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Tell Me You Love Me

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She leaned out over the balcony. A waft of Ocean air, tugging, at the ringlets left out, of her up do. The ocean was crystal clear and she smiled in contentment. Killgrave walked up with two flutes of champagne. Nicolette, pulled him in by the deep purple, silk, tie. "You spoil me lover." She purred, kissing his lips; as she took a glass from him.

"Only the best for my princess." He replied with a smile. Adding, "A cruise on our honeymoon seemed the least I could do."

"This room, the view, everything is so beautiful." She cooed and her delight wasn't simpering or forced. Nicolette leaned in and kissed him again. Her breath hitching, as his free hand teased the, bare skin, at the small of her back.

"I'm glad you like it, I procured it from a very rich couple." Killgrave smirked; as her eyes darkened. It never failed to make him happy. Knowing she was turned on. Just from hearing how he'd, exerted, his will over some, unsuspecting, sap. "Sent them to economy." He purred; licking a line up her neck.

He'd been so sure everyone; would be like Jessica. Disgusted with him and how he used his power. Even when he tried to do, good things, for people; he was a failure. It was never enough. Escaping Jones's punishment on that, fateful, night. Had brought him to the, lowest, point in his life.

Then he'd met her. His Nicolette, his princess.


3 years ago…

Killgrave had been hiding out at a bar/ lounge in Australia. Chasing down the bottom of a bottle. She hadn't even asked; just plonked herself down next to him. She was brunette, Jessica's build. Piercing green eyes and a frankly, lyrical, laugh. He wanted her; to shut up and go away. Last thing he desired, was company, but she kept right on talking. Completely ignoring the icy glares he was, giving, her. She was telling him, she was supposed to sing; audition for a job. Only thing was she was shy and really nervous about it.

He sighed and if only to get her to leave. Killgrave set the bottle down and turned to her. "You will be calm, confident and you will sing in front of these people."

She nodded and when they called her name; she headed to the stage.


2 days later he was at the same bar. She'd found him again.

"So um…"

"You're going to leave me alone." Killgrave sighed, annoyed. Her mouth closed and he could see the war in her eyes. A card dropped from her hand; as she reluctantly walked away. He reached down and picked it off the floor. It was just card stock; no muss no fuss. There was a small note on the inside.

Whatever you said, did. Whatever it was, it got me a job. Now I won't get evicted. So thanks, whoever you are.

P. S. You look good in that suit, feel free to come to my dressing room anytime!

He nearly choked on his drink; when he read it. Sounded like she was pretty much, offering, sex. Killgrave had nothing better to do. Why not loose himself in a willing body?


There was a knock on her dressing room door. She let him in and as soon as she saw his face, her head ducked down. Then she went into the bathroom and shut the door.

He was miffed at first; then he realized she was still under his earlier instructions. Killgrave sighed, "Come out of there." He huffed, pushing the door open. He saw her merely sitting on the floor; just sitting there. He made a noise of disapproval. "Now, let's have some fun. You like fun, yeah?"

She looked at him and smiled, with full pouty, red, lips. "Yes, I like fun."

"Alright then, you want to thank me properly, yes?" She nodded and he smirked. "On your knees." He instructed; going back to sit on the couch. "Crawl to me."

Something was making her obey and like a jungle cat; stalking its prey. She crawled till she was kneeling between his legs. She wasn't adverse to the idea. There was no, silent war, in her mind. Mostly, the brunette was shocked; that this, was even happening. The man in purple's earlier dismissal, had been nothing, if not clear.

"You're going to suck my cock and you're going to enjoy it." Killgrave instructed with a grin and she obeyed. Reaching out to lower his zip and release him from his boxers. He moaned, he couldn't help it. She wrapped those full lips around his length and he was gone.

She wondered if force was what he liked. Did it excite him; did he get off at the thought. That she didn't want this; but had no choice other than obey. When did she tell him then; she was actually enjoying it? The brunette had waited a long time to find someone who complimented her gift. She didn't want to lose him now.

He bucked when she, hummed and his fingers, tangled, in her hair. "God you're good at this. I should keep you, make you suck me whenever I want." Killgrave moaned; entertaining the thought, for a few seconds, at least. Only to be disgusted with himself. The idea made him sound like the monster Jessica always, believed, him to be. He gave a strangled cry as he finished; getting up to leave, after she sucked him dry. It was bar nun the best blow job, he'd had and he just couldn't take the way her, green eyes, were boring into his.


