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So let's make this situation more difficult than it needs to be

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Kuroo didn't give a damn about this whole "soulmate" thing. No way in hell was he going to let the universe tell him who his soulmate was. As far as he was concerned, it was his best friend Kenma.


Now, Kuroo didn't like him in a romantic way. Even if most of the time your soulmate ended being your one true love or whatever, it didn't have to be romantic. Of course he never told Kenma he thought this, especially since Kenma already had his sign for his soulmate. It was a tattoo of ten small crows on his left shoulder.


The most annoying thing about the whole soulmate deal to Kuroo was how unique everyone's signs were. Not everyone had a tattoo, some people would see in black and white until they met their soulmate. Others could feel the emotions of their other half. He even had a friend who's soulmate apparently dyed their hair a lot because her hair had turned a new color every month or so.


And Kuroo might be a bit bitter that he had no sign yet at the age of 17. From studies, you usually got your sign up to a year and half before you meet them. So some babies have been born with theirs. Which seemed so unfair to Kuroo. There have been cases where people go throughout their lives without ever having a sign. Even though he didn't want a soulmate, it was just the fact that so many other already had theirs and he didn't bothered him.




Tsukishima on the other hand secretly couldn't wait until he found his soulmate. The idea of having someone that'd be perfect for him honestly seemed great, seeing how annoying people got. Tsukki had gotten into the habit of taking walks through popular areas in hope of coming across them, even if he didn't have his sign yet. There's been cases where only one person got the sign and the other just somehow knew that they were meant for each other. Though Tsukki couldn't understand how someone could trust another person claiming to be their soulmate without a sign.


He knew he was only 16 and in his first year of high school, but it still irritated him. His best friend Yamaguchi knew about this and tries to cheer him up, because hey, he hadn't gotten his sign yet either. It did make Tsukki feel better, even if he wouldn't admit it. Though that annoying goofball Hinata would ruin that sometimes by bragging about how he had his sign whenever Tsukki made a rude comment.




It all started when Kuroo wrote, "shut up!" On his hand to show his friend who couldn't stop laughing across the classroom. He had thrown Kuroo a pencil and he rather ungracefully missed catching it and it hit his head. With the anti-throwing things inside the classroom rule, he'd rather his friend to shut up and stop looking at him before they got in trouble.


Time went by when his palm started tingling. Confused, he looked down at his hand and saw, ???? with an arrow pointing at where Kuroo had written shut up.


Tuning out his teacher, Kuroo decided to write on the back of his hand, Hello?


His eyes were bright with excitement and he knew he was probably smiling like an idiot. He could say he didn't care about soulmates all he wanted, but this he had to admit was pretty cool.


Rather quickly, a Hi? appeared near it.


Now grinning, he wrote on his arm, What did one hat say to the other hat?


Please don't.


You stay here, I'm going on ahead!




Kuroo could hardly contain his laughter, and since he wrote too big, he had to switch over to his other arm. Writing smaller this time, Oh c'mon that was funny.


I'm taking a test in math, please stop.


The thought of messing with them was great, but he didn't want to actually mess up who ever this was school life. Kuroo wondered if they were just as excited and confused as he was. I wonder what they look like, Kuroo thought, or how old they are, what- no. Fuck you universe I don't care. He shook his head. He decided years ago he was gonna fall into the soulmate trap. Who ever this was, they were just gonna be some sort of strange pen pal, who just so happened to have some extremely special connection to him.


Of course this didn't stop him from excitedly telling Kenma at lunch what happened during class. Despite Kenma being Kenma, they had sat outside for lunch. The weather was pleasantly cool and nice, until the breeze picked up too much and Kenma's hair kept getting into his face.


"That is pretty cool, it'll be a lot easier to find them. Much better than a tattoo that tells me nothing." Kenma sighed as he searched through his backpack for his handheld device. If Kenma thought he had enough time during lunch to finish the side quest he was on, he'd be very wrong.


"Ah, remember, I don't really want to find them. I could care less about it."


"Couldn't care less."


"Whatever. I'm mean, c'mon look," He lifted up one of his arms so Kenma could read it. "They didn't even appreciate my pun!"


"Kuro, I don't think anyone would appreciate that pun."




"So I'm thinking it's a guy, girls tend to have nicer handwriting right?" Tsukishima asked Yamaguchi when class was over, and once the other students had for the most part left the room for lunch. Other students stayed in the class to eat, but far enough away for Tsukki to not be bothered by people listening in. Holding up his arm, he let Yamaguchi read what was written. He rolled his eyes when Yams laughed at the pun.


"Maybe. Who knows." Yamaguchi leaned against the wall by Tsukki's desk. "I think you should write a pun back."


"Why would I do that?" Tsukishima asked with a frown. "I'd rather not encourage him and end up walking around covered in awful puns. Also why the hell was a pun the first thing he decided to write after hello?" He didn't really have anything against puns, but seriously? They just found out what their soulmate sign is, and they decided to write a freaking pun? Unbelievable.


Glancing towards the window, he mentally noted that it was probably going to rain judging by the darkening sky.


