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“Mmmm that sounds really good baby... But I’m kinda feeling Italian tonight, I'm in one of those moods again.” Jensen held the phone up to his ear as he continued to drive on the freeway.

“Then Italian food it is then.” Jared replied, Jensen could practically feel Jared's smile through the phone.

If he listened hard enough he could hear his boyfriend shuffling through papers. Most likely looking for the number of their favorite Italian restaurant, that just so happens to deliver.

That’s one of the perks of living in Austin, Texas. Even though he and Jared have been on TV for going on twelve years now, most of the people around them treat them like normal folks.

Except for the occasional super fan.

“I missed you this weekend.” Jensen added gently, he could already feel his heart skip a few beats at the thought of what Jared’s going to do to him when he gets home.

The younger man made promises and Jensen’s going to make sure he keeps them.

“I missed you too, I can’t wait to see you. I wish you didn’t leave me all alone for the whole weekend.” He could hear the softness in Jared’s words, along with the pouty undertone.

He didn’t really have a choice but to go to Dallas for the weekend, there was business there that Jensen needed to take care of, thankfully Jared understood.

Jensen laughed. “Awww poor baby. At least you had the kids to keep you company. I miss them.”

“Trust me, they miss you too. They kept asking me when you’re coming back. All weekend Noah’s been like ‘when’s daddy coming home?’” Jared huffed, doing his best whiny impression of their son. “Seriously, every two minutes. The WHOLE weekend. I swear you are definitely his favorite daddy..”

“I doubt that Jay, Noah is pretty much wrapped around your hip 24/7.” Jensen smirked, even though no one could see the loving facial expression behind the words. “How are the other brats?”

“Zach and Danielle are fine. They went with Danneel to their grandparent’s house so they won’t be here when you get back. As of right now, it’s just me and Noah waiting for you to get home.”

Jensen once again smiled to himself. Never in his life did he think he would have such a blended family. When he first started his acting career, he had big hopes and dreams just like everyone else. Jensen never once thought they would actually come true. Even though he has great memories on all the other projects and acting jobs that he’s worked on, getting casted as Dean on Supernatural is what really changed his life.

When first meeting Jared, he was put off a bit. In all his years he’s never met someone in the business who was so open and bubbly all the time. The taller man broke down every single barrier that he had, no matter how hard Jensen tried to build them back. Jared always seemed to get through, without even trying. It didn’t take long for Jensen to start to form feelings for the younger man. But at the time he didn’t think he had a chance. For one, Jared was dating Sandy. And two, Jared was straight.

Or at least he thought.

The first time they kissed was after they got into an argument on set. Jensen can’t even remember how it happened, but they both ended up storming off to their own trailers. It took a while and a lot of thought, before Jensen made the first move and walked the few short yards to where Jared’s trailer was parked and knocked on the door to apologize.

Jared invited him in and within all of five minutes their little squabble was hashed out.

Jensen didn’t see it coming when Jared softly tilted his head up and brought their lips together. In that moment, Jensen understand what all that ‘love talk’ in the movies were about. For the first time ever in his life he felt a spark. He kissed Jared back and hard at that. It wasn’t long before they were both so consumed with heat that they wound up naked and giving one another blowjobs.

Afterwards Jensen felt disgusted with himself. He had a rule that he lived by to never hookup with co-workers. And even though this crush he had on Jared was festering over those first few months of filming, he never thought he’d act on it.

Except he did.

He was also wracked with guilt. He felt like a homewrecker because Jared was still dating Sandy at the time. When he brought up his feelings on the situation to Jared a few days later, he was reassured that Jared and Sandra had already broken up a few weeks prior due to the fact that he told her he was gay, and that’s why Jared snapped at him that day of filming.

Hearing that news was a heavy weight lifted from Jensen’s shoulders. At the very least he wasn’t a homewrecker.

For the next two years’ things within their relationship seemed to be on the fast track. Everything was going perfectly fine, until it wasn’t. Jensen still remembers the look in Jared’s eyes when the taller man broke up with him in his trailer. Jared looked like a lost puppy, unsure of the decision that he was making.

