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Why It's Bad to Get Harry Mad

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Harry Potter was under the corner table in Dumbledore's office listening to those he thought were his friends and family. Those in the Order who loved him, he was told. Instead, he could hear everything they were saying. He knew Dumbledore and Mad-Eye couldn't see him from where they were sitting. He had made sure of that before he originally tried this idea. He needed to remain hidden.

"We need Harry to spend the whole summer with his muggle relatives. They have already agreed to follow the same plan for him as always. None of you are to write to him, none of you are to mention trying to get him away from them. I need them to beat him back into obedience."

"You're making a mistake." Snape stated.

"We heard you the first time you have said it, Severus, but he needs to take care of Tom for us." Dumbledore reminded him. "This is the only way to make sure he does his job."

"You might try being honest with him." Snape commented. "The boy breaks rules, he finds things out you don't want him to, he knows you are hiding things from him. All of you are making a mistake." Snape stood up. "I told you before I didn't want to be part of this. Keep me out of it." Potter heard the door open and close as Snape left the office.

"Molly, make sure you send him the food with the potions in it. I want him loyal and submissive when he gets back." Dumbledore told her.

"What do you want us to do, Headmaster?" Granger asked.

"Make sure he gets to his relatives. Keep him believing no one will believe that he is abused. Make sure he stays away from anyone who might be willing to aid or hide him."

"Who would do that? No one likes him." Ron said. "Ginny is getting tired of hanging on him and wants to know if she can get rid of him for the summer and date Dean again?"

"As long as Harry doesn't know I don't care." Dumbledore told them.

"Mad-Eye and Remus set up the watchers at his muggle relatives house. Remind Tonks to blend in." Dumbledore stated.

Potter hung his head. He continued to listen to them talk for a few more hours about his vaults, his titles, his properties, and his blocked magic. He was glad he had his cape and map with him because he wasn't going to be sticking around Hogwarts. As soon as they left Dumbledore's Office, Potter waited another hour and made his way out of the office and to the tower. He cast a sleep charm on Ron's bed and quietly packed his few belongs into his trunk and shrunk it down. He headed out of the tower, using his map to make sure he didn't run into anyone. He went straight to the bank.


Five years later:

Potter stretched and looked at the owl waiting on the perch for him. He went to it after casting numerous charms and detection spells on it and took the parchment. Dumbledore was getting sloppy. He opened it and read. He looked at the owl and back to the letter and laughed.

"Mr. Noircir:

I am interested in your services. Please advise when a good time is to meet.

A. Dumbledore"

Potter picked up his pen and turned the parchment over and wrote one word.


He rolled it up and tied it to the leg and sent the bird on its way with a Confundo on the owl. He knew Dumbledore didn't know he was also Harry Potter. He started his breakfast when his ward alarms went off. He grinned and waited for the next ward to kick in. He smirked as he heard a yelp. He went into the bedroom and with a wave of his wand, his few belongings were in a trunk. He was ready to leave as the third ward went off. He had to love the Order they were persistent even when he laid out clear traps for them.

He opened his window and stepped out onto the ledge as the Order entered the dingy set of rooms. He used a mirror to see who was inside and grinned. Weasley, Granger, Mad-Eye, Lupin, and Black. He tossed one of the twin's blackout bombs into the room. He heard it land and used his mirror to see the room was now in total darkness. He smirked and entered the room. He quietly summoned their wands as he walked through the room and out the door. "Had fun, must do it again." Potter closed the door, leaving them behind in a black room. He walked down the set of stairs and turned the corner and leaned against the wall, staring at the door that led to under the stairs. "Severus."

Snape stepped out from his hiding spot. He kept his head bowed. "I tried to get here before them."

"I know. I was making us breakfast when they tripped my first ward. Now, what do they want?" Harry had known the Order would arrive eventually but he expected them later today.

Snape looked at Harry Potter. Potter was twenty now. He had evaded the Order for five years while he took control of his vaults, titles, and seats. He had blocked Dumbledore in so many different ways that old man was still fuming about. Not that he knew it was Potter or Noircir that was ruining the old fool's plans. Dumbledore wanted his weapon back so that his weapon would kill the Dark Lord. "He heard about this place from Dung. He wants to force a loyalty potion into you."

Potter laughed. "That isn't happening, you know that. The complete story and don't make me ask again or I will reteach you that lesson."

