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You Can Hear It In The Silence

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Harry smirked as he looked over at Gemma who was eyeing him curiously, probably wondering why he was in such a good mood and well it was hard to explain really. How could he tell his sister the cause of his good mood? He knew as much as she loved him she'd probably wind up judging him in the end.

"You okay today Haz?" Gemma asked as she reached out to feel Harry's forehead. "You're acting more chipper than normal and maybe you shouldn't fly into New York today? You may be sick."

Harry laughed as he shook his head, "I'm not sick Gems," he smiled as he moved away from her touch. "Just happy to go to New York is all," he shrugged feeling his smile grow big enough that his dimples came out. "Get to see a friend while I'm there too."

Gemma once again eyed Harry curiously, "The person who has been making you smile since your break up with Louis?" she asked with a hint of hope.

It was a hint Harry couldn't fault her for because he had taken his break up with Louis hard. Though how could he not? He had been with Louis since he was sixteen and he was twenty-one and how do you react when the man you had loved so deeply confessed to cheating and getting a blonde club girl pregnant?

Harry hadn't reacted well and for the first three months he had retreated into himself and then on the fourth month in November when he had flown to the states before Thanksgiving had been when he had met the person that Gemma spoke of. The one who had been making him smile.

They had met at a gay club and like Harry that person too was going through his own heartbreak. His marriage of nine years was ending because his wife had cheated and it had hurt him and broken him. Which that information had been enough to confuse Harry at first because why was a straight man at a gay club? But then he had found out that the man was accompanying his openly gay brother which settled Harry slightly because he had fallen in lust at first sight and was afraid of falling for someone who was bisexual again and getting hurt but instead he had fallen in lust with a straight guy which was probably worse.

But even that hadn't stopped him from exchanging numbers with the guy before he left for the night and ever since then he had been texting and calling the guy regularly and they had even finally started skyping when Harry wasn't busy with things and now that it was the Friday before his twenty-second birthday Harry was flying to New York where the guy lived to go and visit him again.

It was a plan that hadn't actually been his idea but he had readily agreed when his friend had suggested it and maybe he was reading too much into it, but maybe it meant that he meant something deeper to his friend than just a casual hang out at a bar in November or text messages and phone calls and skype dates.

Harry knew he probably could never change this person's sexuality but well he could dream and read too much into things and probably get his heart hurt but hopefully it wouldn't be as bad as when Louis hurt his heart.

"Yes, with the person who has been making me smile," Harry finally confirmed as he blushed once he realized he had zoned out on Gemma who had been looking at him even more curiously thanks to his trip in the clouds or really his own head.

Gemma too finally seemed to lighten up at his answer, a smile playing on her lips. "So when are you going to introduce me to the bloke?" she asked playfully. "I'd like to meet the man who is probably going to be my brother's next boyfriend."

Harry rolled his eyes at that, though guilt began to kick in because there Gemma was unknowingly bringing up why she'd probably judge him. Because he hadn't divulged that the man was straight and he knew if he did Gemma would be disappointed. She'd think he clearly had lost his mind for getting so attached to someone who would never like him back.

"I don't know," Harry answered as he shrugged his shoulders. "Eventually maybe," he sighed not opting to tell her that the man who made him smile would never be his boyfriend because that man was a heterosexual male who seemed very content with it, if the way he talked about his conquests on nights out with his group of friends was anything to go by.

"Maybe," Gemma huffed as she shook her head. "Before the wedding day I hope."

Harry once again rolled his eyes at that because it was typical Gemma to already have him married off to this new guy and hadn't she done the same with Louis the day he told her they were dating. Sadly the Louis thing had fallen through and this thing, the friendship he had would never lead to a wedding.

Before he could respond to her though his cell phone went off alerting him to a new message and as he pulled the phone out of his pocket, he couldn't help the grin on his face when he saw the name Zac on the screen.

Opening the text he read it and grinned even more.

I'll pick you up at the airport-Z

It was short and sweet but it made him happy because he was afraid that Zac wouldn't be able to make it, seeing as Zac was an art teacher at a high school and today was Friday and he knew when he got in, it would still be a school day there and he hated taking cabs in the city.

Though he reckoned if Zac hadn't been able to pick him up he could have just arranged for his people to set up a rented car to pick him up but he wanted to keep this trip a secret. Didn't want to be caught by paparazzi or fans if he could help it. He just wanted a weekend away for his birthday with a man who he considered the closest friend he had at the moment.

Leaving the baggage claim area of the airport, Harry chewed on his lip as he walked out into the main area, doing his best to not be seen by many people as well as looking for Zac among the crowd. Hoping that Zac had kept his word and was indeed going to be here to pick him up like he had said via text.