Jensen remembers softly crying at the sight of seeing Jared cry.

During their late night talks, before Jared had broken it off, he had admitted to Jensen that he was struggling with the fact that he was indeed a gay man, a gay actor at that. Jensen just never thought Jared’s insecurities would lead to them breaking up.

But they did.

The breakup lasted all of five months, before Jared was begging for him back. He tried to resist at first, he really did. But the younger man always had a way of getting under his skin, especially when Jensen least wanted him to.

Luckily since then, Jensen couldn’t be happier with his life.

Living in the closet wasn’t something he nor Jared wanted to do forever. They both agreed that hiding their relationship in the beginning was the right choice, and Jensen doesn’t regret that. However, what he does regret is staying in the closet for this long.

Marrying Danneel was an idea that his agent came up with. He and Danni have been close since he first started acting on Days of Our Lives and he met her at an after-party. Asking Danneel to be his fake girlfriend, again, was something he never thought would happen. Jensen was so hesitant at his agent’s idea, he sat on it for about a month before he even spoke a word of it.

One night Danni could tell he was acting strange and basically forced him to tell her what was going on. So he did, he blurted everything his agent told and suggested him to do out. Jensen can specifically remember the way Danneel crossed her legs in that moment and how silent she was, her face blank before she randomly said ‘Yes’.

He asked her to repeat herself, because he was unsure if he heard right. She laughed, poked him in the ribs and said “Of-course! I’d love to be your beard.” And just like that all the awkwardness evaporated. Jensen began to explain in a bit more detail his reason for asking her to beard for him. Telling her that his agent mentioned that fans and gossip blogs on the internet were really starting to talk about how they think he and Jared are together.

The only ‘baggage’ at the time that Danneel brought with her was her daughter Danielle, who at the time, when he and Danni ‘married’, was only a year old.  Now all these years later, Danielle is thirteen and might as well be his own flesh and blood. He and Jared both consider Danielle their daughter. She calls them Daddy and Papa just like their other biological children.

They practically raised her since birth, along with Danneel of-course. So just because she isn’t theirs by blood, doesn’t mean she isn’t their daughter. They even changed Danielle’s last name to Ackles.

His agent was ecstatic when he did that because tabloids everywhere took notice and started printing articles about him being a ‘loving and accepting father’ of Danneel’s previous love child. Jensen ignored the articles at the time, but he could tell some of the words that were mentioned somewhat hurt Danni.

After Jensen married Danneel, everyone on their team thought it would be best for Jared to find a fake ‘wife’ as well. They were both hesitant on the suggested option, but eventually were pressured into it by their people after being told repeatedly that if they didn't want people to think either of them were gay. And for the sake of their career, Jared needed to beard as well.

So, Jared started ‘dating’ Genevieve Cortese, who would later become Mrs. Padalecki. Gen didn’t come with any ‘baggage’ per-say, but for the first few years she was quite difficult to handle. In the beginning, anyone who knew their situation could tell that Genevieve regretted singing the four year bearding contract that she was offered by Jared’s management and making the decision to marry him.

Everything was made clear to her before she signed it though. To the public, Genevieve was Jared Padalecki’s loving devoted wife, who would later bear them two children. And in return, Gen would get a lump sum of a few million dollars by the time the contract was up.

Jensen knows Genevieve signed the contract in the beginning because she wanted to be more noticed. She wanted people to offer her more acting gigs, expect that didn’t exactly happen.

No one really cared about her other than the fact that she was Jared’s ‘wife.’

But two good additions came out of that whole mess, they now have Noah and Zach who look just like Jared it’s almost scary. It was Jensen’s decision for them to expand their family at the time, and Jared being the go-getter that he is, was immediately on board.

Genevieve however wasn’t...

It took months to convince Genevieve to do IVF so he and Jared could have children of their own. Even though she already signed a contract stating that eventually when he and Jared were ready for kids, she would bear them. But Genevieve thought it was best to give them a hard time about it.