"He wanted to see if I could talk you into returning. He forced me to come here with them. He also wants me to provide him with some potions to control you and they weren't just the loyalty. He mentioned that if they caught you, he might want to place a collar on you." Snape kept his head down. He didn't want to relearn any of his lessons. His Master was very strict which was what he wanted and needed but didn't mean he enjoyed his lessons. He wanted to please his Master. "Master, the Dark Lord wants to see you too."

"Here isn't the place to talk." He sighed. He had been hoping for a quick trap for Dumbledore and his idiots. Potter stepped forward and pulled Snape toward him. They apparated before the Order even left those rooms. When they landed, Snape went directly to his knees, his hands behind his back, his right wrist holding his left, he head bowed and his back straight. Potter watched a bit of the tension leave Snape's body. This was home, this was where they felt safe. This was where Snape knew his place and relished in it, just as much as Potter did. This was where they shed their masks the rest of the world saw. This was their haven.

"Heel." Potter said as he started to walk away and knew Snape was crawling after him. He went into the kitchen. "Place." Snape went and knelt by his Master's chair. He watched his mate make breakfast and not a word was exchanged. He watched him serve up two plates. He grinned, he loved his Master's cooking. Potter put one plate on the floor. "Eat." They ate in silence and when Snape was done he looked up and Potter used a napkin and cleaned his face. "So tell me what is going on?"

"The Dark Lord knows Dumbledore is stepping up his game in the hopes of catching you. Dumbledore also has been following all the leads you have sent out. The Dark Lord also knows you are Mr. Noircir, Master." Snape wasn't sure how his mate would handle that information. His mate worked hard at keeping his real name hidden and he didn't look like Harry Potter anymore. He was taller at almost six foot 2 inches, his muscles were well toned, his long black hair was kept restrained by a black hair ribbon. He didn't need glasses any longer and his famous scar was gone.

"How did he find that out?" Potter wondered as he played with Snape's hair. Snape leaned into his hand. He gave a quick caress down Snape's face and went back to playing with Snape's hair.

"Lucius, it seems he was the one who wanted to hire you for your last job. Lucius panicked when he saw you take out the guards he had hired and ran to the Dark Lord. He wasn't aware it was you. He was just afraid, Lucius doesn't like to stick around if there is a potential for danger." Snape leaned into Potter's hand and resting his head on Potter's leg.

"Wonder how Tom liked that?" Potter asked. He sat back in his chair. He wasn't sure if he wanted to meet with Tom as of yet. While he hadn't actually hadn't worked against the Dark Lord he certainly hadn't worked for him.

"Lucius got punished for it. He wanted Lucius to set up another job but Avery told him that if Lucius tried it you would just kill Lucius. Avery reminded the Dark Lord of that attempt to set a trap for you by that black market wizard."

"So when did he realize I was Mr. Noircir?" He wondered how Tom had figured who he was out. He knew it wasn't because Tom knew what he looked like. He also knew it wasn't because he bothered Tom or his Death Eaters. He actually didn't bother with Dumbledore unless the idiot began to interfere with his businesses.

"When he watched Lucius' memories." Snape told him. "He told me he wants to see you today."

"Really? He just expected me to obey?"

Snape looked up. He knew his Master didn't like orders something that Dumbledore still hadn't learned. "He just said wants to see you today. He said you would know where he was."

"Pet, what did you tell him when he said that?" Potter asked calmly.

"I said that I would pass the message but you would appear when you had time." Snape answered honestly. "He didn't punish me for it."

"He knows better. We will go after you shower. You smell like Hogwarts."

Snape grinned. He knew that he will be joined and started to walk to the bathroom. He glanced back as he exited the kitchen. "Master, it's time?"

Potter looked up and gave him a grin. "Yes, it is. Time to put an end to Dumbledore and his games. Time to fix Tom completely. I have all of his Horcruxes. Yes, I do believe it's time."

Snape walked back into the kitchen, leaned down, kissed Potter. "It was truly the best day you caught me in that trap, Master."

Potter grinned. "I agree."

*****************************Flashback, Snape's POV********************************

Snape looked around the dark alley and slowly approached the hidden doorway. He hated this job assignment. He had no idea where Dumbledore got his information on this new location but he had a very bad feeling about it. Dumbledore wanted him to check it out as he had sent Lupin and Mad-Eye to two other locations. He quietly opened the door and withdrawing his wand entered the building. He waited for his eyes to adjust to the gloom and began to walk around the edges of the room.

