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There were a number of things Jethro Gibbs could ignore while working a case, especially a homicide, but his lover spilling hot coffee on his crotch wasn’t one of them. The waste of good coffee aside, Gibbs had plans for the evening that involved Tony, their bed, maybe handcuffs, definitely chocolate sauce and lots of lube. He didn’t want any part of Tony hurt but he couldn’t exactly demand an exam in front of his whole team.

“DiNozzo,” Gibbs barked as he threw his coat over his chair. “Conference, now.”

“Right, boss,” Tony managed; dropping the towels he was holding and following his boss to the elevator. “I’m really, really sorry, boss; my fingers slipped and I just…” He broke off as Gibbs pushed him into the waiting car. “This isn’t about the coffee, is it?”

Gibbs flipped the emergency switch and turned to face his lover. “Oh, it’s about the coffee all right,” he said. “But not like you think.” He undid Tony’s pants and reached in. “I want to make sure there’s no real damage, Tony. You need to be more careful.”

“I didn’t know you cared, boss,” Tony grinned. “I’ve got condoms in my wallet. They all think you’re yelling at me so we could indulge in a little stress relief and I’ll flush the evidence when I’m washing my pants.”

“It’ll have to be quick, Tony,” Gibbs whispered, rubbing his thumb over the head of his lover’s growing erection.

“Real quick, boss,” Tony replied. “And if we’re a little flushed and sweaty when we come out, everyone will think we had a fight.” He squeaked as Gibbs’ hand ran over his ass and into his back pocket.

“Are you always this prepared, DiNozzo?” Gibbs asked, pulling out two condoms.

“Just wait until tonight if you want prepared.” Tony quickly unzipped his lover’s slacks and opened the wrapper. “I can’t wait for tonight.”

Gibbs snorted and pressed Tony up against the wall. “Let’s put the case to bed first.”

“Right.” Tony’s free hand tangled in Gibbs’ silver hair and he pulled his lover to him for a gentle kiss.

“Careful,” Gibbs whispered against Tony’s lips and then moaned as his lover’s hand started stroking him with a sure touch. He started to fist Tony, knowing neither of them would last long.

It was Tony who came first, face pressed against Gibbs’ neck to muffle his cry. He pulled Gibbs’ undershirt out of the way and bit down on his lover’s collar bone as he twisted his hand and Gibbs came, Tony’s name a whisper on his lips.

“Go get cleaned up,” Gibbs said a few minutes later. He kissed Tony gently. “And let’s get back to work.” He flipped the emergency switch off.

Tony kissed Gibbs one more time. “Right, boss.”

Kate looked up when Gibbs stalked back to his desk and noticed the faint flush across his cheeks. “You know, Gibbs, there are more important things to get upset over than spilled coffee,” she said.

“Name one,” Gibbs replied, turning a cold blue stare on his agent.

“Murder,” Kate replied instantly.

“Spilling my coffee is murder, Kate,” Gibbs said, his tone indicating the conversation was over. He chose to ignore her muttering about addicts needing fixes. If only she knew the real addiction was just returning to his desk. Huh, maybe he should get some whipped cream on his way home.