Eventually she gave in.

After Gen gave birth to Noah she seemed to mellow out. And after she gave birth to Zach, it’s like she is an entirely different person. Gone now are all the headache’s and complaints that used to come from her mouth all those years ago.

She’s a completely different human being now.

Jensen wouldn’t even think that were possible, if he didn’t know what she was like before she had children.

Co-parenting the kids is hard, especially since he and Jared are in the closet. To his luck, the two boys are too young to really understand anything. Danielle on the other hand knows everything. She knows that he and Jared aren’t her real fathers and are in a relationship together, and that they love her like a daughter even though she isn’t biologically theirs.

It wasn’t very hard for her to comprehend, seeing as ever since she could remember He, Jared, and Danneel were always around together; co-raising her. Almost like a semi-big blended family. When she was little she just accepted it, but as she got older the questions started coming. Jensen and Jared told her that they were gay when she was ten years old, so at least she was at the age to understand what ‘Gay’ was and what it meant. They also told her that this isn’t something she can really talk about in public or to other people.

Again, to their luck, she understood that too.

Zach is only two and Noah is almost four and at the moment they are still to young to really understand anything. At a convention one time Genevieve had Noah backstage and the little guy ran away from his mother and up to the side of the stage and yelled out. “Hi Daddy.”

Jensen slipped up without realizing it and just reacted to the sound of his son’s voice, even though he couldn’t see him and said: “Hi Noah.”

The crowd erupted in cheers and he remembers feeling the jolt of electricity that began pumping through his veins at how much he just fucked up. It’s bad enough there were already fans out there who stalked his and Jared’s every movement, and that little slip-up only added to the fire of the tremulous gay rumors.

He remembers trying to play it off by grumpily saying: “See Jared, I answered your own son for you.”

Once again, the crowd had erupted in cheers and laughter. And Jensen suddenly felt lighter, when he looked over at Jared he could tell that he was flustered at the slip up as well but quickly hid his nervousness with more jokes.

After that he and Jared both came to the conclusion to stop bringing their kids to conventions, it was too risky.

Even though things are going well at the moment, he and Jared have had a few disagreements on whether to just come out of the closet now. They’ve been hiding for so long, he’s almost forgotten what it feels like to touch Jared in public without freaking out that someone might have snapped a picture of them.

Jared thinks that they shouldn’t make a public statement; that it’s no one’s business but theirs and their families.

In a way Jensen agrees, but at the same time... He’s tired. He’s tired of lying. But every time he dares to bring the conversation up, Jared either changes the topic or employs a stoic silence.

It’s beginning to hinder their relationship a bit.



“Baby are you there? Hello? Did I lose you?” Jared’s voice came back through his cell phone loud and clear, snapping him from memory lane.

“No, sorry I’m here... Just concentrating on driving.” He lied.

“Yeah, I shouldn’t be talking to you when you’re driving. Do you have your ear piece in?”

“Yup.” Jensen stated, most likely a little too quick.

“That would be a no... Jensen you know how I feel ab-”

“Oh believe me, I know ‘safety first’.” He mimicked his long time boyfriend’s voice.

“Hey-hey-hey! Don’t blame me cos I want you around to see our children grow up and have little grandbabies.”

“Whatever doofus.”

“Did you just call me doofus?” Jared snorted.

Jensen retaliated. “Did you just snort?”

“Ugh you’re such an asshole.”

“I’m your asshole though.”

“Yeah you are.”

This is what Jensen loves about Jared, even after all this time together. The younger man can still manage to put a smile on his face, and make his days brighter when they’re grey. Everyone deserves someone in their life who makes them happy.

Jensen is just glad he finally found his someone.

Jared cleared his throat. “Concentrate on the road. I’ll see you when you get home babe.”

“Alright give Noah a hug for me.”

“You can hug him when you get here.”

“Bye Jay.”

