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Just That One Time

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After Angelus had made himself unwelcome in the bedroom, William stayed put in the bed, one arm possessively wrapped around Drusilla, until she, allowing Angelus to catch her gaze, let the sheet drop, revealing breasts as ripe as plums and an inch or two of thigh.

“Get out,” William shouted, leaping from the bed, pushed beyond endurance as he finally realized that Drusilla would not only willingly but even eagerly leave his bed for her Sire's.

“Come now William, you can't be denying me one little taste,” Angelus replied, never taking his gaze off of Drusilla.

William threw himself at Angelus only to learn the advantage of a firm foothold as his attack was side-stepped. Grabbing William mid-leap and circling him around, Angelus threw him back onto the bed. Pinning William's weight with his own, Angelus kissed him, roughly shoving his tongue into his mouth, laughing and pulling away when William bit him. “And what makes you think it was our charming Dru I had in mind?”

William growled, bucking up against him like a mad thing. “Ah good,” Angelus crowed. “I like a feisty lover. Don't worry, me buck, I'll make sure it hurts so you'll remember I've been in ya.”