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Our Own Adventure

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There once was a family of noble lineage called Dyer, whom in old times past, fought for their king with the might of their Eevee at their side. Knights and Holy Warriors came to be from this powerful family, throwing themselves into the thickest of battle with a companion of an Eevee evolution at their side. When the wars were won, and the mighty Dyer family was honored by the great king; the knights and warriors laid down their swords and started a home in Alamos Town. They became Barons of the land and as the centuries went by this ancient family stayed true to the pokemon whom brought them so much glory. Every child born into the family was given an egg, which they would love, hatch and find themselves with an Eevee of their very own. Many took on the family business or traveled the world in search of adventure, as the noble spirit of knights and warriors still thrived in their veins. Anyone whom came from this family was destined for greatness in some shape or form, as long as they had their Eevee to help and guide them. No longer Barons but business leaders, Champions or Elite pokemon trainers; the Dyer's did everything with the Eevee. The Crest above the manor's door consisted of their precious pokemon and its many evolutions. A Dyer wasn't a true Dyer without an Eevee, this cannot be stressed enough. Until one fateful day, a Dyer found them without.

Little Selena Dyer, youngest daughter and third born into this prestigious family was given her egg at the age of five. Her elder two sisters read her books on how to care for her egg, their own Eevee still just Eevee as well and young. Selena listened and took care of the egg with the utmost care, she wanted to have such a bond as her sisters did with their Eevees. Her eldest sister Asuna, with blond hair so light it looked like moon beams and the looks of one from the tapestries of the Holy Warriors, had named her little Eevee Ryver, as he hatched while she had sung by a river that flowed by the manor to the Goldeen and Marill. Katrina, her middle sister, with their mother's curly dark hair and lithe form of a knight, was especially celebrated, as her egg hatched to reveal a shiny Eevee that she named Quinky, a special name for a special Eevee she had stated when asked. So little Selena was inspired, she read her little books to the egg, curled around it in bed and sung to the baby inside so they slept peacefully. Selena thought of names, and talked to the egg of what they would do together. She talked of getting on a boat and chasing pirates like her great grandfather once did. She babbled about learning to fight with her Eevee in sword fights and all the things they would see together.

Alas it was not meant to be, two weeks ran into four weeks, and the egg grew cold and brittle. Selena cried and asked her sisters what the books said, what was she to do to help her pokemon live. Her sisters had no answer, and the day came when Selena awoke to a dead baby pokemon.

The whole family went into an uproar, such an occurrence had never happened once in the history of the Dyer's. The uncles and aunts not so quietly accused the girl of mistreating her gift and neglecting the egg. The grandparents had said gravely that it was a bad omen on the whole family, the Dyer lineage would come to an end, for without the Eevees there was no Dyer Empire. After that the cousins kept their own Eevees far away from Selena, calling her bad luck. Her parents were beside themselves on how to fix the mistake, they thought perhaps another egg. However no one in the family would offer another egg, and their own Flareon and Jolton were both brothers, and Katrina and Asuna's own were siblings as well. Their mother sobbed in her study, unable to think of a solution, as the Eevee's had to be caught or given by family. Their father argued with his siblings heatedly over the shrewdness on which they kept their pokemon's eggs. His daughter had done nothing to deserve this, no omen would destroy his children's lives!

With the stress of the situation and the grief of losing her first pokemon at such a young age, Selena ran away into the forest. She ran crying and tripping as she went, the wild pokemon watching in curiosity and concern. The five year old ran until her little legs could no longer push her further and she stopped under a tree and sobbed her little heart out. Asuna and Katrina were the first to notice her missing and in fear ran to find her, their Eevee leading the charge to sniff out the wayward child. As night fell, their parents joined their daughters search with Flareon and Jolteon lighting the way; they found the littlest Dyer curled until a tree being comforted by a Ralts. Ralts in these woods were on heard of, but mother pointed out that Ralts were pulled by a humans emotions and would seek out Selena in her distress to calm her. The Ralts sang gentle meaningless words to the human and when the family came upon them, the Ralts stood her ground to defend her charge. Before the Ralts could teleport Selana away, the Flareon stepped forward and seemed to explain to the wild pokemon the situation. The Ralts calmed but did not leave, and as father carefully walked forward and picked up his littlest child, the Ralts kept close on his heels all the way to the manner. No fear was to be found in this tiny pokemon, Ralts followed them inside the manner and all the way to Selena's room where her family tucked her in to bed; where she gave no mind to the humans watching and jumped up on the bed and snuggled up to her charge.

Bewildered by such an act, the father feared leaving his child with a wild pokemon, but the mother was quick to assure them all that Ralts were the kindest pokemon in the pokemon world. They're love for human kind was greater than any other, there was nothing to fear from the tiny Ralts. Fears assuaged, they all left the two alone to sleep. In the morning their parents brought an empty pokeball and gave it to Selena, they explained how she would need to ask the Ralts if it would like to stay as her pokemon, the explanation they would have given if her egg had lived. The tiny Ralts needn't be asked, it seemed, as once Selena walked over to her new friend, the Ralts tapped the button itself and disappeared into the ball without a fuss. The button turned red only once and then was caught, Selena released her new pokemon and hugged her tight. The events were relayed to the grandparents and they frowned; while they loved all pokemon, Eevee were the Dyer's luck and tradition. A Dyer who first pokemon was not a Evee, was not a Dyer at all. The mother insisted this was a special destiny for her child; she would do great things with such a brave Ralts. However no one would listen, and it came to be that Selena was the black Mareep of the family, and her Ralts became her only companion. Asuna and Katrina started their own journeys when they came of age, and their mother had a little boy not a year later. His egg hatched and evolved into an Umbreon within a month.

Selena's parents despite their assurance on her destiny, worried for her and kept Selena from leaving on her own journey. Her Ralts, later named Chloe, and her little brother, Jayden, became her only solace in the lonely manor, as no one in the family wanted her bad luck. As she grew older, Selena wanted to be bitter but Chloe pulled her from those dark thoughts and would teleport them to the forest where they could find peace; and Selena could talk of her dreams to be a knight or holy warrior like in the old tales, how they'd fight villains and brave dangers together. With love and training Chloe evolved into a Kirlia and her parents were overjoyed for her, Selena and Chloe shared a thought and came to the decision that it was time to leave on their own journey, but it was a hopeless endeavor as her parents forbade it. Selena was past the age for her journey at sixteen, her youngest sibling Jayden would be on his in less than a year; so Selena decided to take her destiny into her own hands, Chloe would like the readers to know she was against the harebrained plan from the start, but agreed nonetheless that it was time to go.

So the story begins.