“Bye sexy hunk.” Jared joked using an over the top seductive tone.

Jensen didn’t even get to laugh before the line went dead, but it didn’t matter, he laughed all by himself in his BMW in the middle of the freeway.

His boyfriend was a complete utter mess, and he loved every second of it.











“Fuck baby, you taste so good.” Keith muttered before diving right back into her with even more enthusiasm.

Gigi ran her fingers through the man’s hair.

That’s the thing with dating older men, they sure know their way around a woman’s body. And they should, after-all, they’ve had enough years to practice.

“I’m gonna cum!” She hissed, suppressing the feeling of disgust that caroused through her veins of letting this man touch her once again.

Keith’s tongue lapped at her clit, his fingers doubled in speed as he continued to finger fuck her already swollen hole. Gigi cried out as her third orgasm within the last hour ripped through her body. Keith didn’t let up until a moan that resembled more of a cry in pain than pleasure escaped her mouth.

“You’re amazing baby girl.” Keith rubbed his thumb over her upper thigh.

Gigi kept her eyes closed to keep the resentment hidden. “I’m going to take a shower.” She didn’t give him any time to respond before she was up and out of the bed and in the bathroom with the door locked.

The minute she was encased and under the spray of warm water in the shower, she began to cry. It’s not like she shouldn’t be used to this by now. She’s been with Keith since she was 18. She’s 21 now and still can’t understand how sleeping with the 50 year old man in the other room manages to make her feel so dirty and used inside after three years of doing it.

Gigi knows that Keith does a lot for her, but she also knows the only reason why a rich man like him is even interested in her is because she’s beautiful and a semi-known up and coming model in the industry.

Keith’s married, but that doesn’t stop them from fooling around.

When she first met the older man, it was at a private event for Vogue. The balding man had approached her with his growing pot belly tucked in a white silk long sleeved shirt, and he immediately put his arm around her waist. His chubby fingers rubbing her hip bone. His breath stinking of garlic and crab cakes mixed with some type of alcohol. 

Gigi knew better than to cause a scene, so she laughed it off and moved away from him with practiced ease. But he quickly followed her movements. Everyone knows how grimy men could be in this business, especially when it came to being around models. At first, she wasn’t sure who let this muggy looking bastard backstage at a prime exclusive fashion show. It wasn’t until Keith started talking to her about what he did for a living and the side business’s that he owned when it all clicked.

Keith is the CEO for a major company called ‘CL Models’, that manages supermodels all the way down from Chera Lee and back up to Tyra Banks. Gigi is proud to say that since starting her modeling career at 18, she’s already somewhere in the middle between being an unknown model and a household name. Who knows how big her career could get within the next few years.

Thanks to Keith that is.

What Keith did for a living caught her attention, and even though Gigi was already signed with another modeling agency, it wouldn’t hurt to have the man as a personal contact. 

It wouldn’t hurt to have someone so high up on the ladder on her side. 

It didn’t take long before Keith started asking her to business meetings, which quickly turned into him inappropriately groping her under the restaurant table. There was no denying that the older man made Gigi’s skin crawl.

After about two weeks of ignoring Keith’s very abundant advances, he quickly started to become un-interested.

She knew what she had to do...

Gigi can still remember the numbing burn of three fingers of expensive whiskey she gulped down in one go before she got down on her knees to service the man who would end up taking her career to new heights. It started off as small sexual favors and in return he would drop her name around every now and then to his friends that were high up colleagues, fashion designers, and bloggers in the business.

There was never any sort of spoken agreement about what they did for each other, but at the time they both knew what they wanted from one another.

Keith started mentioning her so much that people were starting to take notice. Well known designers were asking her to walk their runways and to star on the cover of their magazines. Gigi was getting so much exposure just from Keith, that offers for new modeling gigs were coming in left and right.

It wasn’t long before Keith started getting bored with the small sexual favors that they were exchanging.

He wanted more.