"You know, he really should have sent more than just you." He heard a voice say. The voice was deeper than he remembered. He knew it had to be Potter.

"Potter." Snape was trying to figure out where the boy could be in the room. This was the first time he had heard and, hopefully, would see Potter in almost two years of looking for the blasted brat. The room was too dark for even him to see in. He wondered how that was possible.

"Snape, you really shouldn't have come." Snape heard it seemed like he was on the other side of the room. Snape glanced quickly to where he thought the voice was coming from. There was something off about this room.

"You know, choices." Snape finally replied. He watched to see if he could see any movement.

"I will give you one right now. Walk away or find out how skilled I have become in almost two years."

The voice was coming from a different area now. He hadn't seen any movement but he knew the room was this dark for reason. It was too dark, unnaturally so. "You know I can't walk away." He hated doing this. He knew this whole idea was going to come back and bite him in the arse. He had been telling Dumbledore for over three years, the year before Potter disappeared and the last two, that Dumbledore was handling Potter wrong.

"You really should have followed your own advice about not being part of this and stayed out of it."

The reply confirmed what Snape had thought. Potter knew about what happened two years ago before he disappeared, shortly after his fifth-year exams. Potter had seemed quiet during the year and Snape had watched him. He noticed Potter watching his "friends" closely but Snape had noticed that Potter wasn't as close to them as they had been the years before. He hadn't found Potter roaming the halls as much or really doing much during his fifth-year. Potter had even seemed to be able to avoid Umbridge, despite her numerous attempts to try and get Potter into detention. He had actually seemed to avoid everyone, only showing up for his classes and for meals in the Great Hall. "So you knew."


He was suddenly on the floor with a wand pointed at his neck and his own wand was out of his hand. He looked up and Potter was standing above him, Potter tilted his head and they stared at each other for a few seconds before he found himself closing his eyes.


Snape was aware he wasn't alone in the room. It was confirmed when he heard, "you can open your eyes, I know you are awake." Snape opened his eyes and went to move but found he was bound. He couldn't feel any restraints but he also couldn't move. He was laying on a bed in an almost bare room. The bed was big and comfortable. The walls were done in a creamy white color with plush drapes around the bed and windows. The drapes and quilt on the bed were a deep green color.

"Spell of my own creation. You can't move off of the bed until I give you permission." He could move now. He saw Potter as he stepped into his line of sight. He was much taller than he remembered. He thought he might even be taller than him. He was also very well built. Gone was the skinny boy, messy hair, and glasses. Instead, he was looking at someone who worked out, the hair was longer, pulled back. "You did a good job hiding it."

Snape was confused by that comment. He couldn't know what he was, no one did. "Hiding?"

Potter leaned down and whispered in his ear. "I know."

Snape was puzzled by that and opened his senses fully, he could smell it now, he recognized that scent. "Vampire." He was being overwhelmed by the scent, by the pure power in the room.

"What else?"

"Mate." Snape lowered his eyes. He had found his dominant mate. He now knew why Potter had bothered him so much. This was his mate, his dominant, his match. "How?"

"Turns out the Potter's weren't my family. I am from the House of Drăculești of Basarab Dynasty."

He saw Potter grin when he realized what that meant. "How long?" Potter was from the oldest line in vampire history.

"Have I known I was a vampire? End of my fourth year. I knew something was different and let's just say I returned to Hogwarts over the summer and spent a lot of time reading."

"That was you." Dumbledore, Minerva, Filch, and he had spent that summer trying to figure out who was in the library, who kept taking down the wards, and who had frozen the portraits on the second and third floor. "You were the one who was at Hogwarts."

"Yes." Potter caressed his face. "I believe we will start your lessons later. I have some things I need to take care of. Sleep."

Snape felt his eyes close.

*******************End of flashback******************************************

Snape glanced around and began to follow his Master into Slytherin Castle. "I do hope he hasn't tried to change the wards." He heard his Master mutter as they entered the Castle. "Good, he didn't. Hello, Tom."

"I know better." Tom stepped into the foyer. "I believe you would have made me pay dearly for it, you did last time I changed them."

"Shouldn't have tried to add that tracking ward for me. I believe we need to talk."