When he'd left that night, she'd been, sure, it was for good. To say she was surprised, when she entered her dressing room. Only to find a box on her, make up counter, was an understatement. She ran her fingers over the thin package; slipping the crème and gold ribbon off.

Inside was the most, gorgeous, and expensive looking, dress, she'd ever seen. The deep purple slipped like silk in her fingers. Crystals adorned the, single strap and burst into a cloud just over, the hip. She wondered if they were real. There was also a bra and thong set, in brighter purple accented with black lace.

"Someone must really like purple." She mused, as she went to change.


He looked up as she entered, wearing the dress he'd, 'commandeered', from a rather snooty shop keep. She was scanning the audience and he was surprised. Her face had lit up when she'd seen him. Then she was talking; her name was Nicolette, pretty.

Next, she started, introducing, her song and he was startled. Especially when a feeling of euphoria, spread, through him. She started to sing, slow and sultry.

Oh, yeah

Don't need permission

Made my decision to test my limits

'Cause it's my business, God as my witness

Start what I finished

Don't need no hold up

Taking control of this kind of moment

I'm locked and loaded

Completely focused, my mind is open

All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God

Don't ya stop, boy

Somethin' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman

Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout you

Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't

Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout

Killgrave felt assaulted by visions. Unsure if they were his own or not. In his mind he saw Nicolette; leading him by the tie into her dressing room. Yanking his shirt from his trousers, as their lips clashed. Raking her nails down his bared chest, as she knelt between his knees.

Nothing to prove and

I'm bulletproof and

Know what I'm doing

The way we're movin' like introducing

Us to a new thing

I wanna savor, save it for later

The taste of flavor, 'cause I'm a taker

'Cause I'm a giver, it's only nature

I live for danger

All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God

Don't ya stop, boy


His eyes slipped closed and he could feel his trousers tighten. She was now standing up before him.

All girls wanna be like that

Bad girls underneath, like that

You know how I'm feeling inside

Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout

In his daydream, she was grinning and he watched her hitch up the dress. Nicolette licked her lips; pushing her lace knickers off.

(Chorus x3)

He blinked as the vision dissipated. She'd finished the song and before he could stop himself…

He was heading, straight for her dressing room. The brunette let him in.

"I have you to thank again right?" Nicolette smirked.

Without a word, Killgrave backed her to the wall; his hand forcing her chin up, as his body trapped her. "You will tell me the truth." He purred, licking up her barred neck, nipping at her ear. "The vision…" He added.

"Just you… The euphoria, the whole club. The vision was just you." Nicolette added to be safe.

"Stay still." He ordered; his tone soft, she wasn't too frightened.

Nicolette had always been shy and she couldn't help gulping as he seemed to examine her. He shushed her, as his fingers, brushed over her hips and up. Killgrave, had found the zipper on the dress and smoothly it slid down. "Why me?" He murmured, as the dress, fell into a heap, of purple fabric on the floor.

She was left in the underwear set and high heeled pumps. Practically feeling his gaze slip over her skin as she answered. "I'm attracted to you, I'm an empath and I think our powers would complement each other's." Nicolette replied; biting her lip as he cupped a breast through her bra. He yanked down on the fabric. Exposing her chest; then slid his flattened palm up, brushing over the sensitive nipple. She couldn't hold back the moan as he teased her.

Killgrave grinned, nestling his lips in her ear. "Do you want me to fuck you?" He purred, pinching and rolling, the hardening nub between his fingers.

She blushed furiously, but his first instruction; left her no choice. "Yes." Nicolette answered bluntly. Praying, he wasn't doing this to be cruel. But she could sense the arousal in him and knew he wanted it just as much as she did.

Now that he knew he wasn't forcing her, Killgrave smirked. He started to slide his other hand to the swell of her tight arse. "You are gorgeous." He praised, squeezing the bare flesh. "Touch me." He murmured, frowning when there was a knock at the door. "Get rid of them." He fairly snarled, annoyed at the interruption.

She nodded obediently, pulling on her trench coat, while he, stepped, into the bathroom. After getting rid of her boss, she turned to see Killgrave with her bag over his arm.

"You're coming back to mine. I don't like interruptions."