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From Bully to buddy, from enemies to lovers

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Hi my name is Stiles Stilinski, and let me tell you about my life. Cameras rolling and imaginary slideshow.
See that picture right there is of me and Derek in third grade.. We were friends, our moms were best friend and if you look in the corner, you can see Scott shoving cake in his face. You see Scott and I have been friends sense diapers. Our mothers used to do the full moon together. In second grade is when Derek came into the picture. All our moms started hanging out.
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This is fourth grade that guy right next to Derek is Boyd his best friend, other than us. As you can see Scott is next to me. We were inseparable for two years until the day.
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That's six grade... Apparently because we both had alpha parents we got to find our soulmates early. That's the day we found the mark. We were reading in our group and then both our backs started itching and glowing, and the teacher told us to take off our shirts and they had to look away because it was so bright. There it was a group of roses in a heart with two wolves in the middle with there tails making hearts. Derek flipped and Called me names and walked out. He always thought his soulmate was gonna be a girl. So I was a shock. Thankfully the rest of the class didn't tease me. They just wanted to see it. Derek's mother was overjoyed so was mine. Derek shot down their joy real quick. He shoved me into a vending machine on the way out. Me I was excited to find my soulmate and to have someone to love! And love me back! I was also happy it was one of my best friends. My mom said "when a boy is mean it means he likes you," as she wiped my tears "no!" I said "it means he's a big ole bully!" So yes I sounded very little. Don't blame me, my best friend just pushed me into a vending machine. Scott and Boyd came out. They helped me up, I told Boyd he should prolly go to Derek right now and made him promise that we will still be friends.
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That's 7th grade our class picture. See me and Scott in the front, and Derek and boyd in the back. Boyd kept his promise, we were still friends, he didn't bully me unlike Derek.
8th grade, the year one of hell. Jackson moved to town and thought I was trying to steal his crush, uh no, I was trying to help him. I got Lydia Martin and Jackson together, he bullied me until he heard that, he just told me to stay out of his way as a thank you. Derek on the other hand after Jackson stopped bullying he started bullying me with a passion. he also presented as an Alpha making him one of the most wanted guys, Scott also presented as an Alpha.
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Year of hell part 2. 9th grade the year I presented as an omega.. The only omega in the school and one of 10 male omegas in the world, so I'm special. Suddenly I was more wanted then anybody. Still Derek bullied me. It was less severe but more often. He was mad that I was more wanted and that people were calling us the Power Couple behind our backs. Scott stuck with me through it all. People were whispering behind our backs that Scott and I were together, that only made Derek jealous and he told me I'm not aloud to date. I spit in his eye and said "you can't tell me what to do. And I'm done taking your shit," and I walked away.
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Oh that was the end well now we're in 10th and Scotts dating a girl named Allison. Derek still bullies me, yesterday mom and dad got invited to the Hale Mansion (as I like to call it) and we're heading over after school.. Wish me luck!


like 4:00pm

We arrive at the house and Talia opens the door "Stiles" she says while hugging me, "come on in! John, Claudia, good to see you, let's go sit at the table so we can discuss some things,"

"Stiles your sitting by me," Derek's younger sister says we sit down at a rectangle table with Derek's parents at one end, mine at the other I'm inbetween The uncle Peter and Cora and Derek is across from me sitting by Laura his older sister.

"So as you know I'm hosting a pack meet and great Fair, PMGF. Well a lot of werewolves will be there and they'll be trying to wene there way into our pack through Derek. We don't want to it to be like last time,"

"mom that was one time,"

"we can't be to careful," after I presented Derek got so upset he went out and then he met a women named Kate Argent and long story short she's a hunter, she tried to set the house on fire, we caught her and put it out before any damage could be done and she's now in federal prison, "and sense the boys are soulmates we want them to pretend like they are in love so someone doesn't try to take advantage of Derek..," I turn to Derek "your okay with this?"

"No.. But I don't have a choice," I open my mouth to say something but dad Interups me and says "neither does stiles, we'll help you! How do we explain how they aren't mated yet?" "Well say they are waiting for Stiles heat!" "Perfect," after dinner we left the parents were chatty, Derek and I... Not so much.. I have to be in a fake relationship with the guy who bullies me.. we have to start being cuddly tomarrow to try to act convincing.. This is gonna be hell...