The night that Gigi had sex for the first time in her life, was with a man that she didn’t love. A horribly aging man that was old enough to be her father. Keith tried to make it romantic by laying blood red rose pedals on the bed, with dimly lit candles on the dresser counter tops but that it just made the situation that much worse.

That much creepier...

Gigi knew immediately at the time that her hesitation and sadness was displayed all across her face. Keith took one look at her facial expression and became offended and got up off the bed to leave. She only had a split second to decide between her body or her career. And that’s exactly what she did. Gigi pulled Keith back to the bed. She fluttered her eyelashes and pulled out all the stops. He seemed to believe her excuse that she was just so nervous.

He came inside her that night, and after she was sure he was asleep. Gigi ran to the bathroom and threw up. His seed trailed a warm sticky path down the inside of her leg and at the feel of it she threw up again.

Since when did she become a whore? Someone who let a pervert way past his prime use her body in exchange for favors in the industry?

As time went on, sleeping with him had gotten easier. And Keith was actually a decent lover when she closed her eyes and didn’t look at him. When he was inside her, she pictured a beautifully muscled lean surfer pounding into her, instead of the balding, overweight 50 year old man.

When Gigi found out Keith was married, she broke it off. She knew that he had kids, he already mentioned that to her during one of their late night bed talks. Although he never mentioned that he was married.

She may have whored herself out to this man, but she wasn’t going to break up a family. She still had some morals left.

Keith had called for weeks, leaving several voicemails. Some with the man even crying, professing his love for her. When he showed up at her tiny apartment with his wife in tow, Gigi knew it couldn’t end well.

But it did... It ended just fine.

Keith and his wife had told her that they were in an open relationship. In the beginning Gigi didn’t believe either one of them. She just figured Keith forced his wife to come here and tell her this, so she’d take the man back. But Gigi could tell Keith’s wife Laura was telling the truth.

Within minutes Gigi was able to connect the dots. Keith and his wife may be in an open relationship. However, Keith is the only one who does any sleeping around, while his devoted wife stays at home. Most likely worrying about him leaving her for another woman, but is too scared to speak up because she likes living the life of luxury that he provides for her too much and doesn’t want to anger him.

Which is quite sad, due to the fact that Gigi's in a similar situation with the same man...

After about another hour of more talking, Gigi had made up an excuse and mentioned that she needed to be somewhere for a photoshoot. It seemed like they both believed her and left her apartment shortly after.

It dawned on her that night that she had more power over Keith than she originally gave herself credit for. If he went through all the trouble just to get her back, then it was clear that he really was in love.

And it was time to put that power of affection he had for her to use.

Gigi started to demand more from Keith and the man started to do everything that she asked. It started off with little things like: “Baby, I need a thousand dollars for my car payment.” Or “Keith, I need $700 for my hair and nails.”

Keith never thought twice about handing over the money.

It’s not like Gigi didn’t have her money, she was living quite well at the time. But why spend her own hard earned cash, when someone else was willing to spend theirs instead?

Doing exactly what she did back then, is how she ended up here now, three years later, in a fabulous $2.7 million, three-bedroom condo. In the Beverly Hills zip code of 90210, with approximately four million dollars of her own money in the bank.

The only reason why she has that much cash to begin with is because she only spends the $10 thousand dollars monthly allowance that she convinced Keith to give her. Since she doesn’t have to spend any of her own money, Gigi just puts it in the bank and watches it grow.

Most of her non-famous L.A. friends think she’s richer than she really is because of the new condo that she tells everyone she bought.

But the truth is, she didn’t buy it. But people don’t need to know that...

And Gigi still isn’t ‘rich’ per-say. Though she’s getting more popular by the year, she is nowhere near the level Christie Brinkley was in her prime, who could practically demand $2 million for just one magazine cover.

Maybe someday Gigi’s career will get to that level of recognition. But as of right now, she’s fine being the middle class B-list celebrity that she is.




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Password To View Album Is: gigicondo1 )




Ever since Gigi was a child she promised herself she’d give herself and her future kids a better life. She never wants them to live the way that she did.

