they both head back to the table. Lily's knees are still shaking when she sits down.
Then they all drink, talk, laugh... They're just having a great time. Boys make fun of each other that makes Lily cry from laughing but it's also adorable because it shows how great friends they are. Neil and Ryan have eyes just for each other which makes Lily really happy.
When they're finished with their drinks, Keith and Paul get up to go to the bar. At this moment Lily's a bit tipsy and she's just dying to be alone with George. Though she doesn't really know if it's the wine speaking. 
Keith and Paul get back and they all drink and talk some more.
When it's almost midnight, Neil turns to Lily: "Hey, Lil'bun, me and Ryan are leaving, okay?"
"Already?" she wonders.
He nods: "Yeah, we're going to his place."
"Oh, I see!" she smiles, "Well then... Have fun, babe!" she winks at him.
"Will you get home alright?" he worries.
"Of course, I will, honey, don't worry about me! Just go and enjoy the night."
"Okay, thanks. I'll call you in the morning," he smiles and leans in to kiss her cheek, "Bye."
"Bye, honey bun. Bye, Ryan."
They get up, say goodbye to the boys and leave. 
But the bar is still full of people, they still have something to drink... So the fun is still not over. And Lily's really enjoying the night. Keith's is just hilarious, so is Paul, and Lily laughs a lot.
After maybe two more hours, Keith gets up to go talk to some of his other friends that are in the bar and George moves closer to Lily.
Before she can do anything, he leans in to whisper in her ear: "Do you wanna just get out of here? We can go to my place."
"That would be very nice, actually," she gives him a seductive smile and feels her heart racing in her chest and her knees getting weak.
"Okay, then," he smiles all happy and obviously proud of himself.
They get up, say goodbye to boys and leave the bar.
"So, we walk?" she asks when they step out on the street.
"Yeah, it's just a couple of blocks away," he answers and puts an arm around her shoulders and leads the way.
She's all snuggled up by his side and she's almost surprised about how safe she feels with him even though she practically just met the guy and giving the history she's got with men. But he seems different than the others - grown up, kind, nice and all gentleman like. She's smiling as they're walking down the street and he notices.
"You're happy?" he asks.
"I'm too drunk to tell for sure, but... Yeah, I think I am," she says and looks him in the eyes.
He laughs and without a word, he kisses her lips. She notices that familiar taste of Guinness at his lips but she likes it. They stop and get lost in the moment for a second. She wraps her arms around his waist and he plays with her hair.
She smiles into the kiss as she can tell how turn on he is and well... She is too. It all seems kinda wild. She's never like this - to go out for the night with friends and end up going home with a stranger. It's crazy, and quite dangerous... But maybe that's what makes it that much exciting.
She brushes her tongue against his bottom lip and when she gently bites it, he moans quietly.
He breaks the kiss: "C'mon, let's go, it's not far," he whispers, grabs her hand and leads her down the road. She doesn't say a word, but smiles and follows him.
They arrive at his place in about ten minutes and as soon as the door closes behind them, he pushes her against the wall and attacks her lips again. And clothes are coming off in a minute. She doesn't mind the speed this whole thing is getting into. She, as well, can't wait to get in bed with him. Which is... Well, totally not like her! But something about this guy just seems to make her become a completely different person.
When they get into the sheets, they're both already naked. And it's all getting very hot... And sweet... And very nice! And she realises that this night, indeed, turned into something really amazing.