"Harold!" a loud but familiar voice called out and as Harry followed the voice he couldn't help the smile on his face when his eyes landed on Zac who was waiting for him, bundled up in a jacket and scarf.

Shaking his head he made his way over to the man and the moment he reached him he was a bit surprised when Zac was the one who pulled him into a hug because well during their first meeting he had never gotten the vibe that Zac was overly affectionate nor had he seemed that way during their many phone calls or skype sessions.

"It's good to see you again face to face," Zac spoke as he held Harry a bit tighter to him. "Called in a substitute the first time this school year just so I could pick you up at the airport," he laughed softly as he pulled away from Harry and the moment they did Harry felt his cheeks getting hot and he knew he was blushing under Zac's stare as well as blushing at the knowledge that he was partly the reason Zac had a substitute today.

"You didn't have to do that," Harry finally spoke as Zac took a few bags from him before turning to head outside. "I could have just gotten a cab or called my people to get me a rental car."

Zac shook his head, "I wanted to Harry," he spoke and he did seem genuine in his words. "I mean I already feel bad that I have to work on your birthday on Monday so I may as well make up for it by taking Friday off and spending most of it with you. Come Monday, I'm pretty sure you'll be sick of me."

"I doubt I'll be sick of you," Harry told him as Zac turned to look at him with a curious kind of smirk. "I've been talking to you every day since November and I keep coming back don't I?"

"True," Zac laughed as he nodded his head. "But well that's different than actually being around me a lot. My brother's can't even stand me for three hours half the time. Pretty sure that's one reason Taylor's glad he and his husband live in California."

Harry shook his head but he remained silent as they continued their walk in the parking lot and when they made it to Zac's car, Harry waited until Zac opened the trunk and then he put what bags he had inside.

"So what are the plans tonight?" Harry asked as he went to the passenger side door after his bags were put away in the trunk.

Zac smiled as he looked over at Harry after making it to the driver's side, "Isaac and his wife Nikki are coming over for dinner. I've kind of sort of told Isaac about you a lot and he wants to meet the pop star his brother is always talking about."

Blushing at Zac's words again, Harry did his best to look away as he got in the car and buckled up. "Let's hope I don't disappoint him then. I mean if you've been telling him good things."

"I have been," Zac nodded as he started the car up and pulled out of his parking space. "Kind of hard not to talk nice about the only person helping me through my divorce from Katie."

Harry looked down at his hands as he felt his cheeks grow a bit warmer because the last thing he had expected was to know he was who Zac considered the only person helping him through his divorce, especially since he had friends here in New York.

Though it was Harry that Zac always called every night and they did have a tendency to talk about their respective heart aches in those phone calls and if Harry was honest besides his sister Gemma he had relied on Zac the most these past few months and last week when Briana had finally given birth to her and Louis' child it had been Zac he called to vent and get past his frustrations that Louis had a baby finally. Something that he and Harry had always talked about even as young as they were.

"You're kind of the only other person besides Gemma who has helped me through my break up with Louis," Harry revealed as he looked back at Zac. "It's always been nice to have someone to vent too and you're kind of like my best friend now."

Zac seemed to smile thoughtfully at that, "Well you're kind of my best friend too Harry Styles."

Once they had finally arrived at Zac's house, Zac had shown Harry to the guest room where Harry situated his stuff while Zac began to fix dinner. Claiming it was a simple one since he really couldn't cook and while Zac did that Harry busied himself with getting ready before having to face Zac's brother and his wife.

He wasn't sure really why he was so nervous though he chalked it up to the fact that Zac had admitted about talking about Harry to Isaac and well Harry really wanted to live up to whatever expectations that Isaac had of him, even if he knew that was probably impossible since no one could live up to anyone's expectations.

Hearing a knock on the door of the guest room while he was in the middle of putting his hair up, Harry turned seeing Zac standing in the doorway and giving him a tiny smile and Harry half wondered how long Zac had been standing there.

"Ike and Nikki are here," Zac spoke and Harry couldn't help but swallow hard because during his preparations he had let time slip away from him somehow. "And dinner is done. It's spaghetti with a side of some bagged salad that I bought before going to the airport to pick you up."

Harry nodded his head as he finished putting his hair up into a bun and as Zac turned to leave the room, he followed behind, feeling even more nervous now that he really was going to be hanging out with Zac's brother and his sister-in-law and he only prayed he made a good first impression.

He may have only been Zac's best friend but he did have a slight crush or lust thing going on and for some reason he just wanted to make good impressions on people close to Zac, especially if Zac told them about their friendship.