Growing up and moving from one foster home to the next wasn’t even remotely close to the ideal childhood that she would’ve liked to have had. Apparently her birth parents didn’t want her, which figures. If only they could see her now... If only they could see the life she’s living.

When she was little she’d imagine she was really a princess, that one day her birth parents would come, they'd tell her it had all been some terrible mistake and they would never let her go again, they would take her back to their castle and they'd all live happily ever after. Well now she’s got the castle, the fairytale life, and accomplished it all by herself.

So fuck’em...

Once, at seventeen, she tried to contact them, but Gigi soon found out that when her birth parents gave her up for adoption, they signed a deal with her then soon to be adoptive parents, making it a closed adoption. With nowhere to start, no names-no nothing, getting the information on her birth parents was proving futile, so she just gave up.

It wasn’t like they cared anyway, or they never would’ve given her away to begin with.

She can barely remember her adoptive parents; it’s not like they kept her for long either. Gigi was only two years old when her adoptive parents decided they weren’t ready to raise a child, and that’s how she ended up in the system.

Gigi was seven years old the first time one of her foster parents tried to touch her. Jeff came into her room that night and started rubbing his erection against her behind. Even though she wasn’t asleep, she kept thinking and wishing that he’d just go away if he thought she was unconscious.

He didn’t.

So she screamed, she screamed so loud the neighbors called the police.

Unfortunately, even though she told the cops what happened, Jeff wasn’t prosecuted. Instead, he and his wife somehow convinced everyone that she was an unruly child that was spreading lies and they couldn’t take care of her anymore and that Social Services needed to find another family for her to live with.

Gigi cried and cried, begging people to listen. But no one did, no one cared.

She pretty much stayed bouncing from home to home from then on, no one wanting to keep her for long term for whatever their reason’s. Even when she was on her best behavior, people just looked right over like she didn’t matter, like she was invisible.

She soon became depressed, and it was an even shorter time before the depression manifested into an undeniable rage towards the world.

Gigi quickly learned to harden herself from the outside society, from everyone around her...

At sixteen she had already been in more fist fights at school than most adults would have been throughout their entire life. She still doesn’t know why so many people wanted to fight her. Maybe it’s because she always kept to herself? Maybe it’s because she was a pretty blonde girl, with big green eyes that lived in foster care, whose thrift store clothes never quite fit and it just made her an easy target?

The first fight Gigi ever got into was she was fourteen. And she was scared beyond belief. A butch looking girl named Amy Adams had gotten in her face for no apparent reason other than wanting to show off in front of her friends.

Might as well pick on the new girl right?

When Gigi tried to walk away and be the better person, the girl had pulled her back by gripping her shoulder and cuffed Gigi right upside the head so hard something cracked.

That was all it took before Gigi pounced on her, knocking Amy down to the floor as she took a wad of Amy’s hair and repeatedly slammed the girls head down onto the hard tile cafeteria floor. Gigi didn’t even realize she was screaming as she continued to slam Amy's head into the flooring. She didn’t realize that Amy stopped moving. All she could think about was how hard her life was, how she’s been on her own ever since birth.

All she could think about was how much she hated her birth parents for giving her up. It felt good to release some of that pent up anger that manifested over the years, even though it took form in a type of extreme violence.

A teacher had pulled Gigi off of Amy and called an ambulance. There was so much blood on the floor, that Gigi genuinely thought she killed the girl. Her heart beat was racing so fast from adrenaline it could’ve exploded, but underneath there was a small pleasure in what she did. A feeling that she hadn’t experienced at that point for a long time. For once she actually felt alive.

She can still remember how the police pushed her up against the wall, handcuffed her; then threw her in the back of the police car as they drove her to the police station for questioning.

Gigi had felt a sigh of relief when the news came back that Amy was in-fact okay, a concussion and a few stitches but nothing life threatening.