"Well think of it as a friendship building exercise," Yams suggested with a smile. "I remember you once said you wanted to fall in love with your soulmate."


Tsukki scoffed, "I said no such thing, shut up."


"I guess this makes you officially gay, huh?"


"Shut up Yamaguchi."




Once at home, Kuroo decided to have a bit of fun with his new found connection. He gave a small greeting to his mom before rushing to his room, bag dropped carelessly by his door. It took him a bit, but he eventually found a green marker. Lifting up his shirt, he made a big smiley face on his stomach.


Why Kuroo wanted to do that, he had no clue. But it was worth it when a what the hell appeared on his arm.


Laughing, Kuroo quickly went over to the mirror in his room and put a nice mustache on his face.


You are so lucky volleyball practice is over


This actually interested him. Who ever this was played volleyball, same as him. Kuroo decided to write back after debating whether to add on cat whiskers or not, What position do you play?


Middle blocker




What team do you play for?


Kuroo was a about to say when he remembered he didn't want to meet who ever this was. He was going to have someone love him because of who he is and not some damn mark. Sorry to say, but I'm not giving out any personal information. I don't really care much for the whole soulmate thing.


There was no reply for awhile and he started to wonder if he made the person upset. But Kuroo felt the tingle of writing.


I can respect that, but give me a nickname to call you.


Kuroo thought for a moment, Kenma called him Kuro, and he's been dubbed at the scheming captain, but other than that he never really had a nickname. Not feeling very creative Kuroo wrote back, You can call me Captain. What about you?


Before writing an answer, the person drew a small unimpressed looking face, having an arrow pointing at what Kuroo had wrote.


 I don't know, you can just call me Hotaru.


Hotaru it is then




Tsukishima woke up to his alarm. His back felt stiff from not sleeping in a normal position, his hand still held a marker. With a grown he stretched, his back making a satisfying cracking sound.


Not bothering to turn on the light in his room, Tsukishima made his way down the still dark hall to the bathroom. Flipping the light switch, he made a small noise of surprise when he saw himself. He wasn't one to really wear pajamas, but he usually wore pants. In nothing but boxers, he saw his body absolutely covered in writing. It was both his hand wrinting and "Captain."


Tsukki couldn't remember how late they were up talking, but judging from how much he wanted to just scream and fall back into bed, he guessed it was pretty late.


Getting into the shower he scrubbed away what markings he could, relieved he had used washable marker. But Captain's writing stayed much to his displeasure. With a towel wrapped around him, Tsukki went back to his room, writing Hey dumb ass, take a shower, on his thigh once he was back in his room.


AAAHHHH, was the reply, but within a couple of minutes, the writing went away. Thankfully, the mustache and smiley face on his stomach went away as well.


"Why the hell did he draw a smiley face on his stomach anyways?" Tsukishima muttered to himself. Somehow that didn't come up in his conversation last night.


While they gave out nothing that'd give away their identity, Tsukki learned that Captain was a third year, also has a childhood best friend, and is concerned about his everlasting bed head. A lot more was said last night, but he couldn't remember everything.


Tsukishima glanced at his clock, now fully dressed, he decided he had enough time to go to a convenience store before school. He needed to get some wet wipes because he felt like he's now be needing them a lot.


The walk helped him think. The cold morning air made him wish he'd worn something warmer, but he knew once the sun fully rose he'd be fine. Tsukishima was excited he finally had his sign, he always wondered what it'd be since it can be so diverse. Though he was more disappointed than he'd like to admit that Captain didn't even want to meet, Cap had explained it in depth at some point, something about how could we have a free will if the universe decides stuff for us. Tsukki could understand to a certain point, but steered off the topic once they got into an in depth debate about the meaning of life and their place in the world.


Despite the bad puns, Tsukki was pleasantly surprised the Captain was rather intelligent, being able to stand by a point and back it up whilst pointing out flaws at the opposing opinion. In general, he was glad that his soulmate was a nice guy who was smart and with a good sense of humor (sort of).


It took Tsukishima 5 minutes to realize he went past the store while deep in thought.





“Why are you so tired?." Kenma asked as he walked with Kuroo into the school.


Kuroo yawned, "What makes you ask that?" Knowing full well that his bed head was worse than usual, not to mention he'd forgotten to button up his shirt all the way, which Kenma had previously pointed out. Not waiting for Kenma to reply, he continued "I was up all night talking to Hotaru." Having a name for him felt strange.


"I'm guessing Hotaru is your soulmate?" Kenma asked.


Kuroo nodded, but then said, "Yeah," once he realized Kenma was looking down at his phone and for obvious reasons, couldn't see him.


"Does he know your name?" Kenma looked up from his phone.


"Nope. As I said, I don't want to find him, and I don't want him to find me. I just told him he could refer to me as Captain." He let out a small laugh, "didn't seem too impressed with my choice in name."


"For not caring about this soulmate stuff, why talk to him all night?"


"Because for always being on your phone, you never text me back. I wanted to talk to someone."


Kenma smiled a bit. "Have something interesting to say and maybe I'll reply."