Amy’s parents decided not to press charges once they got the full story from the police at how their daughter started the fight. Apparently, even before Gigi had moved into the new school that came with a new foster home, Amy already had a past of starting fights with other kids.

But just because Gigi didn’t really get into too much trouble, didn’t mean her new foster parents wanted to keep her. Their reason for letting her go, was that she was ‘too much to handle.’

The same excuse 90% of the other foster parents used...

Gigi gave them the middle finger as they stood from their porch with shocked expressions at her disruptive gesture, in their big white house, with their white picket fence, as the social worker drove them off to find her a new home.

To keep out of trouble, Gigi pretty much insulated herself even more than before. The last foster home that she was ever in was located in Dallas, Texas and to keep herself busy, she got a job at Burger King.

She saved every dime.

Which ended up being enough for a one-way plane ticket to L.A.X. and a down payment for a studio apartment in L.A.

From there she got lucky, she still had another two months before her savings would run out and she’d have no choice but to get another job. So in the mean time she sent some decent head shots out to as many modeling agencies as she could online and through the mail.

Of course dozens of them turned her down and she was back to flipping burgers again.

Eventually though, someone decided to take a chance on her. Which is how and why she’s now signed to Cortro Modeling Agency. Things started off small at first, just a few photoshoots here and there, nothing big.

That was until she met the 'all and wonderful' Keith...

Which is how she ended up where she is now. On the front cover of a magazine by day and on her back at night. Gigi hates to admit it, but Keith really gave the kick start to her career that she so direly needed.




“Hey!” Keith’s voice sounded from outside the bathroom; his fist pounding on the door relentlessly. “Come out here quick! They’re talking about you on the news!”

What? The news?

Gigi sighed and shut off the shower and threw on her pink fluffy robe, not even bothering to dry off. She knew if she took too much longer in the bathroom, Keith would just pound on the door all over again.

She may have more control over him now because she knows he loves her. But there is only so much the man will take before he starts to get restless and become a pain in the ass.

A part of her was relieved that Keith interrupted her stroll through memory lane though, most of her past was depressing anyway.

“What Keith? What’s so damn important you interrupted my shower for?” Gigi tried her best to hide the rudeness in her words, but most likely failed.

“I can’t believe this shit...” Keith shot her a quick look barely explaining himself at all, before he focused his gaze back on the flat screen television again.

That ugly bitch on Fox news was on again. It’s not like Gigi hasn’t been talked about on the news before. Mostly it’s coverage for when she does fashion shows or is on a magazine cover. Occasionally they even discuss the men she is supposedly being linked to. Most interviewers only want to talk about her past in the Foster Care System, because they think it’s a ‘relate-able story’.

No matter how many times her team has told these people beforehand that-that topic is off for discussion. They still try and bring it up right in the middle of the interview anyway. Gigi always puts on her best fake genuine looking smile when that happens and says: “We aren’t really here to talk about that are we?” Sometimes she even adds a little playful laugh at the end, and most of the time the interviewers get the hint and move on to the next subject.

And since when did Fox News become an entertainment news cast?

Gigi continued to watch the television, which was currently displaying two separates pictures that were placed side by side. One of them was of her, during one of her recent photoshoots she did for Sports Illustrated, and the other photo was of a familiar looking green eyed man on the red carpet for an event.

Her mouth dropped at the broadcaster’s words as she began to speak...










               (Gigi Reid)                                                       (Jensen Ackles)



 Kelly Newman:It’s Kelly Newman here with some breaking news! As some of you may know Gigi Reid is an up and coming supermodel. You’ve most likely seen her on magazines or on TV walking in the Dolce & Gabbana televised runway shows for these past few years.... As I’m sure most of her super fans know, Gigi Reid grew up in many different foster homes throughout her childhood. I think it’s fair to say that Ms. Reid wasn’t given the best hand in life. I’m sure most people who grow up in the Foster Care system could and would very much agree. However, it’s been confirmed and brought to my attention that we have some news on who Gigi Reid’s biological father is. As some of you may have heard from previous news reports on Fox just yesterday, an Adoption Agencies files in Austin, Texas have been compromised and hacked and leaked all over the internet.

Many names and records have been illegally released... Gigi’s information being just one among-st many. RadarOnline being the first to break the news that long time actor and star of the hit series Supernatural, Jensen Ackles (38) is Gigi Reid’s (21) biological father.

Our team reached out to the adoption agency in Texas today that Jensen Ackles and Gigi’s birth mother, whose name we cannot release due to confidentiality reasons, signed with back in 1995 when Mr. Ackles was just 17 and Gigi’s birthmother who also 17 at the time, gave Gigi up for adoption.

The Adoption agency had this to say and I quote: “Due to our system being hacked, we want to sincerely apologize to everyone that this information may have harmed. Authorities are looking into this and there is an ongoing investigation on who and where these hackers are located. We have also decided to take legal action against Radar Online for publishing this illegal information to the masses. Once again, we sincerely apologize to everyone and all the families this ordeal may have affected. We take client confidentiality very seriously and are going to make sure whoever did this faces legal justice for committing a very serious criminal offence.”

So there you have it folks, that’s one of our segments in our breaking news for today. We’ll have more information on Mr. Ackles and Mrs. Reid’s situation tomorrow night. Join us then at 8/7 pacific coast time.”





“Gigi... Are you okay?” Keith stood up hesitantly; slowly making his way over to her. “Baby?”

Her phone vibrated on the night stand, however she ignored it and continued to stare at the TV that now cut to a Pantene commercial.

When her phone vibrated again, she grabbed it and turned on the screen.

She had seven missed calls, four of them were from her manager Kevin and the rest were from her friends, which no doubt called her to talk about what was just discussed on Fox News.

What are the odds of something like this happening? Let alone both of them being in the business...? Both of them being famous?

Whoever hacked the Austin, Texas Adaoption Agency systems is in for a world of hurt... What they did was obviously illegal and very immoral, whoever did it clearly doesn't care about all the people they've could've and just hurt. And of course to her luck her name would be among the many other's that were leaked online... It's no surprise people are running with the story now that it's already out there. The press are vultures with no care in the world for other people's feelings, especially celebrities. As long as they get their ratings and hits they don't care who they destroy.

The worst part of this new's is that Gigi had pretty much given up hope at finding her birth parents years ago, and now she finds out her father is Jensen Ackles the actor. While he lived the life of luxury and leisure, she grew up fighting every single day of her life in unstable and unsafe environments.

Gigi began to squeeze her phone obscenely hard. “I can’t fucking believe this!”

She stormed off into the bathroom and slammed the door closed, not even bothering to lock it. Keith knows better than to even try to press her when she gets to this point of being upset. 

Except she’s never been this distraught, she’s never been this confused.

Gigi stared at her phone as it continued to implode with texts from her friends. She couldn’t stop herself from smashing it again the bathroom wall in a fit of rage. It’s not like their texts or calls mattered, none of it mattered. All that mattered in this very moment was processing all the information that she just heard on the television.

Besides she could always get a new phone...

Gigi looked at herself in the mirror and examined her face. If one were to look hard enough they could see the resemblance between her and this Jensen guy. They even had the same colored eyes; the same dirty blonde hair even.

She couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down her cheeks. Gigi finally got what she wanted after all these years, she finally found out who her biological parents were.

Or at least one of them that is.

The anger and resentment she was feeling outweighed the excitement. To many ‘why’ questions were roaming around in her head now. Questions she thought she buried long ago, there was no use in asking herself questions that she’d never get the answers to. So she buried them deep within the inaccessible parts of her mind.

Gigi sat down on the hard cold tile floor and brought her knees to her chest as she cried even harder than before in the silence of her bathroom.

In a way, her life was ruined. It would never be the same knowing what she knows now.

And she doesn’t know rather she’s relieved at the information she’s learned, or disappointed in the fact that this still doesn’t change a thing in her life. This new knowledge can never erase her past.

Nothing can.